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Till promulcite and at all tbnea phod tha trni
prudplM of Democracy, but CuboUea, Protectant,
P.iw-ti. InflrtM. Farmer. ElnrU Taxert, Bjrob
can. Knigbu of Labor, or aaj otw ad can bare
ibpir My. fi long thrir Unguis ia proper ana
wpmMbiUrr li CztA.
The Broad. u la a newrpaper wboaa pUttoraia
brats' nonch (or all. nr claiming tha editorial
right to apeak ltt own Bind.
Lncal Foamnslcattoni will recerre attantloa.
Wrlto onl on ona aida of the paper.
BabaerlpUom most be paid la dianc.
Ona Tear ft.00
SlxltonUu LOS
adrerUdnc rataa made knows en application.
Aadrea all communication to
800 Armour Arenae, Chicago.
JXJUUS T TA1XOE, Editor aadPnblliar.
Entered t lie Pott Office tt Cfckag
HUu Secoad-dxsi Hatter.
Walter M. Farmer, for 16 years an
honored member of the bar In St
Louis, Mo., Is now engaged In the
general practice of law. Suite 708,
171 "Washington street. Phone Main
4153. Residence 4856 Langley avenue.
Phone Drexel 6302.
Editor of the Mystic Conservator.
I have read the President's Message
to Congress, and was particularly in
terested in its definition of what he
conceives to be the proper estimate
feeling and method of proceedure for
a Colored man who happens to be in
a neighborhood, or place, where one
of his race is being sought to answer
to the charge of rape.
In his treatment of the matter, Mr.
Roosevelt has striven to be calm, cool,
dispassionate and above all logically
I must express my belief that in so
far as it lies in the power of a white
man to accomplish such a purpose he
bas attained but His Excellency, to
gether with the majority of the men
of his color, who attempt to furnish a
panacea to cure the ills of rape and
lynch law, will always lack somewhat,
through inability to comprehend ex
actly what his seemingly incontrover
tible assertions conveys to the mind
of one who regards the subject from
the point of view of an average man
of color.
In the first place, we fail to see why
a Colored criminal should be reckon
ed so much more an enemy to his
race than the white is considered an
enemy to his. As to rape, we poor,
poverty stricken, and generally writ
ten down as degraded Negroes, when
we go home and look around our fire
sides and take account of the thous
ands and thousands of "bastard half
white children, who have been aban
doned by their white fathers," and
have been set down upon our should
ers to carry along from time immemo
rial we admit the possibility that
long acquaintance may have dulled
somewhat for us the horror that the
white man is so eager to express when
brought into conjunction with crimes,
necessitating a use of the words rape
and prostitution.
Lastly: It seems rather a risky thing
to advise Negroes, individual or col
lective, to jump in and exercise pow
er, official and judicial, to which they
have been neither nominated, elected
or deputized.
There are Colored men who have
ventured to do this very thing, who
after risking their lives In stopping
the escape of a criminal, have had to
stand by and see white men reap the
honor and reward. Boston Allen, The
Mystic Conservator, Washington, D. C.
!Let the Xegro avake and take
Lhc alarm which i? sounded from
the Nation's White House. S;gn
Xo. 1 The president js a democrat;
sign Xo. 2 The president disli!:es
the Xegro; Bign Xo. 3 The presi
dent has closed his open door of
hope; sign Xo. 4 Mr. "Nigger"
look out for yourself, and sign Xo.
5 Is Wm. J. Bryan for president
in 1908 If Foraker is not nom
inated by the Xational Republican
convention, every Xegro in the
country should vote the democratic
ticket." The Xegro is largely re
sponsible for his treatment by the
lepublican party, for he has been
party blind and party foolish,
President Roosevelt, however, is
opening his blinded eyes by using
the big stick over his head. S. S.
Prof.- and Mrs. Si, Clark Smith in
formally entertained a few friends
at their .home, Wednesday evening
In bono? of Mrs. Ora Dunlap of In
dianapolis, Indiana.
A Most Delightful Affair.
The Subscription Dancing Party,
given Tuesday evening, January 22,
at Rosalie Hall, Rosalie Ct., and
57th street, which was the sixth
dance under the personal manage
ment of Mr. Julius X. Avcndorph,
was a most delightful affair, and all
present expressed themselves as hav
ing spent a most enjoyable evening.
The hall is without a doubt the pret
tiest in the city, and the floor is all
that the most perfect dancer could
wish for. The grand march was led
bv Mr. Julius X. Avcndorph and
Mrs. Adolphus C. Harris. Those
present were Mr. W. R. Sobers, Mr.
and Mrs. Ed. Mead, Mr. A. P. Perry,
Evanston, Ill.;Mr. and Mrs. Monroe
Manning, Mr. and Mrs. M. R. Or
nian, Mr. J. X. Blackshner, Mr.
James Xewsome, A. R. Brodie, Mr.
and Mrs. A. C. Harris, Mr. Y. D.
Moore, Mr. G. B. P. Hancock, Mr.
and Mrs. James Madden, Mr. T. A.
Palmer, Major F. A. Denison, Mr.
A. G. Wilson. Mr. and Mrs. James
Xelson, Prof, and Mrs. Wm. Eman
uel, Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Law
lence Lee, Mt. and Mrs. Ham
Hudson, Mr. A. A. Well?, Mr. and
Mrs. Chas. Webb, Mr. John Trott,
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Howard, Mr.
Turner, Mr. John Auter, Mr. Chas.
C: Tavlor. Mr. Win. Whorton, Mr.
and Mrs. Virgil Pumphry. Mr. and
Mrs. Vance Anderson. Mr. Wm.
Clark. Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Knight,
Mr. George Thompson, Mr. P. B.
Hawley. Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Cot
ton, Mr. I. Dunlop, Dr. and Mrs.
A. L. Smith, Mr. W. H. Douglas,
Mr. and Mrs. Jawe Bryant, Mr.
and Mrs. John Morton. Austin, 111.:
Mrs. Geo. IMackwell, Mr. and Mra.
B. F. Moseley, Mr. John Fry, Mr.
and Mrs. Geo. Avers, Mrs. Julius
X. Avendorpb, Mr. Alex. Tavlor,
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Brown. Mr.
and Mrs. George Hawley, Mr. Ricks,
of Minneapolis, Minn.; Mr. am1.
Mrs. Sam. Carter, Mr. and Mrs. J.
P. Henderson, Mrs. Chas. Scale.
Mr. W. K. Harreld, Mrs. Chas.
Jackson, Mr. Chas. Dvess. Mr. and
Mrs. X. Clark Smith. Miss Lilian
Johnson. Mrs. Erina Jones, Mics (J.
Sawyer. Mrs. Dunlop. Indianap-.lis.
Ind.; Miss Helen Jackson, Viss
Myrtle Hart, Indianapolis, Ind.;
Miss Julia West, Brooklyn, X. Y. ,
Mrs. M. Whie. Indianapolis, Ind.;
Miss E. Murphv, Miss Thomas l'e
troit, Mich. ; Miss G. O'Xoal. Evan
ston, 111. ; Mrs. Stella Kelly, Toledo.
0.; Miss M. Morgan, Miss R.
Dortch. X. Clark Smith's orches
tra furnished the music for the oc
casion. Mrs. Ann Smilev served.
3825 Dearborn St
The regular services Sunday
morning, the minister wili preach
at 10:45 a. m.
There will be an illustrated ser
vice at evening service. This ser
vice will be one of an unique char
acter. Illustrating the wonderful
and mysterious operations of God
in the creation of the world. Show
ing the various stages of formation
and changes in the world until the
land appears. l
Man the Master: His Triumph
and .His Fall. Conditions leading
up to the flood and some of the
prime causes for the flood.
How the Ark was Constructed:
Where it Rested. This is to be an
unusual service, as all the views are
new and show the popular trend of
the mind of the masters of todav.
Church doors open at G:30; ser
vice begins at 7:30 p. m.
Rev. H. E. Stewart,
Official Church Directory Gives Data
of Chicago Archdiocese.
Advance sheets of the official
Catholic directory published by the
M. H. Wiltbius Company of Mil
waukee show the following statistics
of the Chicago archdiocese:
Population (Catholic),
about 1,200,000
Bishops t
Churches with resident
priests '
Missions with churches.
Parishes with schools..
Children attending . ... .. 78,177
Orphan asylums I . . 6
Orphans . . . H. . .,i . . 1,310
Charitable institutions... 43
Mr. P. L. Cuffee, 3942 Dearborn sL,
who has been confined to his home
for the past week is able to be about
Mr. Will H. Jackson, 345 35th st,
was compelled to leave his desk and
work In the office of the United
States Engineer ' department Bator
day on the account of sickness.
Formerly King, or Lord Mayor of th; "Red Light District," who has
been caught In The Broad Ax Coon Trap; on a final and absolute Judg
ment in Judge Gibbons' Court for Eighteen Thousand Dollars.
On or about the middle of Septem
ber 1905, the Chicago Tribune, Rec-crd-Herald,
the Chronicle and in fact
al! the daily newspapers in this city
contained long accounts of the police
raid which had been made near that
date on the Hotel de Moore or the
Turf Exchange which was at that
time conducted by Col. "Pony" Moore
st 171 21st street; who was for a
long time known as the King or the
Lord Mayor of the "Red Light DIs
trlct," at the time referred to the
Chicago Tribune In writing up the ac
count of the police raid, claimed that
Col. "Pony" Moore was the "leading
Negro gambler in this city, that he
conducted one of the worst dives that
ever existed in any part of the coun
tsy; that the most depraved women of
both races hung out in his vile resort
and so on.
The Daily News presented its one
million readers with a large picture
of Col. "Pony," Moore, and what it
was pleased to call his gang of crap
shooters, right on its front page, the
picture and everything the daily pap
ers had said in connection with the
police raid, seemed to tickle the van
ity of Col. "Pony," for he did not at
tempt to bring suit against the Chi
cago Tribune, or Daily News or other
daily newspapers for calling him the
"leading Negro gambler in Chicago."
neither did he attempt to enter suit
against John M. Collins, Chief of Po
lice for stating in his interview which
appeared In the daily papers to the
effect that "Pony Moore conducted
one of the very worst gambling dens
in this city, that he reflects no credit
on the Colored race," or words to the
same effect:
But when Tho Broad Ax, made its
appearance Saturday, September, 30,
1105 containing our comment on the
police raid. Col. "Pony" Moore, ex
c'clmed to several of his friends that
"be did not care what the newspapers
pi'blished by white men had to say
about him but that no Negro editor
in this city could clticise him in tho
columns of his paper and continue to
do business; that he would spend one
thousand dollars and either drive Jul
ius P. Taylor out of Chicago or send
him over on the North Side for sev
eral years or down to Joliet for the
same length of time, where he would
be compelled to wear a striped suit;
and early on the morning of Novem
ber 16, 1905, tho writer was hailed In
to Justice Willis Melville's court, at
West Grossdale, charged with crimin
al libel by Col. "Pony" Moore, our
bond was fixed at five hundred dol
lars which was promptly signed by
our Attorneys Cols. A. D. Gash and
Robert M. Mitchell, and Justice Mel
ville who is ten thousand times more
dishonest than the year Is long, under
one pretext or another against the
bitter protest of ourself and our at
torneys, continued the case each week
from the 16th of November, 1905 to
Feb. 10, 1906, and on that date he de
cided that he did not have sense
enough to render an opinion one way
cr another on criminal libel, and to
the great joy of little pin or brain
less headed Edward E. Wilson, and
Col. "Pony" Moore, who seemed to run
Justice Melville's rotten court with a
high hand, the unsavory country Jus
tice held us over to the grand Jury,
at the same tlmesigning our own
bond for five hundred dollars.
In tho meantime Col. "Pony" and
little Ed. WilBon hit upon a new plan
to crush out The Broad Ax, and to
compel us to give up the ghost, and
they laid their wires to have the pap
er excluded from tne United States,
mails, utterly failing in that direction,
then on March 5th 1906; they had us
yanked in before Justice Rhodes 39th
and State street, charging us with at
tempting to bribe Grace Raymond and
Hattie or Addle Calne, by offering
them money to aware falsely against
Co. "Pony" and on March 14 the C&S&
was called for trial, and our Attor
neys Cols. Gash and Mitchell, chang
ed from Justice Rhodes, to Justice
I Adams, who after carefully listening
to all the evidence In favor' of" CoL
"Pony" dismissed the.case without re-
quiring us to take the witness stand
In our own behalf.
The sudden termination of the sec
ond trial completely unhorsed llttlo
Ed. Wilson, Col. "Pony," who rode to
and from the trial with the ladies in
a large white wheeled auto, and they
claimed it was not conducted fairly,
so they waited until the April grand
jury, began running In full blast,
then they were among the first to ap
pear before that body, and after Grace
Raymond, Hattie or Addle Calne and
Col. "Pony" had been ushered into the
presence of the members of tho grand
jury, and had fully related their sev
eral tales of woe, and after Col.
"Pony" had almost sweated blood,
while answering questions propround
cd to him by Assistant States' Attor
ney. Going, who Is proving himself to ;
be one of the best Municipal Judges
in Chicago, which he read frsn: the I
copies of The Broad Ax, which he had !
before him containing the brilliant re-1
cord of Col. "Pony" and after the j
former King or Lord Mayor of the ,
"Red Light District had been request
ed to retire from the grand jury
rooms in order to give him time to .
catch his breath, they returned a no
"bill." against Julius F. Taylor.
Then Col. A. D. Gash who ranks In
every way with tho ablest lawyers In
this country, and who was one of our I
staunchest friends while both of us i
resided in Utah, and James H. Hoop
er got real busy, and the result was a '
suit was commenced in the Circuit
Court of Cook County, against "Pony"
Moore for twenty thousand dollars:
charging him with false arrest, mali
cious prosecution and consplrarcy. i
and as Col. "Pony" had failed to
enter his appearance In any manner,
shape or form, Messrs. Gash and
Hooper, had the case caileu for trial
last Thursday morning in Judge Gib
bons, Court, and after relating every
thing of any importance in connec
tion with the long drawn out case be
fore Justice Melville, the second case
hi fore Justices Rhodes and Adams,
how the gang of conspirators nad left
no stone unturned in their mad effort
to have The Broad Ax, excluded from
the United States mails, simply for
publishing the truth, how they had
failed to secure our indictment by the
grand jury, how that Col. "Pony" had
boasted that "he would spend one or
two or three thousand dollars for the
purpose of rutnin.g our business repu
tation and drive us out of town, how
we had to pay out six hundred dollars
c.3 Attorneys fees and for court costs
In order to defend our common rights
as an humble member of the news
paper profession, how we and the wife
of our youth had suffered mentally
and had to endure many Insults
throughout that long period.
As we wound up Judge Gibbons, ask;
ed us a few questions as to who read
The Broad Ax, stating that he had
read It many times himself; then
Col. Gash unbosomed himself of one
of the most eloquent orations ever- de
livered in any court room in this
country and the eyes of several of the
Jurors were moist with tears when he
finished speaking, then the Jury re
tired and after being absent for al
most two hours, they marched Into
court, and after being seated Judge
Gibbons' said gentlemen is "this your
verdict," and each and every one of
them declared it was, that they had
returned a verdict against "Pony"
Moore and In favor of Julius F. Tay
lor for $18,000, and as the court term
eiplred Sunday night at 12 o'clock.
Judge Gibbons' lost jurisdiction over
the case and as Col. "Pony" permitted
us to obtain the Judgment by default,
It has become final or absolute and as
It began to draw Interest from last
Thursday and runs for twenty years,
and as Col. "Pony" resides in a Ann
home at 3314 Calumet avenue, and
claims to own several thousand dol
lars worth of diamonds, the Palace
Theater on 31st street near Dearborn
street, the v barber shop, bath rooms
and pool rooms on State street be
tween 22nd and 23rd; some other pro
perty around town, and some land In
Texas; for last year whenever he
would sign oonds at the Harrison
street police court, he would take an
oath that "ho was worth more than
twenty-five thousand dollars."
This being true Col. Gash feels
dead sure that before the twenty
years rolls around that Col. "Pony,"
will be able to pay something on the
!Mr. Chas. Shoecroft, 3449 State
St., is spending the winter in Xew
York City.
Mr. Wm. Ginn, 3022 State St.,
has been on the sick list for the
past two weeks.
Mrs. Laeflett, 4810 Langley Ave.,
who was so seriously ill last week,
is very much improved.
Mrs. J. Jackson, 328 west .Kith
street, is on he sick list, but she
is on the road to recovery.
Prof. W. Kemper Harreld is still
behind in the payment of the five
bucks which should come our way.
Mr. R. Simms. 3700 State St..
left the city Monday for a two
months' visit to Xew York City.
Mrs. Zola Graves Young of Coun
cil Bluffs, In., is confined to her bod
in Provident Hospital with apj)endi
oit is.
Mr. Kobert Perry. 3."r2fi Calumet
Ave. who is a patient in Provident
Hospital suffering with pneumonia,
is improving.
Mr. J. Hurry Harris, of Milwau
kee, spent two days in tho city last
week on business: stopped at Key
stone Hotel.
Mrs. John R. Marshall, who re
cently underwent an operation at
Provident Hospital, has been taken
to her Calumet A v., home very much
Mr. John L. Fry, the popular pro
prietor of the Keystone Hotel, re
turned from his eastern trip Satur
day and reports having had the time
of his life.
Janus C. P.liney. formerly city
boiler inspector, has entered the nice
for aldepiian of the 30th ward and
he will put up a lively fight at the
Miss Myrtle Hart of Indianapolis
who has been the guest of Mrs. Sol
Taylor. 3."i"! Rhodes avenue, for the
past two weeks, returned to her
homo Thursday. "
Rev. I. S. Lee. D.D.. Pittsburg.
Pa., arrived in the city Monday
morning to attend tho stockholders'
meeting of the Black Diamond De
velopment Company.
Mr. P. W. Fountaine, G20."5 Loom
is St., a clerk in the postolhce, has
a leave of absence for two months.
He will spend his time in Hot
Springs, Ark., regaining his health.
Mr. and Mrs. James Ebert, 4120
Langley Ave., entertained a few
friends at cards and luncheon Tues
day afternoon in honor of their
guest. Miss Lalla Spotts of Cedar
The regular meeting of the Phyl
lis Wheatley Club will be held at the
F. D. Center Wednesday. January
30. at 2 p. m. Program under the
auspices of the Home Section, Dr.
Anna R. Cooper, chairman.
In Aid of the Phyllis Wheatley Club will be given at the
Entirely rewritten and re-staged, will be the attraction.
The Phyllis Wheatley Club Is endeavoring to raise funds to purchase
a home for working girls to be located at 3523 Forest ave., Chicago. This
Is a particularly worthy charity and every one should take advantage of
this opportunity, to not only assist In alaudable undertaking but also spend
an enjoyable evening at
The First and Only Colored Theatre
in America!
NOTE The performance will be under the direction of fir. J.
Fd. Green.
Harry Hildreth, who has been as
sistant city treasurer of Chicago,
has become a candidate for cit
treasurer, and he and John E. Trae
ger and perhaps several other .u
pirants will have to fight it out at
the primaries.
A public meeting to raise fmuN
for the Kingston earthquake suirr
ot? will be held at Olivet Baptw
church Sunday, January 27th at .;
p. m. The meeting will lie held m
der the auspices of the Stam'nni
Literary Society.
Doctor J. William McDowell ,.r
St. Louis, Mo., who is a warm fnoinI
of Attorney Walter M. Farmer, lu.
purchased a fine home, 3,'ilS ("al ,.
met avenue and on May 1. he i,
move his family to this city ami en
gage in the pre-ctiee of medicine
The "Broad Ax.' Chicago, h ..
be commended on its excellent arti
cle last week on the crime of t,
white man in the South. We ..'.
suggest that a marked copy be , i,t
to every Southern ('ongrcsiiini .,n,
every prominent white man in tin
South. The Afro-American b-!,.r
Baltimore, Md.
Miss Edie, ."?04 Grove ai-mu.
who so ably assists Dr. A. WilUr
force Williams, in his oflice u..rl
and booming the stxk of the ist.ic k
Diamond Development ('oinpam.
has been confined to her bouu- unh
illness for the past week, but t ln
delight of her many friend-, -hi
is regaining her health.
Attorney James A. Scott, ulm ha
always been some dogs in th.- Re
publican politics in the Second u.ml.
lias opened up a line suite ..f ;lu
ofliees in the Adams E.pre- Imilil
ing, ISo Dearborn street, and all
ready Mr. Scott has been n'.iiintl
by several commercial companies t..
transact their law business fur t'n u
John P. Tansey, secretary f tin
Democratic County Central ( mui
niittce. continues to boom Car
ter H. Harrison for maor of
Chicago and William L. U't on
nell, Commissioner of l'uh
lic Works and Guy Cramer, the
ever smilinir efficient private n
t.trv to Mayor Dunne, are whooping
;hings up for his renomination.
The new officers of the Iroijiinb
club for the coming year are as
President Edgar BroiK-on Tol
man. Vice presidents Juine- F. Bow
ers, Lewis II. Parker, Jo-eph Han
red dy. Charles F. Guntlier. John G.
McGoorty, Emanuel Mandel, IJnI
ert Somerville, Charles J. Vopu-ka.
Martin J. Breen.
Recording secretary Todd Lun
ford. Corresponding secretary I'nbert
scn Palmer.
Treasurer Orva G. Williams.
"The All-Star Carnation Recital'
given under the auspices of "The Ori
ginal June Rose Committee of which
Mrs. J. A. Warren is chairman. Mon
day evening at Quinn chapel was the
greatest entertainment of the Kind
ever given in Chicago. About fifteen
hundred persons filled the great audi
torium of the church and greatly ap
preciated every number on the pro
gramme which was made up of tha
best local and foreign talent. Mmes.
Dishman and Dunlap were especially
pleasing to the vast audience which
compelled them to respond to en
chores several times. Alfredo Via-
f!T" -"- " "ai&itl

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