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L- t ."
" ,,- x.
S..-C- " ? to avpi ItfG CORRESPOND-
-S Jj
PuMbe&-T2Teiy Saturday
- la. this city siace July 15th, l9,
." without missfne one stneleissue. Re?
peblicass, Democrats, Catholics, Ero5
testants, Single Taxers, Priests, infi
delsraioae else can have theiray
as, long as their language prujm
said responsibility is Bred.
Tie Broad Axis a newspaper whose
platform, is broad enough fof aUerer:
claiming the editorial ognt. xo speaic
Its own mind. ,
Local commanications will -receive
Attention. Write only oa onei'sfde of
-'the -paper.' &L&
Subscriptions must bepafd in ad
...... .. '
"-One Year .'..
-fiix' Months .i,-.
Advertising rates, made-known on
application. --
Address all communication to
6206 So. Elizabeth sC, Chicago, IlL
Phone Wenworth2597
, Editor and Publisher
Associate Editor
4700 SoutfrState Street
Phone Drexel 1416
APRIL 9. 1921
BBws. v5sPfaP XI 3S3?P3ajBBBBBx -(BBr?a
isminM j uk --- x s - - xpyvc? -r .. .awtw, w n
-- .MmKm' . xp- tjsMKr ....j&i&BBl :
j Mir tfjii j LJBgatggja&tgy .-ujtt 2?5W -kt r-Btfu
FrffJNSXtfMlitfraVldS "WIK , ...N3kMlKvJ M b JKBB
fflKSSBhsrr .";;- . m , "P
jmm&xv. :jr?2zmr smk
XMiV ..HiaiRr mmM'jr 35S&s f, r IH
. LOCKED UP FUK Ui5UKurj-i v,wiWw
Vol. xxvi.
No.' 29.
Entered as Second-Class Matter, Aug.
19, 1902, at the Post Office at Chicago,
IlL Under Act of March 8, 1879.
Management; Circulation, Et&, Bequired
by the Act of Congress of
August 2A, 1912, ' '
Of The Broad Ax, published weekly
at Chicago, Hi, for April 1, 1921, State
of Illinois, County of Gook, 83.
Before me ,a Notary' Public in and
for the State and county aforesaid,
persqasally appeared Julius P. Taylor,
who, having been duly swom according
to law, deposes and says that ho is
pwner, Editor and Business Manager
of The Broad Ax, and that the follow
ing is, to the best of his knowledge and
belief, a true statement of the owner
ship, management (and if a daily paper,
the circulation), cte of -the aforesaid
publication for the date shown in the
above caption, required by the Act of
August-24, 1912, embodied in Section
443, Postal Laws and Begulations,
printed on the reverse of this form, to-
1. That the names and adresses of
the publisher, editor, managing editor,
and business managers are:
Publisher, Julius P. Taylor, 6206 S."
Elizabeth street, Chicago, IlL
Editor, Julins P. Taylor, 6206 S.
Elisabeth street, Chicago, UL
Managing Editor, Julius. P. Taylor,
6206 a Elizabeth street, Chicago, EL
Business Manager, Julius P. Taylor,
6206 S. Elizabeth street, Chicago, EL
2. That the owners are: (Give -names
and addresses of individual owners, or,
if a corporation, give its name and the
names and addresses of stockholders
owning of holding 1 -per cent or more
of the total amount of stock.)
Owner, Julins P. Taylor, 6206 S. Eli
zabeth street, Chicago, EL
3. That the known bondholders,
mortgagees, and other security holders
owning or holding 1 per cent 9r moro of
total amount of bonds, mortgages, or
other securities are: (If there ar? none,
so state.)
4. That the -two paragraphs "next
above, giving the names.of tho owners
stockholders, and security holders, if
any, contain not only the list of stock
holders and security holders as they ap
pear -upon the books, of the company
but also, in -cases where the stockholder
or security holder appears- upon the
books of iho company as trustee or in
any other 'fiduciary relation,, the name
of tae"persoa or-corporation for whom
such -trustee is acting, is given; also
that the -said two paragraphs contain
.statements embracing affiant's fuH
incrrledge and belief as to Iho eireunv
eiaafees and conditions under which
stockholders .and security holders who
do net appear upon he books of tho
ftoapanyas trustees, hold stock and
x securities in .a capacity other than that
of & bona fide owner; sad this affiant
has no -reason lo believe that any other
person, association, or corporation has
any Interest direct or indirect in the
said stock, bonds, or other securities
than &3.-20 stated 'by him.
Successful real estate dealer, extensive taxpayer, who is
willing to spend thousands of dollars of his own money, in an
effort to prevent the fiends of the infernal regions from bomb
ing the homes of decent Colored people residing on the south
Foreman Testifies as to Silling of Ne
groes on Williams Farm.
Covington, Ga. The prosecution ex
pects to conclude its caso in the trial
of John 8. .Williams, Jasper County
farmer, in the Superior Court here on a
charge of murder of one of the eleven
Negroes alleged to have been killed in
an effort to cover up peonage condi
tions on the Williams plantation. Tho
defense indicated that the case -might
be. in' the handsof tho jury by Satur
Clyde Manning, Negro boss on the
Williams farm' the last of four wit
nesses put on by the state, testified in
gruesome detail as to thekiHing of the
eleven Negroes, in which he said he as
sisted at Williams' order because the
latter said it meant "their necks or
yours." According to Manning's testi
mony six of tho "Negroes, bound and
weighfed-with rocks and iron, were
thrown into rivers near tho Williams'
farm and live met deaths cither by
gun-shot or blows from an -ax at tho
hands of the witness and a farm hand.
Efforts of counsel to prevent Man
ning and two department of justice
agents from testifying as to alleged
peonage conditions on the Williams'
farm were overruled by tho court.
Attorney Walter M Parmer, 184 W.
Washington street, who was -confined
to his home several weeks on. account
of illness, is back, in bis Office again,
where he is ready" to serve his many
Tho Virginia Society wlD give an en
tertainment in its next regular meet
ing, "April 20, at Bailey's Hall, 3638
State street. All Virginians are urged
to attend this meeting. - .
Enroute from St. " Charles, leu, to
New York City to be at the bedside of
her sick mother, stopped in the city a
few days and was the guest of Mrs,
EUa, Young, 3556 Forest avonuo.
. 'Swera to and subscribed, loaf ere me
ysaTApriLisaj V
Sefl;,iCKHLjJ.-.0?MAliLEY. .
MyoeaB5aei expire "March 819240
Oajaat Sunday tier arieu-.J
xtet is. a eetiajr to ssa'weparaiioa
f er. the-'aasHal ieOT8 iOv&e hdd-he
iartk SeaSaia.aCay.
- wa -
,"kis. Kary jS, ."BoTBinojra jtit JMergaja
; , jHM-dMriBg -tie week
3 aity w fwasiawkSorMt tea
"The Km Klux Elan" will b tho
subject-ibfHhe sermon to be delivered
by the Pastor Sunday morning at 10:451
o'clock. y 1
Sunday, April 18, subject, "True and
False Leaders.'" -
A big revival choir" has been organ-4
ized and will assist in the services
every Sunday night. This church con
tinues to feed every day the unem
ployed. Special nooh day aerviees
every day. -
Dr. John -A Gregg, President, of Wil
berfotce'Ohiq, will preach, at Quinn
ChapeL7Sunday, April 24, and will de
liver an illustrated lecture on Africa,
Monday night, -April 25. Dr. Gregg
has been in Africa and will speak from
personal experienee "CL"
Mr. and Mrs." WUHam'H. JJark and
the remainder, -at their'family .have re
moved from 3217 South Park'averme to
3226 Ellis avenue.
' .
Miss Jennio Collins,' wbo'has spent the
past year at Cleveland, Ohio, visiting
with her relatives arrived in the city
last Sunday, and she is now at home
to her friends at 5423 8. Wabash ave
nue. -
Mr. and Mrs. L. O. Gibbs, 2008 Wal
nut street attended the reception of
Mr. arid Mrs. Samuel Matthews, Sun
day afternoon, held a.t 2008 Washing
ton boulevard and Mrs. Gibbs, looked
ever so lovely or attractive in a tailor
mado bluo broad cloth suit.
' -
Mrs. Ulla E. Grier, of Atlanta, Ga.J
relative of Mrs. Matthews, was present
at her wedding reception she
wore a costume of steel grey with sil
ver lace and -cut steel beads. Mrs.
Grier, left for her home Monday even
JMrs. Bfla Young, 355$ 3fles avenue,
D. Q. M. N. G. of Illinois and jurisdic
tion is doing active work f6r -the
Households in her jurisdiction. Several
juveniles, will be organized in Illinois
and Wisconsin in a few days.
Chas. W. McKinzie, husband of Mrs.
Nora- McSinrie, 6218 8. Ada street,
who died-last week, was buried from
the Ebenezer 'Baptist Church last Mon
day; Many prominent citizens of
Englewood attended-the f aneraL
M.JT. Baileyr .president the Bailey
Beatly Co., 5838. State jttreet, spent "con
siderable tiao 'during the week in
Evansten, Waakegan and Lake Fcrest,
UL, adjastiag nsattcrs for clients.
W. Whlthers,. '52nd and Pederal
srreets,wh' purchased several lets is
UotguL ' Park taroBgk the Bailey
Realty Co 368S State street, is jpMjwr-iftp-
tnartk&k sl Ka&asiti as kie -fshrre
jaose. '1C -"
Mr. and -Mrs. Samuel Matthews, tho
new bride and grooom, held a delight
ful reception last Sunday afternoon at
their new home, 200S Washington
boulevard, from 3 until 6 o'clock, and
about one hundred and fifty of their
many friends attended It ancLinspected
their many lovely presents. .
Mrs. Jay Powers, 4710 8. Wabash
avenue, is a very plsasant lady to
meet. She attended the Matthews reception-'
Sunday afttrnoon at 2008 W.
Washington boulevard and looked very
charming in. a- cream satin gown.
. .Tuskegec Institute, Alabama. sce
where I was when. I wrote to you last
weck'and'theu see where X am as I take
my pen in hand to drop you a- fow-linca
fthis week and I will have a Jew
things to say about me, " and I will
think a fow things for ybu. I am not
Lgoing to tell you all that is in my
head, for If I should I think they would
turn mo out of church ,and almost turn
me out of heaven, for I have been
thinking some thing which would not
stand tho test in tho Sunday School
quarterlies, nor would a first-elass
preacher uso them in his sermons to- win
tinners for glory.
I have just felt so cussified, that I
hardly know at times whether I was
riding or walking, and I have actually
said some words in Nashville, which
would not do, but 1 am sure you will
pray for mo when I just tell you the
causoof me making use of such naughty
words.- 1 havo been going somo honey,
and don't you forget it, I was in a
Kentucky town when I wroto to you last
week, and now am in a great placo,
and Alabama at that.
When I left Cynthiaha. I beat it to
Cincinnati, where I spent a night at the
homo of Dr. J. Franklin Walker, and
then bright and early tho next morning
t was up and on my way to Xcnia, to
get an automobile carriage ear to tote
mo out to Wilbcrforcc, and there to
visit that great university, with Dr.
John A. Gregg is president. I am sure
that you know of Wilbcrforce Univer
sity for it is as old as tho hills, and
has been on the wall a lone time. Dr.
Gregg heard that I was coming and ho
had his "carriage car thero to meet me
and tote mo out. Soon I was on the
way, but that old earth was carpeted
with white, and I was delighted o.Beo
it in that condition. I had left my
overcoat in Denmark, S. C, hence
could not get it, and my stay up that
way was extremely short.
I am sure that you know Dr. John A.
Gregg, for I have told you about him
before. He is a man with a vision, and
was president of Edward Wators Col-,
lege, Jacksonville, until elected at the
head of Wilberforeo last May, and ho
is .at work, and you will beliovc me
when I tell you that ho is doing a
great big work in this part of tho moral
vineyard. Ho is just the man for tho
position he fills, 'and tho African
Methodist Episcopal Church will re
ward his service in 1924, by sending
him as. a. bishop to Africa. Ho is the
man for tho jlace. He is the direct
successor to Dr. W. 8. Scarborough, is
to be looked 'after soon by President
Warren G. Harding, and already the
place is filled with a strong man. There
are great things -being dano under his
administration. I will not have timo
to tell you as mnch as X would like to
tell you about President Warren G.
Harding and Dr. Scarborough, but' the
world will hear of it somo day.
They have a fine commercial depart
ment under Prof.. 0. S. Smith, is the
head, and ho is a fine man, but there
is not timo -for mo to tell yon these
things just now, for thero are so many
things to claim my attention. I met
the students, talked with them about
wars and rumors of wars, and then left
for another part of tho world which
was Louisville, Ky., the home of the
State University,' which is now changed
to Simmons University.
T thought of the late William J. Sim-
mons, for whose service the school has
nicklo in the slot before I could get-to
talk. Then when I was through there
stood in tho door of the booth a great,
big white man (policeman), who looked
mo right in tho face, and gave him. a
look right back. You must 'take "time
and look up somo things for us. But
now about that policeman. Ho said to
"You don't- know whoro you aro'do
"I don't know, I thought "I-was in
hell sir!" was my reply, "have I mnde
a mistake!" '
"You should havo gono in that Nigr
ger waiting room, for thero is a phone
in thero for you."
"I have not been in there."
"Then you. should havo asked somo
one about it."
"I would havo sir, but your royal
highness was not hero for me to ask,
hence I did not sco any sign up here
except public telephono and proceeded
to uso it."
"Don't give me any of your lip, for
if you do I will lock you np."
"I do not have any lip to spare, but
I havo no objection to you locking me
up. I am a passenger, and if you lock
me np I will get somo pockot change
which I very mueh need."
By this timo there was a crowd
around us, and he told me to cither go
in there, pointing to tho colored wait
ing room or go out, and it was then L
told him that I would go out and send
word to my friends that I had been to
hell and got out safe.
Such is our civilization, but I think
it will bo all right after a while. It
has been said that the darkest hour is
just beforo day, and it is certainly
somo dark nowT Think of Covington,
Ga., and it will make every drop of
blood in your body boil. Let us hope
that this is a step toward civilization.
Let us pray God to send us some mis
sionaries from China, Japan,, India,
Africa or any other heathen land
where we are sending them,' that we
may bo reached, and if tho religion of
Jesus Christ don't suit tho people who
do these things perhaps wo can get
something elso to him.
I am not going to comment mueh on
this matter for 1 am too sick.
at heart. I mado my way to the Mil-
lio Halo Infirmary, and was soon in
company with Dr. J. H. Hale and bis
wife. Dr. Halo if you will recall is
one of the greatest physicians in this
country, and his wife is at the top of
tho ladder in nursing. Sho is a tire
less worker, and is dovoting her time
in training our young women. The in
firmary is tho largest in tho country
supported by one man Dr. Hale, and
believe me, they have some sick people
there all the time. They come from all
parts -of the country. Thero was pres
ent the night I reached thero a doctor
from Huntsville, Ala., bringing some
ono to bo mnde over.
This Dr. Halo can cut you up, put
you together again and you continue to
lixc- A, remarkable man. The patients
will run up in the thousands.
Tho next dayI visited the Waldcn
University, Meharry Medical College,!
Mrs.. Ellen Tyree, Mrs. Mattio Chavis,
Eoger Williams University, the Sunday
School Board of the National Baptist
convention, and it made my heart jump
for joy to see that machinery going
and to see how busy tho clerks were un
der the direction of Dr. JL M. Town-
send. Dr. S. P. Harris was Irasy as
'ai -. jjp iwuibwuib) .flE
IHr 7sSBk. LbbbHbbK
No Room for the Incompetent.
Much of the work done in this world
has to be undone. Incompetency Is
the greatest drawback to progress. In
competents are the most costly mem
bers of society, apd always will be.
That's why there Is always a premium
on brains anil skill, which combine to
produce efficiency. Exchange.
Argentina Not a Paradise.
, The distribution of rain seems to
be poorly managed In the Argentine;
If the country Is not suffering from
drought, it is apt to be complaining
of floods, or, In the warmer and more
fertile north, of the locusts, which
sometimes sweep from the wilderness
of the Chaco In such clouds that the
project has seriously been considered
of erecting an enormous net, support
ed, perhaps, by balloons, against
them. Harry A. Franck In Century
Jesuits Brought Sugar Cane,
Sugar cane was Introduced Into
Louisiana from Santo Domingo by the
Jesuits- In. 1751. The first refined
sugar was"niade by Antonio Mendez
In 1792, but the first Waned sugar on
a commercial scale was made in 1704
by Etlenne De Bore. The plantations
of these two planters now form a part
of the dry of New Orleans.
Ancient "Chapman."
In olden days there w s a merchant
whe would buy hN store., n the cheap.
est market, load them into a wagon,
and drive ahout the oimnrry. selling
Ml.ere he could. lie w..s known as a
chapman and the nnxl rn name Is de
rived from tlint word. As the mer
chant's chief stock in rmde was a
Jovial personality the u.inl chap haj
long meant a Jolly fellow.
Do You Know Kapor?
The Borneo niiphoruMHl or kaper
has a pronounced camphor odor when
fresh, says the American Forestrj
Magazine. It belong t the iliptero
carp family, nearly all of the trees of
which are reInou.
Australia Great Butter Country:
Australia produces about 200,000,
000 pounds of butter annually, ot
which 73,000.000 pounds are exported.
Intricacies of a Watch.
It might be Intere'tin;; to the aver
age person who carries a uauh as a
matter of course, to know that It
cornprlses 173 different pierp. the
manufacture of which i-mbraics soma
1400 different oiivratlon
Was Necessary.
Judging from -frequent mentions la
lunchrooms and street cars of per
sons who have "got w Ne. " the Ameri
can standard of intelligence must ba
rapidly rising. Boston Transcript.
A Case in Point
nowaoccn named, and thought of how 'could be. I. mot the assistant, editorial
his life was spent for his people. X had
tho pleasure of touching hands with
Editor William H. Steward, of tho
American Baptist, one of tho oldest
editors in the country, and a man who
is well posted. I was his guest, also
the guest of Mr. and Mrs. John Oliver
Blanton and others.
Yon will find me soon on my way to
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Smith,2040
Warren avenue, attended the Matthews
reception Sunday afternoon; Mr. and
Mrs. Smith are "among the oldest and
highly respected colored people residing
on tho west side. Mrs. Smith was at
tired in brown lace over brown silk,
corsage bouquet of pink tea sores and
diamonds. "
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Hart, 4841 Ped
era! street who are both away np in
secret society circles, attended the
Matthews wedding reception Sunday
afternoon- and Mrs. Haft, wore bfeck
setta, ten pftsaaentry trimming aad
garnets which "was veT becoming to
Hob. Snfas M.' Potis, at one tisae
LMaraace J3ewsais)ser of HEnei aad
ae of its prominent lawyers, escspiee
an extWsive ssiie of tew ofs in. the
secretary, Dr. J, "T. Brown, and left the
secretary, Dr. C H. Parrish, in -Louisville;
the field secretary, Dr. S. N.
Vass, was busy putting brains on paper
for our young people. The are going
to mako a great improvement in tho
X visited tho National B. Y. P. U.
headquarters, the building owned by
An accolade Is literally an embrace.
The"'term Is generally applied to a
ceremony or salutation which marks From a literary article "Nothing is
the conferring of a knighthood or 8lm- so suggestive of a faulty education
liar distinction. tliaa lack of grammar." Boston Traa-
Advice. WAV.
We hand this out nnd ask no price
And know that you'll forsake It For
you must 'charge for your advice If
yon want folks to take It Arkansas
Thomas Cat
Orang-outang Misnomer.
Orang-utan, rays a correspondent
from southeastern Borneo, means, In
the Malay language, "man of the for
est" while orang-outang; the name
which we carelessly apply to the great
anthropoid, means "man In debt"
When Milk Is About to "Turn."
If you thnlk milk is ne-mng tho
"tnm" a pinch of baking "x!a often
overcomes the difficulty and -aves the
milk as well as the "daj - .n the sea
son of many and unexperi-i guests.
Their Method.
"In the days of the cave u an," re
marked the man on the car 'the girls
wore their hair loose do n ihe back,
so they would be easy to w-n." To
ledo Blade.
Nashville, Toon-, and this is whero I the Baptists, and free of- debt Dr. E.
got my feelings insulted and to a large W. D. Isaacs paid it out of debt and
extent X reached town-, and wanted to then took unto himself a bride. I shall
talk with some bishop timber, heneo X say more another time,
called np Dr. J. CL CladweH, dropped a J - Charles E. Stump.
National Life Insurance Building, 2d S.
La Salle street, ho also maintains a
suite of offices in the Belsch. Building,
Springfield, EL, and all the timo Judge
Potts is rushed to tho limit in looking
after his etxenrivo jaw buisness.
Only One Test of Worth.
Not what we have, or know, or even
what we do, but what we are that
determines 6nr worth. Greatunlversi
tles know this. See their mottoes.
One motto is "Qu&ecntaque sunt vera."
(Whatsoever things are trua) An
other one Is "The truth shall make
you free." Another, "Culture must
flourish under the law Of God." An
other, "Culture without character la
a vain thing."" Exchange.
Like Peanut Xr.
Tho Ipll and tlndalo of the Philip
pines have a peculiar oQy odor,reea
bling that of raw peanuts, says tha
Americas Forestry Magazine
Murderer- HsW Aeef!tM-t.
The coaaaadneet ThW shalt set
k&T lias as application abt generally
recogabed. It Js thk that fewrsi. re L
cpoBsftiility forbids pee- to kill ttaM.
Washington's. Religion.
There .baa been considerable contro-.
versy pyer the extent to which relig
ions' belief entered Into Washington's
character. Sis own chronicles show
that most of his Sundays, except dur
ing the presidency, when he felt
obliged to set an example, he spent In
answering letters, going over "his ac
counts, hunting or doing any business
that those with whom be was negoti
ating had no scruples. In, choosing
people to w.ork for him he eet- np no
barriers of creed, Judging men .from
the standpoint of honesty, Industry
and ability.
Nothing Known of Its Value.
"Cleopatra bad a warranted preven
tive of baldnesaor a sure cure. Poa
aibiy she Intended to employ It to
wheedle Caesar or buy oft rebellions
Pothlnns. Perhaps she planned to
present It to Antony as a surprise at
Tarsus. -Possibly she held up tho gift
-In. a mode of feminine fickleness, and
had it in her reticule at Actlum, and
through, the power of that talisman
drew Antony after her ta frenzied pur-
a!t and In, Igsoadnloss retreat
There Js Bothlng la the discoveries of
Egyptologists' to warrant befief that
Oeepfitra's hair restorer had any ae
taalvalae. Exchange,
Hp'" JaimimHimaBBHiBH H
Oac of tie moat mnmt lawvers m thii dlr, who has h&
tome Bifbooors showered upoa lam by President Hardm?-
3 .
. 1.

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