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Why Western Canada Agricultu
res Arc Smiling.
Low Overhead Expense end Bountiful
Crcs Have Enabled Them to
Overcome Ar. cultural
The recent agricultural depression
brought to tin eye of tin world the
f.ul that on of its b;.sic Industrie
was j;e'y to sulTer ;i seven Mow un
less step., were tiii.cn to M'iMjri' a rem
edy. Physician :iftr ph sicisui ap
jliel rt'ii.cdifs. Iiit even p;iiliaiiH-!it:i-ri:i
us and n. spa per won ;m:! I
to place their linger on the pulse that
would respond. As it apiienrs today, .
It was a j pasMMMlif wave One in me
ebb and How of the tide of readjust- I
meat that wes hound to follow a dU
iiiruiuuT Mini jis me wu.u
I .. ..i. .... . g . ' mm I
rsy n.niri aiiy it was noumi m ,
hange; there was certain to he a re-
tU'X movement that would hring agri- j
cultural conditions back to the place ,
vherv tliey normally and rightly be
Kllicicncy nd soiiihI business Judg-
Went an' needed innre ill a CM culture ;
tiMlay than -ver before anl are as Im- j
Vortant to the farmer as to a railroad
onipany, or to u urrjit steel corpora
tion. The farmer must endeavor to secure
an equal footing in the competition
for a lower cost of production. In
"Western Canada the farmer has come
through the dark era with that forti
tude and determination so peculiar t
a new country, and is meeting tie
changed situation witn energy and a
Mnile. In Western Canada the farmer j
Is not hamiered by an annual over- ;
head expense of heavy interest on j
high-priced land. lie is able to pro- j
dure at n minimum, because hi.C land
value seldom exceeds $.V) an acre.
Owing to the fact that he Is farming
land the price of which is from $-."
to $r0 an acre, producing crop! of
wheat running from 20 to AO bushels
per acre, and other grains in propor
tion, lie is able to produce at a low
cost. In addition to this, a fact which
should not be lost sight of. is the large
area that he can farm at low cost, giv
ing him an added advantage in reduc
ing the cost of production.
The corn that the fairmer fully ex
pected to hring him over a dollar a
bushel, he saw carried away to the
market, and bring hack a "0 or 40 cent
check. Wheat for the whole of Can
ada averaged Mi cents a bushel in 11 1
as compared with Sl.lVJ in P.VJ0; oats
:i7 cents as against Ö" cents; barley
-17 cents as against SC cents. Other
grain prices similarly fell. While
other parts of the continent, where
grain-growing is carried on. have suf
fered in like maimer hy deflation in
prices, they have had to face a much !
higher cost in production, such as high j
rents, hlgh-prhvd farms, and high !
taxes. Farmers had calculated on re
ceiving war or nearly war tigures for
their grain and therefore were amply j
Justified in submitting to the tax that ,
soaring land prices set upon them. '
Western Canada fortunately did not
suffer from inflated land prices. There
fore, when grain prices fell, the losses
sustained were not so great ; they did
not cut out the margin of profit, ex
cepting in some cases where some cli
matic conditions caused it.
Why not take advantage of the
Ilomeseekors rate to any point In
Western Canada, of return rate single
fare plus $2.00. and get information
from the nearest Canadian Covern- !
ment agent? Advertisement. j
Then He Ouaht To.
i.I... : 'IV...-..1' u- h. i"
up uis anuiin;
r.linkin Oh. just because the doc
tor told him lie is all rim down!
it. it..:-.,
Long Sight.
(Iueses are belie: hazarded at the
length of range of human vision.
Torty-tive miles has been suggested as
good radius, but geographers hae
calculated that ten times that distance
Is ithm range from Mount Kverest
when ou get there. Yet these com
putations deal only with horizons. Our
actual range of vision appears to be
limitless, extending to the farthest
Mar, wh'ch is big enough and bright
enough to make an impression on the
retui.i. The mileage of our ision runs
Into many millions of miles, at an ex
tremely modest estimate.
Odd Experience.
One day 1 went skating. The creel:
r.as about a mile away from home.
After I had been skating for some
time if heiran to snow very hard. I
thought I would skate down the
hr::mh of the creek to a bridge just a.
few steps from the house. I skated
and skated nenne imuiug i n.m ' llc
dovxn the wrong branch and was about
three miles from htne. It was a
M range experience, I mut say. llx-
Nature Looks After That.
It ha been estimatiil that at ine
preeid rate of consumption the green
p!. nits ni the world wotiM exhaust
tb-. an ol carbon dioxide in about
th;rt ear if It were ixt constantly
bi iiig replaced.
For Women Only.
I tie I'.altunoie woman who pushed
her olisin i emus husband tut a trunk.
und tlir away the key has apparent
ly s.ed tht ancient problem "How
an I hol. I m husband?"" S-att!
pot-Ifdcllig tictT.
TX7IIKN you.
W out why )
make a mistake. Und
you made it. Think It
over a few minutes. Tlx iti your inind
the manner in which it happened, lie
ushanied of it. If it is a had mistake.
Scare yourself about it, if it is a
dangerous one.
The child never forgets the mistake
he makes when he puts his linger In
the lire. That mistake he has to think
a,)0m for a tlnp nft(,rward. On,
jif tl ,., . . Iwmvs enon-Mi for
Admiral IVary's Kskinio dogs mailt;
the mistake of eating all that was
! given them when they were encamped
In tl. An tic regions waiting for one
of llis ,i:lsiu.s to the pole. Apparently
tju,y nMIlt,mtK.rt.d that mistake when
tl f(M)(1 nm ollt an,i solm. 0f their
nuinher laid to he eaten.
When the survivors of the pack re
turned to America they were very
sparing of the food that was given
them, and buried the remainder. More
than that they scoured the. neighbor-
tuMMl for fiMMl to bury. They bail bad
time to think over their mistakes.
Most people have much the same ,
sort of work to do every working day.
Those who do not think over their
mistakes continue to make them and
Something to
Think 4 bout
TX7IIKN inclined to speak of a
person's faults, though he or
she may be unfriendly towards you.
restrain yourself, and think of your '
own shortcomings. j
Then, if von are a charitable soul )
you will turn your conversation into
another channel where there are no
hidden dangers and go sailing under
clear skies in joyous sunshine.
One thoughtless, impulsive, slan
derous word spoken in the presence
of others, and particularly in the hear
ing of those given to gossip and dis
posed to magnify what they hear,
may ruin an innocent man or woman
for life.
Clean your own house before you
set about the task of cleaning the
house of your neighbor.
Purge vour own soul of shortcom-
; Ings and you will lind yourself so
j busy doing It that you will not have
j time nor inclination to discuss the
defects of others.
..jt ,im without sin," said the
Master of Men. "cast the first stone."
An,j ,,,, ,urUs,TS of a hapless woman
stole away, one by one.
Your faults and my faults have come
down to lis through the ages.
So, let us always curb our speech.
wherever we may be and think noble
Ow.n-M. int I tl,.. ?.- Still .1...
uMi..i- .... nun in. ii hi
base others and ourselves as well.
Aside from the good policy of speak
Ing no evil, there comes to the man
or NVO,n;m WH ,n.lv J(,1)t u ., ,iivine
M.ns,. ,,f serene happiness that cheers
oUr WMV ,u. stars of nlpht
And another thing that accompanies
i .v :.. i i.tt!... .1...
" il ' i,,ll'l. "V1
I .,.1- .....I I, ..1.1 .1. .... t.. ..tl .........
Iin-IMI- iiii'i in m,, uu-iii til .ill si'll l
tn in i.
IF "
With Wrights and incisures Just and true.
Oven of even heat;
Wrll-butterMi tlr.s ami quiet nerves.
Success will le complete.
Mary C. Uphani.
A T ALL times of the year the chll-
dren clamor for candy, but during j
the cold weather it is more frequently ;
made in the home.
Opera Fondant.
Put two cupfuls of sug-ir ami one
cupful of heavy cream into a saucepan
I :lIuj slir until the sunar is dissolved :
j , ,.,,, tlll,n. u p..-.,1h..! tun
I add one-eiuhth of a teaspM.nful of !
a leasp.M.nim or
cream of tartar and boil until the sirup
makes a soft ball when dropped into
cold water or until tlieeamly thennnm -
eter registers J.;. l'our at once witn-;
out si raping the dish on to a marble j
slab or large platter lightly greased j
with butter. When cold work with a ;
wooden spoon or broad spatula until j
It forms a ball, ( over with a damp
doth and leave for half an hour. Then
kt.ead and mold with the hands until
smooth, adding such tlavoring and col
oring as desired and pacK in a crock, i
Cover closely and leave until wanted, j
Opera Benbons.
Divide opera fondant Info several
portions, flavor ea-h and color, then
for the most part they always stay
where they are.
Men who make the same mistakes
twice never get the confidence of an
Those who think about their mis
takes, and find out ways to eliminate
them, are those who g"t along.
It is better to discover your own
mistakes than to wait for the boss to
discover them. Discover them early,
and you can do without them the
next time.
Go over your work. If It Is not ap
to the mark that you ought to make,
you liavf either made Important mis
takes, or wasted time, which in It
self Is an important mistake.
Think about that. I?t it sink into
your soul. Think how it held your
work back, and what the repetition of
It will do to your life's work.
This may not contribute to your re
pose the night you are thinking about
It, but It will make you sleep better
for many a night to come. Perfec
tion Is the absence of mistakes. We
cannot any of us achieve it, but we can
all achieve a pretty fair substitute by
cutting mistakes to the minimum.
. j -r
lit JsSi8
lj,f L 'Vi'j ift
In lying down to sleep, in waking
and in motion, there come no regrets,
no torments to torture a guilty con
science, no remorse that ages the
heart and drives the soul to despair.
If it did nothing else, this char-
Itable observance would serve at least
I to give you peace, make you great-
I, . , ...... ...., ...
ueaiieu iui'i eu;ioie .M'li ill an nine
to strike the nicest balance between
right and wrong, and to hohl the re- J
; spect and love of the community in
which von live.
And after all is said and dime, what
is there more to be desired in life
than the good will of neighbors, whose
hearts and hands are always warm
and friendly?
add different kinds of chopped fruit.
Shape into balls or press Into a box
lined with waxed paper and when
firm cut into cubes.
Cream Mints.
Put one and one-half cupfuN of '
sugar, one-fourth of a cupful of wa- j
ter and two tahlespoonfuis of corn '
sirup into a saucepan. Hoil to the soft !
ball stage and pour out on a buttered j
platter to cool. When cool, work with i
a wooden spoon until creamy. Set
away covered with a cloth. When ready i
to prepare, melt over hot water, add ;
p'PI'rmlnt and drop by tenspoonfuls
on waxed paper. Winrer-reen patties 1
Jn.,v 1m. ,,nT:u-,.,i j,v ,ifriir a bit of
;,jnt; r,.!or!ng and wintergrecn Mnvor- S
i n:r
j 0Jyrl,.fct 19:: wtorn :;MV,. .,r Uclon
-v -y TV r 11
vy'z r ro you can th:
j y-S' : v;-& -1 dairy farm?
r 1 1
i.M&' UjZ?i Tbc iV-'ryranr,
t gyvo ru nut. you
1 r 1
lJ prc-Fsed hay t-b-
Zlt lot" n1 they
S:ve condensed
V W IV TT How to Red Your
LJAWn ll Characteristic!
Ar-llil Tendencies the
" 1 ' Capabilities or Weak
if nette That Make for Succen or
I Failure at Showu in Your Palm
TX7HKN the "moon at the
lie root of
the finger nails shows a red
color of mixed shading. It Is an Indica
tion of a combative nature, which de
lights in contests of bodily strength
or mental agility. Note whether the
nail of the finger of Saturn, or second
finger, bears a white mark. This is
held by some authorities to Indicate
a voyage to be undertaken by the sub
ject. If a nail shows black marks, it
is an indication of sorrow and trou
ble. On the thumb nail the black
mark shows a faulty, passionate na
ture. On the nail of the finger of
Mercury, the little finger, a white snot
means a successful business enter
prise, and a black spot means the op
posite, a reverse or disaster In busi
ness. If there is a white, star-shaped mark
on the nail. It Is a sign of affection
that is not reciprocated, except when
the mark appears on the thumb nail,
when it means the opposite, or re
quited affection.
Nails of medium length and width,
and of a bluish tint, show that the
circulation of the blood is faulty, and
there is a tendency toward extreme
Li 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 M 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 M 1 1 1 1 1 !! 1 1 II 1 1 U 1 1 111 1 ! 3 : 1
LVy Wi
a Tin iyj. iviaujJiu
j ,,,,,,,iiiiiitif
! 71 1 1 1 1 1 ! 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ! 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 II II I ! I II I?
j 'TMIK "Wggen liny" has gone away,
! But "Little Man" is here.
I miss the 'T.ig P.oyV heavy tread.
Hut rising sweet and ele:u
I hear the "Little Man's" request
"When "Daddy's" face he sees:
"I'm papa's owntst Little Man
(Jive me a penny, please!"
The "Hissest Hoy" Is not at home,
And though his absence hurts
At least there's comfort I can find
t'lean collars, socks and shirts.
And when I look about and see
The "Little Man" at play.
That lonesome feeling in my heart
.lust somehow fades away.
The "Higgest Hoy" has "hit the trail,"
Hut "Little Man" still stands
Heside his "Paddy's" easy chair
And stretches out his hands;
He smiles and says with coaxing voice
While climbing on my knees:
"I'm papa's little man today;
(live me some candy, phrase!"
One boy has gone to fight his tight;
One boy remains wfth me
The "Higgest Hoy" with bearded lip,
The "Little Man" ;:ged three.
And may the one who's far away
'Midst life's hard toil and ear'
Kemain as fond of "Pad" as he
Who stands beside my chair.
(Copy inht.)
-ruin Vit-WS
wWn it fVlta
imagined IhzX.
It, played "i-. dtndy
jRirvt cr rry
5orvi Kt-. :
1 A.
A wealthy man had engaged a new
coachman who was advised to be vry
polite if he wished to keep his place.
Accordingly, when the mitster vis
ited the stable this dialogue ensued:
Master WeJI, J'hn, how are the
Coachman They are qxilte well, sir,
thank you; and how are you? Scots
man. Not Registering Well.
"I thought those ? photographers
were complimentary when they seat
around to get motion pictures of me,
said Senator Sorghum.
"Have you changed your mind?"
"Yes. When I saw myself on the
screen I became convinced they had
played a trick on me to spoil my
Mild Humor.
"How Is the repartee at your board
ing house?"
"Rather poor."
"Since our star boarder left most
of the snappy replies have fallen to
an elderly spinster who has been
I teaching the young idea to shoot for
i the last thirty years."
Reason for Faith.
Mrs. Maggs I believe In profiteers."
Mrs. Xnggs Oh, no Susan, you
don't really.
"Oh, yes, I do I Last night Charlie
wouldn't write me out a check for n
new hat, so I laid my head on his
shoulder and wept until the poor man
sat down and wrote that check. Oh.
I do believe in profit-tears ?'
Knew That Before.
"Don't you know that the popula
tion of London is more dense than
that of New York?" remarked the
"Of course I do," replied the Ameri
can. "I have often tried to make a
Londoner see the point of a New
York joke."
Realms of Imagination.
"What do you think of the poets?"
"I never used to care for them," re
plied Senator Sorghum, "but I'm be
ginning to think it would be better if
more ladies and gentlemen practiced
poetry writing instead of letting their
fancies take the form of suggestions
for new political systems."
"What an unusually large mouth
he has."
"Yes, it reaches from ear to ear,
and his ears appear to have been set
back, in order to make room for it"
Under Conversational Cover.
Old Satan favors discontent.
Our lofty plans to balk;
lie often starts an argument
And works while others talk.
Hostilities Brewing.
"Nigger, prepare to meet
"Huh! You ain't talking to me, boy.
I'se been to forty funerals an' I ain't
fed up yet."
"Yeah, nn' If you don't quit foolln'
aroun' me you's gwine to yo' forty
fust, an' you'se gwine to be powerful
prominent In dat ceremony wldout
knowin' anything about It!"
Heme Dinners.
Mrs. HIackstone Is your husband
fond of home cooking?
Mrs. Webster Oh, yes; we have
dinner every night in a restaurant that
makes a specialty of It!
Fairly Well Started.
A Haltimoro business college re
ceived the following communication:
'T wish von would let inn L-iwee Iwit-
mutch it cotes to lern tipcriting. I al
ready kno how to sjvel."
Especially in Cold Weather.
Jack Hurrynp On my salary of $'!"
h week we can tret alori swirnndngly.
j Hattle Holdback Hut I don't care
!or swimming.
Classical Difficulty.
"You admit that you try to avoid
classical i misIc?"
"As a rule," confessed Mr. Cumrox,
"I d m't object to hearing It, but I
bm't like to run the risk of getting
into conversation about it and being
-aJIed upon to pronounce some Itu.s
dan composer's nuine."
Also Has Power.
Son Father, what's the difference
between majority and minority?
Father Well, a majority rules, my
boy, but a minority tells It how to do
J2i Liitlefh
jä Smile M
if fr w I
F&naer Wife Tells Hovr Lydia E
Pinkliam'i Vegetable Compound
Hade Her a Well Woman
Carter's Creek, Term. M Three yeari
Bo I was almost an invalid. I spent
.... '
tiaii of my time in
bed, beiricr afflicted
with a trouble which
women of a certain
age are ant to have.
1 took Lydia E.
Pinkham'svepe table
Compound Tablets
Hnkham's sanative
woman now and cave
been for two years.
I can work as well as
any one wno is vounrer ana as i am s
fanner's wife I have plenty to do for 1
cultivate my own garden, raise many
chickens and do xnv own housework.
J S VV U . W j , IM A
ready to öo anvthing to help other,
women as I have been so well and happjf
since my troubles are past. "Mrs. E.T.
Galloway. Carter's Creek. Term. x
Moat women find plenty to do. If
they are upset with some female ailment
and: troubled with such symptoms as
Mrs. Galloway had, the smallest duty
seems a mountain.
If you find it hard to keep up, if you
are nervous and irritable, without ambi
tion and out of sorts generaUy, give the
Vegetable Compound a fair trial We
believe it will help you greatly, for it
baa helped others.
Kidney, liver, bladder and uric acid
troubles are most dangerous be-
m- C 4.VAf irteitinna if tirVo
Heed the first warning they give
that they need attention by taking
The world's standard remedy for thess
disorders will often ward off these dis
eases and strengthen the body against
further attacks. Three sizes, all druggists.
Look for thm nm Gold Medl on ercry box
mod accept no imiUtlioo
Clear Baby's Skin
With Cuticura
Soap and Talcum
Soap 25c, Oiahaent 25 and 50c, T&lc
Stops Lameness
from a Bone Spavin, Ring
Done, Splint, Curb, Side
Bone, or similar troubles and
gets horse going sound. It
acts mildly but quickly and
pood results are lasting.
Does not blister or remove the
hair and horse can be worked.
Page 17 In paznphlet with each
bottle tells bow. 1250 a bottle
delivered. Hm Book 9 A Ire.
W. F. YOUNG, Iac 310 Tecple St. SpriccU, Maa.
Beset by Starlings.
St. Paul's, in London, Is besot by
hordes of starlings, many thousands
strong, wlio have taken possesion of
the outside of the cathedral, and re
fuse to be dislodged. They make a
great hubbub in the morning, when
they are discussing their plans for
the day; then for several hours they
disappear, but at night they return,
and their shrill chatter may be heard
long after darkness has set In. Star
lings have before now invaded King
way and the Savoy, but the onslaught
on St. Paul's may safely be termed the
greatest thing of the kind known In
London. Christian Science Monitor.
Important to Mothers
Examine carefully every bottle of
CASTORTA. that famous old remedy
for Infants and children, and see that It
Bears the
Signature of
In Use for Over 30 Years.
Children Cry for Fletcher's Castoria
No Laugh Marks for Her.
I was surpriM'd and a little shocked
when I visited school end saw John's
teacher. She was such a stern, for
bidding looking woman.
"Your teacher looked a little cross
today," I said to John, wishing to sve
if she made the same impression on
the child.
"(), she always wears tbat same
face," he assured me. "She hasn't got
any laugh marks." Chicago Tribune.
Learn to smile. The only way to
get sunshine Is to give it away.
These blessings In diguN usually
find difficulty in proving Identity.
6 Bell-ans
Hot water
Sure Relief
25t and 75 Packages. Everywhere

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