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Largest Circulation-Guaranteed-of Any Country Weekly Published in the State of Mississippi.
Supervisor's Meeting
The May Session of the 'Board of Supervisors Had a Fall
Quorum and 'Business Was Handled Expeditiously.
Minutes of Board of Supervisors of
May term, 1904.
At a meeting of the Board of Su
pervisors, held the 2nd day of May,
1904, there were present: H. E. Buck,
president; T. G. Stephenson, J. D.
Weeks, G. S. Rogers and W. L. Smith,
members. W. W. Wilburn, sheriff
and Parham Williams, clerk.
The account of T. A. Eakin for the
arrest of Otie Hoskins, is continued
to the meeting in June.
The public road petitioned for by
William Elmore and others at the
March meeting of this board, is
granted without cost to the county,
and the road contractor is ordered to
take charge of it.
The committee appointed at the
last meeting of the board to lay out
the new road asked for at the Febru
ary meeting to pass through Mrs.
Elliss' field, is continued.
Jno. Nixon, Jr., overseer on road
33, is authorized to purchase one
dozen good shovels for his road, and
present the bill at the next meeting
of this board.
Sheriff Wilburn is authorized to
change the 2 horses and 2 vehicles
assessed to Ed Carson at $180, to
Mariah Johnson, it being her property.
J. Eakin is allowed $10 for re
pairs on Circle Bayou bridge, to be
paid when received by W L. Smith.
Tom Thatch is relieved of road tax,
being over age, and Sheriff Wilburn
receive a credit for the same.
Eakin Bros, are allowed $45 for
repairs on Tipton bridge when com
pleted and is received by W. L. Smith.
The proposition of Wilson Cotton
Oil Company to light court house and
its offices is accepted as per written
offer on file with the clerk.
W. W. Wilburn, sheriff, is credited
one horse and muie valued at $100,
asseseed to Dock Little; one $50 mule
and poll tax assessed to Pat Haywood;
one $60 horse assessed Tom Wilkes,
and James Wilkes road tax being an
error; R. Kimbrough's road tax, being
under age: and Edgar Burrell's road
tax, who lived in Yazoo county in
J. H. Coursey is awarded the con
tract to dig a canal in Williams' creek,
near T. A. Lunsford's place a s . $95,
according to plans and specifications
on file with the clerk. Work to be
completed in 90 days.
J. and T. J. Edwards are awarded
contract to build a breakwater on
Williams' creek, near T.A. Lunsford's,
for $175, according to specifications
on file with the clerk, and to be com
pleted in 90 days.
Adam Binford, not attending
school, his claim to have his road tax
refunded is disallowed.
The hands on J. F. Rogers' place
are assigned to road No. 11.
Superintendent of poorhouso re
ports five inmates under his charge,
two males and three females.
Pahlen Bros-, sup. poorhouse $20 40
Matilda Hodges, matron,
Henry-Hodges, 4 cords woo'd, 4 00
H. C. Baughn, superintendent, 6 00
10 00
$40 40
Thoe. G. Stephenson, member of
the Board of Supervisors from dis
trict No. 1, reports having inspected
almost all the roads in his district
and found them in very good con
dition, except a few miles yet un
worked and a few little bridges in
need of repairing and need immediate
attention, and recommends payment
for this quarter.
J. D. Weeks, member from district
2, reports most of his roads in pass
able conditions, but some roads have
not been worked according to his idea
of the specifications in southwestern
portion of the district. Some roads
have not been worked. Therefore,
recommends a partial allowance of
G- S. Rogers, member from district
3, reports having examined the roads
in his district and found them in good
shape, except the road from Richland
to Pickens and Goodman, are not as
they should be and should be worked
at once, and recommends payment
for thin quarter.
W. L. Smith, member from district
4, reports having examined the roads
in his district and found them good
only in spots, and could not recom
mend payment until certain roads are
H. E. Buck, member from district 5,
reports having examined the roads in
his district and found them in fair
condition, and recommended payment
of 3rd quarter.
Ordered that the clerk adventae for bid* to
paint the two Iron bridge* across Big Blaok
river, giving them two coa'» each,
these bridges 1* near West and the other near
Goodman. The work to be, let separately to
the lowest responsible bidder. The successful
bidder or bidders must furnish bond for the
completion of the work.
This board reserves the right to reject any
and all bids.
One of
Ordered that the clerk advertise for bid* to
build a bridge across Rules dltoh In district 3,
according to plans and specifications now on
tile* in the Chancery Clerk's office. The suc
cessful contractor or bidder to give bond for
the completion of the bridge.
The board reserves the right to reject any
and all bids.
Accounts are allowed as follows:
Jno H MoBeci, clr clerk, services, etc. on
court -----
J B Buckley, arresting Gus William*
Hy Hawkins, Janitor for April
Hy Baughn, snpt. poorhouso
Matilda Hodges, matron p.h. for April
D.H. Hobbs, ex-sher., oo. tax collected In
mu 36
I no 00
13 00
6 00
10 00
6 :J0
H y Slander, tending Tchula drawbridge IT 45
H P Hoanier. J !\. ex-offlelo service* for
2 05
.Julius Whittington, constable, *erv. 1903 T 00
C S Rosenthal, supplies tor .1*11
Dr G C Phillips. 0 mos. as health officer
Henrich ft Lofatrorn, 2 locks, etc o. k.
Pahlen Bros., supplies for poorho ao
J L Porter, building bridge on Goodman
3 ;s
50 00
2 50
20 40
108 00
pike ------
Henry Hodges, 8 cords of wood for p. h.
Sheehy & Co., building bdgo near Jenkina
67 50
place - - - '
M L Weems, house rent for smallpox -
Dr. R D Howard, attention to s.-pox
Geo Beaman, mule tax refunded
Trustees 1.17, r. 1 © , additional leaohere
salary ------
Trusted 1.14, r. 2w„ two teacher*, 140
0 00
10 00
10 00
so oo
86 40
W 11 Smith, supt. education, salary
Geo Beaman, poll-tax refunded, overage 2 00
on*-leg'd 2 00
Lee Powers,
Henry Cox,
C B Alexander, nallf. lumber, etc
Sheehy ft Co., repairs on bhdgss
J H Coureey, filling pit, etc - -
S. J. Brown, lumber culverta
Clalborn Sims, road tax refunded r
over ago 2 00
34 28
17 84
1 50
8 78
3 00
3 00
Chas Williams
Wesley Ford
W C Herring
Board adjourned until to-morrow
at 9 a. m.
May 3rd, 1904, Board met pursuant
to adjournment. Present as on yes
Sheriff Wilburn is credited with a
$40 mule, assesses to John Coleman,
being paid by R. C. Lipsey, and is
also credited with Levy Mitchell's
road tax—not old enough.
Squire Coleman's claim to be re
lieved of his road tax for 1903, is
not well founded and therefore dis
R. E. Johnson is allowed $40 for
buildiDg bridge, and to be paid when
received by H. E. Buck. .
J. W'- Eakin is allowed $35 for re
pairs on bridge acorn Hush Puppy
slough and paid when received by
W^L. Smith.
Lexington Compress and Oil Mill
Company, electric lights for court
6 25
R.H.Baker.supportof J.Donahoe 8 00
Mrs. M. J. Mitchell, support of
idiot child.
Mrs. Nadcy Brown, support of
idiot child.
Frank Melton, support of him
self, wife and Peggy Lucas 15 00
Lip Spear, support of himself 5 00
Advertiser Pub. Co, publish
ing legal proceedings.
Advertiser Pub. Co., stationery
and regular notices.
W A Harthcock, wood for jail 4 00
Sheriff Wilburn.stamps in office 2 00
" ' " feed'g prison's 39 30
Parham Williams, elk., stamps
used in office. 5 15
Parham Williams, serv. in case
of lunatic.
Sheriff Wilburn, serv. in case
of lunatic.
D L Gibson, Alf Rogers, R. L.
Spell, J L Porter, C B Alex
ander and J U Sheehy, jurors
on lunatic case, each.
Winstead & Durden, beef p. b. 2 00
J H McBee, regist'n aery's etc 200 00
C J Gibson, smallpox services,
Ike S Harvey, am. pox services
R E Johnson, repairs on bdge 6 00
Eakin Bros., repairs Funna
gusha bridge...
8 00
3 00
H. t E. Buck, Prest.
8 00
60 00
5 00
25 00
39 89
4 00
5 00
1 00
100 00
50 00
Our Store Will
Be Closed
13th, to get
Friday May
The Big Loom End Sale
that begins Saturday! Doors
open at 9 o'clock a. m.
Loom End prices mean spot cash.
PicKcns-Barrett Co.
Eakin Bros., building break
water Funnagusha bridge... 50 00
C J Gibson, hauling lumber for
Dr A M Phillips, land for pub.
road .,...
J D & H WWalton, lumber for
S J Brown, nails for cnlvers... 1 00
Town of Ebenezer, its share of
road tax..
Town of Pickens, road tax
Town of Lexington, road tax 435 34
Town of West, road tax
Town of Goodman, road tax... 68 90
Town of Tchula, road tax.
Town of Cruger, road tax
We, the undersigned appointed to
lay out a road on Dr. A. M. Phillips'
place, report that we have done so.
T G. Stephenson,
W. L. Smith.
The real and personal property in
Howard cot being assessed separately,
it is ordered that said town of How
ard be allowed $30 as its share of
road tax.
Parham Williams, offering to pay
$75 towards procuring a book type
writer for his office, it is ordered
he be allowed $100 to pay balance on
cost of said type writer.
C. B. Alexander, 3rd quarter on
road contract, $400.
S. J. Brown. 3rd quarter on road
contract, beat 1, $869.
S. J. Brown, 3rd quarter on road
contract, beat 3, $527.
C. B. Alexander, partial payment
of 3rd quarter, beat 2- $350.
The county treasurer is authorized
to transfer $1,000 advalorem, road
fund to the commutation road fund
in beat 1; $1,000 to beat 2; $1,000
to beat 5; $500 to best 4.
T. B. Minyard is allowed $1,600 for
boring artesian well in court yard, as
per contract on file.
J. C. Pickens, county treasurer,
presented his report for April, show
ing balance in funds as follows:
County fund, $7,612.00; school,
$6,110.37; bridge, 134.62; pension,
$25.94; commutation road—beat 1,
$36.04; beat 2, $1.30; beat 3, $546
89; beat 4, $130 73; beat 6, $87.03.
5 00
50 00
11 00
20 56
86 42
30 26
95 72
17 61
Advalorem road tax fund, $5,052.35
Institute fund, $46.69.
T 14, r 2 w, fund $1,334.70; t 15,
r 1 w, $2,064.78; t 15, r 2 w, $856
94; 115, r 3 e, $41.42; 115, r 4 e,
$129.25; t 13, r 3 e, $160.36; t 14,
r 1 w, $5.15; 117, rle, 278.45; 116,
r 1 e, $194.06; 115, r 2 e, $280.81;
t 16, r 2 e, $316.61; t 15, r 1 e,
$34 73; t 16, r 3 e, $263.56; 114,
r 3 e, $159.37; Hancock fund, $808
07; 2 and 3 per cent fund $2.05.
It appearing to the board that the present
Jail has been condemned by several errand
Juries as unsafe and also as dangerous to the
health of these in confinement, and for these
and other reasons in the opinion of the hoard,
a new jail has become a necessity for this
county. It is therefore ordered that the board
will build a new Jail, sufficient for all the coun
ty purposes, of brick and steel, to cost not
exceeding 9*0,000.
Ordered further that the clerk advertise for
plans and specifications from competent archi
tects and builders to be submitted to the board
at Its next meeting, the board to pay fortbe
plan accepted, and the architect to furnish
working plans and speclllcatlons, and the con
tract .to build said jail to be let at the July
The board reserves the right to reject any
and all bids.
that the clerk advertise for bids for
pipiHV Wftter to jail and for plDing court house
and tor erecting a water closet In the court
yard and for all nocessaay plumbing work, fix
ture*, etc., needed for the proper operation of
a water system for the court house and jail and
to enlarge watering troughs around the
court house yard to water stock. Bidders to
'furnish their own plans and specifications.
The board reserves the right to reject any
and all bid6.
Accounts are allowed as follows:
Swisney & Stigler, supplies for
SwinneyA- Stigler.chan elk sup's 2 90
cir elk suppl'8
" co. supt mipl's
med poorh's.
Beall & Hooker, supl's for jail
T G Stephenson, 2 dys. as M B S
.$6 40
3 70
5 40
T G Stephenson, 15 dys exam
ining road and bridges.
J D Weeks, 2 dys as M B S and
mileage .
J D Weeks, 9 dys examining
roads and bridges.
G S Rogers 2 days as M B S
and mileage.
G. S Rogers, 14 dys examining
road* and bridges.
W L Smith, 2 days M B S and
30 00
9 80
18 00
28 00
W L Smith, 12 dys examining
roads and bridges.
H E Buck, 2 days M B S and
9 70
24 00
H E Buck, 10 days examining
roads and bridges.
W W Wilburn, sheriff, 2 days
attendance .
Parham Williams, elk, 2 days
on board.
20 00
Board adjourned until 1st Monday
in June, 1904.
_ H. E, Buck , Prest.
Attention! Veterans!
Veterans who expect to go to the
reunion at Nashville can get boarding
house rates and names and addresses
of some of those taking boarders at
that time by applying to me. Also
that the State reunion will be held at
Aberdeen next time, but that the
date has not yet been fixed. The
railroad rates have not been an
nounced. All veterans who so de
sire will be entertained by the com
None bnt Confederate Veterans
wearing badges will be admitted to
lodging quarters and meals at the
Haymarket. All badges will be dis
tributed by the badge committee at
Ward's Seminary.
F. A. Howell.
The Lexington Oil Mill and Com
press Company purchased the Lewis
Herman & Co.'s gin system, four
miles vest of Lexington; Col. J. M.
Johusou's at Acona; and we are in
formed the company will erect one
at Black Hawk, and another at
Vranklin. ,
Reflooring the iron bridge over
Mocassin Creek the first days of this
week caused considerable inconven
ience to our merchants in getting
their freights. However, the bridge
is now in llrsl-class order and the
worry occasioned by it is almost
Dive Sylion's new residence in
Nortli Lexington is showing up its
dimensions, and promises to be one
of our town's elegant and comfort
able homes.
Over The County
Summary of Happenings in Neighborhoods (Adjacent to
Lexington Chronicled by The (Advertiser Correspondents.
Urn. Mamie Nabors and her littls
son, spent a few days in Canton, vis
iting their cousin, Miss Nellie Peyton,
and returned home Sunday.
Mr. Joe Cooper was in Tchula trans
acting business on Thursday and Fri
day of last week.
Messrs. Jack Hatheock and family,
and Abies and family spent from Sat
urday eve until Sunday evening with
Mr. and Mrs. Hatheock.
Hon. S. N. Sample and his two sons
Walter and Eugene, took a pleasant
drive out to his plantation, Sunday
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Cooper spent the
day pleasantly with Mrs. Mamis Mur
tagh last Sunday.
Mr. Rayford Ellison and spent the
day with Mrs. Parker last Sunday.
Miss Jimmy Salley spent n few days
with her sister, Mrs. Parker, last
Master Herbert Wynne has returned
home from the strawberry fields at
the request of hie father.
A nice rain fell here Friday night
that has greatly improved crops
Cotton is coming up and in most
places at a stand. Corn is flourishing
now, having been checked by the
Mrs. S. W. E. Garnett, accompanied
by Mrs. James Cooper, visited at Mrs.
M. E. Lee's Sunday.
Miss Lon Garnett spent Sunday
night and Monday with Mrs. J. B.
Mrs. S. T. W'ilkes and eon visited
R. A. Wilkes, her son, Sunday.
Baxter Byrd and Jay Wilkes at
tended to business near Owens one
day last week.
From all accounts Owens Wells are
becoming more famous, both as a
summer resort and as a "last resort."
Messrs. Watt and Prestou Darnell
spent Sunday at J. C. Byrd's.
Will Brown was "wiggling" around
Sunday evening.
While absent from home Sunday
evening some one entered the boose
of Mr. Ford Shank's and removed
some clothing and other articles of
dress therefrom. We learn that later
he found the intruder in his crib faBt
asleep, having all the articles with
Mr. Ira Jones and eon, Christmas
went to Jackson Sunday, where a
specialist is treatihg the lattsris eyes
Mrs. F. F. Holmes spent Sunday in
Yazoo City.
Mr. J. M- Jones spent Sunday at
Mr. P. C. Fooee was in Lexington
Mrs. J. A. Hutchinson and son,
Master Claude, attended the White
Lavender marriage at Sidon, Sunday.
Dr. M. P. Winkler and wife left
Saturday for Gulfport yia New Or
Mrs. A. Fields visited relatives hero
V. Reinheart spent Monday in Lex
A. L. Harvey spent Sunday in
Messrs. Henry and Leri McGee were
the gueets of Mr. G. P. Wallace Snn
Master Walter Lucas, of Ebentaer,
is the appreciated guest of relative*
here this week.
Messrs. Burkschett, Willie and
Doc Crawford, of Durant, spent
Sunday with friends here.
Mrs. Dr. Barnett, Misses Maude
Maxwell, Mary Andereon, Beasya
Roger*, Pearle Vance and Mildred
Overstreet; Messrs. Clyde Maxwell,
Powers Overstreet, Jim Bimmer and
Edwin Poweis attended Children'#
Day exercises at Canada i, Sunday.
Miss Maude Hoover is visiting
Mr. Ed Anthony, wifa sod ohil
dreti, of Durant, tidied Mr. Thomas
Maxwell and family, Monday.
Dr. Boswell, of Nsw Orleans, de
liTered an exosllent sermon here
Sunday night.
Dr. Clanton is visiting Memphis
this week.
Mrs. John Anderson and Miss
Versa White are visiting friends in
Mesdamee Brunby and children,
of Goodman, visited the beantifol
country home of Capt- B. 6. Went
A shadow of gloom was oast over
little towa Monday by the sud
den of Clanton Warren, whioh oo.
eurred about 11:86 o'elock, while on
his retnrn from hunting, in dtneend
ing from a wagon. Hie gun being
eaught in the wood, oaueed it to *re,
■booting him through the right aide.
We extend our eympnthy to the be
The Leap Year Girl."
Messrs V. M- Hoebeaedel, et Cha
ton. La-, aad H. T. Iffitamon, of
Yacoo county, spent several days la
the gueets of Mr. S. V.
our town,
Mr. P. A. Parker was a visitor I*
Lexington oa Thursday.
ids a busiaem
Brooke Burwull
trip to his placenta Yaaoe eoaaty,
Mrs. S. N. Sample awl lobart
Nance •pant a few hour* at Pieksaa,
Tueeday afternoon.
Messrs. Will Burwull and Buasbaw
Thomas went to Benton Thursday,
Mrs. Nannie Hartford and Mile
Virginia Luae were recent visitors,
guest, of Dr. Burweil and Mr. and
Mrs. J. W. Burweil.
Hon. S. N. Sample and son, Wal
ter, went to Jeokson, Thursday, via
Rev. J. P. Hickman was the guest
of Mr. sod Mrs. George Roberta,
Friday, and filled bis regular ap
pointment at the Baptiat church on
Tucker Johnson and Walter Lucas
made a brief vieit to Pickens friends
the latter part of the past week.
Rensbaw Thomas went to Pickens
Friday atternoon to meet Mr. Sam
ple on bis return from Jackson,
Mr Eugene Clark visited Eben
ezer, Thursday.
Hon. S. N. Sample, Mrs. Sample
and little Eugene, left Monday for a
few days sojourn at Gulfport. Mr.
Sample was a delegate to the grand
lodge Knighte of Pytbiaa, which
met at Gulfport on Tuesday.
The section of the Weather
Bureau concerning oropi. given out
at Vicksburg eays:
'On the whole, the past week was
the most favorable thue far this sea.
bod. The showers have been very
beneficial in bringingcottonend*eorn
up to good stands, although in a few
counties, especially in the northeast
ern portion of the itete, the rainfall
was insufficient for the needs of
crops. The eaily corn and cotton
are generally email with only fair
stands, but nnneaally well cultivat
ed,while conditions have been quite
favorable for good stands from Ista
The Illinois Control rood bu am
ployed Mr. Phillips Joy, of Do rut,
b well knows claim agent who n
signed ssvsral months tgo torssums
practice of law, as special adjuster
of all old claims pending at various
potato along tbs lias.—Clarion Lad
A b a ri ssa la gotag tarots Jatatha
14th on tha p royaMMoa at
190,000 wac* of 6 per osai koala
a ftk0O6
Booasvilla is to karo a
and giafiptML

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