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'.': 'I: a A.;..Ui 1
i It' STj
: J si T - - -: c 4 fit -jXi-y
: ! v: JOETETl LtilNOlS SEPTEMBER 1846.1; ,: ; tt. rtu; iv ? ,v yolume-4,-n UMBER-13;
Is ' publislicd every Tuetda morning
on Chicago-street, Jolict, 111.; "; ,
Tehms.- Two .Dollars per annum pay
aljle in advance, or 62,50 . if payment is
delayed until the end of tho year, . . " "
... . i' n
. ;.. KATRS OF ADVEriSIXG. .. . .
0c Squaro, 1 inscrtiori, . ., r6.1,0Q -
Each additional ; --
! . insertion, ' r.
-6 months, 3 50 -.12
'months,'....;' : 'n'-- 5 00
Ordinary business cards per jahn.r. 3 00
' No; advertisements; will he- inserted in
this paper unless accompanied bythecash-
or some person personally': known to the
cditorsbecoming responsible for the same;
i 0T"AI1 letters addressed to the editors
must be Post-paid,- or they, will not . re
ceive attention. -: ; i" ,; -
i , J O B P R I X TIN G :Z
... . J: .''F ALL KIXD?, V
Executed ici'l Neatness aril Despatch, .
, TIJK- S!GNA L.;VV;-; :
Dealer in Dy G tnds G-nrenei, Hardware,
Crockery, liea.4y-m.ade Cll'angl &r.,'
Opposite th. Kxrhang'llmftl', JolSef", Illinois. '
' - and soucifous ix'ci'iAXcr.ii : '
v'' (LiUlrf,!t Lake Cittnty, III)
' Will t.Wii I rn' Any profss.sfflnat lnin3Si whtrh
iry' btt'e iitruterl ifl their charge i4 the eveotji
J-4 tycjrfl circuit. IKiuoi?, ... , r
- J,W.jAv BilARDMAN. . . ; . ( II. W. BI.omF.TT, ;
(J EOr S M ITH ; t"H A WF Rd7 M. .,
Wilmington Will CiUni'y, III. 1 .""'
. . . Office at W.'Bak'erV.-V
1 R. F. BROWER, M. D."-' ' -
OJice at IVoodruJf't D.vg Store JVuUonal
Hotel Buildinz, , fVenl Joliet
' ; ' ' ' i Joliet, III.) i-i- ; y ,
APnt for Sapp'ngtou's. Anti-Fever Pills. . :
i , - ,.. Oii FeverB. ' . " ,v
;.- - i t Ameriraii , Anti-Fbri-
fug VV.U. " "",'' ' '
'frrtco of tin a!)8v-'$finfl each. ' ' ; QZ '
( : . . J . B A RN ETT , . , . "
f ATTORxt y asu Covxsifti.oa at-Law,
i Wilmington, 111. : - ? : . ;
Will ni nilso as ge lerai agent, iu piyiog, taxes,
'pun hu ng and 8 :liing lands, Ail coIIpc
ti'iobto ifj(kd f h'm will be at eucled to.wi:'
'promptness and fiilelWy."
A tent lor the pnfinent of Taxes', redemption
rf J.v Is, &-c.,4ii Will, Dupqga, La SalL? .Kvn
i.all, and the adjoinirg connties.
O ir.e nppnsit- tlie Exchange Hotel, Juliet. Ill
And Solicitor in Chancery, vvill regularly
attend the courts in the counties" of Will,
Du Page, Kendall, McIIenryi Grundy
iind Iroquois.' Office 'and residence on
East side -the river, Jolict, 111. :
GiixfiKAb AoEST CrtSVEVAxrra. Axn Jijstici
,. 'Or tub Pkack. Napcrville, Du Page. ......
; jl ; : .County, Illiucis. , .
July 19.1811. . , ; ' -
.'.':w. :.:" JACOb A. WHITEMAN,
" AniY Counsellor in CliTiicary. (: r ,t , - :
" id.ctlepnrl, Iroquois county. III. '"' ;"
Arrangements have been made with GeiiV
James Turney- and -S.-Wv UandalV Esqs., by
w'iis'.i. the subvribi-r UJ uhtain.theif.assistane
Whei:eer desired .by his client.
I ; j .A av n item a n:
C; C; VAN HORN , - -.n
Attorney anr!' 1 Counsellor at fianVarxl iSo!icito
: 'ira Chancery. Chelsea yWilT Co. 1H..,. , .
- ' osoo urrLEr ' T'r
Attorneys anil CounstHor? a J.ay an Solicit
ors in Chancery " Ja'iet, III,' Office oii Clticago
treet, one dooriti. tlr of the Exchaega Hotels '
UaiO-tGoau. ;u!;;.v,;W. 1:1.. I.itti. . t-
, o. j.:c6rbin, m. dv ; : ;
, ;;iaifiei(C,yiirco YiiGiu
If. N. AlARSlf.T r q
:Mrsr of e.-ery ariety of .CAhint furni
;m 1 Chair. Bluff Street, Juliet M. ;
L s-- -
AN ! El CU RTlSSr fc'
-vre. Oflice on Chicago "strprf
of II. iMiweN storej Juliet -IU
l.. II. UTTLE'1 '
t ;.-.,:'
.... ; ' ' . 1 v " 'i ' '
crney at Law, and So)icitr 'n Chanreiy.wP
nd the Courts regularly' ' tu' rthi -iJoiintteii
Willi Kendall, (5tu ly;and Iroojoia.- -Oiliest in
fllwros C.' 11. t-n. iy tn. l.t.'. . 'r;t '- :
J ' C.'U: Vlbb? reVpcctfu!ly roifers his fervii et
tohe -.Ladies and tJsiulciiiin f JolietaiH vicin
yiit Satjicai aiil ilschanical Dentistrv; TeMj
inserted on pivots Qr gol.d. plate or' he iust cea-B-jabl
tenni'. ; Decayed teeth' filled" 'with-' fine
gnil ori ' foil, thus rendering thenr pevfectly
aoand .'' (.M JtAtlic paste used by : particular xt-r;-ir
st A ; Tftttar f ihqvoU from teeta.withoii;
rinf the cuaiueU'. IIi insirvments ; f r ps'ract'm
tertd and fiPg4, are.ofiha most approved kind'"'-
O.fice opposite the Eagle Tavern where he inaj
be. fotiA.1 at alt lm'ji?r ., ".."TI . '.:T. ." .', . ,"
.. -i . : ,'-., :i. i n .
. ... ji A.A:34U ' . V JL .,4-
' . 1 Easferhda 'aoI)omes'fic!mah
u'a M.yrc km ? CVncTcks Icri-ty .S'e,-:
VJtiV ,KJJS :.m-y v
-.-';'- From th Kcuburypoti Ilrrald:
- BjnoX. GECRCE XirXT. V
Our country i right or'wroni W ' '
U hat manly heart can doubt ,
That thus should swell Ihe patriot sotig,
. "u . IU,t Ule. PiriOl Sfl(IUI..h; ;
Belbut the foe arrayed . , ; . : .1
: .And W r's .wild trumpet blown ,
Cold were his beart who has, not made
- His rountry s cause his own.
Though faction rule the halls :
..''; Where -jipble iboughts have swayed, ;.
One sacred voice forever calls , 1;. ,
" The patriot's heart And blade! , :
He "at his country's name, . )
Feels every pulse beat htgh. , ... :" .
Wreaths round her glory. all his fame, '
f. And'loves or.her to die! ',. ' -i :" , .
' ' i t-' ' T ' ' t j " ' '. ---- - ; ' -
AVhereer he rflag unrolled '
Voos tlie saluting .brecscf . fl f-.f,
Flings o'er the plain its starry fold," .. .'.
Or flaats on stormy seas- V ... ,
All dearest ,thiugs are there,
All tliat makes life divine, i ;
Home, faith, the brave, the true the fair,
; Cling to the flaming sign. , .
Oh, is this thought : a dream? -j
No ! by the gallajtt dead, '
Who sleep by hill, aiid plain and stream
Or deep in ocean'sbed!
By every sacred name, 4 -
By every glorious song,
By all we know and love of fame,
i "Our Country right or wri ng!"
The .Rio Grande correspondent of the
NV Orleans Jetrersoniau thus notices somi
of the jrominent characterisiics of the
Mexicans. " '- " 1 ' -'". -
,I te IMsicans have;a' great fondness
for card playing and seem to care but lit.
tie about time or place, they: spread their
blankets on the road side, pr on the , bank
of the river or in thsir huts.; whenever, a
Sanie;cani l,eh . I watched their games
upon sereral'cccasions, and a dime was
'. kigkest bet I saw made. I visited the
Cathedral two Sabbaths since in a funer.
al procession, and whi o waiting - at the
door for the appearance of the ptiest, was
drawn by curiostiy to a little opeu room on
the inside of the main building, and, to my
Surprise saw,' t wo ;;Meiicans . with their
blanket .spread, dimes laying out, and deal
ing cards aVif time's last . note might, be
be struck befure the game was ended.
N'ow, sir, could you imagine men white or
black, so lost to all feelings of humanity,
as to sit iii the vestibule of the sanctuary
of God, while its bell was tolling funeral
notes, and thus violate every, sacred
thought which' dwells hi man's bospmi. I
am" willing to aJmit these 'are of the low-'
or order of Mexican-i, arid , yet, sir, these
lower orders" as, termed epnstitutc
three-fourths of the population. What a
commentary uon the government! c-i.One
other question can woman in her purit
be expected where such men live? .Where.
th? example of a mother? , The virtue of a
sister?i ;The confidence of a wife? None?
all are gone-. No holy assotiations linger
Around the fire.side,circ!e; .no altar, solids
the perfume. oJC its holy incense. .. Dark
picture! but true., . Tagain say there are
exceptions, all are not sunken sb jowi -There
are a fe w who belong to the so cab'
led aristocracy, and have privileges 'denied
the poof, . Among them you find educated
gentlemen, rVieh of business, so proud that
they, scarcely condescenJ .tq notice the
poor around them. "Among . this class 1
saw a fow.ladies who were wcll .dressed
and respectable" in Tappearancej but I -assure
you the, number is very small. They
say. here we must go to Vera Cruz; Mexi
co, ice., to see the elite of societvv.Well
sir it., must -be so. Under, any., ;sy stent
where jlhe.Tewyrulc the rnany,, we must
leek to see man as he is. found .here.
their. seryitud3 s of the. ancient order.. A
is indebted . to r B cne- hundred , dollars,
which he is unable to pay. B. has him
sold and becomes Jhe purchaser.- . A is al
lowed from 4 to per. month for.his sor
vice,; not spj shrewd jas his maste-V; at the
end of 12 months he ,: finds 'himself more
deeply , in debt than Avhen he- first com
menced his servitude.; Some accident has
happened a horse, or. cow,)r, other prop.
erty has: leen injured, or.disappearec
while in A s care, for which he is charge.
able v Thus continues .a-perpetuabts!ave-r)y
at, least until death J.eleases lh Ttc
tim. tJJut Their cbildrcnafe raided up ip
ignorancArid taught to feel, their, inkrb
ority as servants,- and become an casy
.servants thus procured and he-Id.-f j
A certairi easterri king had a son -whom
hewas instructed io keep confiiieJ in ' a
dark roorr grtif he should" arrhe ''at the
age of fiftecny if he would avoid thetmfiap
pihessof having' him" blind for5 life.'-He
obeyed the . direction. and ' at : the end ;if
that time, by - degrce"s,-accustoming,,: his
son to endure the light,- he
brought' him
fortbrc- Jle pointed out Jo htm' a
jf subjects, and among the test, showed
iirrr the1 girls telling him they were i4dev
ls:" : After a while,- be asked - the - hoy
; vi hathc liked.best; to vhich the son; irino-
cetitly TepliedThe 'u4etltj' ftease'm
h best" si arsy'thing. :
prey for a sagacious or rapacious neigh
uor .or master. 'Auznq' large paniauons
f have visited are cultivated- by Slaves tf
1 Woman kiilc'tt by htrncsbaiid at her cwii
The -following' extraordinary case "oc
curred "a short time since at Wurtemburjr;
we find it related-Jri a late foreign jolir
nafc -! . i" ; - f t'' -''-.i 'i-y'i'. -; '';
' Adam GayringV a man sixty-four years
of age, y of Itonest and upright dealings,'
loved and respected by all who knew him,
presented himself bri the 8th "tilt.1,1 be fore
the authorities at Heidenheimi and staled
calmly that he had , jUst' killed i hisr wife;-1
His declaration Was immediately taken,
as follows: u:My -wife," he said, is ev.
ery one kaows,"has been suffering for a
long time from- tllness-and .'atrtimcs the
pains she had to endure were such as to
afTect her reason; she latterly gave op all
hopes of recovery," and continually "repeat
ed that not only was life a tor me nv' to hbr,
but that she feared that if I died before
her,, she would - be1 reduced to misery.-
This morning' after we had read Together
the 4th.cbipter of the Botjk5 -of Judge i
(they were devout' people and read theHi
ble every day; )she ietjuested me to drive
a nail into Iter temple, aa Jaei did to Sise
ra, as such a death seemed to her short
and easy, and would put an end to her suf
ferings; she said she forgave me before hand
for the hct, of which she absolved me
before God and mail. ; A;.nail, she said,
would not cause a great hemorrhage, "and
would make but a slight wound. , As soon
as I am dead,' she added, 4ybu can c!o'$e
the wound, put nie un a clean cap, aud no
one will know anything at all abut it
After long resistance (continued Gayring')
I gave way to the wishes uf my wife.' J
took a nail and began to drive it into her
temple with a hammer,lt,t he i:ail wag !o.
w.jak, and the point, instead of entei ing
flattened itself on the bone. I then took
a small drill, but was equally unsuccessful
My; wife grew impatient,and it tjccsti dmp
to kill her at once with ihe ham uarr Which
I accordingly did by knocking i:i the skull.
The body of my wife is at my5 house,: where
you can cxamine. it at your,. leisure.
The magistrate itiinieJiately proceeded
to the house with . a . niedical man,, and
Gayring under a strong- guards They
found the body dressed,- upon the bed.:
On the left temple there were two wounds,
and the right side of the skull was knock
ed in as low as the temple, i Beside the
bed was a table, on which was a bible,
the nail, drill, alii hammer allude'd to
On the ground was a:basin of' " water, in
which themurJercr, according to his own
declaration, washed his hands before pre
senting himself to the authorities?
; Gayring is now in irisoh;he is perfect!
calm and 'con viitrced t hat he acteu well i'n
fuISIing- tho wishes' of his' wife by putting
an- end to , her" sufieringV ' S"onio Wiirt
emburg papers state that' the inhabitants
of the' village "of Gusseristadt, where" the
murder was committed, lieft their work
as soon a they heard of the 'murder,' and
spent the day in the church,' fitsting and
praying for the soul of the departed. , "' '
. ,- From ihe- Spirit of the.. Times. ; ,.f
in the country of Rohsbn; in the State
North Carolina, there' livd in times past
a man by; the name t)f Brooks, who kept
grocery for a number of years, and so had
acquired most of the laild around bim.
This was mostly pine b'arren'of small val
ue, but nevertheless Brooks' was looked
up to as a great land holder and big man
in the , neighborhood, There 5 Was' One
tract, however,' belonging to one Col. L
mar, who lived in Charlesiowrti'that "jam
in upon him sSs!roAf" and being withal
better in quality than the avefage!!of his 4
own domain, that Brooks bad - long wish
ed io add it to his other broad tic res. - Ac
cordingly he looked around him ami em-'
ployed, as he v x pressed it; ,;the smartest
man in the neighborhderd'i to w'ait'orie1
Axgu3 Mc.Vlvix to go toCharlestovynand
negotiate with'" Col; 1 La'marfor the par-"
c hase of this also. 4 Being provided pret-'
tvjwell With bread1' '-m'eaV arid a''bottleT6f
paleface, which wcrc'st&wed awayT in a"
pair of leather saddle ' bagsarid; like ' all
other great Plenipb!entiarics:, being pro-"
tided v with I suitable r instructions- Mac
mounted a piriey-w-bbcls tackj (named Rd
surn) arid hied h-'rii ofi (o Cbarle'stdwn;--.
ITte road was rather longer than Brooks
I harJ;suppose J, or his agent" was less expe
Augus did not get back until "long
the day had transpired," which -was fixed
on Tor his "return;" Brooksm " the' mean
time had g)l hiins'elf into nyefy' fufy-bf
wnpauence. 'liei Kcpx nis xiyes nxea oa
tbe Charlestown road he, vas crusty to
wards his cujdthet"s harsh' tdwardsv fiis
wife and and'f.hild"rej57ri43 scarcely eat or
slept for seVeraHaV'an'tf Sight,' 'lor he had
set his'wliblc qul' Upon 'buy ing the La,
mar Iand.,Dne day however, Angus was
descried slow! and . sadly wend ing - his
way. rip the long stretch of sandy road that
made. up : to k the groce ry r BrKk3.vent
Cut to meet:hiiri; and;'without farther ccr
emoriyhe accosted. himwi;:.--; yr';
! VYcli Mac; havc'.yoo gotthesljind!':)
' iThe agent, in whose face; was- anything
but sunshine replied- somewhat j gruffly
that.t4he might let a body -get down - from
hishorso before he put at him - with ques-
j uon's oT business;'.' J .i t tyin v.
iBuf Brduk was inia:. fever of adtiety
j ini reptatjd tk-Uticn-j iil? d -a?-r
itious, orrsome, bad luck bad Happened to
im," or something' was the' matter that
'J' "Shawj' rioAv;' Brook? don I press; tipori
a lydy in this uncivil wayw. It is a long
story.and I tn.ujst; have time' 'V.-i.-fi;
i t. ..tu : i i ii . ..mi I
roustururgeu, ana juac, sim pari
"N.w, ;5 surely thought. brouksp 'he
will tell maV :But - Mac wutsin-it qmte
ready,.-.,:) .
'Brook's, says he, "have you any thin'
to drinU;;' " - : -" -.'
.'To be sure Ibave," said the other, arid
ipimediately-had some of his best forth
cohTmg.1 1 Having moistened his clay; Mae
tobk'a seat and hts employer' ariother.
1 3lat; gave a prelimiuaryAheiii! . He then'
turned suddenly, louud- to Brooks, looked
htm straight in the eyes, and sia pped himi
6 u the thigh " ' ? ' . - '
: B rooks; " ; says he ; ' "word you' e ver i ii
Charh'stow'n?" - 4 ' l;': .
- Why; you know-1 never wai,w , e V.red
the olher..-i-V .1 ''' ; -
"Well, then, j Brooks,'! says- the- a
gent; you ought to g; there.' 'iie. great,
est place upon the face of the earth; They,
have got houses theri on botlrsldvjs of the
ine roau.iornve miles at a:i stretch and
n the horse track.
ine who r ' rav
through Brooks think. I met ,ftve: tbou
sand people. in a minute, nnnnt n lr,
would look at me. . Thv i,oW" i,,,.Cm03
mere oir; wheels. Brodks! I savv-'dn'e'
with six horses hich.l ' V, si.; n ; i V l-s.V
unver wun a lonrr Vx1.t t; i:i;
Whirl Wind.-1 ibllowcd it down ihe Vb'arT
m ti uni iriitii-r ii i k.' 21
tor u mile and ahalfan'a wheivitVoiped
i looked and what dj you thiukj there was
uoimng tint nut ne ia!e ;WiJmria ;. Well,
Brooks I turned back up. the roa ), arid as.
was riding along I gees a fine V Idokin
char with iongcuily hair hanging dowri
his back.and hu boou shiny as' th- face of
an up.Cpuu:ry nigger! I called him into the
'-ruddle of the road and asked him a civil
:iestion- and a civil question; yoVr know,
iirooksi calls for a civil ..answer alL over
world.., I saysStrangr canyon tell me,
where' Col. L tmar lives? and what do vou
inirut, was the answer Go to h
i VYv'b' Brooks, I knocked along tip and
down, and abput, until at last I nad where
Col." Lamar lived; I gets'; down ' arid bang
away at the door. v Presently the door
wa . opened by as pretty a fine spoken
well dressed a woman as ever yu seed in
your born days. Brooks, 'Silksl silks thar
every day, Brooks! Says"irrsJ LarnAr, I
presume, Madam, says I." I am M xs. La
mar, sir, "Well .Madam," says I. "I have
come ;iu mo way irom ixorui arojina to
see Col. Lamar to see abon't buying ' a
tract of land 4 from him that's up in our
parts', "Then,", shex says, .VQ;!.,Lamlr
bas rode, out 4 in tho .country .but. will be
back shortly, Corne1 in, ,Sir" and yait a
While. sFvc no doubt the Clo!oriel will
soon returnand she had a smile tipon that
pretty tace of he r's that reriiinded a .body
ofa Spring. morning, Jr Well, ;Brooks, I
hitched my horse, to a brass thing on the
door, and walked in. "Wcll when I got
In I sec-the floor all covered over with the
nicest looking thing! nicer thin any patch
work bed-quilt you ever seed in your life.
Mrooks. , I was trying to edgo along round
it, but presently I sees a big nigger Step
ping right ov'er it. ' Thinks I if that nig
ger can go it I can go it, too! 1 Sj right
over it I goes and take. my seat right be-,
for a pitcher which; at first I thought was
a little min looking in at a widow. Well
Brooks, the re I sot waiting and waiting
for Col; Lamar, and at last; he didn't come
but thdy began to bring in dinner.'- Thinks
I to mvself, here's a,scrapcv. ;;but.l made
up my mind to tell her jf she. axed, me, to;
eat to tell her with a jjentecl how that I
hmi no occasion to'eat.c But, brooks, she
didnH axmeto eat she axed rrie if I'd b6
so good as to-carve tbat;tui key for -i her;
and 6he did it with one of them lovely
smiles ;that''makes:the Void streaksrun
down the snialldf a feller's? backus 5?4Ceivi
tainly, Madam," says I, and . walks,' tip M
the table there' was. pa one ssidc of jthe
(urkey a great knife -a's-Xig as a bowie
knife and a fork with a -trigger to itUsn
the other sid0.; UWeU I falls to. vvork And
in the first effort I slashes. tho gravy about
two yards over the whitest table, cloth 'you
6ver"cediin?yourt Ufe.iBrooksl WellU I
felt Jbe hot stearu begin ? to gather; about .
my cheeks and eyes.- Juut l.m not a mar.
to liacfc out for trifles so I makes andther
9fiiri arid ih'i darhe J -"thiri took ' a flight
and li it right in M rs; Lamar! lap! . Well
you see, Brooks, then I was taken with a
blindness afdtbe. iiexYi
ed I waVupdu tne taA a kicking. "Well,
bythfstime I Vegnnl'a Un6k oftiavigatirig
So Lgoei aiit.anHn'itinfs Rosaiti, and pots
Cr North Carolina!; Now, Brooks you
dai'brammc! Jro'ybu?V. r - i '
i i ? 5-fri;::i r.':i v. ..lr.h-v.-yv llr-J
1 "Idea oFjS.TARVATiQN.U.is.saj that
Queen yictdiiavvherT yet a. princesson
beirig informed of the-' starviati:.i5ncfitln
of the manufacturing population, etclairpf
ed Uear mt?l- 4iow, toolish! what do they
starvdfijr! I would cat bread and potatoes
before f would 'starve!"1-' Thfs ttimighrof
the hereditary monarch , is shared , rmiasi:
iirabbv thenrlo rfn&f all -grades- .The
Cries otrtne poor appear to them like a
'nirlVrt,. t'l't'V: .V'J
! Onlvtwo hGndVeoTanrffiafLiwellfacJ bo c en x, ",
eoyrts'rq rrtWrlcr during WfrsfA ?h So-h.rn
yeaV?NAre lheyt'd:JoJI 9" ?tXCj thV tAi:(f. Th. -N.
:1'k:ct iFramyhs frjAton.iAllas-Sli:
' Aa Carthqiraktrio; Boston an j Tiriui1y.L:i
"Qtiite a'suiaVt Vhbek ?of an Earthquake
was e x per i 6 fi ce Jj i h t fi ii ci ty,jaiill vYci i ritt j-j
at- nutes paSrHvc;o,(f!dck'Teste
riot Vensible",c)f the sYock; or of; the"; ' rulrrii
blinj hbise'whicb is'sauJ to have 'accom-
pariied iU--' but many Vf our' friends have
given us'tlieir; accounts? of the sehsatioril
These accounts are so uniform; and cdriie
from sojmhy concurring source5,i;iri. our
city arid but'of ; itthat we;.ure;Iilut, aV lib',
erty tbkdoubtu that bur'vicinity ' has-been
visited b th:suncommon and ! cxtradrdp
narj 'phenomenon of Nature.; It Avasverjr
sehsiiily felt throughout our city';- and our
adicesso far as we ifceived thetn yester
day,' lead To thb'belief thai the c'onclussiq'n
was; very extensive. Wc fervciitly 'hdpr
that -this visitation of: Providence ' is eon
fined to it slight -an4 very harmless upera-tionin"our-own
vicimiy, aha that we nave
not been niprejy; riiauSij sensible of the
occurrence of an event which has brouiiht
destructlorf audidcsolatiolv-'to otheW of
our race,. .The extent of somo of the most
terrible Earthquakes r- which have ever
decufred has been' faf VHd'wide-spreadi
Some of - thoie' ;wbich; have'cngufphed
whole cities and provijices;in their. e fleets,
have been. sensibly jfelt. front contitientto
continent. " The occurrence of such an
event, in our (jountry, is unusual" and cx
traordinVry; thaV ive1 rahall awail' intellr
ge ne'e fid; n distant 'quarters AvithVsbme
anxiety,' tV.trt-.4! M.-oU,.
'. The .Transcript of the last evening
; -: . .1 4--.it . v. . , es
says the shock ;was. accompanied, by a
rutnbliiig. sound' resembliri that caused
by the passage' ofa' train'of railroad cars
acros3.a short. bridge..; Tlre shock; -was
so severe xvs to. shake houses,, .and even
the furniture inside of them and ve have
hearJ ' of' several ''p'ers6ns having been
awakened by 'he 'shaking of -.-iheir beds.
;This shock -seems tt have extended in al
most every direciion, and we bear pf- its
having been felt., in,. almost every place
within 50 or 60 miles of us.' At Jamaica
Plains a chimrie'y was shaken down; ' in
IForcester the f door-bells of" two houses
were rung. -. In Braintree Denham, Con
cord, and various other: pjaces we . here
of its being felt."
i 1 he Traveller says: "TTre have heard
from Cambridge, Newton, Lynn, Nahant,
Salem, Beverly; W istboro, and Worces
ter and in these places the houses were
shaken, windows and doors rattled, bells
were", ruug, and .the lumbering ' vi;rc
waked up ;The yib'ratuihi do'not'appear
to have been preceeded7 or-atterideJ -by
that rumbling sound which usually accom
pahies. earthquakes.. -.;,T.he.. sound,, as .jit
appeared to us, was more like that pro
duced by tkeVudderi violent Ynotloris of a
person ' iti 'an "?ajbining1"Vo'oh:;or-' in the
chattiber ' ovei0 "bead." - SorA(v -say'-1 the re
were two or three. successive, shocks; but; ;
to us, it rather appeared ike.',ono. coutin.
ual jar, or shock, pfconsiderable violence.
The magne'tic 'intensity aftne4' Observa
toryat Cambridgdvaal gfeatly; disturb
ed by the shock.? The vibrations appear
ed to be in a direction North, and South,
and. to have continued fora second.or two.
We shall look with interest for npws Ifrdrii
South Amencajl Ayhich will probably Vririg
us the intelligence ofa severe earthquake
in that section of thejworld," the effects of
wbich.we have slightly felt." , j ,(S ,r , ; ...
. TJie editor of the; Ne wburyport fisra?
In his paper of yesterday mornings says:
I "A smart shock of 'an "earthquake,' ac
companied Avith., muck1 tremor,. andr'a
rumblingnoies, of 10 or 15 seconds" du-
raldrivas felt ih.this" Tov7ilii4mdrnirig
arpreciselyS o'clock' f--
- A. dorrespoaderil 'lof:' the:! JotinnaX hM
Beverly write as fbllovys:-:., '';tLixn
I Mr. Slcepen'Wd had ,a heavy earth
quake; this m6rii1ngat'B'everTy,,aSout L 3
b'cloki'-'If was telt.lri efprf part of town.
My bedhook andit m;n led as;tlioxrgh ; a
dozen railroad?, train severe passing over
the. roof of my house.'' ,v ...,.
; i. Was,. it A.EATHavKE? A.t. five
minutes betore 5y this TriornmgV.a Ticavy
hois"e and 'shakifig" VaY h.carcl and folt by a
hurnherbfbOtr citizen'. -c-Il v'a'sbf longer
duration than could bavftiifeeri produced
by a connom; or arr ex plosion ofa powder
lmiSprittgficd'Republiedht Zblfu A
i - r -.it-it- - t. -y ..:Tf
f Nf.ver satisfied. Nobody is satis
fiedinthiAvorldTI hian, he regrets it'tsoot' largorVIf he
finds a';?un)f money,.,Jbej.searchcs; the
spot for rnore.;, If he .is-electedto me
high office; he wishes for a better one'
Jf he" 'U rich "'and wants ' for Nothing, he'
sMveifrVwa.t'j 'Sitiiv is.'nereT
satisfiecbTT al sv' .. j
The SEA-SriT-Tie Salem Keg-
'. 1 'ru,,.. . w.wt
lie leasurely examined tor the space "oi
1 . t x v
ten minutes a. he lav reposing, in, U)e wa
. .....!' r.fn.ici ji! : 1842. went inti nneration. -
isjcxrstatea tuauiuu:" "Kv","'"'"" -- - - - - - , . ,
be mWr,for5the.s.:a3on:was in .Salem goods was nearly .exhausted. v. At be
taVbdrf It telUtSe story tW, 'same period, also, the currency of. ho
saw v was. the heritable sea '6erpent,and
hoth iii e 1 30" ? -v U is ' atte nt ion ' wa s'firs t
attracted be tbe disturbance ofthe waters
which; wej e so much agibited asto 'rock .
the boat voilently. " Soon after tho humps
appeared,' a ad about sixty feet of the length
of his snake.ship Mvere displayed for - full
t en minute 1 s v.-tea" tie ixr gster- slowly
sunk and disappeared--- ' 9:'
2 9
rv 4 xFroia an Oregon Emtera
:f'"Wo' "collate the following aagrapbd
from a letter of Mr; "Job Bcrdsx; to Mrl
Jr-W. Beck, of this neighborhood.'-'Mri
March lat. San gamo Journal?
r 'Iiil give you a- short description of
this county,its productions, &c- ' First
Tho land here is as rich as any in Illinois.
It for exceeds any thing. I; had - expected,
and produces wellthat.is wheat," oats
potatoes; 6ccs It. is net so good for corn',
the nights are too coM; but 40 ' bushels
have often been raised to the acrei " '
.V'j'hc timber is principally -red, "white
and yellow fir; it resembles pine at. a "dis-:
tancet though the wood is very unlike it--It
is very tall, splits well, and we get from?
eight to twelve rail; cuts - ft cm- the "treei
I", '"a
.In the mountains Ihe timber is very large.
1 1 have-seen plenty ot ttIen lect through
and I am in tonne J by a respectable man;
that be measured a tree u few days ago;
that Wis 18 ieet : through and at least
200 feet high.to the first branches : There'
are pines of all sorts, white cak, . black
oakafah," Iinn,i'yew-r tree,'. maple,; with,
many other-kinds .of which I - have not
learned the names.1 a it ; . '..
-V. We had no snow here last winter r to
lay one hourv : .The grass was green alt
winter,, and .the xattle fatter- than I "ever
scon - stall fed 'cattle: in ' Illinois. .The
grass is fine ait the present time.
- -Vl have just returned from a two week
exploring trip.: I found a beautiful country,
and have concluded to settle on the head.
of.Y am. Hill Iliver. 1 .It is about 20 or SO'
miles from the Ocean; six - miles from a
lgood .' 'Sa!mhn! fifheryr ;acd abcut fitly
miles Irom I wahty plains, where we now
'arevv f ; -i"' f .-.!-; ' "
- UVV got to the Dalles on the 27th Sep
tember, and there took boat and "came' to
Liunton, on.the Wallamette.-. We vventl
to-the Twality Plains to- winter.. : Fromr"
the 15th November to the 15th February, ;
I think it rained one-fourth of : the - time.,
Thc.weatWr was warm ' and afterwards
pleasant The stiawberries were in bloom
on the lOih of, February, v 'The peach-trees
(2 1th March.) 'are. now: dropping
their bloom.-- We have all kinds of fowls'
here, geese-, brants,- vulture, die. .- We
have. also ail kinds of fiih, oysters, clams, i
i&c -comaa only found in salt-water; Em-
tgrants have located ;from,Pugetsr Spuadi
Burden-, who -war an void citizen, left
Sangamon county for i Oregon; in the
orinir of '45 It is dated -' on : the - 24th
t(.4ijvarJj of 100 miles up the Wallamat-
fe.'h.'s Mrs. Burden,,. who; has, been in a?
low state of health, for eight years past,
has fully recovered and; is now in. the; .
enjoyment of good health. " - . -J y-A
.Hear- The old . Soldiers. Nevr On
leans and Tippecanoe on Banking. Givef
the working classes an honest government:
freedom from Monbpq ies, , and priviliged
classes; hard money, not paper currency, ,
for, their labor, and all. will be F welL-j
Jackson's last icordsto the American peo-.
Plc.j .-,. r.;, -S-ii
! .liU one' of the greatest humbugs ever ;
attempted to be imposed on : a' people, that
there is hot Specie enough in the World to
answer 'tt!l the necessary ; wants of tho
irommunity. Shutout Irom'cjrculation all J
paper, arid Wpecie" will flow in upon us as
the tide. Andrew Jackson. ---: .rj ---''-'v.
f Hence thc reserved nghtsof the State
contained no "pow-cr to charter banks, wUh-"" "
power to issui bills of credit. 1 ask wKat ", i'
a bank bill but a bill of c red ittfA .lire w ' "
i l am not a bank- Sna
nee in my life .
I was, and then ti.ey cheated me wutot -every
dollar I placed in their hands.-tri.-fiurrison's
Dayton Speech - ' - -
1 . r. : .' ' .' ft'nn v3 Uich.iiond Euqui.er. : ;
j D-.Tii?VoiJ iand'tis Sew,. Tariff.-,. -
The Protectionists refer to tho unvary
ing amount of the imports during, the last
two or three years; as one ofthe triampb..
anteflects of the Jariff,'. of -.1942. .This
inigbt J)o conceded, had circumstances '.
continued the samo for .a se ries of years.
J?or several years prior lo tho passage lofi
the law, the tiinancial aft'airs ofthe coun
iry had been a; confused state. rThe ex-,
travagant speculations, induced by ; the
expansions otthe Banks, had broken up,
and contxactions.had naturally ensued-r-This
result had confined the imports to.
iarrov limits, and when the , Tarifl of--
the stock ot
umDroveu biivc.vi .'
7' . .r , ' c t
iJiad the-beneht .. ot s-.:c.t a re
1 " -
i !

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