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Vol. XVU1.
No. 5
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BepuWcan Candidate for Be-electloii for Governor of Illinois Who Wfth His
Great Army or Legions of Warm Friends and Supporters, Peels Sore of
His Triumph at tho Polls Tuesday, November 5.
lit 1904, Peter M. Hoffman; one of
the most popular German-Americans, in
Cook County and a big leader of the
Eepnbliean party, after a red-hot con
test -with John E. Traeger, defeated
him at the polls and tras elected to his
present position and for the past eight
years, no public official of Cook County
has served its citizens and tax-payers
Kith more ability than the present cor
oner. This fact "was demonstrated,' -when he
tvas re-elected in 190S, -without much
Btrong opposition, showing, that the
splendid record he has made in his of
fice, is highly appreciated by the peo
ple in general f
Since assuming, the duties of that of
fice, he has instituted and -worked out
many beneficial and Important reforms.
He has cleaned or -weeded out the ma
jority of the quack or fake doctors
and in every other way, his services
have been of great value to the citi
zens, in all -walks of life.
In an np-to-date and business like
manner, he has held many important
inquests and made many thorough in
vestigations into the various causes
leading up to the death of many Chi
cagoans. As stated before he is -well and favor
ably known throughout Cook County
and -with an official record that will
stand the light of day one that his
best friends and supporters need not
feel ashamed of. He is therefore, en
titled to re-election as the coroner of
Cook County. Adv.
Profesional and Busi
ness Workers Form a
Body to Come to the
Aid of Deneen
Ealph C. Otis, Dr. Thomas A. Woodruff and Others of Prominence Pight for
4i.m JfcT-Tririir
A new and potent force entered the
field in behalf of Charles S. Deneen
for governor the first of this -week,
known as the Professional and Busi
ness Men for Charles 8. Deneen for
Governor association. Numbered
among the officers and members are
several former progressives, including
Balph C. Otis, chairman of the com
mittee on arrangements for the pro
gressive national convention, and Dr.
Thomas A. Woodruff, secretary of tho
Boo&evelt League of Illinois. Promi
nent supporters both of President Taft
and Gov. Woodrow Wilson are also
among the membership.
Officers or tne .new .tsoay.
Officers of the new organization are
as follows:
President William Holabird.
Secretary Dr. Thomas A. Woodruff.
Executive committee John H. Har
din. Joseph E. Lindquist, A. G. Hills,
Balph C. Otis, Lawrence 0. Hayworth,
Martin Boche, Frank L. Shepard, H.
8. Duncombe, H. S. Dale, J. E. Verree,
Edward M. Skinner and Charles E. Bol
lins, Jr.
Vice-presidents Joseph E. Otis, W.
C. Cook, Arthur J. Ainsworth, T. B.
Swanson, Leeds Mitchell, J. C. Whit
ney, P. H. Hess, Hugo P. Uhlemann, A.
O. Burdick. Dr. Frank Billings, Dr.
Frank Allport, Charles Cromwell, Dr.
Casey A. Wood, E. G. Pauling, John
Crerar. Thomas G. Vent, C. C. Stringer,
Charles E. Ummach, Michael O'Connor,
George B. Limbert and John Burns.
Bevlews Becord of Deneen.
On behalf of the executive committee
Dr. Woodruff gave out the following
review of the record of Gov. Deneen
and his opponents as a reason for the
support of the governor by the organi
"The Professional and Business
Men's association is for Gov. Deneen
because it believes in rewarding hon-
estr and efficiency. He gave us a direct
primary law, passed against terrific op
position. He gave the state a mens
system which took 80 per cent of the
employes out of polities. He adopted
business methods for the conduct, of
the state affairs. He rehabilitated the
state institutions. The state's re
sources have been conserved. The Uni
versity of Illinois has been raised to a
high state of efficiency and prosperity.
The farmer has been benefited by
wise legislation. The workshops and
the factory have been made safer.
Bailroad Bates Lowered.
"Bailroad and express rates have
been lowered. Bailroad travel is
cheaper because of the 2 cent law.
Insurance laws protecting the policy
nbiderrhare been passed. rbo-tand-
ard of education has been raised. A
model pure food law was enacted and
has been rigidly enforced. The na
tional guard is on a substantial foot
ing and is splendidly organized. Cit
ies may adopt the commission . form
of government and improve their lo
cal conditions.
"Chicago has profited from having
a chief executive that knew its needs.
The justice shops are no more. In
their place we have the Municipal
Court, which is recognized as a model.
The Lineoln Park and west park sys
tems have been rehabilitated and ex
tended. Our park system is now the
pride of our great city and state.
"The unfortunates have been trans
ferred from the county poor farms and
placed in state institutions, where they
are given good care under a central
ized board. The Donning institution
was taken over by the state and now
is tho, Chicago State hospital.
In all fairness to Governor Deneen,
each and every citizen within the con
fines of this state no difference what
his political views may be must give
Mir great credit for working out and
bringing around these many valuable
and lasting reforms, which are a great
blessing to all the people, rich and
poor alike residing in the grand old
State of HUnois.
HB1K 'pffT k W
BEV -.& ,SMi" "xtmBL
Taft and Cabinet Members to Attend
Sherman's Funeral Saturday
President's Proclamation on Death cf
To the People of the United States:
James Schoolcraft Sherman, vice
President of the United States, died
at his home in Utiea, N. Y, at fl:42
o'clock on the evening of October sv,
1912. In his death the nation ias lost
one of its most Blustrions eitizens and
ono of ib most efficient and faithful
movants. Elected at an early age to
the mayorship of his native city, the
continued confidence of his community
was shown by his election for tan terms
as a representative in the rrtirmal Con
A a. Urislator he at caee- took and
retained high rank and displayed sack
attribntes of npright and wide wase-
nsaahln as to eommead him to
people cf the Ualtsd 8tates for tS'ee
oad kigkest efflee Triflia tislr, ifi.
As presiding oCeer ef the Sepatf
his fairness and impartiality.
His private life was noble and good.
His genial disposition and attractive
ness of character endeared him to all
whose privilege it was to know him.
His devotion to the best interests of
his native land will endear his memory
to his fellow countrymen.
In respect to his memory and the
eminent and various services of this
high official and patriotic pnblie serT-
ant, I direct that on the day oz tne
funeral the executive offiees of the
United States shall be dosed and all
posts and stations of the Army and
Nm iiTi display the national ag at
.half -mast and that the representatives
of the United States in foreign coun
tries shall pay appropriate tribute to
the fihutrious dead for s period of
thirty days.
In witness whereof I have hereunto
set ay hand and caused the seal of the
United Stats to be affixed.
Deae at the city of Washington, this
31st day of October, A. D. 1912, add
of the iadepeadeaee el the United
8ti tie 137tlu .
.tfcs Presideat: . ,!
juva A. aaW) jmjmbs, oov
The successful banker; high class business man; long and steadfast friend of
the Colored race and Bcpuhlican candidate for State Treasurer of Blinols.
Andrew Bussel, candidate of the
Bepublican party for Treasurer of DJi
nois, was born in Jacksonville, Illinois,
on June 17th, 1856, and has spent all
his busy life in this state. After re
ceiving his education at the public
schools and at Illinois College, Mr. Bus
sel began a successful business career
in 1874 as a book-keeper in the Jack
sonville National Bank. He has been
in the banking business ever since, and
is now Vice-President of the Ayers
National Bank of Jacksonville.
Mr. Bussel has always been found
to be clean, careful and unprejudiced,
standing fearless for justice to all men,
and particularly interested in the
moral, social and industrial uplift and
advancement of the Colored race.
He is not a stranger to the voters of
DJinois, having filled the office of State
Treasurer from 1908 to 1910 to the en
tire satisfaction of the people. He gave
the office his careful and personal at
tention, and during his term increased
the net profits to the state almost 100
per cent. He is presented to the voters
with entire confidence in his fitness,
and there ought not to be the slighest
doubt about his election. Adv't.
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