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The Eng-Daw-Yd
(Prepared ty th National ;oirraphIc Fo
clety. Washington. I. C.)
Wlillo there Is a considerable
amount of unrest In many i:irts of
Ir.dia proper, tin? people of lhimn,
vliich Is gove-ntcel as a iart of India
and t-t Is geographically separate
from it, mtiii to ! living -ontcntodly.
(U ogrnphical and social conditions and
the economic situation llowing from
tlifin undoiihtcdly have math to dt
with this. Hunan knows little of the
fear of famine or the pinch of poverty.
Its lands are productive, it is rich in
rnincraTs, it is not over-populated, ami
it is free from the elahorate caste sys
tem which Is a tremendous handicap
to India, hoth socially and economi
cally. Kipling and practically all other writ
ers nhout the Kast have, pointed out
repeatedly that It Is diflicult at hest
for westerners to understand the ori
ental peoples. If the observer from
the West wishes to tackle this admit
tedly ditlicult prohh-iu ly asy stages.
Xerhaps he could find no hcttor pi ice
to .start than Iiurma. In a numher f
Senses there is less of a gulf hetween
thejife aral customs of the liurmese,
and those of. the VYst than will he
found If the comparison Ia made with
any other eastern country.
The Indian Is in most cases a soher
individual. The lower castes must
tal;e life with desperate seriousness
because of its hardness and the dith
culty of clinging to it. The, hiirher
castes are sedate and given to specu
lative philosophy. The Chinaman i
an enigma. His emotions are diiiieuU
to fathom. The people of the Mo
hammedan countries are marked by a
p:iet dignity.
The Burmese Love Life.
In contrast with these ether pe
plcs of Asia, and almost alone anion;;
them, the Uumue are frank, open,
happy lovers of iife. Their wonieii
are not seclude!, hut are anion;; the
freest women in the world. 1'oth men
and women are lovers of music ami
wearers of lrii;ht clothing. Because
of their spontaneity and friendliness
they have been dubbed "the Irish of
the Orient."
Uurma is a country of many tribes,
but practically all of them are of the
same racial strain. Shan. Karens
Katchins, Chins and Palatinos an
anniij; those livini: in the outlying
parts of the country, thotuli the
Karens and to a certain extent
the others are to be found in
parts of lower Uurma. a more heav
ily settled section which is most easy
of aces ?o the outride world. It is
the Burmese, however, who constitute
the Hmiinant '!c:ei.t with the high
est culture, and ive color to Banna
as it is known to most westerners who
visit the land.
The Burma of the Burmese, that is
lower Burma and the basin of the
creat Irrav addy river, is a land of
pagoda, the shrines of Buddhism.
Thousands upon thousands of t!;ce
Kdl-sl.apetl structures surmounted by
triklcd .spires ami tinkling bells have
been built. Many of them have fallen
into decay, but others are built each
year. They nre the symbols of the
hold which th Buddhist religion has
upon the people of Burma. It is their
belief t! at th' surest way of "aetiulr
merit" end achUvin;; holy rest af
ter death is to erect a pace-!.;; and
very few Burnus, who are able to
add to the country's forest of pairoda
spires fall to do so.
No Aristocracy, Few Poor.
TL re are no !oMe clashes among
tln Bunnes- no aristocracy, few who j
are ery wealthy, and few very poor.;
While the caste system as a system J
etc -es not exist in the country, there
are several classes ef people who are
looked upon as degraded by their vo
cations and with whom praetle:Mly no
intercourse Is had by the majority of
the people. Unfortunately, too. tf.ese
classes are hereditary. They are the
prave diggers, the elescene'.ants of tlie
feni.er pagoda slaves and the beggars.
The gene ral attitude towanl these u:;
foritinates is ene of the contradictions
in Burm-.-? character; at.d there are
others. Their re-!:gien recj aires k.ird-
tes.- toward anin.als, and Burmese will
v ( 1..
Pagoda, Burma.
not even become drivers of vehicles In
cIos because they feel that such a
'allln entails a certain measure of
cruelty 'of horses Yet their attitude
toward' crippled and maimed humans
is the height of unkiudhess. Such un
fortunates are considered to be in the
degraded classes aloni; with the rave
diners and the bouars, and are de
nied av.-ociatlon with the normal pop
ulation. One custom amon the Burmese
that cannot fail to arouse comment
from westerners Is the prevalence of
smoking and the peculiar turn it lias
taken. Smoking is indulged in literal
ly by men, women and children. Cig
arettes and cigars of a huge si7,e are
preferred, often a foot or more In
length and with a circumference in
proportion. Children of all ages use
these gigantic "smokes," and it is not
uncommon oven to see an iufant in
arms pulling away at a huge cheroot.
The habit is not as Injurious as might
be expected because the tobacco used
is adulterated with a considerable pro
portion ef milder materials.
Their Marriage Customs.
Marriage In Burma is not d matter
of great ceremony or ritualism. For
mally eating together, usually before
witnesses, constitutes a couple man
and wife. Though the theory is other
wise, a girl. Usually sejects her hus
band, and is given to him by her par
ents. If a bride is dissatisfied with
her husband she may run away from
him and return to her parents. She
Lis promptly returned by them, but may
repeat the procedure. After she has
run away three times and been re
turned three times, she may leave for
good, it being assumed that it is Im
possible for her husband to rertiin her.
She is then in effect divorced.
The rule works the other way nhout
also. If parents do not consider a
suitor eligible and prohibit a match,
the maide n has only to run away to
him three times, after which the par-
nts must hot interfere, but Twist con
sider the marriage a thing accom
Where Burma touches India 'proper
on th hitter's eastern border, It is
b.iunded by Bengal and Assam. Farth
er to the north it touches southeastern
'Hb t. Along Its eastern border, Bur
ma is in contact with China for a con
siderable distance. The Chinese at
c:tv time claimed sovereignty over the
land. The lower part of Burma's
cistern boundary Is formed by French
Cochin China and'Sinm; and to the
south and west lies the Bay of Bengal.
The total area of Burma is slightly
less than that of Texas, our largest
statc, while its population Is in execs:-.
of r-Mr.NMKiu. several million more
than that of our most populous state.
New York.
Climate and Resources.
The greater part of Burma is in the
tropics and during half the year much
of it is very hot. This heat is espe
cially trying to Europeans in pans of
the delta region where the humidity is
high. In some sections more than -0
feet of rain falls each -year. There is
considerable loss of life among natives
in some parts of the country from
snakes. s!iders, poisonous insects and
i wild animals, .lust as India has its
Simla t whic h otlie ials and others
journey in the hot season, so Burma
!ims its hill station. Miivmvo. onlv 42
miles from Mandulay. hut nearly 'J.4(
feet higher. This summer capital
makes it iossible for Europeans to
stand the rigors of
the Burma c:l
Burma's mineral wealth has long
made it one of the treasure houses of
the Orieut. One of the richest silver
zlne-lead ore bodies in the world is sit
uated in the northeastern section.
Mogok. a short elistance north of Man
dalay, largely supplies the world with
ruble's. Silver and precious stones
were anions the things most highly
prized in the old Kast. Hat Ilurxna
also possesses modern treasures: tung
sten, a necessity In an age of steel and
electricity; tin, essential in perform
ing the world's sanitary work and i:i
equipping Its house-holds; and petro
leum, the fuel of today.
V. S. Pacific Naval
7 s-
ASIIIM.TON. Becauso of the
Inadequacy of navcJ bases the
United States, according to navy au
thorities, is totally unprepared to light
u successful war In the western Ba-
The mcst advanced base we now
possess Is at Pearl Harbor, in the
Hawaiian Islands. Its facilities, how
ever, are scarcely more than rudi
mentary. With the exception of a
dry dock the equipment is insuflicient
to care for the needs of half the navy
In time of peace, let ahme the whole
navy In time of war. Another dry
dock and cor. s tract Ion of a multitude
of channels and berths, as well as
the establishment of vast repair work
and storage warehouses for supplies,
are necessary, according to the Navs
"Horse Sense and
THE homing situation with high
rents is the most serious prob
lem confronting the government, u
the opinion of Secretary of Labor Da
vis. It is In just such a situation as
Davis describes that congress and the
state legislatures, under the Supreme
court ruling, have the power to enact
emergency legislation curbing rent
gougers. Davis holds high rents the
greatest single barrier to a readjust
ment such as is essential to perma
nent prosperity.
"Because of high rents and inade
quate housing," he says, "families
double up, sometimes two 6r three to
a home. It is not too much to say
that the loss In morale and morals
due to the housing conditions in many
cities today Is one of the greatest
dangers to our whole social structure."
The report of the recent state Inves
tigation Into housing conditions In Chi
cago showed that o00,000 people In
that city were Jiving in the most un
wholesome conditions, sleeping some
times three and four in a bed, live
and six to a room. Reports from oth
er cities hard hit hy the housing short
age and high rents show an alarming
Increase in sickness and disease. In
some cities the birth rate of illegiti
mate children has increased TH) per
Davis has ordered a special invest I-
House Favors U. Si
IT WOULD appear that oiTicial
Washington has more than one
idea as to the proper size of the
American army. Anyway, the small
army men in the house, combining
with the De-mocrats, outgeneraled the
RepulJican leaders and succeeded in
amending the army bill so as to fix
the size of the army at ir0,XH). This
was done despite the request of Secro
tary Weeks that the army's size should
not be reduced 'below 175.(KX.
The house adjourned without pass
ing 'the bill after a prolonged debate
during which the Republican leaders
pleaded for a good-sized army because
of the disturbed world conditions.
The bill - provided for an army of
Wanted: "Secretary
is the latest proposed addition to
the cabinet. What's more the League of
Artists has been formed to urge the
proposition. It is stated that J. Mas
sey Rhino, the New York sculptor,
made the proposal to President. Hard
ing and that the President aSked that
'the artists of the country who favor
the idea get their arguments in tangi
ble form and submit them to him."
The purposes of the movement include
the following:
To further contemporary American
art and its relation to national life.
To seek to have embodied In the
Constitution of the United States the
ven!s "fine arts." as well as "sclentilic
and useful arts."
To arouse our national government
to a realization and need of a minister
of art with portfolio, and to give defi
nite and concrete support to the artist.
Te establish letter conditions for
he development of American art.
To foster the unknown artist by giv
ing him an equal opportunity.
To maintain an aflvIory school
committee to work for the betterment
of art irsi miction ncd art education
il re'jghcv.t me Vr.lted States, and
TL vf I I J ( fS
Bases Inadequate
Until the Hawaiian islands are made
an adequate base the American navy
wi'J be unable to operato eiTectively
in the west rn Pacific. Lacking such
a base. It would be necessary ,to sup
ply the lighting licet alr.M.SL entirely
from the Pacific coast bases, the elis
tance to which would be a severe
handicap on operations.
Even the Pacific coast bases ar
inatlt quale to the demands of the
whole- navy If stationed In the Pacitic,
even In time of pence. It would be
necossary to send ships back to the
Atlantic coast for innjör repair work.
The Navy department is urging con
gress for appropriations to begin the
construction of Pacific coast and
Hawaiian island bases which it will
require several years to complete. The
senate Is favorable, but the house ci
posed to such appropriations.
The- Parks-McKean hoard, which
surveyed the needs of bases in the
Pacific, recommended the expenditure
of $i:7,!S-MHiO in the Hawaiian islands,
S4-Wm.7oO at Bremerton, Wash., t-,-rJBi.ÜOO
nt San Francisco, .J7,7IHM"Kl
at San Diego, $.VHV, at San Pedro.
?."i,(HKi.(K'iO nt the Columbia river.
$3,4.a0 at Port Angeles, Wash;, and
$LS71.(mh at Keyport, Wash., a totul
of $lo7,7!l$.o"X).
Heart Sense" Needed
gation of conditions in some of the
worst centers. Federal investigators
have been sent to several cities.
"What we need in dealing with the
situation," Davis says, "is net only
horse sense, but heart sense. It is
not merely a matter of houses and
rents, of dollars and cents.
"Some agreement must be reached
by the building trades and the build
ing industries that will make possible
a resumption of home building.
"The building industry is the key
stone of our entire Industrial struc
ture, and once construction work can
be set under way again the whole em
ployment and industrial situation will
be relieved.
"Today, however, we have the para
doxical situation where it is cheaper
to travel than to pay rent. There are
LT)0,000 people, It Is estimated, living
in automobiles."
Army of 150-000 Men
lGSVMO. Representative Kahn, chair
man, military affairs committee, of
fered an amendment for an army of
17.1.000. Representative Fish presented
an amendment to this for an armv o?
Tin Kahn amendment, as amended,
was defeated by a vote of 07 to 74,
and then Representative Byrnes of
South Carolina moved that the army
should be fixed at l.r0.HX). This was
adopted by a vote of 109 to b'2.
By reducing the army to this size
the appropriation for tlie army for
the next fiscal year is reduced from
$S3, 10.000 to $711,000,000.
Representative Kahn and Republic
an Loader MondeU pleaded in vain
for acceptance of the recommenda
tions of Secretary Weeks and the
army officers.
The small-army men admitted that
the world was in a most chaotic con
dition, but argued that the addition of
a few thousand men to the American
army would not settle that chaotic
They said, also, that congress should
pay more attention to the people and
less to the general staff.
of the Fine Arts"
mcrv especially in the city of New
To establish an interchange of city
To promote general and active inter
est in the creation of a large public
exhibition building in the city of New
To seek the co-operations of the art
ruuseums, patrons, art lovers, art deal
ers, architects, interior decorators and
To act for the Improvement cf j.e
materiaJs of the artists craft and U
establish a closer co-operation be
tween the producer of same and the
To improve exhibition conditions
and tn courage sales.
ys nor J
HO Cog- HO
Mrs. Hicks Relieved
By Four Eatonics
"I have taken four Eatonlc tahlets
and they relieved me of sour stomach.
I recommend it to everybody." savs
Mrs. G. I'. Hicks.
If stomach is not dlpestlns your
food repeating, indigestion or acid
stomach, Katonic will remove the
cause by taking up and carrying out
the acidity and gases, bringing quick
relief and healthy digestion. Why suf
fer stomach trouble? Why not keep
your digestion normal and .enjoy good
health? An Eatonlc taken afterXench
meal will prevent discomfort and pain.
Make the 'test today, and see how
quickly this wonderful' remedy acts.
It comes in handy tablet' form. Carry
it with you. A big boxr costs only a
triüe with your druggist'3 guarantee.
PPPP SAMPLE to youtc muJ wem' la evry
AM I town And community to show new ptot rard
ru. Writ dow. COMCE.34 Maduon, Dayttn, Oil
AGENTS We start yon In business, fnmlshlng
CTerytblD?; mn ard wumon; cpportunlty of life
time to earn to IliO wef klr operating your own
koines. Niwfukt Iüoijccts Qxt huwport, Ky.
Keauty is always eloquent.
There are 12,000,0u0 negroes In the
United States. V
A business man always reads the
postscript of women's letters first.
Nothing succeeds like successin
stirring up detraction.
Hope Is the bridge over the stream
of disappointment.
Celebrate at least, on day in the
week. Order beef steak. .
Screnty-five'per cent of thjev ingredi
ents of remorse Is usually fright
Not much of a victory iswon when
a man obeys with a grumble.
A man is merely as dull as his point
of view.
4 Keep your eye on the man who
never makes mistakes. .
Minds of too many men are filled
with useless knowledge.
A man is as old as he feels and
usuallv considerably older.
Airplanes should enable men to rise
nbove their troubles, but they don't
Most men find it easier to get In
debt than to get out but some are un
able to get In at all.
Tour cup of joy will never run
over If the bartender Is allowed to
handle the bottle.
If a man owns street-railway stock,
he never recommends walking as an
Ready to
Every Bit Eatable
is convenient, free from waste,
and moderate in price.
Skilled blending and long iaking
bring out the full flavor and richly
nourishing Qualities of this cereal
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Reasonable Supposition.
"A bant, or something, is raising
thunder at Gabe Hombopsle's house."
related a neighbor. "I was there
tuther nl'ht, and after we'd set for a
spell It commenced. The table was
Hopped over by unseen hands, three
drawers of the bureau slid out by
their selves and dumped all the stulT
on the tloor, a llock of spoons came
floating in from the kitchen, n pun in
the corner fell down and shot one of
the dogs, and all such ns that. I never
seed such goln's-on in my life!''
"Then you hain't never drunk none
of Cube's bone-dry licker before?" in
quired a resident of Mount I'izgy,
Ark. Kansas City Star.
Women Proving More Polite.
It is not an uncommon slpht now to
see a young girl get up and olTer her
seat in the subway to an elderly wom
an, whose entrance has been Ignored
by the male passengers. Such usual
ly brings -some blushing humble man
to his feet with a stammering offer of
'have my seat," but the elknax was
reached the other evening In an up
town restaurant when a middle-aped
woman took a eat at the same table
with one of her own sex, a stranger
ro her, and on finishing dinner politely
"Do you mind if I smoke?" New
York Sun.
Accident Averted.
J. . B. Frix of Richmond, Va who
Is organizing the National Teachers
Training association, says that a little
negro whom the other called "Young
Bird" on account of the size of hi
mouth, was standing on the railroad
track, and another one called out:
"Hey dere, boy, git off dat tract. Ef
de engineer would come along and
see dat mouf of yone, he'd think it
was a car shed and run his train right
A divorce suit is usually more ex
pensive than a marriage suit.
Eat and
rrT": . . it. j t i

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