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... ;; The California Expedition. '
The California regiment is now fairly
encamped 'on Governor's Island, where
they are drilling and making preparations
for embarkation in about three, weeks'.-
They will go out in threemercbant ships
with a convoy of the sloop of war Preble.
Tho regiment will make on the voyage
ele ven stopping places. These will prob".
ably, comprise most of fhe South Ameri
can ports on both sides of the country.
They will sail about tho 20th.
; A company of mounted men in addition
is being raised for California, in consa
quence of the disappointment of hundreds
of enterprising young men in not being
able to join Col. Stevenson's expedition,
which was limited to -800 men. ? This
company will be officered by men of, tal
ent and military experience. Among the
number under Col. Stevenson's command,
are two from this State,' -II. A. School
craft, son of Mr. Schoolcraft of Greenfield,
and Cyrus Harmon, brother of one of the
publishers of this paper. .Good luck and
uick passage to them.-ZteL Free Press.
Dheadful Coiusiox -Loss of : Life
n ie 01. isauyrcnce On the nizht of
me sjytn ult., about 12 1 o'clock, as the
steamer Quebec, from Quebec, for -Mod.'
treal, was approaching the wharf at Three
Rivers, the Rowland Hill, which was
racing with the Lord Sydenham, and
going at fearful speed, came in collision
vvitu her. The crash was terrific, it is
said, and, striking the Rowland Hill amid
ships; completely disabled her, and she
floated past tho other, a complete wreck.
Two men ware crushed by the collision,
and several of the passengers were drown
ed. - It is supposed they jumped overboard,
in their fright, but the number could not
be ascertained. Assistance was promptly
given, and those of the sufferers who re
mained on board, and the baggage, were
atni irorn tue wrecic. -
1 HE MOKMONS. The whnlrt linrlv r.f
luese unionunaie people ra represented
as being in a very destitute condition.-
Not only are they without food, but in want
of shoes and clothing. It can hardly fail
that so many of these persons, especially
the aged and sick.' women and ohArn
1 r . - m J
must perish during the fall nd winter. -
'fL ft e
The Argentine Republic. The
New York Sun has received letters from
Montevideo to the 15th of June, which
states that a fleet of one hundred trading
vessels, ofdiflbrent nations, under convoy
of the French and English steamers, en
tered the rivers of the Republic, and after
obtaining cargoes, were protected in their
passage to the sea again. Tour vessels
of the fleet of traders were driven ashore
by the Argentine battery at San Lorenzo,
on the Parana. They were set on fire
by the English force, to prevent their
falling into the hands of the Argentines.
Perpetual Motion Attained. This
is a great announcement to make, but if
our senses ao not deceive us, Mr. Van
Cott, who is now exhibiting his machine
at tho Tremont House, has worked out
the problem. We profess no great me
chanical skill or perception, but the ma
chine seems to us what it professes to be,
self-moving,' and we should advise the cu
rious in such matters to go and see it. It
is constructed on the principle, of gravita
tion combined with the lever power,' and
carries a clock most perfectly. Chicago
: Female Riot -About forty females of
the "village of Utica, Michigan, assembled
lately, and paraded in a body, armed with
axes, hammers, &c. to a certain bowling
alley, and knocked it down in the regular
'ten strike' style, completely demolishing
tho place. ' They would have done the
same thing to the proprietor and their
V.i.l... .l . k . ,1 .1 e i i
uu.yw.u., luCj, iuu.iu mem mere ai
the time. -
, The t Ocean Race.- The steamers
Cambria and Great Britain commence a
race of four thousand miles this day, one
- from Boston and tho other from this port.
The result of this race will settle forever
the, utility ofthe screw or submerged pro
peller; and great interest is felt as to the
result,, by ship builders and commercial
men. iV. Y. Herald. '
; John Bull begins to think that ho holds
- the Canadas by a precarious tenure. In
alluding to' them tho London Herald,
.says: - ... . 1
f - .. ... t. . r .
"The British population in the Cana
das and adjacent provinces is almost, if
not alioether, as numerous, as tho popu
lation ofthe United States was in 1776
with this advantage, that in hostility to
England they might count upon eighteen
, miUions of allies along the whole . line of
their southern frontiers, where the repub
lican had not one; while we should not
hare a-single ally in the new world, not
one even of those Indian 'tribes -that sev
enty years ago rendered" us such : impor
tant aid.
The Court of Ihquiry. Tho Court
of Inquiry in , the case of Gen. Gaines.
tjrOCeeaed on 1 Ufisdav in Ihp Ptnmlnntmn I
? . . f . . . . -I
. 1 ---mm . v... i villUI W VI
ine in miantry, who commaooed the left
ofthe right brigade," and who mnnifested
--'.so' much coolness during the cannonade
- of the 8th, when his horse was shot under
him, and who was wounded in. -.the battle
of iho 9ih of May, appeared before the
Court end was under examination about
.two hours, v Cap. M.'. testified he consid-
.; ered tho situation of Gen. Taylor "emi
nently criUcar at the timo that Gen.
Oaines took steps to call for volunteers.
. The vvholo .of his ' interesting, narrative
?,13 stironSy justificatory of Gen. Gaines.
- The Court will probably sit several days
itj.-yvt.orjvi'i iseacon, Wh.
inemam body, the fat. Loms Republican III., on the 16th of August, by the Rev. Mr. thai it i, his intention to extent and i.ZZl
states, are encamped at a point known as Dean, Mr. Sherman AV. Bowes, of Jo- m-nusactury until he can lurnUh t'.ia southern and
Uelleview.where there is no game and no liet to Miss Sarah M. Kinney of the for- ",eS,e''n ?,t,ate8 with a" mple s-jpnv of this e'eie-
means of subsistence, extont m.- rl. ' , brated pill. A. G. BRAGG. .
f..,...i- Jea.t. n . . J worn to. an
v 9Ui't" " iseacon Light.
? -. :'; Elections;; ''l'r-;,
North CAnoiiXA-The Philadelphia
North American says that :. letters have
been received by members of Congress
from Tforth Carolina which render it cer
tain that Governor Graham has been re
elected, by from 8 to 9 thousand majority,
and that the Whigs have the legislature
by some 20 majority on joint ballot. This
will give te; Whigs 2 U. S. Senators; "
Indiana. Whitcomb, democrat, prob
ably elected Governor. , iThe Journal of
Commerce has returns of 22 whig 20 dem
ocratic Senators, including thoso who hold
over elected, and says, 8 Senators to hear
from. Last year the Senate was a tie.
Should the remaining district come in as
before, there will be in the full Senate a
democratic majority of two The House
is almost entirely whig.
Kentucky. A whig legislature is e
lected by a . reduced majority. -
Q7-Extract of a letter published in the
New York Journal of Commerce, dated
.;v; . London, July 3d.
Our Bank of England is getting swamp
ed with gold. V The merchants to -vhom it
is; consigned have the greatest difficulty
in getting bills on the continent to remit
for. it. : ; " . .. : ';
Capt. : TnoHxroN Acquitted A
Rihcmond paper has seen a letter from
Adjutant General Jones, which states that
the court martial proceedings in the case
of Capt, D D Thornton, 2d Dragoons,
have come to hand. They exhibit the
gratifying fact that he is acquitted on all
charges on which he was tried.
Health. This being the season when
all aro most subject to the complaints in
cident lo this climate, we would advise all
to secure a : never-failing preventive, by
purchasing a few boxes of the "Persian
Jills" They are decidedly the most
opular pill in use, and beside, the best.-
Read advertisement carefully ..in to-day's
paper. .. ; ' . ' . -
AtMeacham's Grove, Dupage County,
raer place.
On the 16th inst. by the Rev. H. Tay
lor, Mr. William II. Eddy to Miss Mar-
Plough Factory.
The Subscribers continue to manufac
ture Lane's Celebrated Steel Ploughs,
And other Approved Patterns,
and are prepared to furnish customers at
short notice, Ploughs of every size, of supe
rior quality and thickness, and warranted
to scour in any soil. The timber used is
selected with great care and thoroughly
seasoned, and the work done in a man
ner not to be surpassed.
0O"Left-handed Ploughs made to order.
All kinds of produce taken in exchange
for Ploughs. ' :
Lockport, Aug. 18, 1840. V
Iroquois Comvy Circuit Court,
OCTOBER TER3I, A. D. 1846.
- State of Uli.iois, I : .;
Irnquois County, J .
Gcjorge A". Brocx. admVof Lewis Broclt, dee'd
. ' : rs. .;' .
Mar? Brock, widow, and others, children and
heirs at law of the said Lswis Brock, dee'd.
Petition for Partition or Sate ::
IT appearing by affidavit on rile in'my office,
hat Gabriel Brock, Ua.'hariue Brock, Isaac
Brewer, J auvss Q. Roberts, Nelson L. Roberts,
Lindsey Robert?,' Thomas Robert?, Margaret
Uoberts. Jacob Roberts Jr; Nancy Reberts, Di
anth Newkiik, .Clef ton II. Newki'rk, Mary Ann
Newtitk, Caroline Newkirk, and Lewis Newkirk,
Matilda Throyer, Polly Niirnimaker, and Mich
ael Nannimaker, are net residents ofthe State of
Illinois: NOTiCK U t'.ierelore hereby given to
the above non-residents, that a bill ha3 risen fiied
against thorn and others, who are heirs at law of
tne said Lewis Brock, i eceased, in the Cleik.s oi
fice of the Ircquois County Circuit' Court, by the
said George A . Brock. Now, unless Iho said de
fendant, in the above named suit, shall be and
appear before the Judge of said court, on the first
daythateof, to be holden at the court house in
Middleport en the 25th day of October next, and
plead,' answer or demur to said bill, the same
willne taken as confessed egainst them, and a
decree entered accordingly
GEORGe B. JotXEB, Sol.
Aigust 10, 1816. 10-4w
TO AUGUST TERM. A. D ." 1846 "
John Van Antwerp and '
Gajlohl B. HubbelL f , , ;
VSr Atiachment.
Dan II. Davis." ) : .
NOTICE is. hereby givea to Dan 11. Davis,
the defendant in this suit, that a writ of attach
ment has been issued out of the office of the
Crcuit Court of Kendall county, at the suit of
John V.n Antwerp and Gaylord B. Hubbell. for
the eum of seven hundred and thirty-three dollars
and nin-t .cent?, and ha3 been !uly returned by
t!te SnerirT of said county, i;fJxecuted.M
Now, unless you, th said Dan II. Davis,
shall personally be and appear before the Circuit
Court of said county, on the tint day of the i.ext
term thereof to be holden at the court house in
Osweg--t in said county, on the ftnrth Monday of
Augast next,' ana" give bail and plendtoaid at-
tachmenr; Judgment h ill fca entered against you ;
; - I ' J I 4 n 4 r r . . .
Jl Ucsl. . B. SM I T f I .
lerk of said court ,
Skinner, atl'y for plfl".
Oswego, July 11, 1 84 6 .;. :f
0-4 w - -
"-boots -vBaoss.
300TS & SHOES," by the case, at the
JO Ju ie 9, '4!i
1YTEW CALICOES at whole sale by
j juiio y, '4b.
lotion Linnet Trt2lrt ila -h.
boughtcheap for ready pay at J . A. Mat-
For Butter, Cheese, Corn; and Oats -for ; sale
w.nsx, iinite-iish and Trout, .
f -liet, July -j. ., at WAITE'3.
......i-aummsuiuw, juuS vuuiu j , 1 IhO increasing .teinn.irl Dr Hra,r .
!. .v "r. ' Dr.BRAGG'S:
Coated. Pill
CO MPRISE the Tonic oarl aati-Dillous. ,Tne
Tonic I'ilU. 'are acknowledged to bo the
mort successful medicine eve :Fsied to tlte pub
lic for the treatment aiiit cure' f Ague arttl Fe
er. Chills and Fever," Uillious," Kemiitent aud
Inflamatory Feverf. ; la intermittent or agues.
ojganic derangement has Uken place . ; These
Pills never fail to make a peunanent ami lasting
cure, within twelVQlo eigntcen hourt; without the
aid of any other medicins. So gret indeed has
ben their efficacy, that a pennaneut cure has al
ways oeen wanatnen n.reciioi a etnctiv follow.
ed. Bui this medieine has o become so gen
erally known, aui so exteaaireiy used, ihrouglv-
ovi me we8icrrr mid eoutn-wesiern-Metes, ihat
such a warranty is not longer asked or expected.
' - -. . COATED TONIC PILLS, ;tv ,
Will be found highly beneficial in allcass of de
bility, (especially in those cases produced by re
peated and long continued attacks of Fever.) and.
in promoting -digestion. From one to three of
these pills taken 23 or 3) minutes befor-v eating,
will seldom fail to excite a healthy appetite, pro
mote digeniun, give tone to the stomach, and in
vigorate the system generally.- Price $1 J.
t Dr. Bmg'e Sugar Coated Pills have been thor
oughly rried, and long experience has established
their supsriot efficacy ovev eve.y other medicine
offered to the public for the radical cure of every
of every fotin of disease, and particularly of
those bilious affections bo prevalent throughout
our soutnern and western Stales. The proof of
this is tound in the fact that tiose who hate once
used these pills, have ever afte ;rrfarred tie:n,
and resortad to their use in prefeicnce to any .th
er kind of medicine returning regularly t tne
commencement of each sickly season for liiu val
uable medicine and urging their friends lu, do
the same. Innumerable cases of chill and fever,
obstinate and of long standing-have been so gud
dsnly cured by Bragg' ' llls, that their e.Tict-.
hav. almost appeared inirculoj. I,-t t!ie pa
tient ho doubts this try them, and ha will fa .id
himself equally delightsd and a.Wnished.
Oath befoK the Mayor.
Slate of JHissouhy Doctor A. G. Braro, be
. City of St Louii$ ing by in rtuly swum ds
posds and says, tbat his Sjgar Coaled PilUy now
so generally kno a n tlirougltout the soutnern and
wesmrii btaiee, do not contain on particle nj
Mineral of antkind as has bein erruneou&ly sta
ted. " He further straes that he is at this li.no
manufacture? ami putting up residy for oiiiX't
from 35 to 3O,O0(X boxes of these pills pr r
week and that trie orders and calls from agents
and others for these pi'ls, have, become so nj.ner
ous, even at this heaHhy season of the year, that
some iipq'.ications are 'necessarily delayed Iron
tn to twelve lays, ou account of deponent's Lia
bility to manufacture them fust enodli to .sumdv
4 mo increasing .leiueno . Ut. Uragg linther.Sate-
.u- : . . " ' f '
;l SubSPlibed hrfoiK nr. l5a QiK
day of June, . i. liCt. I'.G. Cajii.kn,
Meyor of the City cft. Louis.
For Sale hj
Jeremiah Letts, Wesley Clevulan.l, Asa McDoi
aid, and M. Wheeler, lllcorky Creek; John
S. Dillon,. Marseillits; Robert Peacock, Mnrdt;
Mettsson k Campbell,' A ux Sable; A- Peitif r.
Dresden : -Samuel L. Palmer.
A. Watson, Itilrningtant V. Boucher, Ba.tr-
- oonais- urove; w iij-.rl Woo!, Crete; Edward
l'oor, Yankee Settlement; J .Taylor, fHUco.:
UEM.VIOMD &. W()t D, . -
. J. A. M vTPESON, J Joliet.
Agent Emanuel DeJoin, 48 Main Strr et, St.
Louie, wholesale imd retail depot. 9-bm
Comstock'a Gems In Poetry.
"Behold! for thy ske cursed is the earsh,
And venom'd thorns shall mar the roses' berth.
Such tho dread sentence our first Parents luard
V hen beauty tempted and weak Adam eir'd.
And sad experience writes in worr's of firo dirf
That Earth Still Writhes beneath that sentenc
For lo! the regions of the boundless West c
Xn all thegecrgaous robe3 of Summer drast,
The matchles verdure of her Forest hmvou
The sumptuous huf-sof her unnumbered flowers,
Her streams whose limpid miirors giva to view
As fair a sny as e'er Italia knew
But ah! that beauty like a coqtiett-'s kiss '
Lead3 bat to sorrow while it points to bliss,
For gttnnt disease heio sways his sceptre pale
Withering Fevers load the Summer gale, -And
shivering Ague has his grim abode
In rallies fair as seraph ever trod.
Alas! a beauteous landscape cannot pleasa .
The sunken eye bedim'd by a disease
That saps the body and unnerves tho soul "
'Till very apat'iy usurps the whole. . ; ;
And life is shrouded in a ray less gloom.
Dark as the sombre shadows ofthe tomb.
Such nights of woe will soon be past and gone,
A morn has dawned on eaoh afflicted one
Philanthropy rejoices to declare
'There is Balm in Gilend a Physician there,' -'Tis
Wvnkoof's Compound. Lo! at its approach,
Agues & Fevers fly, nor daire encroach, raise
Again on Health's b.ess'd realms, (we scorn to
For "Filmy Lucre's" sake one note of praise,
Or prompt a hope, that when the trial's made, .
Liie shadows at Aurora's glance will fade,)
No! pallid beauty yet again may wear . -The
rose of health so beauteous in the fair, O.
And strengthless manhood yet aain may feel,
Into each wasted limb new vigor steal,
Already thousands, by iti means rejoice
Jn Health & strength and grateful leni their voice
To swell its lofty ftme. Then come and buy -And
trhl, all we've sung will justify.
- The above famous medicine is offeied to suf
fering humanity at the low price of or e dollar per
hottl at J. COMS TOCK'3 Variety Store,
Jonathan B. Mars'n, .
' Son and Ccaipanri L -, t " . ,: "
v . Attachment.
' ' Dan II. Davis. ) .-.
NOTICE is hereby given, to Dan II. Davis,
the defendant in this suit, that a writ of attach
ment has been issued out of the office of . the
Clerk ofthe Circuit Court of Keod;i!l county; at
the suit of Jonathan B Marsh, Son, nnd compa
ny, for the sum of three hundred and forty-one
dollars and seventy-eight cent, and has been duly'
returned by the SirilF of - said coucty, "Execu
ted." Now, u.iless you, the said Dan ti. Davis,
shall personally be and appear before the Ciicuit,
Court of said couuty, on tho first day of the next
term thereof,to be holden at the court house in Os
weo on the fourth Monday xf A rtgust nest," and
give bail and plead to said attachment, Judg
ment will be entered "gainst you; and the estate
so attached will be void. . . i .
Attest, A. B. SMITH, Clerk of said court.
Ssi3gitf Atty. for plff. - .- : :
Oswego, July Uth, D.T8JC. P-4w :
IpHAT'jin application will be made,
Gencrar-Assembh'-ofour State of Iinnols.
uuu jjoitiiuu prrsciueu to iue lltil
- J . - - .
praying for the passage, of an'act bV that
honorable-bod jr e recttng a - new - County
to be taken from the counties of , Will and
Iroqaoig.' ' '
v July 22. 1846
XjL Rule.!,' Cap and Letter paper; Quillsfjia
morandum Pocket Books; Kirkham's Grammar
( -a -"W ------j - i
opbyV Sanders' Readers ' 1st, ,2nd and 3rd: doJ
Speliinj Buokij.Blaok Booki. .jr
vwiejf vieograpny ana Alia, i omstocE fhilos
Would resDectf? -1 1
... j . vj tuai u U-
fort't.iate fass of communTty who nrelaborine un-
t.) i;s, mat ne nas. locatrd In
e ' viIl.'iee,rtLf Plaiivfield." anil I im.,,
3y "and unique msthod of treatmont, to luke
arg of, and cure, p 11 such cases of Opthalma
have bee,i hitherto regarded incurably.. -
Tlir9ft Wild li'acp ihr lrnn'lt.
raid!, t. ' ri ft.. . 1..i.L .
perpetual pain .or darkness,' may tike new cour-
wiret- in via w nf lh. n .1 I lal Arl . ... . .j :
e ----- ..iuiiiijvisu 9ut.i.ou aiieini mg
that particular mode of treatment tif ;the Eye a
ftopted by Dr. Tornf.r ; and only in use bj three
others in the United States. vvu. -.; - j r.',
; i Ur ,1 . will a No attfnd to the wants of vthe
specially tfiattUstxessms malartj', calJerl hacmor-
otanical principles. . . ,r sv :?:',
Dr. T.- IPPficrrt KJa. art, r -v
. - -u ..... fciii...uftitfii u:uiio-ii tne
best medical colleges in' the United States, and
is also familiar with the latest hospita! practice;
and therefore feel i fully prepared t exercise his
- ... upmi eciciiiiuc principles.
vmj ui me t.ye, no tee wiu ne la-
en until an improvement is'expericnced.
Flaiofield, July 16, 1816. n6-6m
ii e w Iriig t ore .
.. fTIIE Subscribers ha vo recent-
I - ly opeuod a new Drug Store,
oj Chicago Street, nearly oppo
site the; Printing Office, wnsre
they intend to keep on haud at
al' lime?, a general assortment of
which were purchase d solely with cafh, and wil
be sold on as reasonable terms as can be blugh
at any establishment in the western country.
1 he patronazs of Physicians &. the communi
ty at luge, is respectfully solicited. '
in. IS. rhysicians' prescriptions an 1 -Hjnily
modiciues put up by careful hands at .mrsof
Jar and night. ' ' " -
'10 BROV N &CO
lOOOHats and Caps of every varie
ty now opening. .
f pHE Undersigned bet'S leave to inform the
X citizens of Joliet r.nd vicinity thnthe hns
cecotvedthe PARIS, LONDON, and PHILA
DELPHIA Fashions. He is now prepared t
execute work in the most fashionable style.'
&Vpunder th- sign f Emporium of Fash"
ton," Bluff Street, Joliet III. 19 lyr
1 il Jtlattern vould infnim the citizens of
JL Joliet and vicinity, that he has opened his
shop directly over Brown's Drug Store, w here he
wll be hippy to accommodate his old custom
ers, and the public generally, with work on
short notice, and in the neatest and most faih
ionable styl. To the yo mg men of mis ptare
he would say, that no endeavors will be wanting
on his part to please thp most fastidious taste,
and in nil cases a fit will be warrame I.
: (Et-UUTTING done on short notice, and
warranted to fit, if properly made up.
Joliet. Oct. ys, l,s45. ' . -
Spring Adrertisemeiit for 1S1G.
r"5""HE Subscriber wilT receive
by the opening of naviga
tion, a fresh : upply of DliUCS
and MEDICI N ES of th r best
quality, wUich, together w ith the
stock now on hand, will be sold
for Cash at fair prices . .
L,very valuable Officinal prep
aration kept on hand, or prepared wi;h skill "Mid
despatch, and supplied lo Physicia is at a reasou-
aoia charge. - . .
Efficient preparattons of Sarsnpanlla and Wild
Cherry at.O.NE Fourth the Nostrum Price. -
Auy other Compoun I, or prcparatio.i which
may be desired, will be supplied on th' shortest
notice. . ...
Al' kinds of PERFUMERY and Fancy arti
cles in the line. FANCY and. COMMON
SOAPS. Patent Medicines, l aints, Oils, Dye-
otuus, ana varmsnes. .
No. 2, National Hold Building,.
West Joliet.
M arch 20th, 1816. n3v3 ly
GOLLIN'.' Axssend Hathcets, 'warttmed
kepi ciinslautly at Matteson's
H1HE Undersigned respectfully give no
- tice to their old customers and the
public generally, that they have dissolved
partnership with N. Pardy and are pre
pared to carry on the above business - at
their old stand, where they will endearqr
to eccommodate all who may give them a
call, as cheap as the cheapest, and work
well done or no pay.
- Joliet Jan. 5th 1846. V
, . JLow Prices,
:Y.HyspiiTea? Sic!
; ' - Mela sses, :4"4c : : "
Calicoes, ;6d. 7 -:
- .. ...... .j
WKr PACKAGES New Fnmmer Goods, new
opening at Lwes, ' ' " jun 30 -
s Is hereby given to the Public, not to
trust ot harbor my wife Bridget, without
my order, nor conceal or receive any part
of my property from her hands. - '
-August 11,1846.
j IT YT;;4Tll"i-20T days
. , Ironi N. :', Xos-U.Jusi re
ceived at the City Ca'sh Store; a fresh as
sortment of Dry Goods, ttardurare.Knd
Groceries. '' " ! -':-'
HELL Side coinbgjSiiverThjmble at Lowes
.Chicago St. ' ...",.. j.'-Juntl:-'.'--;.;;;
FALM LEAF HATS by" the dozen; ; -.
Jun0 9-H6 DEMMOND SeAyOQi).
tockportEill3' 'Extra Family Flour
- Warranted j Vt .-.'.-.
for sale at' COM STOCK'S
r-i lu"
A Choice lot- Yourig Ilyfun," Gunpowder tig
r Imperial Tea tt -3IattesonT .'," -
.Matamorost-iixatfie' j&and&frtlie
JS early at; the same mriment flint hM nr1 T?nf1' n?n.-,
d ;he"Standard of tho Republic; ;(tHe glorious Stari and String,) 'on the South"
Bank of the Rio Grande. EOVT! 'ZCthc. ma.n-nf!ia -f..v- j
Black do
Cambrics. .
Ky. Jeans,
Twill Summer cloths,
.York." Denims,
Shetucke! Drilj,
' Hampshire Strlpesj ";
- Plaid Kremlins,
" Faney Drill, fc
; ;iiuiih tauie covers, Satin face do
Blk silk Glovot,
z .Elastics,
' - CbrJs'and Tassels,'
Moravian Hose, -i
-: White cot'en do.
-' -Mrxed - do " da: '
Dr?wn Stripe,'
Merino do " d j
Blch'd Barwick Shirtings, White, Silk GIotm
Erick-Mill ; do
; Cotton--': -do-.
Cambridge- d
; Fancy Vesting, 1 --V
Blue and orange Prints,
Color'd Bonnet Lawns,
Nansook Mull, -
Swiss . do "
. Bishop Lavns,
Irish Linnen, - i-r '
V Gold mixed Tweed
Suip and ploid do
Brovvn mixed'-. do :
. Birdseye . -r. ' do .
ChimbroTS. -. '
i Printed J aans,
Strine wiss Muslin.
A Off ft" In I h A tit trill tiiii a hiva vhiu!inl -
. " -- j " .., ... aww uwi vrii7iBii(. iiienainca ni certain ouu"
alterntare engaged, whose pride and pleasure it will be to marsnall the'above oods for the pltasur
and edificatlon'of all who shall honor tnem with a call. .' And it is supposed Ihot the Lanie. instead ?
of traveling at the great expenne of shoe leather,' will immediately repair to" Lnwet,' Ia tquadt, io
oairs. or Hinsle.-iast as suits their tite."anrt fi.SdAck thmil in h 1 nNntVP ' . .
w ' ,
TIIR Kubsc-ribcr is duly constituted Ajreni
for th-3 Eetna and Protection Insurance
Companies, of Hartford, 'onnecticut, and is pie-
pniL.ii iu mm urv rikks, on ait. neBcripliourt ol
urooerlr. such aa Dwellin? Hnusf. Tlai nva
' O 7 1
.Merchandise, Household Vjoods, Furniture, itc.
These comuauies are so favorably know tlrui,n,.
out America asio make comments and relerunces
iBnecess-uy. ' ' ' " i " ".
'. 'Application fr Insurance will be received
through S. y. Bawen, Esq.',' Joliet, and orton
& Blackstone, Lockport, whose survey of build
ings will be taken at the risks of the above com
panies. G. S. HUBBARD, Ag't.
Office, Scith Water Swreet.
! Chicago, May 27,-' 181(5. --
Teams j Teams, Teams!
TWENTY-FIVE Ox aud Horse Teams'
wanted jo draw Stone by the- Yurd, from
the Dupage quarry to the Au 3abJe creek, a dis
tance .'J seven rmd a half miles. Horse teams go
-.vrica a da;, and carry fix m ,12 jn .27 feot-per
load. For every 27 feet we pay two dol'ars Cash.
Teams must come with two inch plank bottom
to wagon, with stone Rack, with at least 5 inch
side, pieces, and good end pieces so made & to
hold in the bottom plank,' with a bearing under
the rack to support the plank (the bearing can Le
pnt in after the teams are. upon the work, as we
iiae a blacksmith on the spot.) We have now
JO teams hauling stone. -Teams coming from the
east ofthe quarry ftto take a load as tnry coma
-town. We have a good crane to loacKnth in the
quarry, nnd men to help unload. Teams can
board anywhere on tha ro;i ! that they con gat in.
For further particulars, inquire at J. A Alatte
son's Stoie, Joliet, Or of tp.e subscribers on the
Joliet, June 13, 184(5. ' ' .' '
; Ii:iTlTaY. -
JC. II. llobbs respectfully offers his ?erit en
to the Ladies and Gentlemen of Joliet and vicin
ty in Surgical and Machanical Dentistry. Teeti
inserted on pivots cr gold plate on 'he most rea
sonable terui9 Decayed teeth filled with fine
gold or i-i foil, thus rendering them perfectly
sound. (Metallic paste used by particular re
quesi.) Tartar removed from teeth without inju
ring the enemel. Hts instruments fcr extracting
teeth nnd fang, are of the most approved kind:
Office opposite tne Eagle Tavern where he may
be found ai all hnuis,
.npiIE SUBSCRIBER, begs leave to
. inform the Citizens of Juliet and itsvi
cinity, that ho has opened in the Store lately
occupied by lha Post Office, and is prepared -.o
sell lor Cash or Produce (at prices that warrant
-Jiiiversal satisfaction,) a well selected Slock of
Fa-icy nnd Staple DilY- GOODS GROCER
Hats St Cips, Eagle Nails, Blood's Scythes &
Patent Snath.:s, Ames1 Shovels, Wooden Wart
&c, &., itc. ,, He will be happy to. ehow. the
Ladies his newly opened assortment of fashiona
ble Prints, Lawns A:c, connoisseurs his Tea, Ac.
nnd the Public Generally whatever he has to sell.
Those who wish their Cash excharged to advan
tage would do well to "Drop in" .
Always on hand, Lo;k$.ort Mills Extra Faitt
Itf Flour, waitanted a Superior article,
Cash paid for Wheat. . ..."
ft3HE subscribers take thi method of
informing the farmers of this vicinity, tht
they have located in Joli;t, and. intend to crrry
on the Plow minufacturingbusiness. . Their ehoji
is in tho front part ol the Foundry, where "they
will keep constantly on hand tho. late . .- ,. .
Improved'-Steel Plows,
of every size, which they will warrant to scou'
in any soil.. The timber used is of the best quil
ity, and the work will be done'in tie most work-uian-like
manner- " ' ,
. , QT-The. abovs Plows will bo sold cheap for
cash:' ' ' '- ' , -': , , - ". C
Joliat, July i.8th. 1P46. - ' " ' '
'.'- Just received at J. A. I
Matteson's, a few of
sZane'superior Plows.
.Feb.U7th:.:. .'-.
DOOR TRI M MINGS Mineral , . Knobs
Carpenter's best Riu and Mortice . Locks
Norfolk and Patient Ring Door Handles, aJso
Butu end Screw?, Blind Trimminge, at the
Stone Store, East Joliet. . -. ' '
2K. P, Blue Merrimac for sale at Lowe's by
ehe piece or yard cheap. , 'rw '
WiHTfcLEAD, Sweet on;- Lin eed oil,
Castor oil. Spirits Turpentine, Putty auti
Glass, Borax, -far sale ar-IWE'S juiTr
B ft$h DOZ. Spools cotton thread for
A 1 CHOICE antcle forJfius Sunimer Cobh,
- Cold mixed Tweenf.-Plain d.i Jo,'plaia and
stripe Linens,'5 ps.'choice Vesting." for sale at
Lowes, - - : :. '.';-. - -; - jjn30 ' ; V ' .
: ; LookOnt fcrBcfJ lg;---
A N Cfncieut and cheap poison caii be found
. at ; ;V , WOODRUFF'S Drug store,"?.
NOW opening at' Lwes Cheap Store besu
tiful Ombre, Shaded Delaine Shawls do
Plaid,. Crape Ae. Laine shawls Bernje do, .
- ;twothouand,pa!rs:!
OA Cases of Boot &. V1
V -kwe?'Cheap'5tve' is?ireet. Jo:
m,,,r, am inviied to cau, as xney can
be fitted' sure witbouf Ijokina-'rirthAf as t.t
'and quality : ( l- -w - j.jne23 1 '
' . n.;. n.,n. .
w -
Brown linnen do
Oigandie Muslins,' Silk Vlfu
' Ginthanv- to - B'k . -
Mousltm DeLaineSj Cotton YTiskJnj,; .
Cotton Diaper, ; . MmiTktng Pyiat.
Pongee Haudfs, Pint aad Needles, v"":'
- Batiste Crat, - Kaittlng Cottoa, --i
. Paper Fans, : -. Gt$ Ser&. -Ur ,
Suspenders,-" . C Blk laea Viir
Agate Shirt BuKohs, Balxtrlnes, " - ' :; '
Pearl do v tin Linnen earn. Ilandfi,' ;
' Sporting ... 1 do . Carpet Biading, i
-Gold mixed ' do-, Window Con&ins, :
; -vest Uuciltt ,k : Apron CbecXt,
Danik tabU covers Bluo Drill--','
;'Wsddij..- ' Blk and faAev Ttirrs.
Bonnets, ; ; . : Coat Coidf. Ae-
n I. I ... ann. & . r . am.
-.-- .,... M.. mJ . t
' r : .V JOLIET l:rsV
" Woollen Factory. ;
' ' ' "'" ' ' ' ' - j ' - ' " " 3
, The Subscriber will keep Vn hind Ura
BMoitment of cloth of his own rnanufactar w&lch
he proposes to exchange for, wool. : He will gita
one yard of good heaey cloth for two and a naif
pounds of wool ofthe same quality ;. or he will
work woo upon shares as follows: gtre oae al
the cloth- the wool makes bj receiving eight ct.
per yard from the customer op on hit half.- He
will also manufacture (or customer DLANKET8
JEANS, &. FLANNEI, as well as SA.T1
Dooe 6a reasonable terms end at short notice.
Nonobut tlie best workmen wiilee emptoped.
. N. D. Persons coining from distance with
a quantity of Voolto be cardod or manufactarsA
if obl;ged to stay orr night, shall h. to no sa
psnse. . . ' J. A. MATTESON.' J
Joliet, May 3 1 it. 165. ; . , i;
Administrator's Notice. -
NOTICE is 'hereby given that I will alteo V
term of of the Probate Court of Will countyIUi
nois, to be hnlten at the -ofbee of the Probate
Justice, in Joliet, jn it id county, on the first.
Monday of Sept. next, at which time all per-'
sons having claims against the estate of Sterling
A. A.'ford, deceased, are notified and requested
to attend and present the tame to the court for ad
judication. FLA VILLA ALFORD, Adm's
; LYMAN FOSTER, Adn'r. "
July I4.194P: j -'-
" ; ' Mount Morn. ilL v :
rj HE fall term tf this Institution will open ea
.JL the 23th of August, and continue elevtn
weeks. ; ' . . . . . - ; . .'
"' TERMS. - . - '. "'.: , .
- . . - w-e Wfc - -m
i uitirn in wramm ingiinn Branches ror
the Term, - - - - - 4,00
Higher English Branches, - -'-'- 5,90
Boaid, Washing, Fuel, and Room-rent .
per week, , - ... - - 1,33
Incidentals and Bed-washing, for the
Term, - ' - - . - - 1,00
Studentsfurnish Rod?, Towels, and Lights.
- - P. JUDSON, Agent.
Mount Morris, July 29, 1845. . nT-tf .
SCARFS. J. A. Mattcson has just received
doz. silk stripe Heinani Scarfs; also idos.
Polka do. : - - .-. . .;
FOR sale at Lows'e Cheap Store," 8y thee,
Simhos, Ames Shovels" Blood & Far
well's Grass Scythes, Collins' Axes,' Geninrvr,
2303 lbs. nails from 3d p 12dj Strop hinges Beta
door hinges, Uutts and seiews, Mineral Knobs,
Cottage Latches, and Lek, Mahogany Knobs,
Cerman Silver Tea Sooous end Table Spoons,
Kuiv'bs and Foks, Pocket Knives, Wede and
Butcher's Razors Clasp Locks, Rim Locks, Pea
Lock, Hand saws, Bright Augers, Mouse and
Rat Traps.' ..... . jua30.,.
Joliet vitcain Foundry. ' .
niHE Subscriber continues to manfc--rr-:
ture Castings of all kinds, for custom
ers at short notice, Having recentl erect
ted a large addition to his establishment,
he is enabled to furnish' all kiads of cas
tings as cheap as any - in the West." - -
THRTSHiifo riAomxrcs r
Of two varieties Stationary cleaners, is
Locomotive cleaners, containing tha la
test Improvements, and finished in a eu
perior style constantly on hand. ; ..
All kinds of Grist mill, Saw; mill," and
Factory gearing furnished to order from
tho latest improved patterns. -
' Hollow ware, 'Ploughs, and other 'ar
ticles usually furnished at such establitk
ments constantly on hand. .
Scrap Iron received in exchange forcas
tings or work.' -
f ' M. L, ADAMS
Joliet, March, 10, 1846. - .
TEUU 1S46.
. John: G." Nelson,' and ': 'z'l
Villiam Grayaon, , : jfafc ; -
- Dan.lU Davis. ; ) . ; . l
Y-OTICE is herehy Riveri to' Dan ILTJavisJ
i tne oeienuant in inis euu, uiai e writ oi ai-.
t)achmeut. has been issued out of the office ofthe
Cio;k 'ofthe Circuit Court of Kendall county, at
the. suit of John G. Nelson and William Gaydon,
for the sura of Ten Hundred and Thirty Six Dol
lars and sixty-four 'ents, and has been duly re
tarded by the Sheriff of said amnty, 'Eiecuted."
' Now, unless yon, the said Dan U Davie,' thall
perronally be and appear before the Circuit Court
oi said county on the first day ofthe next term
thereof to be holden. at the C jutt House in 0vre
go. ia said county on tbe fouib Monday of A e
gut ncxtjcivebeii and plead to said attecbtnent,
Judgemeni will he entered against you, and the
EEtate foatl&ched wil be tola: ": - ' ' , ';".'..'.
, : Attest A: B-SMITH.a. bf suKI coart.
- ; Ski.xser Ally for Pi?'.1- t i
Oswego, July, Uth, A. i. I54G. . ,
'' SpIendid.Farni for Sale L c
StTUATED on Hickory Creek. J I rai) etst
of Joliet on the Stage route from that p'eee to
Ivprnte and" thirty' miies from Cnlcsg", I raila
'est ofthe main road from Chics go to DeeviPe
containing 34!) acres ;KO acres fenced ami under
a high ftate of cHliivation t 130 acres fir-t r&tO
limber and tne balance bigS rolling dry praii ie.'.. '
' " There is a good block . house, fiame barn ; d
other out-buildings, a gooJ well of water, a vaall
sueam of never foiling wa tar oo thtfpremise,aiiJ
ii well calculated for a stock or grain farm." - ; v
Apuly to Levi M. Cave on the PremiMS at to
" S. Wr BO WEN. Agent, JuUt or to
S 'I J.-Bw'H. Rusel, Laud Agvnt Cliieg.:
Aujust lhx ISffi.. -rri- ".i LI . - '!i
. K. . v ' - Lv k
m. P" ? r 1

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