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No Man is Stronger &
Than His Stomach
*-ra.-riKr 4 —mWm
comc ouenl inditeation, or from tome other diae.*.
of the stomach and its associated organs .which im- ■>
pairs digestion and nutrition. For when the stomac
Kior diseased there is a loss of thenutnt.on
2s, h '. d r^Sj::''Art. ssf-™-.
•■t. he is losing the nutrition needed to make strength. .. .
%z:vz ~ ... .w.
rer::: susssawans&as- ™
T^-raVSw. —
fl>. ret-v rorW s
Home Brevities.
W. O. Pope was a Snndav visitor to
Hoe. W. T. Johnson spent last week
with friends at Durant.
Ike Polk, of Bowling Green, sojourn
ed la tbe city Saturday.
Mias Lizzie Connelly returned last
week from a pleasant visit in Ken
tacky and has resumed her duties at
tbe postoffice.
C. C. Swinney was a Durant visitot
Among the Lexington delegation to
Itta Bena Monday were John A.
Brown. B A. Rosenthal. Sam Herr
man. O, F. Hosea. W. D. McLeod.
Accuses ol SleoMnt.
E. E. Chamberlain, of Clinton. Me.,
boldly accuses Bucklen's Arnica Salve
of atoaling—the sting from burnB or
ecalds- tbe pain from sores of all
kinds— tbe distress from boils or piles.
"It robs outs, corps, bruises, sorains
and Ipjuries of tbeir terror. ' ' be says
"aa a healing remedy its equal don't
axiet. ' ' Only 25c at All Druggists'.
Maj. L. N. White returned Monday
morning from tbe state encampment
at Vicksburg.
W. B. Neatberland, of Coxburg,
mingled with friends in Lexington
Dallas Crabtree spent Monday at
W. W. Thurmond, of Bowling Green,
wee noted among the visitor* to Lex
ington Saturday.
John D. Eads, of Emurv, exchanged
greetings with Lexington friends
J. M. Hartbcock, of Zeiglerville, so
journed in Lexington Saturday.
T. H. Hartcoek and Robert Hartb
cock, of Harland's Creek, were visit
ors here Saturday.
A King Who Loft Home
set the world to talking, but Paul
Matbulka. of Buffalo, N. Y., says he
always KEEPS AT HOME the King
of all Laxatives—Dr. King's New Life
Pills—and that tbev're a blessing to
all his family. I Cure conatipatio ,
headache, indigestion,dyspepsia. On
ly 25c at All Druggists'.
R A. Tate. 1 M. McNeei. A. D.
Tate H. M. Taylor, T. L. Eubank,
Earl Williamson, J. A. Williamson.
Q. c. BeviU, M. G. Brough, L. F.
Williamon, from tbe Bowling Green
and Sandhill neighborhoods, spent
Saturday ip Lexington.
G. C. Rogers wsb here from Tehula
M J. Evans, of East Bank, spent
Sunday in the home circle.
Mrs. J. B. Hutton arrived last week
from Jackson on a visit to Mrs. S. D.
B. W. Moore and J. A. Fox, of Du
rant, sojourned in Lexington Friday.
Sallow complexion comes from bili
impurities in tbe blood and tbe
fault lies.with tbe liver and bowels:—
they are torpid Tbe medicine that
gives results in such cases is HER
BINE. It is a* fine liver stimulant
and bowel iemulator. Price 50c. Sold
by B. S. Beall.
Dr. A J. Newmau and family spent
a part of the week at Owens Wells.
W M Meek, Hon. R. C. Me Bee, D
H. Hobbs W R. Broome, J. B. Mc
Lean left Sundav afternoon for Itta
Bena to hear Senator Percy's speech.
T B. Sample has accepted a position
with the Tehula Commercial Co. and
entered unon his duties Wednesday.
M. M. Beard, of Tolarville, made
Lexington a visit on business Wednes
K. E. Johnson, of Acona, was here
Miss Latba Williams left Sunday for
a visit to relatives and friends at
Wi. ons
Miss Lucv Fincher spent a portion
of the week with Miss Ethel Moore,
at Durant.
B. F. Clower and family visited J.
Morgan Clower and family, at Rule
ville. last week
W. B. Watts and J. C. Byrd visited
Tcbula Monday.
W J. Spell, of Ebenezer, sojourned
in the city Saturday.
State of Ohio, City cf Toledo, Lucas
County as
Frank J, Cheney makes oath that he
is senior partner of tbe firm of F. J.
Cheney A Co., doing business in tbe
City of Toledo, County and State
aforesaid, and that said firm will pay
tbe sum of ONE HUNDRED DOL
LARS for eacb and every case of
Catarrh that cannot ne cured by tbe
use of Hall's Catarrh Cure.
Sworn to before me and subscribed
in mv presence, this 6tb day of Dec
ember. A. D., 1886.
Notary Public.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken inter
nally, and acts directly on tbe blood
and mucous surfaces of the system
Send for testimonials free
F. J. CHENEY A CO.,Toledo, O.
Sold bv all Druggists. 75c.
Take Hall's Family Pills for consti
8. F. Swinney came over from
Greenwood Saturday and sport a few
days with tbe borne folks.
Mias Louise Hooper spent a couple
of weeks at tbe Harris Business Col
lege at Jackson, taking a special coarse
in stenography.
J. W. Brewer, of Black Hawk, was
bare Sunday.
Bites of poisonous insects that cense
tbe fleab to swell up must be treated
with a healing antiseptic that will
counteract the poison and heal tbe
MENT answeis every requirement in
such cases. Price 25c, 50c and $1.00
per bottle. Sold bv B, S. Beall.
Hon. P. P. Lindbolm visited Durant
B. S. Beall, Jr., was a visitor to
Durant Sundav. ,
Prof. A. L. Broyles, who bad charge
as principal of tbe Acona school tbe
past year, has accepted rbe principal
ship of tbe school at McGhee, Tenn.,
for next year.
John Kvllingstad spent Sunday with
friends at Durant.
D. D. Gibson, J. 8. Williams. T. J.
Strowd, W. A. Sample, W. S. Sample,
T. B. Sample, G. H. Love were up
from Franklin Saturday.
J. H. Rogers, of Emory, spent Satur
day and Sunday in the citty.
Prof. R. W. Goilodge, of Bowling
Green, mingled with friends here
G. 8. Beall. Jr.. and P. H. Murphy,
of Durant, were bare Saturday.
Cuts and bruises may be healed in
about one-third tbe time required by
tbe usual treatment by applyingCbam
berIain's Liniment. It is an antisept
ic apd causes such injuries to him)
without mature ion. This liniment
also relieves soreness of tbe muscles
end rbenmatic pains. For sale by
Swinney A Stigler.
John B. Roaob returned Sunday
from a trip to luka, where he bad
been in tbe interest of tbe Olds Gaso
line Engine Co.
Pi of J. M. Kimbrough bas purchas
ed from Hal A. Gilliam a beautiful
residence lot in East End and will
erect a nice residence thereon in tbe
near future.
Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Wilourn and
daughters spent Sundav with Mr.
Wilburn's mother, in Yazoo county.
L F. Heard was down from Acona
W. H. Abel, of Coxburg. was here
in a business wav Saturday.
John Rodgers, of Harland's Creek,
sojourned in tbe city Monday.
exincroh liore
Grocery Store
$5.00 50e Pepperell Drawers,
.$4.50 $2.00 Suits for little boys.. ..$1.50
,$2.50 | Rice, still 40 lbs. for your... $1.00
. 8c ! 50c Suspenders ..
.. 10c 10c Lawn.
. 9c 10c Gingham.
$2.50 10c Domestic.
.$2.00 j 50c Brooms..
• 35c Brooms.
16c mce.
$2 50 5c Rice.
$1.75: Men's Linen Collars.
$1.20 10c Riverside Cheviots...,
,...40c Gold Dust Wash Powders,
... 40c j Lenox Soap, per bar..
....40c Calico for garments.
High Patent Flour.
Next Grade.
$3.00 Half-Barrel Flour,
D. S. Meat.
Compound Lard..
$3.00 Ladies' Hats.
$2.50 Ladies' Hats.
$2.00 Ladies' Hats..
$1,00 Overalls.
$1.00 Jumpers.
$3.00 Pants..
$2.00 Pants..
$1.50 Pants.
50c Knee Pants.
50c Shirts. .
50c UnderShirts.
Country Produce, Chickens and Eggs Wanted
Don't Pay Big Prices to Have Your Pictures
Enlarged. We Do Your Work FREE.
How to Fight the Cotton Worn.
We have received cotton worms dar
ing tbe past few days from mans sec
tions cf Mississippi, including > jxt> -
bee. Clay, Lowndes and Monroe coon
tiM id tb© eastern tod CUiborne iso
Leflore in tbe western half of tbe state.
Tbe indications are that they will »
much more numerous doling tbe neat
month It will pay eyeryone to be on
tbe outlook for them and to be pre
pared to fight them. However, it may
not be wise to go to too much expense
aa it it possible that tbe worms will be
destroyed by tbeir natural paiaaitaa
and inatead of becoming more numer
ous, tbe may entirely disappear. We
base found that some of tba worms
that have been sent to us bays been
parasitised. It is to be hoped that
these parasites will increase so rapid
ly that tbe worms will be exterminat
ed rery soon.
Powderad^araeoate of lead is tne^iest
remedy for tbe cotton worm,
applied io tbe same manner aa Peril,
green was formerly need It ie dotted
on tbe plants by a mao on a mule from
sacks fastened at eacb end of a pole
about aa long as tbe rows are wide.
Tbe sacks ete made of two tbiekoeesee
of cbeeae cloth. ("Bom OMubur*"
waa formerly used for Paris green but
the cbeeee cloth seems to be more sa
tisfactory. ) Tbe pole should be e
atrip of oek, or other etrong wood,
about one and a half by two inebea end
__ long aa the rows are wide. A one
inch bele is bored about fire inches
from ©Ecb ©od. A sack is tast©n©d n
each end of tbe pole, tbe edgea of tbe
opening of tbe sack are tacked to tbe
narrow sides ol tbe pole. Tbe sacks
are tilled by pouring tbe poison
through a tunnel inserted in the boles
through tbe pole above tbe sacks.
Tbe poison is distributed bv a man
riding on a mule carrying a pole with
the sacks attached at eacb end Tbe
central part of the pole rests on tbe
saddle and tbe sacks of poison bang
over tbe rows of cotton. Tbe mule is
then ridden in a trot down tbe rows
and the motion causes the powdered
poison to be shaken out and quite
evenly distributed over tbe plants.
Tbe amount of powdered arsenate of
lead to be used to tbe acre depends
upon tbe size of the plants and tbe
care with which the work is Acne
Prom two to three pounds will prob
ably ba found to be moet satisfactory
although from one and one-half to
four pounds per acre may be used, de
pending upon conditions.
Powdered arsenate of lead may be
purchased, depending upon tbe quan
tity, at from eighteen cents to twenty
five cents per pound Meny firms
manufacture tbi* substance.
Orasaelli Chemical Company located
both at New Orleans, Louisiana and
Birmingham, Alabama, can probably
supplv it more conveniently than any
other firm that we have been able to
Where Paris green is on band, tbu
substance will be satisfactory but
Paris green should always be mixed
with at least ten times as much flour
or other powdery substance. However,
experiments have shown that Pans
green injures tbe cotton plant and that
cotton will not produce as heavily
where it bas been used. Powdered
arsenate of lead can be used at any
strength It will not injai© the plant®
at all. Tbe chief thing to be «®em
beied is that tbe powder should be
evenly distributed over tbe plants.
Tbe arsenate will be applied most sat
isfactorily without mixing it with any
other substance.
We^advise that evervoBe have the
poles'and sacks made as soon as tbe
first worms appear. It will also pay
to keep a small supply of powdered
arsenate of lead on band it arrange
ments cannot, be made for this sub
stance to be supplied immediately
when it is needed. Everyone should
The First and Second
Will come off within the next few days, and a lot of people
be disappointed. In the meantime we are still offering ex
ceptional values in Merchandise, and assure you that ypu will not
be disappointed if you do your trading with us.
Our chief desire is for every customer to leave our store sat
isfied, which means another visit. With this in view, we exert
every effort to please you.
Make this your stopping place whether you expect to buy,
look, or rest.
bpeoial Prices Throughout August.
Jfyusuwtl Ji/Lcxccuntitc
be prepared to order a large enough
supply of the poison to cover bis entire
cotton crop if necessary. Tbe worms
work very rapidly and there is no
time to be wasted after they once ap
pear as they can do a great deal of
damage in a veiy abort time If a
rain comes just after tbe poison is
applied and washes it off of tba plants
another dotting will be necessary, oth
erwise one dusting will do for eacb
' crop' ' or generation of worms.
Where either powdered arsenate of
lead or Paris green is used,care should
be taken to let aa little as possible of
tbe powder get into tbe eves or mouth
of the man and tbe mule and these
poisons should be bandied with care.
Many take tbe precaution te wear
some sort of gloves when these poi
sons bate to be bandied. However,
with reasonable care there is little
danger from tbe use of these substan
ces After using these poisons tbe
mules should be washed off and tbe
clothes of tbe people working with it
should be thoroughly shaken. It is
best io work early in tbe morning
while the dew is on tbe plants
It is a useless waste of time and
poison to apply tbe poison when it is
not actually needed. Many people
make this mistake during evei v cctton
worm scare. It is useless to poison a
whole plantation if tbe worms are con
fined to a small patch nr two.
Address communications concerning
insects to the Entomologist, Agricul
tural College, Miss.
You can't dodge the malarial germ
while yonr liver is torpid: It makes
you an easy mark for tbe disease
HERBINEistbe best protection. It
puts tbe liver in sound, healthy condi
tion and purifies the stomach and bow
els. Price 50c. Sold by B. S. Beall.
| Legal Notices, j
Petition for Pardon.
To His Excellency, Governor E. F. Noel:
Your undersigned petitioners respectfully
state that John Meeks was indicted at the March
Term. 1906, oi the Circuit Court ot Holmes
County, Mississippi, for murder, charged with
the killing of Walter Jones, both negroes. The
evidence in the case showed that the negroes
were brothers-in-law and bad a quarrel and
fight which arose out of the mistreatment by
Walter Jones of his wife. Both negroes armed
themselves with shotguns, both shot, the result
being the death of Walter Jones, who was con
sidered a quarrelsome and dangerous negro,
having been before the courts and fin <1 on
many occasions; John Meeks having ev--en
gaged in any previous difficulty or bee . te ore
the criminal courts as defendant. On April the
7th. 1906. John Meeks was convicted of man
slaughter and sentenced to the penitentiary ior
a term of ten years, where he now is making a
model prisoner, and in the opinion of your peti
tioners has been sufficiently punished, and your
petitioners respectfully pray Your Excellency
that John Meeks be grshted a pardon.
Respectfully submitted.
Notice to Creditors.
No. 1908. In Matter of Estate ol W. L. Young,
deceased—By J. K. Young, administrator.
Notice is hereby given that letters of adminis
tration on the estate of W. L. Young, deceased,
were granted to J. K. Young, administrator, by
the Chancery Court of Holmes County, Miss , on
the 24th day of July, 1911, and all persons having
claims against said estate are hereby notified
and required to have the same probated and
registered by the Chancery Court Clerk of.
Holmes County. Miss., within one year from
this date, and that a failure to probate and reg
ister said claims for one year will forever bar
said claims.
Witness my signature this 28th day of July.
A. D. 1911.
J. K. YOUNG, Administrator.
Boothe & Pepper. Sol*.
No. 1478. Mrs. Norma Latimer et al. vs. MIbs
M ollic Wherry, et al. In Chancery Court of
Holmes County. Mississippi.
State of Mlssissippi—To 8. E. Wherry.
You are commanded to appear before the
Supreme Court of the State of Mississippi
the second Monday ol October. A. D. 1911, to
Join In the appeal of Miss Mollle Wherry et al
from the final decree ol the Chancery Court of
Holmes County. Mississippi, rendered in the
above styled cause at the November Term. 1910.
of said Chancery Court.
This July 25, 1911.
Clerk of Chancery Court.
Notice to Creditors.
No. 1900. Estate of 8, M. Cox, deceased—By
Mrs. Ida F. Cox. Executrix.
Letters testamentary having been granted to
the undersigned on the 28th day of June, 1911,
by the Chancery Court of Holmes County. Miss
issippi, upon the estate of 8 M. Cox. deceased,
notice is hereby given to ail persons having
claims against said estate to present the same
to the Clerk of said Court for probate and regis
tration according to law within one year from
tnis date, or they will be forever barred.
This July 20, 191L
MRS. IDA F. COX. Executrix.
Notice to Contractor*.
By an order of the Bo.rd of Supervisors of
Holmes County. Mississippi, passed at their reg
ular July Term. 1911. I am authorized and di
rected to advertise lor bids to be submitted at
the next meeting ol said Board, on the first
Monday in August. 1911, to re-floor and paint the
Tehula Iron Draw Bridge, at Tehula. Miss , the
Board reserving the right to reject any and all
Bank of Holmes County
First and Oldest Established Bank
in Holmes County, Miss.
Courteous Treatment
Ample Resources,
Conservative Management
We solicit your accounts and promise you prompt,
courteous and efficient service.
No Money
in Advance
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tion Guar*
anteed —
Lowest Net
Pricuu— 1
Terms — A
Saving of
$100 to
$200 —
From Fac
tory Direct
P. A. STARCK. Pubs.
Sent Anywhere in the United States on
W I WILL SEND to any part of the United States a beautiful STARCK PIANO,
with handsome silk velour scarf, polished revolving top stool, with brass feet
and glass balls. Starck's Complete Piano Instructor, ail fully warranted for 15
years on 30 Days' Free Trial right in your own home, without asking any money in
advance, and if you do not find it the handsomest, swastnst-toned and highest grade
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important features, then it may be returned to us. in which event we will stand the
freight charges both ways. We trust you and leave you to be both judge and jury,
hence you are to be pleased or there will be no sale, and the trial will not cost you a
penny. Isn't that fair? Your banker or any commercial agency will tell you we are
able as well as willing to make good on our guarantee add all our promises andaSTee
ments. hence you are safe in accepting our proposition. N
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of us all. Send for Special Player Piano
Catalogue If interested. _
Write ua today. Our beautiful literature will Interest you. Mention this paper. £
Exseufivt OfflOM and Warsroams, 207-209 Wabash Avfh, CHICAGO, ILL DtpL 95
For Rates apply to Local Manager
Cumberland Telephone & Telegraph Co.
For Rent.
my residence at
Four rooms of
Owens Wells, and have use of Owens
Well water. Apply to
Lexington, Miss.
For Sale.
Baled oat bay. 65c per bale.
Merchants in need of Daper bags
may secure them at the Advertiser
office We have them in all sizes and
will print whatever you want on them
r furnish them blank if desired.
For Sale.
Grist Mill.
Gin stand ; 70-saw Gullett, now.
Poland China Hogs.
Berkshire Bogs.
Rhode Island Bed chickens.
Barred Plymouth Rock chickens.
Horses, mules, cattle.
Mileston, Miss.
Money to Loan.
On real estate, in any town in the
county, at 5 per cent. Monthly pay
meats. Long time.

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