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Vol. XII
President Roosevelt and the
Three Discharged Companies
Of the 25th Rewnt
Are Occupying the Billboards
In the United States Senate.
Senators Foraker, Patterson,
Nelson and Spooner Fire
Into Benjamin R Tillman,
the S. Carolina Anarchist.
Last Saturday the fight on Pres
ident Roosevelt, was renewed in the
United States Senate, and he and the
three discharged com1mles or the
25th Regiment nave continued to oc
cupy the billboards In the upper
branch of Congress each day from
that time to this. On the day men
tioned Benjamin R. Tillman, the
South Carolina Anarchist, who is one
of the most destestable and repulsive
creatures In this country, who re
flects no honor upon the proud and
haughty Anglo-Saxon race, attempted
to join In discussing the acts of the
President, in dishonorably discharg
ing the three companies referred to,
and while attempting to talk on Presi
dent Roosevelt assuming power and
authority not invested in him in such
matters by the Constitution of the
United States, as usual he went off
half cocked on the "Race Question,"
in his long rambling unintelligent
talk he utterly failed to set-forth or
to make one single point in discus
sing that "Question," and It is a gross
insult to the entire Colored race to
have such a cut-throat and it might
be said, red-handed murder as Ben.
Tillman to raise his half drunken
voice in behalf of the Afro-American
race, as against President Roosevelt,
on any proposition, or question, for
there can never come a time in this
country when the Colored people will
need such untamed savages and wild
eyed Anarchists as Benjamin R. Till
man to defend their civil and political
The President has "made a mess of
it," brawled out the misshapen thing
who claims to represent the unpro
gressive people of South Carolina In
the United States Senate. His ac
tions he shouted like a low bred bar
room loafer, has "brought nearer to a
crisis the race feeling which is now
sweeping the country," he continued
"shall the Caucasian races disappear
from the earth, would President
Roosevelt accept as a daughter-in-law
a Chinese, a malay, an Indian or
a Negro?" "What have these questions
got to do with President Roosevelt
and his discharge of the three com
panies of the 25th Regiment, absolute
ly nothing yet this is a sample of
the rot the rattled-brained hydra-headed
South Carolina monster dishes up
while laboring under the impression
that he Is talking on the right of
the President to discharge the Colored
Senators Foraker, .Nelson, Bever
age, and Patterson, in the running
debate handled the cornfield South
Carolina Senator without gloves, who
hates the Negro, because Ms father
tost all his slaves at the close of the
slave-holders rebellion, and as we
have said a thousand times this hor
rible thing half made up In the shape
f man, connot talk on any subject
so that anyone can understand what
be is driving at, again flew the main
track, and when Senator Nelson wan
ted to know the reason "why the Col
ored soldier. If he conducts himself
33 a white soldier, should not
receive the 6ame consideration,"
in attempting to reply to t
simple Question Senator Tillman be
gan to run off at the mouth like a
mad dog, and in his prize fighting way
he exclaimed that he Is bitterly op
posed to extending the same privileg
es to Nesro soldiers that white sol
diers enjoy. "For the simple reason
that God Almighty made him Colored,
that He did not make him white, that
is the milk in the cocoanut it is "Just
this sort of stuff that put into the
head of the Negro soldier that he was
entitled to demand social equality,"
he snorted.
Old Ben continued his railing off at
the mouth as follows:
"Are- men to be made over and the
caste feeling and race antagonisms of
centuries to disappear in the univer
sal brotherhood of man? Are there
any senators in this audience who
subscribe to this doctrine who would
have the Caucasian, highest and nob
lest of the five races, as is attested
by history .descend to the level of the
others and share his birthright with
them, with the inevitable result that
pure white blood will disappear from
the face of the earth and after the
mixing of centuries shall have com
pleted the amalgamation all men shall
be of one skin and one type "
This is a mighty simple question
for a backwoods statesman like Anar
chist Ben to ask, when we take into
consideration the fact that for the
past two hundred and fifty years, the
vast majority of the most eminent
Christian white gentlemen in the
South have put In most of their time
In assisting Negro women to fill the
southland full o fhalf-breeds and bas
tard children, that the so-called best
oi pure white blood which Ben shoots
off his mouth about flows through the
veins of thousands of the very worst
class of Negroes in the South.
There may or there may not be a
Supreme Being called God who rules
over the Universe with an iron hand,
but if there is a living God, which we
seroiusly doubt, then all we have to
say is that He Is in mighty poor busi
ness when He selects such critters as
Ben Tillman ,to proclaim His power
and wisdom, plans and purposes in
His dealings with the various races
here on this earth.
But If there is a God who mixes up
in the affairs of men here below, then
it Is not unreasonable to assume that
He choose the broken down white
Christian gentlemen throughout the
South to lead off In the amalgamation
For In that section of the country
the races are so mixed up that it Is
very hard to tell who is who, and to
distinguish the whites from the blacks,
yet notwithstanding this undisputed
fact Ben Tillman has become so drunk
with his own importance that he is
continually wasting the time of this
great Nation In whining about the
purity of the white blood In the
It remained for Senator John C.
Spooner to pluck all the plumes from
the Sonth Carolina Anarchist, and
Senator Spooner hurled it In his teeth,
that "President Roosevelt requires no
defense from the attacks of Senator
Tillman whom, he declared had fre
quently witnessed and participated, In
lynching bees of Negroes."
Senator Spooner continued to fire
Into Ben Tillman and In doing so, ne
H k -v t o rr
CH1CAG . .TA.PTITA.'RY 1 O. 1 07.
Master In Chancery of the Circuit Court, who would make an ideal Can
didate to succeed the late -Joseph E. Gary. as Judge of the Superior Court.
j held him at bay, while severely ar
ranging him in the following lang
uage. "I have been shocked," he said, "by
the attitude of the senator from South
Carolina on more than one occasion
when he has spoken here in justifica
tion and support of the continuance
of lynching, if there is one man who
ought not to encourage it is the man
who sits here as the maker of laws.
"Any man who encourages lynching,
murder and lawlessness will have
much to answer for and the higher
his position and the mightier his in
fluence the more will he have to an
swer for. No man can come here with
good grace to impeach the president
for his dismissal of men because they
were not Identified as criminals who
comes to that accusation from a
lynching bee or who justifies one."
Senator Spooner also quoted from a
newspaper report of one Anarchist
Tillman's lectures, in which he referr
ed to Negroes as "baboons" and said
when asked "How about the law?" Re
plied "to hell with such laws."
Senator Spooner contended that "he
knew of no better way to perpetuate
the struggle between the two races,
than to be constantly and violently
declaring that such trouble to be emi
nent and unavoidable."
It was the first time in many a day.
that the bloodthirsty South Carolina
Anarchist was completely choked off
and shown no quarters and that hon
or belongs to Senator Spooner, and
we believe it is only a Question of
time until the Northern Senators both
Democrats and Republicans will mus
ter sufficient courage and back bone,
to nab Benjamin R. Tillman by the
nap of the neck and hurl him head
long out of the United States Sen
ate. For he is an unregenerated ex
rebel an enemy to society law and
order and the most dangerous Anar
chist living today, in his preachment
against the American government and
its institutions as founded by the fath
ers of this great and glorious Repub
lic! The committee having charge of dis
bursing the funds realized from -the
Grand Charity Ball, recently given at
the First Regiment Armory under the
management of that great and noble
woman, Mrs. Porter Palmer, have sent
a check for $500 for the benefit of the
inmates of the Old Folks' Home,. 610
Garfield Blvd.
The County Democracy Marching
Club under the leadership of CoL Robert
E. Burke, will start on its annual trip
to New Orleans, La, Friday, February
a Some of 'the most prominent Demo
crats in this city will be the honored
guests of the club on its tour through
the South. ,
ii re i . i iv re .
The latter part of last week Sena
tor Albert J. Hopkins, covered him
self with glory during the delivery of
his able and logical speech in the
Senate in favor of permitting Reed
Smoot of Utah to retain his seat In
that body.
When Senator Hopkins finished his
memorable oration which was full of
clean cut chunks of logic nothing
more could be said on the subject. He
clearly demonstrated the fact, that
the fight had been waged against
Senator Smoot, simply on account of
his religious views, or for the reason
that he is a member of the Mormon
Church and not that he had one or
two wives and had conducted himself
iu the past in an immoral manner.
This has been the whole controver
sy in a nut shell. Senator Hopkins,
clearly established the fact, that.
Senator Smoot. was only marired to
and living with one wife, and many
of the prominent members of The Wo-
i man's Christian Temperance Union
and of the various women's clubs
throughout the country, are now ex
ceedingly hot In their collars at Sen
ator Hopkins, for having the courage,
to rise above religious bigotry in his
able defense of Senator Smoot.
These dear ladles, who delight to
pose as the white winged angels, of
peace and purity, can render their
country a far greater service, if they
will refrain from exependlng their val
uable time, in a vain endeavor to con
tinue their fight on Senator Smoot,
and they can engage In no nobler
work, than In working up a strong
sentiment against Christian white
gentlemen consorting with Negro wo
men in the South and in other sec
tions of the country, defying all the
laws of morality and decency, in their
beastly conduct towards all women
old or young they come in contact
Let these good ladies, cry out
against mob and lynch law and other
forms of lawlessness and robbery
which Is -stalking throughout the
land, and contend for the plain sim
ple life, virtue and honesty In deal-
ins with each other, aud then they
will fill their mission on this earth.
It Is high time that the fight on
Senator Reed Smoot Is pulled off,
simply because he is a member of the
Mormon Church.
The Carter H. Harrison Business
Men's League have opened up head
quarters in the Palmer House and Todd
Lunsford will be in charge of the brainy
work of the Harrison "movement' and
extend the glad hand to all comers.
- rr' ;nir wt --tr-tr vr - cT"ik -
What lay Result If the Per
sedition If the iepes
There are about nine millions of Ne
groes and mulattocs, now generally tak
ing the designation of "Afro-Amcri-
J cans' in the United States. The great
I bulk of these arc in the middle, south
ern states. They are the descendants
of wild Africans who made war on
each other and made and sold their
prisoners as slaves. The whites in Eu
rope were doing the same thing at the
same time. The Romans had but few.
it any black African slaves. The world!
claims to have grown better than i;
was in the dark ages. The European
whites thought they had moved up a
long way in morals when they dropped
white slaves and took blacks instead.
Think of it! The United States claim
ing to be the freest country in the world,
was almost the very last to give up
the worst slavery that ever afflicted
mankind. White must be close to
black to make the white look whiter
:.nd the l.Iack look blacker. The white
is coolest in summer and the black
warmest in winter. Both serve their
When Lee surrendered to Grant and
Johnson to Sherman, the rebels ah!
we must call them confederates now.
were completely whipped; vc could
have done what we pleased with them.
We could have banished them from
the country as the Revolutionary pa
triots did some of the tories. We could
have sold them into slavery if any
body would have bought them, and an
earlier age would have done so. But,
instead, they were given the most lib
eral terms ever offered a people who
had wantonlv forfeited cverv claim to
forgiveness ; 'a liberalitv thev have ncv-
cr dulv appreciated. Thev were vcrv wc wm th,s hM' 'ou snaU havc iMor"
anxious to be forgiven for 'their treason' i,,a- South Carolina. Georgia. Alabama,
and rebellion, but as soon as thev were! Mississippi, including Governor Varda
oWf nt of firmer of i.; J,,,,! i r-an. Louisiana, Arkansas, and maybe
as traitors, they turned on the Negro
and persecuted him for being made
free, and every contrivance anil subter
fuge has been resorted to "to down the
'Nigger' and keep him down." I am sor
ry to know that some Union soldiers
who were helped to escape from rebel
prisons by Negroes now join the crv
for persecution and jump on the un
der dog. Such a man mav have stood
in the firing line while a corporal heli
a bayonet at his back, but he is devoid
of moral courage, the highest of all
As the Negro gains in knowledge, he
becomes harder to hold down; and that
knowledge is increasing steadily and it
will be too great to be held down some
day. I ask the leading Negroes to be
patient with Booker T. Washington. He
is creating and scattering knowledge.
Never fear, that knowledge will find a
way to take care of itself. If he should
offend that murderous Tillman, Varda
man, Hoke Smith clement, his great
school would go up in smoke and down
in ashes, and it might be hard to re
build it
Now let us contemplate what may
occur. The world is now and then
treated to great surprises. Nations,
states and individuals likewise. The
world was not expecting the fall of Na
poleon III an hour before he wantonly
provoked a conflict with Prussia. But
in a few months a great war was
fought, Napoleon was banished, a re
public was born of blood, almost stran
gled at its birth, but has grown to
strong manhood. The day before our
battleship Maine was dynamited in Ha
vana harbor, we were not expecting a
sudden war with Spain, if at alL Cleve
land came near precipitating a war
with England by giving that power the
ultimatum about encroaching on the
Monroe doctrine in theVenezuela boun
dary. We escaped a war with England
by a scratch during our civil war for
taking Mason and Slydel off of the
English ship Trent; a practice the Eng
lish had long indulged, and against
which we had long protested. Lin
coln's tact saved us 1y giving the men
"' - ,s - " - ' - s- -
No. 13
up on the condition that it should be
a governing precedent for the future.
With the surprises of the past we
should not be surprised at the "sur
prises" the future may have in store
for us, but we will be. We made a
treaty with Japan at a time when it
was not expected that some of our citi
zens would demand a "Jim Crow car"
for the Japanese dwelling in our coun
try. This treaty contains 'the most fa
vorcd nation" clause, that is, that the
Japanese subjects shall have the same
rights while sojourning in our country
that we grant to those of the most fa
vored nations. Our most favored na
tion is Great Britain. A treaty with a
foreign country is part of the supreme
law of our land says Article VI, sec 2
of our Constitution. Yet California
! proposes to nullify that treaty. Japan
is a nation not to be lightly dealt with.
She could seize and hold the Philip
pines and Sandwich islands and give
San Francisco more than an earth
quake. In a certain contingency Great Britain
is an ally of Japan. Suppose that con
tingency should develop soon after Ja
tai -may- haw -locked horns 'whh us.
and Great Britain should take a hand
in the war, what would almost certain
ly follow? Britain would arm our
southern Negroes as she did the Indians.
Who can doubt which side the Negroes
would take, and who could blame them?
We put 1S0.000 Negroes in the Union
army; how many could Britain put into
the British army out of double the
What would logically follow the fore-
oing? Britain would say "Boys, if
Texas and Porto Rico, and we will pro
tect you as a British dependency, and
while wc are about it, wc may as well
take possession of the Panama canal.
Suppose another possible case. Sup
pose a great number of our intelligent
Negroes should go to Canada and Ja
maica and become British subjects, and
in time return to the United States with
British passports, suppose while here
a At,an,a mob shall kill or maim one
or more of them, and that without any
just cause as is often done, the British
lion would show his teeth and there
would have to be an accounting like
there was when the Italians were
lynched in New Orleans. Great Britain
once declared war against Spain about
Jcnkin's car.which had been cut off
thirty years before. If she should get
a little huffy about something else, she
would declare war for the lynching of
a subject "Yes, but," says the boaster,
"we can lick Great Britain." Perhaps;
it will be easier to do justice and avoid
Old Soldiers' Home, La Fayette, Ind.
The following letter speaks for it
self: Tuskegee, Alabama Jan. 10, 1907.
Julius F. Taylor,
Editor, The Broad Ax, Chicago,
Dear Sir:
Although you have not agreed with;
me at all times in the past, and I do
not know that you will agree with me.
in the future, nevertheless, this dis
agreement does not permit my send
ing you my most hearty congratula
tions upon your ability to get out so
good a paper as your Anniversary is
sue of December 29, Is, it reflects
credit not only upon yourself but up
on the race. Such tangible demon
strations of our ability to succeed- In
given directions will prove our salva
tion. Yours truly,

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