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Iron County register. [volume] (Ironton, Iron County, Mo.) 1867-1965, March 24, 1881, Image 1

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, .. r t . ' -
ii in i ii in i n in i
TEB1XS-1.60 a Tear, In Adraao
- Ofiloial Directory.
- Lowwdbs H. Davis, M. C, Fourth District,
Cm Girardeau. . -
Taos. Marrbt, State Senator of 24th Dis
trict, Dii)m.
-ao. u. tbomas. juage zstn circuit, nuie-
Wim.IL EnoAR, Prosecuting Attorney,
J. W. Bbrb ym ar Representative , Arcadia.
Fbavs ntaoan. Presiding Judge. Ieneon;
Davi tL Palmer, Belleview.end. Jos.G.Clabk
aow, Aeaajsells, Aseoeiate Jadfes.
Joaa. F. T. Edwards, Judge of Probata
Cwn, trontoa.
ST. A. Plrtchbr. 8heriff. I ronton.
Jartm Bowkd. Collector, I ronton.
Josbpb Huff Clerk Circuit Court, I ronton.
tt. B. Nam Clerk County Court, Ironton.
I ft. Whitwort, TreRaorer, Ironton.
Wh.I. 8bt.l, Aeor, Ballevlew.
Jacob T. Akb, Public Administrator, Iron
tea. J. ORAHDHomra, Coroner, Ironton.
Cibccit Coukt la hld on the Fourth Moo
lay la Oetobar and April .
COOWTT CoUKT convenes on the Flrat Mnn
4 ay of Mareh, Jane, Beptember and December
Proratb Cofkt ta held on the First Monday
1 rcbraary.Hay, ARgaat and November.
XwTBBrra of Howoa ValW Lodge, No.
Wro, K. at H. . T ronton; regular meetings Wednes
day evenings, Jan. 13th and tetb, Feh.Sth and 13d.
Karen ta and SSd. April th and 90th, May 4th
d lata, and June lot, 1Kb and th.
J. W. Wilrihsox, Reporter. :
MrotAir Csaftrr. No. 71. R. A., meets on
em the Flrt and Third Tneadaye in every month,
at 1 o'clock p. in the Masonic Hall , Ironton .
STARorxnR WbstLooor No. 133, A. F A.
1C.. meet in Masonic Hall. Ironton. on the Sntnr
day ef er preceding the fall moon In each month .
Mosaic Lonoa No. 851, A F A A M.. meets
ta tha Masoale Halt, Cross Road, on the Satur
day of or preceding the full moon In each month .
meets in the Odd-Fellows' Hall. Ironton. on tne
First and Third Thursdays of erery month,
Iaow Lottos No. 107. 1 O. O. F. roeeta every
Maaday evening, at iU Hall , in Ironton.
Parana Lo dor No 880. T.O O.F.,ineetaeverv
Thursday evening, in Masonic Hall, Cross Roads.
I Borrow Lodor No. 6. I O. O. T.. meets er
ery Friday evening, at its Hall, Ironton .
Maa eveey 8nndT at 8 o'clock a. m. In the
Chaaet sf the Arcadia mltet. Ereninit instruc
tloa, followed hy Benediction of the Blensed 1 Sac
rameat. at S o'clock. At PUot Knob Catholic
Chareh Mass U celebrated every Saaday mornins;
, Btie o'clock.
M. E. CarjRCH, Vr. Revnnlde and ftfonntaln
treats, I ronton M Bate, Pastor. Bdancc:
Ironton, No. Rerrlces, Second and Fourth Run
j ..h m.nth Sahhnth School every Sun
day atorRiat. at t o'clock, rrayer Meetinc every
Thursday erenlng, at S o'clock.
aal V. sit. At, 4 JAarent.
And Ageat for the Mutual Life, ana Home
Fire laeuranee uompauiea oi xow iuik,
..j t.a Rtai I nan ranee Comoanv.
n....!.n.. sr aart k sf the Ironton House
IRONTON. - - .-MO.
Attorncm at Law.
Tm.Mmmt.am. - - Mlajasonrl.
To Collections, taking depositions Fav
lar uses ia all counties in Southeast MIs
aoaii, to settlements oi Estate and 01
Partaershln aeeants,Business at the land
.b.. ..mUuhiI sale of Mineral lands.
S all l.aw.Rniineni entrnsted to his
ears; Examination of land tltleaand con
veyanelng a specialty. : ..- " -
v 17. K. SD0AR,
Attoxynoy at Raw,
Prosecuting Attorney ror iron VO.,
W tn Cnllaetlons . and all Bualneas In
Che State Court. Office, south of court-
hoaae square.
raradaate ef HemasBSthic Callcce, Bt. Loais.)
w vina unaiMntlT ImiM In Ironton
tL ffersaer services to her old patrons and
Meade. Treats all claasea ef diseases, especially
ehreala eases. Gives vapor Baths at aer res
tease, eeual ia efeet ta the Hot Springe baths
. i BiI.tal..l a.rf Medicated RsttlS.
Ia kksumatlsm aad Neuralgia is her treataent
asatallv suceeasfal. i?-a
week la your own town. Termsand fdont
st naa. address H. UALLRTT A Co., Port
land, Maine.
Arcadia College
The system of education pnrsued in this
Institution Is designed to develop the mor
al, intellectual and phyrical powers of the
pilHua, wuMre"' r-
ftm I naffnheraof society.
Puoila of all denomlnatlona are equally
raualvn-Ul IDltTierrutc hiiu wvu
Victions being carefully avoided .
t cM.vnnnb- ladv boaruers win oe ror me
w. j -n , a mani),i
present, per eeaeiv"
e?t no n.vahlfl In advance.
rp..M. tnr inatrnctlon -In musto. foreign
languages, drawing, painting and or-
namental kaodlworli can do aaa oy ap
.- .Ulna aa Kelow. -
Attached to ths Convent, and totally
aanarated from the boarding school. Is a
la which tne usuai orsnu wu
nraCtlCBI eaOCatlOn are raremnj rat
v a ..tam nf rewards and monthly ex-
minations beget in the pupils a healthy
.nUHnn which stimulates study and
rrduces surprising results. f
Terms n the Day Sschool will remain as
formerly One Dollars-Two DoUars.
Four Dollars, or Five Dollars per month,
according to the studies pursued.
I the Dan Schoolboy U years of
age and under will be received. .
Prospectuses, and other information
, fi.pVrlore.sof tbe C.avt erthe UrUIae Slatare,
Areadla Irea Co . Mo. ' 1 ' -
Lime and Cement for aale at Holwn'a.
Alao, Potatoes, Carrots, Oulou etc Like
wise, fresh Oyster.
Sour Stomach,
Foul Brcatmv
Low Spiritb,
I. Thlrt Tews tb. Oldest, sad ealr renains Bins
Medietas now la Market. Prepared only by Bumom A
HArsas, 38iau Clark Ar., 8i. Loais, Ho., saeosMor
to M. A. Simmons, M. D. Put bp la Ke. sad U bo
ties sad packages. Sold by all DraffiM.
Tor sale by W. F. W1E8SER, I ronton. Mo:
1 Order of Publication,
la the Circuit Court of Iron County. MU
gourl. In vacation February 28, 1881:
The State of Missouri at the relation
and to the use of James Buford, col
lector of the revenue of Iron county,
Mo., against
Wm. C. Kasiriger, John Stricklin anal
all unknowii interested parties. 1
Action to enforce Payment of Taxes.
Now at this day comes the plaintiff,
James Buford, collector of the revenue
of Iron county, Missouri, and files his
petition and 'affldavi, setting forth,
amonir other things, that the defend
ants are non-residents of the State of
Missouri, and cannot be summoned In
Missouri, ana cannot oe summonva in
clerk of the circuit court of Iron coun
ty, Mo., in vacation, that publication
be maae, notifying saia uaieiwanu
that an action has been commenced
against them in tne circuit court oi
said county, the object and general na-
A..A ... a tv aa n F.mtn f HA I1AI1 ATI
aa. a a a. A I
fnllowinir real estate, situated In Iron
county, Missouri, belonging to said de
fendants, to wit: .
LiotKor the northwest quarter anu
lot 3 of the southwest quarter of section
20, township 33, range 3 east; 1
(An itemized statement in tne na
ture of a tax bill, showing the amounts
of taxes, now due on said real estate,
for theyears aforesald.amounting in tne
aggregate to the sum of $3.04, la filed
with salil petition, as proviaeu oy iw.j
And unless thev be and appear at
the next term of said court, to be hold
en for the county of Iron, and State of
Missouri, at the courthouse, in said
county, on the fourth Monday in April
next. 1881. and on or oeiore ine six in
day thereof, (if the term shall so long
' . aa - I B a A l
continue; ana, u not, men oeiore wm
end of the term), and plead, answer or
demur to said olaintifTs petition, the
same will be taken as conressea, juag-
metit rendered in accordance with the
nravor of said petition, and said real
tate, r so mucn wirei iuaj uo
euMarv to satisfy saia luairmeat, inter
f ,t i,A anlil under ft Rneciall
fieri facias to be issued thereon. I
it is further ordered that a copy l
hereof be published nccorning to law in I
. r V. n.o.n. - I
tne IKON VUUSI i itujioinai m
ly newspafier published in said county
of iron, ana state or Missouri.
JUS. nurr , Vetera,.
A true conr:
Attest, with seal, this ztn nay
(SEAT..) February. 1HS1.
jus. nt-irr. kjivtk.
Iron county circuit court.
4 Orfler of Publication.
In the Circuit Court of Iron uounty, mo,
in vacation February iwi:
The State of Mwsocriat the relatvon ana to
the use of James liutora, t oiiecror 01
the revenue of Iron county. Mo., against
Ludlow Brown. Jas. Lindsay. Hender
son Burleigh, aud all unknown inter
ested narties. 4
rAtinn t.iF.nf.tree Pavment of Taxes.!
Now at this day conies the plaintiff,
James Buford. collector of the revenue
of Iron county, Missouri, and files his pe
tition and affidavit. setting form among
other things that the defendants. L.uniow
Brown. Henderson Burleigh ana all un
known Interested narties, are non-resi
dents of the State of Missouri, and can
not be summoned in this action by the
ordinary process of law: It is, therefor
ordered by the cierK 01 tne circuit court
of Iron county. Mo., in vacation, that
publication be made, notify ing said de-
fendanU that an action has been com-
mencea agalll8t tnem in Hie cnwuii.
court of said county, the object and gen-
eral nature of w
llicll W t() enforce the
lien of the State of Missouri for back
taxes for the year 1877, 1878 and 1879,
on the following real estate, situated in
Iron county, Missouri, belonging to said
defendants, to wit:
The south half of section 24, town
shin 34. range 2 west:
(An itemized statement in the nature
of a tax bill, showing the amount of
taxes now duo on said real estate, for
the years aforesaid, amounting in the
aggregate to the sum of S10.70. is filed
with said petition, as provided by law.)
And unless they tie and appear at the
next term of said court, to be holden for
the county of Iron, and State of Mis
souri, at the courthouse, in said county.
on the fourth Monday In April (1881)
next, and on or before the sixth day
thereof, (if the term shall so long con
tinue; and, if not, then before tbe end
of the term), and plead, answer or de
mur the to said plaintiffs petition, the
aame will be taken as con feasori, judg
ment rendered in accordance with the
nn nt anirl notitinn. mul said real es -
tat r.r sn miiflh thereof aa mav be nec-
essary to satisfy said Judgment, interest
and costs, be sola unuer a special uen
facias to be Issued thereon.
It is further ordered that a copy
hereof be publised Recording to law iu
the "Iron County Register." a weekly
newspaper published in said county of
Iron, aud State of Missouri.
JOS. HUFF, Clerk.
! A true eonv: - -
' j -; Attest, with seal, this 28th day
SEAT.. of February. 1881.
JOS. HUFF. Clerk
mr3n33 Iron county eircuit court.
the State of Missouri lor dck taxes wriance wltnthe prayer oi saia peuuun, mu
the vears 1877, 1878 and 1879, on the I said real estate, or so much thereof as may
rLn TktiKilMtiMM.. I
In the Circuit Court of Iron county. Mo.,
ULsT wmm asvwvv'vviPa'Bi a
in vacation-FeDruary .win, i .
to the ase of James Buford, collector of
the revenue of Iron county, Missouri,
James W. Clark and all nnknown Inter
ested narties.
Action to Enforce Pavment of TaxesJ
MOW at this day comes the plaintiff,
xN James Buford, collector of the rev
enue of Iron county. Missouri, and files
his Detition and affidavit, setting form
imonr other things t hat the defendants
nn.,i.t. Af tha Mt.ta f Mlaanuri .
'Z"17""Zrrn VhU .inn I
hv the ordinary Drocess of law: it ia ,
VCUIUQ mrvs mm..w.v. ... "
therefore, ordered br the clerk of the
eircuit court of Iron county, Missouri,
in vacation, that publication be made,
notifying said defendants that an action
has been commenced against mem in ine
circuit court of said county, the object and
general nature of which is to enforce the
lien of the State of Missouri for back tax
t far h veura 1878 and 1879. on
tbe following real estate, situated in iron
county, wo., Deionging to saia aeienu-
ants town:
East half or section zd, townsnip o,
ran ere 2 west:
An itemized statement in the nature ot
a tax bill showins the amount of taxes
now due on said real estate, for the years
aferefaid, amounting in the aggregate to
the sum of $6.30 is riled with said petition
as provided by law.) And unless they be
J " near at the next term of said coart.
State of Missouri, at the courthouse in said
county, on the fourth Monday In April
tint i lKni I. una on or peiore me sixiuuny
thereof, (If the term shall so long continue;
and. If not. then before the end of the
vm). and plead, answer or demur to saia
plaintiffs petition, the same will be taken
A 1 I..,lMMaau.ni-l.Ari in aAAAFfla I
. - rf " a f 1 a..
rut riHSrv lit wiiisiv ssmiu miucuicii sis-
Beri facias to be issned thereon . I
It is further ordered that a copy hereof
be bublshed according to law in the 'Iron I
(bounty nexiawr. m..j
oublished In said county or iron, ana i
State of Missouri. .
JOS. uuff. ciera.
A trna MIDT!
- r J . . . . m
Attest, Wltn seal, mis zin any oi
r , reDruary. ieoi.
1 8KAL. I tra UfYviP rI..V
tf IO. k k , v.w. m.
Iron County Circuit Court.
ihaaiaess aow ksfsrs the BaWis.
Iron esn maks mosey faster at
M-k fiirit than at suythiacelse.
Canital net resaired. Wa will
tart yon. $13 a day and apwards
made at hone aytoe industrioas. an, wemea,
.i.i. v..t.ii avervwhere to work for na
to the work, or only yoor spare moments Wo eth
rbasinsss will psy yoa nearly as well. Mom
willing to work can fail to maks enormoas pay ay
f!...tlT OutSt snd terms Irss. A
r . . ka .imA. sun cm hvtv.v w vmi .'
raat opportunity rorraaams a " .
- - - - - , M ..L
orsbly. Address Taua m ce.
, As rests. Males.
wpajsrK COOLEY.
nemfvf nw larm.
ALavaaw.n ' w
,-a mT, arAfiii attention to
f K oln.ii antnutsd to him.
ooiirUw. nitv. or Short Rights, for
.aia nn tArma to nuke a big profit for
-rweao W ' V .
i.a nnrnhAMr. Write or call on
' ur. ..II m
UINOJ5K OS AAE, iruntua, mv.
1 17 A P Q rOU TUB f TT.T JON1
JAtip , ,, H sm
' m..J V.l.aaa af 5lsVa M
(uu yuooB amw ui hum as m
. - .
1 rosiuvcij " -
the Only Absolute Cure for Deaf
ness Known.
tki. i. Mtraeted from s Beutlsr speeiea of
small White Shark, caaebt in the Tellow 8ea.kn.wn
as Ciecharodoa Rondeletii. Xvery Chinese fl-hsr-
msn kuows it. Its virtues as s rstorstiveoi Beat
ing were discovered by a Buddhist Priest about the
year 1410. ts cares wero so nameroas snd many so
seeminajly miraculous, that the remedy was officially
nruelaiiued over the entire Rruplre. Its ase becsmo
r ...... mn , I . . .n.. . K . .
no universal taai iw 'r j"1" -
xMted amons tbe Chinese people. Sent charges
prepaid, te any sddres st $1 per bottle
n. - . u i. aa
Only imnorwii dt naiuuva vw.i
Sole AgenU for America. 7DkVST.,MBW roaa.
III fim Sts trswHwia. . ...
. . .. i- i,. ...ii..
-i .i...tn. tke writer esn Bersonsiiv
teotifr. both from experience ana oonervsuoa.
- . . -
Anfnc H amr
and skotheror the country, it is probable that num
ber, are sslieted with deafness, std to such it may
j oe ,,w. write st once toBsydock a Co., 7 Bey
7U 7
:.h... .-a whose curstive effects willbe
";VtT.a wiii neer regret o.n,...-Rdi-
tor ol Kew Tort MtMsntliratnew, atpi. ,.
Notice ia hereby given to the qualified votera
of District of Ironton, Townahlpe No. 83 and
4. Range No. S and 4, County of Iron, Bute
of Missouri, that the Annual School Meeting
of said District will be held on
Tuesday, the Fifth day of April, 1881,
eotnmeneiB'iC at 7 o'clock A. M, and among
other thinga specified by the law tbe following
will be proposed and considered :
1st- There will be two Directors to be
elected tor tbe term of three years,
o.t To determine tbe lenuth of time, if any.
in eicess of five months that tbe Public School
shall be kept open.
Sd. To vote aucn sum aa tney see proper
for the ru-chase ot books for a District
library, not to exceed 20.
4h. To draignate their choice for a person
to all the office of County Commissioner. '
Srh Tha annexation of that Dart of School
District No. 1. Township 83. north, range 3
E -at. lvtn ' east of a line running norm anu
1 i,nih. between sections four and rive, of said
district, to Ironton School Diatrict, aa per
tttion now on file from that district asking
aald annexation. . ,
AH votes must be by printed or written bal
lot. -
Tor School Director, 3 years:
For 'fl'ooi D'uwtor, 8 years:"
Leneth "of School term t . . . mot? ths.
ITneT.lhrarv; Tea A.... No.
For County Commissioner ot Public Schools f
'Yof Annexation.
As-sinst Annexation.
N. C GRIFFITH, Secretary.
This 2d day of March, lasu
Bix msmbers of the new United
States Senate are not natives of the
United SUtes Farley, of California;
Sewell, of New Jersey, were born in
Ireland; Jones, of Nevada, In England,
and Beck, of Kentucky, la Scotland.
One of the oldest churches on the
American continent Is the Tu macaco
Church near Tubac, Arlsona. It was
built by ths Franciscans in 1554, and
.. . . '
has consequently reacaea we gw M
827 years. Fifty-six years ago Indians
. - , . Indian. I
murdered seven priests within its wails,
and twenty -five years ago several
priests same from Rome and dug from
sepuicnre on tne ngni siae oi tam aiw
$80,000 in coin and Jewels.
No less a persona than "Buckshot
Bill," chief of ths United States ssouts,
has condemned ths Indian policy of
this eouatry. Hs id bow on a furlough,
which will soon snd, and a few days
ago strolled Into ths office sf s Montre
al newspaper and submitted to an In
terview. He entered ths United SUtes
service as a scout thirty-two years ago,
when he was only eighteen years old,
and since that time has snsountersd as
many perils as fell to ths lot of St.
Paul himself. Unless "Buckshot Bill"
desired to humor the Canadians at the
cost of strict veracity, be regards the
IndIan Icy of ths Dominion as wise
'""V J , w th. TTntiarf
States as calculated to encourage uie
Indians to commit all sorts of atrocities.
Ths Washington correspondent of the
jjew York Sun says to Mr. Conkling
. . . Imm-d-u followers belongs
,v.n. lit..
ine cniei reapuaiwtui iu v......
with Mahone. Ever sines ths Pres.
dential election was settled, negotlav
tlons have been going on to bring
about the result which was achieved
when Mahone cast his first vote on the
nth. Wm was welcomed into the
Republican party with loud demon
atrations of ioy. first of all by Air.
..a a m
Conkling and then by others.
Mr. Conkling spoke with particular
. . . . ...ij .u. a.. I
gnowieage wneu no m -u- '
llthlinst., "A Constitutional majority or
the Senate is against that resolution"--
toappointtbecommlttees. Hs was kept I
Informed of, if hedld not personally par-
" . . .u.u ii-ntaH livlPeace of your town;" for, bear la mlna, be
Hcipaw .o, suw -'.-- - w
I DIS pouucmi kuici ui o
li. MMiiiiMi j.h i.f Af araTT ana nm raMsoir
i - .... . ji
nixed organ. Ana ns naa no Bmau un
iflnitv in hrine-ing in Mr.Edmunds and
I -.1 lit.. Kim Tha tamntatlon of rO-1
oiuuaiia - r
turning to conspicuous positions on the
. . - ... . .i .v..inl
ommit ee. .no ""TJ
of special legislation, proved strong
enough for the oosaslon. Before gslng
I ... tha Aenate on Monday. 14th Inst.,
I . a. -.
Mr. Mahons visited the i-resiaeat at
the White House, escorted by George
C. Gorham, who wanto and expecU to
be Secretary of the Senate. Cheered
ecrwf "7 . L
oa his way to the Capitol by final as-
fpnm th dispenser of patroil-
i -
age, Manone piayea nia pars
applauded to the echo.
. . a ... . . .
The death of Senator Carpenter re
calls the case of the French bondhold
ers of the Memphis, El Paso and Paclf-
io Railroad Rirainst the Texas Pacific.
Those bonds were sold in Paris by Gen.
. nit nlrnnmstssMI with
rrcllliiin. uuuui
... . nt. rru.
WDIcn our reaaera are ismuia..
vera, iijwstcr, a
were, however, a valid lien upon tne
" ... .t.-
i ar ann mum nrnneriv ui tiiw
land errant and other property of ths
i lam. k.mu .. - Mr- m
1 . . . , i tum
nsuij-ui. - --.. -- -
State of Texas. To divert mat lien
aQd BWndle the Frenchmen out of
their security w. one of the objects of
.. Tr.U. Ttr..ll.v
me proceeu,,,,,- w.w -
gmmo st XHeWSrK, M IU asm wi ui
weatem Diatrict of Texss. which re
sulted in the appointment of Gray as
receiver, and the alleged illegal and
fraudulent sale to the Texas Pacific.
If those proceeding were well ordered
and sound, the French purchasers
havaaiifTaredaBTiovousand irreparable
less: if they were not sound, the recent
V ii, Ha TaTsi
purchasers of a majority of the Texas
Paclfio stock Uke the property subject
a A S t av 4Vaaam dsT vhahlA
to tne pay men oi
Mr. Carpenter was one of the coun
sel of the French bondholders, a out
in equity was filed in the United SUtes
Court at Washington, going to the bot
tom of tbe whole matter. The case
was argued and submitted more than a
year ago.
What has become of that case? jaavs
any extraordinary measures boon tak
en to savs Mr. Justice Bradley from the
Judicial exposure which might nave
snsued? Why has ths decision peon ao
long withheld? Up to the day of his
death, Benator Carpenter looked eager
ly for ths decision of this, one of the
most interesting cases he ever argued,
and was lost In special wonder at the
dslay. - ' 1
The estimate for the new Tay bridge
I is close on to $3,500,000.
locratic Farry and
Imonrojc, Ma, Mareh 19, 1881.
-co. jiejwr-
In yonr issue of March 12 there ap
pears a communication from Dr. May, I
in which he says:
There Is no more danger of a Democratic
Legislature paaatng a prohibitory liquor law
tnan there Is of their all elgnlnc a temper
ance pledge, and then keeping It.
No Democratic body ever yet paaaea suea a
law, or any otner wnica senooaiy naa xor m
. . . . . a. m la. I
obleet the farthexaaca of the eauae of tem-
Mr. Frank M. Besnis's oontraaiouen
of Senator Vest's assertion that no
Tmocratie Legislature ever pssssd a
prohibitory liquor law, wiu, ws tuna,
also apply to Dr. May's assertions.
Mr. Bemis says: "Maine ana Ver
mont are the only States that nsw
have as stringent prohibitory liquor
laws as when the Republican party
alms Into power. Mai as passed the
law firat in 1840: then followed ths
mors stringent oas of Juns 2, 1851.
Both times the Bute Legislature was
overwhelmingly Democratic Ander
son and Hubbard were tbe Democratic
Governors who signed the prohibitory
bills." He instances further "Ver
mont passed tbe law November 23,
1852. Fairbanks, Democratic Govern
or. anrnina? . ins run: jnaaeauauewtta,
a a a tea. s? .LHaalta
May 2Z, 1863, uovernor .uoutweu,
Democrat; Rhode Island, March 7,
1852. Governor Allen, Democrat; Leg
islature aame: Michigan. February la.
1853, Governor McCleland, Democrat;
Legislature largely Democratic."
Ssmads on tha TFnr-ravtli.
Dbs ABcMo-t March 13, 188L
Ed. RealtUr .
When a man la called apoa to lay down the
utaul and wedge and to take op the quill ta
order to defend bis rcputatloer againat me
slanderous pen of one who would like to bring
I himself into notice at the expeaae of the good
character of those who are la every way his
superiors, 'tis hard, but nevertheless His true.
1 see ia your issue of Match 10th a comma!
ration, from one A. J. Norwiae ia answer to
"Uncle laaae," oa prohlDiUoa; aad la that
arucie tne aaia -- "
toe loiiowins: wptmi ,
.. ltr,llUK( ,t lh. .WasUc. ef the
oC u ,u, mm la-
tellect to be injured by tksdeinoB."
Now, sir, everybody knows who Mr. Norwlna
means whea he says "the ex-Justice or tne
tha uld . v Vorwin , .n.werlng "Ua-
i . ' ...
cle Isaac" aad "Uncle Isaac" Uvea la this
town (Dee Arc), and I am ax-Jaatlee ot the
I PMw.n, a muml ha
T rim
eia-ht hare that whUC
I -
ectlng as JaaUee ot tbe Peace, at ao time did
t ..s..i.t.TiMti.ir Arinka tnbotherma while I
ZnZmZ 1-nd-tiica.atroa of A. J.
1 " ;"nlr notwiihaundlng.
I . . i v.. a fj. tir I
i .Hllk lt m. frias. I took it, and paid
I " j ,
for ,t Jt nobody's buslaess (A. J. Norwlna
00t excepted) If I take my Wttereoccaslooally.
That once In a while I take a little too much
Knt l.t him that U without sin east
la true; but letbimtnat m wiinou sin cas.
tha first atone at me. I am sure it woa't be
my friend Norwiae.
Bat, my dear friend and wouU-ba benefac
tor, let me aak you the date ot your reforma
tion : for I once had the very great honor of
jour acquaintance for five or six years snd
and daring that time, I am ready to admit, i
aaw vou bnv a drink ot whlaky; hut
muet also say that I Beyer aaw you refuse to
take one when offered. No, dear friend, your
whisky tasted la good to you as to any one I
ever drank with.
And now, my much esteemed friend, as I
- ... .KU l.t.ll.Kt (tHtnch that la-
. "
.... 1 .k l. . nt .hl.k) I
Kiirc uu uuw iivm. - . v. j . -
i - . .
I will venture to give VOU B ICW WOTUa OI BO-
. Mi. .v-t fft --ttand to vour OWB
business and whatever you do, keep clear ot
the post-offlce. I will say In conclusion, you
are not the only one that has been barking at
w. i... ... ikM. s; ao
J - " T- II , V" Id
Mris,uuw i a. . -
shall not be noticed say more.
Now. Mr. Editor, ia regard to atopplng tbe
I whlakv traffic bv legislative enactment. It la
thearreateet piece of nonsense oar General
Assembly could have Uken up. Jusr aa weu
to undertake to atop tha aaa of tobacco aa In
toxicants. . There la no Bsc oi taxing np time
in nlsnnlng out some other occupation for the
vast army of brewers aod distillers; for they
have their occupation ana wiu smp
M p i. toxica-Ing
haye made aaa drBBk -rr -IK,
" . ...
1 flooo nriu k until tuna ia ao mora.
Neither can 1 agree with Dr. May; i
would look for a Democratic Leglalatare to
naaa a nrohlbltion law as soon as a Republl
caa one would: for the truth Is, whisky b
drunk by all po luel parties aad by all relig
ious denominations, aad by all claasea aud all
professions by all raeee and colore ot the hu
maa family. Bo there Is no use In saying
tbatdrunkenacse belongs to the Democratic
party alone; or that It is more la favor of pro
hlMtlag the whisky traffic by legislative enact
ment than the Republican party. Toa may
take every ItfBocrei out Of the Mlaaoarl Leg
Mature aad replace them with Republleaaa (a
chan ice I would like to sec) and yet the whisky
trade would still go oa the same as ever.
i Dr. May may be strictly temperate, but his
petty fa ao mora temperate thaa the Demo
cratic party. I keow some Democrats that
profess to he etrktly temperate, while 1 know
some Republicans that caa out-drink all crea
tion ; so the drinking of Intoxicants la sot coo
eA ta an nartv or sect or nationality.
I lours, truly, J. N. Bxmaxps.
I A Han 7ho Is Anxious to Sea tha
- Grand Wind-TJp.
Vlrtiala City (Hevaaa) Baterprlse .)
"Bay, what Is there la this talk about OM
Mother What- oa call -her, the coalugatioa of
the plane U, sad the world corn In to aa end
this yearr asked a grmsled old 9er, atopplng
Professor Legate as he was tuTalug the corner
ot O and UbIob ttreeU with a big Uleseope
under his left arm. Do you think the old
world la going to peas la her checks!" ,
Well," aald tha profeeeor, "we certainly
have daring this year some remarkabia move
meaU ia ths principal planets."
Ab ythlag liable to bast loose very soon r
'Before long. Let me see at nine o'clock
oa tbe alcht of April. Batura wDl be la con- '
junction with the bub."
Good for a starter! What aezl
MAt seven o'clock the next morning, Saturn
and Japlter will be la conjunction." . , ;
"Bully 1 That's business I"
"At nine o'clock that morning Jupiter will
come Into conjunction with the sua."
"Harrah I All getting la their work oa the
sua. i see oia soi Deginnius; mi get eaaaj v
his pine. What next t"
"Oa the second ot May. Yenas coaaes Into
conjunction with the snn."
Glory 1 The old gal gets la her lick on Ui
. . . a . BlRaa B. .
sua, too. It's a gcttln' sot now. wt oim
agala, old gal." -
"On tha 11th of May Heptuae will oe ia eon-
Junction with tbe ana."
"Tiptop; old Nep. ana all oi 'em gotag
sqosrc at the sua, like so many butting billy
goats. I'll live te sea it yet. rtno robb a
him aextt"
On the 14th ot May Mercury cornea la to
conjunction with ths sun, aad Uranus will be
at rUcfat aoglea."
"My what will be at right angles!"
Uranua.,, v
"The h II .Then I'll be at the graadbust.
ap, sure, as mat am
"Those win be the principal occurrences."
And aulta sufficient, too. They'll fetch
the old erafv-4bey'll kaock the old world off
her plus. Pas mack obliged, Drofeaeor. l'fn
ready to peg oat any minute if I can see the
big show see the old world blow ap In a Mass
ot glory, like a big firework, do yoa aaow
I've alien wanted to see this very bast.
Why it wUl pay me for au the misery
Pve had la Uvfa' ap to date, ru oe up
hrUat aad early on the moralng of tbcUta
of May, to sea old Merky git fa the last at the
saa aad bast up all ereatloa. I'm really much
Md rn drlBk with yer, professor, ef
- .lo-k auarter about ver clothes
vou'va rot i
It you havaat, damaa, we'll soaa ycr eia ei
caeope." ....
Uaw They Farted. .
rrom the Detroit Free Presa.l
A year ago thla aprlng a Detroiur aad a
uieeourlan became acuualBted wita eaca
other to UadvOJa. Haying decided that they
eottia Better toeaaaeivee w ;
Joursey! away over the hUls and founded tha
preeeat towa of Twin Lakes. They built a
shantv. stored their tblaga la It. and Sunday
eama aronad. Before the Mlaaouriaa was
awake the Detrolter had shaved, washed sad
put on a dean thirl Indeed, he also changed
hie socks and greased his boots. Whea the
ether awoke he looked at the Detrolter for a
long time without speaking. Then he got Bp
and walked around him and finally aked :
"Going to church anywhere to-day t"
"No." M
"Any funeral around hare any where r"
"Expect Queca Victoria hers to visit yoa to
day I"
"No." M -
The Pike ceuaty man turned away aad pre
pared hie breakfast without another word.
When he had finished it he went out aad sat
dowa oa a rock sad looked straight at tbe
hUls for aa hoar. Thea be want back to the
ahaaty and aald t
"Jim, arc you gotag to do this regularly
every Sundaj 1"
"Why, I like to clean up a little at the cad
of the week."
I 'spoee you wouldn't help get ap a mule
race on Bunda) I"
Well, hardly." 1
."Nordog-flghtl" , ... .... t
Na" - .,
And yoa wouldn't make it a day for old
sledge and poker?" 4
Not U I could do better."
Jim, you aad me must part, quietly oh-'
served the Mlaaouriaa, as he begsa picking up
his things. (:
No! What's the matter!"
"Ton ain't no such a man aal eaa tie ap to.
We'd quarrel la ao time" . j
"About what!"
"About blied shirts and clean clothes aad :
churches and lots of other things, Jim." .
"Gimme t25 for my share ot Twin Lakes,'
and I'll walk." . - , '
"I wouldn't."
"But I must. I waaa't brung ap la your way,
aad cant tumble to it. We eaa part f Head a
bow, but If I was Bene next Buaday and yoa
refused to play a gsmc ot sevca-ap with ms
we should part enemies." ' , ' "
lie got his things ready and the two walked
ap ths Lead villa trail together or a mOe.
Then they halted aad the Detrolter aald i
"Old perd. It mekee me loneeomc"
"And here, too." - ' . .
"And you won't go back!"
"1 can't. I eaa tie to aaoet say thing but a
man who puts oa Buaday clothea. Par doer,
good-bye 1M '
. . "Goed-byc, old man, aad luck go with yea." ,
; And they turned their becks to each other ,
and walked away without another word, one
to build up his lone towa aad the other to
find exemption from white shirt aad a deaa

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