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Alexandria gazette, commercial and political. [volume] (Alexandria [Va.]) 1812-1817, February 21, 1815, Image 3

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, nnCiviia tH® ,‘ttU *
m?fl , J^r!cm of «be «**«*"H wa*
<*'-JfvU lime* !»«•* an,i S*°‘
'gjfjluaso of it, presenUU<e» ft*
J™P**rre*i£' „f Mr. Tail? ;
ffijSLi. That the comtuiUee on
^Tlffiurs be in a true tod to eo
tho expediency of repeal
an» act or acts respecting the
S£ LtaWisbment; and ‘bar the
IfjSt^har* iea« to report by
*vh™lt°* l-°rC0“‘
•J.ntion the following w®**?* *. ,
^"'hved, That the Pesident oi
*JCelled State* be requested to
<b ,experienced engineer and
1"» «*w*
i * Rstv far tUe purposi* of fcwet^
rf'JZ most eoJenie.K ta***
fSf*»W bay for.be reception »f
52 «f war of the largest class; and ;
that they particularly ascertain w.ie
1 it L oracticAblc to est.iblr.li a
Iteoient I.nrlmr at Ike mou.b of
.he Chcsapeakeon Ibe middle ground,
' .i ,br nrohoble ammmt wki-n nay
Jo necessary to place such harbor iu
the most pesjwetaWe posture ot dec
^Tr, Banter reported a MM «*!
t' ci-isiog <b« discharge of Edward
>i,f«U from bis iiiiprisooine.it j
«hi«h was rta.L
The bin from the Boose “ regu
{.tine tin* sale or-certain reserved,
irclionsof land in the state of Ohio”
**s before the Senate, and refused
• tiijril reading. It is therefore re
]#8iefl. v „
Ob motion by Mr. Smith*
E&olred. That a committee be
flppoioicil to consider the expediency
of repealing all acts laying addition.
*1 duties on good*, wares and mer
shandiz*' imported in the ships or -
wsels of such foreign nations as; I
shall agree to admit into their ports !
guods, wares and merchandize iui- |
parted into such ports on board of j
ftit« liiips or vossols of the United |
Messrs. Smith, Taylor, Bibb,
Hunter and King were appointed tho j
committee, . ^
On motion of Mr. Uncock, it was
ordered* that lh«w>»wiiUtoto whom
* as referred the petition of Tito-■
jntas Law ami others* citizens of the j
*ity of Washington, praying the di
►? wUicQ nod of cert ,»ie .open |
Vcqaarrs ia the said eity* be diaehaeg.* j
*d from the further consideration j
'Hie motion of Mr. Smith for in* |
strutting the .Military Committee to
^enquire into the -propriety of reduc
ing \hc Military K>J *!>!»ah*aent* w?:s
taken up atid agree I to.
Several small bills nassed differ
1 cut intermediate m $,
? ‘i , • - mi ’ •*
— c
Con£rrc3S of the U. States.
i 2©
— v -
i i.——
Mr. Breekenridge obtained leave
ofabsence for the remainder of the
( session.
Mr. M’Kim presented a petition
s of Denuis Carroll of Baltimore,
praying to be allowed an additional
price for a quau ity of beef and pork
furslllicd the Navy in consequence
of the great advance in the price of
those articles bet ween the d i?e ofthe
vAHtraet and the time of delivery.—
Mr. Eppes, from the committee of
Am! Means, reported a bill
f«>r (be relief of dt>lom<m F r»wf and
the representatives of Charles Ec
*!*toa, and a bill for the relief of
P. H (mett, which were twice
t*ad aod committed.
Mr. Kppes made unfavorable re
<m tho petition* of riatiwci
and Eirkiet Thompson ; the
fb'st of which was agreed to and the
hit tor ord# red to He on the table.
Mr. Nelson, from tho oommitMe
•• Iho petition of Win. Rambert*
insde a report, terminating with the
followinj. i rsolution :
44 Resolved. That the President
•ftl»e tJ. States be requested to cause
•Hfh further observation* to he made
•t the seat of the national govern
ment ns may he deemed most proper
jo determine the longitude of the
m the city of Washington
Btth die greatest practicable degree
rr.oHnesa ; and that tht data, with
BWraoiK of the calculations and the
^su tR founded thereon, lie laid he
Ctmgrotn at their next ses
•n n *
l,ie import was agreed to.
.. _».* **• 5 submitted for eon
resolution rrqueslifJjt ■
if^\».k °^*.n! recommend a d«*j
I *,k!*ktgi\mg fc religions solemn!
* * ,r f^ophs of the U. btatesnr
**W**eui Mute of the country, &c.j
* j
j'■.■••Jv.4< '/• V .V ','JrV ■ ' ., i' * *' ,A .''■/O-’' '*7,^
•I whieh WAS twice reAd and laid on (he
table. '•' ; #
Ail engrossed bill granting a dona
tion of $20 acres of land to Anthony
Shane, and the engrossed bill for (be
relief of Edward Hallowell, were
read a third time and passed.
The bill tograot land to deserters
from the enemy, was indefinitely
The hill to alter and establish cer
tain post roads, passed through a
committee df the whole, and was or
dered to be engrossed for a third
The bill for the relief of Henry
Nimmo, passed through a commit
tee of the. whole, was ordered to a
third reading, and read a third time
and passed accordingly.
Hie remainder of the day was'
spent in the discussion of the hill de
claratory of the powers of the^legis
latureof the Indiana territory ; se
veral propositions to amend and post
1 pone it were rejected, but, before
getting through the bill, the house
Great changes have taken place
here since the news of peace arrived,
in l he prices of stocks. Merchan
dize, and Produce.
U. States 6 per oeijt stock has
advanced from 83 to 95,
Marine Insarmee slocks lure ad
vanced from 20 to 50 per cent.
Bank Stocks 10 to 20 per eent in |
price. 1
Flour to 7 1-2 dollars per barrel, j
Coffee is not materially reduced —
$ug*r, 'Pea, and almost every arti
cle «f foreign merchandize have fal
len vrrv considerably.
- . - ■*
Pi •ices, however, are as yet fluc
tuating, and will not he settled to a
; ay regularity for some days.
From lhe Coffee Houie Books.
At the mouth of the river, soimr.
; Victory, Vickers, with 2d00 hush
; els of ©oal, Drummond, Ferguson
| and —, Harm, sundries.
| The letter of marque schooner
! Matchless, ©apt. White, jro n Biiti
i mere with a cargo of flour, got a -
! shore on Cape ffeary in attempting
to get to sea on Tuesday night, and
t next morning the enemy boarded her
in their barges, got her olf, an I sent
! her to Bermuda.—Captain White &
| his crew, uot being able te escape
; were takes prisoners. %
The schooner Charles, late ©apt.
Jacobs, Henoe arrived at Havana,
| ©apt. J. was unfortunately washed o
verboard and lost.
A report at llavanna that the
| sehr. J.4V4, Lino of this oarf, lead
been taken by the Cocke ha Tor, soli r.
and carried into Nassau, N. P.
'I^HE WBJBBf (situated between
a. L win’s ana VowelTs wharves,>
with the Warehouses and Stores ad
joining, bounded by two streets, a .30
41,d fweoty f:et \Itry,
F »r any business connected with
'-h:pping, this property f orn its central
si ua’>' n and conveniences, is eqaal 10
uny in town.
A Tract of.Land in the County of A
Icxandm 356 Acres, between 7 awd 8
<».iic5 from Alexandria, and about 4 from
George1 «*n.
Mure than half the land is in valuable
Timber; hat a large Quarry of build*
ing Stone, and is well watered. The
meadow land is bounded a mile by the
f >ur mile run- The ro*d Lorn Wash
ington and Georgetown runs through
A Firm in Loudoun, containing 214
Acres, adjoining the land* of Ludwcll
L e Esq. on the south side of Goose
Creek, five mile? from Leesburg.
It ha« comfortable improvements, is
well timbered and watered
J. Swift.
February 16. eo3t
Just Received for Sale
ur TffB sutscxiBBits,
The American Lady’s Almanac,
English §* Gorman Almanacsfor
*4LSO—i compu te Lisr of the
American Navy
At the present time, and Steel’s List
ot THE
Britsh Navy
For August 1813, on a single sheet
^rice 2 5 cer»t%
James Kennedy & Sen.
(Price fry Cents in Boards)
Some details concerning GENERAL
MOREAU, k his last moments, Fol
ded by a short Biographicu! Sketch
Ghargtd to accompany the generuo of
the Continent.

. ■*%,■%*** c A • • v- ■ r » •' ^ y - • • .r
. . ■ ,• /
TUESDAY, February 21.
(fcj* The Editors of (he Gazette,
intending to supply their office wUJr
an entire oew set of Type, awl to
tnpke such other improvements to
thoir paper, as the change of times
may suggest, arc again constrained
to jog the memory of their Country
Subscribers—whose arrearages te
' the Office, would be of infinite ser
vice at this time.
Amongst other exhibit ions of the
joy which is felt at the restoration of
peace—this Town was brilliantly il
luminated on Saturday oi^ht last.
The fears which were entertain
ed of an attack upon Savannah be
fore the news of pence could be re
ceived there, are happily dii'ipat
od. It seems that the good tidings
reached Savannah some days sooner
than it was known at Washington
A handbill issued fnom theJfttscUm
OJfice, at the former place, and dat
ed on the 1 lib inst. announces that
an Express had arrived from Fer
i k - >
aundina the evening before, with the
important intelligence. A letter
from Amelia Island dated the 8fIt
inst. states ; that the news was bro*t
to Admiral Coekburn, by a dispatch
vessel, and by him communicated to
the inhabitants of the island*
A Freeholder of Fairfax County,
respectfully begs to call the attention
of the electors of the County, to the
important right which they will he
required to exercise on the third
Monday in April next ; that of o
leeliag two members of the House
of Oe]egHt<s of the General Assem
bly—The duty which we all owe
to the community and (lie mandate
of llic law, requirepis to elect “ two
<?f the most Bv «jf?fc5rbbtc men citizens
of the country bring twenty one
years of age, and living freeholders
aud residents in the county. I have
looked at the characters and quail
ticatious of those IWm whom f am
hound to make the selection—and u
mong them I c m lind none whose
public and private virtue, talents and
information, ami whose patriotic de
votion to their country’s good* het
ter entitle tbiin to seats in the Le
gislature than Francis L. Lee and
William II, FUzhugh, Enquires
For these gentlemen the writer of
this recommendation intentlsto vote.
The Orleans mail arrived in due
time on Saturday, but brought no
thing new. The expected letters of |
Gem. Jarkson, giving further parti
culars of nis recent glorious sue
cesses, were not received.
National Intelligencer,
Bertfamin Rubles is chosen a Se
nator in Congress from the state of
Ohio, we Joseph Kerr, whose term
of service expires the 4tb of next
mouth. Ibid
The Savannah Museum of the 6th
inst. says, that on Saturday the Mb,
the U. States’ sloop of War Wasp.
passed close in with Tybee light
house, and then stood to the N. E.
As the public anxiety has been much
excited for the fate of this ship, we
take great pleasure in relieving it, by
the insertion of this account* which
we have no doubt is true.
Norjolk Ledger.
Some of the effects of the news of
Peace.—In yesterday’s paper we gave
a rapid sketch of the effects of war:
to day wc give one of the effect* of
the prospect of peace even before
ratification. Our markets of every
kiod expet ieneed a sudden and to
many a shocking change.—Sugar for
instanee fell from 26 dollars per ewt
xo 12 £0. Tea, which sold at S2 25
ou Saturday, yesterday was purebas
ed at one. Specie which had got up
to the enormous rate of 22 per rent,
premium, drop! down to two. The
■ . ■■ _ •#
' | irtlolo in " nar<ien!ap of ii« f«U
from the height of 80 the box to 2?<
Six per cents rose fre% 76, to 86,
- to per cent, and Treasury ncies rose
from 92 <o 98 per cent. This d*f
fcrenec between the two kinds o|
dock is owing to the interest, being
(lie same on both, while the price of
the former ia much less to the bol
der. That is, the holder of the for
mer receives 6 per cent, on St00,
which costs him but 88, while the
holder of the hitter receives the same
interest, hut the principal costs hi:u
96 ; Bunk stock rose generally from
five to ten per cent*— Jf, Y* K Post.
-SLiPI"!1 «»■>■>■ 1 !■' URJJ.” .If J1 lUVg'M ,
Made of superfine Burr Flour.
The 8 pound loaf to be sold ior 35 cts.
4 do* 13
2 do, 9
1 do. 4 12
Clerk Market
February 21.
Ladies and G.ntlcmen of A
S. lexdtidt ia and its vicinity are re
spectfully informed that
On Saturday Evening Feb. 21,
At 7 o'clock precisely, will take place
at Mr. Triplett's Ball R^f>m)
A Grand Concert,
(Under the patronage tf several Ladies
and Gentlemen of Alexandria.;
On the much ;H mired and fashionable
King David's Pedl Harp.
Part fat
Grand Sonata—by Cardan on the H^rp
Gverture, Lodoitka.
Gen. Jackson’* Ma:ch
Command ore Decatur's Favorite.
Hope Told a Flattering Tale.
TUe beautiful Nna with variation*,
Pabt 3d
Italian Air, accompanied »n the muck
admired Spanish Guitar.
Tuikish March—Harp.
S(*ng—Lore w»y Mary.
Wfckz—will* Variations,
The Rising Sun
With several National Airs.
fCF* T ckett* to br had at Triflirt!'*
Hotel and the Printing Gj/tcea — Price
One DoUar
Feb. 2! 3f
O'* Trie Jlne-new Pilot float
George Wadi.
ill;; toil,
Two Sisters,
The Schr.
The Schooner
_I Comulutkm
The Schr.
\ 7
l ■ I
New Crop Cotton in bales
Spirits i uwmtmc m kegs
Virginia *ncl Mary land Tobacco in
ho heads
Dovn'*»i So It :n barrels
Freight or Charter,
The Schr. Fair America.
La fit, Pritchard,
Burthen 900 bbls.
_I John . i o.
February 21 St
Received from Potomac Creek, |
l<> ba.es ■ st qu aiity Cotton, u .r»»: r.seci,
4 do. 2d do marked T. t
Taken out of the River Potomac, on
the Maryland flats* opposite the aun
ty wharf AN ANCHOR (stocked)
e.wecn 7 and 800 weiVit Tiic own
ers of the above ara notified to pro •
heir property or the same will boui
oosed of kccording to law* ^
Ffb. 2’ ?»
A/ J i ty .
| H£ Subscriber respectfully in
I f.*rms Uai friends a»d the pub) •
•n generii, Out the has engaged a stea
dy person, and n ■tend* currying on tn<
Cabinet Business
In all its various i>.h ; es. aitbc star*
lately occupied by John Mu.'r, de.c'i
Mary Muir,
Feb. SI j
I f Cotton and Wool Carir.
TO dtsen p. ji C toi at VV#o* Carph
J. § G. Plummer:
f Feb 2'.
| FOR k£N17 ;
f *WO v^ry comfortable, convenient
D^e'iing Hou es on the lower
part I Royai Street—Possession haaj
u«s feed immediately
John T. Brooks.
Fe*r, .,i. ft.
Orphan’s Court.
Alexandria C.unty, Feb- Terms 1ftif*
ORDERED That ijhiiQtitraiTl
of J:)H:> iViUiR, deceased, do insert
(lie lol'oa ihg advertisement three times
a week-f r four »/ocKs in the Alexan
dria neuip pers.
A Copy— Tp ti
«1 Mooref Beg. WiI1$.
This is to give Notice,
That the suwa^uber ot \iex ndria
County in tne District of Columbia*
has obtained from the irphanS Court
■>.' said County, 4e<.ttr* of ad?n»f>i|ti4fc
’.ion on the per enal estate of Jehn Muir
.ate of the count) aforesaid d«ccM All
*^isoi»s having cla* **% against the said
)ecxdent, are hereby warned to ex hi*
>u ti e same with the veuchers thereof
uly authenticated and passed by the
hphr.n’s Court, to the subscriber, on
or aefore the 2ftth day of Au$* next, of *
toev* may by law be exceeded from all
benefit to said estate, and those ind«bt
i thereto are r^q jested to make im*
nediaee payment; Given under my
land this 26 th ca o F«brvt ■•* !ftl5*
Mary Muir,
Adminielrairrx if J. Muir.
FV n * ] 4
— _.__-___!_—1
£jT The person who kindly
*cnt .1 Lady in tbi* J own, * small
sum of fo ev on Saturday monng
I. st, wit! receive it again by applying .
t ‘.be Office of the Alexandria Ga*
r 4te
FOB s/hE,
The Brig Carl,
M3 tens or 12CTO barTrlo
buriliee, MX years old, well
found and esn be sent to
sea at a small expoacc—
bor fwrtiiet p trticuhrs and
terms app y to
Jackson Sf Buirmey,
February 21. 3w;.
St Andrew’s Society. *
A ST AT ID quaiterly meeting tjf
the St. Andrew's Society, WW bo
held ar Mr* Daniel M~D >Ufrall** on
Tuesday the 2Miinst. at 6 o'clock, P*
By or'er of the President.
Wm. Gregory, See’ry;
fTFch 18._
Public Sale.
ON Fri 'ay Hex* ih* 23tf ir»*t. at !•
w*l bn %oll t he Dirrirne Hou-o
0* Jitifph Thomaty dtee sed, all thli
peris lie 'Mate of the d-cedent*
c*nn«is»ii*g of
Household & Kitchen Fur
niture, B>>con, Be^f, orn, laid,
Tiliow,,Hoisfs, Cattle, Carts, a srood
Gig and Haines*) and two Wood Boris,
Farming utensils.. &c &c »- Terms
thadc'knewn on the day of sale.
A new Fishing Seine.
Wm Weston,
John M’Cobb,
P. G Marsteller.
Feb. 18.
AT a meeting r f i he Gentlcm* n of A*
Icxandiia, held t T. inch's Hotel on
the 15‘h the foil -win* g ntie*
men wne unanimously f-lrcied ma*
nuge^s for a ball to be held at said
Hotel, on the 32d irat. in commemo
ration of the lute Jliiulnou.* Patriot f
General GhOFGt WjSHJtiGtGX.
G. Denealtf J. P. fferhertp
J. Hopkins, R» Withers,
K. 1 'Jaylor, G Carson,
C. L Catlett, B. Manievilfa
Hack* will be provided i >t the Laciieft
The subscription paper ia left at tHa
Bar ofT it Utt% H tel vTen ptrsont
desire** of subscribing may tater their
Sail Making.
THE Subscriber b»j;s leave to in*
form his friends and the public
in general, that he. h**s returned ta
Alexandria ''nd taken his former
Sail Loft
On Ramsay's Vth> if, ^rhere he is rea
dy to execute all orders with punctu
ality and dispatch.
Th: Sanford.
Peb 1* St
■ --—■—-• -» i
lobacco Wanted
•ha«e. . fe<r hundred Hog-be.d.T'©.
JACCO, of the neipld-ri.
Movmiwr »r. m

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