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W.H. Fincher,of Owens, was in town I
We sell the best full-cream cheese
at Keirn Bros.
fry Knox's acidulated gelatine. For
sale by Gwin Bros.
J. G. Robertson, County Surveyor,;
made the Advertiser a pleasant visit. :
df you can't think of anything for |
dinner phone Gwin Bros.
Let us send e
roasted coffee. Gwin Bros. i
Ira .(ones, A. Marks and F. Foose, j
of Tchula, were here on charge Mon-1
->U n sr "-;>!(•
Bring your old iron and brass to
T. W. Smith <fc Sons Co.
Plenty of 1x12 boxing and strips
on hand. T. W. Smith & Sons Co
G. L. Stevens and W. B. Stanford, of j
Acona, were in town [on business, Tues- j
visitor to our city .Saturday of last
v . ., ., , , ....
Now is the time to use fertilizers, j
We have the best. T. W. Smith &
Sons Co.
P. A. Parker, of Ebenezer,
was a
Ben Barth, one of Holmes' hustling
commercial travelers, was here last
Dallas Crabtree was among the!
Liberty Chapel visitors to our city j
S. J.Wherry, of Durant, was among
the prominent visitors to our town
J. D. Wallace, a prominent citizen
of Coxburg, visited Lexington last
Judge J. S. Lipsey, of Franklin,
was among our prominent visitors
last Saturday
John J. Overstreet, Jr. of riel; * ns,
sailed in on The Advertiser while in
town Monday.
Hon. S. N. Sample, of Ebenezer,
was in town last Friday, en route
home from Jackson.
A. R. Harvey of Honey Island was
here attending to business for Horse
Shoe Plantation} Tuesday.
P. M. Diggs and J. A Steele, prom
inent citizens of Acona, transacted
I business in town Tuesday.
$ Work on the electric light works i
is progressing rapidly. There will be j
light by March 1st.
Messrs. Ed. Whittington,
Mackey and Gillie Smith represented
Tchula here last Friday.
Mr. P. R- Thomas, of Ebernezer, j
included the Advertiser in hisbusi-l
ness calls here Monday.
E. V. Ashley, who is among; our
loading insurance men, visited Durant {
and adjacent towns last week.
Miss Sallie Eubanks, of Acona, was
among the teachers who attended the
Institute meeting here Saturday.
Miss Emma Barr, of Lexington, has
been the guest of friends and rela
tives in our city.—Commonwealth.
J. L. McRae, Jr., while attending j
to business affairs in town Monday
made our office an appreciated visit.
Miss Nell Cunningham returned
last Thursday from an extended visit
te friends and relatives in the delta.
Mr. J. W. McNeer, of Bowling
Green, called in Saturday and secured
the weekly visits of the Advertiser.
Wade Williams, of Franklin, broth
er to our efficient chancery clerk,
Parham Williams, was in town Satur
B. H. Alexander, while enroute to
hit home Monday evening called in
to renew his allegiance to the Adver
Mrs. V. Reinheart, who has been
the gueBt of her sister, Mrs. J. F.
Grist, returned home to Tchula last
Capt. Ike Harvey, ex-president of
the Board of Supervisors, was shaking
hands with his numerous friends here
Dr. B. J. Farr, we are glad to an
nounce, has sufficiently recovered to
return to town and is rapidly gaining
his former strength.
Mrs. W. Browne and charming
daughter, Miss Mai Croome, of Durant,
attended the Holmes County Teachers
Association here Saturday,
Mrs. M. M. Henley, of Pickens, is
the owner of a cow that gave birth to
three calves on Sunday, January 31.
Two of the calves arc still living.
j Col. J. Wiener, of Durant, was a
visitor among the legal fraternity
here Friday. Col. Wiener is an ele
rfint gentleman, whom it is always a
pleasure to meet.
If Congreas will open its ears for
a few minutes, it will hear a mighty
chorus from all over the land. "You
i have talked long enough: dig the
, canal."—Pittsbnro Dixie Herald.
\ Ltnkrtth U*rd*n S*cU now on wlc at
Swlanay A Htlglur.
Japan Draws
The First Blood
z Magnificent Russian Cruise* Variag De
stroyed at The Entrance of Chemulpo
Harbor—2000 Russian
Troops Captured*
London February JO, i 904:—Official dispatches from Tokio received by Baron
Hayaski says that the Japanese Admiral on arriving at Chemulpo, Korea, sent word to
the two Russian cruisers giving them a time in which to leave. Shortly afterward the
Russians came out and attacked the Japanese torpedo boat, which effectively replied
with a torpedo. After a hot fight the Russian vessels, Variag and KorietZ returned and
h* the harbor.
A special dispatch from Tokio says that three transports of the Russian volun
teer fleet, conveying about 2000 troops, have been captured by the Japanese off the
Korean coast.
The Japanese squadron attacked Port Arthur last Tuesday and cannonaded the
shore batteries and engaging the ships in the harbor, during the fight the Russian
baitleship Poltava, and the cruisers Diana, Askoid and Novic was seriously damaged.
No damage done to the Japanese fleet.
Lexington Opera House
FEB. 16th
Laugh King
The Merry Monarch of
50c 35c 25c
Seats on sale at Beall's Drug Store
j 6
i Jft
The Holmes & Yazoo Telephone t'ompany
made some Important change* the past week.
Th# Exchange was remoyed from the residence
of Mr. VV. H. Fanlooner to the home of Mrs.
Mary Murtagh. Miss Mattie Faulconer having
resigned the position of operator, Is succeeded
by Miss Leona Murtagh.
Mr. P. A. Parker made a business trip to
Sidon and Lexington last week.
Mr. Robert Nance is visiting his lister, Mrs.
J. W. Burwell.
Mr. \V. H. Stigler Sundayed with Lexington
Miss Eva Sample is tlie apprecla'ed guest of
her Ebenezar relatives.
Dr. W. ]J. Burwell has been quite ill. 'mi we
note with pleasure Ills continued improvement
Mr. Stephen Burwell was a recent visitor,
called here by the illness of his father.
Mr. S. N. Sample returned to Jackson Mon
day, after spending Sunday with the home
Miss Fannie Burney has been numbered wPh
the sick, also Mrs. Lawson and several of the
ittle ones in Mr. J. W. Harwell's family We
wish for all a speedy recovery.
Mr. Willie Thomas accompanied Mr. S, N.
Sample to Goodman, Monday.
Prof. Smith was a visitor to the Ebenezer
school Friday.
Our efficient postmaster has been somewhat
indisposed the past few days.
Indlanola again hHB a postoffice. We admire
the spirit of t he citizens, who preferred the
Inconvenience of getting their mall from a
plae# several mi lea distant, rather than submit
loager to a n#gr# p. ui.
Mr. Will Roberts and atstcr. Miss Finic, via
Red Dr. Mat Roberts and Mi's. Jennie Johnson
Ids week.
Little Louisa Parker has had a pleasant stab
jti I'lokent. She was the guest of Mrs..7ns.
Mrs. L. B. Andrews and little son,
Max, after a pleasant visit to relatires
here, returned to their home in Canton
last week.
Mrs. J. R. Buford is visiting her par
ental home in Okolona.
Mr. James E. Powers, who has been
been employed by the American Express
Company for the past year in Durant,
has accepted the position as manager
of the Cumberland Telephone Exchange
here. We are glad to have "old boose"
bank again.
Mr. Gerald Callihaue has charge of Ex
change in Canton.
Miss Stella Vance left Thursday to visit
Mrs. Will Ward, of Boyle.
Miss Linnie Toombs, after a delightful visit
lo hor uncle, Dr. Toombs, of Greenville, has
returned home to the delight of her many
Mr. Will Atkinson and littl j daughter, Lela,
are spending several days in Houston as
guests of Mr. Atkinson's parents.
Misses Mildred Overstreet and Lillian Rogers
are Visiting Mr. and Mrs, J. L. Powers, of
Geodman, this week.
Miss Susie Callihane, one of our charming
young ladies, is sojourning in Carrollton with
her cousin, Mra. Bingham.
Ur. J. J. Tucker, who has been quite ill for
the past week, was carried tc Uemphis yes
terday for treatment. His many friends wish
him a speedy recovery.
Mrs. Murphy and son. Charles, made a flying
trip to Allisons' Friday.
Mr. Bob Nance passed through here Thurs
day, en route home from Huntsville, Alabama.
We were delighted to hare Bro. Porter aud
his wife with us Sunday- Brother Porter de
livered two excellent sermons, also gave a nice
little talk to the missionary seciety while here.
Mr. H. A. Jones, Misses Taylor and Pinks
ton visited Lexington, Friday.
" The Leap Year Girl."
M. C. Hill, one of Goodnan's prominent busi
ness men, called in this morning to encourage
the Advertiser in its well doing. While In the
office he seemed much interested in the move
ments of our large new Franston news press, as
1 was running off this issue at the rate of 1500
every half hour.
W. y. Taylor,of Vaughn spent today in Lex
Miss Fanni# Eggleston returned from Ten
nessee where sh# attended school owing to
her fathers s erious sickness.
Capt. C.J. DuIJinsson of Yszoo arrived here
this morning in answer to a 'elegram notifying
him of Captain Wm. Eggleston' serious IMness
Mrs. W.J. Shannon died at her home near
Tolai vllle, of Pneumonia, Tuesday night.
Dr. S. A. Eggleston of Shell Mound wn* sen t
lor and is with his father In his illness,
Mrs. Mary Wa'son, mother of J. H.,J, H,]
and H. M. Watson, .Mrs. M. A. Rtewart, Mrs
It. L. Smith and Mrs. A. H. Roby, died at her
home near Harlands Creek Church of pneumo
nia last night.
Capt. Wm. Eggleston was taken seriously il
Monday, we are sorry to asoonnee t hat no
s reported bw his physician as ws go to press
Take Nothing for Granted/' the
Motto of a New Publication.
Policy of the Mngasine la to Advance
Beyond Materialism—rnhliahera
Opposed to Crystallisation
and Hand for Fluidity.
On January 1 No. 1, Volume I., of the
Crank, described as "the unconventional |
magazine," was published in London at
the not altogether unconventional price
of threepence.
According to the promoters, It is to be
the organ of all people who think for
themselves. There is, however, an im- |
Readers and con- :
| portant reservation.
trlbutors must think In a manner which ]
Is thoroughly consistent with genuine
social progress. Hopes are entertained j
that the circulation will eventually ;
reach 50,000 or 60,000 copies.
The new magazine will appeal more |
directly to the following sections:
"Higher Thinkers,"
Passive Registers,
The aims and objects of the, new jour
nal are explained by the editor, Miss
F. E. Warland, a young lady who, in a '
little unpretentious office in a narrow j
side street off Ludgate Hill, is busily en- j
gaged in assorting the deluge of "crank"
"The magazine," she declared, "has
for its definition the witty saying of
Henry George,'A little thing that makes
revolutions.' and for its motto, 'Take
nothing for granted.' We are opposed
(o crystallization and stand for fluidity,
In brief, we desire to restore the term
'crank'as a definition of a wise thinking
person. Our policy will be to advance
from materialism toward something
better. We would like to see the world
conducted upon the principle of real
l° ve -"
There will be no lack of "crank" con
tributions to this "crank" journal. The
most extraordinary of all "cranks'" who
will contribute to the new journal is a
doctor of philosophy who firmly refuses
to handle or deal in money, and man
ages to live upon what he calls the serv
ice and good will of other people. He
possesses a cottage In the country but
seldom occupies it, preferring to sleep
out in the open air, with only a blanket
for a covering.
Order Kxpelled from France Taken
Ita Secret of Chartrneae Manu
facture to Spain.
Aa a result of the expulsion of the re
ligious orders from France, the Carthu
sian monks, whose personal industry
at Grenoble was the making of the fa
mous cordial called chartreuse, which
brought them in nearly half a million
dollars a year, have recently bought for
$800,000 the ancient monastery of Far
neta, near Lucca, including 400 acres
of ground.
It is their intention to establish the
headquarters of the order in this mon
astery. and extensive repairs amT new
buildings are contemplated.
The manufacturers of the famous liq
ueur, which is at present suspended,
will bo rec:-ital4ished in Spain, where
the only Carthusian monk who is now'
in possession of the secret of the fab
rication has been sent, with six others,
to continu the manufacture of the same
liqueur under another name, as the old
label ls the property of the French gov
A curious case arising from the liqui
dation of the Carthusians'estate is now
before the French court at Grenoble.
Two men claim the right to manufacture
the liqueur as the lawful heirs of Father
Gamier, who alone possessed (he secret.
He revealed it on his deathbed to Father
Grenzler, who in turn left it to Father
Rey, the present manager of the busi
The contestants allege that the order
was an illegal association, and there
fore without the right of ownership,
even of the recipe for the liqueur.
ir Year Old Hr 1>U
After a Lapne
of Twenty Year*.
Stolen AVhen F«
Kidnaped 20 years ago by his own fa
ther, given to a showman, and growing
up in that business, and later learning
the occult arts in India. Alfred L. Thomp
son has come back to Sioux City, la., and
found his mother. Mrs. S. J. Benton.
Thompson's' father and mother quar
reled when he was four years old. The
father ran away, but came bark and stole
the child, taking him to Kansas. Soon
Thompson, leaving the boy with his
grandmother, disappeared again. The
child was turned over to an "IlncleTom's
Cabin" company to play little Eva. At
eight he was the champion rifle shot of
his age. with Buffalo Bill; went to Eu
rope. drifted to India, and spent two
years in an institution of occult science.
He married an Indian maiden who
came back to America, but after two
years returned to India. Thompson's
special stunt is to hypnotized himself
into a cataleptic condition and then be
ing buried alive. A few weeks ago in
Kansas he heard his mother was still
alive, and came to see her. Each had
supposed the other dead.
Letter Retnrns to Sender In Phllndel*
plila After Traveling Eight
een !Hon*lia.
After a tour around the world, be
ginning May 11, 1902, a letter has re
turned to Jacob F. Rothani, of Phil
adelphia. an inspector in the bureau
of health. It had made the trip for
two cents.
The letter w r as sent to a property
owner on Nineteenth street, below
Chestnut, requesting him to comply
with certain requirements of the law.
The postmarks show it was forwarded
as follows: To San Francisco, to Seat
tle. to Hong-Kong, to Shanghai, to Yo
kohama. and Nagasaki, in Japan: then
to Ix>ndon. to Bombay, back to Ten
don, to Paris, and to New' York,
whence It came back to Philadelphia.
The letter is literally covered with
postmarks, and although there is a
"four-eent due" mark on it. there ia
no stamp showing the postage waa
«ver cancellad.
Beatification of Jeanne d» Arc
Takes Place at Rome.
Icrond Step of Certmoif of Cmmoni
aatlon of llerolr Wahl
bf rope* Hecog*
nixed it* Uleiaed.
>f Orleans
The solemn ceremony of beatlOcm
| Jeanne d Arc, the Maid of Or
leans, took place at Rome recently—
! *^* e ' eas t of Epiphany and the anniver
-sary of the heroine's birth. The pope
be | sat enthroned in state in the Sistine
, chapel where all the cardinals in
| Rome assembled, together with all the
: officials of the congregation of rites.
] which has charge of the eapouization
of saints.
j On being petitioned by the secretary
; of the congregation, Pius X. declared j
| had been proven to his satisfaction,
| and therefore her name is entered
among the number of the blessed rec
j that the heroic virtues of the heroine |
al times the great pleasure it would
give him to perform the ceremony of
a ' beatification, oecause of his lifelong
j admiration for the French heroine. He
j sent a personal letter to President Lou
bet. notifying him of the event, and
official notifications also were sent to
all the French bishops, many of whom
of came to Rome.
A numerous pilgrimage of French
Catholics also arrived, but only the
most prominent of them were able to
wttness the ceremony in the Sistine
chapel. The others assembled in St
Peter's, to which church the pope de
srended after the ceremony and ad
dressed ail the pilgrims on the attitude
n f n u , French government toward the
The beatification of the Maid of Or
!Pnns ls nn]v t ) 1P SPPO nd step toward
hPr canonization. Before the final de
,. rPP ) s issued il will be necessary for
a tu P congregation of rites to examine
-omo of the miracles said to have been
performed at the intercesssion of the
new sajnt anil (h| . eP different sets of
q „ es . tions will have to he examined by
n )p cardinals
A]1 thjp wil , tal(P ttme and even if
jft p cause of canonization was begun
immediately. It would take at least two
years before the name of the heroine
of the French nal ion could be inscribed
in the catalogue of the saints.
ognized as such by the Roman Catho
lic church.
Pius X. already had declared sever
Enitinver D.vla of Itfndinv, Pa.. Bara
l.arKFXt niai-k Hear Kvrr Killed
tha Ci
it y.
Paul B, Davis, assistant engineer of
Reading, Pa., shot the largest black
hear ever killed in Potter county. Ac
companied by John Haldeman, of
Robesonia. Davis discovered the tracks
of a bear. He followed uem for near
ly the entire day, when he came across
bruin finishing a meal off the remains
of a sheep.
Davis fired, the shot taking effect
in the groin and right hind leg. The
animal became furious and made a
l dash for Davis, but before any damage
could be done it W'as dispatched with
a w'ell directed shot in the brain.
The animal was found to weigh 480
pounds, the largest ever killed in this
section of the state. A few days later
Davis tendered a hear lunch to a num
ber of his friends. The bear meas
ured seven feet tw'o inches from tip
of nose to hind leg.
LntPit Tnvri
The town "rtbber" is the man who
takes precedence over the man who
buys his goods out of trtwn, says the
Arkansas City (Kan.) Traveler; he is
the man who makes harm out of some
remark when none is intended and re
peats it; he is the man who creates dis
sensions; he is the man who always
leaves you with a bitter feeling in your
heart; a nasty taste in your mouth. In
fact, he is the devil.
County Teachers Association Meeting.
On last Saturday, February 6, the
Association met in the chapel of the
A goodly number
Training School,
were present. The program was inter
esting and though some of those ap
pointed thereon were absent, there was
nevertheless an occasion of great help
fulness and genuine enjoyment.
Supt, Smith discussed the "Educa
tional Outlook in Holmes" with great
encouragement to all present, and it
for all to conclude that the
was easy
best thing to do is to stand valiantly by
Suerintendent Smith and help to make
our county just what in his mind he
seems determined to make it, namely,
the leading county in educational pro
gress. If we caught his meaning, we
believe he is convinced that a teacher
who avails himself of educational facili
ties, normals, institutes, associations,
professional reading courses, etc,, is
worth more to the county than one who
does not use these means. It strikes us
that any teacher would see this. The
paper read by Mrs. Browne was simply
superb and showed much thought and
reading. The reading of Miss Saxon
was a treat to all present and showed
her to be a rare entertainer, indeed.
The piano selections furnished by Miss
Caro Foster, the little daughter of the
principal of the Training School, were
highly appreciated and marks her as a
performerof rare skill for one so young.
May,all the teachers of the county come
at our next meeting, March 5th.
A Teacher.
Citation Notice.
State of MisstHhtppI, '
To R. A. Dodd, • resident of Wllmore, Ky.
You ire hereby commanded to appear before
the J.P. court of the town of Lexington, in
Holmes county, in said state, at the maypt-'s
office therein on the 2nd Friday in March, 1904,
to defend the suit in said court of 8. Wherry
wherein you are a defendant. This Febr'y rt,
1904. II. C. McBee, Mayor of Lexington and
Ex-officio J. P.
Land ret h Garden Seed now on sale at
Rwlnnty 4b Stigler.
■ Local Notes
Misses Wyatt are spending several
weeks in the delta guests of Mr. and
Mrs. Edgar Gwin.
Nr. Norton Meek, of Durant, was
in business circles Wednesday.
Capt. R. Keesler, of Greenwood,
wag en j oy j n> , gport with the fox hunt
ers a late date.
, _ T ._
the guest of A. Wilson, .Jr., for a
j quail hunt and social functions this
Mr. J. J. Evans, of Jackson, was
| week.
Miss Phillips, of Hico, Texas, was
guest of Mrs. Maria Pickens this
week, and left for her home Thurs
Mrs. Charles Gilliam, a leading
young matron of I,eland ii the guest
of Miss Ethel Baker.
Steve Burwell was called to Ehe
nez ;r Saturday by the illness of his
father, We are jtlad to report the
doctor improving.
Mr. R. H. Ccle will resume his post
in business circles in March and claim
again that large share of popularity
he won in the nast.
Mrs. L- Gibson is recovering from
a severe sickness in Yazoo City's in
Tuesday evening the handsome
hospitality of Miss Mayme Stigler was
extended a number of guests at a
welcome party given Misses May and
Floyd Wilson on their return after an
absence of seven months. Mr. and
Mrs. J. H. Stigler and Misses Belle
and Annie Stigler assisted in doing
the honors of the evening. Euchre
was played and the King, Queen, Jack
and Ace tables were designated to
the players by the tiny score cards in
keeping with the names. The lone
hand scord cards were perfect mina
ture representations tipped with"four
little fingers and a thumb." The
originality of these unique souvenirs
were much admired. During the
games bonbons were served followed
by an elaborate two course supper of
daintiness and deliciousness. The
evening ended in a merry musical and
the barge of time floated far past the
midnight hour to the strains of magic
melody. The guests departed wish
ing there would be many more just
the same, then life would lose its
weariness and dullness be but a name.
Miss Maggie Taggart entertained
the Book Club Wednesday afternoon
in a most charming manner, After
the exchange of literature an ex
citing game of Pit ensued, the score
cards were adorned with sheafs of
wheat. The bidding was lively and
merry making reigned supreme; Miss
Ethel Keirn cornered the market
and received a handsome sofa cushion
on which to rest her dainty head
after her labors. Miss Lipsey was
awarded the guest prize, a pretty
picture, a can of corn was the re
minder of defeat, and was presented
Mrs. Charlie Gilliam, of Leland.
Dainty refreshments were served then
another enjoyable entertainment
was added to the social records
Sargent's Hall was the scene of
a splendid hop Wednesday night,
perfect flow and magic 'music speed
ed the fffying feet. Mr. and Mrs.
Kinney, Dr. and Mrs- R. H. Baker
and Mrs. George Wilson chaperoned.
The guest were Mr. and Mrs. Charlie
Gilliam, of Leland, Mr. W. B. Lipsey.
of Clarksdale, Mr. Will Ernest, of
Durant and Mr. J. J. Evans, of Jack
son. Youth and joy went hand in
hand and made a picture to kindle
admiration in the dullest eye. Our
beaus and bells found the midnight
and several more moments all too
short for the magicians Pleasure's
Dr. Hollowman, of Pickens, was a
'visitor today.
An Educational Feature.
So much in said about Hypnotism aud
Thought Heading and yet so little is lvallr
known, except a few that have made an ex
haustive study of the subject, that the public
will welcome the engagement of Hart, The
Laugh King, who has heea creating such a
furor in all the cities where'he has appeared
for the past four years with his more than
wonderful demonstrations of these sciences
Thp San Jose, California, Herald says:
"The Opera House has been the scene of
many hypnotic demonstrations by famous
opera'ors, but. the performance by Hart* the
" Laugh King," in the science of hypnotism
and thought reading, far eclipses anything
presented here before. They have been enter
taining, amusing, and to those most skeptical,
completely convincing. His control of the
minds of subjects is truly wonderful, and as
ludicrous scene followed scene, the large aud
ience showed their appreciation by shouw and
laughter, and applause that continued from
the rise of he curtain until the closing scene,
sent away nightly the beat pleased audiences
that over visited the local theatre.
Dr. Hart commences his five night s engage
ment here February W, at. the Opera House,
and will be seen at Dopular prices, 50o., 35c.
and 26 cents. Seats
sale at Beall DruitMorc
M1*b Clara Eggleston was recalled from a
visit to falends in Yazoo, Monday.

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