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VOL. XII.] FRIDAY, October 2, 1812. [No. 3763.
On every Tuesday and Friday,
At the Vendue Store, corner of Prince
and W«ter streets.
A Variety of Dry Goods, Gro
ceries, &c.
Particulars ot which will be expressed
in the bills o! the day.
All kind of goods which are on li*
nutation and the prices of which arc
established' can at any tint® h® viewed
and purchased atthc lowest limitation
and prices. „
p, G, Marfteller.
f Joseph Mar.devitle,
Vomer of King and Fairfax Street.
14 5 Chest 1-i and 1-4 Quests new i
Teas— . -r
tmipowder, Imperial, Hy*on. \oung
Hyson, Hyson Skin and Souchong
2o,0(0ib. Coffee
75 hhds. Mu*.cavado Sugars
v too barrels do.
15 0 0 lb. loJ an* burp Swwnrs
, 170 barrels New England Ruin
25 puncheons 'V cs>i India uo.
120 barrels Whiskey
4 oipes French ^rondv
30 Hogsheads retailing Molasses
80 ba*i Pepper and Pi*u«uto
600 lb. Spanisa Indigo
l.noo lh choice \» udder
500 lb. refined Salt Fe re
71 casks Cun powder.
Which with his usual general as
sortment of the best Wine*, Ltquois
and Groceries, he wU dispose ot on
reasonable terms.
Aug. 31. ^ ___
~ Five Dollars Reward.
1 STRAYED or stolen from Cen.
! I .re's su.de in Alexandria, on Wed
nesday night, the 26tb of August last,
, bay Gelding, the property of V\ alter
Jones Junr. F.sq about IS hands high
4 or 5 years old, a good head and neck,
slim body, a Jong bushy tail with some
white hairs about the 1 Out—be :,°k
like a colt, but lias been broke to the
saddle, is ea»v in his gaits an I has
an airy appearance when mounted
The above reward and *»!1 reasonable
charges will be paid to any person who
wiil deliver him to the subscriber m
Charles Lee.
September 4.
YOU will please t) take notice, that
on the first day of the Circuit Court,
of the District of Columbia, to be helo
ior the county of Alexandria, in Ap
next, or as soon therm*-* a counsel
caa be beard, l shall move that court
to award judgment aguins* you m fayr
c»f the Common Council of -li'Jf.j,
for the sum of Fifty Nine Dollars
Sixty Eight Cents—being the amount
Q: Taxes due from veu to thf Common
Council of Alexandria, upon your Lot,
situate at the corner ot Queen rr,r
Fairfax streets, for the years 1804, 5
$. 7,3. 9 10, 11, 13. ,
According to act of Congrsss, passed
23th day Fcbrtnrv, :804
]ohrt D. Simms,
„j,;. for the Com. Cour.l. of Alexandria.
An«ni»t 07
b\>R SALE,
Os A Lipfrjl Credit.
West India Rum in Hogsheads,
Muscavado Sugar in barrels,
Coffee in bands,
A Government sett of exchange on
London lor £ 500 sterling—And 55
shares Stock in the Farmer's Bank of
Virginia, or exchanged for Stock in any
of the Banks in Alexandria.
John Gud.
September 21.
Valuable Property to Let.
I OFFER on rent, for a term of years,
the Brick Tavern, lotts See. thereto
attached, situate at Fairfax Court House
_to those who are acquainted with this
property, and its situation, a description
is unnecessary, to other* it may be proper
to observe, that the tavern is a Brick
building, large and convenient, with a
kitchen, a family house and large stable,
cn an acre lot,’with one acre adjacent
for a garden, and a pasture lot of 4
* sores._That to a person calculated to
ke ep a Tavern on a large scale, and in
a proper manner, no stand in this state,
or perhaps elsewhere, holds out more
flattering prospects of gain to such an
occupant. Those who wish such an es
tablishment,are invited to view the piemi
sea, which (on application) will be shewn
by Mr. John Ratcliffx, or tlie Sub
scriber. Possession to be had on the first
«Ly of November next.
Rd. Ratcliffe.
September 17 Itawtf
Just received and for Sale,
10 barrels first quality tall Mackarcl,
8 do. Red Herrings,
A few boxes (excellent new Cheese.
60 bushels New-England Potatoes,
and GROCERIES as usual.
YVm. Garner.
September 17._d!2t_
6 Pipes old London P. Madeira')
11 do. Sicily Madeira
10 do. Lisbon u c
8 pipes and 40 qr. casks Sherry j
30 quarter casks Malaga
25 cases Claret J
40 chests gunpowder, imperial and
younghyson Teas, of a very supe
. V/T quality,
20 pui... ns 3d proof Antigua Rum,
10 do. northern do.
30 i'hds.Molasses,
10000 pounds Loaf Sugar,
1500 pou.»G* bright Madder,
40 pounds Nutmegs,
70 bags Pepper and Pimento,
40 kegs race and gound Ginger*
50 bales Upland Cotton, nice quality,
700 pounds Bengal & Spanish Indigo,
80 boxes mould and dipt Caudle*,
40 do. No. 2 Chocolate,
100 do. Pipes, containing 3 gross each,
500 reams writing and wrapping Paper,
200 sacks Liverpool fine Salt,
60 hhds. N. Orleans and \V. India j
cnigar, ^
25000 lbs. green Coffee.
With a general assortment of other
Brvan Hampson Sc Co*
August 25
Gospel So:.nets Robins >n\s Poems
Christian Re- S r Lancelot
searches in Asia Greaves
Scottish Chiefs Life of Cowpcr
Cottage Dialogues Dr. Young's
Wild Irish Girl Works
Self Controul Burn'* Works
. | Watt’s Poetical
| Works
A fresh supply of CureyG Fainil)
September 11.
IPO THE CA NY and l) N VG G IS I \
Alexandria, Fairfax Street, op posit
BRYAN Hi MESONS and nex'
Door to JNO LLOYD'S—
JJAS just received in addition to
o. his former Stork, a general as
• jvtment of Medicines of the fi rat qua !
Ul/, all of which he wiil sell whole
sale and retail., on as good terms at
they can be purchased in Baltimore or
Philadelphia Country Merchants anti
Phvsi;ians c*n be supplied on the
best of terms for cash, or on a good
credit «~*Ho has a*eo received a ge
neral Assortment ot Surgical Instru
ment*, likewise
The following Patent Medicines
vVheaton s Jr un dice r.ittsrs,
Co Itch Ointment,
Cooley's Vegetable Elixir, fot Coughs,
Colds, Asthmas, Consumptions, &c.
Rawson's Worm Powders,
Thompson's Toot he Paste,
Essence ol Mustard,
Sing's Itch Ointment, 8cc. kc.
ILJ?^ 'The highest cash price given
for "make Root.
M»reh 7. _
An assortment of the above auricle •
may be l)ad at the Manufactory, lower
end of Prince Street—Handsome pat
terns and low prices.
Richard Horwell.
August 24 (l3m
N. B. A few of Horwell's patent
and extra quality Nett Suspenders, fi
nished in a very superior stile.
PURSUANT to a decree of the cir
cuit Court of the United States for
; the County of Alexandria, will be sold
at public Auction for ready money, on
| the 24th day of October next on the pre
l miscs, a piece or parcel of ground with
| a Brick House and other improvements
i thereon, situated on the south side of
King Street and to the eastward of Pa
trick Street in the Town of Alexandria.
It being the house in which Mr. Charles
Love, decased, resided for some time
previous to bis death. The premises
may be viewed by application to cither
gf the Commissioners.
Jacob Hoffman, lCe„>r,
Thomas Swann, j
September 31, dt*
United States of America,
District of Colcmbia^ to inr :
^ VrHEBEASa Libel hath been filed
y Y ii> the District Court of the Unit
ed States for the District of Columbia,
by the United States Attorney for the
said District, against the Ship ARGO,
her Tackle, Apparel and Furniture and
her Cargo, stating, alledging and pro
pounding that after the passage of a cer
tain Statute or Act of Congress, enti
tled “ An Act to interdict the commer
cial intercourse between the United
States and Great Britain and France and
their dependencies,” and after the pass
ing the Statute or Act of Congress, en
titled “ An Act concerning the commer
cial intercourse between the United
States and Great Britain and France and
their dependencies and for other purpo
ses;” and after the passing of one other
statute or act of Congress, entitled “ An
act supplementary to the act entitled an
act concerning the commercial inter
course between the U. States and Great
Britain and France, and their dependen
cies, and for other purposes”; and after
due notice of the said acts, at the Cus
tom Houses respective)), that is to say,
on the twenty second day of September,
1812, a certain cargo of goods, wares and
merchandise, of the growth, produce or
manufacture of Great Britain, was Im
ported from the port of Liverpool, situ
ated in Groat Britain, into the port of
Alexandria,inth* District of Alexandria,
within the p.v<jer jurisdiction of this
Court, by Hugh Smith, Thomas Junney.
John Loyd and others, in a certain Ship
called the Argo, wholly owned by Tho
mas C. Aniory and Company and Henry
Peterson, residents within the United
State*, and commanded by llenry Peter
son, which said ship departed from the
aforesaid Briti-.h jiurt subsequent to tier
second day of February, 181 i, contrary
to the aforesaid act of Congress, by
reason oi the violation ol which said acts
of Congress, and by virtue thereof, the
said S lip, Tackle, Apparel and Furni
ture, and also her Cargo aforesaid have
become wholly forfeited and liable to
be seized and condemned in this Court.
And pursuant to a waivanl from the
Hon William Cranch, Chief Judge of
ihe United Stales Circuit Court, of the
District of Columbia, commissioned to
hold the District Court of tho United
Stairs, in and for the District of Colum
bia—I do hereby give public notice, that
the said information and libel is filed by
Walter Jones, Junr. Esq. attorney of the
United States, for the said District, and
trial will be had on the said libel and in
formation at the District Court of the
United States, to be holder) on the third
Monday in Nov. next, at the Court
House in Alexandria, at iO o’clock, a.
m. of which all persons interested, arc
to tuke notice and govern themselves ac
Given under my hand at Alexandria,
this 23d day of September, in tiie year
of our Lord, 1812.
Wafhinston Boyd,
Mar*hal} District Columbia.
September 24.
Pursuant to a deed of trust, executes
by David YV. Scott and Elizabeth
his wife, to the subscriber, for the
purposes therein mentioned, date':
lh« loth of January, 18C6, and duly
recorded in the Court ofPiincc
William county, will be exposed to
sale for ready money, before the
door of the Tavern occupied hy Mr
George Williams, in the Town of
Dumfries, on Monday, the frh day
of next month, the following proper
ty, viz
One Lot of Marsh Land,
near the Town of Dumfries and the
Dud of Jno. M'Crea. Esq. containing
eight and one tenth acres, purchased bj
said Scott of Willoughby Tebbs.
Also, one other Lot of
Marsh Land- adjact: t to the land for
merly Nath!. H 11 iplett’s, on Quan
tico Creek, containning Thirteen A
crcs, purchased bysiid Scott of Walter
Also one half of a Lot of
Land in the Town of Dumfries. No 65.
adjacent to the lot of the subscriber,
purchased by the said Sco t ot the said
John Williams, Trustee.
Sept. 15.
A CONSIGNMENT of a few hbds.
and quarter casks of Murdoch,
Yuille, YVardrop & Cot’s, best LONDON
MARKET MADEIRA, warranted ge
nuine as imported.
Apply when I am not in town to
William WilsoS, Esq.
Wm. Hodgson.
August i *°
Public .‘“'ale.
E the subscriber*, in virtue of a
deed of *rnst to us from
Charlfs L. Nivett and Martha
his wife, dated 7th November, 1811,
for the purpose of securing the pay
ment of 6i!4 dollars and 31 cents, to
Andrew Scholficld, * ill, on Saturday the
third day of October next, between
the hours of twelve and three o'clock
of that clay, before the Coffee-House
in the town of Alexam ria, sell to the
highest bidder, for ready money,
Thirty Acres of Land,
or so much thereof as maybe neces
sary to pay the said debt, interest and
costs of sale and advertising; which
land is situate on the side of the road
leading front Alexandria to Leesburg,
and on the west side of Mrs. Slacum’s
farm, in the county of Fairfax and
state of Virginia, The trustees sell
onlv the right which the sakl Charles
L Nevett has, and do not warrant the
title to the land.
Edmund I. Lee, \T™
Jonathan Scholfteld, J *“*'
August 31 ts
THE above land was bought of J°*
nalhan Scholficld, and secured to me
by a general warrantee ; for the c01*"
plete performance of which, Andrew
Scholfield was security. It therefore
appears to me, to bs unnecessary to
insert at the foot of the above adver
tisement, that the title will nut he war
ranted by the trustees, as one of them,
t'-^ether with the principal, ha* thready
d me it A coinm?i»t on this transac
non is unnecessary.
Chs. L. Nevitt.
BY virtue of a deed of trust from
Opie Lindsay to the subscriber,
bearing date the 27th day of i ecember,
1811, for the purpose of securing the
payment of one bundled and sixty-three
dollars, with interest and costs thereon,
due to Joseph Smith Sc S®n, will be sold
for cash on Saturday, the 26th instant,
at 11 o'clock A. M. on the premises, a
LOT of GROUND with a Brick and
and Frame DWELLING HOUSE, si
uate, lying and being upon the north
tide of Cameron street, beginning 28
sfeet 5 inche*, to th® eastward ®f the
intersection of Patrick with Camerou
street; and running thence with Came
ron street on the north side, and binding
thereon eastward!)’, twenty-two feet ;
thence northwardly, with a line parallel
to Patrick street, one hundred and fifty
six feet seven inches; thence westward*
ly, twenty-two feet; thenco southwardly,
one hundred fifty-six feet seven inches,
to the place of beginning.
September 2 td»
{3* 1 he sale of the above
properiy is poslponed until
Saturday, the loth day of
October next.
September 26 2awt»
Hat Manufactory.
HAVING removed his HAT MA
NUFACTORY to King, second
square above Washington street, neat
ly opposite to Mr. T. W. Peyton’s
store—ReBpccifully returns his tharks
to his friends and the pui lie for past fa
vors, and solicits a continuance o'
their patronage, and hope* from lorn,
experience and .-,$*iduity and attention
to give genera) satisfaction. t
A general assortment of
01 the best kind—
Wool Hats,
Of a very superior quality.
June S ~
THE Stockholders of the Mcha
nick’s Bank of Alexandria aro hereby
notified, that a fourth installment of one
dollar per share is called for. payable
at the Banking Ronmon King street on
Thursday the first day of October next
By order of the J^jesideiti and Direc
Wm. PATON, Jr. Castfr.
September 1st, 18>2. ttawtlO
rhe Commissioners will meet at
their Ofii c in Fredericksburg, on
Saturday the ‘J4th day o) October next,
at 10 o’clock in the forenoon, to declare
a further dividend in the case of James
Timothy Brundige,
Durafriei S«pt. 1# —13 Lw3*thOct.
Wanted toPurchase or Hire
ont that can coma well recommended*
m generous price mil be given. Apply
to the Printer.
Sept. 15. ^ d.
A well-situated end convenient 15 rick
dwelling House.—Apply to
John G. Ladd.
August 30. dtfc
Prepared with the greatest care Sc at*
Lee's Worm Destro trig Lozenges*
This medicine is superior to any evef
offered to the public, being innc-cent
and mild, certain and dfincioui in ita
Lee's EJixirt
A certain remedy for ccdda, cought*
or asthmas and particularly the *dtoepa
ing cough so destructive to children*
Lee's Essence of Mustard.
So well known for the cure of Rhett*
matism, gout, palsy, aprains, etc.
Lee's Grand Restoretvvet
Proved by long experience to be un*
ami ni Ia J aLm _ _ r _ 1 •
*vw ,u (lie (.uic ui nervous Ui**
orders, consumptions, lowness of lpi»
rits, inward weakness, etc.
Lee'9 jinti-biHous Pitlf,
For the prevention snd cure ofbiliou*
and malignant fevers.
Lee's Sovereign Ointment for the Itch,
Which is warranted an anfaliible re*
medy at one application
Lee's Infallible ^gue Fever Drops,
For the cure of agues, remittent and
intermittent fevers.
Lee's Genuine Persian Lotion,
Celebrated for the cure of ringworms*
tetters, etc.
Lre'* Genuine Eye- Water,
An effectual remedy for all diseltes
in the eyes.
Which g’ve immediate relief.
Lee*" y ooth~jtche Drops,
Lee's Corn Pta'ster,
Lee's Damask Lip Salve,
Lee's lies’crative Powaet,
For the teeth and gums.
Lee's Jnodyl.e Elixir,
For the cure of every kind of hrsd-adhd# f
The Indian Vegelabi • Specific,
For the cure of Venereal complaint*;
Sold wholesale and retail, by the pro*
prietor. No. 29, Pitt-Street, Baltimore.
R. GRAY, bookseller, King-street,
and N HINGSTON, Fairfax-sirect,
To country merchants and others,
ivhn purchase to sell again, a liberal
discount will be given by the proprie*
To detect counterfeits, observe each
article has. on the outside wrapper, the
signature of
K. B- At the places of sale may b#
had (gratis) pamphlets containing re*
cent and extraordinaiy cases of cures
whose length prevents their being here*
with iuserted.
June 20 law
District of Columbia,
County of Alcxancria, to wit.
July Terms 181*.
Thomas Hrocchus, Complainant
against |
Thomas Harper, Administrator of i ^
Nicho'as Harper deceased, | ^
an , John Austin, Defendants J ?
The defendant Thomas
Harper, administrator as afoiesaid, not
having entered his ippesr*nce tnd
iven security according to the statute
and the rules of this court, and it ap
pearing to the satisfaction of the ccurt9
upon affidavit that the said defendant*
Thomas Harper, administrator as
aforesaid, is not an inhabitant of this
district: on motion of the said com
plainant by his counsel, it is oxtered*
that the said defendant, Thornes har
per, administrator at aforesaid, appear
here on the first day of next Nov. term,
and enter his appearance to the suit*
and give security for performing the
decrees of the court ; snd that the other
defendant, John Austin, do not pay
away, convey, or secrete, the debts by
him owing to, or the estate or effect*
in his hands belonging to the said ab
sent dependent Thomas Harper admi
nistrator a* aforesaid, until the further
order 01 decree of this court* and that a
copy of this order be forthwith publish
ed lor two months successively in one
of the public newspaper! published in
this county, and that another copy be
posted at the front door of the court
house of said county.
A copy—Test, '
G. Deneale, e. c.
August JU#

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