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fflw'T^o r iEQfr.'. .,.- :’4'* - ' .., *
Hi COX^*^^^'
■ ,aCSE or Representative*.
m 11 February 20.
|;a Ij. from the canal committee,
II )['• Ri^£mg report, which, together
■ E* !!'e V.mpanvms letter from the Secre
B*‘he*lV»»siiry.bwas referred to acorn
§,r ui *fjlole, and ordered to be printed:
|>‘,ltuc report.
f1 ' t0 Whom were referred the sc
ilriif c***'" V. f(hf President and Direc
ll l l*ratT,hp‘chesa/ie(ih<- and Delaware Ca
21 tun V ’ .f t/!e President and Mana
§ Canal Company of Penn.
v 1 ^ 0f e/jp Com mis *io tiers qf the
1 •r*w’a/’v“r- York, respecting « canal from
M ffirea* Lake* to Hudson Fiver:
MRF'P0t!if!7cnnsidrr the improvement of the
W ^inJigation of the U. S. by means oi
Hi;,'erU i« conwwplated by the.said companies
111'*0"* 0f x. York, of great national ini
iBtndtte 5 " , we|| meriting the patronage and
WfffZ ecoeivl government; that under
M • oLssion the .committee have paid par
fl Ai»:w . • • to the subject matter of the
I** ‘riais, and have, felt the strongest
i t f1 itions to report favorably to the petition
II 4i,rk committee however lament that the
If situation of the U. States, in.re
II l"lo our foreign relations, renders it m
11 ,tit cuinion- improper at the present time to
I t that effectual aid to the undertakings,
■ « » r“ «**■ V*P
| Lrtfore, under these circumstances,, submit
if !hl following resolution.'
I Reached, That the state of the public fi
ll JLw\ resources, and the present cm
Lmssed situation ot me counu), ivuwr u
Loedient lor the congress ot the U. S. to
nuke a donation in land or money, at the pre
sent time, for the purpose cf effecting the ob
jects contemplated in said memorials.
The following is Mr Gallatin s letter totlie
chairman of the committee.
Sir* . . .
I have the honor to inclose answers to the
rueriei proposed in your letter ol the 23th
ult and also the copy of a request on the same
sabiect made on the 4th of April 1808, in o
Ixidicnce to a resolution ol tne Senate of the
2d of March 1807.
1 have the honor to be,
Very respectfully, Sir,
Your obedient servant,
Hon. H. M. Ridgley,
Chairman of the committee
on several Canals.
Answers 10 the Queries proposed by the com
mittee to whom were referred the “memo
rials of the President and Managers ot the
Union Canal Company of Pennsylvania,
praying the aid and patronage of the Gene
ral Government, in accomplishing the ex
tensive ami useful works in which they are
engaged, Sec. Sec,
Query 1. “ Will the state of the finances cf
the U. States admit of the application of pub
lic monies to the improvement of the country
by meant of canal and inland navigation i”
Answer. The state of the finances of the
U. States does net at this time permit the ap
plication of public monies to any new objects
of improvement. The revenue is at present
considerably less than the annual public ex
Query 2. “ If the state of the finances will
r.ot admit of pecuniary aid being afforded bj
the government, can any other resources be
applied to these objects, without interfering
*ith the national engagements or the public
Agencies If so, I am desired to request
t:iat ycu will specify them, and the mode ot
*ppiic .tion,so as to promote, in the most ef
trctual manner, these important objects, aiui
t0 Effuse the benefits arising therefrom as gc
nerully as possible among the several states.*'
Answer. A portion of the public lands may
selected, and its proceeds appropriated to
b*csc objects, without causing any sensible di
minution of the revenue arising from that
source, and therefore without interfering with
* 0 national engagements and public exigen*
c‘cs* It is only necessary for that purpose,
*‘?t tracts of land thus selected should be
Without tiie boundaries of the land districts ai
refd7 established by lav/, so that the annual
^,es in those districts, and the payments into
!ae treasury, which constitute the existing
-ud revenue, will not in any degree be affect*
ea by the contemplated appropriation.
quantity of land set .apart for that pur
P0^ should be sufficient to produce, when
a sum equal to that which congress in
*cnds to apply to these objects. And the
^ companies or trustees, under whose di
r^ction the se\eral works will be executed,
*bould authorised to sell from time to time
** 3 price limited by h\v, such portions of the
*<fids as will be necessary to defray the cx
Per‘6es of the works. The proceeds of the
*‘les flight bo anticipated by authorising
J^ns, to an amount no*, exceeding the value of
,‘JC *an£fe appropriatevi, and made reirobursa
T at (^*'4lu periods : in which case the faith
li tl)c United States might also be pledged
°f toe reimbursement of such part of the
Principal ot such loans as could not be dis
-nrgod out of the proceeds of the sales ot the
anus then tvjvuiiiung unsold, reverting in that
tase to the United States.
[The tui»r.ucry is sufficiently explained
7 the lion Secretary's answer. 1
Answer. A canai uniting Lake Erie with \
>€ *l4e "attns of the Hudson, or of any other
Atlantic river, cannot fail to enhance the valiie
of all the public lands adjacent to the Great
Lakes, or otherwise so situate that the inhabi
tants may use the navigation for the transport
ation of produce or merchandize. For the
same reason, it will be giving access on cheap
er terms to a better market, facilitate to a cer
tain degree the means of paying for the lauds
thus situated. It is not believed that the canal
would materially arrest the illicit trade from
[The 4th query is also explained by the .
answer. It asked the hon. Secretary’s opi
nion of general improvements by canals, &c.]
Answer. In a report made on the 4th of A
pril 1308, in obedience to a resolution of the
Senate of the 2d of Mat ch 1807, the Secretary
of the Treasury submitted the general outlines
of a plan to that effect. v To this he begs leave
respectfully to refer. Although the details
must in many respects be incorrect, and seve
ral important objects may, for want of infor
mation, have been omitted ; his opinion con
tinues the same with respect to general prin
ciples of the plan. It is stiil believed that a
system of improvement embracing all the im
portant communications pointed out by the
great geographical features of the country,
and also such other local objects as it may be
necessary to include, in order to equalize, as
far as practicable, the benefits of the plan,
would have a most powerful effect towards
promoting the prosperity of the country, and
consolidating the interests of the most remote
quarters of the union. The modifications
which existing circumstances render necessa
ry, in the manner of applying the resources of
the U. S. to that important object, have alrea
dy been suggested in the answer of the second
Respectfully submitted,
Treasury Department, Jan. 6, 1812.
An article has appeared in the Norfolk Tie
raid of the 28th inst. purporting to give an
explanation of a report which has been citcu
iated of a despatch which came directed to
the British minister, and was brought by the
Macedonian frigate, having been opened, from
which it would appear that no such circum
stance had occurred. It is, however, rumor
ed on good authority, that the British minister
has actually made a compl int at the Depart
ment of State, not of one letter only, but of
three ; having strong appearance to have been
opened. Two of them coming from New ,
York and the other from Norfolk. j
Mons. Puentair, i
I have discover by one auteur who pub
lish some year ago, dat dere is time for all
things,■—time to curl de hair, and time to
strike while c!e iron’s hot: So by dat I know
dat dis is de very day for me to be as mad as a
March hare wid de Congress, or what you
call dem, of de nation. Why, pourquois do
dey rcluse tudder dey to make de Tax geddur
salt ? Did not Mons. Jefferson tell to Mons.
Cailcndair long ago, dat it was do best thing
in de worle for to open de people’s eyes ?
Aynt it dereforc bon pour lour sante ? And
didn’t Mons. Jefferson inform to us in de year
tree hundred and eighteen, dat derc was lurje ,
montugne of nice Salt in Louisiana, where
every man in Salem might go and get his
back fool as well as his belly ? Didn’t not you
toree fedralces accuse Mons. Jefferson to be
a Hair, aldo he had tree witnesses to prove au ,
alibi against de salt mountain ? Was’nt de ,
mountain five hundred mile big when de pre
sident first talk about him ; and aynt he been
growing more larger, by sucking Jain drops, ;
hundred touseen million of year beiore de •
creation of de worle ?
Ncanmoius, spite of Mons. Jeffjrsom to .
find out great many affairs, for de good of ,
American people’s body, more as very few •
can believe, I see Congress won’t do dair du
ty upon Salt. O, Mons. Prentair, I am so
astonccsh at dis bisnecss ! Dey make war de
claration, and den dey say we shall not make
war because we ayn’t got de sinew : and for
all dat, dese very fallows carry six sinews e
very day in his pocket ! Is dis the bianess dey
come here for, to sheet every body ? If a man
lose hi* nerve, is dat raison, for him to lose
his sinew aussi ? Have not dey been told hun
dred time dat money is sinew of war ? so if
we got plenty of cash, what de diable should
we want with energy ? Don't money make a
horse trot,—and can't it make men marche ?
Didn’t Mon*. Gallateen tell to dese Con
gressmen how we must all fight upon tick ?
and now, after dis set of hemmes de neant
have authorise president Madison to borrow <
ever so many million, dey put dair hand into j
dair own pocket wid greatest sang froid,
and exclaim, Let Mens. Madison pay de
interest by himself. Parbleu, ’tis enuf to
make a man mad as Mens. Job! En
verite, une affaire comme ceci call for
eclaircisement. Dese nimeompoop tell de
president he may borrow money, and directly
in an instant dey swear be dem if dey'll pay a
cent of it ! Don’t dey know dis prove dey can
have no principle ? Dey are worse as de judge
who try one old woman for witchcraft : he
told to her she was welcome to fly off’ upon a
broomstick ; but she could not clear herself
widout wings.
Muis, don't you scepose, Mons. Prentair
dat because I scole de congress, I am going
to turn fedralees. I tell you one raison for me
to hate clem is,dey have sitch grand advantage
of us republicans, in de affa re of turning
round. If ©ne fedralees choose to turn his
coal, and curse against his own side, he shall
1_ _1 i i
uc juugc, aunj;.b3aucur, iurner-generai, or
some aulre officier come ccla : But, aldo one
of our party was ever so much encline to
change side, what would- he get by it ? You
infernalc torees would not p-.y him a sol ?
Dis is proof dat you are not friends to equali
ty, because you ought to pay as much for a
convert as we do. It prove aussi, dat you
don’t unde rstand your own interest, no more
as de people's interest; for are you so blind
us not to see, dat it is no advantage for a man
to have been born in dis country, to have im
bibe and cherish de true principles of free
dom from his cradle ? What good does dis
do him ? Au contraire, it is sufficient to make
evory great man despise him, pareeque, if he
bo right, dey must be wrong. You know de
work, kordeen to Shakespeare, is large oys
t( r ; dercforc, let every wise fedrukes get his
knife ready, proclaim himself good republi
can, and he will be sure to get his share.
I have de honneur to be, Suir,
Wid de highest consultraton,
(Signed) Nicholas Pedrosa,
- _
Congress of the United States.
Thursday March 5, 1812.
[Reported for this Gazette.]
Mr. Fitch presented the memorial of Hart
and Nazro, merchants of Troy, N. Y. pray
ing permission to import certain articles from
Great Britain purchased prior to the promul
gation of the Presidents proclamation. Re
ferred to a committee of the whole house, to
whom was referred the bill reported by the
committee of Commerce and Manufactures.
The house took up the unfinished business
of yesterday—The disposal of the Constitu
tion of Orleans was under consideration when
the house adjourned. On motion of Mr.
Poindexter it was referred to a select commit
tee of seven to make report thereon.
Mr. Moore moved the following. Resolv
ed that the President of the United be request
ed to cause to be prepared and laid before this (
House a system of rules and regulations for
the discipline of the cavalry of the army and
militia of the U. States. Adopted.
The house took up the bill supplementary j
to “ an act for raising an additional military j
force.” It was ordered to be engrossed and j
read a third time.
The house then went into committee of the ;
whole, Mr Breckenridge in the chair, on a ‘
bill for the relief of Arthur St. Clair.
A desultory debate arose which lasted till j
half past two o’clock, when the committee
filled the blank, rose, and reported the bill as
amended, in which the house concuiied.—
Mr. Alston moved two amendments, which
were adopted, which went materially to affect
th * principles oi the bill. Mr. Nelson moved
to recommit the bill for the purpose of ex- :
punging the amendments.—It was recommit- .
ted* The house in committee of the whole
again took up the bill. Mr. Nelson moved to
strike out the amendments.
On this question debate arose, and no deci
sion was had at a quarter past three o’clock,
when our letter came away.
Extract of a letter from a respectable Mcr
chant of Alicante, to a Physician of Phila
dtlft/iia, dated, Dec. 28, 1811.
“ The Epidemical Fever has ceased, after
carrying off about Fifty Thousand of the in
habitants of this and the neighboring province.
At this place I think wc have done better
than attempt the cure of this horrid disorder;
we have attempted to preclude its admission;
and uuder the assistance of providence, wc
have certainly succeeded.—Aiicante surround
ed by contagion, has enjoyed more healh than
ever was kuown at the season it was threaten
ed with the Fever, aud now that it Nfras ex
tinguished, we complain of little or no loss
by it.
“ The method pursued for our preservation
was to place a Cordon of the army at the dis
tance of about two leagues on the side which
was most threatened ; with orders, on pain of
death, to let no person pass—but as this
might have been insufficient, the Physicians
were vigilant in observing every indisposed
person, who, on the smallest appearance of
any thing even doubtful, was carried out with
all their family to a convenient place in the
country, where they were carefully guarded
’till no danger was apprehended from their
i ■— r-iiiwkarnwwBWMiiMiiwy'MUBii nwwi ■■ ■—mvmmmmi
For Norfolk & Richmond,
James Mitciieli., jun. Master,
lying at Scholfield’s Wharf—to sail on Sunday
next. For Freight or Passage, apply to the
Master on board, or to
March 6. 2t*
A very convenient Two Story HOUSE, on
Royal street, adjoining Mrs. Hall’s. Also,
several LOTS on Duke street, on ground rent.
John T. Brooks.
March 5 i
The next Alexandria
DANCING ASSEMBLY will be held at Mr.
Triplett’s Hotel, on Wednesday, the Uth of
March.—Hacks provided as u&uai. Applica
tion to be made at the Bar.
March 5__
Just 1 eceived,
100 Sacs Prime Green COFFEE,
59 Boxes Ilavanna Brown SUGAR,
50 barrels 2cl quality Muscovado ditto,
20 Hhcls. 1st quality New-Orlcans ditto,
in sroRE,
5000 Bushels Liverpool SALT,
20 Barrels N. E. RUM,
10 Tons superior qualityAmerican HEMP.
T. W. Peyton.
March 2. d2\r.
Ladies’ finest Shoes.
AN elegant Assortment Ladies Kid and
Morocco, high and low heel SHOES,
at e now received from New-York, Baltimore
and Boston.
Coarse Shoes always on hand.
>17* I have a large number of Fishing
Stands, I>.«rrcls, and Boards for a Sheet, at
Fort Warburton, which I will sell low.
fC** Those who may want dirt for fi ling
up are at liberty to ti ke any quantity from
my building, head of King Street
E. Gilman.
March 4. eo3tlaw
Respectfully informs hisftiends and the pub~
THAT he has removed his shop to Roy
al-street lo the one lately occupied by Mr.
B. Adamson, near the Coffee House , where
he carries on the CABINEl BUSINESS
in all its various branches—he also makes
and repairs nil kinds of Musical Instruments,
such as Piano Fortes, Bass Viols, Violins,
Guitars, &c. and will also furnish Mahogany
Coffins for grown persons for fifteen dollars.
He hopes the quality of his materials, the
soundness of his werk and the strict atten
tion he intends paying to his business, will
ensure him encouragement from a generous
public. All the above branches of business
will be executed at the shortest notice.
November 28. . d3t law
'pHF. WARE-HOUSE at present occu
i pied by Messrs Gibson and Ko-ss, on
the roruer of King and Patriek ct cets Pos
session may be had on the 13ih of M irefi
next, For terms, apply to Robert You*#,
in Alexandria, or to
William Smith.
Lumfi ics, Feb. 6. {Jan. I#) 2atv9{

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