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ori the respective situations of their ves
^!]« with the promise to allow time to lit
(hem out ai ccordingly. On the 12th, a
M-cond deputation of the merchants re
quested to know of his excellency whe
ther tiuMi*' praporty on shor* tlia: re- •
rjained unsoid, if embarked would be ex- j
cinpted from duty: this was answered in
ihe negative. However, after remansfra*-1
i:jg on the ruinous consequences which s
inevitably result to Americans from !
so enexamph'd a proceeding, he agreed
permission should he granted for five mer
chants to remain for the benefit ot the
whole, and the following gentlemen were
the agents appointed, viz.
Mr. Isaac Smith, of Baltimore.
Mr. Benj. B. Clark, of Philadelphia.
?xlr. Walter Nexsen, of New-York.
Mr. Wiliam Tuft*, of Boston.
Mr. L. Smith, of Xewburyport.
The Richmond Enquirer cries out, ‘‘Sub
mission or War ;** and as this is spoken in
relation to England, we cannot doubt but the
latter would be our hero’s choice. Yet it is
wonderful that none of these valorous senti
ments burst forth when we were robbed and
insulted by the Gre?.t Napoleon ; when we
were advised by him to destroy our Dcclara
t.on ox independence. \> e ncaiu coming,
then, of War j submission was the order of
the day. We are yet to learn wherein it is
more honorable to submit to one nation than
to another ; to France than to England: Per
haps 44 Circumstances alter cases.’*
We copy the following from the New-York
Public Advertiser of the I3thinst. The other
New-York papers of the same date mention
the arrival of the vessel, but contain not a
word of news brought by her. Our readers
-will perceive in another part of this day’s pa
per, by an arrival at Norfolk, an official dis
patch, has been received, from Lord W'el
li-^ton, dated the 20th of June, one day after
the battles reportedj&low to have taken piace,
and not a word iswaid about them. It is pro
pable therefore that the whole is a fabrication
To tlic Editor of the Morning Post we
are indebted for the following important
intelligence received by the brig Lnune
linc, Capt. Stevens, which arrived here
yesterday in H days from Lisbon.
Captain Stevens informs that news had
reached Lisbon of a series of the most
desperate battles ever fought in Portugal
having taken place on the 16th, 17th, 18th
and 19th June, between the French army
under the Duke of Dalmatia, ami the aF
Red army of the British, Portuguese and
Spaniards, under Lord Wellington. Oj
the 19th at night the two hostile armies
mutually retired from the action, the
French* leaving 12.000 and the British
9000 men on the field of battle, according
to Lisbon accounts. The British had not
*1.1 IVIITiHCU iV HH II -- -
the dreadful consequences of the battle to
them was such, that they could not main
tain their position, and would soon be o
biiged to retreat; as a proof of this, a
©envoy of provisions destined for the alli
ed army had been ordered hack to Lisbon.
In the affair of Badajoz, the British troops
suffered immense loss : one hall oi the as-,
sail-ants were destroyed by the tremendous
tire of the French artillery. Captain
Stevens reports that the day before be
sailed, forty transports with 7000 cavalry
bad arrived at Lisbon from England to re
inforce Lord Wellington. The hospitals |
at Lisbon were crowded with the wounded
soldiery, who were brought in daily in
vast numbers from the allied army.
Extract of a Utter from an American gentle- ■
man, to his correspondent in Ba timoreydated ,
Halifax, July 24, 1 Si 1.
“ Although there appears more pros
pect of war than for some time, yet as
president Madison is so elearl; • roved to !
be a Frenchman by (by Mr. Smith) it ;
cannot be a popular measure, without j
some aggression on the part of the Brir j
tish. The frigate Guerrier “ left this
place lately ivith her name in large letters
on her foretopsail. She is one of the
finest ships in the British navy, mounts
*0 guns. . »
The following letter from a master of
a vessel, now at Philadelphia, calls to
mind the several privateers which have
been armed and fitted out of this port.—
It comes from a man of unquestionable
credit. Lynton. who figures on board
this nameless privateer, is well known in
’ Baltimore. To-morrow, if we have room,
\vc shall inti*oducc other feats of priva
teering. and the shameful, fact of the pub
lic cutter James Madison, having saluted
and cheered a French privateer at Savan
nah. Federal Republican.
Extract of a lr*ter from an American ca/itain,
dated Ehiladdfihia, August Ur, to a gentle
man in this city.
•• Off and in sight of Havnnna, I was
brought tc by a French privateer, and the
boat came along side of me, each man
with his musket and cutlass. They jump
ed on board, and when he (S. Lynton)
asked where the captain was, the people
pointed to me. He looked me full in the
face, 'and asked if that was my vessel. I
told him yes. He then threw his cutlass
in the boat, making his men do the like,
which they did ndt approve cf. He then
went aft, and 1 asked him below, but he
refused, saying he did not wish to see any
thing 1 had. lie asked. about all his
friends, telling me first not to ask him any
questions. lie asked what talk there was
about him in America, and told me he
took nothing but money and the like, as
he could get no prizes to France; also,
that he had robbed several vessels and
then burnt them. 1 had 5000 dollars un
der the cabin floor, which lie might have
got had he looked for it. He took a few
■ • n ...» • i I . . IV_1__ia!
IIlllC?, IU1 WIIll-ll lie uitcrtu jmjim.ui, pa
ling me I had better take it, as lie had the
most money. The captain C-you ask
ed about, I know nothing of, as I was not
permitted to ask any questions about any
thing. There were in the boat with him
some other Americans, but they were so
disfigured with long beards and whiskers,
that had I bec:i acquainted with them, I
should not have kuown them iu their pre
sent disguise.”
We arc authorised to say to the public,
(says the Boston Gazette of August 8)
that the directors of the Coos Bank, have
again opened the doors of that institu
tion, and that all bills hereafter presented
will be promptly paid.
Port of Alexandria.
. Entered ; .
Sloop Merit, Burk. Providence; nor
thern produce—to the master. •
Sloop Hero, Sampson, Boston; plan
ter, &r_Ao the master.
Sloop Fame, Wright, New Bedford :
plaister—to the master.
Schooner Daniel, Cobby, Ncwbuiyport;
; sundries—to William Smith.
Si hooner Harriet, O. Butler, Philadel
phia—by the master.
Sloop Lydia, Potter, Providence—by
the master.
NonFoT.K, August 12—Arrived, ship
John K Adam, Knight, 48 days from Ca-.
diz, ballast. Juno 18, in iat. 33, 24, long*
V7, 49, fell in with the wreck of the brig
nf* Slupn. wWh foremast standing.
qo person on board, loaded with lumber
—28th, lat. 39, 20, long. 57, 51, fell in
with 15 sail standing to the eastward, sup
posed them to he the Jamaica fleet—30th,
lat. 3S, 57, long. 60, spoke British letter
of marque ship John, 35 days from Ja
maica bound to London. August 7, lat.
39, 26, long. 71, was boarded from his
Britannic majesty’s ship Tartarus, and
treated politely.—Cth, lat. 38, 36, long.
72, spoke ship America, from Canton,
bound to Philadelphia.
Schooner * Norfolk, Seaw ard, U days
from Cadi/. Left there June 27, ships
Concordia, Riudge; Abigail, Johnson,
from this port—brig Mars, from Alex
andria, and a number of others, names
not recollected.
Schooner Lady’s Delight, . 38 days
from Lisbon, bound to Baltimore, arrived
in Hampton Roads on Saturday.*!— Hie
ship Governor Strong, Hamilton, arrived
there in 30 days from Alexandria, the
30th July. The schooner Young Eagle,
of Fredericksburg, was to sail for New
York in ten days.
Made %/' Sufterfine Burr Blour%
The 3 pound loufto be soldilbr *6
a pound loaf 23
2 pound loaf 12
l pound loaf ®
J HMR $ II.iR HISS, C.M' ■
AhguBt 1$.
By last Night’s Mad.
. . New-York, August 13.
By the ship Thomas, Gibbons, Captain
Rockwell, from Liverpool, wc have re
ceived a Liverpool paper of the 27th of
June and London papers to the 25th. The
papers contain no news of importance—
The King was still ill, and it was said that
he had the dropsy.
Price of Stocks at London. .Tune 25—
Reduced 62 3-i?—1 per cent 79 1-4—Om
nium 118 1-i dis.
LONDON, June 2k
An Heligoland Mail arrived this morn
ing, which left that island on the 2l9t in
stant. The Horatio frigate, and some :
other vessels had sailed upon an expedi
tion, to cut out a flotilla of 19 armed ves
sels, near the mouth of the Euis. These
with other vessels of a similar description j
off tiie Elbe and the Wcscr, were placed i
there, it is supsosed, for the purpose of
cutting off all communication between the
island ar.d the continent. Several per
sons lmd been arrested and sent off to
Hamburg, to be tried for holding commu
nication with the English. Some have
been convicted and shot for this offence,
previous to the lltli inst. the date of the
latest papers from that city. The Dane?
are making the most active military pre
parations. „
Wc have received Paris papers to the
21st inst. the prominent feature of which
is the Speech of Bonaparte to the Legisla
tive Body, at the opening of that Assem
liti* am 4 in.4
The other article of chief interest in !
the Paris papers, is an account of the
meeting of the National Council on the
state of the Church.
The Monitenr of the 18th, also con
tains an article under the head of News
from the Army of Spain. It relates en
tirely to the proceedings of Suchet against
the fort of Oliva before Tarragona. The
operations began on the 3d of May, and
concluded on the 29th, when the fort was
stormed and taken, after a most obstinate
resistance. The garrison of Tarragona
had previously made several sortteF, par
ticularly on the 14th, with 6000 men.-^
A very; sharp action took place, in Which
our squadron- took part, consisting of a 74
gun ship* a cut-down ship, two frigates
and several other vessels. This squadron
brought the' Spanish geueralCfttapo Ver
de to Tarragona. The Frepeh general
Sal me was* killed. 900 prisoners were
taken at Oliva. On the 30th of May the
garrison of Tarragona attempthd to re
take tlie fort but without efleef.
The Journal du Commerce of the 20tli
states, that king Joseph had set out from
Paris on his return to his dominions.
King Joseph will not find himself quite
safe and happy on his return to Madrid.
It appears by the accounts from that city
in the French papers, that the patriot
bands are in full activity, even so near to
that capital as Aranjtiez.
We have received German and Swe
dish papers to the 11th inst. Their con
tents serve to remove whatever doubts
might have existed in regard to non-ad
justment of differences between France
and Russia. It is now distinctly stated,
that the mediation of Alexander has been
successful in procuring the restoration of
his kinsman the duke of Oldenburg, and
that that prince will shortly quit Peters
burg, on his return to his own dominions.
The 68th regiment, 800 strong, sailed
on Tuesday, to join the British army in
Portugal. The 32d and 46th regiments
are likewise on their passage from Guern
sey, for the same destination.
The Volcano and Strombolo ,bombs,
which, it was understood, were intended
for Cadiz, sailed last week to join Sir
James Saumarez, in the Baltic.
Heligoland, June 21.
Latterly we have had two or three ar
rivals from the adjacent rivers, by which
Hamburg papers to the 11th inst. have
been rccei ved. These mention that all
the Danish • troops have been called out,
and ordered to hold themselves in readi
ness to march at the shortest notice.
From this, it would appear, that Denmark
intends to take an active part tn the ex
pected change of parties in the north of
Europe ; but whether, in case of a rup
ture between France and Russia, she may
join the former or the latter power is not
certainly known—conjecture, however,
•and the opinion of persons who have been
in Holstein, give reason to think she will
become the ally of the latter.
These papers also mention the arrival
of Massena and Junot at Paris, and con
tain Soult’s account of the battle of Albu
I hera.
Hit majesty’s ship tlie Horatio, Lord
George Stuart, Commander, sailed two
days ago, with the greater part of the
squadron stationed here, again to attempt
an attack, if possible, on the enemy’s flo
tilla, consisting of nineteen sail of sloops
of war and gun boats, wbibh are stationed
in the warts between the islands and the
main island, near the mouth of the river
Ems. a number of vessels of this des
cription are laying in the Elbe, Weser, A
Jahde, principally it would appear, for
the purpose of preventing all communica
tion with this island. Almost all the Da
nish gun boats stationed in the Eyder,Elbe
Ac. have been sent to the Baltic, through
Holstein Canal.
Numbers of persons suspeeted of hav
ing had correspondence with a British
port, continue to be arrested on the oppo
site coasts, and are generally marched off
to Hamburg to be tried by Davous^ the
Gov. Gen. of the Hauseatie towns. Se
veral have been sentenced to be shot.
Ilis Majesty Gustavus Adolphus, still
remains in the island in private lodgings.
Paris, June 18.
His majesty the king of Spain has set
out on his return to his dominions.
For Philadelphia,
The Schoonir
______ John Somers, Master.
For freight or passage apply to the Mas
ter on board or to
M’Clean & Somers.
i August 16__d3t
£3* Pocket book lost.
WAS LOST, on Thursday the first in
stant, between Dogue Run & Alex
andria, a red Morocco Pocket Book, contain
ing fifteen dollars in notes, an order on the
Post-Master at Occoquan for thirteen dollars,
*n cider on H. Farish, Fredericksburg, for
fifteen dollars, besides sundry other papers
of no use to any person but the owner.-*
Most of the papers contain the owner's name.
Whoever finds the said Pocket Rook, by
leaving it at this Office will receive FIVE
COLLARS reward.
August 16 d4t_
For tale by ROBERT GRAY, King^strcet)
The Corse of Kehama ;
In 2 volumes.^-Price gl 50
# Also, the following PLAYS .*
GUSTAVUS VASA ; Doubtful Son
Italian Father ; New Way to Pay Old
Debts; Hit or Mis; Orphan ot Prague;
Twenty .Years ago; Family Legend; Agree
able Surprize ; Not at Home ; Love-a-]*.
Mode ; 'Poor Gentleman ; Merchant of Ve
nice ; Every Man in his Humor; Hamlet
Travestic ; Henry the fourth ; Knight of
Snowdown ; Lady of the Lake.
Two elegant patent London made PJAEO
FORTESs with additional Keys to C Pedal.
August 16
Collection of Voyages & Travels%
The 15th Number is ju*t received 6c rea*
.i_ r_.. > __
ujr 1U1 UCI ITVt/i
The Archives of Usetul Knowledoi-.*
The first Number of Volume second.
AjVD '
The history of Modern Europe, by Dr.
Russeil) vol. 6th Continued by Charles
Conte, L. L D from the Peace of Paris in
1763, to the Treaty of Amiens m 1802.
Sucn gentlemen as wish to complete t eir
sets of this valuable Work will please to ap
ply immediately.
Subscribers are requested to send for tHeif
copies to
James Kennedy, sen.
August 16eo6t
On SATURDAY next, the 17th day ofAu*
gust, at four o'clock in the afternoon, o r
the premises,
A Lot of Ground, on Union -
street, formerly occupied by R. Aewton an d
Co. as a bake house, &c. with such mater »
als as are on the lot.
Terms of sale made known at the timeo f
August 15 ’ 3t
On SATURDAY EVENING next, at four
o'clock, will positively be sold, on a libe
ral credit,
The one-eighth of the
Ship John Andrew,
________ Belonging to the late firm of
Bayne and Cartwright.
P. G, Marfteller.
August 16

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