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Democratic Candidate for Member of the
Board of Review.
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Fboto copyright by Harrt A Ewtnr.
Lite Vies President of The United States Who Passed Away at His Home,
Titles, New York, Wednesday Erealng. Ho Was Mnch Beloved ty His
Fellow Citizens Throughout This Country and His Death is a Great Loss
to This Nation. '
n Bettiola Fortson, the, dashing
and talented teacher in "Tallaboo"
was the only Colored girl -who availed
herself of the opportunity to partici
pate in the tag day collection in the
loop on Pounder's Day for the Pro
gressives, She "was stationed at State
and Madison streets, and her winsome
manners won for her party quite a
creditible sum. The Colored women
who covered, the south side wards un
der the capable leadership of Mrs.
Lindsay Davis made very glowing re
ports on their collections.
Mrs. "Martha B. Anderson, 6450
Chaxnplain avenue, the soprano soloist,
returned home Friday morning from
Indianapolis, 2nd., where she filled a
singing engagement -on Wednesday
evening, at Bethel A. XL E. Church,
under the auspices of the Senate Ave
nue Presbyterian Church. The seat
ing capacity of this church, being, un-
efficient to hold all the people, who
tere anxiously waiting and longing tc
Isten to her vocal recital and they
felt well paid and greatly charmed
mth her musical attainments.
Mrs. Anderson, felt well paid with
her trip to the-Hoosier State.
Mrs. Elmer Nutting of Cambridge.
Mass.. is said to have the largestcol
lection of postcards in the world." It
numbers mora than S0.00G specimens.
Mrs. Chang, widow of a Chinese offi
cial, is the editor in chief of the Peking
woman's paper, which is devoted en
tlrely to subjects interesting to her sex.
Mme. de Ronsard. a heroine who
nursed British soldiers with Florence
Nightingale in the Crimean war. is
now. at the age of eighty-four, living In
an obscure quarter of Cairo. Egypt, in
sickness and want, it is said.
The. Duchess of Fyfe. who recently
attained her twenty-first birthday, is
owner of one of the largest estates in
north Britain, comprising nearly 250,
000 acres of cultivated land, mountain.
moor and forest. She inherited the
vast estates and great riches of her
father. The docbess is fond of oat
door sport.
Mrs. Lydla B. Kemper, a -scentist of
note, has received unusual recognition
Hr IwnLssaaH
"''' . T SuoJT' V&CgSE'ZTO
professor.- Though born in Russia.
she has lived practically all of her life
in the United States and has occupied
a chair at the University of Pennsyl
vania. Mrs. Kemper Is now in Berlin
pursuing scientific Investigations.
Sporting Notes.
Danny Murphy. caDtain of the Ath
letics, owing to the injury to his leg
probably never will be able to play
baseball again, but he will retain his
connection with the Athletics in the
capacity of a scour.
First Baseman Myers of the Spokane
club of the Northwestern league has
established a neve league base stealing
record, stealing 118 baRes. The former
record of 105 bases was held by Zim
merman of the Chicago Nationals.
Ted "Meredith, the champion runner.
will not be on the Pennsylvania fresh
man football team this season. Mere
dith wanted to play, but" after writing
to Trainer Mike Mnrphy he learned
that he would take on flesh if he play
ed football and this might interfere
with Ills running.
in Germany, the emperor having re
cently conferred on her the title oflre.app0intea 1903 to the same re-
Frederick W. Blocki, Vice-President
of the Miami Coal Company, and
Democratic candidate for member of
the Board of Beview of Cook nnh,
is a Chicagoan, through and through
to the back bone) being born in this
city, November 1668. receiving m.
early and advanced education in ita
In time he took a special course in
engineering at the Lewis Instfrnt-
which stood him in good hand and be
came one of his very valuable assets,
later on in life.
Shortly after arriving to manhood,
he became united in marriage to Miss
Louise Woltersdorf. Amah
- o "
-Louis Woltersdorf, one of the German-American
pioneers, retail drug
gists of this city. So far two children
have blest their happy union. Freder
ick and Buth and grace their comfort
able home 717 Ashland Blvd, where
iney nave resided for a number of
His father before him, being a noted
ehemist, John Blocki, -the subject of
this sketch followed in his footsteps
and became thoroughly familiar in all
the details as a manufacturer of fine
perfumes, and the firm of John Blocki
and Son is known not only to all .the
wholesale and retail druggists through
out the country, but also favorably
known to millions of people, who have
for many years, used their exquisite
perfumes and other toilet articles and
for a long time Mr. Blocki, has been
the guiding spirit or hand in actively
managing the affairs of John Blocki
and Son. He is also at the head of
the Brennan Construction Comnanv.
general contractors, No. 8 N. La Salle
street, and as mentioned before, he is
vice-president of the Miami Coal Com
pany with ofiices on the 18th floor of
the McCormiek Building, showing that
he is engaged in various lines of prof
itable business and that he is not de
pendent upon polities for a living.
Aside from his business interests,
Mr. Blocki, has always taken a lively
interest in polities, however, in April,
1899, he was appointed by Mayor
Carter H. Harrison, superintendent of
the map department, of the city of
Chicago creditably serving the city
in that capacity until the latter part of
tho same year. He was then advanced
and promoted to deputy commissioner
of public works and a little less than
two years from that time, still greater
honors were in store for him and he
was selected by Mayor Harrison as
commissioner of public works, being
sponsible position, for two years
During his administration of this
office he supervised some of Chicago's
great public improvements, such as
building ome of tho first bascule
bridges, which did away with center
piers, among them heing the North
Western Avenue and Clybourn Place
Miages. These bridges were designed
in the Department of Public Works,
thus saving to the City the heavy roy
alty of about $20,000 usually paid for
plans and supervision.
The great intercepting sewer along
Lake Michigan from 39th street to
7ist street, was also built under his
supervision, and was suecessfullv com.
plcted. This was the first great im
provement undertaken by the City by
direct or day labor, and at its com
pletion had not only saved the City
thousands of dollars under the lowest
bidder, but there were no law suits or
claims for extras.
In April, 1905, before the expira-
... i
anon or his second term, as commis
sioner of public works, he was elected
city treasurer of Chicago, by a large
majority, running on the same ticket,
witn lormer Mayor Edward F. Dunne,
and the honest and splendid record he
made in that office as city treasurer,
will stand to his everlasting credit, as
long as Chicago stands.
When he became City Treasurer, the
city was receiving only 1 per cent
interest, but before the expiration of
his term he had advanced the rate to
3 per cent, which waia greater rate
of interest than the City has ev.er re
ceived. During the period that he was
City Treasurer, the Police, Fire and
other Departments were always paid
promptly, and on one occasion it was
necessary for him to personally borrow
about $800,000.00 from the banks to
pay tne Police and Firemen before
Christmas, as there was no money in
tho City Treasury available for that
At the end of his term, he turned
over to the City of Chicago $234,110.39
net, as interest after all office expenses
and his own compensation had been
deducted, thus earning for the citizens
of Chicago over $100,000.00 more than
had ever been earned during the term
of a former City Treasurer.
Mr. Blocki has also served as treas
urer of the Cook County Democratic
Committee and knowing thousands and
thousands of people in all parts of
this city and county and being ever
readyjfco, extend the glad hand to all
comers, and being perfectly familiar
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Attorney W. G. Anderson, "who is
recognized as being tho leading "ha
beas corpus" lawyer of Chicago, who
was recently sent to Virginia by the
"Chicago Examiner" to plead for the
life of Virginia Christian, the half
witted Colored girl who was electro
cuted. Mr. Anderson has just added an-
other laurel to his record by obtaining
the discharge of Harry Frank, con
victed of pandering and given one
year and $1,000.00 fine, which would
have kept him in the Bridewell' for
4 years. Mr. Anderson won this case
strictly on the law, the point involved
beinga new one, novel and very in
with all the hardships and the condi
tions which have for years confronted
the small tax payer, this class of prop
erty holders will have a good fnend
at court when he is elected a member
of tho Board of Beview, Tuesday,
November 5. Adv't.
He was trying to make an impres
sion on a pretty nursemaid who had a
little boy out in tbe park.
"I wish you were my governess,' he
"So do I." said the RlrL
"What would you do?"
Td take those cigarettes away from
yon and get your balr cut
Then be passed on. Louisville Con-
r -l
Current Comment.
It should be to the best interest of
the majority of tho Afro-Americans re
siding in the 1st congressional district
to loyally stand by Congressman Martin
B. Madden, on tho day of the election
and assist to return him to the halls of
congress, for at all times in season and
out of season he has in a manly way
stood by the Colored race.
Every time any member of that body
attempts to introduce any law or act
which has no other object than to strike
at the civil and the political rights of
the Negro, he has the courage to stand
up and fight against it to the bitter
And for that snd many other reasons
thef Afro-Americans, residing in his. dis
trict should rally to his support on
Tuesday, November 5.
8 by Moffett.
"gn class Lawyer "fl Democratic
Candidate for Judge of the Municipal
Joseph a LaBuyj democratic nominee
r Judge of the Municipal Court, is
French Rrnn -wm.t, T.-;nr.oi;f-n
always been friendly to the Col-V
w people. Se was bom in tha j might have stated the fact more pleas-
"raeh settlement of Wisconsin, known acflT by taring we lead tne worsr-
--ver Dam in. the year 1876. Mr.
-tty aas always been friendly to the
Scientists are still trying to produce
life artificially while moralists are la
menting that life is too artifidaL
Brooklyn Standard Union. ,
All tbe country lias spent on its
schools does not appear to have gone
far toward educating tbe boxing prac
tice out pf bring Denver Republican.
Once mpre the time honored question
arises, this time in Paris: What sort
of a rrinn understands women? The
man who never boasts about it-De-trolt
Free Press.
A speaker at the national congress of
hTEiene says the United States leads
the world in deaths. The professor
The Negro Fellowship League, Ida
B. Wells, President, will at their rooms
2830 State street, at 4 P. M. Sunday
afternoon, November 10, tender a
complimentary dinner, to Maj. -and
ex-Concrcssman John B. Lvneh.
Plates $1.00. No doubt this win be
a most notable affair and many citi-J
zens will have the pleasure of meeting
Maj. Lynch.
People And has a" large dfen-
T9. . .
and friends 'among them. Mr.
rfV ancle, a former Judge M. A.
rV was a Past Commander ef ike
fSaa Fost No. SOS, S6rviaff:witk
J and distinction throughoat -the
"r. HJs father was aasbolitien
" toa assist -. .. - r.
Z NorUl P" to WbreakS est
everything. New York Telegram.
j,rdBn3ri presOneaUawysr aa
efipable aaa qsaliSeCte 1 tte
tUh if" nCN.
:? .ifciTefafferlb..
One Idsa ef Hhvm.
According to the ancient
mere, heaven was even or eight seMd
pheres, with a planet for the
of each. 'Some even ran the
op to.seveaty.
Th Huns.
Tbe first mention of t&e He
torr is la China B. C.2MX Tkey
QBered ttot coantry b -were fJer
ward drive oat by the CtlstleW saA
Karcted clear acroM Asia.
the ceaatry sew kaowa ae
te37A.IX. Fer a tfaae taty
sed te-eerrBB the whele f the -
tteeat. hat were defeated la ft
ec ttjk aaa anvea
Britain's Oldest OfHce.
The oldest office under the crown la
that of lord high steward, which was
In existence before tbe time of Ed
ward the Confessor indeed, some au
thorities say that it was Instituted by
Offa In 757. For a long period this of
ficial was second only to the king, and
the office was for some time heredita
ry In certain noble families.
Th Nightshade.
The deadly nightshade In Italy and
Spain is tbe emblem of falsehood, It
la probable that the ptoteonons charac
ter of the plant had something to do
with the symbolism.
I fJpr C Vf
sssSv n?rA,2
o tfiHI
vE 'isEiiiiBv
V. ,a) jpyrppppppjpy
Wah Day.
When Eve held forth In Paradise
8b o found much pleasure In it.
For when she did her Monday wash
It only took a minute.
Milwaukee Sentinel.
And when tha washing blew away
Ere didn't fret or whine.
She merely sauntered forth and picked
Xew sarmenU from the vine.
Springfield Union.
She didn't scold theJanndryman.
She didn't give him alack.
Because he happened by mistake
To brine the wrong leaf back.
Yonkers Statesman.
Arctic Snow.
Arctic travelers have noted the cu
rious action of snow at low tempera
ture. It dries garments and absorbs
Edible 8eaweed
Within recent years seaweeds have
been Introduced Into the English
kitchen. Tbe edible species, served
with roast meats, bare been found to
be very palatable. Devonshire and
Japanese seaweeds are employed
largely in the London Industry.
Women Barred.
The Asiatic town of Maiwatchl. on
the borders of Russia. Is peopled by
men only. Women are forbidden en
trance there.
Insult and Injury.
"She's the most Insulting woman I
ever met"
"J never liked ber myself.
"Just think! Tbe last time sbe visit
ed us she didn't wipe ber feet when she
came in. but sbe did wipe them when
she went out" Spokane Spokesman-Beview.
The Theater of Dionysus.
What was probably one of the ear
liest theaters bnilt was the theater of
Dionysus, which was begun five cen
turies before Christ. Tbe seating ca
pacity of this remarkable building is
said to have been 30.000. The theater
of Dionysus was erected when Greek
art and literature were in their prime.
Here were presented to appreciative
spectators tbe wonderful works of
Aeschylus, Sophocles and Euripides.
The Day of Days.
Every dog may have his day.
As the ancient saying la.
But It does him little good. J
Ko dog ever understood
Which day happened to be his.
Tet why blame the foolish doe
For his failures to perceive?
If each man might know his day
When it dawned how many, pray.
Would have any cause to grieve?
Chicago Record-Herald.
Our Men and Women.
Tbe averace height of men in. the
United States and Canada is five feet
eight and a half inches; that of wom
en five feet four and a quarter inches.
Just Wait a Little.
Irate Householder Why can't you
answer this bell sooner? Tbe fire's
out again. Where have you been?
Maid of all work (resigned and leav
ing Pre been packln up my things.
I can't atop to do that. It'll light Itself
soon. The 'ouse is afire! Punch.
Or Hit by Falling Brick.
Now, golnc up In an aeroplane
Or going- down in a submarine
Seems dangerous' and scarcely sane.
Twere better to keep to the golden mean.
Twere better to plod the solid earth
Than, to sink or soar till the senses
Still, tha walker's lot Is of little worth'
If he's run down by an automobile 1
Chicago News.
' Parfume of Flowers,
It Is claimed toat the perfume of
lowers disappears as soon as the
starch in the petals Is exhausted, and
St may. H is said, be restored toy slac
jag the flowers is a aoJatioa ef sagaiv
when the fereatiea ef starch asd the
ef fragrasce wtt he at
by Harris- Ewmg.
Tliere, sighed tbe widow, pointing
to a cottage. ls where my sweet ro-saance-ended.
"Ah, dean and did your husband die
"Dear rae. no! Thafs where we were
sairrJed." St Louis Post-Dispatch.
Not In Them,
are they rehearsing
"Forjsome pantomimes, my dear.
Ta mamma tu be in 'em?
"No. my dear; no one does any talk
ing in pantomimes." Yonkers Statesman-
Tha saddest words
.Rlfht off. the bat
Are Jest these three:
Tin taatat"
iCuinmurUT Aggesx
Tee, Sa
shes asjBBch
Oh, Fudge!
A wild man who flourished a knife
Was busily chasing his fcwlfa. 1
Said h Tm a nut.
Bat I'm going to eat
The ties that have boandVns for kQfev
Cincinnati Enquirer.
- -
"How much are these puppies, little
boy?" "AH a quarter, 'cept that one,
and he's 35 cents. He swallowed a
dime yesterday." Puck.
"Positivism" Ls the term applied to
a form of religion Invented or founded
In France during tbf latter part of the
eighteenth oMitury. The members of
the set't rxIlerHl In onlv r.ho, things
of which thev r.ixl iNitire knowledge:
hence the term.
Bank of England Clerks.
The patrunnue r the Kink of Eng
land neIotiK entirely the directors,
a clerk being nx)lntf I by each direc
tor in rotation until the vacancies are
filled, with the en-eptiun of one clerk
ship in every neveti. which Is given to
a son of one of the Herk of the estab
lishment who hax dlxoliarged his duties
to the aatlsfartion of the directors.
When wishing to keep vegetables
such as greens, lettuce, parsley, eto
until the following day place, with the
roots or where they nave Been cut la
a vessel containing water, exactly as
you would a. bo neb of cut flowers, and
they will be as fresh as If newly cot.
The lightning- bctK fa brOUasf,
But he hasn't any mind:
3 travels through the darkness
With &! headUgbt on heated.
-Cornea Widow.
X itemt kmsw what te de wMh'asy
ass. He's so frrssoeaslhte.' "Get
Urn. a the) wsattsr fafesa."-4rsa-
BBsT' JlBW- '-SBSSSa- " "''WBBBW
saTaTMBrVr BTaTkks. .tk jaTSBTSaTSss -bTSbT
SSsaH bt''W'A-! JbBBbI
3saaTeTss& LalW JssHBsaaTaaTSBi
' A. X, rftUR
CHjf f t PiaMeity 7)f arissf ef
k Ceitcta Wtcn 3TttfssiiI Prs-
"w dayv-Adr.

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