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fndtoon State Lib
Vbl. 61.
Jasper, Indiana, Friday, DECEMBER 6, wis,
No. 15.
Ail -dii .
n v,: -mm fM;; ssssssssaw
Bisa asssn sssssssss ssssssssssss ssssssssssh Bsssssssssssk
-.aSsssv. fe mssY m sam ssV
.i 'jsrÄ' - j
I T v
lf- ma
tili Ell 1 CHRIS1 MslS
F. C Knebler.
You will find no trouble inmaldner
your select "or.-. "om our st.
we have a lu-, o and well selected
line. Our buyir-g power enables us
to sell at reasonable prices.
All varieties of Jewelry for ladies and gentlemen.
Ladies Wrist Watches, Necklaces, Rings, Scarf pins and
Cuff buttons.
A large lot of
All sizes at from $1 to $18.50. Also full line of supplies,
Films, p. o. papeis and developers.
The Moulton Wireless mbrellas
Silk and Sateen covers wilh various fancy handles, from
$1.25 to $7.50.
Last but not least
At $300,00
. Piano Play eis wilh itt Attachment
For $45
SViOp Early. Selections made now will be held for
you if a reasonable de otitis mde Ca1 an L fc
u ugfiist; mcthirx ISto oblr a to u y un
less you are pIoae i omev oe
Pu l"c Square
A dolkr will cm for
soldiw for wek. How
many oldier will you
mak happy nxt yär?
They are waiting foryout
annwer to tht Unktd War
Work Campaign.
THE Germans bomb the huts in
France. They think they are more
dangerous than guns because they make
morale. For every hut destroyed, Per
shing wants two more built. What
do you say?
V w
U. S. Public Health Service Warm
Public Against Tuberculosis.
One Million Cases Tubercu
losis in United States Eaoh a
Source of Danger.
Later on in tho eummeF poorly t
not. get wen promptiy7 If your cold 'tilized corn once again ngn flpe,"
eema to hang on or your health and It waits, and waila, and la attrnaUy
strength decline, remember that these slow in ripening its aeed. Too often
are often the early signs of tuberculo- such a xp is caught, still lmmitirt,
sis. Plac yourself at once under th by the first killing frosts of the ieaaocu
care of a competent physician. Tuber- A high available phosphoric acid fer
culosls is curable In the early stages, tilizer appUed at time of. planting ft
Patent Mtdlclne Dangerous in Tuber- j a tremendous aid In ripening up the
culosls. corn quickly and surely,
"Above all do not trust In the mis-' ' ' "
leading statements of unscrupulous -Arss . . . .
specific mediciue for the cure of tuber
culosis. The money spent on such
medicines is thrown away; it should
be spent instead for good food and de
fend liYing." .
Influenza Convalescents SheuH Have
Lungs Examined Celds Whleh Hang
On Often Beginning ef Tuberculosis.
No Cause for Alarm If Tuberculosis
Is Recognized Early Patent Medi
cines Not to Bo Trusted.
The Fertilizer 1 Industry Hard Hit by
the War.
The supply of fertilizer for 1919
spring sown crops is threatened by
shortage of labor in tiie fertilizer fac
tories, rthis fact is of particularly se
rious import t. trie potato farmers of
thn country, iw the nxat potato sec
tions ire comii: more and mors o re-
r f pend on fertilizer for tho economical
production nr this crop. Thns it hap
ponp; that the very factor wmVh pre
vents factories raping to full capac
ity alFo has effect !n p venting1 farm
ers fruui usiu,r U'tfr own depleted farm
labor supply to bet :tcvanlr.e. Labor
"cannot be used to advantage on those
: fields which enn plvo lau half a crop.
The fertilizer industry Is normally
a seasonal Industry. Abouf the first
of February the factories are normally
in full blast, prpduclnsr fertilizer fr
use on spring crops. T'.ki ti'y "die
down" again fou a pevio 1 cf several
months In late spring and e.i-,Y sum
mer. This requires a large tloating
supply of labor, a su; which has
largely been eaten up y mnds of
the shipyards and munition fat -vies.
Transferring the Industry from a
seasonal basis to a full 12 months op
erating basis will certainly be econom
ical of labor. The factories can then
work at someWhat diminished daily
capacity for more weeks in the year,
and iu this way get out the necessary
tonnafce. It can't be done at once,
however, because factories do not hate
storage space enough to allow of this.
A census of cattle in France
reveals a decrease of 17 per
I cent in beef animals, 55 per cent
Y In sheep and 40 per cent in hogs
x since December 31, 1913. Italy
I 1 no -v
aus suuerea a loss or zl per
cent of horses, 18 per cent for
mules, and S ner rint fnr wtn
No one can even guess what thte i
decrease In Germany, Austria, I
and Russia has been, but it mut 7
be enormous. Acrord!nf,fYv t- t
liable estimate the decrease of
live stock In all Europe is equal
to one-half the amount of live
stock In America today. This
os "uate nlaoes the loss at 100.-
Beware tuberculosis after in-
iluon i.. Nf need to worry If
yoa take precautious in time.
Doit ; diagnose your own con-
diilc . Ha.e your doctor exam-
J- r;ur lungs several times at
mui.. dy Intervals. Buildup your
strength with right living, good
fuud Mid plenty of fresh air.
Don t waste money on patent
medicines advertised to cure tu-
Become a fresh-air crank and
enjoy life.
Washington, D. a (Special.) Ad
cording to a report made to the United
States Public Health Service, the epi
demic of influenza In Spain lias al
ready caused an increase in the' preva
lence, and deaths from pulmonary tu
berculosis. A similar association be
tween inhueuza and tuberculosis was
recently made by Sir Arthtw Wewi-
holmerlb chief medical officer e this
English public health service, tm iaJf
' analysis of the tuberculosis deAtk imlie
in England. j
In order that the people of the Unit
ed States may profit by the experience
of othor countries Surgeon General
Rupert Blue of the United States Pub
lic Health Service has just issued .a
i warning emphasizing the need of ipe-
dal precautions at the present tlmfe.
"Experience seems to Indicate" snyi
00,000 In. id.
"Wk mm -
Keep the pep in the boy
who are peppering tho
Give to tht Unite4 Wax: -,
Work Campaign,
iP-tÄit?: THE ,Ri?" Jii t F00
greatest possible output by tho r; Or THE PEOPLE
strtcted supply of labor may be a-'
iured. I The Irish potato la fttjpW ?
If fertilizer users the country over American diet Xfcougti poHtoeewif
will order enrljf, through accustomed consumed in the United sKate in
channels, and agree to take the roods) to allow one elrht-oonoe Dotalo ar
the Surueon General. "Üiat Deraoas i from the car on arrival, much maybe throughout the whole year for esvek
whose rcHlHtnnce bus been weakemkl to help Insure a sulllclent supply man, womnn and child.
by au attack of Influenza are peculiar- or next spring's business. Early or- Truly, the potato Is the food of tkm
ly susceptible to tuberculosis. With j derlnfc however, means NOW. poople. The portion ot the American
millions of its people recently affected1
with Inlluenza this country now of
fers conditions favoring the spread of
One Million Consumptlvee In the
United States. ;
'Then you con.'-lder this a serlou
menace?" was aaKid. "In my oplnlJn
It Is, though I hasten to udd It is dls
meal made up by this vegetable, atonic .
AVOIDING SOFT CORN LOSSES nc over 800'000'000 bU8htU '
Intensive methods make it polbl''
How Proper Management Enablee to grow cropM yielding from 280 to 40O
uom rop to aet Ahead of bushels per acre, and at the same time
the Frost . to decrease the cost of raising oh
bushel. The big expense In potato
An ear of hard corn may Ureal, but growing comes in the preparation of
iinetiv one nifiihmt u-i.ieh the nonnia u m bonds. An oar of soft com tho land, the purchuHo of the seed and
can giinnl. So fur ih one can estimate ht easily, but it new breaks, the attention given tho crop through
there are at present about one mllliQ Sometimes water1, nmj üven be wrung out the season. But It costs no moro
cases of tuberculosis In the United out rom iuch corn ' t0 Prepare ground, plant, cultivate and
a -sort corn your f dlsturtrooaw spray a aw-Dusnei crop than it does a
The corn can't be stored, and can't be 150-bushel crop. Harvesting will cost
sold. It must tJo fed at once With the more, but the big overhead expenses
result that hundred of carioadeof fat uro practically the same. Obviously
the thing to do U to lnsare larg
yields by supplying an abundance- of
available plan rood that will give tfe
crop a good start and force it to early
Fertilizers should be appllejd at ike
time of planting, and in orderTo make
certain that thla material may be ec
hand when needed It is especially im
portant to order early this yeari
The man who has Ms fertiliser
stored in his own barn Is the only oner
who can be certain of a supply waen
needed. A big potato crop will be
1 needed next year whether peace cojtee?
or not
States. There Is unfortunately no
complete census available to show ex
uctly tho number of tuberculous per
sons In ertch state despite the fact that
most of the states have made the dis
ease reportable. Iu New York dry,
Where reporting has neun in force for
many years, over 115,000 cases of tu
hereulosls are registered with the Je-
partment of Health. Those familiar
with the situation believe that the ad
dition of unrecognized aud unreported
cases would make the number nearer
50,000. The very caroful health sur
1 vey conducted during tho past two
years in Frainlngham, Mass., revealed
j 200 cases of tuberculosis in a popula-
I tlon of approximately 15,000. If these
proportions hold true for the United
! States as a whole they would Indicate
that about one In every hundred per
sous is tuberculous.. Each of these
constitutes a source of danger to be
guarded against."
What te Do.
In his statement to the public Sur-1
peon general isiue points out now
B ' .1. I
v. VV
"During the list fifty or 8erenty4t
years (principally since Iö-h, while
gron w neni, .uc puinw out now Qoft Com (above) Full Of WttOT, HAfÜ V , U 7 . !, T
' those who have had influenza should Co, Deiow) All Corn. the large cities In this country $nd
protect themselves against tuh culo- Europe have been growing, the estab-
sis. "Ail who have recovered from in- bogs and fat steers must later Ott b ished agricultural areas that produced
ood were supplemented by the o p ca
ll c: up of new lands in the middle
ost, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, South
id Central Africa, Australia and .Sl--ria.
"Food products, chiefly grains and
; fluetmi, says the Surgeon (ii-.jeral, marketed at the same time to
''"should ha their lungs carefu.ly ex- disadvantage of all concerned.
mnineij iy a cuT.iprtnt physivm. in But why grow soft corn, when
ract, n is utsiranie 10 nave se e'.ni ex- crop of Lard corn costs less
aminiulons made a mon;h ap:;i .. Such bushel?
examinations ean-t be made r hmiijrh Corn la nW when anil 1 ani
tle -louiins ner an .taey . arneü coid( and -jU8t meT the goII hm beeQ ..L.atS wevt produced OH Virgin, ÜB
uvi In ivo or Mireemlnilteb. If the leached by the winter's rains. Avail- 'crtllized Unds. Emigrant labor wa
u;r . ,.- .uu'. , .o ue ,ret tfoim tmer- aDje p,ant fQ()d m Jg lftcdnft
cui, i: wry,:flTpit should be lo.tie to The reservcs ln the seed are floon
T1 ,"2 f I 7n r .ted, and then the plant "hangs
rlgU vlug, good food andPlcH?y of 'fir-makes no growth, remains smarL
iuiuiug, kuu aieiy uuui aucn um a
Danger. Signs., ,
crr, " , ' " as the weather warms up and soil
Sc? , ??nT T !'T PUnt to begins 1o become available,
dally against certain .danger, sigh, AvalUble plant food especially avail-
such as "decline- and -.culda .wi.fvh fi10 Z"
hang on.
able phosphoric acid and ammonia,
These, he explr.tued. Tvore1 often the i1c'"'"cr ,uu'
bcibmlns, at iuVcrculosls. "t: swl Ma iertaciaA ?v tag time-In getUnf
aployed aul subsequently there it9
ieap railroad and steamship transppr
tion, so until recently the people- la
itios have b en fed on food produced
ad sold at n price which did not take.
the weather warms up and soil -to coi.i.ieratlon the cost of produc
tion and the value of plant food con
alned in crops which must be .returned
.o the soil to maintain productivity,
eport of the Food Problem jCosaatiU
ee, the Merchants' AasociaUesl ofiüW
iork- , Smd
. -M?
1 1

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