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Iron County register. [volume] (Ironton, Iron County, Mo.) 1867-1965, December 27, 1894, Image 4

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Iuoktos, :
: Dec. 27, 1894.
E. D. AKE, Editor.
Volume XXVIII.
Number 26.
G rover, it i9 9aid, is not well; neith
er is the Democratic party in its finest
We can't refrain from quoting from
the Register of April 5th, 1894: "The
year 1894 will be remembered as the
year of Cuckoo St. Bartholomew."
We ask pardon: the French St. Barth
olomew couldn't hold a candle to No
vember 6th, 1894.
We would inform the philosopher of
the Southeast Gazette tbat the Demo
crats of this State have the same reas
on to object to D. R. Francis being
placed, in charge of their organization
that the Japanese would have to a
Chinaman leading their armies.
Another raid is being made upon
the gold of the Treasury with a view
to stampeding Congressmen to the
Carlisle banking scheme, and inciden
tally helping the finance of the parties
engaged in the raid. Wall Street is
always willing to help its friends Cleve
land and Carlisle when anything is to
be gained bo it.
The Japanese ought not to become
inflated with self-conceit too soon.
Their victories might have been
achieved by any semi-barbarous race
at all familiar with the modern apph
ances of warfare. The real test of
Japanese fi?htinsr ability will come
when they are pitted against some
one of the nations of Western Europe.
The Civil Service of the Chinese is
all that our own Roosevelt could wish
It is the most complete Barnacle sys
tem that the mind of man is capable
of devising; but the Chinese govern
ment is falling to pieces like a rotton
cheese. It is so completely honey
combed with corruption that it has no
power of cohesion, and, like a card
house, tumbles down at a touch.
The banking scheme of Mr. John
G. Carlisle does not seem to spread it
self abroad and nourish as the green
bay tree. By the way, this is the same
Carlisle that confidenced so many con
gressmen into voting for the uncondi
tional repeal of the Sherman law, by
assuring them that something would
be done for silver on Democratic lines
It is very difficult for the same confi
dence man to work the same parties
more than once.
Gold is leaving the treasury at the
rate of five hundred thousand dollars
a day, and it seems, under the policy
of the administration, another bond
issue is inevitable in the near future
This bond business is the most dis
graceful piece of robbery of the cen
tury. If the administration would
consent to treat the silver already
coined as money of final payment, and
pay either gold or silver at its option,
these conspirators would be brought
up with a round turn. It looks as if
the administration was in league with
them, and determined to keep the
doors of the treasury wide open, in
order that it may be looted at will.
By the way, is there anything in the
rumor that Mr. Cleveland has made
between four and six million of dollars
since his inauguration?
Lost, strayed or stolen probably
stolen a Star-Fyed Goddess, the pro
perty of one Henry Watterson, Editor
of the Louisville Courier-Journal. It
seems that Mr. Watterson accompanied
his friend John Griffin Carlisle on a
short visit to Wall Street to explain to
the magnates of that thoroughfare
that he had always been an admirer
of the single gold standard, and that
anything to the contrary that might
have appeared in his paper was to be
considered in the light of a campaign
emergency: merely as glittering gen
eralities to catch votes, and not in
tended to be acted upon. As he be
came earnest in his representations he
lost sight of his Goddess, when she
mysteriously disappeared, and has not
since been heard of. Any one who
will give information that will lead to
the recovery of Mr. Watterson 's deity
will be suitably rewarded. We trust
Mr. Watterson will recover his prop
erty, and never, never, take her to
Wall Street again no, not if Mr. Car
lisle urge him to do so never so ear
The minute subdivision of labor
that has followed upon the footsteps of
science has so changed the conditions
of modern lifa that could our great
grandfathers arise from their graves
they would be in a world so entirely
new and strange to them that they
would imagine they had been trans
ported to another planet. The whole
face of society and the conditions of
living have been transformed within
the last century. In the olden time,
each community had its shoemaker
who manufactured the shoes for his
neighborhood. If a competent man,
he was kept busy from morning until
night, even in the worst of times.
Now, the work that would have cost
him a year of toil toil that would
have brought him means to support
bis family he sees accomplished as if
by magic in an hour's time. It is the
same with the wagon-maker, the black-1
smith, and nearly every other trade, i
The machine has supplanted the man.
and the man gives his time and energy
to directing a machine that performs
single function; so that, as the use of
machinery increases, the intellect of
the operator is narrowed to the lever
he works. A man of this kind is apt
to care more for personal comfort than
the public good. He is not apt to re
sent infringement upon personal liberty
or to take a vital interest in questions
effecting the general welfare. It is
but natural that he should rely upon
some one else to think for him, and
this the manager is usually willing to
do. How to overcome evils of this
character is yet an unsolved problem.
The common people, in their fight
against the money power, with the
single exception of the Atlanta Consti
tution, are without an organ. Their
astute opponents have succeeded in
rendering them practically dumb by
closing the channels through which
their views could reach the public,
thereby preventing any concert of ac
tion on their part. The method by
which they accomplish this is compar
atively easy. The scale upon which it
has become necessary to conduct a
great daily is of such magnitude, and
requires so much capital, that the
means of a sinsrle individual are sel
dom adequate to meet the require
ments of so vast an enterprise, even if
he were disposed to hazard them in a
single venture. As a consequence, a
company is formed and stock is issued
If the paper becomes troublesome to
the Shylocks, a controlling interest in
its stock is secured, and its policy
changed to suit its new owners. This
is precisely what happened to the
Republic a year or so ago. It under
took to voice the sentiment of the rank
and file of the Democratic party; for
a time it wielded a powerful influence,
because it was in touch with the Dem
ocratic masses of the Mississippi Val
ley and voiced their aspirations. This
the money power could not afford to
permit. A controlling interest in its
stock was purchased, Mr. Jones was
required to step down and out, the
policy of the paper was changed to
suit its new owners, and since that
time it has been an adjunct of the Re
publican party on financial questions.
This method of suppressing the voice
of the people is not so simple as that
in vogue in the Austrian or German
Empire, but it is quite as effective.
Over there, an obnoxious paper is sup
pressed by the police, its type scatter
ed, and its press broken the whole af
fair really costing nothing to the par
ties interested in putting the journal
with which they are displeased out of
existence. In the next twenty-five
years they hope to simplify matters of
this nature on this side of the Atlantic.
While the great daily has gradually
grown in power, the local paper has
gradually diminished. The country
editor has to set type, attend to his
mails, sweep his office, run his press
write locals, and is usually content to
follow in the footsteps of his contem
porary of the metropolis, without giv
ing much thought about the road he is
traveling; and in any event the work
he might do through his editorial page
would be at least partially neutralized
by his patent inside. The time is not
far distant when the Rural Rooster
will be forced .to the front by the peo
ple who take his paper. There is
something for him to do besides pub
lishing legal advertisements. Once in
the history of the Democratic party in
this State the Rural Rooster forced its
metropolotan organ to take the back
track, and the same thing is likely to
happen again.
The Discovery Saved His Life.
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ersville, 111., says: "To Dr. King's
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covery in my store I sent for a bottle
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Tax Notice Extraordinary.
The undersigned. Collector cf Iron
county, Mo., hereby giyes notice to
the Tax-Payers tbat their taxes for
1894 are now due and must be paid,
not later than the first day of January,
1894. This is my last term as Collec
tor, and I must close my accounts with
the State and county, and turn the of
fice over to my successor. I must
have a clean balance-sheet, therefore,
and trust that all will come forward
and settle without delay. Those who
do not will make it disagreeable alike
for themselves and me, for 1 shall be
compelled to enforce the law against
delinquents, "without fear, favor or
affection." All taxes not paid by the
time above specified will be collected
by distraint and sale of personal prop
erty. P. W. Whitworth, Collector.
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falling out, and premature baldness,
do not use grease or alcoholic prepar
ations, but apply Hall's Hair Renewer.
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Core For Headache.
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World's Fair Highest Award.
Of Special Election of Mayor for the
City of Ikonton, Iron County, Mo.,
to Fill Vacancy.
Whereas, The Mayor and Council
of the City of Ironton, at the regular
session held on the 18th dav of Decern
ber, 1894, have appointed the under
signed as Judges of a Special City
Election, called to fill vacancy in the
office of Mayor, caused by resignation,
Whereas, The Charter of said City
provides that the Judges of Election
thus appointed shall give notice of the
Election; we, therefore, hereby give
notice that a Special City Election will
be held at the Court House in the said
City, under the new election law (Aus
tralian system), on
Monday, December 31st, 1894,
to elect the following officer:
One Maj or to fill unexpired term.
M. B. Tetwiler,
Wallace Oliver,
C. R. Peck,
W. H. Fisher,
Wm. H. Whitworth,
J. T. Baldwin,
Judges of Election.
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When she was a Child, she cried for Castoria.
When she became Miss, she clung to Castoria.
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cough at once.
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3 Wj
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Trustee's Sale.
Wherea", Frank J. LTnnleth, and Sophia
Hunleth. hU wife, bv their certain deed of
trust, dated the 1st day of. December. 1893,
duly recorded in the office of Recorder of
Deeds for toe county oi iron, state of Mls-
sourLin Book "3t" at pa- e 195,did convey to
Jus. H. Clark,trustee, the following describ
ed real estate, situated in the County of
Iron, State of Missouri, to wit:
All of the northwest quarter or the south
east quarter, and the southeast quarter of
the northwest quarter, and the northeast
quarter of the southwest qu arter all in sec
tion twenty-fire, in township thirty-one,
north, of ranee three east aggregating 130
acres, more or less.
W bich conveyance was made In trust to
secure the payment of one certain promissory
note therein described; and whereas,default
has been made in the payment of said note
and interest, now past due and unpaid ;
isow, therefore, at the request oi the legal
holder of said note, and in pursuance of the
terms of said deed of trust, I, the undersign
ed trustee, will, on
Saturday, the 2Slh day of January,
between the hours of nine o'clock a. M. and
five o'clock p. m. of said day .at the east front
door of the Court House In the City of Iron-
ton, in the County of iron. State of Missouri,
sell the above described real estate.at public
vendue, to the highest bidder, for cash, for
the purpose of satisfvin? said note and the
costs of executing this trust.
dec20n25 Trustee.
MAbeaAUr I
M.i::. l
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