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•i a*j*$a-*e^
'u/+*y^ £?s
:,( f4^
The Forum
Published every Friday at 428 Wait
Fifth St, Dayton Oh!o, by
On* year $1.50
Six months ........ ,g5
On• month .16
Display advertising, per inch..,..
Qbituariei, per lina.—.—
Card of ThankB..^.*^.....,..-......—.
Locals, par Una
W« ara not responsible for the re
turn or preservation of unsolicited
All communications sent to. the
office must have the signature of tlu
writer, not necessarily for publication
put u* cvideace of good faith.
We ara not responsible i'or the
{Hews of our correspondents.
Communications intended for publi
eation during the same week must b(
& the office by WEDNESDAY.
.^Entered as second-class matter
July 4, 1918, at the postoffice at
Ohio, under the act of March
PORO SYSTEM.—For the Pore
SptWn of Hair Dressing call at 26€
iiUyvthorne street. Bell Main 7795.
MrtFDillard Estell.
and Mrs. H. W. Winslow and
m^Jkyr have moved in their new home
&10 Kiver street, and will appreciate
ct$.s from their friends.
ii- L. A. Strayhorn, who came to
,iuri in March on account of het
f|'liter's illness, left Thursday, July
tor her home in Montelair, N.
"jjryia Strayhorn, a former student
j'arker High School, and the first
I'd editor of the "Parker Occa
il.^will accompany her mother,
vvfrr spend the summer with rela
at Sheeps Head Bay, L. I.
ie picnic given by Mrs. Alice
[in in honor of her husband Chas
Majftin, who leaves for an extended
tuffi through the east, will be ntnn
leH$.l among the most elaborate af
fai# of the season. Mrs. Martin
foiipjd herself an unusual entertainer
andpher hospitality unbounded. Those
•vh® enjoyed this Negley Place affair
her mother, Mrs. Harness
John Harness, Edna Adams
of lijjjringfield, Mr. and Mrs. Simeon
LeWjjs. Mr. and rs. Win. Culpher,
f'itlPi. Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Young, Mr
amlpMrs. John Morris, Mr. and Mrs
Jes«j| Blackford, Mr. and Mrs. Riley
Turner, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Lewis, Mr
$nd:Mrs. James Fields.
N^rt Sjijy|ay, July 7th, 1§US, is the
Goo^^ayiati Class of Zion Baptist
t' planning to have a big mem"
|p campaign. There are 23 mem
lnd^«e*|ire striving for 30. Let
he on time Sunday
class meets the first and third
M^ruSy of each month. Come out
Sund^,. We wish to go over the top
an w|^did in the rally.
Mrp Mortan, Teacher.
MissMuud Tilths, Sec.
Miss Wary Bell Thomas, Chairman
of the ^itulj^hip committee.
inytMn branch of the National
n for the Advancement of
nople will hold a mass meet
oti baptist Church, Thursday,
race w
af vital interest for the
he discussed. All are wel-
CBo^r f.enf Notes
The Hub wan highly entertained
Thursd:|g. Inne 27th. by Mrs. A. Book
er, who rvcd.a dainty luncheon after
Hie buiijnestf session. Mrs. Dona
Smith iiwt Monday for KteubenviHe.
Ohio, to*attend the state federation.f
The Curry Normal and Industrial
Institute, Urbana, Ohio, has been re
membered by a friend to the colored
people in the way of a gift which will
mean $15,000 for the school.
Eaker St. A. M. E. Budget
jFor dob «ror.€lturcff attb our $t»mc.
JRett. Jt. p. Jag, «nb JEbito*
fffmr of SnwUiy 8«rTic«s
Class meeting *.
C. Si. League :80 p.m.
Prtyar meeting „„.Wedne«d*y night
Sunday School a. m.
Pr»achinr 10:80 a. pa. and 7:30 p. m.
Trustee Board •••ry first and third
Next meeting July 11th, with Mrs.
M. H. Dale, 425 Norwood Ave.
()ur entertainment on Tuesday
evening, the 2nd, called the "Trouble
in Turkey Trot Methodist Church,"
proved to be a great success in every
way. Attendance, enjoyment and fin
ancially. It was the greatest enter
tainment ever given in this qjiurch. A
full house at 25c admission.
Tuesdays. —U.
Official Board erery second and fourth
J. C. Farrow Clark Trustee Board
Columbus McGet
What's th is the closing of our tral Hall and the present outfit of
great rally to clear our church from
debt will occupy all day Sunday.
Oh, he will who? Rev. T. H. Jack
son of Wiiberforce University will
preach at 3 o'clock p. m. All sister
churches, friends, members and strang
ers, are earnestly asked to be present
to some of the three services, especi
ally at 3 o'clock and at night to learn
of the total day's work.
The Missionary Farm on Eaton Pike
is the center of attraction. Piqua and
Middletown missionaries had their
picnic June 19th. Springfield was
there last Sunday. Xenia, July 4th.
The Extension Children's Band of
Zion Baptist Church, Dayton* July
5th. At the State convention held at
Cleveland last year a special dinner
was served with products from the
farm. You may go out as often as
you choose. God is with the people,
and like the widow's oil and meal, in
Elijah's time, it cannot run out.
Oldham-Clark Nuptials
Coming as a surprise to friends, was
the quiet and simple wedding of Miss
Luella Oldham, to Mr. Herbert Clark,
which occurred at the bride's sister,
Mrs. J. A. Shoecraft, 2% Fromm St.,
Dayton View, Sunday morning, at half
past nine. Only the immediate family
was present. Rev. Day performed the
ceremonly. The couple left immedi-
We wish to thank the friends who business men. There are very few
assisted us at the death of our be- business men to appreciate him. It
loved father and grandfather, and for js true also that no business courses
the beautiful floral offerings. We also
the father of Mr. Fred Fant, died
suddenly Tuesday afternoon. The
thank Rev. Walton and Rev. Anderson but even if such courses were, offered
for words of condolence and also the they would, although of much assist
Bethel choir for their music, Under- ance, be of small value in comparison
taker Jones for bis courteous treat- with the apprenticeships available to
ment. white boys and girls and young men
MR. AND MRS. FRANK YOUNG and women."
The Unique Study Club will meet qUai^fy for successful business ca
July 10th, with Mrs. H. O. Shadden, The following suggestion was
50 Homestead avenue.
at Maysville, Ky., about ninety-five shows
Clerk Steward Board
W. G. Hegrue Engrossing Secretary
The club is looking forward to their The building ready for work will
annual outing to be given on the 18th
of July. Each lady of the club is
asked to prepare a basket, the hus
bands and friends of the ladies are
also invited to participate.
stand at $30,000. Central Hall con
tains fourteen rooms, of which twelve
are for classes and trades with office
and room for heating plant.
Over two hundred students can be
accommodated in this building. On
the third floor is the chapel, music
room, historical and relic room an4
The Institute must have a dormitory
to house the large number of students
who have been turned away in the
last few years, owing to the lack of
proper accommodations. Robt.
Gotwald, architect, has drawn the
plans for the dormitory which will
cost in two sections $35,000 to $40,000.
The first section can be erected for
$20,000. With this buifding and Cen-
Curry the school can double its ca
pacity. Here is an opportunity for
some good friend to start the funds
for the dormitory and thus increase
the usefulness of a school that has
afforded industrial training to over
two thousand worthy young men and
women during the nineteen years of
its history.
Professor Curry will be very grate
ful for donations in any amount, either
for buildings or current expenses.
wwini mw wb i inir»rnn« n n iirn ri n r« n
Number Eighteen
By Albon L. Holsey
Tuslcegee Institute, Ala.—A bookie!
entitled "The Negro in Business in
Philadelphia," has recently been is
sued by the Armstrong Association
of that city. The compiler summar
izes tae study as follows:
"A summary review of this study
shows a very large number of busi
nesses of small size. This small size
of the businesses and the lack of effi
ciently frequently found may be due
to one or to several of the following
causes: Inexperience, lack of train
ing, lack of ability, difficulty in sectir
in^' capitalt The
ately and will return next week. jenced and untrained, and has prac
tically no oppoi-tumty of apprentice
Card of Thanks g^jp ^he stores or offices of white
Negro who wishes
business is usually inexperi
available for them in the school:
The National Negro Business Lea
gue has frequently called attention to
the concerted action on the part of
the race to help our boys and girls
nent OU£
of what remaias after the legatees, {t
jj0ca| Negro Business Lea-
gues some months ago:
ALFRLl) I'ANT DIES SUDDENLY i "Frequently, we find in the South,
Alfred Fant, of 190 Hawthorne St.,
7" stores'owned by white people, especi-
gent's furnishing and furniture
jje future material for the
sales-management of a Negro Busi
ness enterprise."
(To be continued" next week.)
A white lady by the name of Miss
Ella Dunn in West Virginia became
interested in the great work of Pro
fessor Curry several years ago thru
his temperance campaigns. During
her life-time she was a regular con
tributor toward the Institute. She
died in April, 1917, providing in her) WASHINGTON, D. C., July l.-^The
will the sum of $6,000, with one-half
All Crises of Alleged Unfairness Re
ported Will Be Fully Investigated
—-Secretary Baker Says "Any
Irt rong Done Will Be
Department has made it cleai
have been paid for the Curry Institute, against colored draftees by the iocal
At a low estimate it will be $7,500 draft boards in any section of the
Prom the will and the same amount is
tolerate no discrimination
cmiT,try and that cases of
to be raised by friends, 'making $1^,Cij0 faimesn will he fully investigated an
for Curry. Ihis will complete Cen- corrected by the Department authori
tral Hall, a handsome building erected tjAg
on the Curry farm some time ago, Secretary of War, Newton D. Baker
now ready for the inside fmiah, heat- r^ent inferriew, gpe^ing will
mg ^ant aad li«i:\ «ad fm*utur«. dwcrimmjrti*
alleged up
against colored draftees, said, in part:
"I have heard that draft boards in
adjoining counties take a different
view of practically identical facts with
regard to colored men but the an
swer in all these cases is that a review
is provided directly by the President,
and all that is necessary for anybody
to do who thinks there is a grievance,
i» to point it out to the War Depart
ment, and it will be investigated. If
the draft boards act unfairly, we will
correct tHfeir action.
"The War Department will brook no
discrimination, and any cases of al
leged or suspected discrimination
brought to our attention will be in
vestigated, and any wrong done will
be righted."
Old False Teeth Wanted
Don't Matter If Broken
We pay up to 15 dollars per
cash for Old Gold, Silver and
Jewelry. Check sent by return mail.
Goods held 10 days for senders approval
of our offer. Mazer's Tooth Specialty
Dept. A, 2007 S. 6th St. Philadelphia
To Eugene Trammell, whose place
of residence is unknown, you will takf
notice that Ellen Trammell, did on
the 22nd day of May, 1918, file a pe
tition against you in the Common
Pleas Court.Division of Domestic Rela
tions, praying for a decree of divorce
from you upon the grounds of extreme
cruelty and gross neglect of duty, be
ing cause No. 43463.
You are required to answer her pe
tition not later than six weeks after
the date of the first publication of this
notice, to-wit:' May 24th, 1918, or sueh
divorce may be granted.
By M. H. JONES, her Atty.
•frssmawmri i in
ftU" w J'
Remove KreckleK, Tan, Riuings,
BumpH, Blemmhea
Have Soft, Fair Bright Skin—Uae
Black and White—Sent By
Mail, 25 Cents
Just apply Black and White Oint
ment (for white or colored folks) as
directed on package, to face, neck,
arms or hands. It la very pleasant to
the skin and has the effect of bleach
ing dark, sallow or blotch skin, clear
ing the skin of risings, bumps, pim
ples, blackheads, wrinkles, tan or
freckles—giving you a clear, soft, fair,
bright complexion, making you the
envy of everybody. Black and White
Ointment is away ahead of powder
which only covers up imperfections.
Black and White removes them. Sold
on a money back £uantntee, only 25c
(stamps or coin) sent by mail, or if
you send $1 for four boxes of Black
and White Ointment, a 25c cake of
Black and White Soap iw iuded free,
where the colored porter is al-1 Address Plough Chemical Co., Dept.
to sevve colored customers. ,8E, Memphis, Tenn.
mains were shipped to St. Paris, Ohio, This sort of thing should be encour-j Agents Make an Easy living
for burial. The deceased was born
apre(j. If
boy is bright
years ago, and was one of the oldsst details and the fine points of sales- Ointment sold everywhere.—Adv
men of this section. 'manship, the Local Negro Business
league should take him in hand and
help him to improve himself along this
HANDSOME GIFT TO lihe, remembering that this young
man may
aptness in grasping business t^nd special deal. Black and White
us. Apply for territory
AU.i.U, O*.
E*«UuW il«4. Ott.
My piutur* «ioiM W&
yfur 5u«
&At tor Uif hfcfat.
Bfifcu-a I ueett wj fciii
Wfcfi «Uori ind
ttu.1 U 24
.feci. K) »/t H'-'S
let MUW TTtut Remover foot
u, Yo'i ffuHi' caii't scraiKhten your bote
it's nice and long. That's what
does, removes Dandruff, f«atlss th« Hooi« of
the feair. and nmVes it a'row loo#. »o*t*na
silky. After UBsnif a few times you can tt-'il
tho'di(f:toi!C«, and aictra iilt!.'vvhiie it
will be st prutty a«(2 !nj?that you oa« Kx
it up to suit you. If Cxalentodon'tdo aa
v. e .'Icuiti. we vill jrive your nio.-itfy back,
SSe by n ail oo receipt ot" atamjui or
waht£1» EKmrw&sm&t
SfcZlSJLSm U fa top.
Patronize Our
•«*. 'AMOSBt
Bell Main 5696
I cut ila if
ap oof w»y I waul
Wwi^teulj. CttJA OBUR.
Look! Read! Listen!
The LAST But Not .LEAST Program
Will be rendered at Euclid AVe. Church FRI. JULY ,5th s
Directed by ELLA. WOODSON
A special feature will be rendered to ladies.
have a large attendance of both sex to witness our combination^'
A little Mirth will improve our nerves. Come Out
Come All and enjoy a pleasant Evening
ADMISSION 10c Program begins at 8:3tt -v ..
Mrs. Ella.Woodson, Mistress of Ceremony i
1 [s
Instrument^ Solo ____Alice WobdsonC
Invocation __— *. Rev. Upthegrove
Ruio Kathryn Warmaej^i
Recitation Edna McDonaldf
Paper -r- Georgianna Wyatgr
Duet Mary'Cranshaw and Nettie Hil£
Solo Ophelia FryC
"Solo Charles Trotted
Recitation Pennelia Davigf^"
Duet Marie Freeman and Alice Woodaorv^
Solo Alphonso Johnsonr
Instnumental Duet ^Anna Mae and Marion Nelson^
Paper Mrs. W. S. Whit4
Solo Dorothy
Instrumental Nannie Prathen/
Duet Katherine and Stella Mitchef^
Select Reading l_.Ernest Johnsioi^j.'
Duet Mattie Pierce and Essie Wilsoif
Recitation Mollie Buchana^,
Duet g*. Beatrice Matlock and Beatrice Mayaej-r
Instrumental 2k —Alice Woodsoi^t'
Reading Ella Woodson^
Come early to get the benefit of all the program.
Resuscitator, Hair Grower
Beauty ParioY and Hair Culturlst
526 Hawthorn St. DAYTON, OHIO Befl Phone 404»
Has made it possible for every woman to obtain beautiful
hair by the use of her wonderful preparation. Cures aH
scalp diseases, stps the hair from falling1 out, starts it al
once to growing. A six weeks' treatment sent "&i»yw'h®r*
in the United States for $1.70. Madame Anderson hits don«
wondearful work for her people in Dayton. MadisonvlU«,
Newport, Lockland.
Resuscitator Hair rawer 50c
Resasdtator Hair Supplier.* SOc
Resuscitator Fresing OiL_ 85c
Thee remedies are manufactured only by Madame An*.
5 derson. Agents wanted. Write for terms.
"The Man who eells ail Colored People their Homes"
"Hustling Dona"
Selling Real Estate ori Easy Terms
Houses for Sale and Rent—»
til u.VfSVE DAlfON, OHili

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