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Resolutions Introduced By
Julius F. Taylor and Adop
ted by The Big Meeting at
Bethel Church Last Sun
day Afternoon.
President of the Carey Brick Company, millionaire real estate owner, -who does
not hesitate in. letting it he known that his first and hest hoss down in
Massachusetts was a Colored man. He is a true friend of the Colored
race, and he firmly helieves that Colored people are entitled to the same
protection of the laws as the white citizens.
Bluejackets at the Great Lakes Na
val training station who pick quarrels
or oiler unprovoked insults to Negroes,
either in Chicago or on electric cars on
the north shore, will be arrested and
punished if complaints are made to the
naval authorities at the station. A
statement to this effect was forthcom
ing from Capt. W. A. Moffett.
Xegroes who bluejackets have en
countered on the cars have been or
dered in some instances to get off,
Capt. Moffett said, and offensive re
marks made to them.
Negroes employed at Fort Sheridan
as coots at the training camp com
plain that they have been attacked
ou the cars lately by bluejackets, and
in other instances have been taunted
and threatened with ropes. Negro
women claim they have been insulted.
From the Chicago Tribune, July 9.
In connection with the memorial ad
dress which appeared in the columns
of that Negro hating sheet Saturday
morning, July 7th, it is useless to com
ment on the above item. Editor.
Hon. S. W. Green, Grand Supremo
Chancellor of the Knights of Pythias
throughout the world, arrived in this
city last evening from New Orleans,
La., and will be" the guest of Mr. and
Sirs. S. A. T. Watkins, 3332 Calumet
avenue. He will leave this evening for
a short business trip to New York City.
Dr. D. E. Burrows, 3231 S. State
stroct, highly ranks among th'e most
popular M. D. in this city, for he is
on the go all the time looking afippr
tin' interest of his- many patients.
Author of the anti-mob law of Hlinois. The people residing in Springfield in
1908, who had .their property destroyed at the hands of the mob, collected
in damages more than $200,000. The Governor, under his anti-mob law,
has the right to remove any sheriff of any county who fails to do'his duty
in the way of suppressing mob and lynch law. On Monday evening, July
2nd, Mr. Green left this city for Springfield and on Tuesday morning, July
3rd, he held a conference with Governor Frank O. Lowden, and two hours
from ihat time the Governor and Mr. Greeh were on their way to "tho scene
of the riot at East; St. Louis, HL Mr. Green can always be found on the
firing line, looking after the interest of the Colored race.
Monday evening, Attorney W. E.
Mollison, who recently located in this
city from Vicksburg, Miss., left for
that city where he will transact some
important law business and on Wednes
day evening he delivered a patriotic
address at Sunflower City, Miss.,
which he was to deliver on July 4th,
at which time a great barbecue was
held, which was participated in by
both white and Colored folks. He
also delivered addresses at Green
ville and Mound Bayou, Miss., the last
named city being the largest city in
the United States controlled entirely
by Colored people.
Mr. Mollison will return to this city
Monday morning.
Bev. T. B. Jones of Peoria, HI., is
in the city on business.
Bethel Literary will be addressed
Sunday, July 15th by the fallowing
eminent speakers: Mr. A. L. Williams,
Dr. M. A. Majors, and Attorney Mar
tin L. H. Barclay. The subject to be
discussed is Home the Sub-Strata of
the Church. Every one cordially in
vited. Literary begins promptly at 4
p. m., good music. Bev. W. D. Cook,
D. D., Pastor, Sandy W. Trice, Pres.,
J. T. Weenly, Sec.
This evening, the members of the Ap
pomattox Club, 3441 S. Wabash avenue,
will indulge in progressive whist from
8 to 12 o'clock. David A. McGowan,
president, B. F. Mitchen, correspond
ing secretary.
Be it resolved, by the members of
the Bethel Literary Society and other
citizens herein assembled in Bethel
church, this Sunday afternoon, July
8th, 1917.
First, that the time has now arrived,
to separate that class of cowardly and
cringing, so-called leaders of the Col
ored race, who are loud in preaching
the most destructive of all the doc
trines that tho Colored people must be
content to forever remain. the "hewers
of wood and the drawers of water."
That "they should have no higher
ambitions in life, than to occupy
menial and servile positions in all the
affairs of this country."
From those, who firmly believe, that
inasmuch as the Colored people have
in a very large measure assisted in
every way to cause this country to
bloom and blossom like the rose in
June, that they have filled the forests,
drained the marshy bottoms, brought
forth the cotton and the tobacco crops
and labored hard for more, than two
hundred and fifty years without com
pensation to make this country one of
the greatest nations on earth.
Therefore, the twelve million Col
ored people, scattered throughout the
length and the breadth of this broad
land, are freely entitled to enjoy all
of their rights guaranteed to them by
the constitution of the United States.
Second, that some immediate action
should be taken by the Colored citi
zens of Chicago and throughout the
State of Illinois, in severely denounc
ing and condemning the civil and mili
tary authorities at East St. Louis, HI.,
for permitting anarchy and- bloody
assassination, mob and lynch law to
hold forth in that city the first of the,
past week, at which time more than
two hundred innocent and law abiding
Colored men and women and children
were shot down in cold blood or hor
ribly massacred by the cowardly anar
chists and law defying element residing
in that cityj that the homes of the Col
ored people were destroyed by the
lighted torch as well as their scant
belongings that men and women al
most ninety years of age, as well as
the suckling babe at its mother's
breast, were murdered in the most
horrible and ruthless manner; that it
was the greatest massacre of innocent
and inoffensive human beings without
h just cause that has ever occurred in
the savage or civilized world.
Third, that Victor A.. Olander, secre
tary of the Illinois Federation of Labor
and one of the members of the State
Council of Defense should bo held up
as one of tho most despicable indi
viduals in this country ainl strongly
condemned for publishing it to the
world that the "Colored men of East
St. Louis, HI., were patiently waiting
until all the white men in that city
had departed for the war and then
they, the Colored men, could easily
assault the white women." Mr. Olan
der does not seem to realize the fact
that the slave holder's rebellion held
forth in this country for four years;
that all of the able bodied white men
of the South were away from their
homes fighting to keep their slaves in
chains; that their wives and daughters
were left at home under the care or
the protecting wings of their slaves
and there is not one case on record
where one Colored man attempted in
the slightest degree to assault the
white women left in his charge. Yet
the secretary of the Hlinois Federation
of Labor, who is full of race prejudice
clear through to the backbone would
like to have the American people to
believe that at this late day that all
the Colored people havo transformed
themselves into wild ungovernable
beasts; that they have no higher ambi
tion than to assault white women.
Fourth, that the twelve million Col
ored people in this country should ex
press their everlasting gratitude to that
great and patriotic statesman, dashing
soldier, who is one of the world's
greatest characters, Col. Theodore
Roosevelt, who stood up in Carnegie
Hall in New York City, Friday night,
and boldly and courageouslyJhundered
forth against the unspeakable crimes
perpetrated upon the Colored people at
East St. Louis, HI., at the same time
crossing swords with Samuel Gompers,
president of the American Federation
of Labor, who attempted to defend
the actions of the blood thirsty mob;
that Bev. W. D. Cook, the eloquent
and honorable pastor of this church,
Sandy W. Trice, president of Bethel
Literary Society and its secretary, are
hereby instructed to prepare and for
ward a letter to Col. Roosevelt highly
commending him for the noble and
manly stand which he assumed in rela
tion to the twelve million loyal Col
ored American citizens and that they
are ready and willing to follow in his
footsteps to the end of the earth.
Fifth, that the Colored people have
freely poured out their blood on every
.battle field from the Revolutionary
War down to the late war with Mexico;
that well on to two hundred thousand
Colored men fought in the war of the
Rebellion for the preservation of the
Union; that more than' forty-four thou
sand of them were killed on "four hun
dred 'and forty-four battlefields; that
the Colored soldiers have never per
mitted Old Glory on the land or on
the sea to trail in the dust in dis
honor; 'that the Colored people in gen
eral are far more entitled to freely en
joy their civil and political rights in
this country than the ignorant hordes
who flock to these shores from the
European countries.
Sixth, that the Colored people resid
ing in this community have not held
any mass meeting recently authorizing
Louis B. Anderson, Edward H. Wright,
Editor S. B. Turner, Editor Robert S.
Abbott, B. H. Lucas, A. J. Carey and
others to represent the two hundred
thousand Colored people scattered
throughout the State of Hlinois in any
capacity whatever, nor requesting
them to set forth their sentiments
which appeared in the Chicago Tribune,
Saturday, July 7th, in relation to estab
lishing all kinds of Jim Crowism and
segregation for the Colored people
residing in this city; that men who
give expressions to such sentiments
should not be permitted to pose as
the true -leaders of the Colored race.
Seventh, that the immortal .Thomas
Jefferson, author of the Declaration of
Independence and the father and the
founder of Democracy on this conti
nent, on one occasion exclaimed: that
"He trembled for his country when he
remembered that God is just and that
one hour of slavery or bondage was
fraught with more misery and suffer
ing than whole ages of our Colonial
oppressions; that more than four cen
turies before the Christian era, Alic
damas, a pupil of Gorgias, taught that
the Gods had sent forth all men free
and equal; that slavery will in time
bring down the judgment of Heaven
on a country which tolerates it, as
nations cannot be rewarded or pun
ished in the next world, they will be
in this by an inevitable chain of
causes and effects, for God punishes
national sins by national calamities."
The words uttered by Mr. Jefferson
at that time were true for the Gods
of war have punished this country in
connection with the freedom of the
slaves, that unless the vast majority
of the American people refrain from
their lawlessness that it is only a ques
tion of time until the Democracy
founded by Thomas Jefferson will be
blotted out in a whirl-wind of mob
and lynch law, anarchy and bloody
Eighth, that the Colored people are
sadly in need of new bold and coura
geous leaders, like unto Toussaint L,
Ouverture, Christophe or Dessalines,
to teach them bravery and heroism and
to lead them out of the land of Jim
Crowism, disfranchisement and segre
gation into the land of commercial
and industrialism, civil and political
freedom then they will be able to ex
claim in the language of the immortal
Patrick Henry, "Give me liberty or
give me death!"
Monday, July 16, the Elite No. 1,
Sportsman's Cluti will givo its first
annual picnic at Leafy Grove, Willow
Springs, HI.
Special features will consist of fish
ing, running and jumping races; also
fat men's race and other games of
To reach Leafy Grove, take 31st or
35th street cars, transfer to Archer
avenue, go to the end of that line then
take Joliet Electric car, which will
take you directly to the gates of the
J. H. Whiston, (Lovie Joe) head of
the Sportsman's Club will be on hand
to greet his many friends.
A. D. Cecil, Trustee Exhibiting "Old Mortgage," F. W. Clark, Steward
Showing "Notes Cancelled," St. Mary's A. M. E. Church, Chicago,
June 26, 1917.
By William H. Ferris A. M. Author
of "The African Abroad."
A large audience assembled in the
St. Mary's A. M. E: Church, the Rev.
Dr. Floyd Grant Snelson, F. R. G. S.,
Pastor, on July the Fourth, at the
Grand Reunion Banquet and Thanks
giving Feast. Dr. Snelson, backed by
a loyal Church on Sunday, June 24th
raised $1,687.25 in his rally, wiped off
the first mortgage of $1,500.00, cleared
the Church of all trustee indebtedness
and left a balance fn the Trustee Treas
ury. But this finished Dr. Snelson 's
splendid work of last year, when he
paid off the second mortgage of $3,
600.00. The tables were tastefully set and
a delicious menu of roast chicken
ham, English peas, macaroni, beans,
potato salad, custard pie, strawberry
pie, sweet potato pie, assorted cake,
ice cream, fruit and coffee was served.
Little Miss Arnetta Snelson, the ten
year old daughter of the popular pas
tor recited the Episcopal letter of
Bishop L. J. Coppin and Miss Lillian
Whitfield, rendered the Episcopal let
ter of Bishop C. T. Schaffer, Mr.
Gerald Young read an original poem
praising the work of Dr. Snelson, Mrs.
Sadie Lytle, Captain of the Indiana
Club, Avhich brought in the next high
est amount to Dr. Snelson 's Club; Mrs.
Mary Freeman, Captain of the Kan
sas Club, No. 3, Mrs. A. B. Fannins
in charge of the Cradle Roll; Mrs.
Carrie Oliver, Captain of the Indiana
Club, No. 1; Mrs. Mattie Norris, Cap
tain of the Busy Bee; Mrs. Delia
Strodder of the Deaconess Board, who
represented the Palm of Victory Club;
Mrs. D. P. Wilder, Treasurer of the
Palm of Victory Club; Mrs. Emma C.
Robinson of the Golden Star Club;
Mrs. Hannah Thomas of the Hero
Club; Mrs. Evalene Coston, of the
"New" Club; Mrs. Elizabeth Ken
nedv, the hero leader of the Lily
White Club; Mrs. Venetia Holeman, of
the Lilly White Club; Mrs. Nellie Pi
per, Secretary of Silver Star Club;
Miss Letitia Ballenger of the Alaba
ma Club; Mrs. Jane Moore, one of the
Mothers of the Church; Mrs. Clara
Little, one of the founders of St.
Mary's Church; Mrs. Blanche Ward
Snelson, Pres. of the Pastor's Club;
Theodore Lee, the Preacher's Steward;
Brother J. H. Bias; Brother Hawlcy.
of the Berean Baptist Church anc?
Brother Irving. All paid tributes to
Dr. Snelson 's splendid work.
Mr. W. E. Givens, in an eloquent
speech said that Dr. Snelson 's ambi
tion was insurmountable. He paid a
fine tribute to Mrs. Blanch Ward Snel
son, the pastor's wife, who is a bril
liant leader among the ladies of the
Church, and he recited the poem en
titled, "If God has given, thou me.
dear heart, The whole round world
cannot keep us apart."
The real climax of the evening's
program came when Bishop H. B.
Parks was introduced amidst vigorous
applause. The Bishop, whose pulpit
eloquence has made his name a house
hold word in African Methodism, paid
a tribute to r. F. G. Snelson, which
will be long remembered. He spoke
of the magnificent temple they would
ultimately build, in which they would
build character, transform lives and
make happy homes. He referred to Dr.
Snelson, the splendid leader, under
whpse magnificent aegis they had
marched to victory. "In every great
crisis", continued Bishop Parks, "God
has raised up a leader to meet the
emergency. In Dr. -Snelson, you have
found the 'Man of the Hour,' who en
abled St. Marys A. M. E. Church to
cross the river Jordan and take posses
sion of Jericho. You should rejoice
that God has given you this splendid
leader, whose indomitable spirit could
not be surpassed, whose accomplish
ments could not be excelled. When the
greatest man African Methodism has
produced, with the possible exception
of Richard Allen, (I refer to Bishop
Henry MeNeal Turner) desired some
young man of fervent faith and cru
sading zeal to go to Africa, twenty
one years ago, the intrepid and gal
lant Floyd Grant Snelson, then a
young Minister of the Gospel said.
"Here am I, send me." And in Afri
ca he built two splendid churches and
opened several progressive Mission?
which are at work, even to this day."
I have lived in Chicago part of the
time Dr. Snelson has been here and I
have seen him grow in the favor of the
citizens of Chicago. When he came to
Chicago about two years ago, he was
regarded as an erudite scholar and pro
found thinker. His wiping out the
first Mortgage of $3,600.00 in his first
year here demonstrated the fact that
ho was something of a financier. But
during the past year, he has won new
laurels as a gifted and versatile preach
er of the Gospel. His Quarterly Meet
ing Sermon on "Judas Iscariot" in
St. John's A. M. E. Church, the one on
"Health," in the Institutional Church
and the one in Quinn Chapel made a
profound impression upon the hearers.
Some regarded the sermon on "Judas
Iscariot" as the finest analytical study
of the betrayer of Christ that they had
ever heard. Then too, in his own
Church, Dr. Snelson preached a series
of sermons on tho Lord's Prayer, which
proved to be helpful, instructive and
Both as a preacher, pastor and fi
nancier, Dr. Snelson has been courag
eous, capable and energetic. His
faith, optimism, geniality and generos
ity have been reflected in the spirit
of his members, which makes St.
Marys Church seem like a cheery and
pleasant home. Dr. Snelson might
well exclaim in the language of the
Apostle Paul, "I am thankful that I
havo not been disobedient unto the
Heavenly Vision."
Mr. Ira O. Guy entertained a num
ber of friends at dinner Thursday
evening at 5105 State street in honor
of his uncle Jas. L. Guy of Topeka,
Kansas. '
Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Walsh,
5258 Emerald avenue, are homo again
after a pleasant vacation trip to Ben
ton Harbor, Mich. For many years
Mr. Walsh has been ono of the best
deputy coroners of Cook county and
he and Mrs. Walsh are both steadfast
friends of worthy Colored people.

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