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Cjt Jawaslw fiajtttr.
a 4 I I
Vallnaadr Block, Third MaryTo lb
L.eft at tbg Head of attain.
Thursday, November 12, 1SG3.
TUB Union It must, and "hall be protervedl"
Anirut Jaekton.
"LIBERTY and Union now and forever, one
and inseparable! Dnnid Webntcr,
"IS I m nuked when I am for dissolution of the
Voion. I answer, Novorl Noverl!" Henry Clay.
"IT it a question of government or no govern
meat, oountry or no couutry." Stephen A. Dwgla
Written in Red.
All subscribers indebted to U9 for
ono year or moro will find their names
written on thoir papers in red. We
take tbis method of reminding our
friends that they nro expected to call
in person or send by mail and pay the
amount due.
Captain Ooden and Sergeant Strode
left to-day to return to tho 17th
tSTTho attention of our readers is
called to tho advertisement of Amos
jQTWe are indebted to Hon. C. A
Trimble for valuable public docu
tOur thanks are duo lion. V. B
IIorton for valuable public docu
Farm for Sale. See tho advertiso
mentofMr. Ivutz, who offers a fine
farm for salo.
tQy Our thanks nro duo Mrs. D. P,
Keller for a very largo head of cab-
bago, weighing fourteen pounds and a
. Colonel ItiPPEV, of tho 90th Regi
ment 0. V. I., lately resigned, passed
through tho city yesterday on li is way
to Logan.
Rev, J. G. Dawson will preach his
farewell sormon on Sunday evening,
Nov. 14th, 18G3, in the Baptist Church
on Columbus street.
. Died. Wm. Skellv, engineer on
the C. W. & Z. Railroad, who was in
jured by the lateaccidont on that road,
died last Sunday morning, from the in
juries received.
Rev. U. J. Kniselt, pastor of. tho
Evangelical Lutheran Church, will
doliyer his farewell address on next
Sabbath morning, at tho usual hour of
divice sorvices.
Capt. Stinchcomb left to-day with his
men, to rejoin his regiment. Tho Cap
tain, although a soldier who fights
rebel sympathizers in tho rear as well
as rebels in tho front, leaves many
friends behind in both parties.
SSrAttcntion is called to tho adver
tisoincnt ,of Misses Julian & Spybcy
They have- opened their storo on
Wheeling,- near tho corner Of Coluni
tjus" street, where they .will he pleased
to soo'all who may call.
f i ,
Dinner to the Soldiers.
Nobe Robinson, who keeps a Union
Sufcen, ' Union cranio nnd Union oys
89 n mf'8t e8pRol Union dinner
at his residence on yesterday to a num
ber of tho bravo boys who havo just
returned from the Army.
' '", , Accident at the Reform Farm.
"Wo learn that on last Thursday,
while Mr. Samuel Ilnrdy and his son,
of this citjf, were painting upon one of
tho buildings at the Reform Farm, the
eraffold gave way, throwing them both
to the ground, severely injuring Mr.
JIardy and breaking his son's wrist.
Mr. Hardy, we learn, is elill lying at
the Farm in a critical condition.
Death of a Fairfield Soldier.
Wm. L. Inmman, of Company F.
17th Regiment, 0. V. I., died in hospi
tal at Chattanooga, Oct, Kith, 18(13.
lie was a son of Eden Inoman, Esq.,
of this county, and was born December
4th. 1842. Ho enlisted early in the
war under Capt. Rickets, and died on
thq throshhold of manhood, in a glori
ous cnuso.
"How sleep the brave who sink to rest,
With all their country's wishes blest."
In a list '6f Westcn officers, held as
prisoners at Richmond, wo notice the
two following from Lancaster, viz:
Lieut Colonol II. B. Hunter, 123d
Ohio, captured at Winchester, Va.
Jmdo'15, 18ji3; First Lieut. Goo: go E
Blair, 17th Ohio, captured at Chicka-
augaV., ,. .. ."
' And one from the county, viz:
First Lieutenant, O. B. Brandt, 17th
Ohio, captured at Chioamauga.
Thv ''bravo boys," of the Indepen
doaV.br Volunteer Militia Company)
(Capt. Clarke, who went to Camp Chase
jLjlst summer ti keep John Morgan off,
are respectively informed that the pay
ro)sfhye'beon returned with the mon
eynit'that each Boldier carjayfl his
pay by falling at the office of Clarke &
TX!Li: A- V. - '
'The Union majority in New York is
ncjar 33,000 a gain of over 43,000 over
Jatjyar's vote.
Woanded Soldier Arrived.
Sebastian Gobs, Co. D, 90th Ohio,
has arrived at home, wounded in right
The following soldiers, wounded in
tho battle of Chicamauga, f-oni Com
pany 1, 17th Oliio, arrived hist week,
viz: Corporal A. B. Clayton, wounded
in thigh ; private L. 11. Purcell,
wounded in side, by a shell ; Corporal
Dan'l Schleicher, wounded in lcftarm;
private August Slick man, wounded in
shoulder ; private Robert Cruit wound
ed in the arm ; private John Kull,
wounded in leil arm.
Tho following arrived this week :
Corporal N. Selby, Co. F, 17th Ohio,
shot through the chest, the hall pass
ing entirely through the body; Corpo
ral Irvin Kbright, Co. F, 17th Ohio,
wounded in thigh; private Charley
Crouse, Co. A, 17th Ohio, wounded in
back ; private John Brannagan, Co. D
17th Ohio, wounded in thigh; private
James Kern, Co. D, 17th Ohio wound
ed in knee.
Of these, Corporals Clayton and Sel
by, and privates Crouse, Brannagan
and Kern; aro parolled prisoners.
Clayton, Selby and Brannagan were on
the battle-field nino days after being
wounded. Several of these were
wounded and left in tho woods which
were burned. They were saved by
clearing the leaves away around them.
Many of tho wounded who were una
ble to do this, were burned to death
In a conversation with one of the
soldiers wo learned many interesting
facts concerning tho battle and those
who took part in it. Captain Stinch
comb is spoken of as ono who led his
men instead of sending them wherever
the fight was thickest. Capt. Ricketts
is remembered and lamented by all
as a hero. Lieut. J. M. Ruffner dis
played tho greatest gallantry and
dash, rushing into tho very face of the
rebels. Among other things it is re
lated of him that he plucked the colors
of theS2d Indiana from a branch by
which they had been stripped from
the staff, and flaunted them in the face
of the foe, whilo tho flag was riddled
with bullets.
Last niirlit about 7 o'clock a fire
broke out in Mr. Mithoff's stable on
Columbus street. The stablo in a few
moments was enveloped in flames and
the fire was communicated to the nu
merousout-buildinffs on the lot. After
the Fire and llook-and Ladder Com
panics arrived, their efforts wero con
centrnted to save the fine dwelling
which extends nearly the entire length
of the lot, but the firo gained steadily,
and consumed all the outbuildings and
the frame portion of the dwellii.g
Nearly all the furniture, however, with
the doors, windows, and movable por
tions were saved." The property was
insured to tho amount of $3,000, which
will probably cover the loss. The res
ideneo was perhaps the finest on Co
lumbus street, and the fire is tho most
destructive ono which has occurred in
tho city for somo timo. Tho genera
impression is that the stable was firod
by some of the thieves and burglars
who have been about for some time,
and who desired an opportunity to ply
their vocation. There was considera
ble wind during tho fire, which carried
the sparks over tho 'surrounding build
ings in a shower, and made great ef
fort necessary tojiavo the town from an
extensivo conflagration.
the fire companies.
We were a fain struck with tho con
fusion and mismanagement which pre
vailed. Tho Fire Companies did all
in the power of men to bo first at the
fire, aud to prevent its extending after
they arrived, and they did good ser
vice. But with the present organiza
tion it is simply impossible to he very
efficient. If there had been an organ
ized and drilled Hook-and-Laddcr
company, the dwelling houso would
have been saved. We 'would again
urge upon tho citizens the importance
of giving more encouragement to tho
Fire Companies, and especially upon
the City Council the duty and import
ance of more liberal appropriations.
the "Look-ons."
As usual hundreds of men stood
looking complacently on, whilo a few
of the faithful did the work and tugged
at tho engines. It was only by too
greatest urging that men sufficient to
keep them going, could bo induced to
work on tho engines. Somo of tho
ladies shamed them by their efforts.
We have tho names of a number of he
roic young ladies who deserve special
mention for their faithful work on the
" Relianco " and " Young America."
Our young friend Charles Kutz,
was suffocated by ?the smoko, and fell
from a building. Ho was thought to
be fatally injurod at first, but we
learn this morning that his injuries
are not serious. Mr. Wm. "E. Brown
had ono of his legs badly bruised and
sprained by tho hoso-wagon passing
over it. We hear of a number of other
persons being slightly injured.
The Npw York World, the leading
Democratic journal of the Empire
State, says that, while the war lasts, it
is clear that "no party can succeed
that docs not malse.itP energetic pros
ecution the paramount object." Re
member that, Copperhead politicians.
Muny of tho readers of tho Cnzetie;
will remember the grand display of
shoot ng stars which occurred in the
United .States on the evening of tlie
12th und morning of the 13th of No-
vember, 1833 thirty years ago. It is i
s tid their appoaranee is a regular phe -
noinenon. Iiupperiing on the night just
stated. The writer of this article wit-
nessed tho shower of falling slurs in
io.j.1, unu no can suioiy any mm u
was ono ot the most huIjIiiiio ana
brilliant sights ever witnessed, andi
as to-night and to-morrow morning
12th and 13th, November is the anni
versary of that event, would it not bo
well for tho curious in such matters to
look out for its return ? Should the
night he cloudless, many persons will
be well repaid for the time they may
be thus entraMd. lHJ.-l.
Reports of the Soldier' Aid Society.
To the Soldiers' Aid Society:
I respectfully report that within the
last quarter ending 17th of October
tho Society has made three shipments
to tho Sanitary Commission at Cincin
nati, as follows :
July 24th One box nnd ono barrel.
The box contained forty shirts, eleven
pairs drawers, four pairs shoes, half
bushel dried apples, and threo cans of
fruit. The barrel contained lurty-five
cans of fruit.
September 17th Two boxes and
two barrels. The barrels contained
onions. The boxes contained thirty
three shirts, thirteen pairs of drawers,
ono pair carpet shoes, n package of
compresses and bandages, twenl j" pack
ages of herbs, and twenty-six cans of
October 7th Ono barrel of onions,
ono keg of pickcls, and one box con
taining twenty-four cans of tomatoes
Respectfully submitted,
Cor. See. S. A. S.
To the Soldiers' Aid Society :
I respectfully submit the following
report of the finances of tho Society for
the quarter ending Octobor 17lh :
Money received
September SI 35
August 3 75
October 2 55
Total.........; 87 C5
Expenditures '
August $30 19
September 9 50
October 14 GO
Total 803 39
Balance in the Treasury 8124 15
Mrs. JOHN REBER. Treas.
Published bv order of the Societv.
Cor. Sec'y.
AVasiiInciton, Nov. 8. It appears
from information received here to night
that yesterday morning, the 5th and
(ith army corps under command of
Major-General Sedgwick, advanced to
Rappahannock Station, they having
the right wing of tho army, the 1st.
2d, and 3rd army corps forming the
left wing under Major-General French,
proeecded to Kelly's Ford. When the
right wing reached tho Rappahannock
the enemy was found to be in consid
erable force holding this side of the
river Tho rebel batteries, earth
works and redoubts-crowned thehanlvs
on each sido of the Rappahannock.
General Sedgwick at once advanced &
stormed them with great gallantry and
impetuosity; causing much slaughter,
and taking a large number of prisoners.
When Geu French reached Kelly's
Ford, about six miles below Rappa
hannock station, tho enemy threw
across tin entire division to support
their picket lino on thisside. General
French hastily took a position so as to
bring his artillery to bear on t hem and
shelled them with marked eH'cct, not
only killing a large number but throw
ing them into niter confusion, scatter
ing them wildlyand taking many pris
oners. Gen. French following up his
advantage inunediately, threw tho 1st
division oftlio 3d corps, commanded by
Gen. Birney, across the river which
ended his operations for tho day
This morning ho crossed tho river
with tho remainder of his command.
Gen. Sedgwick had previously crossed
it, and ut nino o'clock this morning
the two wings had formed a junction
and held both banks of tho river. The
enemy after their defeat in these two
engagements wero so hotly pursued by
our men that they threw themselves
into tho river in their efforts to escape,
whero somo were drowned and many
wero killed. All tho rebel artillery was
caputured, reported to bo seven guns.
Their whole camp equipage undoubt
edly fell into our hands, us they wero
compelled to leave it in their hasty re
treat. Gen. Buford's cii' airy crossed
at hulphur springs to cover tho right j
niiiiK, iimi virt-gg ttiKt iviipuii ieii cruM-. havo KrotoIoi'e given mo, in tlio ilis
ed holow Kelly '8 Ford to. cover the c!i,.j,0 f tho anluous duties which
loft flunk. Tho encnij', under cover of i,..vi. I,.,,,,, thrown nnon mo.
llllll, MUM VKl 111 UIU UIICUIUUUI Hill-
.A t .1: .( f..i
iuppt;rt unu tuv uiivaiicu ut uui iiireeu
reached Urainly Station carlj' to-duj'.
Tho entire number of prisoners tak
en by both Sedgwick and French, in
1,82(5, principally of North Carolina
and Louisiana troops. Tho number
taken by Sedgwick was from 1.2(10 to
1,400. tho remainder being taken by
French. Our total loss is reported to
bo 400 in killed and wounded, but no day resulted in a complete Union vie
prisoners. ' Our wounded wero carried tory. Tho majority for Stephen Miller,
to Warron'ton Junction, nnd from there
wcro sent to
"Alexandria this afler-
election iietcuns. j jn moro favorable than was expected
In .'thirty counties in IULois, the' In this county, (Ramsey,) which has
Union majorities foot up 44,207, and hitherto been Democratic, there is now
tho Democrntio majorities 1,906. Un- a Union niiijoi' ty of'225, being a Union
ion majority in the State so far 22,201. gain of 1,000 since last year. " The Un
Last yoar the. Union majority in these ion majority in tlio city of St. Paul is
same counties was only sixteen. j nearly nVo'hun lrod.
In Wisconsin, with thirty counticsj With this goo 1 news at homo, and
heard from, the Union majority is 12.- tho tidings of tho glorious .results in
436. Full returns from the home and New Wit, Chicago, and elsewhere,
soldiers' voto will make the Union ma- the Union men of St. Paul fool docided-
jority not less than 40,000.
To the Military Cmnilttii of the Slat
Tin State or Ohio. ")
Executive Department, r
Columbus, ovcfiibur 7, lbtjX )
To the Militant Committer i,f '::
(;Kntlemen -I hare l,..i-.toiV,iP in..
yollr ai,i ,0 r,4jh(,,lr Slut' nnotu
f t,0 Cll ,uju tl0 president of the
United States for three linnrlrerf thou-
sand troops, under date of 17th ultimo,
and am liappy to know that you ure
giving mo the aid I desired,
I lmVo now to inform voii tlinl Ol.ioV
!n,,ota 0f thia call is 5!)',3!j2. und tffat
this immbcr has been iusllv anvxn'
tioued among the several townships
and wards of the State, in proportion to
tho military st rejig' h of each, after first
irivins due credit to each for nil the
troops heretofore furnished. I he num
ber thus apportioned to each township i
nod ward of your county, you will
leanurom mo newspapers published
in your immediate neighborhood. I
Herewith 1 send you a copy of my i
correspondence with the War Depart
ment, dated respectively September, 18
arid 28, showing the plan for securing
the volunteers now asked for. From
this, you will observe that tho recruits!
now to be raised are all designed for
regiments in tho field, hence no new
organizations will be attempted.
You will also observe that gallant
and brave men, who have already earn
ed their commissions, are to be sent
homo to receive from mo promotions,
upon condition that they raise a given
number of recruits. A moment's con
sideration will satisfy you of the wis
dom and justice of this policy.
First It gives to the soldier who
has won position'tho promotion that
he richly merits.
Second It places tho raw recruit
by the side of the veteran soldier, by
whom ho will bo kindly received, and
at once taught how to avoid tho dan
gers and diseases incident to camp
life. Third It secures to the Government
a body of men who will at once, become
with tho advantages indicated, eM
cient troops.
Fourth It saves to the National
Treasury much of tho expense incident
to the organization of new regiments,
and a very large proportion of the a
mounl that would otherwise bj expen
ded upon supernumerary officers.
The inclosed letter from tho War
Department, under date of September
15, designates tho bounties to be paid
by the Government, and tho periods
when paid. Those bounties, you will
observe, are for the volunteer who
has seen nine m in'.hs' continuous ser
vice and flip the recruit who nus
never been in service, SS2 of which, in
both cases, is to he paid at the time of
mustering, and all during the continu
ance or at the expiration of the service,
irrespective of the time when this oc
curs. Tho recruit will be permitted to
select the regiment that lie wishes to
It is confidently expected that the
regiments' now in tho field will, by the
re- 'nli.-tiiK'iit of the otliccrs an 1 men
now there, bo continued for the term
of threoyearsor during the war; hence,
the new recruit has no reason to dread
or fear being placed in any new organ
ization. Should wc fail to raise our number
within the time named by the Presi
dent, to-wit : the 5th of January next,
a draft will positively take place on that
d'ty to make good the deficit. This
drift will be made from the townships
or wards in default, and not from those
which may havo furnished their quotas.
Hence it becomes the duty of the resi
dents of each townsh'p and ward to
look to it in tune if they desire to save
a dralt at their own homes.
All inclined to enlist will bo encour
aged by the reflection that tho incom
ing State Administration, both Lpiris-
I itive an I hx.-cutivc, will continue to
doits full duly in providing for those
whom they leave behind d 'pendent
upon them for support.
Surely it can hardly be necessary
that I 8;'.y any tiling to in. -n who si)
f.Jly appreciate, as you do, the momen
tous issues at stake, wiih the view of
stimulating you to action. The exist
ence of our glorious Government is yet
in jeopardy; the wicked men who have
eonfolerutod together to overthrow it,
can he put down only by military
force. To accomplish this a few ad
ditional men nro absolutely necessary.
Thus far, Ohio, the State' wo all love
so well, has generously, nobly done her
full duty. Shall wo (lag now, when a
single further ell'ort is -only necessary
to accomplish the great and holy pur
pose of maintaining our national Un
ion? I am not insensible to the deep debt
of gratitude that tho people of Ohio
owe you for the generous aid that you
have heretofore given her authorities
in this great work, yet I feel constrain
ed in their behalf to make this further
call upon you, and fondly hope that
you will not yet weary in well doing.
louaro aware that I am soon to
surrender tho highly responsible duties
now resting upon mo. I will, there-
tore, avail myself ol tins, probably the
last occasion for addressing you, to ro
turn to you my profound thanks for
tlt. ncrous iiikI willing phi that you
1 .. .. '
KOSpOttt 1 11 1 1.V. yOUI'S,
DAVID TOD, Governor.
The Nlnnenotn Stnte Election Another
Union Victory.
St. Paul, Xov. 5.
"Wo have met tho enemy, and they
aro ours!" Coppcrhoadism has receiv
ed its death-blow in Minnesota.
Tho election in this State on Tucs-
I Union, for ttovernonover tlenry ells
coppcrhead Domocrat, ia not less than
10,000, and it may exceed 12.000. The
returns from all parts of tho State come
' ly elatel to-day,
j The Boston Post says, in good taste
I und judgment :
I Wc are sorry to see an attempt made
I to injure the character 'of Gcn.'Jtose
jcraus because he has been relieved
Irom duty in the field. Ho haw fought
well, rendered good service to hiscoun-
try, and merits it gratitude. The
President -may havo had justifiable
reasons for calling him from Tennes
see, nhd yet leavo his reputation n a
citizen and a soldier unsca'hed. Yot
tho poor, subservient tools of power
imagine they present grateful incenso
in attempting to sacr'fice a man whoso
worth is fur beyond their comprehen
sion as tho stars are above the earth.
The people- need not be alarmed.
The soldier who re organized the de
moralized Army of the Cumberland,
after JJucll felt it; in:rle it the newt
armv in the United Slates, defeated u.
superior army at Stono liiver; droo
the enemy by a series of brilliant
movements out of Tennessee: acquire I
Chattanooga with very slight loss, and
was repulsed bv overwhelming num
bers chiefly because the Secretary of
ur refused to give him the reinforce-
rnenls which he needed, and which Ik
had given to his successor will rise
triumphant above the machinations of
malicious personal enemies. JJj'jton
The father of Spsncer Kellogg
Brown, the young man who was hung
at IJiehiiiMid on the 25th of . September,
went into tho Pulton street meeting,
New York, lat week, and requested
prayers that the deal!; of his 'n who
was 'murdered" in Ili'hiuond might:
be sanctified to him and his surviving
family. The request produced a thrill
and sensation through the audience.
October 25th. loGii, at the residence
of the bride's father, by Kev. Van iJe
inark. Mr. GrowiE V.'. r'.wi'.'im.D and
Miss Hannah Hiiowx. all of this county
On Thursday, Oct. I2;uh. by the Kev.
Thomas l)ako, at his resid'-nce, Mr.
IiK.Mii:n C. Foisi) and Miss .Su'.aij C.
Pur f, both of this county.
Special Notice.
Office of the Cot.i.i:r Toa i
12th Distkict of Ohio, (
Circleville. November 0 lHi;:j J
Tlr.i annual assjsmeiit of United
States Taxes in the county of Fairfield
has been completed, and the taxes are
now li:e. All persons interested are
hereby notified to make payment on
or beiore the 7th day of December
next, at the office of Ii. M. Clarke,
Deputy Collector, in Lancaster. '
A penalty of ten por cent, will be
added, if not paid as above stated.
Collector 12th District of Ohio.
vcv Millinery Shop
MIKSES jrU XA SI'YHEY Inre ojvnM n Mil
liner nl M'wtiiainuking E-t t'ir-hnitit on
Wli rlinir Mret-t, nnr the corner of OlmnVnjq St.
They will la1 j-k'HSfil t R.-.-miimn'l'it" nil Mi 't tuny
CUll. .M"He ,H SX 1 tit 1
Valuable Farm for
rfHE smbwrl'ier riffers.it nriv.tt nnlo ono of th?
most liebiruM? firm in tde futiuty. onntninin .VJ
ru res of ex Mleiit I tni, ton nres ot " which are eov
ere. with the lmt tinilx-r. The furni i mtu;irel fn
the Newark ruti. th"e Mi le,) Nurth-r-i-t m !,, m -a.-ter.
Hie! h -m on it a eotnf irt i'e hv'-Um, h'tu, g.ud
b'irn. mi 1 neve-- I ng well pr nir
Kennim it-le time w h heaven on lei'..rre l pfiyinent.
F'tr further information nplv to the 8iilT.U-r, or
to Joseph M--klint living nowr the premise.
Lanenstor, O., Nur.lTG3-33 tf.
Mayor's Prurlainalion.
kinen-tpr. O., X v. 4, is a
rflHE qmlltifl Flovrrir nt the Se;-nn'l Witrl in the
1 city ot Lini-A$ter ure her-uy notified that uu Elec
tion m ill be ht-U in md ';ir 1,
On Tuesday, the FM day of Decern
her, lS;i:,
fnrne Trustee, tn fill t lie Vrtcanev 0'-e;iiMi'"l bv the
I re-:.--ti:.t .n nt N. Y'.'iiiL'. F.-(. The iK.1l t.. hi' h.-l'l :it
the i 'Jerk's n'li.e m s.tel .u-I. r.irl '.f..j-n'.i l-t-v-en
the lurtif s ol'ix an 1 -ievea in ilu: int)ru;n an 1 1 loscd
nt nix in theevenina.
titveii miller niy Irm I and t!ic eorjioratc peal
fcCAL.of tlr-cityof La;i raster, this itli day of No-
$10 Reward !
riinn sulisTiLrT list on t!;p '.'Mi inct., iii T.nnV:vsti-r
I or on tlii roid t.i tho Suniln t Chvn'h. :i wil l
rniitji iinr.' a i;m of mi'iii'v. tui'l t..' t with .1 I I
fitniu;: nKn, n piir ul silvor sjnvt:k-lfi, in At n i-!i.
Tiio alinvi. rovvaril t1I hnp-iid inr tlirt Mall -t nn unn-t.'i:t-i,
an I fine ! 'liar inr tlin sp.'i-t.i-l:'. uw i-i-i", l.y
li-avun: tlibiu ut :aiiiui.-1 Uecry'ii Orni-i-ry, ur with
.lollS" MAmiX.
A fiEXTLEM AN, cured of XtTvoua iVbility. In
compt tenoy, Preniaturo Docny, tind Youthful Error,
actiiittc'l by a rluairo to benefit others, .will ho happy
to furnish to all who need it (free of charge) tho recipe
and diroctioti3 for innking tho simple Itemed) n.ed in
his ease. Those wislffV' to profit by liis experiepee
and posscsp ft Valuable Remedy will rent ire the
same, by return null, f carefully sealed), hy addressing
jitiix n. odw:x,
No. CO Xussau Street, Xew York.
A t v irnd in cd. Try It.
Dr. Street's InfdliaMn Liniment iH prepared from
the reeipe of Dr. Stephen S'-ve-n, 'f rurnnvtivut, the
Hretithonn seMer. atid han leen used in hif prn 'ttee
Airthe laat tVM!ity yen rs with the ni'-t RstoniHhius
auei'os. a an exb'Vn.d remedy, it U without u rival,
nnd will -dlovinte ptiin tnnre speedly than nny other
prep iMti m. For nil Ithe'iiiutic and Nervnii nir-d'-rs
ii i-t tr ily inf.iMiblc, nn 1 as a ourattve for Sure-,
Wo'ind-1. Spren', Hrni-e, ,t., its softtlrn.it, healing
aii'l powerful -t ren? hen iniT pmpeitie, th iust won
der nnd iv-tonihuient of nil who Iwm ever ftvn ft a
trial. Ov-rone thousand certiflcatea of remarkable
eurei, performed by it within the Ust two yura, nttest
this raft.
.t. ReetiJvcrtifleinunt. . Iyl4
IOlToR ok r.:',KTT!:-7-T- 5t-: With ymir
cStifriivii'ii I wi-h to nv to the r.-ader of your
ivip'T tli'it 1 w II .i-'ii'l hv r" un nriiinii.ii n.i .n
it, iIVopI i lli'ijj, with ("nil ilin'i-ti-.n- fur nnkin
mid u-im ifiniple V.-J.'UMc Ilnlm thit w:ll !l til
ally riMnovi? in fn itivt, I'lmi.li", Hlotoh.s, Tin,
Kr'ookln-J. iiivHill lniitr.ti(".. "f (lif Skill, leaving 111."
lf .il, rli-iir, monlh nnd V.nttifiil.
1 -!ll ilw m-iil fn-r. to !. lmviilK 11 ild ITm. or
rtiro r:i""i, iin! diri'ctinm nnd mfornntion th:it
wdl o"ii,'l-1 thm to "tirt u fnll crowtli of Lnxiiriiuit
H it, Whik"r or M.mt u'li", in loan tlnn :i dnv.
Allnt,l'P1iinM'' inworo.l hy rclurn ituiil free ofehiirge.
lU-spiMtMlv VOUM.
TU')Jl.- P. rilAPMAN', Clwmlut,
No. 831 Broadway, tork.
April 23, 18--2in4
Public Sale.
fllHEnF.will b sold nt pnhlic vendue, nt tho ri.
1 dpni'n of Amos We.h. two inilea east of ltoynl
tnu, on the Lnn(inter road, on
F1UDA Y, November 20th, 1SG3,
nt o'clock, A. M the following property, to-wit :
2 Work Mares,
Ono Yearling Bull, 2 Milch Cows,
17 Head of Stock Hogs,
Two 2 Ili'iso tVnUOiis Oii4
of I he in iw,
fine Wheat Prill. One Wind-Mill. Plown. Hnrrow,
1 Cultivator, 1 Whoelhdrrow, 4 sell of limn, S pnirof
cheek linen, 1 mnn a i-anaie, 3 unuies, tnree unun
crndlen, forks and rakon,
on eooltinir Stove. 1 Parlor Stove nnd Pine. 1 clock.
8 pair of Bdtndn, 9 grain sucks, one wood sled, two
1 en to mention. Terms rande knoirti on nav or sale.
' Nov. i:-3T It' AMOS WELSH.
stacks oi uiy, an'i many onirr nraym
A. G M N C V
For Collecting Bounty Money,
r J1MR 7tvy ofT W. TAM.MAMJE CO.. for the
mill ( o-iii nu.-.i (t,r tin uud d,',.mi.K couiiuea, at tha
fjctU'iil A jnty OJJice of
ii. f. iiKiinnn,
C'.jmor T 3Uin f.ml Culuutbim Strtelf,
Prompt uttent on wit I virim to prepttrw Ul neiia
iiury jMjiwra for tlifcoil.ta. of
Kmintf .Ifonrjr
"J SoI Ilt" Ijt iv'limi of (tlblratinn of iervW. or
'!i-':h.ir;ri on '
"V "" w
oiu.t of wouti'l. rw-sie'l whit?
loua kutl lUin ut bol'iora
All '! 1 l.j to nil -ol lion 'IV.i.lsJ iu MrtiM, f.
Wi'loAi, OroruiH. ur WmIovtcI Mit.i tt! dMUJ
soUiltk. Our i-'jil.foa for i:oll..t.iig
Are tiot
rp-wv-I by
v.y. Our xfrn'j hft
n tUiS ciruirliiK-nt. All
JJ'Teii tin yrt- fuvftut-.g-
io (rive i.Unm nvnijit liif (idveniroerit wJl do uuli
ut cuiutult u .ther hi prju ur by Ivtur.
ieiar oi
It'it tnalie Tnirnpr'l'rfit:on nt otye K ealbnff at the
Cwmer of Main and OAumbi streets.
ICfarf rfncr.
Veord:iI!rre-otiitrin I T. W. TAI.I.MALE, an
h niii ent r"ly worthy of :,nl leni-o, nnd one who
, hone-itly i-..rry out w hter h prfipot-i m do.
V. S. It w-niii, Mm or fioneml I'H, A.
C, P. Uu kitiy!i !it. Ad.t,t:wito te.-ral T. S. A.
(i. 11. Wrti'ht. i i .rv-rfii.taler O-nomluf Ohiv,
C I-l'Uio, Co;jirii.'my
E-'iovenor I'eim "n.
Wt alffi ref.-r to th- follow in? ofSuvrt in Mrrio.
Mi ut jfnril W. T. h'-r:n m.
Hn td erii rit-ral H. Ii. K vne.
C'd mfl John M. rouiitdl, IT'h Rerlmtnt 0. V. I.
F. li. Pond.
" V.. . pipper,
Li'f :t. Col inel -w ivtie,
' ' V. rnpti.
Major .1;ilt..&ulT-rit
" E. P. Jv l;-on
" If. H.fiie.y,
j-'th "
4:V1 '
Nt H- O. V. r.arArr.
Nt Mi-ipumnt ). V. S.
ftth " "
4-;th "
Y,Q Tt-l T V f!ie f- II er-nST '
t:-n of iJkn'wt?, fh'o:
Hon. Thomn Kwin'i. Hon. P. H. Ewiti2. Mpiri Ili,n.
ter A IoiL'lirtv. .Mm I). M-irtin. John P. mare.
Charh-H F ii,(w'hr, Me-rn. ItoUr, Uutl & Co., Lt.
WftfenhtK P'Miioh ui:r"on.
Laae.ijter, Atiuit f, H- 21 tf
HAVING mt rtftmci from the E-t. whore he
ha4 ptiroluutfd the Urgii anJ luot coiitleUtu
sortmcnt of
Confuting in part of
All veil made and of the Latest ftuhion.
It is well understood tint he always keep bKt
assortment of
Fine Shirts, Xeck Ties, Collars, Socks.
Trunks, Hats, Umbrellas.
In fact, oven-thing for everybody! And keep it iu
your minu mat a. Aiirou
Three Doortt C11M ol ilie Hocking
Valley Itiink,
Sells eheaper than any similar establishment in I.an
eter: call often an I"earl5 . ANo l-'tit Ije known tiiat
nowith tnne for tlion who wish tnlaiya fineuud
ond Wutoh, aaA. Aar jn ha jutt received a large sup
ply of
S:ciss, English, and the lest American
Levers, in Gold and Silver
HevulTrrs Mid cartridges of nil kind, of the Ulesl
pattern. Fruit P-.tkt. Cutors, Silver at: I Plated.
Ta'.'h- and Teaip.mus, Pocket-knives. Jlc. .
Cl..i li of ell kind. 8 day nnd 20 hours, in far. -y
at. I j l iin trinie; A'.eordenn.i, Vir. ill. .Tewelry. tin.'
'i'l.'.l ati'l "II oftlio I it t -ty!..., iii'-l'i'linif llr'-i -tp n.
rCirnr.ir-, K.n'r riir-. I.w:iit.i.:ld penwtth silver
11 il irs. ii-. 11 and s Iver pe ti- le, for nil aces ;
dji.iViridioit ornenr sitthte I i,ernns. Pocket bouks,
Card i-.asfs, and V.tioni "fall kinds.
Coin.-, our and all and -ee for yourselves.
PdF Don't fvriut the place nt n old
S' ind, three do vs eit of the Hocking
VnUcif n,iA: S'jn of the Rig W.i'ch.
Lutii'ii.-ter, Sept. 17. A. AAUON.
.(.iitmial tatorH tOilrc.
'Y HTIE '9 Iitv y'ron, tht t'.e undei'iipied hiavo
tro n .'.ppo.uted mid o,tutlineU am Admuiihtr-t'-i. of
tlie Kit ito of An-Irrw shvnVr, de-icised. All prrom
havinn cl-iim us tin-it fftid estftto will prtfseiit thern
'evilly fmthcnt::ntf.l, with;n one year, and Ul who
nrc m JyLtn'i, will nuke .n.u.ed'Me lw.vmer.t.
Oct. 13--23 3w AM'KCW blLEFFER.
Recruits "Wanted!
TAM lioro to re. ru't for tin lTlh Ohio, Our ranks
liiiv.-liroti thinned by aicknom and hattlc. and we
uunt to till th-Mii up.
OPPICK-In Clarke & Fillter's Law
(kt 12, lflM-CStf Cnlt. Co. B, 17th O. V. I.
LANTASTEn T.Opnn.No. S7 Noromher M. 1'
ciiai'11-;k, Xo. n :6
G. STEIXMA.N, Recorder.
Lancaster, July 0, lsS3 15
ff"ori.r rospectf illy Inform hia eld en-romer
f tli.it he hi ail tin opened up shop ill tlie n-om
o.'CUp.e i ov .1. nrenneiimn. noxi ooor io me
Titlinndir" Hue. I will cite niy wtu-le au
AaiStontion to the rc ratlin a f W'-urhex, n-icka nnd
lowrhy. (iiTp inc a can, ono ana nil. work wur.
muted. L. C. BU'l'CH.
Liicaftor, Apr5 1 30, 1o 6tf
DFtrATc. BAUi.6w
8t-ll coiilinuees the I'raotice of Modicine on tho
and will fit'Tirt to the duties of his profession both in
city and the country.
n-e l li:i:.-. North u'ot earner ol
Rrnud mid Wlircllng Strcels.
Lnnn-ter, April J, 1WS3. l'tf
JSLCscX Motloo.
TTirEis hereby given to nil whom it mav eon
1 I'orn, Hint :it the next session of the Oimniijsion
rs of Riirfii'l-i I'ounty, to lie held in December next,
thore will l presente-ln petition pniyini; for the estnh
lihment ot the followinir desi-rilie.l .ounty roail, to
wit : uoininencing nt or neiu- the old Tavern stand, for
merly owned nnd kept by John Swnver. dec'il on the
il l Chillinmhe mini; thence north ue wst tn the
Mndisnn snd HockiiiK township line; thence nlonp seid
township line and the line of the old rond to the hnlf
lectionline; thenue along the hslf section line and the
lineo'the old road to the Amanda road, and thereto
Oct. 24, 18C3. 6w MAST PETITIONERS, !
Eatate of Itfoaea Thompsoii, deo'd.
TOTICEis hereby given, thst trie undersigned has
been appointed and qualified as administrator
with the will uiinexed, of the estate ef Moses Thomp
son, lale of saideounty, deceased.
Persona indebted to said estate are required to
mnke immediftie pnymenli and those having churns
igainst said estate to nfesent them, properly verified.
Admr. with the will annexed
M'llerf port, Oct. .8 31 3r oVMee Tlimnpsou.
. FOR THE . . :f
Koehlcr & Mayer,
WILL continue doing Imsiness at C. KCFJILf U'a
old eund. three doors West of the Houklug
Valley Dunk, Lnnouter, Oliio. ., , ..
C. KIGIILER V. M ATI-II, would rhspeet'
fidly inform tlie puMic that thy have euUrxl inht
partnerslnp in the above ruinlnew. and that C. Kwliler
has ju.l rHtunwd Troin the Gitst. and thnt he aatwUhl
in prson a large and suporlor stock of eustora mad '
work, consisting of ' ...
Wnble.Moi Ladies' Callcra
Als. vii,es'and Chlldranaf "
AlenU U'l.r.Hiyisttear,
Vanih'a Wtar,
We warrant our work agsjnat rppiiwt W are pt'
pared on the shortest mrt-ee to fill all ortlers for homa
made work, from the finest Ho-H to trie roanest Brtr
X an. We keep the lust atomic, the best work mew. aad
H-t up work in tlie liest stylo. Our Htovk cannot 1st
uriMusod fur durability, neatness rmonwbW ansa.
W -slo koenennstioitlron hand an aaaortment of
l- itSol and liiper leather amlbhomakur'a
Finding KfEMI.ER Mil'lCB.
LajKMter, OUo, September , fcaf
, 1
Notice lo Drafted Men.
TTpiT,qi(4or rut lrn Co. mT I
:U htoAh, Ohirt, Julj 12th, lws;
I.UAGItAWI U (A Circular Vo. Mfromthcafli'
of lit' l'r-v.)t( M'.rshal jttmTU it. to flr m&iifli .
:ih f r''uir"-v9iy artvni mini e.aiinini;iJii,mpoti,
)' r:,id-.jM of r.nriiij; frtud in Hum oi Three huiiurcw
li'II'irn ia'.M;i, urii.;.- KfNjtion 13 of 'The;t ivr vri-
!"!.it..r fvr.d fuii'iiif oiit thf- nitior.r.1 fope nnd for
o"i-r piirp'-f.i,'! ar.pmvfl March lHti. to prcuumt
pf'f'M'ATt: KECiMPT.-j frnin the receiter of coin
mutttun morii'V. f.r tiuch nmount, U ttt Bor of
KitroHmntrtf h i f.itn-t, tn nritr t rHC'tJiTctf Itww
Tho r.ii,iri.a.oT,.r of IutninJ Kernu tn b
Tn.-.-iH-irv. la rwrfiyn frorn flrnftd trnj. wlui tlf-
iirf it frtr th' purpose of pxirijrtion from theJrmft,
thT?non-T atw.Ve f-f-rifi;d. On receipt of thurn,
hh CMl-t.-Uir of liitni:U IVix-mif) it hat I ri Xhm
Urt-' f-r-Mrt, paying il uUPIJCATF. RKCEIPT?.
Both -n :! f 1if rwit hl tydHiTrtHl to the
li'nrl of Enrollment nu or before the dv the dmftM
prnfn i rwiniril to report for duty, one copy to is
rftmncdhr thenAt'J Hoard ;!ind whvnoMtTreaUtl
m4i IVritr l the di iiflMl pTtKin fh.ill he furnished hy
the RnrH. tv-h af rtfl'tt of Memption dineliatncinrf
him from further liability undor tho dnift, hy remsou
of luring ptud tlie turn nf throe hundred dollars M
forMftid. W. ROBV,
Protoit MrtTiluil fljj'l Premdem of the
Board nf Eurollujctnt.
F. W. LEWIS. M.D.,
rnrsia.ix jsd surobox. f
Uu permftTientlr locate? I in the eity of LnrBiUr.
OKFK'F, AND i.EJTDEX''E Turner of Broadwwf
ind Wlif'Miiiff. .n the h''tf r.rinerly rtt.'CiipiwI hf
r. VuetilirN, when- ivll -rornud iUy or aight,
unle atfUifit uv profi"-'onl huiibea.
lUferen' fir. ?errU-r.
Luuuutcr, April 11. 111, if
I lkaiiiit Tou itftliip Seni.n try.
rfIIE it-iore fitninarr, united irith the Hygienie
L'liome ;ur. is mn Institution of iHcurnmij thai
prfi''!it-to nil, b'tt nii-rc ciiul'r to I nv.'du hi, lh
opp.rt unity or uvuriiiicT a tliorouafh Education, and
f iniirovinstheir ihviic :l powers at the fame time,
ni'l f'rle- li.m.er than treatment alone would coal
thorn st any other Water Can.
For ye.tni'jutAr. aendfor t oirr-'Ular. nnd remember
th.i the next Annual Tenn ff the Ploaannt towaihip
-Hiu.iurv v, iil ijommenee on MOMAY. MARCH tho
V i, A. f. Irtt, au 1 .'on4iat of W wek4, Oj tided int
Three fViufonit. as fillown:
Smn::-er bunion from Mar-h the30thto June iMk
leW. Tvrclre weeks tuiti-tn Vatation 10 weekt.
Fall Heiun. frofn Aufriuu lit to November theOth
1UC3. Twelve (reek tuition . NoTacation.
W;ner Seeaion. fftm ovcm'fer 23d, 1863 to Varan
12th W4. S xu-en week tntbon $.
Tuition rnuit te pid in ndran'.-e, or secured by note,
ind no rediu'iion will be made? nn arcount of aba'enee.
iTfBojdaMin, f.-n-iHting of tnn'ejna food, frail,
ind r.retaMe&, will he furnished hy the Principaia at
$J OT w-o;.
""rl h'.renl-np:ir heda R.inoand eerured tho
.ervic" of Profear, rnxiiDrm to (fite instrwtio
m the Pmno. and other inetrnment of rrmato, on reav
-onaHe terms. )r. .If.EPH FEE MAN. pripriikA
nnd 4 A If AM FRBBD, Aaiwla-lb
Fetnury xllya!
Recruits Wanted!
4611. O. V. I.
FI1HIS Ue,nment fa eornpoeed rln
cipalU ofiin'Q from Ftirfleld and
Franklin Vmintiea, and the nien re
armed with the Hpenoer Rifle eeie
imnriTe thi last opportunity and
ejkie the druaX.
A Bounty of $302
aill be mid for new fwriitx. and MM forthow who
hsve st-rved uine moutlu, which drfted men trill nol
OFFICE Comer of Mala 81. and Paax
lie Vqnar) IsecouU DourTroiu thcCeracr,
Lieut. CHA3. H. RICK.
Kecruitina o(8ear.
I.sn-wicf. Oct '12, 15S.-tf
Cini'luiia'.l M llnilngion ZanesvUle
- fff an; u. i-; -J om.
1141 1- ROAD
Co.-niiienoinj 5lonJr.y. A Pl i4th, ItCS, Train wWi
raw as fcllcws :
t.ive Ltock, Fr, Ae. No. 1 Paa.
f.MVe C ncinnoli H.' P.M. T.no A M,
Murrow - MS " Mi
" W.lmihiton H-.JS ' .M M
Wuslui.gii n.l2,15l'.M. 12,30 A.M. lO.afl .
" fm-lev.lle ;i,i.-i I'. M. 3.10 11.M "
" I. mcnMter 7.i) " r.,KI " P.K.
" N.I'Xiiijt'.iiM.iJO " 7.4S i,ta
Arrive ntZ.ine.ullel I " lu.uO " t. "
No. 2, PASSisiiaa AccoavoBtTioa
Ii'sve Xinesville
" N. I.vinzton. ..
' LAN'i:aTEK...
" Wsshinrftnii
" WIlniinjiTiin
Arrives at Morrow
" Cincinnnti
A. M.
1.19 P. M.
S,4 -
tsn "
12,30 A.M.
4 ,90 .
.... 9.'
... .PMiS
.... 1,10
nt Z;iiiesville with Central Ohio tralna fur all peiuM
We.twnrd Tr.iin ennneel as follows: At Memar
with Little Minml T'.iin for ell points South and Wees,
nnd nl-o with I. tile Mimi Train for East and North. .
Freight sil l A vniin,i.lntinn train leaving LanoaaV
ti'r:it "i.4'i A. M.. Uink." eloie eanaeutiona ailhCaae
tnil i h:o "Vinin for (Vlunihns,
Diiilyline of '.inches eonnectln with raensr
tntin' are ruu fl..m t'irclevillc, th llicotlie and Co
tli..sIieelHl errsnemenH are mede fop Arrylne
Live ibV-a t-j the F-intern Markets hv the Baltimore
Knstwnrd D.isseneis trains make elnsii ennnectlona
t nnd P'niiJylv.mfft llnilroads at as low rates as are at
ierd '.V my "tier im.
Vtr thmush En"t ot West, ir for fQrthar In.
f-'rinstinn n to Frelrt'it H 'tes or shipments please ap
.iy toJuHN C, C v-KIil.. ntt-nt at Lsneiwter.
W. W. CVrtn. t Siip-t,Ziiiesvill, O,
Feb- l'J'OU 4--tf.
a house and lot
for. Sale.
I offer my House and Lot hr sale, nn Walnut street
f opposite the residence of J. A. Ream. Eaq. Thia
ptrniertv ie eonvenlvntiy located for persons doing
t... . ! i ... k d..ImLj i ii
sold vcrv low. uEOKUE 6MIT11.
Boarders Wanted.
R9 E. C. MeCAOKEN can aeeemidl thre
or four boardore; corner of Whfen street an4
road Alley.
(Vtlilk iMIw
The RAILROAD HOUSE, fermerty kept by Trips
A Gitrthwaite, corner of Celumbua and Railroad
Streets, opposite PraU'a Tanyard, is offered for rent.
The house is well aditpted for a hotel or board of
house, with good atablina and other coavaaieiieem
Possession given immediately
OcU5-2U-Ow. . JOAN L
Gnesta will receive' every attention. Bills raaadMUia!
Lanaitr, Ohio, Mar t -MeWW

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