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Find the Chief or the Tribe.
The home of the Haida Indians is Queen Charlotte islands off the
the: coast of British Columbia to which they belong, though scattered
members of the tribe are to be found in the southern portion of
Alaska. They are supposed to have come originally from Asia, and
have some characteristics that point to such an origin. They are ex
perts at tattooing, and cover their entire bodies with quaint figures.
Throughout their villages, and especially before the chief's home,
may be found queer images called totem poles, which they worship.
The tribe is rapidly decreasing in numbers, there being much less than
1,000 of them at the present time.
Odd Contrivance In Illinois That Suf
fered Thronith the Reckleas
neia of a Racocon.
Down in the city of Quincy the old
jettlers tell the following story about
one of the first if not the first mill for
grinding corn produced in that local
ity, relates a Chicago paper.
The mill was the invention of a lo
cal genius whose name has been for
gotten, though the mill and its mechan
ism are still remembered. The mill
was constructed near the water's edge
at the foot of a bluff from the face of
which poured a spring of considerable
volume. In proper proximity to this
spring a heavy post with a natural
fork at the top was set firmely in the
ground, and balanced in this fork was
a long and slender but very tough pole,
probably a hickory sapling. As one
end of the pole was suspended by raw
hid a smooth bowlder of perhaps a
hundred pounds weight and on tbe
other end was constructed a box large
enough to contain about 50 gallons of
water. The affair resembled an old
fashioned well sweep, and was so
placed that the water of the spring
fell into the box in a steady stream,
thus depressing that end of the pole
and elevating the end sustaining the
bowdler. When the water in the box
reached a certain height it was au
tomatically discharged by means of a
float and sliding door, thus taking the
weight from that end of the pole. The
bowlder, relieved of its counterpoise,
fell by its own weight, and with great
force, into a sort of mortar prepared
for its reception on the ground below.
This mortar was a section of a tree
trunk hollowed to hold a bushel or so
" of corn.
The mill worked perfectly. The wa
ter of the spring flowing steadily into
the box elevated the bowlder. The wa
ter released, the bowlder fell into the
mortar, crushing the corn placed there,
and the box filling again, raised the
stone for another fall, and so the
grinding, or rather crushing, went on.
A bushel of corn placed In the mor
tar at night would be found thorough
ly ground in the morning, and the
mill was never idle.
One morning a "citizen went to the
mill to remove his grist, placed in posi
tion the night before. He found that
some animal, probably a 'coon, had in
vaded the mortar, doubtless attracted
by the corn, and had become a part
of the grist, and had been thoroughly
ground and mixed with the meal.
The story soon spread abroad and
the mill became unpopular, as did Its
product.' A Quincy man has never
been able to disassociate in his mind
the thought of ground corn and ground
'coon. So corn bread Is to this day
unpopular In that city.
.What a True Scholar la.
The scholar in the true sense is the
man' or woman for whom the schools
have done .their best. The scholar
knows some one thing thoroughly, and
can carry his knowledge into action.
With this, he must have such knowl
edge of related subjects and of human
life as will throw this special knowl
edge into proper perspective. Any
thing less than this is not scholarship.
The man with knowledge and no per
spective is a crank, a disturber of the
peace, who needs a guardian to make
his knowledge useful. The man who
has common sense, but no special
training, may be a fair citizen, but
he can exert little influence that
makes for progress. There may be a
wisdom not of books, but it can be
won by no easy process. To gain wis
dom or skill, in school or out, Is edu
cation. To do anything well requires
special knowledge, And this is scholar
. ship whether attained in the unlver-
sity or In the school life. It is the man
who knows that has the right' to
speak. President David Starr Jordan,
In Atlantic.
White Ulackherrlca. ...
By means of cross-breeding Mr. Lu
ther Burbank, of Santa Rosa, Califor
nia, has developed a variety of black
berries which are perfectly white, and
as bright as snow in the sunshine, and
so transparent that the seeds can be
seen Inside the ripe fruit. 1 The seeds are
said to be unusually small, and the ber
ries are as sweet and meltingly tender
the finest of the black varieties. The
familiar Lawson berry is described as
the great-grandparent of the new white
variety, to which has been given the
name "Iceberg." The white berries are
as large as the Lawtons. V
Severa of Sonla In Foreign Lnnda
Mint Know Much of Ma
terial Thlnea.
Missionaries often find, it
sary, if not be masters of many
trades, at least to have some knowl
edge of the practical details of daily
life. An instance of this kind is
given by Mr. Cousins in his "Mad
agascar of To-day."
"Soon after the dismissal of Mr.
Lyall, the British agent, the queen
began to show uneasiness at the
growing influence of foreign ideas,
and wished to get rid of the mission
aries. Messengers of the queen were
sent to tell them that they had been
a long time in the country, and it
was now time for them to think of
returning to-their own land.
"The missionaries, alarmed at this
message, answered that they had
only begun to teach some of the ele
ments of knowledge, and that very
much remained to be imparted. They
mentioned sundry branches of edu
cation, among' which were the Greek
and Hebrew languages, which had
been already partially taught to
some. The messengers returned to
the queen, and soon came back with
this answer:
"The queen does not care much for
Oreek and Hebrew. Can you teach
something more useful? Can you, for
instance, teach how to make soap?'
"Tills was an awkward question to
address to theologians, but after a
moment's pause Mr. Cameron said,
'Give me a week to answer this ques
tion.' "At the end of the week the
queen's messenger again appeared,
and Mr. Cameron was able to present
to them a bar of tolerably good
white soap, made entirely from ma
terials found in the country. This
was an excellent answer; and the
manufacture of soap was forthwith
introduced, and is still continued to
the present day, although no one
would now venture to call the soap
"As a result of the making of this
bar of soap the mission gained a res
pite of five years."
An Ancient Canal.
Between Bagdad and the Persian gulf,
about 500 miles along the Tigris, is a
desert in which Sir William Wlllcocks
finds the same engineering opportunities
that are being improved in Egypt. As
late as 970, A. D this land of Chaldea
was made one of the most fertile and
prosperous centers of agriculture,
through a great irrigation system, with
a main canal 250 miles long and an Im
mense number of subsidiary canals. For
the first ten miles the great canal, with
a width of 65 feet, was cut through hard
conglomerate rock, to a depth of 50 feet.
With neglect of the works,- the main
stream of the Tigris became diverted,
the old bed of the river silted up, the ir
rigation Bystem fell Into ruins, and only
mounds on the barren plain mark the
sites of the ancient villages. To reclaim
nearly 3,000,000 acres by a new irrigation
system is Sir William's hope'. London
C C C C.
"Here's Mrs. Cadleigh's name in the
society column. It says: 'Mrs. Charles
C. C. Cadleigh will summer at' " -.
"For goodness' sake! Where did
she get the two middle initials?"
"Oh! haven't you heard? She Just
stuck them in so that her monogram
would represent the 'Four Hundred!'"
Philadelphia Ledger.
The New Watch.
Youngman I got this watch on my
Sharp So you had a birthday this
"Yes; but how did you know it was
only this week?"
"I notice you still keep the watch In
the chamois case that came with It"
Philadelphia Ledger.
No Longer a Wonder.
The Brooklyn bridge has lost Its
place as one of the wonders of theworld
since the building of the WilliamsDurg
steel bridge, a mile further tip the East
river, and the bridge now building to
Blackwell's iBland will be more wonder
ful than either.
How France Octa Her Corn.
The average annual importations ot
foreign oqrn Into France for the past
three years were 14,000,000 bushels, of
which the Argentine republic furnished
an annual average of 4,250,000 bushels,
Raumania 3,000,000 and the United
States 2,800.000 bushaln
Valeaa One Haa the Rlatht Sort at
Toola.lt la a Taak That Triea
One' Patience.
"Working onions" is a little harder
than talking about it. I found It dif
ficult to find the tools needed, or rather
I needed in this section. All hoes had
too wide handles, too short and not of
proper shape, onions being two to six
inches apart. I made what I needed
from an old hinge, cut and bent round,
as at (a), sharpened from inside and
nailed on suitable handle. Another was
wad' from a narrow plow fitted on an
old handle, curved and sharpened from
Inside also; it is shown at (b). A third
was made from an old hoe (c), cut two
Inches wide.
All these were kept sharpened by fil
ing. They are not for deep or rough
hoeing. They are used more as scrapes,
to be drawn gently across rows. They
cut grass and weeds and break the
crust. Without these simple tools I
do not see how I could have cleaned
my crop out, as our little winter weeds
set close to the ground were the great
est trouble.. Have plowed and hoed
three times and feel with one more
thorough working my crop will be
made. J. J. Carmlchael, in Farm and
It Membera Are the Fruit Growers'
Beat Frlenda and Shonld Never
Be Deatroyed.
With their little red wrappers deco
rated with black polka-dots, the various
members of the lady-bug family are gay
and attractive members of the inBecl
world. They are always man's friend,
and get most of their living by preying
on the destructive soft-bodied plant
lice, the most common of which
is the green aphis, which can commonly
be found on house plants and rose
bushes. The most striking example of
the usefulness of the lady-bug to the
horticulturists is seen in the case of
Vedalia cardinalis, the bug which was
Imported from Australia and which
saved (he citrus trees of Ci!!fc:".:ia ty
destroying the cottony-cushioned scal6
which was devastating the orange and
lemon groves. In the study of the
grain aphis it was found that a species
of lady-bug preyed upon this pest. The
former were observed to go down among
the roots of the grain in the field in
search of the aphides, and to pass the
winter along with them in that situa
tion. , The larvae of the lady-bug also
live principally upon insects which are
destructive to garden and field crops.
The dainty lady-bug should never b
destroyed. Scientific American.
It Beara Tomatoea Above and Pot.
toea Below and la a Triumph of
Grafting- Art.
An anomaly in grafting, being a plant
Which is growing first-class potatoes at
the roots and bearing fully developed
tomatoes at the stalk, was brought
about by Prof. Green, of the Minnesota
state school of agriculture, when he cut
off the young shoots of a potato vine,
making a V-shaped slit in the top, into
which he inserted a freshly clipped
young tomato plant, bound the joint
with straw and supported it by long
rods. Nature did the rest.
The tomato drew sustenance from the
earth through the roots of the potato,
and in return furnished what was re
quired In the way of the action of light
and air upon its own leaves to its adopt
ed roots.
The plant is now three months old.
On pushing aside the earth several fair
ly developed potatoes are shown, each
a trifle larger than a large hen's egg.
From the vines a half-dozen tomatoes
are hanging, in different stages of ma
turity. Several have ripened and the
others promise to do so, as well.
The tomato vine loses its identity at
the place where the graft was made.
There are no leaves at all suggestive
of the potato. The vine is fully three
feet high. N. Y. Herald.
Sewaa-e on the Farm.
Because a farmer has all outdoors, tht
disposal of sewage on the farm is usu
ally a neglected subject. While the pio
neer had no need to take thought on this
matter, it is a question whose im
portance Increases in direct proportion
to the growth of population. Very prlmi
tive methods are still in vogue in coun
try and town, and the time will come
when the present custom of turning
of disease-reeking sewage into wa'te?
courses will be looked upon as both
criminal and suicidal'. For the present
every farmer should make that provi
sion for house and stable sewage which
seems safe and economical. The farmer
who always sees wealth on waste prod
ucts will endeavor to utilize sewage as
far as possible for fertilizing purposes.
Rural World.
Learn to Balance Ratlona.
A cow's milk flow depends upon hei
digestion and general physical condition
as much as upon a correctly balanced
ration or . its succuiency. There are
somo rations well balanced having
about one part of digestible protein to
five and one-half parts of carbohydrates
which are not easily digested; there
are also succulent rations soft grass
Is one of them whose digestive effects,
when fed suddenly and exclusively, are
not the best. Feed the cows dry food,
the most appetizing on hand, for at leant
the first ten days of fresh pasturing. A
light feedlngi of concentrates through
all the best grass season will not in thf
end be unprofitable; for it helps keep
tli! animals in fine condition. Farmer'
'ol :e .
" -
I'tllltarlaa Enterprise.
Passenger (on southern railroad)
Hellol The train seems to he going
Conductor Yes: a cow got on the
"Why does that make the train go
"Oh, they've hitched her to the en
fine. But wait till the brakeman be
gins to use his whip a little and then
see how we iro!" N. Y. Journal.
A Snre Tekt.
Lady I Louglil these diamonds hert
last week for 50. What will you take
them buck for?
Jeweler I'll give you 25 for them.
"Thanks. That's all I wanted toknow.
If a jeweler offers to pay back half as
much as diamonds cost, that is a sure
test that they are genuine." Tit-Bits.
Molecules In Gna.
It has been calculated that the num
ber of molecules in a cubic inch of any
gas is 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000, and
in each of these molecules there are
several atoms moving among them
selves at the rate of TO miles a minute.
Cincinnati Enquirer.
Klondike Currency Statistics.
"What is the circulation per capita
up in this part of the country," asked a
new arrival of a Klondike official.
"Well, sir, the latest statistics, com
piled this morning, after breakfast, in
dicates two quarts of benns and eight
crackers to each Inhabitant." Pnck.
Easter Egar for the Pope.
Last year the pope received an Eactei
egg. The shell is made of ivory, its
lining is of white satin and the yolk is
a golden case containing a large ruby
set in diamonds. The whole is worth
upward of $10.000. Chicago Chronicle.
Uncontrollable Clrcomatancea.
She Mr. Brown does not pay his wife
much attention.
He No; the only time I ever knew ol
his going out with her was once when
the gas exploded. Pick Me Up.
The Bicycle In Mexico.
Bicycle racing, is said to be supplant
ing bull fighting in Mexico. Tbe newel
pastime is looked upon with almost ai
much favor as the ancient one importec
from Spain. Every Where.
Very Striking.
Tourist You have some strikinj
scenery around here.
A Good Story.
Frederika, la., July 13th. -Mr. A. 8.
Grover, of this place, tells iin interesting
story showing how sick people may regain
their health if they will only be guided by
Uie experience ot others, lie says:
"I had a very bad case of Kidney Trouble,
which affected my urinary organs so that I
had to get up every hour of the night. 1
could not retain my urine and my feet and
limbs begin to bloat up. My weight was
quickly running down.
i "After 1 had tried many things in vain,
I began to use Dodd's Kidney Pills, a med
icine which had cured some other very bad
"This remedy has done wonders for me.
I, have gained eight pounds in two months.
The bloat has all gone from my feet and
legs, and 1 don't have to get up at night.
1 took in all about ten boxes before i was
all sound."
Those who suffer as did Mr. Grover can
make no mistake in taking Dodd's Kidney
Pills, for they are a sure, safe and perma
nent cure for all Kidney and urinary dis
orders. Where Hla Aft Wai Needed.
Mesmerist's Wife Carlos!
Mesmerist Well, dear? ,
"I wish you would come here and tell
baby he is asleep." London Answers.
"Her First Bun"
is the title of a little booklet issued bv the
Chicago & Alton Railway. It is reprinted
from the Chicago Record-Herald, and tells
of the running of the Alton Limited 100
miles, by a young lady. The story isattract
vely told, and is illustrated. Copies may
be obtained by sending four cents in stamps
to Geo. J. Charlton, G. P. A., Chicago.
She "My parrot .ays some awfully
clever things." He "And who taught it
to talk?" She "Oh, 1 did." London
Shake Into Your Shoes
Allen's Foot-Ease. It cures painful, swollen,
smarting, sweating feet. Makes new shoes
easy. Sold by all Druggists and Shoe Stores.
Don't accept any substitute. Sample FREE.
Address A. S. -Olmsted, Le Roy, N. Y.
The scientists have discovered that lazi
ness is a disease, but they will never find
out how lazy people can be induced to take
anything for it Chicago Record-Herald.
Chicago, St. Paul-Minneapolis, four daily
trains via the Chicago & North-Western
Trial plus toil equals triumph. Kim's
Iowa Farnia 4 Per Acre Cash,
bal. ) crop till paid. Mulhnll, Sioux City, la.
Time is the capital of the intellectual
man. Chicago Daily News.
Opium and Liquor Habits Cared.
Book tree. B. M.Wooliey, M. D., Atlanta.Ga.
He that committeth no eril hath nothing
to fear. Hindoo Proverb.
The Four Track News for July, be9tyet.
Sold f newsdealers. Five cents a copy.
Never trust, the man who will not trust
another.. -Kama Horn.
New York, July 14.
CATTLE Native Steers.... 4 65 sti 5 32H
COTTON Middling 12ft
FLOUR Winter Wheat.... 3 75 U 4 30
WHEAT No. 2 Red 8 87
CORN-No. 2 67((f 5sVa
OATS No. 2 0
PORK Mess (new) 17 00 17 60
COTTON-Mltldling 12Vi
BEEVES-Steers 4 00 g 5 60
Cows and Heifers. 2 25 (g 4 90
CALVES-lper ltw lbs) 4 60 6 50
HOGS Knir to Choice...... 5 25 Co; 6 80
BHEEP Fair to Choice.... 3 25 (g 4 00
FLOUR Patents 3 85 g, 4 00
Other Grades 3 25 t( 3 80
WHEAT No. 2 Red 81 t Sift
CORN No. 2 '.WV 60
OATS No. 2 38 U 40
RYE No. 2 if 50V4
WOOL Tub Washed Ill 20
Other Grades 12 i' 20V4
HAY Clear Timothy 11 00 16 00
BUTTER-Cholce Dairy.... 13 (v 174
BACON-Clear Kib i 9
EGGs Fresh ....i i 11 (a 1214
LARD Choice Steam Vii
PORK StundardMesa(new) .... 15 10
CATTLE Native Steers.... 4 60 6 40
HOGS Fair to Choice 5 25 6 66
SHEEP Fair to Choice.... U 4 00
FLUUR Winter Patents... 3 76 3 90
Spring Patents... 4 00 4 60
WHEAT No. 3 Spring 75 78
No. 2 Red 79 80
CORN-No. 2 Sji 51
OATS No. 2 .. C )
PORK-Mess. 14 60 14 60
CATTLE Native Steers..., 4 60 6 05
HOGS Fair to Choice 6 26 6 60
WHEAT No. 2 Red 72 73
CORN No. 2 Mixed 49 49H
OATS-No. 2 White 38 39
FLOUR High Grades 3 75 4 55
COttN-No. 2 t 8 63
OATS-No. 2 66 C(D 67
HAY Choice 23 00 24 00
PORK Standard Mess 18 00 18 50
BACON Short Rib Sides... 10,; 10
COTTON Middling 12
WHEAT No. 2 Red 78 80
CORN-No. 2 52i 63ti
OATS-No. 2..... MWa 41
BACON-Short Ribs.... 10140 WA
UOTXON-MlddUng t 12
Ao Chaaee for Thrai.
A oumber of rapitalifcts sent a man down
to a lit i le town to repurt un the uv ina
bility of introducing ga there.
"Weil, queried one ot theiu, "what do
you think of it?"
"No ue." responded iheagent. "Wouldn't
pay the Hilary of the rupt-rintendent. let
alone the expenpg of putting in the plant."
"Why? What the matter?" Citizen
too poor?" .
"So; they're rich enough."
"Old-Uihioned? Prefer kerosene or candle-?"
"Xo-o; that not it."
''Well, what is the matter, then?"
"To inanv eneaeed couples. Wouldn't
burn gas at all." Itiooklyn Kagle.
Supreme Court Suatalna the Foot
Enae Trade-Mark.
Buffalo, K. Y. Justice Laughlin, in Su
preme Court, has granted a permanent in
junction, wnn costs, against Paul B. Hudson
and others, of New York City, restraining
them from making or selling a foot powder
which the court declares is an imitation and:
infringement on "Foot-Ease," now so large
ly advertised and sold over the country.
The owner of the trade-mark, "Foot-Ease,"
is Allen 8. Olmsted, of Le Roy, X. Y., and
the decision iu this euit upholds his trade
mark and renders all parties liable who
farudulently attempt to profit by the ex
tensive "root-Ease" advertising. Similar
suits will be brought against others who are
now infringing on the Foot-Ease trade-mark
rights. .
Worth Something-.
The new metal, radium, is said to be
worth $3,000,000 a pound. Don't neglect
to save up your scraps of radium. Chi
cago Record-Herald.
The Adirondack Mountain.
The lakes and streams in the Adirondack
Mountains are full of fish; t.ie woods are
inviting, the air is filled with health, and
the nights are cool and restful., If you
visit this region once, you will go there
again. An answer to almost any question
in regard to the Adirondacks will be found
in No. 20 of the "Four-Track Series " "The
Adirondacks and How to Reach Them;"
sent frea on receipt of a 2-cent stamp, by
George H. Daniels, General Passenger
Agent, Grand Central Station, New York.
Tired- Tommy "Didn't youse belong to
de Woodworkers' unions when youse was
a workin'?" Resting Rastus "Nah I be
longed to de Wouldn'tworkers union."
Baltimore American.
Stop the Cofierh
and works off the cold. Laxative Bromo
Quinine Tablets. Price 25 cents
"If you refuse me, I shall commit sui
cide." "Well, pa says you can't hang
around here." N. Y. Sun.
Do not believe Piso's Cure tor Consump
tion has an equal for cougns and colds. J.
F. Boyer, Trinity Springs, Ind., Feb. 15, 1900.
What's the use of having trouble, when
there are so many people anxious to bur
row it? N. Y. Telegraph.
Boan's Kidney Pills
make freedom from kid
ney trouble possible.
They carry a kind of
medication to the kid
neys that brings a bright
ray of hope to desperate
Aching backs are eased.
Hip, back, and loin pains
overcome Swelling of the
limbs and drop By signs
Lock IIaven, Pa. Mrs.
L. W. Ammumen writes:
14 A few weeks a?o I sent for
a trial box of Doan's Kidney
Pills for myself, and they did
alt they are said to do. My
husband was kicked last fall
P. O
For free trial box, mail this coupon to
Foatt-r-Millmrn Co., Buffalo, N. Y. If above
spaco in insufficient, write address on eepa
rate slip.
Little Liver Pills.
Must Bear Signature of
5m PaoSlmllo Wrapper Dalow.
I Try nail wad aa eaay
to take oa anjpos.
. oaifumia Muwmvt upmatuwc.
tjSrtj I Purely TegrtMe.fewg
juamnj wiiiiiiiiii.il
if Is no hindrance to the
Han or saddle can not get wet.
For all kinds of wort.
Warranted Waterproof ,
Look for trade-mark.
it not at dealers write
8. . Sawyer Horn, SoltMf rt,
Kaat tfemtorMi. Haw.
If you suffer from Epilepsy, Fits, Falling Sick
Best, St Vlius's Dance, or Vertigo, havechlldreo.
relatives, friends or neighbors that do so, or snow
people that are afflicted, my Nev Treatment will
Immediately relieve and PERMANENTLY CURB
Ihem, and all you are asked to do Is to send for
my FREE TREATMENT snd try It It has
CURED thousands where everything else felled.
Will be sent la plain package absolutely free,
express prepaid. My Illustrated Book. "Epilepsy
Explained," FREE by mall. Please give asms,
AGE and full address. All correspoadence,
professionally confidential.
W. H. MAT, M. D.,
04 Pine Streets New York City.
909 Locust St., ST. LOUIS.
I Opens Its Fa'l Term and 22nd year Sept. .
f urnisnes a tnorouirri preparation tor ous-
Iinuss, and secures positions fur graduates.
SO-p&SecnUloguo giving lull Information m.ilodfr...
. Mtnndhril fiooda. Lowe.1 Prices.
hM Orders Filled, rstsloiue FREE.
OSS Locust Street, kit. JLeuls, Mo.
A MERICA is the
A nervous women.
The (treat majority of
nervous women are so because
are suffering from some form
male disease.
Mrs. Emma Mitchell, 620 Louisiana
street, Indianapolis, Ind., writes:
" Peruna has certainly been a bless
ing in disguise to me, for when I first
began taking it for troubles peculiar to
the sex and a generally worn out sys
tem, I had little faith.
"For the past five years I have
rarely been without pain, but Pe
runa has changed all this, and In
a very short time. I think I had
only taken two bottles before I
began to recuperate very quickly,
and seven bottles made me well.
I do not have headache or back
ache any more, and have some In
terest In life. I give all credit
where It Is due, and that Is to Pe
runa." Emma Mitchell.
By far the greatest number of female
troubles are caused directly by catarrh.
They are ca tarrh of the organ which
is affected. These women despair of re
covery. Female trouble is so common,
by a horse and badly hurt
his hip was fractured and
after he recovered he was in
such misery that he could
hardly walk, and to stoop
caused him such distress that
he thought he would have to
quit work also, it affected
his bladder, and he was un
able to make his water wito-
out so much distress. I in-1
sisted on his getting a box
of your pills and trying them.
so I went to Mason's Drug
Store and got a box. The
first box helped him so muck
that I got the second and also
the third, and now be is en
tirely well." Mrs. L. W.
Ah mum ex, Lock Haven, Pa,
Are you sick ?
Do you feel under the weather?
Suffer from shooting or aching
pains? Consumption.
If so your blood and nerves are
probably in need of some special
vitalizing food, like
Ozomulsion is a vitalizing and
purifying blood and nerve food,
which prevents and scientifically,
certainly and safely drives disease
out of the human system.
It is not merely a food.
It is not only a medicine.
It is a pleasant emulsion combin
ing the health properties of both.
Cures Consumption and all Lung
For sale everywhere in large bottles,
Weighing Over Two Pounds.
Free samples will be sent toeveryone
who will send their complete address
by letter or postal card) to
Ozomulsion Food Co
98 Pine Street, New York
Is extensively used everywhere in the
world wherever the muj:le loader
has given way to the breech loader.
It Is made in the largest and best
equipped cartridge factory in exis
tence. This accounts for the uniformity of
its products.
Tell your dealer " U. M. C" when
be asks i " What kind 7"
Catalog free.
The Union Metallio Cartridge Co.
Agency, 319 Broadway.
!. York CitFt N. V,
In (rrecit Tarlety for ala at the )owrt prlcon by
A. H, KellotR 2tupapr Co., 824 ttKlaul HI., BU Unit,
of fe- I ... 7 .
Tired, Nervous, Aching,
Trembling, Sleepless, Bloods
less Pe-ru-na Renovates,
Regulates, Restores Man)
Prominent Women Endorse
of i?rmmrmm$
so prevalent, that they accept it as al
most inevitable. The greatest obstacle
in the way of recovery is that they do
not understand that it is catarrh which
is the source of their illness. In female
complaint, ninety-nine cases out of one
hundred are nothing but catarrh. Pe
runa cures catarrh wherever located.
Chronic invalids who have languished
for years on sick beds with some form
of female disease begin to improve at
once after beginning Dr. Hartman's
Among the many prominent women
wfco recommend Peruna are: Belva
Lockwood, of Washington, D. C; Mrs.
Col. Hamilton, of Columbus, Ohio; Mrs.
F. E. Warren, wife of U. S. Senator
Warren, of Wyoming.
If you do not derive promptand satis
factory results from the use of Peruna,
write at once to Dr. Hartman, giving a
full statement of your case, and he will
be pleased to give' you his valuable ad
vice gratis.
Address Dr. ITartman, President of
The Hartman Sanitarium, Columbus,
Promoted by Shampoos
of Cuticura Soap
And Dressings of Cuticura the
Great Skin Cure
Purest, Sweetest, Most Effective Remedies
for Skin, Scalp and Hair.
This treatment at once stops falling
hair, removes crusts, scales and dan
druff, destroys hair parasites, soothes
Irritated, itching surfaces, stimulates
the hair follicles, loosens the scalp skin,
supplies the roots with energy and
nourishment, and makes the hair grow
upon a sweet, wholesome, healthy scalp
when all else falls.
Millions of women now rely on Cuti
cura Soap assisted by Cuticura Oint
ment, the great skin cure.for preserving,
purifying and beautifying the skin, for
cleansing the scalp of crusts, scales and
dandruff, and the stopping of falling
hair, for softening, whitening and
soothing red, rough and sore hands, for
baby rashes, ltchlngs and cha&ngs, for
annoying Irritations, or too frve or
offensive perspiration, for ulcerative
weaknesses, and many sanative, anti
septic purposes which readily suggest
themselves, as well as for all the pur
poses of the toilet and nursery.
Cuticura remedies are the standard
skin cures and humour remedies of the
world. Bathe the affected parts with hot
water and Cuticura Soap, to cleanse the
surface of crusts and scales and soften
the thickened cuticle. Dry, without
hard rubbing, and apply Cuticura Oint
ment freely, to allay itching, Irritation
and Inflammation, and soothe and heal,
and, lastly, In the severer forms, take
Cuticura Resolvent, to cool and cleanse
the blood. A single set Is often suffi
cient to cure the most tortn'Ing, dis
figuring skin, scalp and blood humours,
from pimples to scrofula, from infancy
to age, when all else fails.
SoldthrouKhoutthewnrld. Cutleun RcolTrat. S0o fin
form ol Chocol.te Coat.d P1JU.2.V:. per Tlal of flni.Oint
Rivnt, oc., Po.p. n.pol.1 London. 2T fhirttrhnuia
Bq. t P.rl.. SKu. dela Paiz I RnMnn, 1.17 Coluuibui ATS.
Irotltr Drug I'hfm. Corp . Sol Prop,
aw Sand lor "Bow to Cur. ti.rj Humour.''
Travel on the
Two new sleeping
car lines, via
Big Four
from Chicago to
from St. Louis to
For (nil information anfl particulars, call
on ARcnta " Ills Four Route," or aUdreu
the uudcnlgnt'd.
aen'lPasa.fcTketAgt. A sat. a. P. AT. A.
Cincinnati, o.
A. N. K.-li
pleuoe alnte Ihut yuu w thtt Advvrllaa
ment In thla puper.
l.llhtS WHtUI- all list (AIIS.
I Boat toiitfll Syrup. TuhUsb Uuud. CM I
in time. Nolfl ur drufrulnts.

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