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K0L. A7/.] - TUESDAY, September 29, 1812. [No, 3760.
—*^« ■ —»— ■ ■■■■— m- 11 —fc——»—^^mmirnmmt■——*■■—>—
SALES at vendue.
On every Tuesday and Friday,
At the Veadue Store, corner of Prince
and. Water streets.
A Variety of Dry Gccds, Gro
ceries, C3c.
Particulars ot will be expressed
in the bills ol the day.
AH kind ofi goods which v.ve on li
P'itotion viti the prices of which tre
established, can at any time be viewed
-R(j purchased atthe lowest limitation
arid prices.
*^P. G. MafftcMcr,
josvph Mandeviiie,
Corner of Kiqff and Fairfax Streets,
115 Clu*»t 1-2 and 1-4 thesis new
Yc:*» —
(;» .powder. Imperial, Hyson Young
Hyson, Hyson Skin and Souchong
55,0( 0 lb. CofTco
75 hhds. Miucavadb Sugars
)t>f) StfircU do.
15 0 0 Ih. loof and lump StMi:*rs
170 here's New England Rum
‘25 puncheons West India oO.
120 barrels Whiskey
4 pipe* French £r**u]v
32 Hogsheads retailing Molasses
80 ba*s Pepper and Pimento
600 lb. Spanisn Indigo
1,000 lb choice Mao tier
50 ) lb. refined Salt Pe ro
7* casks Hun powder
Which with his usual general as
sortment of the best W inc*. Liquor*
and Groceries, he will dispose of on
reasonable terms.
Aue 31.
Five ■ Dollars Reward.
STRAYED or stolen from Gen.
Lee’s * in Alexandria, on Wed
nesday night, the 26th of August last,
a bay Gelding, the property of Writer
Jones Junr. I'.scj- ubcut 15 hands big*
4 or 5 years old, a good head and neck,
alim body, a long bushy tail with soon
white h drs about the root—he luok*
like a colt’, but has been broke to th
saddle, is easy in his gaits and ho.
an airy appearance when mounted
The above reward and all re^sonnb!
changes will be paid to any person wh«»
will deliver him .to the subscriber ii
Charles Lee.
YOU will please t > tak* notice ib.a
on the fir it day cTthe Cii\ itit Couvt
•t’ the Distinct of Columbia, to be held
for the county df Aler»r.«»m, in *M>ri
next, or ,is i.oon thereafter ’in counsel
can be heard, I shall m ve that tou »
to award judgment against veu in fuv •»
oi the Com mo n Council ol Alexan >r*?.
for the sum of Fifty Nino DnMar*
Sixty Eight Cents—being tb* raount
of Taxes due from yen to tl*t Cnmmor.
Council of Alexandra upo» your Loi
situate at the corner of Queen nn<
Fairfax streets, fer the years 1804, 5
6. 7, 8. 9 10, 11. 1 2.
According to act of Congress, passed
2Jtu day Februawr, *804
John D. Simms.
Sit. for the Com. Counl. of Alexandria.
Auo'ost *27 fk'lH
Os a Liberal Credit*
West India Rum in Hogsheads,
Muscavado Sugar in barrels,
Coffee in barrels,
A Government sett of exchange on
London for C 500 sterling— And 35
shares Stock in the Farmer’s Bink of
Virginia, or exchanged for Stock in anj
•f the Banks in Alexandria.
John Gird.
September 31- _ ‘
Valuable Property to Let.
[OFFER on rent, for a term of yean,
the Brick Tavern, lotts kc. thereto
attached, situate at Fuirfax Court House
_to those who are acquainted with this
property, and its situation, a description
is unnecessary, to others it may be proper
to observe, that the tavern is a Brick
budding, large and convenient, with a
kitchen, a family house and large atabte,
on an acre lot, with one acre adjacent
for a garden, and a pasture lot oi 4
acres.—That to a person calculated to
keep a Tavern on a Urge scale, and m
a proper manner, no stand m thi* state,
or perhaps elsewhere, held* out more
flattering prospect* of gam to such an
occupant. Those who wish auch an es
tablishment, are invited to view■the premi
ses, which (on application) will be shewn
by Mr. John Ratcuffk, or the fcuo
acriber. Possession to he had on the hrst
day of November next. ,
Rd. Ratcliffe.
■ September 17 Juwtf
Just received and for Sale,
10 barrels first quality fall Mackarel,
3 do Red Herriugs,
A few boxes excellent nerr Cheese.
60 bushels New-England Potatoes,
And GROCERIES as usual
Wm. Garner.
S?ptfm!>cr 17. dl2t
W1 Ni'.s, 1 LAS, &cT
6 Pipes old London P. Madeira*')
11 do. Sicily Madeira j
10 do Lisbon l 5
8 pipes and 40 qr. casks Sherry j J
30 quarter casks Malaga }
25 eases Claret J
40 chests gunpowder, imperial and
younghyson Teas, of a very supe
rior quality,
20 puncheons 3d proof Antigua Rum,
10 do. no» them do.
30 hhds. Molasses, •
100 )0 pounds Loa) Sugar,
1500 pounds bright Madder,
4> pounds Nutmegs,
7j bags Pepper and Pimento,
40 keg> i‘<tce and gound Ginger,
50 buics Upland Cotton, nice quality, !
7uo pound. Bengal 8c Spanish Indigo, j
80 ooxjs nonld and dipt Candles," 1
40 do No 2 Chocolate,
100 do. P pt R, containing 3 gross each, j
5"0 reams a riling and wrapping Paper,
200 sucks Liverpool f« c Salt,
60 hhds N. Oneuns and W. India
25000 lb* green Coffee.
With u general assortment of other
Bryan Hampson & Ccr
August 25
Gospel Sennets Robins')!!** Poems
ChrLliun Re- Sir Lancelot
scare he s in \ j»ia G reaves.
Scottish Chiefs Life ot Covper
C *tt tgc Dialogues Dr. Young’s
Vi IT Iri:i.ii Girl Works
elf Contruul Burn's Works
Watt's Poetical
f Works
fresh supply of Carey's l7amil}
September 11.
‘iJ (j /'// -; (hi R 1 mi d URL O' G1 h 1
tlcciindnu, Fairfax Street, cpfio'iti
JUtYJY H<*Ml*SONS* end next
Door to JAO LIOYD'S—
T \ jus: received in addition to
]7l » is former Stork, a general rs
,ortmt of Medicines oi the tir*t cpia
iity. alt of which Jic will sell whoie
;uic anr! retail, on as good term* a:>
ter can be purchased in Baltimore or
Philadelphia Country Merchants ami
/livsbians can be supplied on tne
.es; of terms for cash, or on a good
redit * He tv s r'so received a gc
jeri'l Assortment ot Surgitat In&tvu
•uenfc, likewise
The following Patent Medicines
yif* •__
A iie»ton’s Jaundice Cittcrs,
£o licit Ointment,
Cooler's Vegetable Elixir, for Coughs,
Colus, Asthmas, Consumptions, kc.
Dawson’s Worm Powders,
Thompson's Toothe Paste,
Essence of Mustard,
Sing's Itch Ointment, kc. kc.
XJ* The highest cash price given
for Snake Root.
March 7.
An assortment of the above article 1
may be had at the Manufactory, lower ,
end of Prince Street—Handsome pat
tern* and low prices.
Richard Horwell.
August 24 * dom
N. 13. A few of Horwcll's patent
and extra quality Nett Suspenders, ti
! nished in a very superior stile._ I
PURSUANT to a decree of the cir
cuit Court of the United States tor
the County of Alexandria, will be sold
I at public Auction for ready money, on
5 the 24th day of October next on the pre
mises, a piece or parcel of ground with
a Brick House and other implements
thereon, situated on the south side of
{ King Street and to the eastward of Pa
trick Street iu the Town of Alexandria.
It being the house in which Mr Charles
Love, decased, resided for some time
previous to his death. The premises
inay be viewed by applicarton to either
of the Commissioners.
Jacob Hoffman, lew*
Thomas Swann, j
September 31. *•
, V
United States of America,
District •>* ColunbU} fo wit:
WfHEREASa Libel hath b.en filed
Y 7 in the District Court of the Unit
ed States for the District of Columbia,
b; the United States Attorney for the
said District, egainst the Ship ARGO,
htr Taekic, Apparel and Furniture and
Iter Cargo, stating, aliedging and pro
pounding that after the passage of a cer
tain’ Statute or Act ot Congress, enti
tled « An Act to interdict the conmer*
cial intercourse between the United
Slates and Great Britain and France and
their dependencies,’V#nd after the paw
ing the Statute or Act of Congress, en
titled “ An Act concerning the commer
cial intercourse between lh® United
States and Great Britain and h ranee and
their dependencies and for other purpo
ses;” and after the passing of one other
statute or adt of Congress, entitled u An
act supplementary to the act entitled an
act concerning the commercial inter
course between the U. States and Great
Britain and Franc®, and their dependen
cies, and for otWer purposes”; and after
1 due notice of the said acts, at the Cus
tom Houses respective!) y that is to asy,
on the twenty second day of September,
1812, a certain cargo cf goods, wares and
merchandise, of the growth, produce or
manufacture of Great Britain, was im
ported from the port of Liverpool, situ
ated in Great Britain, into the port of
Alexandria, in the District of Alexandria,
... • ' ji..!__ r 4 ui~
within the proper jurisunuun
Court, by Hugh Smith, Thomas Jaancy,
John Loyd and others, in a certain Ship
called the Argo, wholly owned by 1 Lo
mas C. Amory and Company and Huiry
Peterson, residents wit Lin the United
Stales, nnd commanded by Henry Peter
son, which said ship departed from the
aforesaid British port subsequent to the
second day of February, 1811, contrary
to the aforesaid act ol Congress, by
reason of the violation ot which said Jfcts
of Congress, and by virtue thereof, the
said Ship, Tackle, Apparel and Furni
ture, and also her Cargo aforesaid have
become w holly forfeited and liable to
! be seized and condemned in tills Court.
And pursuant to a warrant from the
Hon William Crancb, Chief Judge oi
the United Stated Circuit Court, ot the
Db ti ict of Columbia, pommUsbned to
hold the District Court of the United
States, in and for' the District gf Colunv
bia—I do hereby give public notice, that
the said information and libel is filed by
Waiter Jones, Junr. Lsq. attorney of the
United States, for the said District, and
i trial will be had on the said libel and ;n
j formation at the District Court of the
United Suit*, to be bolden on the third
Monday in Nov. next, at the Court
IIoilsc in Alexandria, at 10 o’clock, a.
m. of which all person* interested, are
to take notice and govern themselves ac
Given tinder my hand at Alexandria,
tin* 25d day of September, in the year
of our Lord, 1812.
Walhington Boyd,
Marshal, District Columbia,
September 24.
District of Columbia, to wit
'IHJTHEREAS George Fortney, hath
fy by bis pitition in writing, applied
to the Hon. Wm Cranch, Chief Judge
of the District of Columbia, to be ad
mitted to the benefit of the act of Con
gress for tho relief of insolvent debtors
within the district aforesaid, and has
stated therein that he is in actual confine
ment in the jail bounds of Alexandria
county, at the suit of Obediah Clifford s,
trustees, and being unable to discharge
the said claim, with others against him,
has offered to deliver up to the use of his
creditors all his property, real, personal
and mixed : Notice is therefore given to
the creditors of the said George Fort
ney, that on Wednesday, 30th Septem
ber, between the hours of ten and tnree
o’clock, at the Court House, in Alexan
dria, th* oath of an insolvent debtor will
! be administered to the said George Fort
; ney, and a trustee appointed agreeably
to the said act of Congress, unless qause
i be then and there shewn to the contrary.
! And it is further ordered, that this no
| tice be inserted daily in the Alexandria
j newspaper until the 30th September.
By order of the hon. William Craneh,
; Chief Judge of the district of Columbia,
i this 23d day of September, 1212.
G. Deneale, c e.
September 24_\_
I Rice, Cotton, Cota, See
160 whole r.*d hail tierces new Rice,
! 1200 bushels Corn,
j 25 bales Upland Cotton,
] 2# boxes British crown and Amert
j. • can Glass* of different sice*,
j ' 2f ditto Fancy Soaps,
; f»*hional»U Sno«* 1
; Common <luto,«nd >• lu^,ly.
1 Trunks of all kinds J
X. Gilmao,
April it «•*»»«»
Pub!ic talc.
ChaullsL. Ncvett and Martha
his wife • i i*t ! 7rh November, *81*, I
for the p.'rpo;e ol securing the p y*
nr.cni c.i 6:4 dollars ."fid Si cents, to )
Ancbc.v i :hol field, will, on Saturday the |
thud dav of Oct her next, between j
the hours of twelve and three o’clock :
of that day, before the Coffee House 1
in the town of Alexan .ria* seli to the !
highest bidder, for ready nv*ney,
Thirty Acres of Land, •
or so much thereof as may be wcces- ;
sury to pay the ssid debt, interest and l
Cwsts oi sde and advertising; which j
land is situate on the side of the road !
leading from Alexandria ro Leesburg, :
r od on the west s'tie ol Mr*. Slucuro’* :
farm, in the countv of Fat;fax and !
slate of Virginia* The trustees sell ;
onlr the right which the said Charles
L Nevett has, and do not wan-ant the
tide to the land.
Edmund I. Lee, } 7>«*
Jonathan'icholfield, \tte"
August 31 ir*
THL abovilr.n l was bought of J*> i
naihan Scholfifld, and secured to me
by a general warrantee ; for the com
plete performance of which. Andrew
ficholfiekl was s-curity. It therefore
appears to me, to b.i unnecessary to
insert at the foot of the above adver
tisement, that the title will not be war
. ... _. r i
lanicu l>v me ini>ut5| as »»«»*# >-»
together with the principal, liastroady
cl jne it A comment on this transac
tion is unnecessary.
Chs. L. Nevitt.^
Pursuant to a deed of tru**t, executed
by D.tvid W. Scott and Elizabeth
his wife, to the mi'kcvvjgv, for the
purposes therein mentioned, dated
the 10th of January, 1806, and duly
recorded in the Court of Prince
William county, will be exposed to
sale for ready money* before the
door of the Tavern occupied by Mr
George Williams, in the Town of
Dumfries, on Monday, the S;h day
ofnext month, the followiig proper
ly, viz*
One Lot of Marsh Land,
near the Town of Dmnf ics and. thr
land of Jno. M ‘Cre a Esrj. containin'1
eight and ore tenth acres, purchased hy
said Scott of Willoughby Tchhs.
Also, one other Lot of
Marsh Land, adiacc.: t to ike land, for
merly Nat 111. H. Triplett's, on Q* ir
tico Creek, contalnning Thirteen A
cres, purchased by bcoitof Y\ alter
Also one half of a Lot of
Land in the Town of D urn frits, No 65,
adjacent to the lot of the subscriber,
purchased by the said Sco t of'the said
John Williams, Trustee.
Sept. 15. 2a\vls
ine Alexandria Museum,
DEVOTED to Charitable purposes.
and bejonging to the Alexandria
Washington Lodge No. 22, is open for
the reception of Visitors, every day in
the week, from 10 A. M. to 2 P.M. (Sun
day excepted'Wm the following terms :
Subscription Tickets which admit the
whole of a Family, or such part as may
present the ticket g 4 per year.
Subscription Ticket for tht admission
of a Single person £ 2 per year.
Single visit for grown persons, 25
Single visit for children, 12 1-2 cents.
September 22
A CONSIGNMENT of a low hhds
and quarter casks of Murdoch,
Yuille, Wardi op Sr Co's best LONDON
MARKET MADEIRA, warranted ge
nuine as imported.
Apply when I am not in town to
William Wilson, Esq.
Win. Hodgson.
August * ••
For Boston G? JCcwbury-Port,
1 hr Schooner
Captain Pattbn,
Can take 500 barrels am freight ap
ply tv
William Smith.
Wlie has for Sale—
Plaister Paris, j
• New-Engiand Runs in barrels
Molasses in Htgshaads,
Tierces and Barrels,
Pepper, Iren, Herrings,
One plain end one elegant Gif,
Bureaus, Secretaries Card and dining
Tablet, band Desks—Sheas *«•
September gd. *t
BY virtue of a deed of trtiat from
Opie Lindsay to the subscriber,
bearing date the 27th day of December,
1811, for thfe purpose of securing th«
payment of one hundred and aixty-thrtf
dollars, with interest and coats thereon,
due t« Joseph Smith k Sen, wilt be Sold
for crsIi on Saturday, the 25th instant,
at 11 o’clock A. M. on the premises, t
LOT of GROUND with a Brick end
anti Frame DWELLING HOU$£, *U
uute, lying and being upon the north
tide oi Cameron street, beginning 21
sleet 5 inches, to the eastward of the
intersection of Patrick with Cameron
street; and running thence with Carat*
ron street on the north side, and binding
thereon easlwrardly, twenty-tww feet j
thence northwardly* with a line parallel
to Patrick street, one hundred and fifty*
six feet seven inches j thance westward
ly, twenty-two feet; thence southwardly,
one hundred fifty-six feet seven inches,
to the place of beginning.
September 2 tda
ft-3* 'i lie sale of the above
property is postponed until
Saturday, the 10th day of
October next.
SAMUEL SMITH, Truttei. .
September 2€ 2awts
A well-situated and convenient Brick
dwelling House.—Apply to
John G. Ladd.
■ip’Mrt 4tf«
| * ul‘ iMiiiiC >ji' X^CJgllt,
TH* fiiur
burthen Four Thousand
Barrels—nearly new, in complete order#
-x- The fast tailing Brig
220 to»s burthen, in evdrf
rfis respect a first rale vessel.
Apply to
Lawrason & Fowle,
Who have for Sale Jljloat,
The Cargo of the brig Trim, being
109 tons of Plaister Paris.
10,000 lbs. Green Coffee,
200 boxes mould and dipt Candles)
500 boxes brown Soap,
5009 lbs. white candid ditto,
20 cttvfcs Rice
2000 lbs. Almonds
Russia Diaper
Ravens Duck
One case silk Stookingt
Writing Paper
Boxes playing Cards
Prime Beef and
200 barrels Tar.
September 15. _tawlw.
Wanted to Purchase or Hire,
ons that can coma well recommended?
a generous price will ba gifen. Apply
to the Printer.
Sept. 15. d.
District of Columbia,
Couuiy of Alexandria, to wit.
July Term, Hl3«
Joseph Mandcvillc, Complainant
against ( S
Daniel Bixby, and Charl< * Mc‘ » 5
Knight, Defendants J
The defendantDaniel bixby,
not li' VHig entered hi» appearance and
given security according to the sta
tute and the rules of this court ; and
it appearing to the satisfaction of the
court, upon affidavit, that the said de
fendant Daniel Bixby,i* not an inhabit*
ant oft/u* district: on motion of the said
complainant by his counsel, it is order
ed. that the said defendant Daniel Bix
;>y, do appear here on the first day of
Nov term next, and enter his appear
ance to the suit, and give security for
performing the decree of the court; 8c
that the other defendant Charles Mc‘
Knigh- do not pay away, convey or
secrete, the debts by him owing to, or
the estate or effects in hit hand* be
longing to the said absent defendant
Daniel Hixbv until the further order of
decree of this court; & that a copy of
this order be forthv/itf inserted |n o*e
of the public newspapers published iu
this county for two months successive
ly, and that another copy be posted at
the front door ef the court-house of the
said county •
A copy; Test,
G. Deneale, c. «.
August 90.N Sawfnj
. Hot-pressed Playing Cards,
• Just received and for sole by
Cotton & Stewart.
I ■

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