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i . Hew to the Line. - . c :-'
' - . - -J " T
Vol. L
No. 10.
NRxrTuesday.Nov. 5, 1894, will
bean eventful day for Utah. It
will be ike battle ground of a con--test
of ballots; and not only will
all the people of this fair common
wealth wait the result with intense
interest, but the eyes of the whole
nation will watch the termination
of the straggle with deep concern.
Utah is a name of histronic im
portance throughout the civilised
world, aad a change in her situation
will be marked by all observers.
We as a people are about to secure
the birthright of statehood, and by
our vote determine the policy of the
:new state government. As this
-frill be the last issue of the Broad
Ax prior to the election, we desire
-to briefly sum up the case before
submitting it to the decision of the
-people. One thins all must feel
gratified over, and that is, this
campaign has been fought with an
absence of personalities. The voters
can act freely from. pure, motives,
and as to the preference of those to
rule over us, can be, and should be
decided upon the principles they
Tepresent and their qualifications.
The principles of the leading par
ties are pretty wall understood,
and need sot he reiterated here.
As to the candidates for the various
offices, we claim the Democratic
party have given the .people a
splendid ticket to "support. John
T. Came for Governor is a broad
minded, brainy man, of large ex
perience m public. aftairs in Utah,
and if elected will Bake a model
Governor. O&the other hand Jar.
Welk may "be a pleasant gentleman,
but he a young man without any
experience in pnblic matters, aad it
would be a dangerous experimeat
to entrust the ship of state to an
inexperienced pilot.
Hoa. B. H. Roberta is so maeh
the superior of C. E. Allen, thai a
comparison seems odious. .Roberts
is hrillnat, gemal and boMtt.te ih
-core, whik AHea is dull, haaghty
aad heloags to the "ward jwKtkiaa
school It as sake no mistake
in this mpciat efiee. JLebarss
shoehi.reprMt'Utah iu CcfMM
by afl ww, As to the balaaW
-of the SUte tieb, the pwtoasel of
-c jseaMMtasac
above 3bat3Etbe
Staffer the
it eoam, tothe Joiarj, hidi foc
tfce-aaaiasae aad thud -district
ia?dttiT tWTU nrtrtZ-'t----f '"' '
.jaogw, isAJJMSoenttMMft . Beea
to the veiaer mm w4 wall
" . H"- ". 1 ' i -v " fc - r.
thi iwhsot if al iiiiiii ami
neither worn out, superanuated
men, nor young upstarts who have
had no practice or experience he
fore the courts. Do not blot the
fair name of Utah by electing such
men as. ths Republican nominees in
this district.
If the people of Utah desire such
typical Americans aa J. Jj. Rawlins
and Moses Thatcher tcv go to the
U. S. Senate, then to te for all the
Democratic candidates lor thelegk-
lature. Should the Republicans
elect the legislature, the chances
are that IkeTrumbo and his barrel
would be one of the Senators, and
such an accident would cause all
good people of the new state to
hang their heads, in. shame.
done in the city, hobos and strang
ers from abroad will be imported to
do it The motto of the Demo
crats is: "Salt 'Lake workmen for
Salt Lake work." Therefore, be
sure and vote for the entire Demo
cratic city ticket, and thus vote for
your own interest and beaefit.
Fay no attention to any rumor or
circular that may appear on the
day of election. Such things are
invariably untrue, and are put out
simply to deceive voters. If the
Democracy and the better class of
Republicans will pull together, and
vote their honest sentiments, No
vember 5th will be a day of victory
for honest government and reform.
Det every man do his duty.
itoanaaar M far
.UBPf !ff"PtMjt
j-rHT-U -wtrJj&mMfc- '- wt'T.
TTm E?iaajjfrMMaaaaaaaaaaaaMatfj"IKi.' P ' w!33SBaaaav
?SS2iJtii3SaBBBBBBBBw!iSPv -WvMff93maa:
33 tmBBt jtv" TfcLjBaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaSjBaLiSm cffc jBaaBsfiiBsBBBl
BKW' BBBBBHslOfl9& "'kmsH
aJfliBBH &swmmM
SKjEr BamiiiiiiiiiiaiiBiiiiiiiiiiimiiH
gentlomoa and their ladies graced
the occaeioa; among the many we
mention: Goveraor TVest, Judge
Cherry, Dr. Hudson, AC. E, Mulvey,
J. yr. Hamm, Mr. and Mrs. R. C.
Savage, Mrs. Dr. Ellen B. Ferguson
and daughter, Mrs.Step hen B. New-
man and daughters, Mr. and Mrs.
A. Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Penrose,
Mrs. Silver, H. H. Vo,R.B. John
son, H. DarhaavFred Johnson, Mrs.
Carter, Mrs. A. Xove, VT. W. Tay
lor, Editor TVilson of the Western
Recorder, R. Huston, W. "H. Mur
ray, Albert Grice, Mr. and Mrs.
J. W. Dent, John-R. Simpson, Mr.
and Mrs. E. Hatfield, P.TV. Jack
son, Mr. and Mrs. A. Parks, Mr.
and Mrs. Powell, Mrs. Jennie
Lyons, W. H. Banks, Ed. Washing
ton, B. R. Tyler, Mr. and Mrs.
Sadler, and many others.
It was quite well demonstrated
that the Broad Ax has many read
ers and supporters among the
colored people, as they turned out
en masse, and were enthusiastic in
their praise of the course pursued
by this paper. A large number of
the boys will vote their first Demo
cratic ticket at this election.
The editor returns his thanks to
all who honored him by their at
tendance, and in the gratitude' of
his heart will treasure up the mem
ory of the luad. words given him,
aa long as life endures. There was
no color line drawn on this occa
sioa. The gallant Kentucky gover
nor and other white gentlemen and
their ladies, mingled wkh each
other and with the vast throng of
colored ladies and gentlemen, with
out aay discrimination. Such is
the "new Democracy."
With Tefereace to the city lickei, BANQUET AND RECEPTION
it is a qaostipaof both mm mA MJfi JBKUAU aa."
atesure. Asa saaa, Fraak Am-j Thk G. A.R. hall wasw ell filed
aa mayor, js-agiaat,m last night by the friends and wall
wishes of the. Boab Ax, it beiag
the ooeaaioa of our Banquet aael
Heceptiea. v
A large ad aitaative amdkace
lwteoed to-.ihe adaresa from ,the
editor, aatitk The New Dma
eraey," .
AfW the apoaehiram Mr.-TayW,
wwie, aaas;aiEMr
e4 whieh was faW aHiary
ooe praeevt aBma8-;toeisjgy .'the
OMM)MrMHi M'k TMf )Ml toit
UtWrV jFR !WiWmH JNkr
iiBwisrhijwi -a; .aaaft agqfcwhtiSr
eempansoa with the pigmy, Glea
fliwhing: md an tnthr mrafrnm or
poiiey whtth wSl most likely be
pi by eaoh.it is io the ie
eaied jaatwat .otlw-khoriga
t . " T- J t j '
fmitldfim immk.
T-t- t k.j m . C r" --m "S
Dwioirsc ;aakiyJ UAet. "Hi
smmirftrili W wisiol
-4?.- 3iIj-. t '
"that it"biheeeair
-!-.-.-. - - a. ..- - C
ItO WttMOMMiaUM of
.- trJ" - -i- .j-
-as rTam-iflracscr
-j- ,'.- i - . E - " --.
!?'- f iC rT ' afa Vl a." "
tifc f: Jt Vaas vte W- aafiaM b I smmk to' Jb
jn.-w-jjt'.'.f-.M j. - T". i Mt' rf'-t . "- -
- ' - rr t, - "-! Tr"V-Ti-w '
aay paMW-wnc, w-aaae
0ce Thk . Losak Pascufcr
Loqax, Oct. 31st; 1895.
TAe Breaa' r, Sell Lake Ciy. :
-Grtifeawf. Your iavitatioR'to
atteaithereeeption aad baaqaetio
be givaa hjrtheBaoAB Ax oa Priday
eveaing, Ke beforer aw. I asaan
you I appreciate, the honor Jeea-
f erred by the iavkafeea. . aad. ;tba&X
am very sorry mymaayaaues ac ;:
this time will apt permit me "to be
- I applaud the spirit e the eatsr-
'ariee'ae I deem it oa el the batT
.ways ofpreaaotiag social aad polite
ical frieadshrp. Maa's dkagraa:
meats aad mama onaa jaaatt
from, hak oL aaiaaUadiatr .that
paid oartawly be bad -dC they.
waakloalv eoater-iocetaac-ahaiar.
it iiik .m 'Mtrr Miur W mmb' i
S .-' ' - . i --. W. -TV ,- IM1
3K-T3E? ',W. w.V -.-;rS
- J" J. v
-' ' v
- .-3l
- tf- " -1
. 3 . -A?
. frt5ib&-? " - At
U- : -
-- STE-I- -, V .In-,
IF L ,SKZ v.

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