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Alexandria gazette, commercial and political. [volume] (Alexandria [Va.]) 1812-1817, February 21, 1815, Image 4

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'anted So Hire, ^ j
I or™*’ 0”
i , Iht Just.
J at 2*>c
Sih day
t* the
sting of *
\!,e ,
V» *<; of V 1(1011 SIIVM'} «n« i-P i>w,s °‘
L.mS with the improvements therebp>t
West End, m the County of Fuirt**
one of tW*«!d lots c&*Vu% *b»*l 30
*vi Ar»*es and the other nb wt 8 Aorcs-e
■*#. it r»f t-b', one half cash and the
oih. r ft if w 6 and 9 month*, to be *e
cured bv negbtiihle notes with approv
ed endorst rs »nd a deed of trust upon
l hamas TT nUe, 1 Eschars*
Thomas Swanu, j
Fc forua v v H.
■» " -r“—7Z~- ‘ 1 *"*
stilt an l Lotto A.
117 b\+t*U Oheudago Salt *fa 5fcpc riu?
. quality, \ - •• -;u%
\& Uidws Upland Ceton—Ju*t reeciv
... cd and for S !e hy
Bryan Kamttsnn, &0o
Avil Wood.
The Lahoriug l\»or of liWunArto
M.-.v ha e of choree, a ^»t?m»ty
A>H WOOD, in a rectaimtu P'icasen
ab-sut a mile fom Town. v;
$ZT The Wood will have to be tak
<tn up bt the R >ot.
jtpfti# t*
Boarding and Lodging.
w> ,_ *
"'"'C - ,
A FEW genteel B arker* n»ay b?
^1%,. accommodated by the subscriber*
vho has remo’gd to the hwuse lately1 -r.
ewpied by C<ip: J*hn Me Cobb, on vYs
|<?r Street, near the Fawners* B nk
|rT" Plain Stf*iri£ will be executed at
Li* shortest notice,
January <L. la^Sr.
J0#0 bli?! e;i rfCORN*
100 barrel* o! Lisbon SAl T,
A fc'v bushels «T fresh C’ OVER
SFK >, Vvair*.i»ieci of: i*e lust year'
i*a *alk ny
Mordecai Miller.
f F bruarv 7 _A 2av- 4w,
JJislnct of Cohnnhia—Tovit
^ County of Jliwawhin. 1
iSov; 1 kum, 1SIL j
Abraham Faw, Comjdaviunt
Theophilus Harris and Thomas M,
J) vis, D'Jnidaotz.
The defendant Theophi us Harris not
having (Lt^redhta appearance Sr pi\en
Security a c* rdif|g to uv* si luie ami the
rules d t.»K and it ap pearing; to
t • - s>U*'mc i >>» ol n: Lull t up‘>’* afti-ta
\it> tnst the suiii ile?cmL,n?, i heopnuu*
1 rtrris, is not an inhabitant ot l)i >
td.cl.Oo mot ion of Che said CoiupLinan
b; hi* CnmatL if is ordered that th*
»;,i i d' IVnd »' t do *ppe r here on the
fi>'st day ot Ap i'< ie m next and enter
his appearance to tins, sui t, and £i*e
ssnrU' or performi £ the decrees *1
th* C ant, tv! that the other defendant
Thomr.s M. D-vis do not pay away
convev or secrete tho dcuts by him
owintr to, or the effects in his hvivis
beiOB?n»K the stid absent defendant
Ti eoph ius H arris untii Oe fu ther
tirder or decree of this Court and
that a cop>' of this o der be forth
with inserted for two Trust' s sucres*
*:vo!y in one of the public New papers
puidw tfd m Alexandria, and that ajro
t .»rc Se posted at the front door
of i h** ('on t House of the said county
A Copy—'1f t.
G. Dcncal*, c. c.
J •?**»*?? $• 1 W'm
To tvent or Lease. ,
I will ^rnt or - ease from one to ter.
y*«rs, t >e estate Andrew Balrauin.
d ^s«d* (o.ivsuu|' of upwards of
3^0 Acres.—.de<fcrvin$ therefrom, foi
fly* u-^ ot mv Sisiera»d Children, the
HckAc ibout fort? Acres cf Land.
Il s therefore aer.dles> to di&cribe V
as tS>>se wishing to ^ent, will first view
the ■ <*c sAS
Robt. P. Washington.
A i* tii
" wiled to purchase Alex
an ■ ia & Washington Roaii
IfL —Enquire at this Office.
i>:- «im417, .i*w
IE.,4 ‘‘ n - „
* % *. v£v*vir* . 0jt\ - -
• . - ■
JKT ■ ■: . >"^;v " K:~W*W!
3 '*.
A. Moore, neg
nrtTTsfi» to erive rioiice, that the Sub
ihe Orphan** Court of *aid coumy, iei
’ers teitairentary on the per8onaIi.es
: atc of Go Cwapnun, fate of the county
fore said, deceased—all persons having
claims a^imt the said decedent, ’art
oereby warned to ex’ibit the sa.Mp with
• he vouchers thereol duty lUbeiirigatctd
and passed by the Orphan's Court, to
ji*c subscriber. on or before the 13th oi
\u£. rext, or they may by law be ex
it jU(U d from all benefit to said estate.
Mid those indebted thtMCto are ibtjoiled
u make immediate payment
Given under my hand this f Sth day oi
l\b. 1815.
xVme’ia Chapman,
Ex’rx oi' Go.** €ltaj)[ii.n tlcc’ii.
Fob. U_
Orphan s Court.
yllexfivflrw i.\Htity^ Feb. '/erttti 1815.
ORDERED, That the administrator*
of x(o^ph Thomas dco’d do invert the
U ifowv.'K vdvtTtr *n-ent tVcc time* a
v/dok fur 8 weeks In the Alexandria
A Ccp»—Test,
A. MOORK) R gister.
This is to give notice, That
the subscribers hi Alexandria Coun‘y\
in the DisnicMd Columbi«, have ».blam
ed from the O pt Afix* Court of . s«id
Coimy, letters of adoMniriffction on the
estate of J.asrm Thomas late of
tne county alo-cs^id, deesrtaed,— Ai!
iS*r$ons having civi-ns agamst mo ■«
decedent, m e hereby wa nt'd tn xkibit
the sa ne with the v«>u ** *•* thrrr .f tiu
y au henticated and passed bV thf Gi
llian's C.'U t, to the subscribes. on or
before the 13th dr y of A us *n xt or they
may b) law he excluded from ail.hcne
G to said estate- and all those indebted
thereto are required to make iinuxidi
\te pHvmeot
Given under cur hands this 12th day
Feb. 1815.
Wra. Weston,
John M’Cobb.
Adm’rs of Joseph Thzinas der’d*
F-b. 16 , ^ _« v
Acxandria County, Feb, Term, IS 15.
ORDERED, that tha Exrcuirx
d. William Rebd^ dec \ do insert
toe lollowiug advertisenKut three time* j
a week for 2 weeks in the Alexandria j
A Copy—Text.
A. MOORE, Reg’r.
This is to give Notice,
That the subscriber of Alexandria conn,
iy .n the district ol Columbia has « btanv
ed from the Orphan’s Court of said
County, le‘rcr. Test-vmentai y on the
estate of William R*ed lafe «f the
said County, dcc’d.— A;l persons having
claims against tlie sftid decedent are
hereby warned to exhibit the same sviih
he vouchers thereof, to the subscribe!
July authenticated and passed by the
Orphan’* Cfurt, on orbcfyic the 13-i:
day oi Aug next, or they may by law
excluded from all bencHt to Said
estate, and those Indebted thereto a*e
required to make immediate payment.
Given under my band this 13.h day of
Feb. 1815.
Catharine Reed,
Executrix if Win, Reed, deed,
Feb. 16 2*
Orpnans Court,
Alexandria County, Ftb. TermiStB
ORDERED, that the F.xccut'ix
of 77;os. IVlute, Jr. dec’d, insert the
foHowing adverisrment three times a
week ft r four weeks in the Altxandua
A Copy—Test.
A. AToore, Reg. Wills*
This is to give notice,
That the subscriber has obtained from
the Orphan** Cwtirtof Alexandria C- un
ty in the district of Columbia, letters
testamentary on the pergonal estate ©I
Tho*. White Jr. late of said County,
deceased—Ail pel sops having claims
against the said decedent are hereby
wained to exhibit the same with the
vouchers thereoi, to the subscriber, du
l. aiv hrntu ated. and passed by the Or
phans* Court, on or before the 13th day
f Aug » ext, or they may bv law beex
eluded from all benefit to vaicl estate.
• nd those indebted thereto are required
to make immediaie payment.
Given under my hand this l3Jt day ol
Feb. IS 15.
Ann White,
Ex’rx. of Thos. V\ hite, Jr. dec’tl
F-b. 16 _3t
\ WTiite Female Housekeeper,
o superintend the- domes ic affa is m
•\ vrrv tmall family. A respect^
' cman uuh good recommendations,
ill hco»* ©f a good place, by applyirg
• *h s OHc -
Fcbtuary 16. 3t.
?** * '•£?> *?V*gA iV>''/rW 4$^%
Public Sale. ^
PURSUANT to a Deed of Trus
from George H. Chapman ^
:Uo sfcbacriberi will be sold on the 24lh v
lay of the present month for cash to the
Aghett bidder th« wne undivided vt\9\$\j
,i a tract of LAND^ing near the gca
welled road leading ;.from the Potoma*
^ridge to Lee$bunr?" and adjoining th^ j
lands of George W. P. Custis, or *r
nuch of ihe said traOt as may be sum
lent to pay and satisfy, a debt due tion
he said George Ii Chapman to a ccr
i iiii J^ipb Smith, in the said deed men
, koncd. This land is in part well tim
birred and lies within two miles of the
Georgetown Fa' ty *1 he bale * ill take <
place.at 12 unlock, at M’Mu-'rayMV
’.•cm, Sebastian Spring, at, the inteisec*
ion df the new road reading irom Polo
nac Bridge to Leesburg, and the old
Georgetown road
Alexander Hunter
January 10
JCT* The Sale if the above firofierty
fiQ*ffiQii§d to the 24ih day of Tabruu*
ry 7iext,
January 24.
Orphan's Court,
Alexandria County, Dec. Termt, 181 4
ORDK&LD That the Adminisira
'ors ('1 IVtn Newton deceased, do insert
the following advci lisement three times
« week for 8 weeks n tue Alexan
dria newspapers—
A Copy — Fest,
A. \K)OUE? Reg’r.
This is to give Notice,
That the s»U''sci ber* of Alexandria
'oun;y in the District of Columbia
uveo »ta*n d from ths Orphans* Court |
^’orebJii i, letters of udministration on
>3 usute of \\ m Newton* lato of the
sunty a foresee!, deceased : all persons
inv i>£ c aims against the said decedent
ard hereby warned to exhibit the same
vrith the vouchtis thereof lo the sub
scribers duly authemictted & passed b\
rtic Orpiivis* Court, on or befor* the
a.i da\ ol Ju v next, or they may dv
Ltvv be exdnded frem all benefit to «tm
ciUte ; VrK those indebted thereto sre
required to make immediate pay met,t
Given ur.cb r our hands tf is 2d day
j* January 18 i 5
*/hr**irs!ine JW4 on>
David Ricketis•
Fxecut cj Id m, Ai?fP»0A«
Jarman S
Seine Twine & Salt.
. quantity of Seine 1 w inc,
Salt by ibe'uarrel or less quanli'y,
Whiskey in barrels,
Oats, Corn, Meal, Bran, Beans &r4
\ geueral assortment ol CROC £ JJIES.
1) YR & H4RR1V
Lower end o/ Err ce Sire t
''or Suit by
Jackson & Rumney.
OcVherlS _
T () UN i.
A Bi id: Dwelling HOUSE %
At the tower eriu ol Faiifax Street.
Jjij.ly to
Jt D. Simms.
X,v. 26 ‘
Orphan's Couit,
.ilexnrdrr Crunty Jan Term, 1815
ORDERED, That the Exvcutrix ol
Nxtiolus Fitzhvgh dec*d, do insert the I
l' Honing ud*>artiscment three time? a
*eek for right weeks in the Alexan
d.ia newspapers.
A Copy—Tcht.
Jl. Moore, Reg* Wills.
This is to give notice,
That the »mOsc iber of Alex u»cii ia Coun
iy, in the di&trici of Columbia, lias b
tained from the Orphan*’ Court of said
County, letters testamentary on the es
r-ite of Nicholas Fiibugh, late of the
Coun’y aforesaid, deceased—All per
tons having claims against the said de
cedent arc hereby warned to exhibit the
same with the vouchers thereof to the
subscriber, duly »uthenticattd and pass
ed by the Orphans* Col* t, on or before
the 16th day of JMy next, or they may
by law be excluded from all benefi? to
said estate ; and those indebted thereto
are required to make immediate pay
Given under my band this 16th day
of Jan 1815.
Sarah Fitzhugh, Ex’rx,
of Nicholas Eiczhugh, dee'd
January 19 8w
„ Notice.
THE Members ot the Washington
Society of Alexandria, are respectful*
j ly requested to attend a regular stater
Meeting of the said Society at f rip
ieti's Hotel in Alexandria, on Wed
nesday the 22d inst at 19 o'clock, A.
M. for the transact! >n of business —
The Society will move in procession
at 13 o'clock, to the Presuyterian
Church, where an Oration will be de«
livered by John E, Howard^ Esq. one
ot its memhers.
<By order of the Standing Commit
G. Doneale, Scc’ry.
: i *
Orphans’ Court,
Alexandria Coiinty, Jan. TermlSiB.
ORDERED, Thai the executors of
MiChatl O’Meara, deceased, do insert
the lulluwii'g jdvertisement three limes
H ieck for eight wbckk in lhe AIcjuii
diii newspapers. ^ , '
A Copy—Test,
Ji, Moore, Reg. Wills*
This is to give notice.
That the Subscribers, of .Alexandria
County, in the Distiict of Columbia,
nave obtained trom the Orphan’s Court
of said county, letters testaments* y on
the estate *f Michael O’Mea’-at late of
the county atoiesaid,’ deceased—All
persons having claims against the said
decedent are her eby warned to exhibit
the same, with the vouchers thereof to
the subscribers, duly authenticated and
passed by the Orphans’Court cn or be
fore tbc 16:b day of July next, or thc^
may by law be excluded from all bene
fit to said estate ; and those indebted
thereto are required to make immediate
Given under our hands this 16 h day
of January 1815.
Thomas White,
Thomas Swann,
Ex’ors of Michael O’Meara, dee d
X* nr ary 19. _
And for Hole,
A feurCasks fi st quality GOSHEN
CHEESE, aud a quantity <4 bOAP.
Wm Gamer.
*T Eitrays.
CAME to my p ce last fall, TWO
E* rK AYI-—ere a rod Yearling abou*
two years uid, with a cr*p in the
rii hi ear, and under keel in the lefr.
Tne other a red and while Heifer a
lv*ut three yc*rs old, with bothy a s
erupt The owner or owners aie n
quested to covne forward, prove pro
perty, pay charges and tike then
a wav.
Vvm. Redmond.
Poplar Hilly neat Atex*iuliia
Feb. 14. 3c.
The Subscriber
Has just Received and Jar Sale at hit
i>9ME >TIO Blritk and Bottle Crcei
Broad Cloths,
Blur, Black and Bottle Green Casi
t piece of S e Grey Satinctt,
i Coarse Carp tint*,
1 pips ot ok- M.imey Wi eVy retail,
S .1 and Sri» t Twin*
\ jjen»|.d assoime'it ♦ f l OMTS
Anthony Rhodes.
Feb. 14 2 w.
Soap and Candles.
THE Sub?c*ibers have on hand at
their Manufactory on Water Skeit
lately occupied by Wm. DunKpaquan
tity of
Soap, Mould d^Bipt Candles,
W hi' h they 2# for Sale
A generous pwill be given f »
aw and rendered TALLOW
Henry Nicholson & Co
Februdjy .4 d t
H AS Ju 1 . Ev i i \ * »>
jl fifn/i Sirt>f J'etthionub'i*
He h; s established a CANDLE M i
NUF CTORY. a d will ;l^,ya h^t
Cancle* fOr s<de of the fi s* quality
Cash given for TJLLL 0 W.
A lev* p o"! p*m »h of me Apo
thesis of WASHINGTON, neatly
f. rued for Saie.
J o»rrV 9
Liberty Engine House Lottery.
la which khan* is 2 prizes ot g 20,000
1 do 40,0U
1 do * 000
1 do % .000
— 1 do 2,C0C
4 do LOCK
•• 10 do 50C
Will commence drawing in Baltimore
n February next, first drawn Ticket cn*
itled to 3000 Dollars.
yCJ* Present price of Tickets 85 hut
will advance on the 1st January next u
Ftf sale by
Dec. 17*
A neat edition of Dr. Watts** plait
and easv CATECHISMS for Children -
.o which «re added a Preservative
nom the Sins and Follies ef Youth :
fhe Westminster A«s?mbly’s shorter i
CATECiilSMwith Expl mator N«r <
oirl Scriptural References.—Songs Di
vine Sc Moral. wi;h some short pr*> c«
ror the use of Children^—by the sanu
James Kennedy G6 Son.
Nov 12 ptt
District of ColiSfej., ,
County of
r *«*. Tsw^g’ i
Mshlon SchallUn ,liy y£;M
liffe, j.ifttMerchant* and
in trade, Manor the
Scho:fic d ^ Company^
Isaac Payne, Charles T c \
Cusfiier <f tlmU ion B;,»k ^“V
andria and John Januev a, . ^hr»
Charles F. Mercer, J„tl
John B P.loo, George :S
mas Janney, Henry St. Geor,,, A
cr, Wiliiaor H. Brotvn, 1
William Herbert, Jr Jott j "*K
vut Ross, D.ght .4 clcj|, ,, 6t.
Peyton, Charles Hu ter
Schoifiild and Andie* Stiioifb
reetors of the said tank-/.,/,,,
1H CMA.vCEkv/
Isaac Pa,-ne not having entered
appearance and given «sct:rm 4
i >»g to the statute and the luier'Jfi"'
Court, ».tui it appearing to tbet.,; "
mn of this Court anon rfTidavtr
the *aid d* feudal t ItBSic P.-yi, j’.
an inhabitant o this d strict:-^0n**
u«n #f ti*c saiti complain is j., °*
counsel, it is oreerrd that t|(e^ llf
undant Is. ac Pkyn« upp-crhiiV*
the firs', day of April Te* r-j,
enter his ttppe.nnct to this 8ul
give security for ptrfori, int ;k,
creesof the Court, «na that the otir*
defendants Ch*rics T. C ^ptnau
shi*r, John Janrey, ^re.iderr/ ac4
Uaniel M Phn son and others Djler.
tors o the said U ion £-n* of A:fx!
a \drit do not pay a\v*y, ton>Cy tr|^
crcie thw deasby them owinu to CF
t »e e*Ut« or effects in their hand,
Liugin? to the said absent dclondart
| Iiaai Pay r et until the further uileroi
decree of this ron t; and that a ttyj
« this o’d. r be fortwith published in
two moit'Hs auccenmly in one of tin
pa die newspapers published to tU
County, Mid that another cop>
criiit the front doorot th; Uuit-Ui*
oi said County.
A Copy—-TeiL
G. Dcneale, c, #,
F b o ry It
tun SALfc.
r'-HR *u scriber will sell on mode- I
rate teims, the Huu^e mi U
*t the corner oi Jefferson and Fairiix
streets, now occupied by Capt. lie*
menu. The house is well finiiberj
c »nl *ina five sjood rooms besides the
^arrett. has an excellent cellar, kitchru,
out-houses, atui a pump in the yard,
i he Lot is well improved and contrin*
i ia‘f an acre of grouad, extending !2J
■ feet «n Jefferson, and 176 feel on l air*
fax streets. Attached tn it is a goci
frame stable and c&rvbgc hou*t, !
I, D. Simms,
J 11
.Tanuarv H, lJ
Baltimore Packets.
en tf i% f
i(jmmei.it ruling at
Sloop Mechanic,
Capt. Kdiitn, |
\'n» t at Tr-in'»
Wharf, will s-il lor Halt;
pn i:ni|'®,liav,iy**““'t!'
. .o th« C.pta:nor.board.
The Schooner loin
Capt. •Wriff*
Now lying »« li'ttim^r:*
will sail 1™“
Wharf in a le*d-P '•
viil uke freight at the oldest^ * '
• itfts for A.exandci > \\ asuit
i -orgetewn
Tha vbovr TV kels are fb«i *
fast s-iTTiig- vess is -r d itic * u
,re well known, havingior m*nj)
c9« employed in this bu*-BCr *
Feb 18
Independent Clues!^
YOU will (m:ads 10 ^
*iih arms and accou re:«*n * ,ur%
pU e o»dcr at the Cap*^14'*
)n Wednesday ?2d n st a ffl«uns*
A. M. precisely ; being Ii:. . ,iM
mora’.ion of the birth (a> 0 ^4
illustrious father o! eur coun ^^
George WuklngtmJ*
.crs h »i»ell that the M'fi ® , f0 &
'ill on an occasion *<>
feelinss of American
tog their respect tor t «• ^
departed greatness, di*P ^j.iurf
(hat premntitu le, thf*t
splendor of their a™* *.'h
,'ac‘erises the corps dn
caslon den jinds*
lly order. . <$ /,•*•
Jas. Fleming, »tl'
"Feb. 14 ^
Public ?a!c. ^ «
T WILL SELL •« P““"in
£ Ca'h at m 1 «•*%.>
County. on S*W d*f •* llf, •<’
r»v Stock of /fo«« *»' h ctal.+
w irh vc «<»me r»d J* Wr fW 1
'ind ^William 1;‘v y
February 1®*

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