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Alexandria gazette, commercial and political. [volume] (Alexandria [Va.]) 1812-1817, February 21, 1815, Image 2

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Preside ut of the L\ State* of America,
Xoali and singular to whom these pre
sems thdl come, Oreetiotf *
§ WltttRFAS a treaty of Peace &
Amin between tbeU. States of A
^ jnorieu, nod hte Brifaaie Majesty
Was sighed at fihrnt, on the twenty*
fourth' dvtv of Dec one thousand
ci^ht hundred and fourteen, by Ple
nipotentiaries, respectively appoint
for tbiit purpose; and the said
treaty having betm, by and with the
ad vice »ud consent of tho 3*'Oide of
the United Sfiles duly accepted,
rand confirmed. oa the 17th
day of F^h, one therma l eight bun
dred and fiftcen, and ratified copies
thereof having been exchanged a
grr«*Uy to the tenor of the said
IrcntT, which it in the words follow
**>»'*-• ___
Treaty of Pence and Amity *
"< A1$D
United States of America.
Britannic Majtsty and the U.
States of America, desirous of ter
minating the war which was unhap
pily subsisted l*e*ween the two coun
tries, and of restoring, upon the
principles of perfect reciprocity,
peace, friendship, and good under
standing between. them, bave, Tor
that pnrpo***, appointed their re
spective pMupotenttariei, that is to
say: His Britannic Majesty* on his
part, has appointed th* right honor.
James i^ord Gambler, l:n’e ad
inir^t of the white, now admiral of
. the rrd squadron of His Majesty’s
fleet, Henry Goal burn, J\sq. a mem
Jber of the Imperial Parliament, and
U^dor Secretary of State, and Win:
Adams, Ksq. Doctor oT Civil Laws:
'«►— Aod the President of the United
State*, bv and with the advice and
consent of the Senate thereof, has
appohitrd John Quincey Adams,
Junes A. Bayard, Henry Clay, Jo
nathan Russell and Albert Gallatin*
citizens of the U. States, who, af
ter u rorlproeal aommnnfeation of
their respective full powers, have a
greeti upob the following articles :
Article the first*—There shall be a
Ann and universal Peace between
Bis Britnome Majesty and the U.
States, and between their respective
teanlries, territories, cities, towns,
and people, of every degree, without ‘
•xeeptron of places or persons, AH
hostilities, both by sea and land,
shall cease as soon as this Treaty
shall have been ratified by both par
tie*. as hereinafter mentioned. All
territory, places, ami possessions
whatsoever, taken from either party
by the other; during the wwr, ©r
*hit4h .may be taken after I tic signing
of 4n»s Treaty, excepting mJy the
isl; ads hereinafter mentioned, shall
be restored without delay,and with
out causing any destruction, or car
rying iiway any of the irtillory or
other public property originally o«p
lured io the said fbrts or places, and
* which shall remain therein upon the
exchange -of the ratifications of this
Treaty* or any slaves or other pri
Yntc property. And til* archives, re
cords, deeds, and papers, either of
a public nature, or belonging to
private persons, which, in the course
of the war, may have fallen into the
hands of the oiBecrs of either party,
•halt 5-<% !♦ s fW as mav be practica
ble, f*rf!».rilh restored and deliver
ed to the proper authorities and per- |
tons to whom fbeV rcs*w*clively he
; l«»{f Such of the islands in the Bay
of Passutn:u(uoddy sis arc claimed hv
both pities. Shall remain in the |
po>sr*>ioa iif the party in whose oe
oupatinn they may bo ut the time of
tbci*xc!mo£e of the rMiSf nitons of
this Treaty, nutil the derision re
spertiog the title to the 9aid inlands
*h*U iMvo been iumIc in 'conformity
>«ith tho fmrth article of this Trea
ty. No disposition mnita by this
Treaty, »s to ssch possession of the
.■ r*#d territories claimed by
both parties, shall. in any manunr
^ Whatever, h« construed to eliVct the
rights , f cither.
.{rJie*,- the Second. Immediately
- of Urn troatv
U* ‘ 0«», M h«r,imftcr men
<ian«d. **}««-. s»lnU 5, #eut ,o ^
SiTui cCrr#’ **hi™u
mmBmt*""**** th, two ponvn to
_ _ _ .
[cease from all hestiWiet ; And to
I ireVent ell **«*«» »f
which iiright *ria* ®« account ot the
:*ri2*swhteh may be taken at sea
filter thtT said rat ideations of ihit.
treaty, it is reciprocally agreed,
i Vat all vessel* am* effects which may
be taken after the spa** ot twelve
days from the said i^tificotious, upon
all parts of the const of North A
n,erica, fremMie latitude of twenty
ihere degrees north, to the latitude
oflifty degrees north and as far east
ward in the Alanlie oreiut, as the
thirty sixth degree of west -longitode
from* the meridian of Greenwich,
shall he restored on each side : That
ifnn litue shall be thirty (lays in all
other parts of the Alanlie ocean,
north of the equinoctial line or eqna*
ter, aod the same time for the British,
and Irish channels, for the Gulf «»■
Mexico aud all parts of the West
Indies : Forty days for the North \
Seas, for the Billie, and for all parts
of the Mediterranean : Sixty days for
the A la a lie* ocean south of l he eqna
tar as far as the latitude of the ('ape
of Good Hope: Ninety days for every
j part of the world south of the equa
tor: Aad one hundred nud twenty
days for all other part* of the world,
without exception.
Article the Third—All prisoners
of war taken on either side, as well
bv land as bv sea. shwll be restored
* ♦
as soon as practicable after (be ra
ti ii cat ions ol this treaty, as hereinaf
ter mentioned, on their paying the
debts which they may hive contract
ed during their captivity. The two
contracting parties respectively en
gago to discharge, in specie, lue au
vanees which may have been
made by the other fop tho stis
tenuaea and maiuteudncft of such
Article the Fourth—Whereas it
was stipulated by the second article
in the treaty of peace, of one thou
sand seven hundred and eighty three
between his Britannic Majesty and
the United States of America, that
the boundary of the U. States should
comprehend ail islands within twen
ty leagues of any part of the shares
of I ho United States, and lying be
tween lines to lie drawn due east
from the points where the aforesaid
boundaries, between Nova Scotia, on
the one part, and Hast Florida on I lie
♦)iher, shall respectively touch the
Bay of Fundy, and the A;Inane ocean
excepting such islands as now are,
op heretofore have been, within the
limits of Nova S^tia; and whereas
the several islands in the Bay of Pas
sant aq noddy, which is part of the B »y
of Fundy, and the island of Grand
Manat* in the said Bay of Fundy, are
claimed by the United Stales as be
ing comprehended within their afore
said boundaries, which said islands
.arc claimed as belonging to his Bri
tannic Majesty, as having been at
the time >f, and previous to, the a
foresaid treaty of one thousand seven
hundred and eighty three within I lie
limits of the province of Nova Scotia:
In order, therefore, finally to decide
upon these claims, it is agreed that
they shall be referred to two Com
missioners to be appointed in the fol
lug manner, viz ; one Commissioner
shall nc appointed riy ms ttritanmc
Majesty, and one by tbe President
of the United States, bv and with
tbp'adrise and consent of the Senate
thereof, and the said two Com mis
«i*mers so appointed shall be sworn
impartially to examine and decide
upon the said claims according to
stivb cuidence as shall he laid be
fore them on the part of his Britan
nic Majesty and of <he United States
respectively. ib« said Commission
ers shall iaee^ at St. And rows, in the
province of &Tew Brunswick, and
shall have power to adjourn to such
other place or places as they shall
think tit. The said Commissioners
shall, by a declaration or report un
der their hands aud seals, decide to
which of ihe two contracting parties
the several islands aforesaid do res
pectively belong, iu conformity with
two true intent of the said ri reaty of
Peace of one thousand seven hun«
dred and eighty three. And it the
said Co niumsi oners tha.ll agree in
their decision, b»»tb parties shall
consider such decision as Huai and
conclusive. It is further agreed,
that ia the event of the two Commis
sioners differing upon all or any of
the matter* so referred to them, or
in the event of both or either of the
said Commissioners refusing, or de
eiioing, or wilfully omitting, to act
;ls such, they shall make, jointly or
separately, a report or reports, as
well to the government of his Bib
Uaaie M .nest} as to that of the U.
States, stating iu detail the points on
which they differ, and the grounds
upon which Ueir respective opiuiousj
y^x'fk # >, !/*■/ vf * •> .■• * *Af
have been formed, or the ground* «p».
on which they, or either of. them,
have so ren * d, dcelioed, or on"t
U'dto act. Ami if i» BniannieMaje.*
tv and the government of the Lnite
State hereby agree »o ,5[e,' t ,® r.®
port or report* of tho said tonitni
sioners, to some friendly "”,r®re'b
or state, to be then named tor that
purpose, and who shall be requested
to decide on the differences which
mnv ho stated in the said reporter
reports, or upon Hie report of one
Commissioner, together With Hie
grounds upon which the other Com
missioner shall have refused, declin
ed, or omitted to act, ns ibo ease
may he. And if the Commissioner
so refusing, declining, or omitting
to act. shall also wilfully emit *•
•state the grounds upon which he has
so done, in such manner that the
-aid statement may he referred to
-itch friendly sovereign or state,
together with the report of such
uther Commissioner, then such so
• vereign or state shall decide ex pnrte
And his Britannie Majesty and the
-overnmeBt ef the U. S. engage to
consider the decision of some frecdly
-overeign or state to be sueh and
- o'icliisive on all the matters so re
.Article Ihe Fifth—whereas neither
that point of the high lands laying
due north from the source of the
river St. Croix, and designated in
the former treaty of peace between
(lie two powers as the'northwest angle
of Nova-Sootia, now the northwest
ernwost heed of Connecticut river*
Jims yet been ascertained ; At whereas
that part of the boundary line between
the.dominion efthc two powers um<*u
extends from the source of the river
St. Croix directly north to the above
mentioned northwest angle ot Nova
Seotia. thence along the said high
lands which divide those rivers that
empty themselves into the river 8t.
Lawrence from those which fall into
the Atlantie ocean to the northwest
ermuost head of Connecticut river,
thence down along tho middle ot that
river to the forty fifth degree of north
latitude ; thence by a line due west
on said latitude until it strikes the ri
ver Iroquois or Cataraguy, has not
jet been surveyed ; it is agreed* that
for these several purposes twe Com
missioners shall he appointed, sworn,
and authorised, to act exactly iu the
manner directed with respect to those
mentioned in the next preceding arti
cle, unless otherwise specified in the
present article. The said Commis
sioners shall meet at St. Andrews, in
the province of New Brunswick, and
shall have power to adjourn to such
other place or places as they shall
think lit: The said Commissioners
shall have power to ascertain and de
termine the points above mentioned, iu
conformity with the provisions of the'
said treaty of peace of one thousand
seven hundred and eighty three, and
shall cause the boundary afore
said, from the source of the river Sc.
Croix to the river Iroquois or Ca
taraguy, to be surveyed and marked
according to the said provisions.
L'he said Commissioners shall make
a map of the said boundary* and
annex to it a declaration under their
hands and seals, certifying it to be
*he true map of the said bnuedary, &
particularizing the latitude & long*
Mine ol (he north west angle oi
Scotia, of the north weslcrmost
head of Connecticut river, and of
such other points of the said boun
dary as they may deem proper. And
both parlies agree to consider such
map and deduratioB as finally und
conclusively fixing the said boundary.
viid in the event of the said two
Commissioners differing or both, or,
either? «f them, refusing ordecliuing,
or wilfully omitting to act, but:it re
ports declarations, or statements,
shall be made bv them, or either of
them, ami such reference to a friend*
ly sovereign or state, shall he made,
ia all respects as in the latter part of
the fourth article is contained, and in
asfuil a manner as if the same was •
herein repeated.
Jr tide the uxth.-~ Whereas, by the
farmer t catv ot ptace that portion of
the boundary uf the United States from
.he point where the forty-fifth degree
of north iamude st ikes the river Iio
queis or Catar. guy to the lake Supeiiur,
. as declared to be along the middle
‘ of »a»d liver into lake Ontario,Sthio*
" the middle of said lake .until it
‘ strikes the communication by water
‘ between that lake and lake Erie,
•• .bonce sl-ngthc middle of said cem
•* n tsnication into lake E.ic, ttuough
4 tho middle Of said lake until it ar
*• rives at the water communication in
* to the Like Linton, tlttuce through
* tie middle of ««id lake to the water
\4 communication bi-tween that lake and
* aka Suporitvf ;** A wd wj^reas fioubts
have arisen «hat was tae middle of
S.id liver, lakes and water communi
cation:*, aud woollier certain ly
W in U:e same were wUbltt «<»*
n"oSns of hi* Britanaic or «l lJu
Uni ted Slat** 5 1««rd«r|}l.ei.krt,, fi
pally to lit title these doobts, they shall
be referred to Commissioners, li
*worn, MUfttwed m
Bct exactly the »»nr*erdirectad will
respect to those mentioned in the next
preceding article, unless other wise spe
cified in this present article. Tne said
Commissioner* shall rnset, in the nrst
instance at Albanyf in the state c{
New-Ysrk, and shall have power to ad
journ to such other place or places a*
they shall think fits Tim-said Commis
turner* shaUvby a report or declaran t*,
under their hand* a^d seal*, designate
die boundary through the said river,
lakes, and water coffinsuiiicati*»ns, hbd
decide to which of the two centrein g
parties the several islands lying within
the said river, i ke$. end water com
municatious, do respectively belong, in
conformity with the true intent ot the
said treaty ®f one thousand seven bun
died at d eighty*thrcc. And both par
ti-s agree to consider such drsignaiion
and decision as final and cunc lusivt.
And in the event of the said two Com
missieners differing, or both, or cithei
of them, refusing, declining, or wiiiull)
orr.iting t# set, sock reports. declarations
or statements, shall be made by them
or either of them, and suck reference
to a friendly sovereign or state shall be
madein all respect a. in the biter pan oi
the fourth article is contained, and in as
full a maimer as if the same was herein
Article the Seventh* It is further
agreed that the said two last memioiicf
commissioners* after they shall have
executed thex duties assigned to them
in tVie preceding article, shall be, ait.
they are hereby autho iseu, upon their
oaths impartially to l»x and d^ leronihc
acfor< ing to t c t ue intent of the said
t reaty of Peace, ot one tneuaanu se
vcm hundred and ei^hty-tGree, tnat pari
oftlio bi/Uddary between ti e domini
ons of the two pow rs, which extends
from he water sommunicatin b4t"ecM
lake Huron end lake Superior, to th
most nopth-weatero p* i -t o) the lake i.i
iljc Woods, to decide to which oi the
iwo parties the several islands lyinj in
the lakes water communications, am
r rri forming the mid boundary* do
respectively belong* in confornut wi h
t 'e true intent ©I the said l rcaty o
P.acc, of one thousand ever, hundred
am! eighty three \ and to cause sue*
parts of the said boundary, as require
it, to be su viryed and marked. The
sad ( ommi'sioDers sh.dl, by a report
or declaration under their hards an;:
soils, designate the boundary sfo»cs*dd
state their decision en the points thus
refer cd to and parti ularise the
1 itiiudc ard lonpitH.de of the rnos*
northwestern point of the lake * f the
Woods, and of inch otb» r pa • s ot tin
s/ui boundary as they m y derm pro
j prr. And both patties agree to (onsi
j der such dcsig: ation and decision «i
final and aonclusivc. And in the e e- t^
of the -.aid wo commissioner* ' ififc -
mg, or boih, or either of them rdus
| mg declining or wibulJy oimtiiug t*
1 act', such r ports, dec!-rations o *sratr
ndcills, sna'i be ina k by them. or ei
ttier of them, and such re e» cnee to
friendly sovereign or state, shall I)
made in all re. pects, ni in the latte*
part o< the dourth artic e is co .t«iincu.%
,>nd in is full a in nnei as if the sum
was herein repented.
Article th* Ei^hh
The several boards or two Commis
sioners mentioned in the four proceed
ing articles, shall respective I \ have
po wer to appoint a Secretary, and employ
such surveyors or oilier persons as they
shall judge necessary. Duplicates of
ulljiieir respective reports, declarations
i * • • » r •
statements olio decisions, auu ui men
accounts, and of the Journal ot theii
proceeding, shall be delivered by them
to the agent of his lirifanic Muj< sty, and
to the agents of the United States, who
maybe respectively appointed Sc *utho
rised to manage die business on beluif
of their respec ive Government 1 he
said Comiriisioneis shall be respectively
paid in such manner as snail be agreed
between the two contracting parlies,
such agreement being to be settled at
the time of the exchange of the Ru fi
cations of this treaty And all other
cxpences attending the said Coinmis
ioiicrs shall be defrayed equally by the
two parties. Ai.d in the c<»se of death,
sickness, and resignation, or necessary
absence, the place of every such Com
missioner respectively siuiii be supplied
in the same manner as such Commis
sioner was thsi appointed, and tne new
Comniisioner shad take the same oat or
affirmation, and do the same dupes It
is further agreed between ths two con
tracting parties that in case any of the
islands mentioned in any of the proceed
ing aiicles, winch wije iu the possess on
of one of the parties prior to the com
mencement of the present war between
the two countries, should, by t- e decis
ion of any of the bourns of commission
ers aforesaid, or of the sovereign ot
state state so refered to, as in the i*ur
next proceeding articles contained, f 1.
within the domi ions ot the othei party,
all grants of land made previous io the
commencement ofthc war by the p.u t;
having had such possession, shall be a
valid as if such island or islands,, had by
‘ such decision or decisions, been .^djudg
eo tO be within the dominions of the
party having had such potacaaton.
Article Uebr,n
The United States ot VU...
to.pui an end immediately^1,"^
ttfication of. the present tX ‘ i
tiliries with ail the tribes or Xl ^
- Indions, with whom they
at the time of such
forthwith to restore to such a1 %
nations, respeettiveiy, all the J** ?
rights, and p.ivUegcs, which
have enjoyed or been ci-Utlcdi. ' *'»'
thousand eight hundred 'S
previous to such iumtitkics. VS
always, that such tribes or italic
agree to desist front ail i,1,5 Srd
against the V. States of Amok'S
citizens and subjects, upon the 25*
tion of the present treaty |)tinh Jj*
to such tubes or nations, t,®
desist accordingly. And His fi * li°
M engages, on itispart,
. immediately after the raUEcution". ^
present treaty, to hostilities wllh ,*
tribes or nations of Indians with
he nuty be at w ar at t|* time of ^
ratification, and forthwith torts
'sttch tribes or nations, respective *
the possessions, rights, a, .I
which they may have enjoyed orf1
entitled to, in cite thotis.it d ,iellt ^
dred and eleven, previous to SUch ^
ttlilies : Provided always, u* 1
tribes or nations shall agree
from all hostilities gainst His B,r
Majesty, and his subjects, u|on ifel4
fication of the present treaty bcinjrv
fied to such tribes or natious, md
so desist accordingly. ^
Article the Tcwh,
Whereas the traffic in slaves is jfr
concilable with the principles of hmj!
niiv and justice, and wliereas both (fit
Majesty and the United Sues are desi
reus of continuing their efforts to pro!
rnote its entire abolition, it is hereby
agreed that both the contracting partij
shall use the best endeavors to accoia*
plish so desirable an object.
Article the Eleventh,
This Treaty, when the srmr shall
have been ratified or. both sicks,without
alterationby either of the CMiumctingpir
tics k the ratification mutually exch^ig.
ed, shall be binding on both parttei.ad
the ratifications shall by exchanged at
' Washington, in the space oi lourraoiithi
from tnis day, or sooner if practicable.
In laith wheteof, we the respec*.
tive Plenipotentiaries^ have
signed this treaty, and 'have
thereunto affixed our seals.
Done, in triplicate, at (ihtnVthc
twenty fourth day of Dectra*
ber, one thousand eight hu>
dred and fourteen.
(l. s) GAMBIER,
(l. s) J. A BAYAKD,
(l s) H CLAY,
(l s) JONA. HUSSE L,
Now, therefore, to thr end All
the said T irM} *)t Peaee and A*'*]
iHiiv be opened withg® dfaitk,«
the part of the United ^ics, *»
JumesMadison, Preside*m
said, have caused the premue* tolo
mii.it* and I do
j..iu all i^rrons briiriog
or military, wi.bin the tB,a“®“?
and all all-era, t-ilizens or M^
ants thereof, or being »i.hm w
same, faithfully to observe and W
lil (lie *aid ITcnty end tart,1
and article thereof*
tn testimony wbe»e»M **T* I
f e—-*■— 1 -anted t’-e »«• 11,1 f"e , I
|7aTU Stales tobea^l
L-; .he*e present ^ I
L J .h„ s mr rutl' tr.V I
D neat ib- Cwy p b ary,|
•bis eiabteinM.T ^jJ
in ihe yrarolou' L s|
„n.ieiSh. h-d «“ J ^I
“"Sg m«w»s I
Bv the Preside! t 1
Jcling Secretary »J ^ B
i mi .TV ~ I
SATimrm-, VtbrutrJ ** I
Mr. (lore (itffl
of Froth Ingham and l»PIj.^i
ine a remission ot P»n*«“f .^1
Uv (be violation ol lh' f ik'i'B
lion laws. i„coni«*i;^f^tv|
withdrawing tff;. j sbi*1
nuda. when- they »_'
war broke out.—1 1 ' > B
Gore, Anderson and # bill 1 |
Mr. Morrow repot e
enntinue in fo"'^.,0!‘ ljl
the not for establish’-.*- B
,es among the M«- J
(he hill v-'.is r«!iff(, t^B
The bill lor »>•• ",**11, *' I
Smith and Or»tto» rl| B
read a third «>o»e a;'J
Mr. Dana'* nml*««; ,(.b ' »
•he «om»«ure *o F. ■
to enquire !»*• , uf t<
in okrug p ovieiot* j|? — ■
eel-tain elain’.s uJ. ^ t“- B
was token *g »B® ■

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