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We have
ju£t received
a shipment
of genuine
that we will
sell at car
lot prices.
Texas Red
Rust Proof
Oats grown
in Texas.
A complete
Stock of
fancy &
heavy Gro
ceries. We
invite a
of prices.
Pickens Bros.
Continued lrom panel.
with Mrs. M. E. Foy.
Master Vardaman Bussell spent a
few davs with his aunt, Mrs. Willie
Mrs. Azzie King left for home Sun
| day morning after spending a few days
with relatives and friends here.
W'e are glad to say that L. W. Fon
ville is up again from his illness. He
has been HI for quite a while.
We will have preaching here the first
Sunday in next month at 3 o clock by
Rev. 0. L. Savage. W'e will ^invite
everyone to come.
Mrs. Eula Putnam and Miss Jessie
Putnam called on Mrs. Kate Hampton
Saturday evening.
Mrs. Sarah Abies and grandchild,
Beatrice Abies, spent Sunday with
Mrs. Ruby Bridges.
A. D. Butler spent a few' hours Sun
day evening at Geo. Putnam s.
R. T. Russell and wife called onMrs.
Eula Putnam Sunday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. McUlown spent Sunday
with Mr. and Mrs. Gabe Moore.
Mrs. Maggie ;Fonville and children
and Miss Jessie Putnam spent Monday
with their sister, Mrs. Florence Rus
R. T. Russell made a business trip to
Belzona Thursday.
Ike Davis was in our vicinity Friday
Richard Combs was in our vicinity
Mrs. Lela Davis was in our vicinity
Monday afternoon.
We are sorry to say that little James
Hargraves is on the sick list this week.
Hope he will soon be up again.
Best wishes to all. SUNBEAM.
We -e having some warm weather
Mr. and Mrs. Preston Rogers were
seen on main street Sunday.
Mrs. Hanson and son, Ben,were seen
passing through town Sunday evening.
Mrs. Mollie Allen has been spending
a few days with Mrs. J. R. Killebrew.
MissHanson has returned home from
a pleasant trip to her friend, Miss
Paxton, of Tolarville.
Henry McBride was on fifth avenue
Mrs. Alice Jackson and children
spent the night wth Mrs. J. R. Neth
erland Saturday and Sunday.
Mrs. Hanson and ch Idren, Kate and
Ben, called on Mrs. W. L. McBride
Sunday evening.
Mr. Orren Chisolm and family spent
the day wiht Frank Chisolm Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. W. L. McBride spent
the night with Mrs. B. D. Hanson Sun
Mr. and'Mrs. B. Hoover spent the
day with Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Nether
land Sunday.
John Tolar and son, Jim, were seen
on fourth street Sunday.
We were sorry to hear of Miss Willie
Covingon's detah.
deepest heartfelt sympathy to the be
reaved family.
With best wishes to the dear Jold Ad
vertiser and its many readers.
We extend the
We are having some more rain.
Some of the people are busy moving.
W. L. McBride was seen on his way
to Lexington Monday.
Our school is progressing nicely un
der the management of our teacher,
Miss Susie Rogers.
G. 0. Spell was seen going toward
Central Point Saturday evening.
Will Killebrew was a caller at Jim
Rodgers' Sunday afternoon. What is
the attraction, Will.
EakinGray was seen passing through
Gip Seay was a guest of his home
folks one day last week.
Eakin Gray and Willie Spencer were
callers at Mr. Jim Holloway's Sunday
Miss Leonora Payne and Miss Annie
Lewellen dined at Mr. Jim Killebrew's
Clifford Spencer was seen on his way
to Sunday school at Harland's Creek
Miss Katherine Spell andJIMiss Susie
Rogers were callers at Mrs. Joe Wig
ley's Sunday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Brit Hoover were
callers at Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Nether
land's Sunday.
J. R. Netherland visited Lexington
friends Monday.
Mrs. Tom Edwards spent the day
with her mother, Mrs. M. P. McBride.
M. P. McBride left Sunday to take
up his work as manager of Blissdale
Orren Chisolm and family spent
Tuesday with his father, Mr. Frank
With best wishes to the Advertiser
and its readers
As I've been absent for some time
will try to tell a few happenings of
our burg.
Christmas is now over and here we
are on a new year, we should strive to
do better work and more good this year
than we did last year. We are aware
of the fact that as this old world grows
older we are also growing older. Jen
neren i3 feeling her age right sharply
and is soon to he an old maid unless
another Leap Year comes real soon.
The boys say that the girls didn't do
anything last year and they are going
to see what they can do this year.
Our school is still improving.
Rev.Miller filled his regular appoint
ment here Sunday, with, as usual, a
large attendance.
Misses Alice and Audrey Williamson
went to Jones Crossing last Tuesday
to attend Miss Bertha Sharpe's birth
da dinner. They report a most de
lightful time.
Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Tate spent Sun
day at W. C. Rodgers'.
Booker Ingold and Guy Sharpe called
on the Misses Williamson Saturday af
Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Truitt Sundayed
atJ. E. Frazier's.
Miss Annie Parkinson spent last
Thursday night with MissesMinnie and
Gertie Kealhofer.
Misses Alice and Audrey Williamson
and B. E. Nabers and Tommie Wherry
attended the moving picture show at
Lexington Saturday night. No doubt
they enjoyed themselves to the fullest
Prof, and Mrs. E. W. Eubank dined
at W. C Rodgers' Sunday.
Tom Eubank and Earl Tate left Mon
day for Josephine, Texas, to make
their future home.
Miss Rubie Truitt was seen out driv
ing Sunday evening—not alone, 1
W. W. Williamson and family
da.ved at J. B. Williamson's.
Mrs. Jim Webb, of Jackson, s
from Friday until Monday with i
parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Brown
We had Quite a rain storm here .
Miss Clara Wherry, who is vis "t >
friends and relatives here, spe
while Monday morning at Betl
High School.
In Memory of Miss Willie Covin t m
While the world is busy about t!»e.
affairs of life, Death is also bus; re j
moving our loved ones from the hore j
of time tothe unseen world. Ye
Christmas morning the soft w iged
Angel of Death hovered aroum the
home of Mr. Covington and took rom
their midst a loving daughter a id a
devoted sister. After a few da s of
suffering the Lord eased the tired
body of its suffering and took ht soul
to a Haven of Rest. She passed iway
life a sleeping child. Her aged f .thr,
sister and brothers and friends w e at
her bedside when death entered. We]
greatly mourn her loss; it set rr.s n
if we cannot do without her, hi t th *
Lord knew best, so we must com
ourselves to His will.
Miss Wiillie was a true and
Christian lady with all the attr tea.
Her life was a model of love, duty and .
friendship. May her death be a spirit
ual blessing to us all'and draw u near j
er to Him so when He calls us e will 1
be ready to join the loved c les in i
heaven. Her life was devoted o i t .
parents, sister and brothers; she whs
a kind friend and loved by all who
knew her.
Not]in cruelty, not in wrath
The reaper came that. day.
'Twas an angel that visited the , ten
And took dear Willie away
Thus the flowers of earth art r ip
by a few hours of sickness and trans
planted in the Paradise of God. She
has received her reward in heaven tor
the good deeds done on earth.
The remains of this subject were
laid to rest in the Gum Grove ceme
tery in the presence of a large owd
of sympathizing friends.
To the bereaved parents, and sifter,
brothers we truly sympathise tv .th > oU
but, grieved ones, would saj, listen
to the teachings of theMaster'* words
"Come unto me all ye that labor and
are heavy laden and ;i will give >u
rest. Take my yoke upon > • >- and
learn of me; for I am meek and lowly
in heart, and ye shall find rest unto
your souls. Written by a true friend,
a |
Notice to Confederate Veterans of
Holmes County.
In accordance with a request from
the Camp of Confederate Veterans of
this county, the Board of Supervisors
have provided a Confederate Veterans'
Roster, which is now in the hands of
the chancery clerk.
I will be glad to have all veterans
call at the chancery clerk's office when
they come to town and register their
names in the book.
sortim: over a draw i;« ci
P. H. MURPHY, Clerk. 2
Learn to Th otv Away
A friend of mine who van about bp
move wa#
accumulated "truck" -1 can U rt
no other equ - #)
and was throw; l. Of It
into the waste . -kef. 'It mas s n
feel dreadful to throw ah these iho-gs
away," she said.
"Why?" I asked" Do you thing you'll
ever need them again?"
"Oh no," she said, "only it seems
terrible to throw them away after I've
kept them so many years, given them
valuabe houseroom and sorted and
tidied them up every year. The time
and space I've given them sort of
makes them seem valuabe, though I
never got any good out of them.''
Isn't that a suggestive statement?
How many of us have closets and
bureau drawers and chests and garrets
filled with "truck," whose only value
is the time it has eaten up and the val
uable houseroom it has filled.
Do you know how to throw things
There are a great many people in the
world who never master this art. Ac
cumulating is a mania with them. It
seems to hurt them to destroy, or give
away, or otherwise get rid of any ar
ticle no matter how remote is the
cnance of their ever having any use for
The wise person who understands
the art of elimination as well as that
of accumulation, asks of each object
that is taking his time and space, "Is
it likely that I shall ever use this
again?" And if he thinks it is not, he
gets rid of it. He knows that the an
noyance it will cause him to have a
burden of unused objects in his home
is greater than the annoyance he will
feel from having gotten rid of one or
two things that he might have used
The unwise man with whom accumu
lation is a mania asks, "Is it possible
under .any ; combination of circum
stances that I would Jjever want this
again?" and accumulates accordingly.
I once had an elderly relative who
acted on this principle,
had been a dressmaker and she actual
ly insisted on keeping all the paper
patterns from which her mother had
cut gowns thirty years ago. "Oh they
might be useful sometime," she would
insist vaguely but obstinately when she
was urged to get rid of this clutter
and make the house more habitable.
She never used them and, of course,
they were thrown pel-mell into the fire
along with several cartloads of similar
stuff by her heirs.
Learn to throw away.
The ability to accumulate is valuable
but the ability to choose and eliminate
is equally so.
There is scarcely one of us who doe
not possess too much, who does no
need to make a raid upon his or hef
house 'about once in so often, and
sternly get rid ofithose articles which
are hindering rather than serving. |
N. E. N. .
Her mother
Honor Roll Wilkes School.
7th grade—Gordon Spell, Clifford
6th grade—Lyle Netherland.
3rd grade—Joseph Hargraves, Jim
Wigley, Clara Wigley.
2nd grade—Mollie Reynolds, Georg*
Reynolds, Jesse Hargraves, Roberi
1st grade—Vera Chisolm, Willi*;
Thursday Night,
Jan. 16,1913
There will
Be a
Grand Ball at
Lunsford's School House
Music and Supper will be Furnished.
Gentlemen will be charged 50 cents Admission,
Ladies Free.
Lindsey Lunsford, J. B. House, and
J. D. Wallace, Peace officers.
Mrs. Lunsford, Mrs. House and
Mrs. Wallace, Chaperones.
Proceeds for Benefit of School.
By Order Committee on Arrangement.
For Sale.
Gullett 70-saw gin stand (new); 1
8-h. p. Olds gasoline engine; 1 grist
mill (new); 1 gristmill (secondhand);
1 corn crusher; 1 steam engine and
boiler; 100 rolls American hog wire; 1
8-h. p. gasoline boat; 1 new mower
(McCormick); 1 old mower (McCor
mick) ; 1 buggy; 2 hay rakes; 1 scales;
10,000 seed cane (Louisiana); 1 surrey;
1 Dudt'Y steam pump; all household
goods' 1 iron safe; 1 roller top desk;
i typewriter (Oliver); 3000 bushels
corn; .50 tons hay; 50 head cattle; 20
.head mule.. saddle horses; 500 gal
io. q Louisiana molasses; all drygoods,
*5 > ■' and groceries; 6 registered Berk
<h ie sows; : registered Berkshire
oar; 20 killing hogs; 25 Berkshire
pigs (registered); all wagon gear and
tools; 1 bull dog; 1 English terrier.
Mileston, Miss
For Sale.
Thirteen mules, 5 to 7 years old;
1 saddle horse; 1 large work mare, 6
years old; 1 thoroughbred mare, 3J
years old; $250 worth farming imple
ments; 1 bunch of pure bred Berkshire
hogs; 2000 bushel3 corn; some pea
vine hay and peas.
Lexington, Miss.
Strayed or Stolen.
From the rack in Tchula, Wednes
day night, January 8, 1913, one black
mare mule, weight about 900 pounds,
15 hands high, 10 years old. Notify
the undersigned and receive suitable
W. K. GW1N,
For Sale.
One good milch cow, will give 3J
to 4 gallons per day; third calf. Ad
R. No. 2, Pickens, Miss.
Between M. M Rayner's residence
and cemetery, one gold medal, owned
by Mrs. Belle Campbell, of Whitworth
College. Finder will receive reward.
For Sale.
Corner lots, No. 9 and No. 10, in
Jordan's Subdivision and town of Lex
For Sale.
Cypher's incubator and brooder, 240
egg capacity. IVY McLELLAN,
Route 6, Lexington, Miss.
For Sale.
Corn, corn meal and chops for sale
at Stigler's Mill.
Dissolution Notice.
The mercantile firm of B. T. & W.
H. Hoover, in the town of Pickens,
Pickens, Miss., is this day dissolved
by mutual consent, I having sold my
interest to W. H. Hoover.
Pickens, Miss , December 31, 1912.
Greenville, Miss., January 8.-~The
case against Louis Bridgforth, cashier
of the defunct Bank of Pickens—trans
ferred to this court from Holmes coun
ty for trial—came to an abrupt close
this morning when Judge JMcCulrg
gaveperemptory instructions to the
jury to enter a verdict of not guilty.
It was shown that the statement made
to the state auditor as to the bank's
condition a short time before its fail
ure, presumed to have been sworn to
before Mayor Pierce, of Pickens, by
Cashier Bridgforth, was not sworn to
at all, and when this wsa shown the
court instructed to acquit the defend
ant. W. S. Gordon iB reported very ill
at the sanitarium at Greenville, and
the cases against him will likely be
j Legal Notices, j
Trustee's Sale.
Under and by virtue of the authority con
ferred upon me as substituted trustee In that
certain deed of trust executed by K. H. Cobbles,
L. 1*. Cobblna and H, M. Uobhins on the doth day
of January, 1911. to aeeure Mrs. Ella H. Hooker
in the payment of a certain Indebtedness there
in mentioned, which said deed of trust is of rec
ord in the Chancery Clerk's office in Holmes
County, Mississippi. In Hook of Trust Deeds on
Land No. 22 at pane 141, the indebtedness named
in said deed oi trust remaining due and unpaid,
1 , the undersigned substituted trustee in said
deed of trust, will, at the request of the said
Mrs. Ella H. Hooker, on Saturday, the (list day
Of February, 1913, offer for sale and sell at pub
lic outcry to the highest and best bidder for
cash, within legal hours. In front of the east
door of the court house m the City of Lexington,
Holmes County, Mississippi, the following de
scribed property in the said city of Lexington,
Holmes County, State of Mississippi, to-wft: All
of Lot No. SK) In the City of Lexington, Holmes
County, Miss., less that part owned by,I. If 0.
Hammond, it being meant by the above descrip
tion to convey that particular tract of laud
bought by Mollie King and Virginia Singleton
from VV. 1'. Tackett on the 2sth day of March.
1907, and of record In Land Deed Book No. at at
page 559 in the Chancery Clerk's office in Holmes
County, Mississippi, and one gray mare named
"Daisy" and one dark hay mare mule named
appears of record in the Chancery Clerk's office
in Holmes County, Mississippi, in Mortgage and
Deed ol Trust Book No. 1 at page 140. I will
convey only such title as is vested In me by said
trust deed.
Witness my signature this the 9th day of Jan
uary, 1913.
My appointment as substituted trustee
1), 'J'. KUFF, Substituted Trustee.
H. S. Hooker, Atty
Deed of Trust Sale.
By virtue ot the authority conferred on me as
trustee In that certain deed of trust executed on
the CCm) day of October, 1910, by J. H. Byrd and
Mrs, Bertha Byrd, his wife, to secure a certain
Indebtedness therein mentioned due Mrs Mary
K Miles, said deed oi trust being recorded in
Book 22 of Trust Deeds on cage 102 of tbe Kefc
ords of Holmes County, Mississippi, and default
having been made in the payment of said in
debtedness. I, at the request oi said beneficiary,
will, on Monday, the 3rd day of February, 1913,
within legal hours, offer for sale and sell for
cash, at public outcry, to the hlghast bidder, at
the court house in Lexington, Holmes County,
Mississippi, the following described lot or parcel
of land situated in Bowling (Been, Holmes
County, Mississippi, to-wit: From corner of
Lots!, 2, Sand (i of Section 7, Township 15,
Range 4 east, run south 120 w. 2.07 chains, south
42jo iv 5.oi chains to corner in center of Lexing
ton and Bowling Breen road, thence north 200
w.8,90 chains, thence south life e. ;l 50 chains,
thence north solo e, 4.80 chains, thence north
590 e, 4,10 chalns.thence north 381° e. 1.22 chains,
to close, containing 4 acres, situated in north
end of Lot 5. Section 7, Township 15, Range 4
east, being the same lot and residence thereon
conveyed to J. H. Byrd by J. F. McNeer, Deed
Book 23. page 71, and to J, F. McNeer by A M.
Doty, et ux, Deed Book 22, page 740 ol tbe Rec
ords ol Land Deeds of Holmes County, Missis
sippi, ami formerly occupied by the grantors
herein as a residence. I will on. y convey such
title as Is vested lu me as trustee,
Witness my signature this the 26th day of De
cember. 1912.
L. N. WHITE, Trustee.
Noel. Boothe & Pepper, Attys.
Trustee's Sale.
By virtue of tbe authority conferred on roe as
substituted trustee in that certain deed of trust
recorded hi Trust Deed Book 19 on page 91 of
the records of Holmes County, Mississippi, exe
cuted on the 15th day of January 1909. by T. J.
Benjamin and Mary Ann Benjamin to T. J,
Wyatt as trustee to secure W, 8. Garnett In the
payment of a certain indebtedness therein de
scribed. I will on Monday, the 3rd day of
February. 1913, within legal hours on said day
at the south door of the court house in Lexing
ton, Mississippi, offer for sale at public outcry
to the highest bidder (or cash the following
land situated iu Holmes County, Mississippi,
to-wit: E, 4 is. e. 1 of n. e. 1. Section 20, Town
ship 16, Range 2 eaBt. and n. w. i of u. w. X and
n. i s. i of n. w. 1, Section 21, Township 16
Range 2 east.
This December 23rd, 1912.
K. K. JONES JR„ Substituted Trustee.
Petition for Pardon.
To Hon. Earl Brewer, Governor of the State of
We, your undersigned petitioners, would most
respectfully ask that you grant a pardon to
Phillip Jacobs, a colored youth of about 14 years
ol age, who was convicted of burglary at the
Sept, term, 1912. of the Holmes County Circuit
Court and sentenced to three years in the peni
tentiary therefor. The facts In the case are
about as follows: The little negro pleaded guil
ty to breaking Into the store and taking *23, but
he was merely used as the tool of an older ne
gro, who has made his escape and who forced
this Jacobs darkey to give him *17 of the stolen
money. Said Jacobs was placed in jail on the
— day of April. 1912, and was confined therein
until September, 1912, when he was arraigned
and pleaded guilty and was given the above
, i; i:
Prices anil designs to suit all. from the lowest
to the highest, Tombstones from $8 00 up,
Monuments from $25.00 up. Trade solicited
throughout the count}, write me or call over
phone through West.
H. H. HATHCOCK, Agent,
West, Miss.
mentioned sentence ami so ho: has been confined
for nearly one year for stealing *23 00. and we
most respectfully submit that he has been suffl
elently punished. He is but a youth and this is
the FI KST time bo- was ever known to have vio
lated the law ami we submit tliut it would be lor
tbe best interests of the State of Mississippi that
he he pardoned, and not be kept longer to as
sociate with much older and hardened criminals
hut that he be granted a pardon conditioned
upon his future good behavior and he required
to obey all the laws of the laud in the future,
otherwise the pardon to become void
Most respectfully submitted.
J. H, FUUUA and Others.
Notice to Creditors.
No.. Estate of Mrs. Mary E. Jenkins, de
ceased. By J. 0 Bowman. Executor. Xu
the Chancery Court oi Holmes County, Miss
Whereas, Letters Testamentary were granted
the undersigned on the 9th day af January. 1913.
as executor of the estate of Mrs, Mary E. Jen
kins. deceased. Now all persons having any
claims aguinst said estate will take notice that
said claims must be probated and registered In
the Chancery Clerk's otlice of Holmes County.
Mississippi, within one year from this date, or
the same will be forever barred.
This the 10th day of January, 1913,
J. C. BOWMAN, Executor.
H. 8. Hooker, Atty.
Notice to Creditors.
Wbercas, Letter* Testamentary of the estate
of W. 8. Sample, deceased, has been granted to
the undersigned executors oi said estate; Now,
therefore, notice is hereby given (o all persons
having claims against said estate to have the
same probated and registered by the Clerk of
the Chancery Court of Holmes County, Missis
sippi, within one year, or said claims will be
forever barred.
This the 8th day of January. 1913.
w. 8, SAMPLE,
Executors, Etc.
Notice to Creditors.
No. '2032, In the Matter ol the Estate ol Mrs.
Marie T. Abbott, Deceased; Mrs, Birdie A.
Gearhart, Executrix.
All persons having claims or debts against the
late Airs. Alarie T. Abbott are hereby notified to
file the saint- with the Clerk of tbe Chancery
Court of Holmes County. Mississippi, for pro
butt- ai
same w
registration within one year, or the
he barred. Letters testamentary were
granted me by the Chancery Court of said
county on December 19,1912, on this estate.
Notice to Contractors.
By virtue of the authority directed to me by
the Board of Supervisors of Holmes County,
Mississippi, I hereby advertise for bids to be
submitted, separately, at February term, 1913,
to build a bridge across bayou south of Tchula.
iu Beat No. 5; also a bent bridge at Edsvllle, in
Beat 2, according, to plans and specifications
now on file In the office of the Clerk of the
Board; the Board reserving the right to reject
any and all bids.
P, a. MURPHY, Clerk of the Board.
Dissolution Notic*.
The firm of Dobrowski & Gertz, doing a gen
eral mercantile business at Cruder, Miss., has
this day been dissolved by mutual consent.
Those having accounts against said firm will
present same for payment during, the next 30
days, or else be torever barred.
Gruffer. Miss.. Dec. 26.1912,
For Sale.
Automobile for sale, cheap. Apply

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