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On Tuesday morning Watt McCain
dosed his eyes upon things terrestrial
to open them oil things celestial.
While bis death-was not unexpected,
he having been constantly sinking from
•a stroke of paralysis received some
months ago. yet n came as a severe
shock io tho entire community, wno
had been hoping against hope that the
insidious affliction might ho arrested
and he be restored to his former excel*
lent health.
His long illness and last days on
earth were alieviuteu of much ot the
suffering and pain bv th» l iving mini
sirations and tenner care or his uevoteu
wife and cLJureu, physician and
friends, who did a.ll in rrortul power
to stay the hanu ol the gi un uestruyer
and to cocUiouic » hater it loving »oIi
citude could devise for the comfort of
the sufferer.
.It was not a,formal token of respect
that brought to the residence at 10
-o'clock Wednesday morning a large
.crovrd to attend the funeral services of
this beloved and esteemed citizen. It
was not just a token of sympathy to the
sorrowing and bereaved lamilv. It
was more than these. It was the ge
nuine sorrow of.those that mourned on
their own accounts; those who felt
that in Mr. McCain's passing they
had suffered a personal loss. The im
pressive funeral services were con
ducted by Dr. J. B. Hutton, of Jack
son, and Rev. T. T. Koopman, pastor
• of the Presbyterian church here, of
which deceased was a faithful and con
sistent member. Dr. Hutton preached
.a most touching sermon, of solace and
comfort to the sorrowing family and
friends, pointing them to the blessed
Savior, "who captive led captivity,
wber robbed the grave of victory and
took the sting from deatb" and had
.gone before to prepare a place in "His
bather's house of many mansions" for
all who remained faithful on earth.
Rev Koqpman concluded the services
at the grave in Odd Fellows ceme
tery. The casket and the new made
mound were heaped with beautiful
flowers—those silent but expressive
emhlems of immortality—tributes of
love and respect from sorrowing neigh
bors and friends.
Deceased was of tbe highest type of
Christian citizensnip. His chief char
acteristic was his generous, loving and
lovable disposition, and bis love of
justice and right. There was no sham
or hypocritical cant in his life, his
walk or - his conversation, but he was
always true, honest, genuine, sincere
and charitable. He was eminently just
in his estimate of human character
.and was rarely decei ved by external ap
pearances. He readily detected any
humbugging and charlatanism that
anight be concealed under tbe cloak of
tself-assumed sanctity, nor did the
werdict of the unthinking blind him to
ithe divine spark that struggled in the
breast of the outcast or sinner. Ho
was eminently charitable and kina
and .freely gave of his substance, with
out .any ostentation or display, to the
poor and needy. Judging a tree by
its .fruits, the life of Watt McCain was
a magnificent one and crowned with
sucuess, because he,completely measured
up to .the standard which is set up for
us afi! in the Holy Scriptures that ''he
that hath compassion upon the poor
lendeOh to the Lord, and that which
he hafth promised he will repay again.
It was such treasures as these .he had
laid up, and has won for him a crown
of righteousness, because at was his
desire im his own humble way to be a
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and Friday
APRIL 8th and 9th
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display in our
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things in
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< z
Pickens Bros. Co.
l/' r r. Louis
follower of bis Master, the Lord of us
As a father and husband he was ever
kind and affectionate, and to his wife
and children we extend our heartfelt
sympathy and pray that the Fattier
will ever keep them in the hollow of
His hand and heal their bruised hearts
and give them strength and grace to
: bow witn meek submission to His holy
j will, in this their greatest affliction.
He has passed into the presence of
the Lord where there is joy forever
more, .as he drifted away from the
loving hands that would fain have de
tained him. as he went down into the
■'valley of the shadow," we know that
He, in whom bo trusted, sustained
mid upheld him and gave him an abun
dunt entrance into the mansions above,
Deceased was 5ti years of age and is
survived bv his wife and three t hil
dren, Harry. Miss Frances and Watt,
1 spent a.< years in the practice and
study of pharmacy in the German and
English language and consulted the
best medical boards in the world be
* secured the prescription for
Quick s Cough Medicine,
aenhall, 1 harmacist,
than any other for coughs, colds and
[ a K r i | PP e envinney it btigler will re
* unt * vour money,
J. C. Men
If not better
Town Street Tax Age.
The street age adopted by the board,
under tbe new charter, as per minute
book on file with tbe clerk, is from 18
to 50. All parties wishing to see it
can inspect the book
King's Daughters' Notes.
The King's Daughters wish to state
as our April days are here and pros
pects for the weather very promising,
we cordially invite one and all to take
nart in our "annual special cleaning"
tbioughout Lexington. Do not think
by this saying that we mean to sug
gest anything in regard to one's home
for that is not our idea, but would
like to see all grounds surrounding
same devoid of litter and debris of
any kind.
All members are requested to attend
tbe next meeting, April 9, at Mrs. Em
Brown's as the election of officers will
take place and especially mention that
Federation dues are to be naid in at
same meeting.
Mrs. Allison Holland, of Lexington,
Ky., is guest of Mrs. R. A. Stigler.
She is spending some days here to
etieer the invalid hours of her sister.
Mrs. Hooke.
Manager Dalton McBee of electric
fame says, no one will have to go to
the mountains or seashore for breezes
as he will have a large stock of untir
ing fans to cool their heated brows day
and night.
Mr. Harvey will build a residence on
his property near the iron brige Lex
ington welcomes this substantial citi
zen as a permanent home maker.
Mrs. Homer Dean, of Leland, is vis
.iting her parents, Lieut, and Mrs. R.
H. Baker.
The Benjamin Humphreys Chapter
D. A. it. met with Mrs. G. A. Wilson
Wednesday afternoon. Mrs. Yandell
was appointed delegate to the congress
to met in Washington City, April 19.
The faithful little band appropriated
$20i00 to the Bronze Tablets to mark
the famous Natchez Trace. The next
meeting will be with Mrs. J. H. Me
Bee the last day of April.
As the pressure of so ever intensify
ing struggle tor existeoce forces the
conviction upon tbe minds of all think
ing people that the cause of our pres
ent world-wide industrial depression
may largely be found in the disloyal
and traitorous conduct of many, whom
the people have heretofote entrusted
with office, it evidently becomes the
duty of every citizen who as .such,
should have the welfare of the people
at heart to contribute his mite towards
tho selection for office of only such men
whoso record is free from the taint of
having wilfullv and tor personal sel
bsh purposes, violated their former
voluntary assumed sol.am obligations,
Ihe death of Senator Sample will
soon devolve upon-the citizens of
Holmes county the duty ot electing bis
successor. And, since tbe only assur
twice of loyalty to tbe people's interest
will be here, as in all other elections,
in tho performance of the solemn obli
Rations that will be taken by those
therefore, in the exerciso of my
riRht as a citizen, and to enable the
citizenship of our county to choose in
telligeutlv, 1 shall deem it tuy duty to
lift the veil of hypocracy from some
who may aspire to that office, and
against whom I have wiitten and
now hold legal proof,of having for sel
fish personal purposes violuted the most
so i eiun obligation ever taken by man.
upon assuming
■ I'd Rather Die, Doctor.''
than have my feet cut off," said M.
L. Bingham, of Princevilie, 111, "but
you'll die from gangrene (which had
eaten away eight toes) if you don't,"
said all doctors Instead be used Buck
leu's Arnica Salve till wholly cured.
Its cures of Eczema. Fever Sores. Boils,
Burns and Piles astound tne world.
25c. at Swinney & Stigler's and B. S.
Study Club
Pre Islamic Period.
\ Race Origin, Miss Morris.
2. Earlv Traditions and History,
Miss Beall.
3. Geographical Divisions, Mrs.
Tribes, Mrs. Beall.
Climate, Soil and Products, Mrs.
Wils n.
6. Fauna and Flora. Mrs. Elmore.
7. Pilgrimages
Month of Ramadan. Mrs. Eggleston.
8. Tbe Kaafca, Mrs. Durden
Study Club meets at 4 p. m. Wednes
day, April 7, with Mrs. Eltnoro.
Letter from Mrs R, T. Nolen.
Harrisville, Miss., April 1, 1909
To the Lexington Advertiser:
At the last session of the Mississippi
conference, we were assigned to the
Pinola charge ir. the Jackson District.
I said we, my husband was, but his
church and interest is mine and where
he goes I go. Mr. Nolen is well
pleased with his work. We havt a good
and it well furnished, and
the people are so good and kind to us.
^he parsonage is located in Harris
v ji] e 0 nlv a few yards from tbe church,
Harrisville is a pleasant place to live
vVe have 2 churches, Methodist and
Baptist. Mr. Nolen preaches here 2nd
an( j 4 t j, tfundavs in each month. We
h ave a g 00 d school, said to be the best
j n Simpson county. We are 9 miles
f rom tt, e railroad and about 25 miles
sonth of Jackson. I send 11.00 for the
renewal of my subscription to the
Advertiser as each copy is like getting
a i e tter from home. It was in Holmes
CO unty where I was born, raised and
married to Rev. R. T. Nolen,
Mrs. R T. NOLEN.

Fincher & Brown had the misfor
tune of losing one of their livery
horses, a geneial favorite, by death
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j Legal Notices
Sheriff's Sale.
No. 2887.—The State of Misaissippi, Holme*
County 1 act.—P. M. M Alexander, Trustee,
vs. P. H. Zeigier, et al.
Hy virtue of an execution which issued from
the office of E. V. Ashley, Circuit Clerk of the
County of Holmes, and In favor of P. M. M. Al
exander, Trustee, and atrainst p. H. Zclider, et
a)., for the sum of Thirty-Eight and 10-100 Dol
lars, besides interest thereon and cost of 6ult, I
have this day levied upon the following describ
ed lands belonging to the said defendant. In the
County of Holmes and State of Mississippi, to
wit: W. i nw. 1 nw. i. Section 3, T. 13, Range 1
e., ne. i ne. i and w. 4 se. 4 ne. 4, See. 4. T. 13, K.
1 e., all of which I will offer for sale at thp south
door of the court house In City of Lexington, on
Monday, the 3d of May. A I). 1909, to satisfy
said execution and all cost. Sale within legal
This 30th day of March. A I). 1909,
i. C. REID, Sheriff.
Bankrupt Notice.
In the District Court of the United Statea— For
•laekson Division of the Southern District of
Mississippi — in the Matter of H. C. Tye.
Bankrupt — In Bankruptcy.
To the Creditors of H- C. Tye. of Pickens.
Miss,, in the County of Holmes and District
aforesaid, a bankrupt: Notice is hereby given
that on the day of March 18. A. f). J909. the
said H. C. Tye was duly adjudged bankrupt;
and that the lirst meeting of Mi creditors will be
held at Pickens. Miss., at the office of bank
rupt's former place of business, on the day of
Friday. April 9, A. !>. 1909, at 11 o'clock a in , at
which time the said creditors may attend, prove
their claims, appoint a trustee, examine the
bankrupt and transact such other budness as
may properly come before said meeting. Hank
rupt is ordered to be present
F. M. WEST, Referee in Bankruptcy.
Chancery Summons.
No. State of Mississippi to GladysGllruth.
residence. Nashville, Tenn.. and Jas. Gilruth
and W- i. Edwards, residence unknown:
Von are hereby commanded to appear before
the Chancery Court of the County of Holmes on
the 2nd Monday of April at U a. m., Rules Day,
April 12, A. D., 1909. to defend the suit in said
court of Millie Allen vs. Maggie Kennedy et al.
wherein you are defendants.
PARHAM WILL1AM8, Chancery Clerk.
T, K Mortimkr. Solicitor for Coinpts.
No. 1491. State of Mississippi—To Lu Harris,
Postoffice unknown. Defendant:
You are commanded to appear before the
Chancery Court of the County of Holmes, in
said State, on the fourth Monday of May. A. D.
1909, to defend the suit In said court of Charlie
Harris for divorce, wherein you are defendant.
This the 20th day of March, 1909.
William Arthur Pirrc*. 8ol. 3-26
No. 1671—Annie Klmt vs. Sam Klrnt.-State of
Mississippi - To Sam Kirgt. Postoffice un
known, Defendant:
You are commanded to appear before the
Chancery Court of the County of Holmes. In said
State, on the fourth Monday of May, A - D 1909.
to defend the suit In said court of Annie Klrnt
for divorce, wherein you are defendant.
This the 20th day of March. 1909
JA9- H. FtrgPA, Sol
No. 1574.— State of Mississippi — To Wesley
Smith. Postoffice. Memphis. Tenn., Defend
You are commanded to appear before tbe
Chancery Court of the County of Holmes, in
said State, on the fourth Monday of May. A. I).
[909, to defend the suit in said court of Sarah
Smith for divorce, wherein you arc defendant.
This the 31st day of March. 1909.
4 2-81. PARHAM WILLIAMS. Clerk,
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