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L—•^esDAY, Mat 28.
, of the ship George
Br ^fn cant. Myrick, at Nantuck-.
Vash'”*'t v;e have information
e:, •>?.“’ .,e,ii erraoean to the la.ter par
foe" in ,he unfortunate affray at
o' Marcu- jjjttepidman belonging to
V*;“’r(}, had been killed, and ano
tie south «» > j ^ American
*er"0,“ d been wounded,but none kil
sesuie1 j ;s un ierstood not to
led i in circumstances calcu
!fdm produce a national dispute. It
bte“ at the American squadron still
gKrfthere; but was to sail for Con
Itffrm AUcant, March 21. for Port
|Sl't Uvin* on Msij. Hall, f»oiu
M ‘‘^despatches from the Spa
JuhGoieromeBt to com. Shaw, probably
?‘v uer to so:r.e communications.
13The V. S. ship Ale-1, capt. Stewart,
., i fr01I1 Gibraltar April 1, for N. Y.
v'1 i,ri*ed at Gibraltar on the «Sd ol
‘•i, h ejs!,t Oats from Mahon—and has
jeteral' officer* iroin our squadron, pas
^rv'ilutch squadron, from the Medi
ter,a„ea»> arrived at Gibraltar the 20th
Boston Palladium.
The fallowing is a copy of th“ circular
^.,,1 |ri)B the Treasury Depat tment ta
ait the collectors of the United Wares.
Treasury rnnert,
March 16, 1316.
1 British vessels arrivi g within toe
pore of the U. States, are to pa no high
Jr or oi her duties or charges than these
payable bj vessels of the United
Articles of the growth, produce or inaou
factareof the European territories of his
Bntaoaic majesty, imported i> British
ves eis. a e to !k admitted to entry, upon
ths pay .entof the same duties a* the ex
U»»s impure upon similar ar ic»es^
iuported in vase s rtf the l nited States.
TV Realization is also to be extended
to all pbrt charges, including an exonera
tion from the charges of light money*,
2. The equalization of the duties and
cuuf^e^ take*' effect at the date of the ra
tification of the convention, which was
ou t .c tld of December* l £15. If, there
fore, you have in any instance, on or .*,t
ter that day, exacted the niton duties *»h
charges upon the entry of British vessels,
or warticles thegrowih, produce or ma
nufacture of his Britannic majesty’s ter
ritories in Europe, imported in British
tele's’; you will be pleased to refund to
the proper party, the difference Between
the alien and the domestic duties and
2. It b proper however, to a id, nega
tively, that the equalizario.of duties auu
charges doe-n t extend to Brito u vessels
and their cargoes, a riving in the ports of
the Unite •: tares from his Britannic ma
jesty* p soe-stons in the West-Indies,
Cod’on toe comiaent of North America,
fcur to ar mies imported in B itisli vessels,
Hole such articles are ot the growth,
prixiiv vr acatiufactuffr'of his Britannic
5Wjbty s territories iu Europe.
■ ■ . . Se xetary of the Treasury.
l0<—, Coiled or of-.
Frftlerirksburgy .Very 25.
1 he Grand Ju-y I>po*Lylvania hav®
feint] hills of Indictment against th®
va. »*r? for neglect of du*y in his office, to
*hich the escape of Bosley is attributed j
a— aga.nst Boxtoy's Wife aiding in the
tscujie, in i'umailing him with the imple
u^utsby which it was effected;
Richmond, Alay, 24.
^ Thursday £i>t, the annual Con
W «»n 0t the Protestant Episcopal
'511 h ol tue siyte «d Virginia met in this
| j-fly t the Capitol, to transact the usual
for the interest A the church.
V-'iar harmoav prevailed iu their deliber
t he Convention rose on Tiiurs*
to meet at V edericksburgon the Is»t
‘Uesday of M&\ next. Divine service
*** he.d at the MoBurr.er. al (. hut ch,
***’? day uririg the session. A ser«
?0:,< us delivered on i nesday by the
i«J'd Mr. Norris of Alexandria, oij
i Cl*n“Sday by the iev\i Mr Rogues,
f 0u Thursday Oy Re\hi Mr. }i ead, ami
?st<rdiy by K.v’d Clark Brow late ol
(N. IB) The report ol the pro
tugs of the convention, together with
t, e !Vort die standing committee and
T.e ““dress ot the Right Rcv'ci Bishop
oure, win 3kortly be published.
A pro^estant c .urch was opened at N
Weans. April 14th. The building is tin
tst proteatoot place of worship, in New
nean*, prubabi> the first n. the btate ol
Charleston. Mav 20.
al- ‘.^iday last an express, a: rived i.
citv to Col. King, commandant oi
w15 f1*111?*1* stating some hostile move
•n ^ of tno*e inlat.atcd beings, am,
}'l afPie?eQJ*ons t>ran attack Oil Fo.
fi.’l\' .**• ^me rumors i ave been a
r,h 'Vll!lln a day., that thi* For
<1?^. ?Hn lw*;:n 5 but the Express arrive
that po^and the most iw
'portant occurenea that had taken place i
was, as far as we can learn, the surpn
.ing and taking prisoners of a few ot ou
[men. This morning two hundred mei
under the immediate command of Capl
Cummings, departed hence for fort Haw
kins, taking with them only a blanke*
and one shifting of cloathes each. Grea
difficulty was found in procuring wag
g.,nsto take on provision for these troops
notwithstanding great offers have been
made. Capt. Bongo’s Company ot Ar
tillery, and Lieut. Commandant Brown
corps of do. are under or ders, to marc)
at an hoar’s notice. Col. Ling, we un
derstand, will also proceed on immedi
Married, on Thu sclay last in George
town, by the Rev. Mr. Balch, Mr. Jacob
Forteney, sen. to Miss Frisz:H(t Uicky.
both cf this p'ace.
\ * A

Pert oF Alexandria.
Entep.ed , .
Schooner Fame, l y nes, Barbadoe9.
Arrived ship Willie! min a, Baxter, 50
da>s from Liverpool ; salt, crates and
'hardware*, to Lawrason and Fowle
! Hugh Smith and Co Nath. W att’es, Pat
ton & Butche jJohn Lloyd, Adam Lynn.
John Johnson, R. Slade and Co. Hie hard
Libby, Lewis Hrpkins and Co. Jus Pat
ton, add J. Yeiby.
Court of Appeals
The Council will set a Court of Ap
peals, at the Council C; amber, on the
jCtli. rth and 8fh days of June nest.
The tax books ' ill be ready for in*
•spectioa afrer Wednesday next/ at the
it e unci l Chamber—Also a list of balan
ces due to the corporation for ta\es on
.real property nil! be at all times open for
the inspection of the public, and of those
persons who mav receive transfers ol pro
perty uoon filch arrearages are unpaid.
I. P. t HOMFSOM. c. c.
May 08 • ddthJune
Me» chants’ Bank Notes
V. ill he received by the subscriber at
a small discount, in payment for Dry
Gmnls at very low prices, if offereu im
David Peabody.
Mar 28
notice! “
THF. partnership of HELD & FOLK,
is this dav dissolved bv mutual consant
— Vil persons indebted to said firm v.ill
make payment to Horace Field, who is
duly authorised to receive the same; and
all "tho>a who hare claims against the
said firm, will present them for pay
Horace Field,
Kieh.ird Rack.
May sr— 28 eoJt
1:^7* The blacksmith's BusincRs will
in future be carried on by H*ch'ivd Fuck .
?xt the old stand, where he will be able to
supply Ins customers and others; and
requests a continuance of their favors—
Having a coflmlete stock ol raw materi
als on hend, he will be abie to execute
any order in his line at very short no ice.
Richard Rock.
May 28 co3t
Horace Fie d,
Requests all those inilebteu to the late
firm of Field and Rock, to come forward
and settle the -amc by note or otherwise:
As a multiplicity of accounts hav« been
long standing, lie hopes those concerned
v ill pay attention to this t iemlly iuvi
Ue has for $o.le,
At his Nail Ua ufactory,
A general assortment of Spike*, Nails.
Bracts and Sprigs, Bar Iro % Hooks.;-nd
Hinges. Locks, and almost every article
in the building line, on reasonable terms
i«r ca-m or short credit.
May 28 _e»3t
To the highest bidder, on a credit of *ix
months, on Saturday next, the 25ih
May. at Wierrs tavern, on the Lees
burg road, near the falls Church—
A smart active. BOY. about ten years
old, and a GlilR about nine—for a term
^f years.
A few barrels of Corn, some houdold
and kitchen Furniture, ij'c. .the proper
ty o( the late Mis. Wren,and sold agree
ably to her will.
John Dulin, Executor
May 22 St*
0CT The sale of ffabove property
■s t^ipooed until Thursday the 30th in
•iHi i*, if fair; if not, the next fair day.
>Hv 28 _
For Philadelphia,
^ie sl*to?tiMtial schooner (\iro
Berick-mn, master. For
* io-ht <»f 300 barrels, please apply to
oe Captain on board ". to
Pbiaeas Jonoev.
May 25 St
i *
On Tuesday evening the 51st inst. a. o
o’clock, will be sold without reserve,
to close a concern, at
Griffith and Brawnev’s Auction
A Variety ol DItV GOODS,
among which ark
Superfine and second cloths and cas
Black and white cambrics
Madipoliara long cicth, and ether
Florence Silks
German i? Irish linens
Jeans & Dimities
Lace3 and Buttons, &c. &c.
May 28tf
Public Sale.
Will be added to this day’s sale, cloths,
cassinets, j ans, ginghams, Marseilles
blue and white yarn, troiii no. 15 to 40
white and coloured thread, suspenders,
combs, button* 4*c.
Z doz. cotton and wollcn reeds, and
two looms.
P. G. Marsteller.
May 23
l'he Cargo of the brig Agenori'a, Cjrel
Martin, master, from Marseilles, con
sisting of
450 cases claret
200 casks dtko
5b ditto muscatel wive
2 ditto Indies’ and gcntlemeii’a
siik hose and cloves
1 ditto ladies’ kid gloves
2- ditto coioi eil lutestrings, a&ssrt
, ed
1 ditto flowered di/to
2 ditto Florence silks
2 ditto colored crapes assorted
1 ditto libbon*
2 ditto iace shawls and handker
4 ditto gertleir.eu's sup. hats, Pa
risian tit
.2 bales Alpxfciidsia senoa
15 bales velvet corks
5 ca^es phials—»
For sale by
Joseph Smith and Son,
cr A do in b, Herbert or Co.
May 28 tf
By schooner Mary and Fiancis, and for
gale bv
Mans, Herbert & Ca.
Fine old Madeira Wiae
f om the houses of J. Howard, March *k
Co. Scott, Pringle, Veitsh and Co.
cj* Murdoch, Vouille, Wardrope and
Co—iu pipes, hall pipes and qua! ter casks
—»vh»ch will be sold at the Madeira price'
and accrui- g charges.
£0 crates Hive, pool ware
60 boxes citron*
May 23 . tf.
French Goods.
The C \RGO of the Schooner Brothers
Return, M*Knight, master, from Mar
seilles, consisting of
300 cases Claret
100 casks ditto, 52gallons each
50 cases Viu de Grave
25 ditto Hermitage j
6 pipes oil prowl Brandies
Soft shelled almonds
Smyrna Fijj*
t llberts
5(J boxes Prunes
24 cases I Hives
24 do. Anchovies
12 do. Capers
5 case;- Manna in flakes
I ca^ blue Yitn.l
3 baies Alexandria Senna
500 reams writing paper assorted
1.0 bales Wrapping do.
! French lawns assorted#
! Siik stockings
Do. Purses
Ditto gloves, ladies and gentlemen’s,
Kid and castor ditto,, do. do.
Florence silk assorted
Sewing silk
4 cas s crape?, assorted colours
224 fancy baskets
75 boxes clarified soap
Perfumery, an assort rent,
Is offer edfor sale on accommodating j
| terms, Ly
Adams, Herbert 17 Co.
May 28 tt
liichard Libby
Respectfully informs* that by the Oce-(
Ian, Heliiorn, and Wiiheimina. he hasj
!received upwards of 20 b packages o::
Ihard anil soft Mare, which he will set.,
I low. Among the Inst importation ho!.us,
j75 boxes of Tin Plate, anil grain and1
g ass Scythes, fie has again received a
letter from his unknown Friend NLf li~,
XP, liut conceives it to be &o much infe
rior u> bis former beautiful Piece, arid
'tor which he tenders him his thanks ;—
that he rnii't decline publishing it. or else
both would be considered As ASSkN.
bhy 28 ?*
> ■ . *
An invoice of 25,729. feet of the fir-1
quality St. Domingo Mahogany, fct cm:
or a short credit, for undoubted pape
—about one half Venerine—It it m n<
sold at private sale, we shall seii t
>ame in lots on Friday the 31st 'May i’
stant, at 10 o’clock.
May 25_ . ^
Orphans' Court,
Alexandria County, May Term, 1816.
Ordered, that the administratrix <>»
Joseph Myers, deceased, do inse.t tin
following advertisement three times in tin
Alexandria newspapers.
A copy. Test,.
A. MOORE, Reg’r.
Tills is to ^ive Notice,
That the subscriber, of Alexandria
countv in the District of Columbia, has
obtained from the Orphans’ Couit of said
county, letters of administration on the
personal estate of Joseph Myers, late o)
the county aforesaid deceased ; all per
sons having claims against the said dece
dent, are hereby warned to exhibit the
same with the vcucl ers, to the subscriber,
passed bv the Orphans’ Court, on or be
fore the 25th dav *.f November next, ox
jthev may by law be excluded from all be
•nefit to saic estate ; and those indebted
thereto, are requested to make immedi
ate pay me lit.
Given under mv hand this 25th day of
May 1316.
rally Myers,
Adminisbatrix of Joseph M>ers.
Mav 25 ‘ 3t
i _ - , _—_
The Cargo
Of the British sch *oner Agenoria, capt
Tyne*, from Rarbadoes, consisting of
72 hhds. Masco vado 3 a gars
41 puncheons rum
1244ihds. molasses
: 19 baj;* ginger
2 i ase» > \rt*ow roots
4 caxks ^
W ill be landed to-morrow, and is for
Jduui5, Herbert i? Cd.
May £3 _
Columbian Ice House.
The Proptietors ot the C dumbian Ice
House, propose commencing the delive
ry ot ICE cm the first of the ensuing
month upon the following terms, viz.
For six dollars, 100 tickets will be de
livered to each subscriber, and such tick
et will entitle the hi Idcr to six pounds
of Ice—about halt a peck—one of which
may be presented daily, cr in any other
manner or number that may be prefer
red .
KT Should the season exceed 100
'dttys, no objection will be made to extend
ing it tu as long a time, us the weather may
■require, or the ice last, voithov.t addition
cd charge.—It will be deiivctcd from
.-uniise till sunset every day, excepting
l-irstdays (Sundays) »*n v\]^p^day9 it will,
li'ii doliveied tro«n sunrise tin 9 o’clock in j
hb- morning: transient customers can bc(
supplied at the rate ut 75 cents per bush-,
i. Having found it inconvenient a~d
t oub’esoine tocaii upon every subscriber;
jat the end * t the season for the amount
of subscription we propose as an indizpeu*
sable requisite that the amount be paid in
advance. The convenience & comfort de
rived from having ice during the hear of
our summers if it were only to cool a pitch
er cf water w«*uid be well worth th* price
proposed in situations, where good w'ater
is not always to be obtained fiesh at the
moment it may be wanted, but when to
these are added the advantage of preserv
ing meat, butter, milk, &c. which may be
done by a simple contrivance, and at a
trifling expense it certainly an object
worthy the attention of every family.
Apply to
Fairfax street, or
lUviiAKii II. LITRE, j
King street.}
Mav 25. eo7t
For Sale of Hire,
A Blacksmith. who has commanded a
forge for 5 or 6 years. He is a young
man of great bodily strength, and good
dispositions. I will not sell him out of
the state of Maryland. Persons willing
to purchase or hire will apply to
Frederick D. Mone,
Pori Tobacco, Maryland.
May 8 eoGwi
iVolic Sale.
In pursuance of two several decrees
pronounced by the county court of Fair
fax, sitting as a court of chancery in soil
depending therein with Wiliam ami Sa
muel Simmons,complainants, and Eliza
beth lTaro pet, defendant,
T iie subscribers, two of the cominis- i
sioi.ei 3 therein named, on Monday the 3d
of June next, at 11 o’clock will proceed W
'■ell at public auction on the premises, on t.
a credit of six months, a certain Pit of .
laud situated, lying and being iu the said
county ol Fairfax, on the north side of
the Little River Turnpike Road, neat
the town ot Mexandria, and immediate
lv opposite the Cameron Mills, being the (
hd of which Ktimbeth Simnions, late of \
,aitl county died seized. The purchaser
to give bond and security to satisfaction
til the commissioners.
Thomas Wilson, ,'
• Samuel Summei h *
Commissioners. ;
Fairfax, May 6 sets
! Public ?aie.
"* i^KS subscribers win sell* on Tups*
day. the second day of July next*
fair; if aot, the next fair day thereat*
*r, it) pursuance of tlx decrees of the
•unty dou»t of Fairfax, in ilie suit of
agruder and Washington against John
uke—at public sale, tor ready money*
. ,,e whole. Or so much of that Tract ct
and situate in Fairfax county on the
ji’tbsidc cl the road leading front Alex
indr a Lee«i> »rg, on which the said
ohn 'Luke resided, as will raise the sum
,f elev en hundred 6c ninety-five pounds
. our shillings and five pence, with inte*
rest thereon from the 10th of September
1793, until the day of sale, and the costs
of the suit and sale—which fend is sit**
ttc about seven miles from Alexandria
and a short distance above the place
.vfeere the turnpike road leading from
the Potomac bridge strikes the road from
Alexandria to Leesburg. The quantity
of iaiid is estimated at about 588 3-4 a
cres. There is on it a two story framed
Dwelling House not in very good repair,
and some out-houses. Mo deed will be
made uiuii the purchase money is paid*
Edmund l. Lee*
Hobt. I. Taylor,
Richard RatcliSe.
May 15 eots
• • •• • • * »,
— - — man _i. m* • - ~»tm » ■ . * — —n—
A great Bargain in Land.
\W7 ISHIMG to remove to the West*
y f ern Country, I will sell the
FARM on which I reside, containing a
bout 370 acres f Land, of the very first
quaipy, a large proportion of which is
well timbered and is now in a good state
of cultivation from the use of clover and
piaister for manv years, and no land ia
(the county can lay more beautifully for
farming. It is within three quarters of
a mile of Mr. Lewis's elegant mill Llit
toil, and the turnpike road leading from
Ashby’s Gap to Alexandria will pass
within five miles of it.
1 wiil take in na*t for the above pro
perty a tract of good Bottom l aud on
i«he Kenhawa or Ohio river. Any per
son wishing to purchase, can see the an<Ji
and know the teimsby application to
t* e subset iber. or in his absence to Mr.
Cuthbert Powell, who lives near the
1 homas W. Powell,
Loud un. April 1C—9.5 eo£m
rg~»E subscriber respectfully inform#
the Ladies & Gentlemen of Alex
andria and its vicinity, that his IiJlTpl
HOUSE (on the alley adjoining the fl Ae*
atre and opposite the City Hotel,) is ne.vt
open, and will be kept in complete ordef
tiii the first ol October, where Warm U
Cold Baths may be had at any time iu '
the day and until 9 o’clock at nigfit.-^
His terms are 8 10 each tor subscribers*
(payable in advance, and no tickets is
sued till the subscription i?> paid) or 50
cents for a single Bath. ,
Two separate Baths are kept exclu*
eiveiy for Ladies, who will please come
in at the alley adjoining Mr. Fairfax's
House on Hoval street—And Gentlemen
a.c particolaily requested to ccn.e in at
that adjoining the. Theatre. .
Ihoinas Shields.
May 11 eotf
For Sale,
A valuable Tract of Land, lying ia
Loudoun c.unty, containing 600 acre*.
It lies on a large stream called Broad
Run, by vvhiab it is bounded for three
quarters of a mile, and which furnishc3
water for the use of a farmer. The soil
is of the best red slate kind, well knowa
to be the next best to the limestone soil,
being fertile, and when worn out easily
to bo improved by all manures $ especi
ally by the Plaister of Pari*, which is.
known to act with great effect on sucfc
soil—1 />(> acres are heavily timbered
with the finest wood of oak, hickory,
150 acres lie on t'^ side of the abore
Darned Hun. and being neb low land,
are well calculated for meadow. This
larivl produces good crops of corn and
small grain, and is particularly excel
lent grass land,, which as it is near good
bee! markets, alone renders it valuables
There is a thriving apple orchard on the
land and the fences are good.
t/The land would be divided if it should
be wished, it is 25 or 60 miles from
Vlexandria and Georgetown, & 2 miles
from the i ublic road leading from Lees*
burg to Alexandria.
The terms of sale are in ode raff—Ihej
will he made known a* any time by
Richard }L Ret,
near Lacsburg, Loudoun ( otmty.
May 2 3taw2ui
%* The subscriber intending to re*
move, will f'i.er the ftbove Tract ol Land
it public side, on the 20th of June, it
• mt previously disposed of at private
»nle. H. IL L.
F<u* Sale,
Seven! 1 vali*able Mouse* and Lots it)
‘ iocan^ria — al*o, between 7 and a
-re- of heavily timbered Lard the vi
-initv of the town—likewise, 1 id’.u braa
Insurance Stock, and Lire lntu tn<* ^
ttOCk. , y \ • #
: The Notes of any flr.nk in the dutox*
xili be taken in payment.
^1AtoMuitr ax«*«
Ma; 25 5*

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