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„ ii. '■ _■ ,!?»■■■■■ mi i. Ltmmm
VOL* XII.] WEDNESDAY, October 14, 1812. [A.0. 3773.
.__ - _ '_ ______ _ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ '■ —■ .Ii-B
On every Tuesday and Friday,
At the Vendue Store, comer of Prince
and Water streets,
A Variety of Dry Goods, Gro
ceries, &c.
\ W
Particulars oj which will be expressed
in the bills ot the divy.
Ail kind of goods which are on li
ir;it,atio<v and the prices of witich are
established* can a* *ny tune be yiewco
arhl purchased at the lowest limitation
and prices.
P. O. Marft^'sr.
Live Dollars reward.
STRAYCD or stolen from Gen.
Lee’s sU.dc in Alexandria, on Wed
nesday night, the of August last*
a bay Gelding, the property of Walter
Jones Junr. £sq. about \ j hands high
iLur 5 years old, a goon head an nuc .,
body, a loog bushy t. il witn some
\v!htc hairs about the vo u—he l^oX
like a colt, but has been broke to the
saddle, is easy in his guts and u*%
■m\ airy appearance wh-u mounted
1 he a. ove reward a.* 1 all reasonable
charge* will h- pdd t. -anv perswii "ho
will deliver him to the subscriber in
Charles Lee.
SerUemVer i
MR">. A.1S .N Or vKVoi.
YOU rt\\\ p*f*use i ► take notice, tiiat
on the fir t lav ofthe ‘ ircuit Com t»
of i!ic Dis.nct of Columbia, to be hcM
‘for the county of Alexandria, in Apii
next, or ** toon thereafter as counst 1
can be heard, l shall m -ve tint court
to award ju lament against you in lavoi
of the Common Council ol \iexan• ria
for the sum of Fi'ty Nine Dollars
Sixty Eight Cents—t>cing the amount
of Taxes due from y< u to the Common
Council of Alexandra up»v y*»ur Lot
Mttut i at the corner of Qu^en an,
Fairfax spe’t*. fir the years 1804, 5
6, 7^3, 9 10, 11, 12.
According to act of Congress, passes
25th day February, 1804
John D. SimTS.
Jlt'.fcr the Com. Count, qf Alexandria
- .August 27 rif •*
Rice, Colton, Com, <S:c
'.eo whole a.id half Uciccs new Rice
1200 bushels Corn,
25 bales Upland Cofton,
SO boxes British crown arft* A neri
ern Glass, ol different sizes,
20 ditto Fancy Soaps,
T,a« ics iuvio«nf 1% ^.iocs \cor'stsn*
Common ditto, and r SUt>,>ly.
Trunks of nil kind* J
E. Gilman,
April »0 gofrU.w
ViUti»ib!e Property to Let.
{OFFER on rent, for a term of years.
live B/ich Tavern, lotts kc. thereto
attached, situate at Fairfax Court House
—to those who arc acquainted with th:s
property, and its situation, a description
is unnece.sat y, to others ii may be proper
to observe, that the tavern is a Buck
budding, barge and convenient, with a
i..« i itnilv ImiKp litrce stable*
on an acre lut, with one acre adjacent
fur a garden, and a pasture lot ot 4
acres.—That to a person calculated to
keep a Tavern on a large scale, anil in
a proper manner, no stand in this state,
or perhaps elsewhere, holds out mote
fluttering prospects ot gain to such an
occupant. Tlmse who wish such an es
tablishment,.*^ in'ited to view the premi
ses, which (oil applicator.) will be shewn
by Mr. John Ratcliffe, or the Sub
scriber Possession to be had on the first
day of November next.
Rd. Ratcliffe.
September 17 Stawtf
For B oston,
«*■ * The Schooner
Cafitain Trifi.
lias commenced loading will sail in
four daw, and take a few Barrels on
Freight if immediate application is
ro-de t0Lawrafon & Fowle.
Landing from the schooner Ruby, Capt.
S') barrels Mess Beef
Vo do prime Pork
loo boxes M* uM Dipt Candles
120 kegs Family Butter
- The Cargo of the schooner Boreal, Capt.
3000 bushels Liverpool coarse and fine
200 reams Wraping Paper
10 cases Sweet Oil
So boxes Chocolate
October 1
Alexandria, Fairfax Street* ofifiowtc
BRYAN HA MR SON'S and next
Door to JNO LLOYD'S—
HAS just received in addition to
i.is forme*' block,* ge* eral as
sorime! t of XI rUr.ncs of the Sr»t qu<\
hty, all of which he will sell whole
sale and retail, on as go./d term* as
,-hjjy can be purchased in 15 alii in ore or
Philadelphia Country Merchants and
Physicians can be supplied on the
beet ol terms lor cash, or on a good
credit.— lie h*.s also received a ge
neral assortment ol SurAeal Jmtru- j
rnentSy likewise *
lap j allowing Patent Medicinen j
v;z :—
Wheaton’s Jaundice Hitters,
Co Itch Oiniroent, j
Cooley's Vegetable CiiKir, for Coughs, ;
Cohli, Asthmas, Consumptions, &c.
Rawson’s Worm Powders,
rhompson’sJPoothe Paste,
Cssence of Mustard,
Sing’s Itch Ointment, 8cc. &c.
The highest cash price given
for ■make Hoot.
Mvrch 7 _
M. L>» *K£>.
An assortment of the above article J
may be had at*lhe Manufactory, lower
end of Prince Street—Handsome put I
terns and low'-prices.
Kichard ri or well.
August 24 cl3m
N. B. A few of Horwell’s patent
anti extra quality Nett Suspenders, fi
nished in a very superior stile.
[NIK; ,10 S.\L t\.
XJURSUANT to a decree of the cir
cuit Court of the United States »or
tHc County of Alexandria, wril l»c soid
at public Auction for ready money, on
toe 24th day of October next on the pre
mises. a piece oj* parcel of ground with
i Brick. House and other improvements
thereon, situated on the south side o!
King Street and to the eastward oi Pa
- K S reel in the Town of Alexandria
’ t being the house in which Mr Charles
i,ove, decayed, resided for some turn
pievtous to his death The premise
ruay be viewed by application to cithet
,»f the Commissioners.
Jacob Hoffman,
Thom as Swaixt, )
September 21. _ dts
John Gardner Ladd,
Muscovado Sugars in hi d*, ticrccs and
Vest India Rum in puncheons,
loffee and Pepper in b gs,
imperial, Gunpowder. Young Hysn*
Sk.n, and Ilyscn Teas of the lat
est importations, in quarter chests
and boxes,
Russia Hemp and Iron,
* wedes Iron assorted,
Russia Sheetings, Duck and Raven*
\ bale Spanish Wool,
8 by Id 7 by 9, 9 by 11, and 10 by 12
Bristol Glass, in whole and hsi;
Soap, Candles and.Codfiih inbox
Lisb Mt F'.oor Mats,
Whisk, v and Apple Brandy in tierces
& bids
Fewqr casks old Sherry, London Par
ticular Madeira and Streights Red
Cordju.e and Lines of various sorts,
Writing md Wrapping Paper,
Men’s Women’s and Children's Shoes
ik'barrcla and boxes,
Bottle "Corks in bales,
Sole Le.t h«?r,
Few sacks Liverpool Blown Salt,
Chalk and Plaiftter of Paris.
Also, PLOUGHS of the mc3t rpprovfd
construction and one pair French '
Burr Mill Stones.
QCtohcr 6.
Hat Manufactory.
HAVING removed his HAT MA
NUFACTORY to King second
square above Washington street, near
ly opposite to Mr. T. XV. Peyton’s
stoic—Respectfully returns hi* thanks
to his friends and the public for past fa- ,
vers, and solicits a continuance of
their patronage, and hopes from long
experience and Assiduity afid attention
to give general satisfaction.
A general assortment of
Of the best kind—
Wool Hats,
Or * very superior quality.
United Matts of America,
Dis'tkicT fjf CoLrinEiJ, to urir :
^|\7HEREASa Libel hath b en filed
y f in the District Court c.f the Unit
ed States tor toe District of Columbia,
by the United States Attorney for the
said District, wgainst the Ship ARGO,
her Tackle, Apparel and Furniture and
her Cargo, stating, alledging and pro
pounding that after the prssagc of a cer
tain Statute oi Act of Congress, enti
tled ** An Act to interdict the commer
cial intercourse between the United
States and Grea. Britain and France and
their dependencies,” and alter the pass
ing the Statute or Act < f Congress, en
titled “ An Act concerning the commer
cial intercourse between the United
States and Great Britain and France and
their dependencies and lor other purpo
ses;” and after the passing of one other
statute or act of Congress, entitled “ An
act supplementary to the act entitled an
act concerning the commercial inter
course between the U. States and Great
BritoiD and'Francc, and their dependent
cics, and fid oil er purposes”; and after^
due notice ot the said acts, at the Cus
tom Houses respective!), that is to s:.y
on the twenty second day of September,
1312, a certain cargo oi goods, v. arc* and
merchandise, ot the growth, product oi
manufacture ol Great Britain, was ini
ported from the port oi Liverpool, situ
ated in Grant Britain, into live port ol
Alexandria, in the District of Alexandria,
within tin* Drone r jurisdiction c»t this
Court, by Hugh Smith, 1 homas Jannev.
John Lord and others, in a certain Sliij)
called tin* Argj, wholly owned by Tho
mas C. Amory and Company and il>m v
Peterson, residents within the United
States, and con*.-r.anded by Henry Petet
son, w hich said ship departed from t!:e
aforesaid Ikitih port subsequent to the
second day ol tebruart, loli, contrary
to the aforesaid act of Congress, bj
reason of the violation ol which said acts
of Congress, and by virtue thereof, tne
said Ship, Tackle, Apparel and Furm
I ;ure, and also her Cargo aforesaid have
[ become wholly forfeited and liable to
i>e seized and condemned in tnis Court.
\,id pursuant to a warrant from the
Hon William Cranch, Chief Judge of
jit- United Slates Circuit Court, ot the
District of Columbia, commissioned to
*,id the DLrfftsct Court of the United
States, in and for the District ot Colum
bia—-! do heieby give public notice, tlir.t
■ * ho said information and lioel is filed by
Walter Jones, Junr. Esq. attorney ol the
United States, for the sa<d District, and
trial will be had on the said libel and in
ibrmati ;n at the District Court 01 the
United Slates, to be holder on the third
Monday in Nov. next, at the Court
House in Alexandria, at lo o’clock, a.
1 m. of which all persons inti rented, are
to take notice and govern themselves #c
fV J
Given under my hand r.t Alexandria,
this 23d day of September, in ti:e year
of our Lord, 1812.
Wafhington Boyd,
Marshal) District Columbia.
September 24.
A CONSIGNMENT' of a few hhds.
and quarter casks of Murdoch,
V«»ill#» \V.ii*rl-on Sc Co-’s hrst LONDON
MARKET MADEIRA, warranted ge
uuine as imported.
Apply when I am not in town to
William Wilson, Esq
Wm. Hodgson.
August 8 e0
For Sale or Freight
The good fast sailing Brig
* * Rising Sun,
Burden about 1100 Barrels,
Now ready to receive a cargo.
Apply to
Geo: Coleman.
Who hr.a received and Jor &ulet
400 lbs. Seine Twine
Lisbon Salt
Boston Beef, No. 1
Whale and Spermaceti Oil in tierces
and barrels
September 28 _
. Far Sale or Charter,
The fast sailing Schooner
Three Sons,
Eight months old ; bur
_then 1200 barrels, and will
be ready to sail in two days. Apply to
the masier on board, or to
Cook. & Clare,
* Ramsay’s wharf.
Who have for Sale.
A few bairels OLD R\L WHIS
October € _
FUli KEN.i,
A well-situated and convenietttBrick
dwelling House.—Apply to
John G. Ladd.
August 20. *f>
By John E. Hall, laic of Baltimore,
Assisted bj several Men of Letters.
This work will be devoted to the fol
lowing subjects :—1. An Annual Histo- !
toiy of Europe—2. A Congressional
History of the United States, with oc
casional notices of important proceed
ings in the State Legislatures—3 Pub
lic Documents—4. A Register of Re
markable Occurrences—5 Biographi
cal Sketches of persons distinguished at
the Bar or in the Pulpit, in ilia Closet
or in the Field—4. Proceedings of learn- ]
ed Societies, at home and abroau—7. j
An Annual History of Literature, fo- j
reign and domestic—8. Essays on Mis- ]
ccllaneous Topics k Poeiic«i Effusions i
—9 Srati-ticul Reports.
Pnc€ six dollar* per annum—To be j
published in four quarterly numbers. j
The Editors of federal papers
arc requested (o notice this advertise- j
merit ; to receive subscriptions, and j
transmit diem to Mr. IvJqses ThomaS} •
the publiaher, at Philadelphia.
Philadelphia, Ort. 5—9
(J *\ \ * /y \ .
AS committed to the Jail of F-iir
% !•* v ('.mi til tr. Viri.liii'i r»n L’rirl w
y * ---/ ’ o -- /
the 2cl day of October—a negro man
who says his tunic is JOHN, and that
be is tnt piupeityo-f a Mr. Win. Haile
of Y«»r* Count), slate ol S niih Carol.na,
.mu that Mr. Haile was taking min to
Ncw-Orhuws, anti he absconded irom
uin« ancl was taken uj> and pul in Mil
itdgeviil Jril, and inat ho n;,s smien
out of said J..il Hv a Mr. Edward Holley,
w ho hi **ug iot din tot k o' getown, dung
ed his name to Edward Duiis & pawn
ed him for 60 dollars to a Mr. Adams,
who hired him to a fvlr. L.-n* risen to
work a boat on the Potomac, flu is about
95 years of age, 5 IVet 9 •.• 10 inches
high ; Sc has a small scar over his left
eve ; lie is of a yellow complexion,
thick lips, and has an impediment n
his speech ; had on when committed, a
blue country cotton coat* white Mer*
sailks vest, a coarse linen shirt k pan
taloons. T he cwnei is requested t«
come forward, prove his property, pay
charges and take him away ; otherwise
he will be dealt with as the i&w directs.
Robert C Kcdwcll, |
Jailor, Fairfax County, Virginia.
October 9
Ten brothers,
: S. Downs, Master; burthen
about 2Sou barrels ; is nearly
a new vessel, in complete order, with her
crew on board, and ready to reccivs a
Cargo immediately. Apply to
Law id son Sc Rowle.
October 6
JAMES KE.\>H)Y, Senb.
t.f glisli Slates
Of various nzts tv the dozen or other
STATIONARY articles,
Ol the very best quality, viz :
FOLIO & Quarto Post Paper. Fools
cap ai.d Wrapping do D ating Pnper.
Quills of *11 prices, veiylxst black Ink*
p*wrier, Sealing Wax, Wafers, black
and Pewter, W’cclgewood and Pocket
Inkstands, Reeves's Water Colors in
boxes, Camel’s hair and black lead Pen
cils, Sand Boxes, Penknives and Scis
sars, lad)’s and gentlemen's Peeke
Books—a vaiieiy of PAPER HANG
INGS for rooms, and very best PLAY
And some of tin- Newest SONGS Sr
PIECES of MUSIC, with Books ol
Instruction for the German Flute,
Clarinet, Violin and Fife.
BLANK BOOKS on the most
approved plan made to any pattern with
Patent Ruling and Bidding
Octoler 1 eori6t
__ 9
H\S FOR SA,Lli A Ki.VV roviKS
Gospel Sonnets Rooms* r.'s Pc cm.
Christian Re- S;»• Lancelot
searches in A sin Greaves
Scottish Chiefs Life of Cowper
Cottage Dialogues Dr. Young's
Wild Irish Girl Works
SelfControul Burn's Works
| Wutt's Poetical
j Works
A fresh supply of Carey’s Family
THE sale of Opie Lindsay’s propef*
iy u postponed unul Saturday, ue ITlH
October »
For Sale—Freight i nr Charter;
1 be Schooner
Brothers’ Return,
Burthen I £4 tons ; will cai
5/ry 1000 barrels Hour, ai d ii
f now ready to reccitt a car?
Apply to
John Grina'ds,
or to
October IS
ON the 9th of this month a snir.fi
SILVER WATCH. c«pp d and
jewelled ; maker’s name Rohfeit Aiiamj
at London : the letters W F engraved
on the pendent: the face quarter figur
ed viz. 15, SO, 45, 60. Five bo)!u:S
will be given to ar.y person who will
liver it to the Printer—und no question?!
will be asked.
October 13 3*
Offers for sale or exchange for gooii
lands above the Hue Pidge^ the Jot*
lov4n.tr described iirot.ertu :
A tract of ; aod aboiif y
miles from Alexandria,in p.n healthy ancf
agiee.ble neighborhood ; containing 5frTf
acres, This land adjoins the laiula b£
Dr. Craik, Dr. Stuart and William Fiifc*
hugh; has a large proportion of Wood)
good Water, Orchards, kc.
Also, a moiety cf the Fariil
on which B..zil Williams resides.
Also a 1 arm on I'uioiriac?
Rivet, one ntile below the town,- tori*
mining by estimation,be tween 13k 1 inuti*
d*ed acres, about 7')Q uci’ejy in wood)
most ol which is heavy timber; yj<3
•c' s tn a compact figure, of vmubiej
fable low grounds. purt of which is t e
laiined Pncoson end as rich ns utij Id.id
in the world ; a valuable Herring fishe
ry, extensive meadow*, a.m abmit 100(1
nearing apj'L* and pc^ch trees ; mking
quality ai.d situation into view, this laurf
may truly be said to be amongst thtf
most valuable of its size on the Potomac
river. ^
Also, the House with 6
i>cres of ground in rnd adjoin!;?” tutf
town, wherein the subscriber i esine.*.^
The House is large, built of »hc b*stj
materials and finished in a stijn rhip
stvie ; the Garocn, of 2 acre* i« ijrf
surpassed In production by any in thi3
part of the country. Tctnis may b®
known by applying to the subscriber.
Aug. J. Smith.
13th October 2a\v 2w latf
Forty Dollars reward,
For four Runnwini Negro Slate?/
YI / —
A STOUT well made fellow, aboiif
j[\~ 5 feet, 7 or 8 inches high, #thicle
I .I,..'. on
I l JS.l, Villi r» UVIIIJ' i-v V IIWIM lll/V/VI V •* ^ VMI w
j oid, and has a down look when spokert
to. As he has hern gone twelve months
last November, I cannot describe hif
s c i p i o
Went oflf last night with the other twd/
He is 24 years < -#• , a stout well made!
feilev, 6 feet 2 inches high, of yell* wisli
i complexion ; he has two scars, or.e erf
hi* elbow, and one,2 or 3 ir.cl :s nearer
hi* hand, I forget which a~m ,* and a scar
over one of his eyes. Me has a dowrf
;o< k v\ hen spoken to, nr.d appears sulky^
and rather short and impudent.
A long spare Woman, with thick tips/
and long face. 33 years of age, slow td
answer, ai.d when she dees, is shorfy
and always appears to be sulky and Irt
an ill humour. 1 bought her and child
last April twr!ve-TTH nrbs, near Dum
fries, of an Orleans trader, who Said ho
bought her th*.t day ot IVir. Adame inf
Dumfries. She savs she was raised irt
Falmouth, and lived 3 rears after*archf
i^Fredericksburg. H^r Jiuaband whert
I bought her, a* she slid, lived in Alex
andria. I expect the last three are aim
ing for one of these places, and mort
than piobable have got Arnmtcad with!
I will give any person or persons tfii
above reward for them all; or, $15 tof
Armistcad, $10 for each of the othef
grownones, and five dollars for the cliiMtr
William Tompkins,
Spotsylvaniai (Va.1) Aug. 3.
October f

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