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jjLU. ■ . m i , »■ ■i-"* ■ ■ mm" ■■■i!'"., . —i- mi m __■ X-L-1. -./^SSSSSS. - ^===g 1 -^--gg
VOL. XII.'] MONDAY, October 12, 1812. [M>. 3771
\ _ ^■—^*^M**^*"—^rmmm—1—i——
On every Tuesday and Friday,
At the Vendue Store^corner of Prince
and VViter street*.
A Variety of Dry Goods, Gro
ceries, &c.
Particulars °f which will be expressed
in the bills ot the day.
AH kind of goods which are on li
mitation *nd the prices of which are
established, can at any time be viewed
and purchased atthe lowest limitation
anu prices* .
P. G. Marfteltor.
Joseph MandevTlIe,
Corner of King ami Fairfax Streets,
145 Chest 1-2 and 1-4 Chests new
'l eas - .
Gunpowder. Imperial, Hyson; loung
llrson, Hyson Skin and Souchong
25.000 ib. Coffee
75 hhds. Mu oavado Sugars
100 barrel* do.
15 0 0 lb. Unf and lump Sugars
170 barrels New England Rum
25 puncheons \vesi India do.
120 hur-cls Whiskey
4 pip?* French Brrndv
30 Hogsheads retailing Molasses
80 ba:;j Pepper and Pimento
600 lb. Spanish Indigo
1,000 lb choice Madder
500 lb. refined •'’alt Pe.ro
75 casks Guo powder.
Which with his usual general as
I .A flip best Wine*, Liquol*
uni !;ro.'erit*, he will dispose oi' on
reasonable terms.
Aug. 31. __ __
Five Dollars Reward.
STRAYED or stolen tVofh Gen.
Lee’s su.de in Alexandria, on Wed
nesday night, the 26th of August lnsi
a bay Gelding, the property of Walter
Jones Junr. Esq- about 15 hands lugl.
4 or 5 years old, a good head and neck,
slim bo ly, a long bushy tail with some
white hairs about the to at—he look?,
like a colt, but has been broke to the
saddle, is easy in hit gaits and hat
an airy appearance when mounted
The a ove icwartl and all rc-isonabb
charge* will he paid to »ny person who
-will deliver him lo the buhscri’oer in
Charles Lee.
Srptem’* er 4
You will please to take notice, that
on the fir-.tday of the Circuit C-oun,
ot me District of Columbia, to tic held
for the county of Aleianciri«, in Apri
r.ext, or vs soon thereafter as counsel
can be' heard, 1 >;‘,H move that cou i
to award judgment against you in favor
of the Common Council oi Uexan iria
for t&e sum of Fifty Nine D >‘br«
Sixty Eight Cents—being: the amount
qj ’ihxcs line tiom y* u to me Common
Council ol Alexandria upo - your Lot?
situate at the corner ot Queen am
Fairfax streets, for the years 18'4 5
6, 7, 8 9. 10, 11, IE
According to act or Congress, parsed
o<th Kehrmnr. 1804
John D. Simms,
dtt.fur the Com. Count. </ Alexandria.
Anif.ist 27 ' *»»
Rice, cotton, com, &c
160 .vliole »6(1 half tierces new Ric«.
1*200 bushels Corn,
25 Wales Uplanu Cotton,
20 boxes British crows Ameri
can Glass, oi different sizes,
20 ditto Fancy Snaps,
Lui.ies* iashionabl. Shoes 1 Aconstont
Cojnmon ditto, and r supply.
Trunks of all kinds J
E. Gilman,
April *0
Valuable Proberty to Let.
1 OFFER on rent, for a term of years,
the Brick Tavern, lotts Sec. thereto
attached, situate at Fairfax Court House
—to those who are acquainted with this
property, and its situation, a description
is unnecessary, to others it may be proper
to observe, that the tavern is a Brick
building, large and convenient, with a
kitchen, a family house and large stable,
on an acre lot, with one acre adjacent
for a garden, and a pasture lot ot 4
acres_That to a person calculated to
keep a Tavern on a large scale, and in
a proper manner, no stand in this state,
or perhaps elsewhere, holds out more
flattering prospects of gain to such an
occupant. Those who wish such an es
tablishment,are invited to view the premi
ses, which (on application) will be shewn
by Mr. John Ratcliffe, or the Sub
scriber. Possession to be had on the first
day of November next.
; Rd. Ratcliffe.
I September ft Itawtf
6 Pipe* old London P. Madeira")
11 do. Sictt£Madeira
ljO do Lisboti c 2
8 pipc$ and 40 qr. casks Sherry j
30 quarter casks Malaga
25 cases Clavet J
40 chests gunpowder, imperial and
younghysou Tea*, of a very supe
rior quality,
20 puncheons 3d proof Antigua Rum,
10 do. northern do.
30 hbds. Molasses,
10000 pounds Loaf Sugar,
1500 pounds bright Madder,
40 pounds Nutmegs,
70 bags Pepper and Pimento,
40 kegs race and gound Ginger,
50 bales Upland Cotton, nice quality,
700 pounds Bengal & Spanish Indigo,
80 boxes mould and dipt Candle*,
40 do. No. 2 Chocolate,
100 do. Pipes, containing 3 gross each,
500 reams writing and wrapping Paper,
200 sack* Liverpool fine Salt,
60 hhda. N. Orleans and W. India
25000 lbs. green Coffee.
With a general assortment of other
Bryan Hampson & Co*
August 25 »
Alexandria; Fairfax Street, ofifiosite
Door to JNO LI O YD’S—
HAS just received in addition to
his former Stock, a general i\s
sortrnent of Medicines of the first qua
I l'ty, allot wnicn ne win scii-wmuw
<ale anrl retail, on as good terms as
ocy can be purchased in Baltimore or
Philadelphia Country Merchants ano
Physicians c*n be supplied on the
>cst of terms for cash, or on a pood
credit.— He has also received a ge
neral assortment of Surgical Instru
ments, likewise
The following latent Medicines
«Vlieaton's Jaundice Bitters,
Co Itch Ointment,
'ooley’s Vegetable Elixir, for Coughs^
Cold#, Asthmas, Consumptions, kc.
law son’3 Worm Powders,
Phompson’s 'Pool lit Pasto,
r.sscnce of Mustard,
Sing’s Itch Ointment, kc. kc.
jO“ The highest cash price given
f >r Miake Hoot.
\Urch 7 . _
:>USPEMJ*.R $.
An assortment of the above article
mav be had at the Manufactory, lower
end* of Prince Street—Handsome pat
terns and low prices.
Richard Horweil.
August 24 d3m
N. lb A few of Horwell’s patent
and extra quality Nett Suspenders, fi
nished in a very superior stile._
PURSUANT to a decree of the cir
cuit Court ot the United Stales lor
the County of Alexandria, will be sold
at public Auction for ready money, on
fK*. 9j.ih rl:»v ol October next on the nrc
mises, a piece or parcel of ground with
u Brick House «nd othsr improvements
thereon, situated on the south side of
King Street and to the eastward of Pa
trick Street in the Town of Alexandria.
It being the house in which Mr. Charles
Love, decased, resided for some time
previous to his death. The premises
may be viewed by application to either
%f the Commissioners.
Jacob Heilman, \Cem>r,
Thomas Swann, J
September 21. * dts
For Boston,
The Schooner
Ca/itam 7 rift.
Has commenced loading—will sail in
four days, and take a few Barrels on
Freight tf immediate application is
. made to
Lawrafon & Fowle.
Landing frwra the schooner Ruby, Capt.
50 barrels Mess Beef
/ 10 do prime Pork
100 boxes Mould k Dipt Candle*
120 kegs Family Butter
The Cargo of the schooner Boreal, Capt
2000 bushels Liverpool coarse and fine
200 reams Wraping Paper
10 cases Sweet Oil
SO boxes Chocolate
October 1
United States of America,
Dmi’kicr or Cqlvubu, ro wir ;
\|T HEREAS a Libel hath b< en filed
'j in the District Court of the Unit
ed Slates for the District of Columbia,
by the United States Attorney for the
said District, against the Ship ARGO,
her Tackle, Apparel and Furniture and
her Cargo, stating, alledging and pro
pounding that after the passage of a cer
tain Statute or Act of Congress, enti
tled w An Act to interdict\hs commer
cial intercourse between the United
States unci Great Britain and France and
their dependencies,” and after the pass
ingthe Statute or Act <( Congress, en
titled w An Act concerning the commer
cial intercourse between the United
: States and Great Britain and France and
! their dependencies and lor other putpo
j ses;” and after the passing of one other
| statute or act of Congress, entitled “ An
. act supplementary to the act entitled an
act concerning the commercial inter
course between the U. States and Great
Britain and France, and their dependen
cics,and for other purposes”; andattcr
due notice of the said acts, at the Cus
tom Houses respectivelj, that is to 6ay,
on the twenty second day of September,
1812, a certain cargo of goods, wares and
merchandise, of the growth, produce or
manufacture of Great Britain, was Im
ported from the port of Liverpool, situ
ated in Great Britain, into the port ot
Alexandria, in the District of Alexandria,
within the proper jurisdiction of this
Court, by Hugh Smith, Thomas Jann^y,
John Loyd and others, in a certain Ship
Culled the Argo, wholly owned by Tho
mas C. Amory and Company and Henry
Peterson, residents within the United
Statee, and commanded by Henry Peter
son, which said ship departed from the
aforesaid British port subsequent to the
second (lay of February, 1811, contrary
to the aforesaid act of Congress, by
reason of the violation of which said act*
of Congress, and by virtue thereof, the
said Ship, Tackle, Apparel and Furni
ture, and also her Cargo aforesaid have
become wholly forfeited and liable to
be seized and condemned in this Court.
And pursuant to a warrant from the
Hon William Cranch, Chief Judge of
the United States Circuit Court, of the
District of Columbia, commissioned to
hold the District Court of the United
States, in and for the District of Colum
bia—I do hereby give public notice, that
the said information and libel is filed by
Walter Jones, Junr. Esq. attorney of the
United States, for the said District, and
trial will be had on the said libel and in
formation at the District Court oi the
United States, to bt holden on the third
Monday in Nov. next, at the Court
House in Alexandria, at 10 o’clock. a
m. of which all persons interested, are
to take notice and govern themselves ac
Given under my hand at Alexandria,
this 23d day of September, in the year
of our Lord, 1312.
Walhington Boyd,
Marshal, District Columbia.
September 24.
V CONSIGNMENT of a few hhds.
and quarter casks ot Murdoch,
Yuille, Wardrop St Co’s, best LONDON
MARKET MADEIRA, warranted ge
uuine as imported.
Apply when L am not in town to
William Wilson, Esq.
Wm. Hodgson.
August *
For Sale or Freight
— The good fast sailing Brig
Rising Sun,
Burlhen about 1100Barrels,
Now ready to receive a cargo.
Apply to
Geo: Coleman.
Who has received and Jor Sale,
400 lbs. Seine Twine
Lisbon Salt
Boston Beef, No. 1
Whale and Spermaceti Oil in tiereee
j and barrels
I September 28 __ __
“' For Sale or Charter,
The fast sediiag Schooner
Three Sons,
, Eight months eld; bur
then 1200 barrels, and will
• be ready to sail in two days. Apply to
i the master on board, or to
Cook & Clare,
Ramsay’s wharf.
Who have Jor Sule,
A few barrel* OLD R\L WHIS
* October $____
toK xENt,
ji well-situated and convenient Brisk
dwelling House.---Apply 10
John G. Ladd.
August SO. ®
John Gardner Ladd,
has ton hale,
Muscovado bugars in lit iL. tie:cos and
West India Rum in puncheons,
Coffee and Pepper in bags.
Imperial, Gunpowder,. Young Hyson
Skin, and Hyson Teas ot the lat
est importation'*, in quarter chests
nod boxes,
Russia Heivsp and Iron,
Swedes Iron assorted,
Russia Sheetings, Duck and Ravens
1 bale Spanish Wool,
8 by 10, 7 by 9, 9 by 11, end 10 by 12
Bristol Glass, in whole and haili
boxes, „ 1
Soap, Candles aud Codfish in box
Lisbon Floor Mats,
Whiskey and Apple Brandy in tierce*
& bbls.
Few qr casks old Sherry, London Par
ticular Madeira and Sireighi* Red
Cordagefand Lin$s of various sorts,
Writing and Wrapping Paper,
Vl§n\ Women** and Children’* Shoe*
in’barrel* and boxes,
Bottle Cork* in bales,
Sole Leather.
rew sacks Liverpool Blown Salt,
! Chalk and Plaister ef Paris.
Aiu), PLOUGHS of the most approved
coh-traction and one pair French
| Burr Mill Slone*,
j oc’-’hrr 6
i — ■ ■ -- ■ - ■ ■ *"
Singing cvcnool.
THE subscriber proposes, \£ suffi
cient eecouragnment offers, open
ing a School for teaching Sacred Mu
| sic, in the Town of Alexandria. Parents
and others desirous of having their chil
dren or persons under their care taught,
tire respectfully requested to attend «t
the Episcopal Church on FRIDAY E
VENING naxt when the terms will Ue
made known, and a specimen of the
mode of teaching and other arrange
ments preparatory to opening the school
1'homas Essem.
< October 8. 34_
13y John E. Hall, late of Baltimore,
Assisted by several Men of Letters.
This work will be devoted to the fol
lowing subjects 1. An Annual llisto
! lory of Europe—2. A Congressional
History of the United State*, with oc
casional notices of important proceed
ings in the State Legislature*—3. Pub
iic Documents—4. A Register ol Rt
matkofrle Occuirencos—5 Biographi
cal Sketches of persons distinguished at
the Bar or in tho Pulpit, in the Closet
or in the Field—6. Proceedings ofleani
ed Societies, at home ,and abroad—-7.
An Annual History of Literature, fo
reign and domestic—!. Essays on Mi*
cellaiKous Topics & Poetical Effusions
—9 Statistical Reports.
Price six dollars per annum—Te be
published in four quarterly numbers.
—a> 'Pl-.fi P'nilAft a( ftfrlr-pnl
are requested to notice this advertise*
mtm ; to receive subscriptions, and
transmit them tt Mr. jMosss / ffoxAi,
the publisher, at Philadelphia.
Philadelphia, Oct. 5—9.
AS committed to the Jail of Fair*
▼ f fax County, Virginia, on Fridny
the 2d day of October—a negro man
who says his name is JOHN, and that
he is the property ©f a Mr. Win. Haile
of York County, atat© of South Catalina,
and that Mr. Haile was taking him to
New-Orleans, and he absconded from
him and was taken up and put in Mil
ledgevill Jail, and that he was stolen
out of said Jail by a Mr. Edward Dolley,
who brought him toGeoi getov. n, chang
ed his name to Edward Davis be pawn
ed him for 60 dollars to a Mr, Adams,
who hired him to a Mr. Lawrison to
work aboatonthePetomac. He is about
25 years of age, 5 feet 9 er 10 inches
high ; k has a small scar ever his left
eye ; h© is of a yellow complexion,
tuick lips, and has an impediment in
his speech ; had on when committed, a
blue country cotton coat, white Mer
sailles vest, a coarse linen shin k pan
taloons. The ownei is requested to
come forward, prove his property, pay
charges and take him away ; otherwise
he will be dealt with as the law directs.
Robert C Kedwell,
J*ilory Fairfax County, Virginia.
October 9
mkATLT *X*«*T» AT T*I* ©FFI«».
rjr* mir
Ten Brothers,
S. Downs, Master; burthen
_about 2300 barrels ; is nearly
a new vessel, in complete order, with her
crew on board, and ready to receive a
Cargo immediately* Apply to
Lawrason & Fowlc.
October I
Notice to Merchants.
A YOUNG man wishes for employ
ment as Supercargo te any part of
Europe. He has sailed in that capacity,
and can produce satisfactory reference.
Application by a line addressed to B. A.
and left with the printer, will be duly
attended to.
October 10 d3t»
Juft Received
A few thousand of Richard Humming k
Sons' highly improved
Silver Eyed Cast Steel NEEDIjES?
Warranted not to cut the thread,
October 10 3t
just received;
English Slates
Of various sizes, by the dazen er other*
Of the very best quality, viz :
FOLIO k Quarto Post Paper, Fool**
cap and Wrappiag do Drawing Paper,
Quills of all prices, very best black Ink
powder, Sealing Wax, Wafers, black
and Pewter, Wcdgewood and Pocket
Inkstands, Reeves's Water Colors in
boxes, Camel's hair and black lead Pen
ciU, Sind Boxes, Penknives and Scis*
sars, lady's and gentlemen's Pocket
Hooks—a variety of PAPER HANG
INGS for rooms, and veTy best PLAY
And some oi the Newest SONGS So
PIECES oi MUSIC, with Books vf
Instruction for the German Elute,
Clarinet, Vi* lin and Fife.
tar BLANK BOOKS on the me#
appro*.ed plan mane to any pattern will!
Patent Ruling and Binding
October Jecd6t
Bank of Potomac,
OcroBE 7rny 18 If.
'l^'OTICE is hereby given, the Stock
J^j holders of the Bank ol Potomae,
that Rn election will be held at the Court
House, in the Town of Alexandria, on
Monday the 2d day of November next,
tor twelve Directors for the ensuing
C. Page, Cashier.
October 8. ^ _ d3tc«t«; ^
0F yi
Voyages and Travels.;^
The 2bth & 26lh Numbers completing* t<
the European Account. P
Arc received and ready far d^itery
to Subicibers, who are particuhuly re*
quested to call lor them.
tames Kennedy, sen.
October 8. 2\\ eo.
District of Columbia,
County of Alexandria, l*> wit.jf
July Term, 18 J i
Joseph Mandeville, Com/tUinant^X r
aguinst l gf/
Daniel HixJjy, and Charles A't;* ; ji '
Knight, DtfendanU,J
The defendantDamelUixlv -
not hav.ng entered his appearance_
given security according to th'*~
tute and the rules ol this court
it appearing to the satisfaction
court, upon affidavit, that the saitDuke*
fend ant Daniel bixby.isnot an inkellept
ant of this district: on motion of tbg to. it*
complainant by his counsel, it is
ed, that the said defendant Daniel didria
by, do appear here on tbe first day
N#v. term ne*t, and enter his
mice to the suit, and give securif?>^» C
performing the decree of the court;
that the othe* defendant Charles M©y
Knight do not pay away, convey of'
SRcreie the debts by him owing to. or
the estate or effects in his hands lit*
louring to the said absent defendant
Daniel lUx by until the further order or
decree of this court; 8c that a copy of
this order be forthwith inserted in one
of the public newspaper* published in
this county for two montlfs succcssho
ly, and that another copy be posted at
the front door of the court-hou»e of the
said county.
A copy: Test,
G. Dcneale, c. e.
August 19. 2»w 2*

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