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jf BBjkw J - 1B. " . -- v .. f -my-i- t -- uL- - ; v ." ' X -.&JfS?K"3P' v " v r w 5?" " r e-".L - . '" ry "i- v t-
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S- -sirFir -"-" : 1 ' " -:-. : - : - v -
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jyioi c-iiaii ;w vy tcain ucaungDomo
'" !?i
. :-
S, nave Been rlurled at the Homes of Decent and
Ming Colored People Smce January Hi 1018. to the Present Time anJ Seveni?
-ji "si - . mm . . , v v w - : --- IFr "- w
ltf8 111-Oiajt Lengfli of lune, Have Bsiifch Thrown at the Homes of White
leople W10 Sold
jProperty to Colored People; and So Far, Hot
Arrest Has Beeil Made by the Police. - !
" - -
Elli 3401 hidiana ATfenue Was Boinbcd atidlHer Beautiful little Daughter;
Was Blown Througii the Roof
n is reportoqn good AUTHORrryrHAT hqc.
Hon. William A. BitBer, the Able and Briflknt Attorney for
the Board of Education, in Hs Race in tbeiing of 1320,
for Republican Committeeman of the-Third Ward, In
formed the Colored People Who Attended HU MeetMfs
that He Had-Suffident Evidence to Indict and Send to die
Penitentary at Joliet, HL, Some of the Men Who Had Been
Bombing (he Homes -of Colored People j mat Hon. Maday
Hoyne, Being a Hateful Democrat; that He Would Not
Raise His LittleJFinger in that Directknu
. If Mr. Bither Was Stating the Absolute Truth at mat Time and
.Was Not Endeavoring m the Slightest Degree to Pull the j
Wool Over the Eyes of the Shortsighted Colored People, it
Would Be Very Timely if He Would Turn Hk Evidence
Against the Bombers Over to Hon. Robert E. Crowe, Who
Is a True Blue Republican, . -
It has been freely admitted- bjr all,
tie wtsrst politicians aronnd Jhe-Gityl Negroxcalty office.
Hall and by. all the aewspapct men
; xho hang arpnnd that' our articles
rem the bombinfr othe homer'ol
lighh respectaljle coTpredspeople re
ading in the Second'-Aard r "on-ltte
1 South Side lave been topnotcliers;
' that they hte attracted wide atten
tion that they'JTite been far Teach
ing tn their -effect, -and through ,the
truthfulness of 'them "the higcolored
Lkaders o the" colored race in this
or whom ifayor Williani Half
Thompson regards ras the- infallible
mouthpieces of Jthc more than one
bndred and fifty thbuiSnd'" colored.
people holdingflbrth. in this chy, and
the voice , these -so-called leaders
is tnc -yice -ot an all-wise and over-
iniliajf Godr - .
.The sptntr of CHiarles H. Davis
i md the beautiful little daughter of
Mrs. Ernestine .Ellis, who -were bQth
ushered -ont-.of. this grand old world
at tfie-Chands of the .bombers, may
differ with' Mayor Thompson in that
So far"nder- the leadership of the
big five more than forty colored fam
ilies have been- bombed, since January'
1, 1918, down, to "the present time.
The bombings, of their homes and the
bombings of the homes 6r the busi
ness places of the white persons- who
sold property., .fa colored people, oc
curred something Jikeas follows:
ila 1, 1918; the lovely home of
Mr and irs; tSarfes H?JDavis,4539
, Vincennes Ave'-was bombed 4a Jhe.
dirk hours ot the sight ..The- whites
lad objected to .their resence-in lhati
"wghborhood. ..The explosion of the
tomb was such a shock to ,his: ifer
wi5 system that kt was .unable to
rreover from its ffecfe and he .was
adnccd to take a vacation trip- to the
fipper part 'of Michigan, where he
nld greatly enioyac.6mpJcte rest
ad his doctor thought e would be
festered to good health agamwithm
few weeks, but-tfe fates had .firmly
decided otherjae aad Mr, Davis
Pissed on mtb the exl w&rid-ap in
-"""pan, and Jusvretnaaas wereJ
"ought here for buraL -Jir-Psnris
Wd a responsible ; soskioa' 3a?. the
ucago postofficeand T6fears. T&6
- ire church elerb of :the -tferaafi-
., . a'
Aprif 20, .1919; J422oiana Ave.
May 18, 1919, '4807 . Grand Blvd.
Richard-. Harrison, a colored trav
-Imgilecturer. Rented property -.from
WiUiapt B. Austin, white North ;Side
w-ealtjr-man.- mlUTfamagc.-:T'"",;.
May Z& 1919 4607 Grand Blvd
"Hqusc guarde'd..' Bomb thrown- on-
rooL -y . "
May "29, 1919, 495.7 Wabash -AveV
Colored families, in flat
June- 13, 1919, 5005-08 Cafumet4
Flats occupied by colored people.
June 13. 1919, 3143-5145 -Prairie
Ave. r - . . '4 - -
Dec 4. 1919. ,922 South ParkAveT
Jesse "Binga's residence. -Bombfailed
tovgo off, - "-'"
Dec: 28, 11919, Jesse Binga resi-J
dencei .5922 South Park Ave. Binga
offered $30,QQO foe home, ."but said he
would stick:
Dec 28, 1919, 4404 Grand Blvd.
Ernest. Clarke. -Small damage.
Feb. 2. 1920. 4722 .Calnmet Ave.
pLOcked doors to'prevent .escape of
residents. Damage $1,000, Negroes,
moved In recently.
Feb. 12, 1920, 4406 Gra'hd' Brvd
House owned by Mr. Clark of 44W
Grande Small damage.
Feb. 6, 1920. Jesse Binga residence.
Bomb. failed to explode.
May 1.J1919, the home-'of Mrs. Er
nestine Ellis, 3401- Indiana Ave, was
rhqmbed and her .beaxrful little
daughter "was blown dear through j
the rop of the building. At that
.time Mrs, Ellis, .and a few .of Tier
friends- wended their way to the City
Hall to see -some of. the .big colored
leaders, but being unable to find them
she came in contact with some one
who stood dose up to the powers
thatbe -and she wa&,iquetsed to telt
her troubles in relation -"to- .the. un
timely and -horrible death of her
beautiful nttle -daughter to some po-
11iemau, but 'so far the poljce have
hutterly failed to make -one stngle.aj-
rest-.of-anjr.of the bpmbers. ,
Moadyvening,-April4, the home
'of Hon, Oscar DePricst, 3815 Ver-
noH-Ave,.was-;bbmbed; the damage
3moantiHg o-more-; than three thou
sand doHoxs -
"Monday' -eYcaiBg, April 2S,- the
feHHuinR: t3818 Grand JS.lvd. was
11 'J -
H li
S fs-K' - 31HiR
Mvt i1: HH
lf HHDV lBHi
HPHPr- 3Mro-Hl
,--i''--- Sflll e xiiiyEJEiiIH K
- .JDiL 3H-V'e?lBi t1 i--pi
H1 '-ynKFWBm ?- -'
9C ' i - -. aij'N4L -siSSKa(B I
t - --- -t' VfF- ' -SSraBR
Hr -' ' "? -''wf 'Hr' ;' iS
IIHhP ' ' o3-'r 'HK -'SgSmS1V 'w
- -1 -, iilHw -' r-SmMX smmm -
- ,aK -:iSHr ?E9!
Bi -f-H-t l v?- '
iiHnk . 'x--- 1r'-- QSiB --'
.lk ' '-v 1r-. - -Csl
' Tv SB,1I
HBHik '- Hi
BK." ? -'i
- Bki- '
HHHHHMI --.":-
-: . -y.- r ------iiB . ..&.:-"
A.BTUV ' - -
For an Act to Pnlah, Persons cr.De
stroying Property; or afllctuj In
jury to Persons, by Heiss of Any
Bomb, Dynamite or Other Explosive,
;or by Means of Airy Othar Instrument
or Implement.
Section 1. Be it enacted by the Peo
ple of the State of linoii, represented
in the General Assembly: Whoever
shall wilfully and maliciously destroy,
damage, injure or deface any building
used or designed for human ocenpancy,
or shall attempt so to do, by means of
any "bomb, dynamite or other explosive,
or by means of. any instrument or imple
ment, shall be imprisoned in the peni-
rfentiary for a period of not less than
one year nor more than twenty years.
Section 2. Whoever shall wilfully and
-r . -: :jt
One of the best and most "honorable Republican judges of
Cook County, "wno is running on the non-partisan judicial
ticket for re-election, Tuesday, June 6. For eighteen years he -has
honestly and faithfully served the people of this city and , '
county on the Circuit Court bench, and there is no question '
about His re-election at the forthcoming judicial election.
lU r.
The ollowig QnesUocs Wee Pro- j the following honest and frank exprea-
powaea to Juoge 7nrlrhs,m Scsalis; noos on his part which have become a
piuk ui (uo c4i?1 Aiuiureu page report
2PtLr Churchy and hewaslwardea: bohe-Sd jaU the nurses' belpngiag
w hein a xod prighr"atire3 y ioHt-e-fortearVdra. Hospital. .wW
joccapica tfeiildig were
S3staS his home- bombed. Jor te
'ansement of ris-o-calicd wfcite
8&efcbors. . " .-- - - '
'y 25, 1918,-4529 Viaceani Ave,'
Colored families. Vfes oblectetHb
der.ce arnon? tht-St-. 1". Z
Sept 24, 1918, 4S27ccJ,Ay
Stored families T)ombe:5irr
" 13. 1918v.4leleyAYe
Jy Anderson, .ofeces U M
Warcrj -?( intft "r-ite .?.. :!
t - -, A7, ;-,mi 3aic
t les. nt-- Hi- .
decked.' ,J
3? 2. 19.19, 404fcCalaier Cold
-ttmilies. Somt-daSagk .
April 1, 1919, filiaarSreT Tkt
endamage. JSVlrfeISi 1 '
ifrjoet thea: -bed .aad the following
asrses icere seyereiy MiBrea: jbjss
Cormae Xyles, Miss Josephiae Mae
Hams aad MIssXaiHis Wood, and
it wasjo fault of Bebombers that i
Uf.the fifteen cototed narses were
'"BdLwrderei. i cold l6od.
Friaay cK. May 6, the sir8at
baMinr ,t-70i7B3-.Ji. 50ta 2oaeei,i
ewed AJd occ-pied Sy" catered peoi-
t'excetJs--at wakk; was still
'by tae.Tllincis Baca Cmnso Aj-
poiated by Governor Frafc O. Low-
dm and His Eesponse or Asswea to
the Same:
Shortly after the bloody aad horrible
race riots in this eity in 1919" Governor.!
Franlc O. Lowden appointed his-IEinois
Bace commission, whose duty it has
heen to make an exhaustive report in
relation, to everything in connection
with-the friction, between the whites and
the colored people leading up to the race
riots,the latter part of July and the first
of Angust -of that- year
The commission consisted of -six col
ored men and six white men and its final
TejDort will show, which, eoncista of
more. -tian eight hundred pages, which
wQl soon be ready :f or distribution, con
tains the views or the opinions of. jeaar
prominent -whit and" colored men re
specting the two races residing side by
side in Chicago.
Hon. "KicKhBm Seanlan, who has 1st
the past 15 years-been one of the most
honorable Judges of the Circuit Court
of Cook eoamtywas. requested to ppeaf
before, the commission "aad set forth
his' views on that important ssbjeet aad
of the Illinois Uacft commission are well
worth anyone's time to earefuUy read
what he has to aay touching upon tho
white and colored people residing is
this great eity of the middle west.
"The Hegro and Organized or Profes
sional Crime?"
" "May 1 last I was assigned to the
North Side to try unbailable murder
cases. It was found that there were
hundreds of homicide eases awaiting
trial; these eases, were nearly all ones
in which gangsof young white' men con
federated together to go out and hold
up plaees, and they made a business of
it, and some of these gangs-.had com
mitted any number of hold-ups, and
one member of one of the' .gangs' ex
plained that his gang had killed as many
as 20 vicunas. The evidence in these
easer showed that ihey killed recklessly
and wantonly. la none of the cases of
the character X have .referred to, were
there any colored defendants; aU white
men; and ihe cases .were of the most
"I just want to mako that one point
to this commission; that never in the
history of this community has there
been so many vicious crimes' committed
by white men as at the present-time.
Young white men banded together in
gangs go out and hold up people right
and left and shoot them down. I notice
that there are a few colored 'imitators
of the white mejv but the real bad gun
men of the City of Chicago at the pres
ent time are mostly young white men.
Sez Crimea?
"I do not. think Negroes are more
liable to commit sex crimes than whites;
I tried a colored man. about six or eight
years agofor rape. He founded an
alleged colored orphan, asylum. The
evidence showed that he had raped a
number of young children in that place.
Ha was' nroseuta bv colored, people
and he got life in the penitentiary. He
waa the only colored man tfcat-w ever
tried before Jne eharged with any of
fense of that character. The ehfldrcn
in that case were colored. I have tried
a jxnmb'er of white men for rape, and
while I have had ten or a dozen eases
maliciously destroy, damage, injnre.o .
deface any building usod or designed
for human occupancy, or shall attempt! -so,to
do by means eifSmy bomb, dyna
mite or other explosive, or by means of
any instrument or implement and there
by shall injure any human being, whoth--'" .
er such human, being be an. inmate of ''
sueh structure or otherwise, shall be im- -prisoned
in the penitentiary for a period" - -of
not less than One year nor moro than-
twenty-five yars.
Section 3. Whoever shall stand by
and aid or abet, or assist, or whoever,
not being present, aiding, abetting or"" "
assisting, shall advise, encourage, aid
or abet the perpetration of 'sueh wilful
and malicious act, 'Shall bo considered',
as principal and shall be punished'' ae- "
cordingly. -
Delegation of pin pr sharp headed
. -colored men. after stealing all the
thunder, they possibly could from
the columns of this newspaper,
called on Mayor William. Hale
Thompson, who requested them to
tell their bombing, troubles to-AI-
derman Louis B. Anderson.
. TajcsdajnoQB.aieI;Qji4titu.tcAdele-
gatiorr of pin or sharp headed colored
mart whose namos will not -be pub
lished in these eolumes at the present
time, after poorly or-carcfully reading
everything which has appeared in
these columns for the past three
weeks in relation to bombing the
homes of colored people residing in
the second ward or on the South side
called on, Mayor William Hale
Thompson each mother's son-of-a-gun
of them using all of the stolen-thun
der from this paper while-they were
engaged in conversing with Mayor
Thompson, not one of them who cu
deavorcd to shine as they had never
shincd -before and seemingly none of
them, being capable of bringing forth
one original idea Mayor Thompson
gave them the rush out or the once
over tnc same lime requesting tnem
to call on Alderman Louis B. Ander
son and tell their bombing troubles to
The self appointed colored delega
tion filed oufof Mayor Thompson's
private office very much up.in the air
and some of jfe-membcrs were talking
Very loud as to what they would or
would -not do. .
Some" bat-eyed socalled leaders, '
never will learn any sense for several
weeks it was pointed out in these col
umns that Hon; Louis B. Anderson,
Hon.SEdward H. Wright, Hon. Oscar
Dc Priest, Hon. Robert R. Jackson . .
and Hon. James A. Scott, at the pres- .
cnt time hold the destiny of the jne -
hundred and fifty thousand colored ' -people
residing in this city in the' :'
fhoUoar, ,oL thcic-polijjral.. hands Jmd,
that it was up to them to invite some
of the rank and file -of the colored ""
race to join with them in a. delegation ,
and call on Mayor Thompson in rela-"
tion to bombing the homes of colored
people, but the would-be smart defe
gation endeavored to plow around the .
five distinguished gentlemen men-..
tioncd before, walk over them and
hobnob with Mayor Thompson, dealt'.,
them a severe jolt in their necks and-
requested them to return back' to
their political bosses or leaders if
theywished to talk to any one about -v.
the bombing of the homes of the col-. -"
ored in the second ward or on the ..
South side.
One thousand years hence, those'
selfish and narrow minded one day
leaders of the colored race, may learn ..
this self-evident and everlasting truth, -'
namely, that those who attempt to
score a point against the right, load '
the diccVagainst themselves; that those
who commend the brutalities of the
past and who fail to cry out aloud
from the mountain tops at the present -time
against wrong and injustice are
simnlv assisting to sow the seeds for.
I future crimes.
vicious, type X haveL known in my 34--of crimes vs. ehildrcs, in. my twelve
year of -experience in the Criminal years' .experience oa'the bench I4iave
Comrt. ; .- - l " (Continued on page2-
" Appomattox Club House, 3632
Orand Blvd. . '
Jesse -Bag-, 5922 Sosth Park Av
. Chas: Burgess, 3710 Graad Blvd:
William "Woods, 4660 Erairle Aye. J Suspected of. renting toolored.
Wifikmjacksdnr jWovE. th-Hace:
Powell -WiHrinsqu; 5223, Indiana
'Ate. -'--: ','---"-:-
arrraentbuildmg.4930 Calumet
Ave: - ' .- ' . .
Apartment building, 4119. Lake
Par Ave-" .-v ' ' VV-
. BT. Powell, 423 "E.. 48th PJace. -"irecd
-tHHibard 4331- -Vincesnes
Ave, ' -..' ' : " '
" parfmefittb5diagi,43rd andXSraad
Blvd. - -- r - "--' - -:
A-ment.6ildmg',.740-E, 4Si.S
'oplcd-by -a whk? family hohadi ThWoUow hontesTand perty
oSce1cea usableMo, - ad a. aj wax
bowled ni k nt-Jught. No. ar
rests de oy the poCce.
bAer'boHBsb&zsToflie HW-estaadf
.-. ... -.. -T " !. "lAt I
tser pcopctry9was- we
es .et..occr-
belonging to white persons nave been
t A; -Connor, 6557 Bisiop SL
"JtCr -1519. W. B. AMtm, whke
Ijy5an,,lfld-Bellview PJace. "Wja
ow ''brekeiJ,? Hte-popcctv. -at
4807 Grand Blvd. 1a Richard B; Har
rison, i Kegro. - r
Dec 6, 1919, white real estate firm.
Hobbs & -.Grubbs, 454 JL. 47th .St-j th? colored race hereabouts, will claim
Dec. "12, 1919, home-ojL Harry -J-
Cofemanr418 E. 4Sth PIaf Wealthy
realty man. Sold bniidrngto Ne
groes. Sister.attempted 'to' put out J
bomb seriously injured-, . Hurled
through doorj limbs biiy burned.
Feb, .1, 1920 William Au$6ar, 103
Bcllview Places, .Rented property to
Negroes; - . -
Feb. 10, 1920, Mrs. W. D- O'Brien.
J-Had sold .property at 3632-Grand
JSIvri. to Appomattox, Una- Hacrnot
Hoved--t tfinei.of bombing;.,;" Win
dows broken. -' " . v ' '
Feb. 13, 1920; South" .Hamlm Ave, I
bombed for selling property to col-.f Damage $1,000. AmedJiljAJ-ahder
Gdbmsv said to have sold real,estate
to Negroes in white -Jocalitk. -
March 11, 1920, Mioses Fox.- Sold
Hid Jiol m
It k presumed that the soft or the
rattle-brained, loud-mouthed preach
ers and the aheep-headed leaders ot
that they furnished old Taylor with
allof the above-stated' facts,' but thdr
statements in- that respect will be as
far" from the absolute truth the
bright .shining sun isfrptn .the earth.
Now in the name of allthe-gods
cri once we again humbly implore
Hon. Edward H. Wright, .. Hon
Louis B, Anderson, Hon. Oscar De
Priest, Hon, Robert R, Jackson and
the Hon, James A. Scott to call on
oegroesT J3aoge && j5 M ct inoiktr-oor-
TOOved." yff-Cx ' ? ' iewriet 'In. Ghxagpv.5 . -
When the Chicago, rioters of a few
months ago got their fill of .Jighting; It
was thought that quiet and order were
assured for at least a reasonable' time.
Bnt.it seems that the whole thing must
be rehashed) before8ome of the lawless
element learns its lasting lessen.
At stated Intervals, some coward
sneaks to some Tesideneo or some build
ing occupied by colored Americans and
seta oft- a malicious bomb, thereby de
stroying property and jeopardizing
human life. This practice bears all the
ear-marks of anareats.
The maliciousness, of the, practice
self-evident; There has ben aered no
offense to any one by any of' the Xhi
eago colored citizens They live-to
themselves, attending to their own busi
ness, and cirenlatiag. exclarively among
themselves. They have thefrGwa baaf-
sea relations, their own social -eireles,
and their own little colony. -They are
satisfied with themselves, aad are .satis
fied to remain -to themselves.
This, isolation does not seeat to ap
peaSev the bloodthirsty clement of whites
who are not content io remain to them-1
selves; -but who' are bent upon visltiag
upon, the colored people all Ida i of
dictrfss, loss and asnoyaaee. That i
praetisea as bomb tirowiag,. and bh
pkatiag' can-thriTfl in Chieajm p
Mayor Villiam Hale Thompson and
arge him to take; n bold .step-forward
and honestly" endeavor '-to end thejtaiily a refection; spon the eitjoe
rcin of terror in the wray-of bomb-'
ings of theTioracs, of Jiighly Tespect-
aole colored people" residing m the.
Second "Ward or on tht.Scath Side
aathoriHes, to say Bothiag of ouxJlmeT.
lean dvDka-os.
Sack disaster as was visited
colored- people witHn the . past two
wee f 4s calculated to stir race fee-Sg
tothebreaiiBg:piaL Ifaeft.irsnste
of the country must "understand that the-.
Negroes were not the aggressors. They
can not defend against thieves end .
prowlers who walk in the night. They '
have no protection against plotters and
schemers' who resort to secrecy aad
darkness as a. means of aceom plishing
their wieked. purposes. The colored,
people may bear and forbear, but event
ually the smouldering feeling-will find
an outlet- When, it does, the bloodshed
and murder wilt be chargeable directly
to the bomb plotters among the degen
erate wMtes. Tho .Courier, Pittsburgh,'
Pa May 7, 192L
Will -Soon-Throw Its Doors -Open-
for; Business at Thirty-Second -: "
-'- and State Streets . . ?
Vithh the past twowicks. the pro-
movers of the - Dquglass National-?- -Bank,
which will have the. distinction
of being the only national banking-"
institution controlled by colored petf
pie, secured its charter from the--comptroller
of the currency at Wash
ington, XL C, authorizing it to trans- .
act a national banking business. i.-f'
, Its capital wl be ZOOtOOOpsnTplus
S60.OOO. Its ofScers- axie as- follows:
P.. W. Chavers; president: MajffR. I
Jackson.'vice-presidcnfc; Board of di-
rectors: O. F Smith, chairman, pres- .
iaent of CItens, Trust Baafc; P. V
Chavers, maanfacjnrer; Maj. R. R?
Jackson,, publisher; Rev. J. W. RobV
msoa, pastor .St MarkJs . M,-E.
Charch; Dr. Edward S MtflerfBy-
I.---.-.- -U m-mmim t ,n,t- - Xt- .T A I " - "' '
ijit-- fc .- jyi5Yf - Pcvjri wKmT-
'& -
Z- v '.
v X.

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