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Sip Jraster '
O F 1' I O K
TallmaaRe Bluok, Third Story To tlie
Left at the Head of Stain.
the nEtiEU" rnocKSMOJi. I trTho New York Timet
Wo aro glnd to loarn that tho far- course of a lengthcnc-l review, Hays
mere of 'this township aro mukius
prqmrutioim to ri'Hjioml to tho cull for
a grand wood uud provision pfm
won, to c-oiiio off next Tuc.'-day,
Pi-ch!. lent Lincoln delivers liiiusclf,
in this down no i it, with nil lii clitiriuj-
tiu 1 Urrislie clearness and Bimplieity. The
rlieiorieal uijiiriHiiiniio aiiUrieiuiiiKiiiai
2'Jth inst. Every farmer who can ,,,,.1, witlfwhich the later Jre
bringn bushel of potatoes, it Back of iMiont were aceusloined U xtulf out
in tho1 i.a5cateii markkt.
i orr. cM Wiel.ly by II. Onlnlpin, Ciljr .Jrocor
wi.Mit l toifil 03 rmii.( ! , ,
Kl..nr- t; i.. Hi.r v:!i
Hy I 4V1 30
Oiit4- 4li l-Ah! Wil-ke -I UWrl 50
lljov I V, H.iit a ;5 i r l.ol
I (,n,-'-'..iV-. i'tltter-ln & liOu
("lover Mee'la 00 Kic; 1'
h it -. -l I int. I I'. .'irl 1'.
lu1mUn ),, I .,- 'I ..U.rW-., .,:.
J'l-iitli.TH U',bt , J'n'l Apil. s 1 11 per
Thursday, December 24, 1SG3.
THB Union-It mint, and liall ' prenervedl"
Atiir Jaekion.
i. LIBERTY rod Union now and forever, one
and Inieparalile.! Daniel Webster.
IF I m asked when I m for ft dissolution nf the.
Onion, I answer, Never! Noverir--;."..'.., C:.
IT it question of government or no Rovrrn
mnnt, country or no country."-? A. Vtmjlae
l&JSoo advertisement of Eeal Es
tate for salo by John T. Brasco.
- New Year'a Addren.
6ur carrier will be on hand on New
Year's morning with tho usual Xew
Year's Address.' Save a quarter for
ICE. .
' Wonotieo that some of our citizens
arolaking- advantage of tho present
" frecie," to fill their ico houses.
Inw Card.
We invito' tho attention of our read
ers to the law curd of Jons G akaoiitv,
Esq. Mr. Gar acuity has recently re
turned from tho West, and opened an
office in this city, whero ho will attend
to any legal business entrusted to his
The Entertainment t th)t City Hall.
' Tho entertainment given at tho
City Hall on hist Saturday evening
by tho pupils of Miss Socket's school,
was in every way a Uocidoa success
The proceeds, amounting to some 00,
wero largo, considering tho jprivc of
admission, which was only 15 cents
for children of all ages. Considering
tho short time allowed for preparation ,
tho success of tho exhibition was ro
inarkablp.'tho entertainment being the
best 'of the' kiivd wo havo yet Seen in
the city. ' Among tho tableaux, "Ma
ry, Queen of Scotts, the night before
ior':. execution," and "At tlioExccit
tion," " Morning in tho South," and
"Evening in tho North," wero the
lbost, and drow from the audience the
mostomphatie expressions of approba
tion. The "Marriage of Tom Thumb,"
was what tho ladies would call "cute,''
Tind delighted everybody. Tho decla
mations by several of the young men,
were excellently dono.
Tho excellent music from Mr.
Schneider's orcbestra, which was fur
nished gratis, added greatly to the
spirit and plcasuro of tho entertain
ment. Several pieces were also vol
unteered, before tho opening, by tins
city brass band.
The exhibition deserves a more ex
tended notice, because of tho plcasuro
kind' encouragement it gives to the
childron, the gratification it affords to
parents, and, abovo nil, because of the
worthy object for which it was given.
It adds somo S00 to tho poor land of
tho city, and wo believe tlto public
-Would like to sco it repeated. The
prico of admission might bo increased
without "injuring tho cause."
Tlie City Hall.
Thcro is ono dangerous feature in
tho government of the city of Lancas
ter.. Wo havo a legislative depart
ment;" but. tho executive and judicial
departments are combined. They
ehonld bo separated, and a special judi
ciary crcatod to expound tho enact
ments of ' the. City Council. Wo need
iut now a decision, umler tl.o ordi-
naiieo of tho City Council providing
for tho Jotting' of tho City.llall, which
shall determine what cl:ts3 of enter
tainments rire political and what aro
.not. '' '
' -"Tho. Mayor, of Lancaster rcfusod a
few wockij sinco- to givo tho City Kail
for tho purposo of holding a meeting
fbrthn benefit of tho.soldiers' families
and the Ipoo 'of the city. I This was
dono on tho ground that the ladies of
tho S6"ld'iera! Aid" Society had before
9ee,u.pioil ll Wall, and tho ; sjieaker
bad giyojv to tho ineeUng a political
character. .,
ThaMayor also refused to allow the-
childron of.tho High School to occupy
tho Hall on last Saturday evening,
until cyorything of a political character
should be strickch from thccntcrtiiin
mcnt. This1 rule would exclude all
.theatres : which enact patriotic plays,
and all concerts which sing tho " Suir
Spangled. Ua'nncr."
AGrand Dinner will bo given to the!
mombors of tho Relief Procession of
.Hocking township, at tho Tallmadgo
Houso, on Tuesday, tho 29th inst. .
Tho rroccssion will bo met by tho
City Relief Committee, on tho pike
tet;f.(fryn, and escorted to tho city.
Vriacs of deposit for whatever may
ucruglit.wiU U indicated by tho
"Lot all who buio.'couio in tho Tro-
SP';1 ' ;,: '; ! COMMITTEE. :
Lancaster Dec. 24, 1SG3...
"yfliidlKi John W. Okily, of tho
MjjrjropistrlctV. and a Democrat,, has
tdoaXhatfthe Soldiers-Voting Law is
constitttionaL .
flour, or a load of wood, should bo
ready on Tuesday morning to join in
this goncrous and patriotic movement
for the relief of tho soldiers familicsar.d
tho poor of tho township. The most
remarkable success and enthusiasm
have attended theso demonstrations in
other counties, and our own farmers
will not allow themselves to be out
done in an effort at onco so beneficent
and patriotic. Wo havo assurances
from tho army that thcro is nothing
which so nerves tho arm and gladdens
tho heart of tho soldier, as the knowl
cd"o that thoso -for whom ho is fight
ing aro caring for tho wants of his
Arrangements will bo made by tho
citizens of Lancaster to receivo and en
tcrtain thoso who composo tho proccs
The largest "demonstration of the
kind of which wo have read, was that
made by tho"' farmers of Franklin
county on last Saturday. A proces
sion of 3:U wagons, bringing over p()U
eorils of wood, .and bushels of prois
ions, poured into Columbus. We clif
tho following relating to the proccs
sion from tho correspondence of the
Cincinnati Commercial
On yesterday morning at an early
hour, every roa'd loading into Colum
bus was crowdod with wacons of all
kinds to tho number of 33-1, filled with
good, dry, excellent wood, bushels on
bushels of potatoes, wneat, corn, inn.
tor. flour. &c. Tho committee np
pointed to receive them were perfectly
surprised at the magnitude oi me ai
fair. They attempted to form a pro
cession which should occupy a certain
number of streets, but it was impossi
ble to do so. For two hours the
Ktroain flowed incessantly into the city
until over fivo hundred cords of wood
vero deposited along the sidewalks, in
the State House yard,-in open lots,
and wherever tho wagous could be
edged in and unloaded.
Kunou. An error occurred in the
list of managers of the procession pub
linhed in our last issue. Tho name
George Koons, should have been Geonji
their State papers of this class, havo
no place hero. It is tho shortest Mes
sage wo have had for a generation ; and
yet, this year has been tho most event
i i 'im.....
Wku.nksday, Dec. 23.
CATTLE The receipts havo been
'quite large, footing up 3,.V)() for the
$302 to all New Re-
emits. 5' -;
Mrnf. WIDEffm,
Ii rtlililiil n ruTiiil'M a
Ifi"fi'rtu vinhihn t VMi tlie 'r f:, J,i
A BOUNTY OF 8::f'-2 will bo paid
f.irnll w rvcrtiit "'l f"t vVrau., Swell
draft-J ; vv ill n it .:---. .
L.i ut S. T. WI'H'.NKII.
IKK 10 37 - lUoui'i'i Oiwi-r.
ii'ul since tlieioverninenthegan. There ; week; domaiul active and full prices n. who. i.-.,r i-nii.; rf,.."i n.-ir fr...i..i w
, . . , , , i i i. tt', t e fjirtM-M o;!it:c-r,.ili'.iUl'l cull onliiiu uli'l vol luteer ut
never has been a iiiousamHu pari sd iiuh itn ram i. muiiuiu iuiw-
inuch to spend words uiion, an-1 yet ir ai tzr: zr.r, common at ViMtyi 7S;
there has never been ho littlo indul- good, S3 a0(j3 id; prime to ch'jico.ijt
gcuce in words. Abraham Lincoln is 'to? 1 50.
ono of tho few men who believe that SHE HI' In good demand at 81 50
ords stand for things: ho cconoitiiAB to 5.) .. per cental gross. H;;voral lots
iom accordingly. ff extra fat sold nt l(t 2j per cental
The lirocess ol reconstruction,-as the ! gross.
'resident puts it, is simple and yet per- JlOCi.S Receipts arc about 27,000
ectly ell'ectivo. The iwtive to reas- head. Demand good and prices ud-
sumo loyal obligations is secured by vanced to 15 to 20c, hut at the close a
Sk.win-o Maciiixks! Sewixo Ma-
ciiixks. Now is tho time to make
Christinas and New Year's gifts.
Just received a lot of Wheeler
Wilson's, and Grovcr & Laker Jl
AH 1
WOOD.Wo wnnt somo wootl on
Tll-tnl Reporti) from Richmond.
CrM'Ki'i'.it CoriiT-llorsK, Viruini
December HI. Almost simultaneously
with the recent raid by Colonel Jones
through our lines, near Fairfax Sta
tion, an attack was mado on the pick
et lines of tho 1st Cavalry Division in
front of this place One of our pick
ets were gobbled and their raid ended.
J'ecent rains have made tho roads al
most impassiblo, especially for artille
ry. Citizens here tell us we are soon
to evacuate their town, but no designs
of such movements are apparent.
Credible witnesses, just from Eich
moinl, stato that our prisoners there
are better fed than their own people,
and much better than they would be
Wero it not that the desperate straits of
tho citizens of tho Cftntedercy must be
kept from our knowledge. Fresh beef
is now S-l ner l.ound' and fresh bread
S3 50 per loaf, such as formerly cost
onlv 5 cents. The conseiiuence is that
thousands must starve or go into the
army and divide their rations with
their families. It has been determin
ed by the rebels to conscript every man
between the ages of fifteen and iit'iy
livo, inclusive, for ono last desperate
and decisive effort in favor of the Con
federacy. The attempt-will probably
be made upon Washington or some por
tion (d tho North, in this conscrip
tion, both negroes and whiles are to he
included,' anil uiey mo iu uu
thrown Into fhesame ranks together,
With this immense mongrel army;
Jell' Davis means to precipale himself
on Washington. Pennsylvania, or Ohio
perhaps ail inree. oniniauuiiig in
person, hOwill endeavor to Mimuiaie
the passions of these- hordes by the
most extravagant stories of fancied
wrongs Biitferedit' our hands, by the
Southern people, and by most fabulous
promises of .plunder, to bo "obtained
through tho victories which shall bo
gained in Northern towns and cities.
Caaea of Hopeful Convention.
A day ( or two after the election- a
leading copperhead in Brooklyn was
accosted hy a strong Union man with
tho lnnuirv what ho thought of tho re
sult. The reply ran somewhat in this
fashion: "Sir.Imre tern opposed to
tho Administration, but this verdict
of the people of (he Istffteotew York,
livmroviii!' so unmistakably tho course
of the Government, convinces mo that
opposition is hopeless; I bow to the
will of tho majority."
Another case of similar character in
renorted. . A merchant, who is said to
havo made large sums of money by the
Matamoras trade, was . so astonished
by tho returns on Wednesday, that he
rank V avoweuio a ineim uiiiu iu vus
just possible that ho had mado some
.:I!i.,i.-.,a "T),i vmi know." observed
III iDKllV". J '
this honest mnn, "that I goncrally
think I am right in all that I do; but
somehow I begin to fear that I havo
been in error ? Tho Government, af
ter all, has donoprettyi well, and the
nnonlo seem to like it." ' : ' '
t Moro important than cither of these
is the caso or an eminent lawyer or
this city, "Atho -went tfc Washington
strongly and almost bittorly "conser
vative," but who Was so impressed by
tho honesty ntid ability of Mr. Lincoln
that he ndw oponly proclaims his sup
port of tho Administration. New
Yofk Evening Post.
making it tho only means of escaping
onfiscation oi properly and other pen
alties of treason. The ad is secured
with tho very highest sanction possi
ble, by making it rest on a most em
phatic and solemn oath. The efferf is
secured by enabling those who thus
oiniily to revive and carry on the
State -Government, just as soon as they
comprise a certain definite portion of
the whole number of the voting popu
lation before tho rebellion, lhoso who
aro for the Emancipation Proclamation
aro satisfied by the President's declared
determination to maintain it until pro
nounced null by tho highest judicial
uUhonty ol trio laud : while those who
have opposed it as an unconstitutional
assumption of power cannot complain,
for they have it in their power to test
tho unconstitutionality by an appeal
it any time to that Court for a decision.
Corlain categories of peculiar dye aro
exempted from the benefit of the oath,
winch, of course, will meet tho appro
bation of every loyal man. Other
miner provisions are made, to complete
the equity and. efficiency of tho plan.
e believe that the closer it is exam
ined,' tho more it will bo discovered to
b6.,coiui)letely adapted to the great end
dofiircu. Tlie public mind, after Hue
reflection, wo havo not a doubt, will
accept it as another signal illustration
of the practical wisdom of the Presi
The regular Annual Convention of
the Ohio Sorgo Association will beheld
in Columbus, on Tuesday, January 5th.
ls()4. The Board appointed at toe last
Convention will, in accordance with
instructions, report a plan lor a per
manent Stalo organization, lhe at
tendance of all interested in the North
ern Cane and Beet Sugar enterprise, is
earnestly dosircd.
Tho members of the Board aro re
quested to meet at tho Neil House, in
Columbus, on Monday evening, Janua
ary 4th.
President of the Board.
John L. Gill, Jr., Secretary.
Papers through the State.friend
ly to the cause, will please copy this
portion of this was lost, and the mar
ket closed flat at 87 50 lor 2001b aver
IV'cvv York Market.
Ntw YoitK, Dec. 22.
FLOUR Shipping grades in better
request. ' State is quoted at 5(3100
higher. Sales at Sli 0(G 80 for ex
tra State; hi G0(J.7 70 for extra round
hoop Ohio; 7 75038 50 for trade
minds, closing firm.
WHISKY Steady at 91G03c for
Stato and Western.
WHEAT Heavy with a moderate
demand. Sales at $1 10(1 50 for
Chicago spring; 81 -12 for old; 51 43(5,
1 ;1 for .Milwaukee Club.
COPiN Heavy and declining.
Sales at 81 28(1 20 for shipping
mixed Western in store, and ol 31
OATS Quiet and a shade firmer at
03g 91c for Western.
A gov) ch ime to IToM Mng
for Hi' !"h lt'i'iiM-ut ). V. 1., iM'f'iy
jriutiti' nil :ofj;i'rij:'l, that hu liu
il.nel ft "
In InnrAiier, on Mnln St ,
nrar Hie flocking VulUy
Bank, wIhto In- mil uicirrully icceno iJI iuy
ilesire Ui eulial
A Bounty of $302
Will Lc paiil t' i'l ))" twnit, hti'I
$75 fiflw! as Hfmn nn ii)MtTvt into ervkc ut CjI'Iih
bUH. tor iu lorn iatiuri..Mll ft! Un-ttt-.
Lut. K. K. MKH.
Liiiu-astf-r, Dec. 10, 1W3 . K'-'.ru.t:iJ ' Sir r.
II lititloiiL; (wen tlie aim of pTiiNiciam
' '-
Eeoruits W anted
OOlli Regiment (J. V I.
Sergeant JOHN D. KICELT,
AVINOhccn ilftnllp'I to r-niit fur
T 1
I I thc'JMli It.'iniflit.ll. V. 1 ha .tal-
lishfl a recruiting oflicc lit
iVrxoim wishing t nvoifi tv 'intft aw swur lh'
?mntv utV'rvtl in vulimtwr, mid who ltnir' l -nli-t
HiiKihi-'tlM'ir fticniN uii'lvr oV'ivrm (rntu thin county,
kIkiuI'1 eII m lum ami vnlutitcer ;it imht.
iiitlu1 reiiiHito Uiiiiii:itin(r hii'1 tonic
I'liijtci tii'.H in rU;ivr una nine Hit' fom
tihiu I'omjtliimts of l'.iliounrsH, Livor
li-onl'Tf", I-nii'iior, Hoiulrvhe, Low
ncM of Spitiir. Itidiii'Uon, .Iflunli;f,
kKfx I'VviTJiii 1 A "!(, whk-li nn the 'lis-
hCvz C"11" ""'''i'l,t to lllilJ "-'liliiatf. Tli
'O J ''IlK-'IY III" 'Jf'MI Uii'oVcrci ' iv. IT. no.
?ffjyt l.:i'k. limi in thoii-iiii-ls of i:af tlm
u.J inprit- oflii liitrcr- liavo 1 t't'd
fvJ in flu nl u it coiiii'l. lints, uml thferc irt
YA A l.uf run uii-c from tin prviiiW. aii-i tlint A Mntitv nf $30 . ir i.-ii.l for tvr n-cruit-. nn-l
I. W ...-.-. . . . ...... ... , ........
drafted nn;n will tiutrK-civo.
K-i-t John I. NHr.I.Y,
Doc. 10 37,. . . Hw;ruuiu Mifi;-r.
in in liivor oi ttn-si' tru v woinUMu Hit
ten. V.'tMidvi.'-t' r.l I who an- jiiViiftVd and lu-f l nil
iLTft-jihlo tonif forth' troubbiuihov indicated. to
ti coiiinn'ii"e at oii'ju u.-'iiij tittle. Hit t era. fevtj Ad-
Attorney at Law.
OFFICE Tiillniiiiljjr V.Ms, fccoml floor, nvor
P. lli-inx'd t"rc.
All liiihii.ii onlni-tul to liim will te proinpllj' at-
ffMl.ll-ll tO.
Liuutcr, Dpi-. II, 181.1 Ml It
10th Ohio Cavalry!
twtfc tOA. V.v'.MvVV vtVv,
c?. v W ivX. a t
" Fci'er an 5 jlyz,
Liver Comrjlaint,
Kidney Ccmf laihte,
.cv vvvvc.
tov-tvVA voo cvs,
vvA've.v tvts. W.tv
n A VIKO removed hl Rnok Htore from tlx old
tftnd, to tlie room One lionr huinnilleirly
r.n-i ul Joim i:. hnisth Ciinrrclunipry . wotita ne
Ifleenen toKpe all hi. nhl ru.lemfm. eud e tueny
new uautet mny f. or Hi in Willi call.
LITERATURE of all kindu,
Mnreiter. Mj 7,1DC3 tf
rfflir -"iiWrilcT Invimr lati ly n:a Io Intffo uddittotM
J to hiM't-riiU'r.Stwtk u(
An ivi)ttith-t;inUnT prifrf h"vo (iflvmn-H, ho will
" M hi't'iv .irii' h - -i- l-.w dm ttnv fan U. oUiiim'd in th
K -t.-rn I'm. tmv nwutved lor th year lathi, hi
-t II n. i ul" nt .-rwiiJ yrvlH.
To '.'M wi-U imUniisr in t!i irnrdwnr liim;
th.- w ill tui'l on Im'i'l :i i.-r-'" rit'k, lioin whifh Ut
iidi f-.-ifi-ii' ii.i-ii! I thitik I rviri pU Nf, iHith in ttlfl
!'i -.tifViTli'l nTi.'f-. I IitVf t" 'ii-r in pnt:
M tin'". ilii's N--wT!ijvr luul .(inttt V AX ICS.
Mill, yiC.it. J! I'M. .'iiinf.l .md Vo.l ;
' U- ;n cvitv , ari'tv :
Vh-t'.i. I I:.rk .'...J..r. TM, Hif-tATiH TWj
Kniv-m. Fcr'l;-. mi I V--kft ICrn , n' j-attnit;
:;irp-htT'" :tn-f i'itf,i-iJ? 'l oA ',
V m.!-!'- I! n-.l'4 ti-f' .ij.-l '!'... I-:
r,u i i1:ird. T", KiiMiit'lled Uoth, Lrathcr and
i:i f.f,.:i.p Am h .!. I l-.i ;
T UT. L'.'. r.d-..r,!.,.. Co l c,
W hr W-iro.'i'-:!-.. H-i.-'.-M-.md "h;irn ;
ffh !)ni't ifii.il.trt point Wood Srw ,:
A' o. A'n -I . N"'--iI'-, Tin. Ar,
AM :ivr ;t! .: ! I ... .rn nn ! ". find limy finj Ui
trTj ttlti'-lt;tlif V lf n WH'trlll f.
Line:, f.-r, J.r.":iry 1, 1;1 ll!
Iii F.ii rfl.il Iwiontj
Coiuiiioii rioHt
Court, Oliio.
Local TArKits. Tho .llostou Jour
nal remarks :
" .Not a tontli part of tlie lotiil' news
Avliich transpires in any country town
finds its way into a city paper, and lie
who taken tho latter to tho exclusion
of his town or county paper, does not
ltilliil his duties as a citi.en. hueh
a man is unworthy to till a town
oili.ee, for ho must certainly lacks local
An Arr Hymn. A velnl soldier
writes to a rebel paper the following
story: Our minister nearly got himself
into a serapo tho other day, ana
whether he is a ''bit of a wag." or a
very careless iellow, or an "Abolition
traitor," is nqw tho subject of discus
sion with us. At tho meeting on Fast
Day ho gave out Dr. 'Watt's hymn,
Ami m- v.-o ivi-fti-he yi-t ulivo,
Ami ilo wcyi-t ri'ln-1 ;
'Ti wonfliMiis, 'tii :iinn7.ing griu-o,
Tli:il vi' mi1 out oflii'll.
PncUnBa nml Provision no longrr Re-
ilviil at lllchmmul for Vnluu Holillers.
Dai.timouk., Dee. 13. The following
disjiateh was received this morning,
from portress Monroe, 12th, to C. C.
Pulton, lialtinioro American:
" Please give notice, that the rehel
aiifhoril'es decline receiving any more
packages or provisions lor the Union
prisoners, so that parlies interested
may refrain from forwarding any
more goods to this point.
Signed "B. F. ECTLEIl,
. ".Jlajor Uen. toinmaniimg.
On Thursday, Dee. 122d, ISC!!, at tho
residence of Jlr. Geo. Wyley, by Rev.
Ilannabery, Jh Mai.coui (Imi'irrii,
and iliss Jennib wyi.kv, an oi ratr
field connty.
AVith tho abovo camo tho usual ac
companiment of cake, which tho print
ers ate: irivine thanks, and wishing the
happy eouploa morry Christmas.
fflIM? mi-mbrrf "ftlie Kuirflpld County A.i'ii'ulhim
Hoi'iclv lire ntitiflinl tlmt nn olei tioii ol' nlH -otK fur
tlinpiiaiiini; yi'iir, w 'II m li'M "I tin' Mnvor'K tMiii'o, in
tho City of l.mn'oil'T, on Sntunluy, Jniiisnry 'itli, lMii-l.
Nono iiro pntitloil lo voto t nuiil olrnlioll rxoi'pt
tlio.io who piiivhiisol iiiuinlicr'sli 'knts Innt full.
V. O. . Uuiil:, rire'jr. JOHN SliE, I'ivh.
T OTICE is hcril.y givmi tint tii ur.rl.-rjigtieil
t will nro!p.'iit. lo tin- fulli--! i-xii nt ot :lic , all
niTims licrfufUT I'ounU !hootiii'' um li.-r m 'in.Hi-ft.
i;c, l-:uU' Mm WM. LA'iT.V.
Jo hnmTc o nnelX
TT.S p."'iirtf'I 'lit i.r;U'f'i; fUw at hi lt! ofHco,
I I Wot Bide uf the rtil-h': Sfii:.rf, neur th co-uity
W. H. PUtiir n9'v-i-itod in hufn"fi with h)tn,
nnd protnjt Htti-ntion will given to the culltjetion
ol' Military C'liiins.
bvti. 44U tf -
New 3Ii!Iincry Shop.
!AR3 .TITIAN -V H1YHKY mvo oji-ned a Md-
lincr in id .M't'Uii.imuK.inr h.-t:i1i!ihui",nt nn
iVIiftdiriir ftr('('t, nfiir I In i-onn-r nf Otlumhiw St.
Thoy will be iih-of-ed to t'f'ni!ii"d:it.' :dl tlint rit ty
call. Mi-- .IITLIA. t hPYIiKV.
Lnn"oter, Ohio, ovlJii't-Xt-tf
HAVINU l'oi'M .liilvioillionii'il liy oov. Toil, to ro-i-ruit
li.r tho ;'lli i Hno Cavalry lias opi'iiciln
RKC'RllTIVti OFFICII In I.aiii!atr,
on 5liiiiiStp.o(, n.'iir tl' locli',li'4 Valley Hani;, where
ho will I'lieerf ully l'l'i.'i'ivn all win) limy li.sirn to oil-
A Bounty of $302
Will bo paid to all new recruits, and
B 7 5 i'ai'1 n: f.-on ;m niiHtereil into nerviee nt Co-
IiiimImi.i. Vor lull lli-r ilit'onn:ition fall at the ollii-e.
iKe I.'.nit. HILL, luvniiiinnuiii.'cr.
Houso for Sale or
f niulwlynotl w
f nlTer my limine af.'l . it for sale, on Walnut strfl t
1 iipliii'it.' the l'e-.l.'lll"' of .1. A. Iteani, h-.l. i in
ity w tronvMiifiitiy Innitfd tfir itr.iiir (luina
tii-oni'; on 31 nn siri'ft or in1 i;:Mirntifi.:mti win
Hold vi-rv low.
OKKK'K Cie.iv nioeli. Main froet; the aama a
heretofore ooeiipil I v 11. 1.. f'riiler.
T. S. lv iet'iiliirt.ii!niori will lie rllliii!jfiliigjui)
Teeth. I will he ula'l to ee inv ol J friull'ls.
IanenJter,.lurie iii 'lU-lltf. II. SCOTT.
.1. nKKiso, ii:oiuii.tou.
Oneriti will receive everv nlteiitioii, Ilill rninoriiiljla.
Laiieisti-r, ' Alio, Mab' M, 1 i tf
llEAPQi-AHTKny lth Iu.stiiii'T nr Ohio,
('HILLIi'iiTIIG, Ohio, August Hi, lfHSI.
A Ilewtir.l of'l ;X In 'U.I.MiS iflii.) nn.l reasonnlile
DTi..n..i iinj u ill lu. ii.ii. I fi iinv iwrann nr".sf.
ill sell or rent liis hniiseritMl , ; ' , . v i . . . . 'r . ,, ,.mi,i;,..ru.r.
or toaileimty lTovor.i;tl-n-h;ii ol rtns instrn-t.
i.l-.i rill..'. , . ii.'nr.i,
Ciiiitiiiii ar.u Prorom Murslml.
Seiitem'oerS.lsn stt
,t. hv- iteil ..n Hie west snle of Ci1:nm!iiis atreet,
nii.l Ini in. Ilv owne.l .v the wt.low I'oster.
R.rl'.iitli''i'iiil'onnati( .t! v loll. Kimmiiml, or
to lhe ulKku'sljJiiou ut llevul's ''"."'i jjjq
I.ane.ir.ler, 1 'ee. 1 7, la fiw
lleiirv .tolim-on. l'l'tlT, 1 lielore H. Steinni in,
III' illi'.T. ft'i 1 1 01
flini't. r.Mli-r, Pert, j Ohio.
ol llinjkiuii'Tp.
,T. P.,
l-'airliilil Co,
Eeal Estate for Sale
TU Wflfor mile lhe IIoiienml Lot on Main ulroet,
l.uneiiKter, now oeeniieil hy 'I'heo.lote Toiik ; also,
three Oul-l.ols in K it L ue'iister, fiontnm on the
i r.i.. .. . .ml rii'.i niiiinoi'oveil ill-hots In .Northwestern
nililiti'on. AIo Hv. iiiy-two iu'Ivh of mini-ou'il laml
nilioinitlR the town ol oai.nmn
Dee UVJ ms "
JOHN t. mt VPKE.
issne.l an onler of Attiu'lnnent in the above
llelion for l IW. JIJJlSUA.
lie.- 17 ::ir
TjTOTICK Is hereliy civen tnthe Stoekhohlers of the
lineiisler niel 'tiroveport Turnpike Company,
ihat theannintl eleelion in aeeovihoiee with the statute,
will lie hehl at the otliee of John lldpiniin, ill Win
ellesler, l-'lalllili" eolllltv, Ohio, ihi Mmelay. lhe llth
ilav ol'.lannnl'V. lwil .l'.'tneeli the hi.ill'S ot lo nYtoi'k
A. M., nmlllo'i'lodl 1'. M.. to ehet seven I liroetors for
lieelo an 4w riesiilcntolmiiilooiniiany.
ITY. .
Tulaxi'By I)EPATitrsT( Orrier or Ciutr-
nnt.l.F.n itr Tin: CullllKNi'V, '.
Washitniton, Ueu. 1st, lata)
IIICIIF.AS, hy sntisfaetoiyeililenee presented to
iinilel'sijrneil, It tins IH'on irnvie io iiiear
n.T.r t.'l'l... l.'iii Vtn.iiial Rank ol Laneaster, ' m the
t-onntv ol Knitlh'lil ami Stnle ofOliio, has hern duly
oi'iainzed ttmler, ami aeeonlina to tlio roiiiireinfnt
ot theaetof Conjtresa, enlitleili "An net to proviile a
National Citrivnev, sei'iireil hy a plelite of I'niteil
Staten Stocks, pnil lo provnln fur ttw' eireitlation nnl
feileinption 1 hereof," npproveil Kehrnary 2f, Iwtl, ami
has enmplioi! with all the piovisionn of sai.l m-t requir-
eil toheeoniplieil with bi'loto I'ominencinjr, the imm-
ness ill iiiiuiiiiin , . . .
Now, therefore, I, Iliiah Mernllneli, roniptrollerof
the t'lirrelli-y, HO nerenyeeriliy mat im-Mn.i rri.-i
tionul HilliK ol Llinenster, eoinny in ritoni i'i ihi'i
Slate oft Ihio, is nntlioriwd to eominenco tho business
..r u.....M..r im.li.r tlm iii.l nfori'saiil.
'"."'"' . ' . , .' !..'.. I ...1.1 o'nAl .if
lnteMltieeiy wtierei.i. nun. mi, ii... ! ...... ...
oil e.i', this lirsl tin v ol iiis'eniiier, isi.t.
rBrM -i llUflHMeCULLOOlr,
Uoe in :)7 -tin Coniitrolli'rof the Cnrreney.
Bank Announce
ment. mirp virat Vnllonnl llnnk of Laneaster will enm
I iii.'iii o business on Motulav, .lannnry , ls'll, for
tir,(M,,,.ti,,i, ofa ueneral UanklnK an" Ki-
..i.....,. Uiiuliiess. innler lhe nuthority of the
I'mteil'st ites, ut lhe Hanking rooms heretofore oecu-
ineil hv Martin '".
HalHinR hours from 0 A. M., till 2 P. M.
Jv. 1). Win, 0- T. GAUAfiltTY,
a7-3in Pres'l. Ihislner.
iiJirvtDV ivn VAT'TAVO -'
d L' V Ijiilil. il.l 1' .IUIIU.1.
Greene's Bhck, Second Poor from the
Corner, Main St., Lancaster, O.
Lctaont, In Music.
Mis" M. Parst desires to teach a
class in vocal and instrumental music
Sbo would liko" to coinmcnpo tho 1st
of Janurtrv. ant feels ebnndentsho
- n i
can givo satisfaction.
Lancaster, 0, Dec. 17, 'C3.
TI1F. tmilersiinrjil lias heen piointeil hy the rro
hate CV.urt.nf KairrleM Cbnt.ty, Ohio, Vns ".' n,
the mallei' nftlio assignment niiele by Joseph Hillet
and Saiimel Hitler for the. berielit or their ere.tttors,
andlheererlitorsof sai.l .loseph Hitler nnrt Samuel
Hitler, nre hernhy roqiiirod to present their elalnis to
J " aMBH STiNSONi TnLtoe.
Valuable Farm for
riUE snhserllKT offern nt iiriTrtte snie One nf lh
I moHtilesirnble farms ill tho enunty, HonlalniiiR '1
n.'es of exeellent laml, teti aiires of which nre eov
ereil with the best timber. The farm IssitunWil on
the Newark road, three miles North-east nf Lancaster,
and has on it a eomloitablo divelhnnrliouse, good
barn, mid never-fnilintf well and spring,
A line oieiinrooii i.i,- .......... .. ,
u..nu.,r...i.iu m. will In. mvenon deferred mTrrlents
Fni further information lply to the snhseriber, or
to Joseph Jl.ieklln, living near i";,j;r,":"-,-HANlKlj
Lancaslrer, 0., Nov.l3,0.V.T3 tf.
Ayer'a Cathartic PUls.
"Dv. "i.oja.iV,,i
av-t .t toov wtv wuuw
uvc . v'.c Viai, occ
v'vv-c ev.vc-a so.co.v
a a -T' O V.
"Qv. T.oicvtV
viiv-.'ivi "SvtwvWtv, 3vi-
These FliUers are r:it vp in ij'urf
bottles, of xchiah theabevtts a.f-sin-ile.
The label is finely eni-avei, anj
is prmidei isith a srfe-ruarl Trcm
iounUrfeitem. Ti i:e i'l cr Icli'.c, c;
tizfor v5.
C. W. FbiA, Trocric'lar, j-Tz. (
EisJ Fourth St., Cinainrati, to u'hem
ad orders should be addressed.
for salt: rY
K:miTirmi) A t'o. P. Kitf-rd, Linisror E. K.ilh.
iUivhv:lh; Ai!j-.tiA .-m, C't.j.rpnit; 1'. 1 1 runs rit-a-cnlvdhs
(i. 1 Ihiiiilin. Oakhmdi ilnriruut -m t;.,
rirkfrihiitriii; lkerv . Mf Candlum, Hrnm-n; cnailcr
nian X Kiniii!!, Ani:iiida; L. L. JU 'U.n, X.-w fi.dv.ii:
Ju6pjh R.u:iMi!l.-rfprti'- i."nir. :id
hv dniiL'i!-tB(iiidiii.Tflmii.gtiier,.ll.v tl.i-juli-jut tl.u
I'liitcil Stiitfs and t'ajiada. .
Criftk. l'i
ALT Hlft
i.wi !1 H. li.-ni-lt.-t, Willir-.tfi A.
Mali. l.i-.vivi.r..-ll-Ui-r r-H'i Hfli-
ry ''. .-'i:Iivui U. i ticiidniit-,
.tl1fi-l ti'atlil'i; -h I (i'HII'J Itilft-
lu- uii'ih-r t!i- hrui iiann; ut I
lu-n. '.i. t, ;iiii .v i:.-. j
1',,-v.i l! -. (',. !, ii-t. V -in A. Hidl, Jwi P. TWt
r-Iii t :in-l II' r.'.v 'ji'l'i j !;, ) u".in-i tr.tdtii(( nii't
,i. ii" M yii-r r. ., ;. inline I'f Hlifdj;t
ll-dl A ' M P--.'l r.'i iu c.ty of w V'rk. iiithn
.-Lti.- nf i"W rk. will raiir-'ri'i'M-c th t (Hiri,'e
( rf-ol: rf th-r;ty nf I n--t r. in thf ctiimty ftf Knir
! 1 I ;ii: ' ' i!" "i ' J.l on the l!n it;tV il .N'f'V, A.
I'. 1" f.l- U' 1 "if.'n pi tti CVitjrt of rti'iiiiiirm Mn
v. :M:iv ru 1 f'-r th- :ty uf fmrrifll in fl'd Hturt (
'!t:-i. i::it iht'iri. triii lorrfi thsit on tit l.'th iliiy
it ,N"';ir''r". A- I'. 1. tli" aid Hfft'ndi Ht did em
l'.y.''rl )i!i- h'Mi th riii iit-nrw C'r''k iu their
cli .i: "r :i:iu:in. r- r rut'i niiruit' tii jifnoii ni ono
V '(Ilililli lt t! " 1-t 'IjV rf UfM pu)r, A. I. I",
im ? rTi:i:;utiuiC "ii tin-1 i.uy at Wi-mr, A.I.
:..) i'i'-u nr.'l th'Tf- mrv u pity lurn th" nil HfrT
'r !: for Mid ti (.iii'it-i':a4''ii ol" lh' -rvifi- of tltrt
e:,i I (r-.ri- f'l'fuk. tin lt-r f-ni.i ff uirwt. to ron-rVn--
th'- "? iii of fitf'it linri'lrf ' -loHarsand prnyinc
f ii j'i'f jrin-nt n-iiiijt the - drffn tints J'rth uwd
sinn .ri-'ii; ;t;i zl-f T.rtT'n', ffr ; w rit nf nttnrhmriit
vj. ;:- thfUI. Tli'-.!'! I'hmw S. Wndiit, WdllKTii A.
ii.iM. l,ftti.,J. h-ii-dift An 1 Hmirv fti'ithwick are
ri';ii)'Mli!i:ir tin y ar- r. .(inri-d to nii(-r uml onuwwr
tin lit. o.i uit r iitiurt iiih zifi 'i.y t .nmaRrv, a.
Kl'h fiEottiiECKoOK.
. Marker FntWr, Attt'yiu
iirtn' Sfrf-Ir nnd TWrnhurd Hfrwk of
".urtv, Minn, CftrnliHf roNjrcrIud nl
.I'-d f, Mid N'hhut Itou'tff mid Mnrr
s'lt'M'h nt iniir!)-' hli of Hnniilton ftmnty. Ohiov
Fn- If n ): . hnndt. w-hnudt wid" Mutildii
i-h?Mi-!t !:. n'0 (ill 'of Krnnkl n coiiny. Ohm, WiU
ii.iiii fN-itiTinit minor. Mid Catfumn sditntdt.
h ;ilir- .)i iVfo'i' N hniidi, t'H-.t) of iBjrtiHd comity,
'1'tw-wi-ltw rnd li 'r ft hv of ltr fhmtdt,
(-i-t'l, . tt of H'Tih tn. iiflnjt, Kriirrifhl county, Uhio,
v l! t-'k" ri"t:i-rt !'( on th :i Uiy ot Iwt'iidr A. 1.
1 th- im h riimcd tihd in the Court of Common
l't Fftiiri! 1 i-imty, Ohio, their in-tition dfinfiu
d:i:r jfirutif-n.mid thf :'i-iifuin'nt ot th I"Hr etiite
u;'. .i I ('.:i;'rrii'- S-hni-U m ih f ilirwiiiK dewnl-M
r-il --r:-tt j-iniitto in KitirtiMd -Minty, i Mtio, Itt-ing the
K;u"t ih.U '! tip- .-iiiHi-f-iij.t rjiuirtr of iwtiou NuimUt
i-lcviii (J lu toWii.dii ) it? TnU r thirtwii,: of Khiijth
numb rf srutwti conUuing ghty-four (Wj rt-
tn(.r "r t.
AMhii"rtr.nii of M rourt tn- nndrsijrnM will
a t .? -1 y t-.r m md-r th.it tinrtition nmy im nia-i if
C.itii:'r ' i.n-iot. widow of twd dwed'i m
u'!' ! m md t r-Tu-v, ... ...
JAC.'ii WHIilAN.
T'.y '"-rrz in. und riirkf1 A Fritter Aitorii'yi,
3 likilr'-'
J.in iioo.n-
P "Oil 3 133 K3 33 3
r.p.-i 'f.,!i a h..i tav tmni'ToiM fr'eiid-. anl etifc
i .-.th il l'heji-.it urrivi-J with an eiifiiely new
k ,. d in
l'lcitsiuit Tou iisliip sieiiiiiini-r.
muKulrove Keniiiiarv. united with the Uvjle.lii -
1 lloine Cine, an ln.-tiliitinn "f l-irn'iiir that
ii"r,.j,. ins In all. bill inoru e-li.'i'l:iilv to ii.ii'ii'l-, thej
r.llllitv ill rlli'linim I. iu.iumi-ii i. h. .i en, .."' 1 i.u.tt IVllln- Hi .lW l .iiii(i. uil.'l
IMiu., iinia Unarm, IVeik Clialnn,
..ftv.e l.rt.'-r'nl! id P'-nKTiuid an cndlcKri va-
tli."l'..in!ifT, iml'i li3 ,:n.'r!ean and Kmrlixh
L. verj;.th...iii.W a-i-rtiin'iit of i
... . ... ,. J" 1 tWVL!
nWINI nnreea.eil the entire Kioi-rs in .i.i 'ir.
iiA'l'KS would inform, lhe pu';li;' in general that
t. Ii,m ill storunt hid- estunu.iiinieii., in ioe
Greene Hlock, Seconrt noor irmn i
Corner. Itlttln Street, Lancaster, O.,
a hiroer iiortiii'en otltii4. iiSrhiini'niiti) thf Ren.
end .lewelry trade Hum win- ov.T Indole oih riHt in thin
l '.lit,'i i . :....l n lorrreliivniee of
lie nnM jusi iri-i-ii.-'i
i ; "i of ererj' variety, ifch as
.. , , .X'OXUTENAS,
31USIC BOQKS, &c, &c,
AND AM) KtSIirtt
ii,,,Iw,.hr,ed-ietti Tbotwwlloeli." Tli. l'ailur
Tiniekeeiier.w-ill l i"ld orioeMo ..jut lie nil ei.
ri i'rT TACLKS.. WA'l'tdl eA 1 kfU .Ulery, Mm-
eal In-trilmi-ntj, Music Hook. c in 'dlei lnrioly.
l'nreh iserri are invited t L'U'O Hie a eall .
IIO-AU kinds of lli-i-airing done jiromi ,flJ,1!llJl'"
''bineiwtor, Mny il, fiX-&
..r iiiii.r..i-iii''iln.ir tihr.ieel li'iwei'r ;ll tiie Mime
mid loTlerip lnotiev than treatment itK.iic ui.uhl i-o.t
lle'iii iit in.v "111. r Wiit.T l lire. . ... . .
K-ir p:iitieiil i. send for a elp'is.ir. ai'.'l lein. ri 't
Hint the next Aniiu:il Term of the ri.-is.nit t...h:p
heniyiary aiil ooinMf nee on M'lSl.V-, AiAiit'fl J1-'
i. A. tOCaud '"usi.-'t of W wivk-, ,livW'1 into
Three S.wioti..asl'.,OU'il: :
Siiniinei'fiessioiitioiii Mnn-h the :ieih to June Mill
Imu. Twelve weekn tuition 'i. Vavation I" vie.-!;?.
Knll N-ssjon, (mut Aiwict 1st f. Nveiuher this Rlt
lliil. Tivdve weeks tillliou Xi.raea.ton. .
Winter Si'ssion, from November ld, lsti to Xarch
lii-h. 1. SiXIm'll wevk tuition J.s. ;,
Tniii'.n must be idin adianee, .ii sei iiieilbynote;
ilnrl no ledii.'tion will ! iw.de onaeeoinit of.-ih-iiU'e.
tti) Honr'-'itix, eiinsislini? ol tliriniu'eons foo l, fruit,
an.lvei(etul.h'i,wil!befuriiislii'dliy lhe l'riiieipiilti al
JsPi" wpi'k. ....
It-ir l.avi':il-'o piin-liaseda Tiano, andseenred the
femcesof r"Mt."irirC.rrriM'.iDi:ii to ive inslruelioii
dn the Piano, nml other inst i imie'it of iiiu-ie, en rea-
ionnMeterin. I r. JOSEPH KEKMAN. l'mieqwl,
, ami AHK.ltt4-il riir.r.UiAwiiiui-
retmiary -n, isi.v-ii.ro
Recruits Wanted
58TII REG. O. V. I.
Liu; Ik .'t iu.uiui.vti.red
CJ CD 2? OS. S3
"U n lire it mmr' i'her ifo.i.. ail suitai le lortho
'' Ail
lii.1, I.e. s: ;.a.l l'S 1 Utile ln.illlil all HIT Hoods for eash.
1 ti, l ix.ii.cutaiitll tiiv.irii'L' nir with tneir pniro.
t,:i:i' mil fni'L it io their inu rest; will sell ut luieen to
futtono and all.
. ji,4io reivive.1 a lurtro ncortment oi lfpnnr.
Made t'l'lhiinr. Triniks, Huts, Woollen bKirt,nud
Unmlrem and Tistols ot nil kinds. . .,
lie... US 1 il A. AAnos.
A 1'rlenrl In Needi 'try It.,
fir. Sweet's liif:,llinhle Liuimei'il It nrejinred fronj
the re. ii'i' oi'Iir. Sti'iheti fiyreet, pf CniKsjllent, thii
groat Luii ncttw.and has lixn iii.'d in hii pnicrioa
fur the .Uiaj ti'.iiuy .years Vitli the most astonishin
.ii.s'i .s. A ailcxieruai rtinody. it . witliut a rival;
and will alleviate juiii more npeedly than any other
pri'pnrntion. For nil Khenmatie and Kervom l.iror.
'iers it in trutv Infallihle, and iw a ourative for Sore.;
W'liiiuls, fS.rains, Hniises, jn., its soothinft, healing
and powerful strenntheniilR iirnpertieii, the jiKt won
der .indas'onislitiieiit uf nil who hale ever jjirenit
trial, nvroiie thousand eertifientr of reinarkabl.
cure., perl irined hv rt within Hie Itrst Mwo yoarit, ain4
Hire fact.' rfuo Advl'tlNoinent. tj-l
milE KiHiseriher woiUd iiiform li'""'"m.fi
I vfvlmdv.cl-c, that he hnsREJtOVEl) Iif'f
T VHuisll MriNT to the rooui ronuorl becupicrl hy
THEODOHE TONil, .' ' ' ... . , .
One door Wet nffleorsf heek1!. PrllgStOWtrhcrelio
may lie found ready tii lit out cither ,. , . ., , , ,
nil who may Ihvor him will, n call. Tc wiiirn. Ihiinkii
for past favors- ' : - . .. ' JACOB, UUt. ,
April 9. l0-if , ... ..' -!.
TIErT.riU.ONEl. JAHiSOS has opened a lie
jeruitinii llfflee in Laneaster. nn Main' Htreel.
Doom West nf tli Ol.l Siholl. Id II 1. 11.1
Inr, where he ii mithnrincd lo enlist men lor the
5Mll Ohio Regiment. This is a veteran lieu
iineiil mid distiiiimished itself ut the halth ii ot Kurt
lionnldson, Shiloh, and tho hn'tle.4 around ieks
'"Tiu . ' . ..., ... .,;;,:,....
A Itounij' ni UP-i"-. win in- I'ao. 1' v.,.. iiv
reerilit, and 9U! to Veteraun.
74 raid onn .as mustereil into service at. CVIilm
hu. For Purtlier illloniiation call nt the cnVo.
.1 l 'i A l IV L'I . I , 1.'I IV
IVe IT, IRIS ' ' ' ' R''i'ilitihg nilieer
"Special Notice.
' l'ilh IHSTIiltT OK (IIUO,
. tlmliiville. Ohin. Hec.8, 1-W
THE tin iorthe payment of United Hales Tajtc?
in Kairliehi (Aiuiity, dhio, la hereliy cttenled to
ljis einher anHi, 1). All (wrson. interested are unti
tled to inaka payment on.or be fore the l of l'-'''"-Her
next, at the :. of R. M. Clarke. Deputy CVUw'
tor in Lmieaatcr, Ohio. ... ... . ..(M
A.penalty 9f ti percent, wilt W ' added, ifr wtpaid
as almve statfil. ,. NATHAN pKNA,
Pee 10, 'rci a7 w Cotlc-tnr 12th I'ist. ol "hio-
Bdarders "Wanted.
ItS E. d MHAPKEN curl aeoommodnto tiirec
or four boardcrsi corner of Wheeling street and
road Alleri . ' ' L.Z ' ' '
OctUih-iWt; , - . .. :.. .
VST xtceiVe J ami fur nic, n new Mid. xtcnTo
tuek of
, ' cnihraeing
Miscdbncniis Tioolx,
fr?hool llook,
lilnnk book",
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