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,— v3—v-ss.
Volsi [H.] ct ct MONDAY,<T"SE P T E M 13 15 R 1 9; 1 803.
m si—._si
public meum." ct
7 sisso'ftlatl, will be sosilctl at the Fall? Stare,
ssuain hogsheads and bass cls.
Mad? i" P'P'h
s W piss. asd blSo
and Applc Brandy in his.
in bbda. time:: and bla. -
0,qu in tiercu and bags,
.ss-ctsizsisicwwhfe T .
fct-fWhicsseand brown Soap I m bout,
Hand and dip'd Candles
flssisictwmin its!) boxelsi and pin, _ss
sis3; m kcgs and stall!,
Septsicmbcr siz .
Qm Ware m crum,
A wrie/)- ofDRY— GOODS,
Among which are,
Cfoshs, Coatmgs,
Kerlcjsirmcrcs, Duffils,
Plains and Kcrseys,
NegroCocrona, Scrgea,
Eiafficks, blue Friczes,
Calimancocasi and Russcla,
Yam Stockings,
Chinsssstzea and Calicoes,
lrish Linem, Silcsia do.
Osnabucg us and Ticklcnburga,
Muflins gand Mufl'm Hand'ta,
India Muflins and T able Cloths
Bandanna derchYChPfs ,
Colov and Threads, Haxs,
And sundry other Articles.
Salesss bysssuatonfssss
[; loo'tlocf, will be [old at the sea;-'a: State, lb:
ss (one! ofKiug and UM Ere-et:
- Rum in hhds. and barrel-s,
; . Whishey in hands,
' Applc Brandy in barrclc,
Gin in cashs,
ctsisi Wine in gipon and quarter cafln,
' ss Molasse: m hhds. '
__ Sugar-in hhdl. and bamls,
White and brown Soap in boxes,
* Cokfee in calks and begs,
Raisina in kegs and boxcs,
Qaccn's Ware, and
si si- ALSO,
A "va-net)! of DRY GOODS,
- In _ A -
Bread Clochs,
ss Him,
Ncgro Cottons,
' Worstcd and other
[fish Lincns,
si Threads,
Bedtidu, '
Scwing Silks,
Muflin and Musiin
lndia Cotwm, &c
fHOS. P'ATTEN, Auctimur.
.. her :.
Ricketts, Newton and Co.
. ss Have received mld/"or Salt,
" Asew bales German Linens,
f-sizxmnks calicoes azid chinczcs,
"! do. hosicry,
lo boxes wool and canon cards,
, ; tresses threads,
. {own-s dipp'd and would candlcs,
. ct - ohhdsissxpolafles, -
4 sissdo._' Fluxion spirits,
: 6 dosi ctsi "gan:
-_ ;ss-zsisi' ct. ctio barrel: prime park,
'sissso-ssss do. henings,
- 29 do. (had,
_ 30.kcg!]amssea-river tobocco,
? 100 Wplaifier.
sin" They are giving Cashzlsor wheat,
.ctsi-'"'ctsi!fl0ur, corn, me, bean; an tobacco.
ss Angnfl !. d
- Ffftcctcn siDollars Reward .
'ssRAN AWAY-from the subscriher, about the
sinn- dly of ]oly last,: Ncgfo boy galled SAM,
Phoebus yu'n of 'nge, 5 sect 4 or 6 mchcs high,
Fsifimhlyflout mde,_-with a (car on his uppgr
&,ooc quitccussmdsiwhcn he left home. I suspect
w - - -
;Jk ba obtained : pass, and Wlll endeavor to pass
men.-. I will give the above reward to
35!— on'hoss will deliver him to me, living
T' 51qu miles of the Falls Church, Fairfax
*' ss ss sivsijfzsiinia, or Tm Da/Iarssiif secured in
ctsissss ssXTsosibuI g'ec'him agassin.
si. ss -- C. F. Whiting.
' - . d

! __ Fess Sactctss- .
D'zana, a good tzg/zt vqffizl,
_canics zooo bushds, or 60'0 bane}:
'T/ze Sc/zooner Leba—o,
ctburthcn Five Hundnd basfrdssBotb
Evesscls are lying at our uharf, and will
befold on low terms. - - si
We have real-ver] by'lbestoopTDimf-a, . " 7
60 hbds. Guadamuge claycd Sugars,
of good quality, 1
m bow an Band si
]amaica Sprrixs, .— w. . ss
Windward Ram, '
Muscovadn Sugars, first and second qualicies, ,
Pork, Wiike y, &c. &c. all which will be (old
a: reasonable priccs.
ss Sept. 8. — (I
For Frezg/zt 07 Cha7ter,
fl-\' -*\
"] De BKLU
Mqses Wells, Mrchr;
burzhcn about !, ioo barrels. Is a good, staunch
Vesscl and sail: well. Apply to the maflcr on board,
or (0
. Nathaniel Wattles 8 00.
5 Who have for salc,
Sugar m hhds; and bls.
Rum m hhds.
—Molasscs in do. ,
Georgia upland Cotton m balcl.
__A11gnst 25. d
For Sale osirssC/Larter,
si - The SHIP
ying at T hognpson's wharf, burtbcn
257 tons. ror terms apply to .
si Samzcel Crazg.
July 21. co
The S/Lzþ Unitfci Stqgfies,
Capt. FlNLEY,
A constant Trader,
arrived at Livcrpool on the 9th of
joly, after a passage of twenty six
days, we expect her to arrive here in
all this month, and are desirous of en
[] gaging some FRElGHT, so as not to detain her
long in port. For Fscight or Passagc be pleased
to apply to _
Rxckects, Newron 8 Co
Sept. :. d
For Freight or Charter,
(To any portss in the West lndies or the U.
& States)
but-then 750 barrcls. She is asine
'staunch vsi-ssclsi, completcly sound and
'ss'" ready to receive a cargo immediately. l
Apply to she master on bdard at Gilpiu's Whars,
0!" (0 '
Septct'l. dsi;
]zyl Received and for salc by the Sub
100 Barrels of Becf and Pork of an
excellent quality,
20 boxes of Soap,
to do. Mould Candles.
Sept. 7. dtm
ALgx. SMITH and SON ct
Per the brigl RACHEL, from lum-mo, 5 boxea
well laid in
I Rl S H L I N E N ,
Some excellent Irish PORK in hhds. and bls. a'
few hhds.
and 30 dozen THREAD HOSE, which they
will sell low for Cash. -
-]uly 28. to
Ten Dolla-rs Rewardsisi
RANAWA'Y fromjctrhe subscriber, oathe 19cb
of .]uly, a negro man named
] M () S E S: ,
he is : (all honey man, about 6 feet high, not
very fleshy, has : remarkable scar 'across the
middle of his nose, his hair king and strait for
that of : Negro, though not tied., si-sssi-siHe, lus bet!"
several _timcs seen sculking about Alexandria.
Any person who will deliver methe said'Ne
geo, or seeme him and give me information
thews, flhzllssssgesseeive the!-bove pened. ct
ss', t-g ; . ,.ifinsi _ . ,___ ( , 4.
ss-ct ctsilisi ctffct W-YKN' _ _ ssss
"5 F' ss? 47
Tu' , L
._ l
\ ' , ,
.- ss. 4 — siss.._ .-. .sizct_ : 4. ,
(; F., ssb. \ .7 e"* ""','-*< ss' \ 1-7' 4
V- * - "X -- '— -.- - si\. d- 'si. .
-.v . . . - . . )- - .. -
. ",. *-, *'--\--..s . si"—-si; -_'. :
ss , v. . .. . ,. si. ctss , [(
V ' ; : v :-- 'si '.. "si _ 'siss,
. , ' .," ! ' .:ss'. si-r _
.- , . sssi . si _ (.. ss .
\ 1 . (
W—ffi—v fflssss
"For so eight or Chdrteo',
Thc' SHU'
Fa-zr A—mcrzcaiz,
Capc.Srosz, ctsi
about two years old, burthen 217
tone. Apply to _
]anncy (? Paton.
Who have reCcivcd afvd forlsalc on board said
vessel, .
160 tons Plaister of Paris. sssi'
Sepc. 3. ' si
si—sssssor FREIGH T ( Can/tway: )
The Schooner
Master ;
burthcn goo barrcls, now lying at the
. ' upper side of Prince street wharf.——
Apply to "the master on board, or to ss
Daniel M'Clean.
['I/ba ba: far salt,
Peac'n Brandy of an excellent qua
lity, soap and candles, mess and prime pork, Phi
ladelphia hoop and bar iron,, nail rods and soal
ieather. A
Augost 23. 6
Cottomss. 53 Stewart, si
'Have received a considerable addition _ssssto their
former flock of
. 500 pieces of PAPER HANGINGS of the
most modern patterns—now opening and for sale
at their Book Store, Royal Street, Alexandria ;
where country merchants and others may be sop
plied with every article in theirline on the {most
mo lerate terms.
August 19. si d
Landfor Sale.
I wish to sell from a thousand to twelve hundred
acres of good Farming Land, in the county of
Fairsax, on the waters of Pope's Head and ]on.
nymore runs.
This land will either he [did together or in se.
parate parccls, as may be agreed on. It is well
'sttuated for the'disposal of produce, being within
twenty miles of Alexandria, and thirteen of the
si Occoquan Mills.
ss Any person, wishing to purchase, may know
the terms by applying to the subscriber near
_ Dumhies. .
jofm szson.
Sept. 13. d6w
A handsome FARM,
Three miles from Alexandria, partly lying on the
main road that leads to Colchester, containing
one hundred and twenty five acres, lzandsomely
improved, and pleasantiy situated; on the pre.
miles are a neat dwelling house, a kitchen ad
jf-ining, dairy, an excellent well of water, and a
harn 60 feet long, together with a general collec
tion of choice fruit trees. The sttuation as a caun.
try seat is well adapted for the residence of any
person who may boy it, and will be fold on mode
rate terms by the proprieror. ' _
Sept. ;. ' d
To be Rented,
For a term of years or forever,
each, fituated within a mile and an half of the
town of Alexandria, and five from the City of
Washington. The situation of the ground is
elevated, the soil good and susceptible otl high cul
tivation, the air salubrious, and the prospcc't of
three rising oities, of the river Poromac, and the
adjacent country sim the highest degree beautiful
and picturesque. ' )
ALso, ?
Asew handsome Situations on the .
L'u/burg road. ]ss
Particulars will be made known on appliczhL !
on to *
Sept? 14. to
Ten Dollars Rewmctd.
ssRAN AWAY from the Subseribcr on Sunday '
the r4tb inst. an apprcntice boy to the Coopers
trade, named MlCHAEL FOLEY, between : 8 I
and 19 years old, about 5 feet 4. inches high, ss
dark straight hair, and has a remarkable down
cast sheepish look. Being born in the west ot
Ireland he will be easily discovered by'his dialect,
Had on when he absconded, a nankeen upper
iacket, thickset waistcoat, new ticklenburg trowe
sera and a new wool hat, but took other clothes *
with him. It is supposed he has gone tow
ards Baltimore. If taken up ctzo miles from
Alexandria I will pay :; done", and is more
.hssan '50 mictiesisctzsi'zfi'siggllare rewardsi' and {all ssrea
'- si . -..ct._- ctss ,' "si-si . .sif-sie-Fct}; si ctsij
a s"
ct'sssis—sifsi-sisi-a _' si—
, si , . _,_
-.,Ht : ._ , si .. 4 ', . , x
. .. -,-..-. -
si ct HAS OPENED ' '
A A Groccry Storc in Pnncestsfctf
Next door to Dr. Dick's, "..5'
When he intend: Leepiug :! gssmksiml dffi'm
genuine artic/u ": that art, w ass?
salt an moderate- ter/in, - - _ . ;;
T, LONDQN particular _ .ss .?!
i Madcira, W ss
Part in casisss and bottles,
' Colmcnar and Malag;
Old St. Julian and Medoc Glans to a ,
dozcn each,
White Wine Vinegar,
4th proof ]amalca Rum,
D ). Cogniac Brandy,
Hollandss Gin,
Loaf, lump and Moscovado Sugar, "
Sugar House Molasscs, "
Impdri'al, ] ::
Chulan, &" '
H) so": 'ÞS in
Young Hyson, sig :! _
Hysm Skin,-_ 59, 3 - , !
Souchong, . & siLss .4 __ ct'
Pouchong Soochong, ;; 3 1 ;;3'
Padra Souchong, 5 'si'si ss xsisisi
Pcco Souchong, & e'
Bohea ) 3 *
Grcen Coffcc, ss "2 ,
Durham and Dixon' s Mostard, —— -
Alspice, Cinnamon, Cloves, Man: and
s-Zmsis and English'. - me"
Olivca, CactpCrs anctd Anchovics, -- si 'nssctssj)
quncs, Raisins. and so?: shall Almondsss Lctsi
Lcipcr s Snuss m bottles, si'
Do.. bell Smoctkssing Tobacco,
Martid'sbest Spanish Began, ss
Me! Salt for table use,
' Georgin Cotton,
Maniniquc Noyeao,
Mould and dip} 1'd Candles, (
]crscy Chccsc of an excellent quality,
Wrapping Paper, brown and blue,
Roll Btimstone, Fig me. , \ 8;
To be chZc-dsi' _ -
, And posselsion gives. immui n cly, the dwehd
HOUSE above said time. ljsi vss- .w in gsirctsiss
pair, and well calcolaccd to accemwasi; ;. go'
tccl lamily. Apply as above. -
[one 27.
sisi'si "sit (} 'a"
Fiedcrzc/c Kcm LCZJZ'HD
LllssUlNTER, "
Rcspcctsully insossns lhc pzbsic that he ba.
opencd a Dl'anilg School next door to Colmc'
Hooc' s, (Water street,} w..-.-rc he well instwct
ye on" Lad cs anrl Gentlemen m ciruing and
pniqcing m Water Colours and Crayons e-ss-f day
lo the week, except Saturoay. Hc-ms' a} asssiz-sim
azc for youw Ladic s !: - m twelve sso me, all!
genucmen & .nn 6 l , 7:. .'clo< k in the forcnoop_' -ss
715 all? o, . ss
Proscsscs Pumait Pai All/)ct in (),: and Crayon
and all orisicr bren he; nel-o: : ,,ctLctxg to the si
painting exccoc houssi: painzirsssso r
Lzctlewz e,
Goillslocking glzsfcs and picture framesisinlct'ct
ctb it as: cl ncasicst manne.- offiblc.si=- <' '
And? "ost Zl. P _ ss Wctl
an .,
'I'zucssniy UaZsi-ms Actva/ssz "!
RAN-AWAY 01 the 4th inst sisi si. 2
by the name of TOM, ab 0: 5 fc si zsi
inches hi sh; he ii.-s a white spot on on. _
his head,!5 about the size it & When, wss'si-siizct! !"
may attempt to come]; he has -l ve'Y—ssb
impediment in his speech, when he a: temprsi _ 1
speak. -.The above descriied to..)c-w i; sibsissss
:; years ofage, and ts very ii'ait znd bunch ,msi '
]} made. His ciOthes cannot we}! be desi-"Mib
ed, as he lived in Coi. Marstciicrs family Who
were'very liberal tohim; he had either one or
two watches with him when he lest home . it:
can read and I believe write a litt. e. The abQ {=
reward will be given to any Pesssin who may
appsehesid and secure the said negro in any jail
within the United States, and all reason351—csi
charges paid is brought home. There "He,
two other fellows left town in COmpany with
N. B. This fellow has, for many Ymomh.
ptfl, attended at the Vendue-Store. R H
Sept. 6. - lad-3.- 1.
thctle River Turnpike Companjf"
THE Stockholders are called upon to make
another paymenr of Ten per cent. upon each share
by t-"siem held. Some of the subscribers havi-g
been remiss in making their payments, render.
this cail at present neceffary—meashres will
immediately taken to compel those who are me
in arrear, to pay up their balances. Paymcntcte
are to be made to the subsCtiber, at chid [dove,
who is authorised to receite the sa'me. ;_--: '
By order of the Presidcnt aad Hirffipnss. 1"
Wdhamflartshome, _
si sisssisi ctss ct si? Trunk".
; lendfizmthsioss-M si siectoud
.{9 * ss 's "si"
. _ ss si 'l'si—s—si
;i' WIZ

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