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" - " - v - :-f? - -
.-5ssr- ? -f.
Xl?e Broad fa
'wm vTOnlt and at all times uphold
tk t TvrfnrJnlea of Dftmocracv, but-
bmen, Catholics, Protestants, Kilghts
of Labor, Iafldela, Mormona, Republicans,
PriMts, or any oneelae can have their say,
m loag ai their Unpuage is proper and
reepoxuibuity is fixed.
Thk Broad Ax is a newspaper whose
platform is broad enough for all, ever
claiming the editorial right to speak its
own mind. , . . .
Local eommnnications will have atten
tion; write only on one side of the paper.
One Year. - - - SfOO.
Six Month. LS"
Three Months, - -
In any quantity at the following Bates:
One Hundred, - jJ-OO.
Five Hundred, - . 12.50-
One Thousand, - - 'MSr
Single Copies, - . - .Oo.
Advertising rate made known on appli
cation. p&- Address all Communications to
60 Main Street,
Salt Lake City, Utah.
Publisher and Editor.
SnUred ai
Post Office
as second-class
Thanksgiving Day.
turkey if you please.
Pass the
When Got. West returns, the
contest between the Tribune and
the governor, will be short and de
cisive; You bet, the old "Trib."
can't control the governor.
The Republicans will be thankful
that they won, the Democrats, that
it was no worse, the Populists, that
they made small gains. And every
body will be thankful that the
election is over, and all can take a
The young rising attorney, oE Salt
Lake City, H. A. Smith, says: "Every
true Democratic maa or woman in
Utah should read the Broad Ax'
We could fill columns with this sort
of reading, but space forbids.
Wb publish, this week, several
letters from Salt Lake and else
where, from prominent men, all
breathing a spirit of encourage
ment and commendation for the
work of the Broad Ax. In addi
tion to these we daily receive words
of kindness, and of tubilantial aid
from many of our friends..
Opposite Thxatrk.
The editor extends thanks to
Bishop Burton, for the large con
signment of fish, placed at our
disposal for the benefit of the de
serving poor. Tney were distri
buted among the needy, and many
a heart breathed a prayer of grati
tude to the kind hearted and
thoughtful bkhep. Such aiea are
a blesaiag to any community
Tax Uaioa Pacific Railroad k a
corker. Salt Lake City now has a
fast train to Chicago, a regular
flyer or cannon ball. Thk will be
a big thiag for oar city; and we owe
our thanks largely to David E.
Barley the Gen. Agt. of the U. P.
Mr. Barley is oae of the foremost
xaikead w ia the west, and k
doiag everrthiBg ia hk power to
adraafee the iataresta of the people
an4 traVafcag fwblic
UAacTt-x, the Sagas satirist,
oaoe said of thk eoiktry, "Aaaeriea
k 'a ooaatry of thirty aiLUoss of
aeofle, aioitly 'fitftr Coeld he
Tiatt these Mores bow m aeea aot
change hk statement except as to
thenumher. The biggest fools on
earth are those who are constantly
kicking about hard times, and yet
go up to the polls regularly every
year, and vote to make times
harder. Such fellows would tire
the patience of Job.
The Diamond is twenty-five per
cent, better than any other vx)al in
the market.
J. W. Whitihead, Jr., Aot.,
10 W. Second South.
Telephone 608.
The editor of the Broad Ax had
the pleasure and honor of an inter
view with Manager Babcock and
Passeneer Aeent Wadleieh, this
week. These gentlemen are sup
porters and friends of thk paper,
and are also away up in railroad
circles. The Rio Grande Western
k growing in popularity daily, un
der their skillful handling. It k
fast becoming the favorite route for
passengers and freight in the West.
Hon. Geo. W. Thatcher is a
vkitor in our city this week, attend
ing to his official duties, as a mem
ber of the Utah Commission. The
gentlemen, as well as his talented
brother, Hon. Moses Thatcher have
extended their congratulations to
the editor of the Broad Ax on the
address "The New Democracy."
Both of these gentlemen are readers
and firm supporters of our paper.
See their ad. which appears in
another column.
In 1892 the people "jumped out
of the frying pan into the fire."
In 1894 they jumped out of the
fire into the frying pan. In 1895
the people of a large portion of the
country jumped out of the frying
pan into h 1. Where they will
jump next thk deponent saith not.
Lane Co. Ore. Broad Axe,
Out thk way a good many of
these jumper have made their last
jump. They have gone so deep into
pureatory that they will never
wiggle again in the political pan
The rustling real estate dealer
and genial gentlemen, J. W. Hamm,
has recently opened up a branch
office at Mercur, where he will be
prepared to handle mines and real
estate to the very best advantage to
all parties. Mr. Hamm k one of
"God's noblemen," and is a clear
headed, honest business man be
sides. The Broad Ax wishes him
success in thk new field as he
richly deserves. The new town of
Mercur will be greatly benefitted
by the location of such men.
Brother W. W. Taylor has resur
rected the Plain Double Dealer and
proposes to "hang on to the willows"
a while longer. Among a lot of
senseless twaddle last week, he says
"he has the names of all the colored
men who voted and worked for the
Democratic ticket in the Fifth Pre
cis ct." If he has, he has got a
list of very respectable persons.
What his purpose k, he does aot
state. Perhaps he means that they
are to be spotted; if so, we would
kindly .suggest that the gentleman
himself better "take heed test he
fall." Yoar Alack Iht will never
do yon any good, bat may become
abooauraag. Remember Hamaa
was haaged on hk own gallows.
Tax cofedeaned aaaa Thiede, aow
awaitiag execatioa ia the peaiten
tiary, k the sabjeet of iaterest with
assay oa the streets, and evea sobk
t tae city aewapapers nave ex
pressed their feeliags toward thk
aaaa. There seems to be no wtv or
asercy exhibited ia Lk case, bat all
w- x
Manufacturers of the Finest Brands of
Whole Wheat
Baker's Choice
All Kinds of Mill Products.
Big pSplf
& Ask for
& and take
fr no other.
Finest Breakfast Food
in the Market.
The Lowest Prices quoted.
spirit of vengeance. He may be
guilty of the crime charged; we
know not. But even if he is, now
is the time when the professing
Christians, and minkters of Jesus,
should emulate the example of the
man of Gallilee, and visit and com
fort thk condemned raan, now
standing on the edge of hk open
grave, it unnsuauuy is true, una
runermea'i Queer Wj.
Fishermen have queer customs. A
few years ago the fishermen of Preston,
Lancashire, used actually to go fishing
on Sunday. It seems incredible, but
they did. A clergyman of the town used
to preach against this Sabbath desecra
tion and pray that they might catch no
fish. And they did not I But they found
out how to make his prayers of no avaiL
The fishermen used to make a little
effigy of the parson in rags and put this
small ' gny "up their chimneys. White
man has an immortal soul, and yet Mg reverence was slowly smoked and
the preachers of the gospel seem as
anxious to hurl the .soul of thk
poor victim into perdition, as the
ungodly. We have been informed
that no spiritual comforter has yet
asked permission to see thk man,
and if possible save hk immortal
part from hell fire. Comment k
We desire to call attention of the
business men of the city, to our list
of readers and supporters. If you
want your businesi known by the
public, put an advertisement in the
Broad Ax, and it will benefit you.
The class of people we have for
patrons are of the very best in the
community. A word to the wise is
consumed, the fish bit like anything !
London Fishing Gazette.
Logwood is the marrow of a peculiar
tree in the West Indies. It is shipped in
long, thick pieces of firm, heavy, dark
red wood. T.t is split up and moistened
by water or add for use.
It appears to be quite certain that
there will be a shortage in the pepper
mint crop.
The Influence or Pen!.
To understand the relation of Mussul
man rule to religions and intellectual
freedom wo must note the influence of
the conquest of Persia an the Arab
mind. When the invaders took the cap
ital city of Khosru, they did not know
the value of booty. Some offered to ex
change gold for silver, and others mis
took camphor for sulphur. They came
like Bwarms of half starved locusts to
devour the land. They were banditti of
the desert, with no culture but the in
spiration of the plans. The only idea rf
government in these tribes was the
leadership of age and valor, as repre
sented in the sheik, with a natural mix
ture of hereditary respect. On the death
of Mohammed they broke into rebellion.
Islam really came on the world like a
fierce descent of desert clans on their foes.
Mohammed's ideal of government
was just to send his goveraors through
Arabia to establish Islam and then to
collect tribute from the poor in camels
and sheep; also as plunder to meet the
expense of his caapaiga. Under these
circumstances it was an absolute neces
sity for the founders of the Humlmaa
empire in the east to adopt in the main
the financial and administrative experi
ence of their more cultured subjects.
Arable Bases, cwtoaw, language, rites.
yeaeirated the empire, but ander their
external forms appeared the native
ideas and method. Persiaaa were the
leaders sad sfeapera of lalaarie saltan.
The simple Arabs learned of these
larger braiaa and acre ssosaoag firing
inatku, static, architecture, sealntare.
peikeepay, wiae aad Sae apaareL Per
aUas were the real f oaaders aad teach
ers -of the great acaaeaiio class aad
school. Tohnioafr "Odeawl Seli-
At CrawfordsviUe, lad., ia the saai
ef le there WMfcnw --
aad aaghwerau. The u'.wm.
eat eyes aad tu afeoat twa faebw Icmg.
lor hoaae oonaaaiaUuu aad W-
ier wostora states ku Lmut
desire hk execution ia z) krg acloc HfWW
In Oil Painting and
Art Needle Work
Trs. J. p. Jaylor, Irtist,
Student of the Chicago Art Institute
Studio No. 110 Main St.
Toys, Dolls and Fancy Goods, in fact
everything for
In great variety, at lowest
prices, at the
227 ail ib !ui:M3 in S1.
Clething , Furnishing Goods, etc.
Wiscomb & Co ,
The heat pkee for Family Supplies.
226 State St.. handles all
kinds of New and Second Hand Goods.
Adolph Hauerbach,
170 State St, Salt Lake City.
Satisfcctiaa Gaaraateed
Utah Poultry and
Produce Oomweeion Go.
ta'W.'FMtT WttTH ST..
wamw l. rsxx, yiBtgw.

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