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Their tU Bef ote the Saying That a G.
nlus Shouldn't Marry.
Thomas A. Edison has been married
Krice To his two wives he owes con
siderable of his success as the greatest
living Inventor and the greatest In
ventor that ever lived. They looked
after his health and physical welfare,
enabling him to retain that vigor with
out which he could not stand the strain
fluv after day In his laboratory.
without a wlnt of sleep, says the New
York Press.
Twenty-two years ago Edison's
friends urged him to marry, hoping
that domestic life would compel him
to eat at least one meal a day and
sleep with some regard to regularity.
Edison said lie had no time to court,
but if some decent girl wanted to mar
ry him he had no objections. One day
while watching a young woman who
was working one of his Instruments
and to whom he never before had
spoken, he asked her, somewhat anx
iously, if she would be his wife. She
said yes, and In three days they were
married, though he came near forget
ting the hour for the ceremony, being
busv on a complex machine.
Walter P. rbillips has been quoted
as telling this story of Edison: One
night a friend of the Inventor found
him In his Newark laboratory and
went In, saying: "Aren't you going
home, Tom? It's late."
-How late?" said Edison, yawning.
"About one o'clock," returned his
"Is that so?" exclaimed Edison. "By
George, I must go home. I was mar
ried this morning."
By his first marriage Edison had
three children Thomas, 'William and
Marion. The last two were nicknamed
by their father Dot and Dash, and Dot
has clung to Marion even In her days
of early womanhood. She is well edu
cated, and has spent some time in
The second Mrs. Edison was MI pa
Mlna Miller, daughter of Lewis Miller
of Akron, Ohio. Lewis Miller, besides
tdng the founder and early financial
Backer of the Chautauqua assembly,
is a rich manufacturer and an Inventor
of some note. To his daughter Edison
was married In Febrauary, 1SS0. They
have had two children, Madeline and
Charles. When Edison spends whole
days at a time in his laboratory, Mrs.
IMison goes to him, sleeping on a cot
near his work bench. She is a good
pianist and is well read. She Is young
and fine looking, has dark eyes and
hair, and Is of a vivacious disposition.
How to Grow 40 Cent Wheat.
Salzer's Fall Seed Catalogue tells
you. It's worth thousands to the wide
awake farmer. Send four-cent stamps
for catalogue and free samples of
grains and grasses for fall cowing.
John A. Salzer Seed Co., LaCrosse,
A Boston dispatch announces that ex-Governor
Kussell's father repudiates the Chicago
Slatfonn. As the old gentleman hag been
ead and buried for several years tma la Im
portant. "Does God ever make bluffs, ma?" "Cer
tainly not." "Well. He makes mountains
and precipices, doesn't He?"
Gladness Comes
11 7UV Tin4fA iAeTi?YifT ftT f.riA
' transient nature of the many phys
ical ills, which vanish before proper ef
forts gentle efforts pleasant efforts
rightly directed. There is comfort in
theaiowledge, that so many forms of
sickness are not due to any actual dis
ease, bnt simply to a constipated condi
tion oi the system, which the pleasant
family laxative. Syrup of Figs, prompt
ly removes. That is why it is the only
remedj. with millions of families, and is
everywhere esteemed so highly by all
who value good health. Its beneficial
effects are due to the fact, that it is the
one remedy which promotes internal
cleanliness without debilitating the
organs on which it acts. It is therefore
all important, in order to get its bene
ficial effects, to note when yon pur
chase, that you have the genuine arti
cle, which is manuiacturec: by the Cali
fornia Fig Svrup Co. only and sold by
all reputable druggists.
If in the enjoyment of good health,
and the system is regular, laxatives or
other remedies are then not needed. If
afflicted with any actual disease, one
niay be commended to the most skillful
Physicians, but if in need of a laxative,
one should have the best, and with the
well-informed everywhere, Syrnp of
Figs stands highest and is most largely
nsed and gives most general satisfaction.
The Greatest fledical Discovery
of the Age.
Has discovered in one of our common
pasture weeds a remedy that cures every
kind of Humor, from the worst Scrofuk
down to a common Pimple.
He has tried it in over eleven becked
cues, and never failed except in two cases
(both thunder humor). He has now in his
possession over two hundred certificates
of its value, all within twenty mfles of
Boston. Send postal card for book.
A benefit is always experienced froffl
the first bottle, sud a perfect cure k war
ranted when the right qaanthy is takes.
When the lungs are affected K cwms
shooting pains, like needles psssiaff
through them; the same with the Liver
or Bowels. This is caused by the ds
being stopped, and always disappears la a
a after taking it ReuHhe tabeL
the stomach Is foul or baks k w
cause squeamish feelings at &st
nO Chanrf r.f Hixf mw i n u lat
Fl ,7m Mm SmWF
the best you caj get, wd eragk flf st
Artist Rtm
"y wm. Bayfieie.
JS?V tato toe wondered
Why he had been bom. Yearsago.be
na the modesty which had repelled
SSLI of h . there had
wonM JT8 ttmt one da? the world
lis Latrr' when a PIcta
1SJS tb0 favor ot tt "aemy
IS? aDd CriUc flUed a Un y
.ak'ng of iWUp Kelde,g worfc J
Sof nMs sood ma to
come, the dream seemed to evolve to
ward materialization.
Soon, however, he discovered that he
had overestimated the importance of
these things. This was four years
after. He had two dingy rooms In an
up town office building.
During those four years Kelde en
deavored to foUow up his success.
HV?dy. howevt'r. would buy or ex
unv ,h'8 P,rtV And because he
kicked fortune but yet desired tollve,
bo manufactured "old masters" for a
scoundrelly sixth aienue dealer, till
the fraud and the low pay disgusted
' V011 be turacd aaln to the work
of his love which was altogether too
ambitious to be sucoosful.
It bad taken hlui till now to recog
nize the futility of his attempts to
t-vik with the four or live noted artiste
or the day without patiently climbing
t2 ladder rung by rung. He called
himself a stupid ass, and the acknowl
dgmeiit of a fault being half way to
refonr velde forthwith grew saner.
Ho i. cd aside a large, half-ttnish-td,
mythological scene, and applied
himself to an unpretentious one-flgure
, which, because be could not sell, be
cursed. The curses ceased when he
recalled to mind the model whom the
KIcture represented, for he respected
'ellio Dwining. She was his only
comforter. She always encouraged by
words of praise, when most he needed
them, and that with no sordid object,
for she hnd refused employment In
Quarters where payment was larger
and prompter in order to pose for
Kelde. He did not unuerstand why,
Hind man that he wn
He was exivuuig Nellie, as usual,
en this particular morning. He bad
teen working moodily, brooding with
puckered brow over his professional
r.on-success, when a heavy, hollow
thud in the letter box was followed
almost Immediately by the entrance of
tCe janitor with a bulky brown paper
packet A moment later he was smiling
ghastly at the rejected black-and-wbito
work which was the form of
art that kept the pot warm for him.
"Your work, which I have been sorry
to eee deteriorating of late, is, I re
gret to say, quite below our standard
tbii month," the accompanying noto
explained a note from the managing
editor 6T a popular magazine, for
which he had made several acceptable
So even his bread and butter threat
ened to cease. It was especially awk
ward Just now, when the identical Jan
itor who had brought In the letter had,
that very morning, brought him, for
the third rime, a bill for back rent
Kelde threw the drawings aside and
placed himself In the arm-chair. His
throat seemed to grow dry suddenly,
and his temples to throb with a dull
ache. All inclination to work was
gone. He plunged Into a fit of mental
What was the use of living If he
could not sustain life by the art he
loved so well? Bad enough It had been
for years, living from hand to mouth,
but now he cast a rueful glance at
the returned drawings even this scant
privilege was to be denied him.
Almost Involuntarily he counted the
little money he hnd seventeen cents.
The prospect loomed blankly before
him. For the next ten minutes be at
tacked the question of whether life
was worth living, and then It bad not
an affirmative leg to 6tand on. He
reached out to his tobacco Jar an J
found It empty. The Immediate In
vestment of ten cents In tobacco, al
though It showed that he had money
to burn, also showed that his educa
tion in domestic economy bad been
Badly neglected. As he was silently
smoking, giving full latitude to his de
pressing recollections, there was a
knock at his door.
Nellie Dwining, the model, walked
In. She smiled till he faced her with
his look of gloom. Then she Inquired
the cause with her eyes.
"More Infernal disappointment, Nel
lie," he said.
There was a familiarity between
them that comprised the use of Chris
tian names, and permitted him to tres
' "What has happened?" she asked.
I -oh, merely that the editors are in
forming me that I am a human su-
"A human superfluity? Explain
yourself, my dear fellow."
"Haven't you understood?' he in
quired almost plteously.
"How could I?"
"Well what I have said is the logi
cal deduction of my life, the last Inci
dent 67 which Is recorded In cold Ink
at vour feet"
The model picked up the drawings
and the editor'sAiote.
i "n.ihr she exclaimed with a flue
ggssss ""
a.- ,r.u "If I thought the draw-
lines good I should treat rejection as
i merely a difference of taste or a symp
tom of the editors biukbwu u. "'
I toow my work Is bad, and that I
Ob yon Idlotr she exclaimed, fol
irtwinff up the mood she evinced by the
Spptag of her foot "You talk of log-
-dXSS01 dear girl, deduc-
"?$ Ifs all the same. Why here
Ehkve been supporting yourself for
by drawing, and now, because.
Lh your Idiotic carelessness, yoa
get ttem sent back once, you give way
" EnVihifuriated model.
orf8S silence Tfor a short time,
-wWch&Ide contemplated
dQSS cely perceptible designs
flwcTS5ug: and Nellie
" the keenly studied his gloomy
5 iuSt skew there only
UJ&7ih?hl despair within his
f itadebex sad and plttfaL
SeaSK. -Ull searching the
Kej .hi ted ttee to think.
eVStac -
" eeaaaaa?asaBBgBsssssBsss3BSBe
eyes to the time of her fluttering heart
She broke the silence carelessly.
"Your queer behavior quite put out
of mind until now the good news 1
have for you."
"Good newsl That's a novelty, any
how. What Is ltr
"I've found a purchaser for that"
She indicated with a gesture a small
portrait of herself which looked at
them from the walL
Kelde's eyebrows climbed toward
his hair.
"A purchaserr' he murmured hi sur
prise. "Yes," she replied. "I met an old
friend yesterday. He admired me
once" her eyes sought the floor "and
still does, evidently, for he wants a
portrait of me. I told him I knew of
one for sale, and he agreed to buy It If
it satisfied hlra."
"By Jove, Nellie! What splendid
news! Appreciation at last! You have
taken a ton off my mind. But I forgot
the condition If it satitied him!"
Ills manner, bright for a moment,
suggested shadows again.
"It will satisfy him. You need have
no fear."
"I wish I could be as sanguine as
you, Nellie. But I have had so many
"But you know this is one of the
best things yoti have done"
"I thought that of every picture un
til recently."
xui ueiuisiinw nraisea tn s one.
you know. He would hive boucht It
but that the sale of unknown portraits
is so UllllCUlt.
"I remember he said so. 1 say. Nel
lie, you have cheered me wonderfully.
Half an hour ago I was actuallv con
templating delating the worth of life.
You are a dear, good girl, and I'm
going to kiss"
He completed the sentence by the
action. Her eyes glistened. She went
out soon after, taking the portrait
witn ner.
There was in Kelde now a faint re-
flection of his old-time self. For the
moment he was again the bov, brim-
uiius uici Hiui iuu iiuiji; ui ,vuuiu, uiiu
!. a..ah w.I.t. il.. I....... .. .f. a
gazing up toward his grand ideals
that sunlike, tinged the world with
gold. Since he had mixed with men
the pullen clouds had come between
bis vision and the sun to obscure the
brightness and to damp his ardor.
For years he had been the most pit
iable of mortals, a man of noble incli
nations, emotions, and aspirations;
with every hope of attaining his ambi
tions seemingly beyond lis reach; wuu
every endeavor to attain them utterly
unappreciated. Now, the Incident Just
related, together with the praise of the
dealer It recalled, sank immediately
into his impressionable brain, and for
getting the trials and rebuffs of months I
in the momentary Joy. he felt a rldlcu-
lous Inclination to dilute his happl-
ness wiui tears, wnen .eiuo came
back with thirty dol'ars be did cry a
"He liked the picture very much,"
she said, "and would have given more
for It but that he has not the money
at present"
"Oh, thirty dollars Is heaps more
than I ever expected to get for It Oh,
Nellie. I feel that all the eulogies
which the poets and novelists ever be
stowed on woman are inadequate to
you. Now I am ready to face that ras
cally Janitor!" he exclaimed.
In the days of success which came
after, Pnlllp Kelde always spoke of
the sale of Nellie's portrait as his sal
vation. After many weary years his
name became famous, and he was her-
nlfliMl Infn niililloirv hv tmmjrmnhlsts
thirsting for art news, and the voice
of society which deemed it "the tuing"
to see Els pictures. Kelde felt happy
at his past inability to sell the works
of his youth, for which he now got big
checks from eager buyers.
Accompanying the popular acclaim
came invitations to make new friends,
among whom he found bis soul's af
finity. With the acquisition of a wife came
the loss of an old friend. Nellie Dwlu
ing, the model of his bad days and
good, went away, he knew not whlth-
er. For a little time ne wonuereu
where she had gone; then she passed
For a little time ne wonuereu
out of his mind. , , h
There was a certain day whi.-h,
crooking uie Knee to conventionality, ""."'. n,n ti10. nscs were nub
Kolili. sot ntuirt for a rocontlon at his ' .TPrs . unUI ,1":C?.SCS 5 ?
studio. Thither went many people,
some by virtue of their eminence In
letters and art, others for other rea
sons. Another came, evidently uninvited;
ho was a street urchin, who dodging
through the crowd of gabbling guests,
pulled Kelde's coat tails.
The artist swuug round and the vis
itors stared.
"Please,, sir, she's awful bad, and
wants to see you."
Kelde, bewildered, drew the boy out
of the studia
Almost Immediately afterward he
hurriedly excused himself, and the
diminutive messenger bailed a cab,
int whi-h Hut both irot.
"Dleeker street near Carmlno. Drive
Ten minutes later, by Kelde's watch,
which be scanned anxiously, the hack-
man put them down before a poverty-
stricken house. The boy led the way,
and presently a woman came to the
"Joe." she said, "you're a good boy
for beln' so quick. Please, sir, be as
quiet as you can; she's very bad."
"Has she seen a doctor?"
"Yes, sir. He's been here twice to
day. This way up, Bir."
Kelde was In the room alone now,
but for the sick woman on the bed.
Through an opening In the blind the
Bun cast one beam which xay across
the pillow. He could not believe It
was Nellie at first Her features, form
erly as regular as a chiseled statue's,
were not so now. Ravenous consump
tion had eaten them to an awful hol
lowness that had distorted her face.
She seemed asleep at first and he
did not speak. Presently from her
blue lips came some Incoherent words.
Kelde heard, bnt did not heed till his
name was uttered. Then he strained
to catch every gasped syllable.
"He didn't know he didn't know I
loved him .and I shall never teU him
now never, never He never loved me
he was a gentleman. They said they
would send for him but -e won't
come. He's a great artist now I al
ways said be would be. He kissed me
once, and said I was a good glrL But
now he has forgotten me, years and
years ago."
A sigh came up from her heart qulv
erlagly. She was very weak. The
artist passed his handkerchief before
nw eves, a nussmess in ms uiron
BaUag breathing difficult, Gestly De.4t-,-taM sd partly Swiss. BadlBCte.
st : -Tote
woman. Her evea wer
and her face looked as
death had kissed it: but the
at her breast showed that It
was" not so. She clutched to her bosom
a little unframed portrait of herself.
As iho 6aw this he understood, and
agony gripped his heart He leaned
over and kissed her forehead, and a
tear dropped to her cheek.
Slowly the eyelids lifted. She looked
on bis face and smiled. Her lips quiv
ered, but she spoke no word. Across
her brow the sunbeam crept and lay
like a braid of gold. Then out of her
eyes there shone a sweet "other
world" smile a smile that would last
forever. New York Weekly.
nonniNG a ul oaiith.
People Mar Doubt the
aclty of Thla Story.
A Grand Duke and his escort of six
men assaulted at the very door of
Homo by two brigands and despoiled
of 5G francs Is the great news spread
all over the world by telegraph the
other day.
"The reputation of Ittly Is ruined,"
say the slow-going. "That Is worse
than the defeat of Adowa."
"Oh, no," say the knowing ones with
a smile; "it is a fact that the diminu
tion of tourists and travelers in Italy
dates from the moment of the sup-
i Pfession of brigandage, which was
one of the principal attractions of our
country, certainly one of the oldest
and most honored Institutions, which
ranked In the Interest with the Colis
eum and Pompeii."
However, the facts of the case are
as yet unknown out of Koine, where
It has bwn the good fortune of the
paper called "Don Chlsclotte" to dis
cover them. It seems that the Grand
Duke of Saxe-Melningen, a descend-
i ant of the friend and protector of
! Goethe, and consequently a lover of
the arts, found himself at Frascati
i with nerr Voss, poet and painter.
' 4 fttw nfltnl.lni. 4l,n tuinntlAO
After admiring the beauties of nature
the Grand Duke exclaimed: "Splen
did: but the brigands? I was led to
expect brigands. Where are they?"
Ills companion, embarrassed, explain
ed that they had been suppressed. "I
really do not wish to be exigent" said
the Duke, "but the brigands I really
will not forerrgo."
After much trouble Hcrr Vo3s, by
chance, discovered Just what he want
ed, and prepared a delightful surprise
for his patron. There is here a so
ciety, but little known, In the interest
of foreigners who desire excitement
on easy terms. The tail runs as fol
lows: Agression, by an entire band, 200f;
Agression, simple, with two armed
' brigands, 50f ; agression, with two
brlirands armed to the teeth. lOOf ex
tra; wounding one horse, 50f extra;
wounding driver (with his consent In
writing), 150f extra; shooting, with
noise, without wounding, 25f extra.
Herr Voss chose the third offer.thlnk
lng It would mean only 2S francs each.
Simple aggression armed to the teeth!
At one moment during the drive, while
the Duke was exclaiming: "Superb!
Italy Is truly a marvelous country!"
suddenly two ferocious characters
sprang, as it were, out of the ground,
guns cocked, shouting: "The tariff!
the tariff !"
"Whnt do they say?' asked the
Duke, who was experiencing all the
desired sensations. "That they must
have tQ francs,' which, after some
search, wis accordingly handed over,
nnd the party was allowed to pro
ceed, the only comment of the Duke
being: "So cheap, indeed; a marvel
ous country!" Pall Mall Gazette.
WettifosTKlnK Lnwyera Who Hunt Up
Cnes tn Which Ther Can Get
Ansbody who doubts the activity of
the lawyers known as "ambulance
chasers" will be convinced of their
ulertness after a
short experience in
nno. nf tha accidents happening every
, - - y,c(uus of anv sort of accidents
T ' V L ..,. ,, TCtth trds
I and adve VsVne ts of such attorneys;
"" , rpccs?arr for the law-
lished by the newspapers. Now sucn
delav rarely occurs. Tue metnoa oi
ticqualnting'themselves with such mat
ters has been brought down to a sci
ence, and offers to obtain legal redress
reach the victims of the misfortune
rapidly. One Instance of especial
promptness happened the other day,
when a man was run over by a wagon
in Grand street This occurred at half
past 8 In the morning, and before 10 a
lowyer had Interviewed him and made
arrangements to undertake the case.
Such rapidity Is rather exceptional, but
Instances little short of it are to be no
ticed every day. Many of these acci
dents from driving take place on the
crowuea sirens m my - -. ---
tlthe gravels Q-JT"
specialty of such practice Theyare
soon on ur .,.. " - -r- .
r-onriiiv traced to his home or the hos
pital to which he may have been car
ried. The "ambulance chaser" who
waits to learn of an accident from the
newspapers Is regarded now as a very
unenterprising lawyer. New lork Sun.
Nearly Ererr Ration Governed by
Those of Alien Blood.
It to a curious fact that there Is
hardly a reigning monarch In Europe
whose family Is of the same national
ity, absolutely, as the people govern
ed. The house of Austria Is really the
house of Iorralne. and even In their
origin the Hapsburgs were Swiss.
And if the Emperor Francis be not
strictly speaking, an Austrian, still
less Is he a Hungarian, although he
Is King of Hungary.
The King of Belgium Is a Saxe-Co-burg.
the King of Denmark a Hol
stelner. the Infant monarch of Spain
1 a Bourbon, the King of Italy a
Savoyard, the King of Koumania end
Frlnce Ferdinand of Bulgaria are
both foreigners, the founder of the
Bemtdotte dynasty In Sweden was
born at Pan less than a century and
a quarter ago. the czar la a Holsteln
Gottorp. and the King of the Hellenes
Is likewise a Holsteiner.
Even In the English royal family
there Is very little English blood left
The Hohensollems were originally
Suablans, and, therefore, partly aa-
Tiriim nnrl nflHIv Swiss.
n&a Vow,
Maklar Pa er Matehea.
Pantr milrliH am tho litx) Th
honored scfaeme ot rolllnc up a piece of papc&J
and nUOzlns It for a lighter has been atil-1
uru oy an inventor in ui mannraeture or
matches and promise to revoloUonla Eu
ropean match-nuklng. It ts particularly
timely, because the wood for thla purpose ts
constantly trowing more scarce and costly.
The new matches are cheaper than those
mad of wood and weigh much leas, quite an
item in exportation. The paper naed is
strong and porous, and when Immersed In a
solution of wax. steertne and similar sub
stances bums with a bright, smokeless and
odorless flame. Strips of halt an Inch in
width are first drawn through a combustlbls
bath and are then turned by machinery Into
long, thin tube. Thrr are then cut to
match length and the heads dipped Into phos
phorous wax and dried. Science Monthly.
Effect of the African Cllmata,
' It must be fnlly recognized that the Mata
bete murders of unarmed white, merely be
cause they are whites, put them almost out
of the pale of mercy, and that th absence
among them of any ie.ider who can answer
for their conduct make general arrange
ments for peace exceedingly difficult.
At the same time we regret, if only on
grounds of polk7. to see the temper of the
white settlers hardening, to notice a certain
readiness to execnto as well as to slay In
fighting, and to read exnltlng expressions as
to the number killed. We do not want dead
bodies In Rhodesia, but quiet subjects who
will work for wages and ultimately become
taxpayers. Lenity Is good policy in Africa
as well as Asia, but It Is very reldom that It
U displayed on the (tinner continent.
Something in the climate or the surround.
Ings seems to make all Europeans. Germans,
Dutchmen. Portuguese, and even English
men, abnormally hard. London Spectator.
A Veil of Mist
Rising at morning or evening from some kw-
nalarla. Where malarial fever preTall no
one Is safe, unless protected by some ef
ficient medicinal bafegnard. Hostetter's
Stomach Bitters Is both a protection and a
i remedy. No person who inhabits, or so
I Journs in a mlatmatlc region or country,
sbonld omit to procure this fortifying agent,
which Is also the finest known remedy for
I dyspepsia, constipation, kidney trouble and
Have von seen a stray horse
Mike O'Planagan: "Faith and
about here?'
how conld 01 tell a sthray horse from any
8pend Your Vacation In the Mountains.
Bnt first write the General Passenger Agent
of the Colorado Midland railroad. Denver,
for maps, views and descriptive matter, so
! aa to know where to go.
Mohammedan depositor In the poet office
savings banks are enriching the British gov
ernment as their religion forbids them to re
ceive interest. They InIt on taxing ont no
more than they have put In.
If the Baby Is Cattlaa: Teeta,
Ba sure and cm that old and vll-tried remedy. Has,
Wotlovb Sootbijio 8Tcr tar Children TMthiag.
The observatory on Mont Blanc is now
complete, with the exception of one large
telescope, which cannot be taken up the
mountain till the snow Is less deep. Regular
work was begun thin summer.
PITS stopped rrea and permanently eund. Ks
BU after flnt Uy" usa of Dr. Kline's Ureal Merrs
Bestorar. Tm S3 trial bottle and treatise.
Send to Pa. Bui, 831 Arch St Philadelphia, Pa.
"Jnst listen to that hen crow!" said the
visitor. "What makes her do thatl" "She
wants to make folks think she is tough,"
said the fanner.
Hall's Catarrh Cure.
Is a constitutional cure. Price. 75c.
The hotel keepers at Manlton are com
plaining about a lack of ozone there this
summer. The bicycle riders pump so mncn
of it Into their tires and carry it away.
Plso's Cure for Consumption is our only
medicine for corghs and colds. Mrs. C.
Beltt. 439 8th Ave.. Denver. Col.. Nov. S.'SS.
The classical young lady with spectacles.
as she clung to a strap, wondered whether,
when Circe changed men into swine, sne did
it by starting a street railroad in Denver.
ANY ONE who has been benefited by the
use of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, will re
ceive information of much valne and inter
est by writing to "Pink Pills." P. O. Box
1592, Philadelphia, Pa.
Our Native Herb
There ha been no lncrean In the pries of the
abOT medicine. We sbaU tell to all at the old
rertont aenfltna ns 25 names of nonert people,
who would make n good asenta. or who are aniev
ed with any dlac&se. we wlU aend tree -Tno
Washington Weekly Post" t wapaper. 1 year.
Catnl ffottrs OSe.
IMO-lli: Biis Stmt. KiausCltT.K.
rrlidtal (rice, ffaialaztii. D. C.
I "The Quality
Pay $100 you have a Columbia--die
result of 19 years' experience.
Pay kss you have experiment at your
expensethe result of competing
More Columbias
bf mai fee
Pope Mfg Co, Hartford, Conn.
B Poor
there is no need for yon
to contemplate a wig
when you can enjoy the
pleasure of sitting again
under your own "thatch."
You can begin to get
your hair back as soon
as you begin to use
Hair Vigor
Denver Directory.
The best JU dou
ble Coacoru Har
ness In Colorado
for X18. With
breeching. ISO.
SIS double team
harness with
breeching 116. tX
steel horn stock
miIiIIb forflS. XLS
single buggy bnrncM for f3.S0. Do not ba
deceiTed by worthless imitations but order
direct from us and get the lowest wholesale
prices. Catalogue free. All goods stamped.
FRED Ml'EI.I.ER. H13 Larimer Street.
Denver. Colorado.
Goods sent for examination.
. Machinal
aad Wood Working Machinery (seeoad
t aLd 1 ot all klna loo ht and sold. 8.
Machinery Co. lSlSLawTerre. Vt orxn A Market
OTATC flDCPsmpllng Works.-Offlea Albany
U I A I L Unt Hotel Block. DenTer. Pocket ret.
erence txxik.Talnable to ore hlppef. mailed tree.
IMn. Xort
Morkaa Mfg. Co.. 1513
t . '- -' - w
iwrnce at. P. O. Pox a.
fit. Jams, mo Cnrtls Mrtet. Established lifft
Machinery, etc Pipe threading and cottlng .
freight EleTatora. Nocn a OarrlJe. 1115-17 18th at.
Presses. Feed Grinder. Corn Shelters, Hay Bakes
etc PLATTNEK UltOS A QEIbZEL. lfllf Wsxee
CO. 1613 to 1CU tt elton St. No Charge tor Packing
bend tur prices. Bolls Clijar Co, -JJ1S Arapahoe BU
PRfinCDICQ etc-OpcerTlceUst free. Con
UnUULnlLO somen V.hoile Hoax, ltta
and Blake u bars aoap IL All package cogees Xe.
By Prof. Barnes. Jurtout en- 01 FflU I lUffi
clow 60 eta, and poetage. 911 16th at, DenTer.
UAIAnniliOr no pay. Clrcalarslree Prof.
GW. Wynn. at 18th 8U. OenTer.
oline Engines. Windmills. Pumps. Pipe.
Fittings, Fairbanks' Standard Scales.
Plans and estimates furnished. Coras
spondenre solid ted. FAIRBANKS. afORSB
& CO.. 17th & Waxee Sts.. Denver.
We -tern agent fur the following lines: W.re, 3
Bank Bloc
'.re. Mnll
and SIal Bopes. Na'l, ShOTels, Tool Steel: Plain
Corrugatel and ttrio.ural iron, steel Jail Work
Ironfens, Iron Plpe,Puwder and Shelf Hardware
Cornarondence solicited and anatatim fre!
glren on any qnantlty.
If yon insist on having these goods von will
have no more failures in baking, write for
1C0S-1610-1612-16M Waxes St, Denver. CoL
Buy of the
Save Money.
Western Office. 1520 Waxee SL, Denver, Colo.
Iwauz.tftJ na4.1iw4iatr rrTiiacriWi M4 ! u
C.tDMi&t lonwra. Apwmicmr- Itttaitr.MatD'M. frlca
fck. DiioUu r auO. OU.110SA.MfO. PhllawPa.
of Experience" f
each successive year
two Zctat ttusfc.
atewt. to tbe bedside aa puea m Krtr
jjtff 4 4 tft4lll4 iiliWwt3si
r one rujiespcoafal w
Br. SoldbyaliDnpiis.

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