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I the Spanish government in the course of
t fifteen years ; all of which Mr. Madi
ad reason to believe, and which, when
permits I will show, to have originated
the French government, while Spain was
iiteiy under her controul. And Mr. Fos*
request to be informed “ upon what au
{y governor Matthews was acting, and
measure* had been taken to put a stop
s proceedings/* was altogether evaded —
e were the only important points in Mr.
;r\s letter; and to them]! he obtains no an*
This amounts to an admission that go
)P Mathews was President Madison’s a
in this nefarious, faithless transaction i !
w Gov. George Matthews very well. I
st that he has not a more honorable em
nent. was an intrepid officer in our
utionary war. Brave and enterprising,
,an could be better qualified to execute
Madisons* designs on E. Florida. This
ie will doubt when I add, that governor
hews was the governor of Georgia, when
.egislature of that state made grants to
companies of speculators of forty mil
ofacresof land within the claimed boun
5 of that State ; and the governors agen
necessary to the completion ot those
?. But the succeeding legislature de
j they had been obtained by gross bribe
.id corruption ; corruption so atrocious,
he laws by virtue of which those grants
cen made, were expunged from their re
and stamped with all the ignominy which
ilic burning before the assembled people
: huvx just now received advices, by the
•papers, of the < fleets of Gov. Matthew’s
:y. A party of the Spanish subjects cx
to an insurrection, have seized upon
panish post in Amelia Island ; the com
er of the United States gun boats there
S countenance and support to. the insur
gents, and the commander ot the American
troops on the neighboring shore of Georgia,
detaching a company of riflemen, who accom
panied by Gen. Matthews, received the sur
render of the place to the American arms !—
Now let Mr. Madison again petulantly cla
mour and vilify Gen. Craig and the British
Government for employing John Henry ; and
hence forward let him and his adherents re
proach Great Britain for her attack on Copen
hagen !—An attack the sole object of which
was to get possession of the Danish fleet o
ships of war, to prevent their falling into the
hands of her formidable and implacable ene
my, the emperor of France. As to Mr. Mon
roe’s details of Spanish wrongs, and the pre
tended title of the United States to West Flo
rida— they ave so full of errours and misrepre
sentations as greatly to mislead the public
mind. It is of public importance to correct
them, and when I can spare the time I will
correct them. At present I must content my-1
self with affirming that when the bargain was
jnade in Paris lor the purchase of Louisiana,
West Florida was not in contemplation as a
part of it. Timt the U. S. never paid for it:
And that they have no title to it.
The history I h »ve given of the East Flori
da business, concurs with other acts lo show
the true character of our government; by
which the U. S are dishonored ; and by which
we may be drawn into a war with G. Britain
and Spain. This last consideration was the
direct object of these details. 11 we are
plunged into a destructive war, it behoves
Mr. Madison to have it so brought on as that
G. Britain may appear to be the aggressor in
commencing it.—Great Britain is the faith
ful ally of Spain.—She alone, in the present
condition of the Spanish monarchy, could be
expected to send troops to retake and defend
East Florida. Should she do it the American
md British arms will come in collision—the
projected war will commence. Mr. Madison
setting up a claim to E. Florida, as the means
o* indemnity lor the injuries the U. b have
received from Spcdn (all of which, as al
ready intimated, may be shown to have origi
nated with F.auce) will say of East as he has
already said 0f West Florida, that “ the Pre
61^«nt cannot admit the right ol G. Britain to
fotertere in any question relating to that pro
vince.”* And if the people of the U. States
shall be satisfied (and from their past aston
ishing codfidence in him and Mr. Jefferson
kc rnay feel authorised t® expect it,) the war,
°l consequence, may be a popular one. On
the principles and course ot conduct ot our ru
lers, war is co them indufiensablc* JPithout
wr they caTinot raise money. I will explain
this in my next letter.
Jfiril 17, 1811.
* ATotiroe’s letter to Foster, July 8, 1811.
$3* The subscription paper
forbuiMinga STEAM COAT to navigate on
the waters of the District of Columbia, is left
fora few days at the Domestic Warehouse.—
A few Shares only remain to he subscribed, !
*hich, it is hoped, will be taken by such of the
good people of Alexandria as are desirous of
Militating the intercourse between that city, !
Washington and Georgetown.
Hot-pressed Playing Cards,
-1st received and for sale by
Cottom & Stewart.
December 6.
■' • ,
' i i
„ -v/ -j
'' ' ‘ \ ' , ■■
• -
• ' X . J I ‘ ‘ v
* **' *\-*1 • i
Passengers in the stage report the arrival at
New-York'of the U. S. ship Hornet in 21 days
from France. The* messenger with dispatch
\ es for government came on in the mail stage
{ lust evening. It is probable we shall hear
something of their contents on Monday. The
following is all we have been able to collect •
! Extract of a letter from a mercantile house in
New-York to a gentleman in this city) dated
May 20r/i, 1812.
u Last evening the U. S. sloop of war Hor
net arrived here in 22 days from Cherbourg,
i It is said that she brings nothing new—no re
cent restoration of American property, nor aj
settlement in any respect of the differences—j
Provisions were very scarce in France, which
had occasioned the most serious tumults—
Bonaparte was still at Paris, but was on the
eve of his departure fer the armies in the
The.schooner Renown, Cant. W. Parker,
which sailed from this port on Wednesday
last, was upset by a squall while at anchor in
two hours after sailing. Three men were
drowned. One seaman who watt below cut
through two bulk heads with his jack-knife,
and was saved.
Congress of the United Stales.
Frida r, May 22, 1812.
[Reported for this Gazette.]
Mr. Newton from the committee of com
merce and manufactures, to whom was refer
red the resolution instructing them to enquiie
whether any and what relief ought to be af
forded to the inhabitants oi’ the Canary Islands
suffering from famine, reported that the evi
dence before them was not sufficient to justi
fy them in recommending any legislative in
terference. Laid on the table.
Mr. Smilie from the committee uf ways
and means, reported a bill for imposing addi
tional duties upon all goods, wares and mer
chandize imported from any foreign port o;
place. Read twice and referred to a commit
tee of the whole house for Monday next.
Mr, Poindexter from the select committee
to whom was referred certain papers relative
to the official conduct of Judge Toulmin oi
the Mississippi Territory—made a report
which was favorable to the Judge, in which
the house concurred.
A bill from the Senate respecting the judg
es of the U. States, was read twice and refer
red to a committee of the whole House.
The house in committee of the whole, Mr.
Hyneman in the chair, on a bill for tlie relie
of George Lyon, a clerk in the Patent Office.
After considerable discussion the commit
tee rose, reported progress and asked leave
to sit again. The house refused leave.
Mr. Sc-ybert offered a resolution, the pur
port of which was to enquire how many per
sons are employed in the Patent Office and
the state of that office generally. Adopted,
and a committee of three ordered.
The house in committee oi the whole, Mr.
Breckenridge in the chair, on a bill from the
Senate for the relief of Ninian Pinkney.
The committee rose reported the bill and ,
the House ordered it to a third reading on <
Monday. ,
The House in committee of the whole, Mr. (
Nelson, in the chair, on a bill conferring cer> i
tain powers on the Levy Court for the county ^
of Washington (D. C.) j
The committee rose reported the bid and \
the House ordered it to a third reading.
On motion it was ordered that when the
House adjourn it adjourn till Monday.
Adjourned. ^
It must be extremely gratifying to every
friend to4he poor, and the lovers of natural
history, to find the rapid success tiiat the
I Museum has met with, established by the
Alexandria Washington Lodge, it being a
very short time since it commenced.
The gentleman who volunteered his ser
vices in the management of it, is indefatiga
ble in his labors, and possesses that kind of
perseverance that will insure success.
I understand the establishment has met with
friends every where, and that the*co!leciions
have been beyond the most sanguine expecta
tions. I observed with extreme pleasure
many relicts that belonged to the former
Master of the Lodge* the illustrious Washing
/on, than whom, if living, no one would be
more delighted to see this institution progress
in the manner it is now doing, the object be
i ing to relieve the poor and needy* without any
distinction whatever, and at the same time in
j struct his fellow citizens. Ilis fondness for
institutions of that kind, is proved by his dif
ferent donations to the Museum in Philadel
phia and other parts of the United States,
where the articles and his name stands record
It is pleasing to find that no one that has
ever been established in America lias been
more successful in its collections in the same
time. Many ai tides have been received from
gentlemen in Congress, and others promised
by members south of the Potomac.
The institution (as it will assist the history
of this part of America) bids lair to be useful
to the district, and highly honorable to its
It is expected, from the manner the collec
tions are making, in a few months it will be a
place of lashionable resort, and where all may
receive amusement and instruction.
u Ask the beasts and they shall team thee :
and the fowls of the air and they shall tell
thee: and the fishes of the sea shall declare
i unto thee, who knowest not in all these that
; the hand of the Lord has wrought this ? In
whose hand is the soul of every living thing
and the breath of all mankind.”
Jub XU. 7, 8, 9, 10 verses*
It is said a respectable French gentleman
who has lately removed here, is at work on
an elegant and appropriate Painting, which he
intends presenting to the Museum. A gen
tleman of the same profession, who has re
sided here many years, has kindly offered his
assistance, and is now engaged in ornamenting
■he room. In short, all classes of our inha
bitants, the ladies in particular, appear to have
uie success of the Museum much at heart,
and have made many handsome donations.—
The smallest article from them, is received
v ith the most respectful thanks*
But few Bo ks have as yet been collected.
The following are much wanted, which I was
informed would he very gratefully received,
eithc* as donations or on loany and the utmost
care taken of them : Goldsmith’s Animated
Nature, Natural History Animal Biography,
vVilson’s Ameiican Ornithology, Teuton’s
Linn of Insects, Buffhn’s Quadrupeds, Cham
ber’s Dictionary, Chanibaud’s do. Ame
rican Encyclopaedia, British do. Reeves’
!o. Kirwun’s Mineralogy, Jamieson’s do.
Thomas’s Svstem Chemistry, Accurr.’s do.
Black’s do. Medical Museum, Pike's Expedi
tion, Ancient Magazines, Wonders of Nature
8c* Art—and any Books, ancient or modern,
that relate to Natural History, Agriculture, or
the Arts and Sciences.
Translated for the Federal Gazette.
From a private letter by the Dash.
Miragoane, April 29.
At the moment of the departure of the
schr. Dash, intelligence has been received at
this place, that Christophe has been defeated
in every point. A number of his soldiers de
; sert and jom reuon. lie (C.) rud ceased
firing for several days, owing to a Want of bul
lets, which he procured with great difficulty
from the Cape, and had conveyed to his camp
near Port au Prince, on the heads of his men.
H ; has lost two of his brigs in a combat they
had with Petion's vessels ; one of them was
taken to Port au Prince and the other threw
herself upon the reefs ol Boucaasin, where
she was burnt a few days after.
There was arming at Port au Prince an A
con (a large fiat bottomed sloop, used as a
Coaster) carrying a 24 pounder, for the pur
pose of attacking and sinking a vessel which
Christophe uses as a store ship, although pro
tected by his batteries.
Petiun's troops are in the best order possi
ble, and pant for the moment to receive or
ders trom their respective chiefs to drive
their enemy from the territory of the Repub
lic, which has sworn eternal fidelity and obe
dience to Petion. This brave army is compos
ed of troops of the Departments of the South
and West, to the number of 18, to 20,000 men.
Provisions are in great abundance; this city
receives them from almost every quarter and
every thing necessary is daily shipped off for ]
the use of the army. 1
The prevailing opinion is, that Christophe
deprived of his maritime force, and being a
great distance from his capital, will not be a- “
ble to hold out long; and will therefore en
deavor to make a safe retreat: It is at that
instant Petion will march out with his army, ]
and pursue him as far as his fort La Ferricre.
He will loose all his influence, and probably
be delivered up by his own soldiers.
Baltimore, Mav 2D
Communicated—B> * apt Daniils ul schf*
Eagle. Information lectivtti nom St* Lucia
on the 6th M**y> that on the 1st of Mc.y a vnl»
cuno broke out in the island of St. Lucia, winch
did great damage among the inhabitants. A
small village at the distance of about h»ur tit
hve leagues from the place where the Volcano
broke out, was mostly destroyed, and likewise
several of the plantations. A great many of
the inhabitants became the victims ol this
dreadful event
Thirty-four Drogcrs and American vessels
have been captured* off’ St. Barts, by his Bt
M. t*rigs Lora and Maria, which have been
blockading that port fur 6ome time, and sent
to St. Thomas and Tortola lor adjudication*
among which is the ship Ceres oi N*. \ork§
w hich was taken on the 1st May, within two
gun shots of the harbor.
A French corvette fell in with one bfhis IE
M. gun brigs between St. Bart* and Antigua*
on the night of the 1st of May and altera loi g
and severe action the latter made her escape
and arrived safe at St. Kitts, having sustain* d
a great deal of damage, together with the io«&
oi a great number of her crew.*—b'td. (>azt
Port of Mcyand'ta.
Schr. Nancy, Walker; Fredericksburg*
■ Harriot, St* by, Baltimore
—— Alex ndriu, Baltimore.
- Bh zing Snu, Gi Hie, New York.
—— Hazard, Vickars, SaVwimJ?.
- Emtlinc, Lewis., Boston.
- Citizen, NichoUs, New York*
Sloop Unity, ILnd, Pniiadelphia.
Schr. Harriot, Sully, Georgetown.
- Alexandria, Bowie, Georgetown*
. - — Ceres, Thorp, Sapcllo Island.
-Blazing Star, Grift:??, Georgetown;
~—; Citizen, Nicholls, Georgetown,
-- Maria, Keen, Philadelphia.
- John, Sampson, Norfolk.
Sloop Unity, Hand, Georgetown.'
-- Comet, Coleman, New York.
-gJL. **t
Made of Su/ierfne llurr Flour*
The 8 pound loaf to be sold for 48 CT3,
4 pound loaf 24
2 pound loaf 12
1 pound loaf f,
May 22
_ j i i ■ 11 ,, » .——*—
Aaron Jlewes
HAVING removed his HAT mA l Va
FACTORY to King, second fqm rij
above Washington street, nearly opposite to
f. W. Peyton's store—Respectfully rciiins
his thanks to his friends and th • | uhlir '>r
p si favors, and solicits a contimum c - i • h ip
p itronage* zn:l hopes from long « xp : cncc$
assiduity and attention to ^ivc gcneial s-dis"
lie has on hand a geru-rn assort merit of
FUR H \TS of the b< st ki d—A’so V* l)Ob
H ^ I S of a very superior q »a*ily.
_ May 23 dU
On Tuesday the *2(Sth ins', will be sold at the
Vendue <Y/orr,
A variety of Household and
A Iso, a JSeg-o Boy, for a term
cf year*.
_May 22 «
tor treight
^ o
To any Port within the United Staten,
The substantial and Usl sail/*
ing Rris
Woddy Langdon, Master ; burthen about
350 tons, and carries 2C00 ban els
Apply to the Master on board, or
Newton Keene.
May 22
The Packet Sloop
Will leave Irvin's Wharf for
Norfolk, on Saturday next.
For Freight or Passage apply to the Cape
tain on board, or
Newton Keene,
May 22.
A Special meeting of the St. Andrew's
Society, is requested at the House of
Mr. Daniel McDotig II, on Tuesday next the
26th inat. at 7 o'clock P. M.
fey* Punctual attendance of the members
is desired, as business of importance to the in*
ititution, will be laid before them.
By order of the Prenident.
May 22 3t
A very convenient well situated BRICK
John G. Ladd.
May 21 it

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