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mWW i J 4J H,'i4 MHU pwppppF
Will promulgate and atall times
uphold the true principles of Demo
cracy, but Catholics, Protestants,
Priests, Infidels, Single Taxers, Re
publicans, or anyone else can have
their say, as lonp; as their language Is
proper and responsibility is fixed.
The Broad Ax Is a newspaper whose
p'atforra Is broad enough for all, ever
clalmlno the editorial rlflht to speak
Its own mind.
Local communications will receive
attention. Write only on one side of
the paper. ......
Subscriptions must be paid In ad
vance. -
Six Months 1-90
Advertising rates made known on
Address all communications to
JULIUS F. TAYLOR, Editor and Publisher.
crnti-4 a Second-Class Matter
Aug. 19, 1902, at the Post Office at
Chicago, Illinois, under Act of March
So -Jar has been learned, the
black soldiers have conducted them
selves as 'well as the whites. As the
records show, they Siave given as
good service as the whites in the coun
try's -wars. They did excellent work
in the rebellion. In the Indian wars
they fought as well as did the rest
of the. soldiers. The regiment -which
Is In camp near San Antonio now
rescued the Rough Riders at Santi
ago, and did 'much, of the fighting
which was credited to tnat wnlte
corps. Tiie army is an excellent
place for Uncle Sam to enforce the
square deal. St. Louis Globe-Demo
Several Colored girls took cMJ
service examinations Thursday for
positions with the city and county.
Mrs. Geo. C. Hall and Mrs. Burt An
derson are taking instructions on
how to run an automobile.
Miss Grace Phillips, of Provident
Hospital, hus returned from a trip to
Terre Haute, Ind. Miss Phillips was
gone four weeks, and gained a pound
a week.
Follows Declaration of Governor Set
ting May 14 as the Time for Gen
eral Celebration.
Mothers' day will be observed in
Chicago Sunday, May 14, and all citi
zens are asked by Mayor Harrison
to Join in the clebration.
Gov. Deneen faas proclaimed the
observance -of Mothers' day, and a
similar proclamation has been issued
by the mayor. The chy proclamation
"To the Citizens of Chicago:
"Whereas, The inauguration last year
of a memorial known as Mothers'
day, dedicated to the love and rever
ence which all persons owe their
mothers, met with the spontaneous
and cordial approval of the people of
Chicago; and,
"Whereas, The duty of faithful tare
and -devotion to our mothers, Jf they
axe living, and the sentiment of lov-
Sunday, May 7th, the Third Quar
terly meeting, will be held at St.
Mary's church, 492G Dearborn street.
Rev. James Hlggins pastor.
Presiding Elder Rev. T. Reeves,
will preach morning and evening.
Rev. R. E. Wilson of St" Stephens,
A. M. E. Church will preach the Sac
ramental sermon at 3 o clock. Love
Feast Monday evening. You are in
vited. Monday, May 15th, Musical and
Literary and Broom Drill, under aus
pices of Mite Missionary Society.
May Bazaar, will begin May 22nd.
Rev.- Allen, formally of Salt City,
Utah and Jacksonville, Florida, pass
ed through the city on his way to
Butte, Mont, where he will reside.
Mrs. B. Davis left Chicago, Monday
for Memphis, Tenn., where she will
visit her sister, Mrs. Roberson. Mrs.
Davis, accompanied by her sister,
will go to Hot Springs for a month
to take the baths.
FJnIa Board of A. H. E. Gnurch
Skews Healthy GoikUIIojl
Archbishop Spalding Lays Corner
Stone for Church Edifice Which
Colored People Are Building In
Bishop H. B. Parke In Address Wakes
Deep Impression on Members of tha
Board In Referring to Great Work of
the Late Bishop Abraham Grant The
Report by Episcopal Districts.
Reports submitted by Rev. Dr. John
Hurst financial secretary of the Af
rican Methodist Episcopal church, at
the thirtieth nnuu.il meeting of the
financial board of too denomination
beld In Wiwlilucton on Wednesday.
April ID. showed that $201.7o3.2fi was
f.Aif I,. Ml,tu.in,n,...1,l I.. .ri.t IPLI.
. taioru u wwiiat ujuurj lu lillU, 1 U13
Harris her brother will be at the die- j is an increase of over $3,000 in the
posal of all who desire to bite thexn0Dey led last year through the
car tor summer ouung trips.
Mrs. Clifford Johnson has purchas
ed a beautiful touring car which un
der the management of Mr. Walter
Mrs. Julia Fitzerald entertained a
few friends at whist last Monday eve
ning at her residence, 3437 Wabash
ave. Those present were Madames
J. Wilson, Wm. Emanuel, Mrs. Allen,
M. Manning, Miss Beatrice Manning.
Dr. Buckner, and Mr. Allen.
Louisville, Ky., April 30. Arch
bishop Spalding of Peoria, HI., of
ficiated today at the corner stone lay
ing of St Augustine church. Negroes
are building the structure which will
cost $60,000. Shortly after the war
between the states Archbishop Spald
ing organized St Augustine Catholic
church 'here for Negroes.
The entertainment given by the
Base Ball team of Grace Presbyterian
church, last evening was a social and
financial success. Those who partici
pated in the program -were Wm. Har
rison Emanuel, violinist Mr. Charles
Settles voalist The Kenwood Or
chestra, Mr. Crelghton Thompson,
tif having annulled the marriage -of
tag remembrance, if they have passed J yg 80n w. Stewart, Jr., revealed the
away, -are .recognized as constituting
one of -the greatest Influences lor the
betterment -of .mankind:- and,
"Whereas, The Bovernor of the
state of Illinois has proclaimed the
observance .of '-Sunday, May 14, as
Mothers' -day and :nrged mpan ran dti-sens-theTecognition
of the memorial;
"Therefore, 1, Carter -H. Harrison, 1
mayor of the city of Chicago, hereby
proclaim the -observance -of Sunday,
May 14 as Mothers' ,day as a worthy
one and call upon all the citizens of
this city to Join in honoring the cele
bration $y attendance at commemora
tive public ceremonies or in such
other manne xas may be deemed
New York, May 1. A report that
W. Stewart Robinson, a wealthy re
tired insurance 'broker of Montreal,
had Tislted New York for the purpose
fact 4hat young RoblnBon bad eloped
from Montreal with Gertrude Town
send, a Colored girl. Robinson and
his Colored wife were found in an ex
pensively -furnlBhed flat He denied
that any proceedings looking to an
annulment would "be instituted.
The Busy Bee Club was entertained
on Tuesday night by Miss Aurelia
Ward, 5G13 Wabash avenue. Those
present were Mrs. Craig Williams,
Marguerite Morgan. Evelyn ntxslm
mons and Elizabeth Clark; Messrs.
Tate Dotson, Thomas T. Carlisle, M.
B. C. Mason, Jr., Cary B. Lewis, Craig
Williams, Nate Caldwell and Edward
Alexander, Miss "Ward served the
Club a dainty supper.
There are twenty-eight pounds of
blood in the body of an average grown
up person, and at each pulsation the
heart moves ten pounds.
New York Speedway.
Drivers of fast nor In New York
city have be cwtllwt speedway in
the world. It cost j3.ono.ooo ana H
reserved by the elty for the special
use of driver 'f fnxt horse. It be
gins at One Hundred and Fifty-fifth
Street and, extend north to Dyrkmau
street a distance of four and ode
quarter mile.
An 0!d New York Grave.
The oldest jtrivh tu Trinity enurcb
yard. New tnrk Ht.v. t fur a can be
determined. N tliat or KMiard Church
er. The tine on itn ;mv Indicate-
that the Im dirft at tin' ace or five and
a half year.. April . UNI.
Bleaching Ivory.
Ivory may i Wenched by pbcln? It
In a plans dlh Illletl with turpentine
and exHsiiiK It ror two or three dayj
to tbe sunlight.
"Could you do MoinMhliip for a pore
old sailor? askttl the eedy looking
wanderer at the pile.
"Poor old sailor?" echoed the lady at
work at the tub.
"Yes'm; I follered the wotter for
eighteen years."
"Well." said the woman after a crit
ical look, "you certainly don't look as
If you-ever caught up with It"
Then she resumed her labors. Ideas.
Gialiel, Sclutific tad Gjn'lenjntt
Bill Filling bj '
Bvery Sunday at their Park
"Upon the success of the li-.,.
Giants this year depends the
continuance as a factor in the .. .,
arena. Their Park is the onlv .'
in the city operated and control!,.! u
Negroes. This should be suni. ,ont .,.
every Negro to attend the t?an ,
thisParic." h
B.F.Moselej.StciBilTieai 6221 Halsted St.
"A penny for your thoughts!" I cried.
She turned a guilty hue.
"They're not worth that." tbe maid re
plied. "My thoughts were but of you."
Philadelphia Ledger.
Mrs. Willi lm't It awfnl the way
people paw over poods in a store?
Mrs. Glllls Shocking! I went over to
the waist counter this mornlug and
picked up every slupli garment, and
there wasn't one that didn't have the
marks where HmieiHxly bad been han
dling: them. Brooklyn Life.
Take pattern from the busy bee.
Tbe earnest honey maker
Ko time to stand and watch has he
The noisy sidewalk faker
Supreme Attorney -Receives
The Mount Glenwood Cemetery
Association gives every Colored fam
ily In Chicago an opportunity to free
themselves fromf the bondage and
discrimination 1 the older Ceme
teries by selling -Cemetery lots at
about the price of a single grave in
the older Cemeteries on payments of
$2.00 cash and $2.00 per month, which
is within the reach of all.
Mayor Carter Harrison of Chicago
lost no time after his election in
acknowledging the support -given
him by the Colored voters of Chica
go. Among the first to be invited to
the political pie counter wae our
Miss Dora A J nes and Mr. Her
man G. Claybourn were quietly mar
ried on Wednesday evening at the
residence of tbe bride's grandmother,
Mrs. S. P. Jones, 3G68 Wabash ave
nue. Only tbe immediate friends of
the contracting parties were present.
Mr. and Mrs. Ciaybanrn are tit home
to their friends at 3524 Wabash ave
nue. The bride Is the daughter of
esteemed Supreme Attorney Hon. ! Dr. J. A. Jones, president of Turner
"Rev. H. J. Callis, D. D. Pastor.
The usual interest is being mani
fest in the services, .last Sunday clos
ed tbe jgeneral effort in the xally
$950.00 '"has been realized with a
large number of "pledges unpaid.
A Vew Literary Society Organized.
On last Tuesday a large number
of persons fathered in tbe basement
of ihls church who are deeply inter
ested in the moral, intellectual and
social development of our .young peo
ple. ?hey -came for -the purpose of
organizing a. Ut$raxy society that iwill
hold dts jmyrtings ton Tuesday Jve
njagg jH&tead -of -Sunday afternoon.
Dr. Callis icaBd the oeetlng to .or
der asd was -made temporary chair
man a$er some xetaa3ts -a motion
prevaflad lor iperaaueat organisation
apA ejection of officers. The follow
ing Mourns $ere -elected: Eriesldenti
Dr. Jus. fK.jHflfris, Vice Pees. Soaert
W- MaeSt, Becretar- Miss lilllan
L jBsejnjter, Tsejwirer, Mrs. H. J.;
Callis. qgfaQKiasgc remarks -were
made -by 231 Iko tofftcers. 'Aboatt $0'
names -gpfp vessoUed s members,
and' on racya.a jcraailttee nl re
-cslstiag fltf iHr. John yan Camp,
W. JJ.' .BHiae. Wsa 4jttUa& tSrosedfir,
Mrs. fEQta -asd SfCX. M. 3. -Calite:
-ws BjjjirdiTTtrd -on Q9Astlttstien asdi
BLfWs toEeojpjtt the sextanet--
lag. Mr. H. pt4 nscay (was sp-i
a A. T. Watkins who will take 'an
other turn as Assistant Corporation
Counsel for the City of Chicago.
Congratulations are in order. The
Pythian Monitor, Cincinnati, Ohio,
May 3, 1911.
Normal College, Shelbyville, Tenn
and sister of Mr James L. Jones,
now of this city.
Mr. Rufus Estes, our congenial
friend, has completed his book, en
titled 4,Good T..hings To Eat" The
first copy was auctioned off at the
office of the Illinois Steel Company-(
where Mr. Estes is employed. The
Assistant secretary was the pur
chaser; it brought eleven dollars.
The boeis, -will be -sold for fifty cents
a copy, and -can -be secured at 3408
State street.
Notice of "Removal.
Attorney William C. Anderson,
formerly of No. 81 South Clark, has
moved his law office to No. 140 No.
Dearborn street (old number 70 So.
Dearborn) southwest corner of Ran
dolph and Dearborn street, suite No.
510; telephone 7127 Centra!.
She teacher united. "When Bid Moses
After tbeilence-had become painful
be -ordered: "Open your -Old Testa
ments. What does it say thereT
JLboy answered. "Moses, 4,000."
IjNow," said the teacher, "whydldat
yea know jwhen Moqes lived?
W" .replied the boy. "I thought It
-was ids telephone number'-rSuburban
Tlrst-class furnished rooms, modern
Improvement, 3552 Forest Ave. 2nd
flat Phone Douglass 2586 , ,
same channel and 54.000 more than
was, reported in 1001). when Dr. Hurst
made bis first nunual report.
The session was called to order by
Bishop Parks, who is filling the posi
tion of chairman of the board, held by
the late Bishop Abraham Grant.
Bishop Parks made a marked im
pression in tbe short address that he
delivered, especially when be spoke
with feeling of tbe services rendered
the denomination by bis late prede
cessor. fin submitting bis report Dr. Hurst
made a number of recommendations
for the successful carrying on of the
wort of the department. He also
called attention to tbe financial status
of the 'work of the church In West and
South Africa, v
The report by episcopal districts
presided over by tbe following bishops
First Wesley J Gaines tl3.KB.C5
Second. Levi J. Coppln 1SLS3
Third. W. B. Derrick 6.835.W
Fourth. C T. -Shatter J5.03M8
Fifth, JH. Parks, vice late
BUhop Grant 13.783.fl
Sixth. Charles S. Smith &943.(a
Eighth. H. A! Turner, vice' late
E. W. Lampton U.S34.43
Ninth. J. a Hipper 15.S67J3
Tenth. Evans Tyree ll.aojg
Eleventh. 1i. B. Salter 15.25LS4
Twelrth. H. Blanton Parks 2UW.C5
Thirteenth. .W. H Heard JJSCjQO
Fourteenth. J. Albert Johnson.... 2.SSSX0
Tbe last two mentioned districts take
in West and South Africa respectively.
Of this big sum raised in dollar sub
scriptions. 8 per cent (Sfu7H926 was
devoted to tbe educational work of the
Nor Is It In his record he
Has for one minute tarried
And mingled with a mob to see
Some rich elrl hrinic married.
-Detroit Free Press.
1 Big Show Etch night
Week of May 8th
The Wolf"
BiSen!. W&' &0fy of Canadian
Woods. Orjttaarproductlon with
All Accessories as Used on
the Road.
Watch for Big Bill of Families
Prices: 10-20-30 Bixes 50c
All 8eata Reserved
2 SUNDAYS, 7:00 and 9:30.
$1,000 Death Benefit
$7.50 weekly benefit for accidents, $6'io
weekly sick benefit; $1000 for lo
of limb or eyesight; $25.00 for Em.-r
oncy Belief; Cost $5.00 per year No
other dues nor assessments. Reliable
Company with $100,000 State Deposit
to guarantee the payment of claims,
ilen and Women between the ages of
16 and 65 accepted. For further in
formation address Dept. 314, American
.Registry Company, Erie, Pa., giving
age, occupation and present state of
Tn time of trial
"what brlnjr? n
"Anacqulttiti: reHinded n lowbrow
who should never tutve tfn admitted
by tbe usher. Tole do illnde.
They were dicuxln;: the future of
their boys.
Til tell you." said Mrs. McKay, "my
husband has n pull with tbe man
higher up. and I'll pet him to put your
boy at tbe bar."
"WelL 1 tbauk you." answered her
companion, "but Clarence doesn't
drink, you see." Philadelphia Times.
.Monday night, May the eighth, this
famous military organization will hold
their Annual Military May Ball at
-aid the preacher. the Sventl1 Begiment Armory, Thirty
the uretitest com- Iourtn street ana wentworth avenue
Medals and decorations for long and
honorable service will be presented,
also badges won for rifle practice.
Sergeant Berry and his wonderful band
will as usual render sweet music, both
concert and dance. The Knight Temp
lars, Patriarchs, Uniform Rank,
Knights of Phythias and Knights of
Tabors have been invited and each
organization will .furnish their crack
drill eam for an Inhibition Drill.
One of the companies of the regiment
will give b, spectacular display of
army movements and an evening of
great pleasure is promised. Officers
ind men will appear in full drees uni
form and the visiting organizations
rill .try to ontdo each other with their
landsome uniforms all .bedecked out
n guttering gold lace and polished
words. The price of admission will
e fifty cents and you are invited.
)pnt miss this star event during tbe
lonth of May.
There are problem in this busy world
To solve an- inlKhty touch.
Pray tell us whv the smallest elrl
Should tote the biggest muff
-OiIcsko News.
jOr.WhT the very smallest maid
Puts on a fearful "rat"
And stackers down the street beneath
A flower tanlen hat
HirmlnKham Age-Herald.
Or why the smallest waist you see
Beneath a Klow of rouge
Should be supported by what is not
The smallest things tn shoes.
Spokane Spokesman-Review.
Though mlsbty deeds you may thave done.
Keep hustUng just the same.
Remember that last year's home run
Won't count In this year's aame.
Washington Star.
They saw the queer, outlandish bexst
while visiting the zoo.
"W jQsver saw -the Jike before," they
aatld. "It's something gnu."
Galveston News.
Dmfiist -tto iiu Ktnut wife Don't
come tn just -thlx uduute. 1 -am -about
to sell six bottle of my fat '.reducing
mixture. Continent
A comely young- woman nozned Jan
TRrbJuttralkinr was caught In the rain.
She irato almost Jlew;
Her fomplexicn ilid. too.
Abo shaTeacnedhome excee31as!y plain.'
-Philadelphia Telegram.
aisxy'bta a little Jam.
J3b smeared some on iher most.
When Mary's mm came .home at nUtst
-wen. wnat no you snpposer
Chicago Bacord-Herald.
Wleltos t(who-baa een o!ng for the
Mtft Jbaif .npurj Sou Iqaow. Im not I
nhvefnalTw ervii!i4v hnf TvA mf aTtVUi
oalataa dimamatoxr ha!nn .f 4hi yfirv v. ,uw .,, w
7 rini . '' M .Z imT mt ' ' bm. t ??? powers.
paftraa fwJtAee. 9?b wt twt-i
lap vM $e aid i&fL Twesdaj, -34ay
"3m. at 8:80 ihe public is cordiaSy Jbs-4
Tie services Sunday wip JbgJnJ
TmmcwtHwi ft CfSO a. in, Tbe Holy
CowiTnTtnlgB. vriU Uie ailBilnjwtered -at
Kind J-okinji Old GenUeman Doalt J
you anow wnat become qx little boys
svho swear
'iSaali OT-Oh. jrex. Thev ijecome.
go&era wben they jrrow up. Woman's!
close companion.
' "IbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbssCuSbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbH
' esssET t ?5assssssiB
......BVIil..Rr' "$m
bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbVbibwSbbbbbbbbssbbbbbbbbbbbbsbbIbbbbbbbI jr V H
jHIB t
i tm
SE3BSZSmLb.mmmwXw33w3 SCSI i
"Ida's rich uncle in California sent
her a lovely brooch with her name set
In costly diamonds."
"Hotv delighted she must be!"
"Well, she isn't. She's Just mad be
cause ber parents didn't name her
Katherine or Alexandrina." Boston
Telephone Galls.
. The Spanish city of Malaga is now
connected with Madrid by long dis
ftance telephone.
A recent estimate from a reliable .
ource places Jhe .number of tele-1
pnones in the -world at 0.600.000 on
02,600,000 miles of -wire.
Signature Experts.
A number of the Urger banking In
stitutions employ from one tn half a
dozen men whose sole duty is to ex
amine every check that comes In
through the clearing bouse and vouch
lor tbe genuineness of the signatures.
Man's Brain.
The brain of a man exceeds twice
that of any other animaL
Gray horses are the longest lived.
Creams are usually delicate and are
senonjjy affected by very warmj
Rapid Shoemakins
A, piece of leather can now be trans
formed Into a iiair of boots In thirty
four minuter. iiHsslnjr through the
lands of Misty-three people and
through fifteen maehlnes.
Soatess twesrily--Tes; we noticed.
Jtbat-M. A. P. t
ffikeJalacDijatwaTi'iiiiiLiu'll'eaeai wave,
,Aj4 a tfgtful stetfsftrstal "be.
a& ti of cJNus wilor bre
KplssneOBSkf lr my lastly U&t
prjurBaJfc JCera aMA.
AJ'KT Vkrt'6 cribesi:ngM
liar tlauetbsM'KaytsBst em
Ana aojta such trifles atana.
Tbe'chorurglrlTaalwiysVUhf there
"Waen tt comes to perfect form.
"XBarTrtenffl aaakruptr
tot4o yen -mearir
fse Jke'oaly eteaee mi 'have -tol
9&actjt9ua tar -Ktet d KmeSi
ajBOPtft. p. rtaxx.
deaemination. rjo per cent (J2G,175)h
A tsrnadjorer toitbeiboardnf ennreb ex-J
tss0D,nd72AtUKTctaini'iry tbe
yarious -.annual conferences xor oJasion
TFrork. in career imjerannnaed BUa-,
Irtjars. tvWow fno oiynana. T&ejEnem
hen df .the boarif are: Rev. a'. 1L hlva-
ray. A-tlantif'-glri: John T. Jenifer.
Ctlcago; OnarleaBnndrClevebkBst, 0.:
A. J. Carey. Chicajro: ff. 9, Tteasea.1
Toilrn iKaiu E. W. .Lee. Monte
jfefconja csll. Atlauia. 604 K. , I
kwswtt mbarleslon. .W. ?Ai - T., 1
fj;-. liZlrmnn lit. P O tTnf ' I
Globe Theatr
yvpsh Aye, gnd Hubhrd Court
&&mfFM ftim&iy vinj Wiry 1
Be Ml Stoek Gd,
4)1 1& Eiiupi ai iWm IMetiM
The Lime Kiln fflal
. n 11 I..." . ' - J XI . iri
yS' TVf Wt? L 471 1
ask. r -reri3r j i
c.BB. rnqt'T ijT ,n -r f&ae. Ati
tB 8&irlf ilaMsitjn ajpgr . ,
-nisff i
niiiiea. - r. ki
Pstiiae. bji 4
! if W PfflsriWRH''
jae1ntiti lafrtaa.
i.. rr1
r tsstlfftMnfT"'" ---'

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