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Iron County register. [volume] (Ironton, Iron County, Mo.) 1867-1965, July 23, 1903, Image 1

Image and text provided by State Historical Society of Missouri; Columbia, MO

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t ' A
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ing establishment in ,
Southeast Missouri. In
sure satisfaction. Pri
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M Jress, Register, Ironton, Missouri.
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The Truer Love.
You're petted now, Estelle, and madly
By men who worship beauty, youth and
On pedestals of flattery they've raised
A statued Venus fair of form and face;
In Poesy they've rhymed each golden curl,
In Art they've limned with chromic
dreams of paint
Your features so Madonna-like, dear girl,
And given you the halo of a saint.
Though beauty-lovers kneel before your
shrine ,
And rhyme or paint or sing your wond
rous charms,
I'm happy, dear, to think no tongue but
Hath told what peace and rest's within
your arms;
And when your sun-kissed curls to gray
shall tnrn,
Your beauty, now rose-crowned, be
wreathed with rue.
No longer flattered by the crowd you'll learn
But one man deeply loved the soul of you !
Roy Farrell Greene.
You Know What You Are Taking
When you take Grove's Tasteless
Chill Tonic because the formula is
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Pay. 60c. .
Misguided Zealot.
As illustrating the sort of Christians
who have a zeal, "but riot according
to knowledge," there has been noth
ing more striking recently than the
action of the New Jersey Sunday
School teachers denouncing Santa
Claus as a "relic of barbarism," and
deciding that henceforward he should
not be recognized in Sunday School
Christmas entertainments. They re
gard the St. Nicolas idea as a '.'med
iaeval myth unworthy of consideration
by Christian children," and propose to
hold Christmas entertainments con
sisting of songs and stereopticon views.
What cheerful idiocy! It is this
idea that "Christian children" must
have nothing that is not useful and in
structive that has made Sunday School
an object of aversion to dozens of
youngsters. These preposterous re
formers might as woll urge the aboli
tion of baby rattles on the ground that
they aro hollow frauds, and demand
that infants be given instead brooms,
brushes or tools, which would serve to
turn' their thoughts toward useful oc
cupations. Santa Claus may have
boon a myth originally, but now he is
an institution, and one of the most
useful ones there is for impressing on
the infantile mind that there Is a re
ward for good behavior.
What if Santa Claua is a myth, so
long as the myth is interesting to
children and furnishes them a vast
amount of innocent ploasure? Robin
son Cruso is very largely a myth, and
the Mother Goosa characters even
more so. but aro these sourcos of
amusement and entertainment to be
cut off on that account? And where
is the line to be drawn? There are a
great many good people who are in
clined to look on "the star of Beth
lohem" as a myth, and the "Wise
Men" and the shepherds who heard
and saw the angel host. In fact, the
record of these things seems to have
got into the scriptures on the authority
of Mary alone, foi' St. Luke says, "But
Mary kept all these things . and pon
dered them in her heart."
But whether they were actual hap
penings or not is quite immaterial.
They are instructive in a beneficial
way, and frequently valuable truth
can be imparted through fiction than
in any other way. Probably there
was never a book that taught more
things' to more people than Aesop's
Fables, and the fact that the fables aro
not true does not affect their value In
the slightest. Wo would advise the
New Jersey Sunday School teachers,
when they meet again, to get some
righteous man to make a fervent
prayer for a visitation of common
sense on the convention. Indian
apolis Slate Sentinel.
A Jocular Department.
; From time to time certain critical
and observant folks have expressed
their doubts as to the necessity and
value of many of the sayings and do
ings of the Department of Agriculture
at Washington, but it may be con
ceded that the Department is always
good for one thing and that is to pro
voke a smile.
One ' time the Department deems it
incumbent upon itself to see whether
It can produce'a breed of featherless
chickens. Then it turns up a micro-
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Irata tie
Opposite American Hotel.
scopic eye on the habits and lurking
evils of tho ladybug. Then its atten
tion is diverted to the subject of food
adulteration, and a dozen attaches of
the Department are condemned to live
for months on manufactured and sus
poctedly adulterated foods.
A grinning nation looks on and
terms these devoted exponents of the
Department's methods "The lkison
Squad," while the place where the eat
ing is done is designated by the irrever
ently suggestive namo of "The Borax
Hoarding House." Tho humor of the
situation is increased by the fact that
these martyrs to tho cause of science
don't grow pale and die, but thrive
and take on avoirdupois while living
on tho embalmed diet. At last this
experiment also draws near its end.
If thero are any results that are
worthy to be classed in the annals of
exact research, they aren't stated.
But the ever-ready Department can't
bo cornered. It instantly comes for
ward with another scheme. The
main thine: is to have something un
usual going on, and with the passing
of "The Poison Squad" another array
of bold adventures into the domain of
the unknown makes its collective bow
to an amazed and amused public.
Now the Agricultural Department is
to size up the tobacco question, and to
do it there must be set to work a
select company of tobacco users who
are accurately marked off into three
classes smokers, chewers and snuff
ers. It is gravely announced that it is
planned by this means to learn from
experiment the effocts of tobacco on
tho human system in other words,
the smokers must smoke, the" chewers
must chew and the snuffers must snuff
until the wiseacres of the Department
cry "No more!"
This opens a wonderful vista.
Think ot the rivalry as to who shall
try tho effocts of the fifty-cent Havana
and who shall be condomnod to the
two for five or shall be limited to the
small and Insidious cirelot of "the snuff
box. The main trouble of the Department
In this new freak will probably be
justly to apportion the work of snuff
ing, Brooking and chewing.
But when the tobacco 'squad has
done its work it will be hard to con
vince a practical public that the whole
thing is aught but a farce. St. Louis
Pennsylvania Privates Astonished.
Governor Ponnypacker, of Pennsyl
vania, who in the service of tho Quay
machine signed the bill designed to
muzzle the press of his State, has dis
covered that the thing Is not to be
done. The press defies him, and)
treats him as the tool and fool he has j
proved himself to be. The now law is
Need Shoes?
Need Clothing?
Need Underwear, Hose, Etc?
Need Hats?
Need Jewelry?
Need To Save Money?
tat tt Bails at ft
badly broken, openly and rejoicingly,
Ponnypacker himself being made tho
special object of the lawbreakers' con
tempt and laughter.
What is he going to do about it?
Has he the courage to bring suits un
der the preposlorous statute which,
whilo signing, he defended in a papor
that demonstrated equally tho empti
ness of his heaif and tho soreness of
his temper? Or will ho order out tho
militia to suppress tho newspapers
that most insolently mock him? He
intimated that such might bo his
course on provocatian, and certainly
no donkey in office was ever more
cruelly switchod than he.
The ' confederated scoundrels who
rule , Pennsylvania possess enormous
power. That is because tho incorpor
ated pedatory wealth of the common
wealth is behind thorn, for personally
they are greatly inferior in brains to
looting politicians elsewhere. In most
other States Pennsylvania's foremost
buccaneers would be in the forecastle.
That a person of Pennypacker's cali
bre should rank as an intellectual
giant in the estimation of tho leaders
of the machine sufficiently indicates
their own mental grade. They actual
ly had a childlike faith that by leg
islation it was practicable to choke
off the press' criticisms of ther bal
lot box stuffing and boodling. The
amazing Ponnypacker, with his vil
lage mind, evidently shared this sim
ple faith to the full. Theroforo all
hands on board Quay's private brig,
from the captain down, aro astounded
and dismayed at tho temerity of tho
newspapers in firing rebellious broad
sides instead of lowering their flags
on the run in submissive terror as was
Ponnypacker, standing for the in
tellect and morals of Quay's machine,
has placed Pennsylvania on exhibition
before the astonished American peo
ple. Tho result is mortifying to Penn
sylvania, but the experienco will do
hor good. In mere shamo the ma
chine, as dull as it is corrupt, ought
to be smashod. San Francisco Ex-,
A Mighty Privilege.
A Manilla cablegram through tho
Associated press, referring to tho bill
for the government of the Moros "en
acted" by the Philippine commission,
says that "the measure authorizes the
council to abolish slavery."
That a very Important provision,
indeed. The thirteenth amendment
to the Federal Constitution says that
"neither slavory nor involuntary ser
vitude, except as punishment for crime,
whereof the party shall have been
duly convioted, shall exist within the
United Stales;" and then as if antici
pating that some new fangled inter
pretation might be placed upon the
Cures Grip
In Two Days.
on every
rw box. 25c,
meaning of the term "within tho
United States," the thirtecntn amend
ment concludes "or any place subject
to their jurisdiction."
And yet when on territory over
which this government has established
jurisdiction, tho institution of slavery
flourishes, the Republican adminis
tration engages in a treaty in which a
magnificent tribute is paid to liberty
to the extent that it is provided that
any slave may purchase his freedom
by paying to the master tho usual mar
ket price." And now, as another
magnificent tribute to liberty, tho
Philippine commission, in the bill re
cently enacted, ' 'authorizes the coun
cil to abolish slavery."
What a mighty privilege it is for an
official body representiDEr a republic
and having authority over territory
presumed to be part of a ropublic to
receive from the Philippine commis
sion the "authority to abolish slavery."
The Commoner.
To Cure A Cold In One Day
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tab-
lots. All druggests refund the money
if it fails to cure. E. W. Grave's
signature is on each box. 25c.
An Anti-Cleveland Protest.
Tho papers have been telling what
a strong Cleveland sentiment there
was in Pennsylvania. The Democratic
County Committee of Lancaster coun
ty, Pennsylvania, met early this month
and unanimously passed the following
"Resolved, That wo condemn the at
tompt of the so-called reorganizes,
who, with tho aid of Republican news
papers, are trying to boom the nomi
nation of a candidate who is repug
nant to a vast majority of tho Demo
crat party; and it is our opinion that
no members of the party who bolioves
in the principles laid down by Jeffer
son and Jackson and is loyal to the
best traditions of the party can favor
such a movement."
lhis does not look much like a
Clovoland landslide. When tho voters
spoak it will be found that the ro-
organizers are far less numorous than
too trust-riuden metropolitan papers
would make it appear. The Com
Following close upon the several do-
velopmonts In the Postollice Depart
ment, comes the charge that extensive
frauds aro suspected in connection
with the purchase of seod by the De
partment of Agriculture. Tho Wash
ington correspondent for the Cincin
nati Enquirer says that it is nlloged
that thb government has lost large
sums of money, either through Irregu
lar practices or negligonce, or both.
It is said that shortages occurrod In
all seed shipments sent out by the De
partment, that packets were dlvidod
into the smallest compass, by which
means the light weight of tho packets
sent out was concealed; that the
choapost kinds of seeds were frequently
and knowingly substituted for tho
costly varieties; ! that tho cheapest
kind of papor, much below tho stand
ard required, was used to pack seeds,
by which tho contractor saved several
thousand dollars. i "
Tho great; 'tnaments of the world,
which now I ost tho nations, directly
and indirectly, more than two thousand
millions annually, continue in all their
burdensomeness and menace to civil
ization. Land armaments in European
countries soem to have reached about
the l:mit of their possible growth.
The rivalry has now transferred itself
mainly to tho ocean. Into this rivalry,
we much regret to have to say, our
own country has entered more deeply
the past year than ever before, and the
present lead of the government and
infatuate following of the people be
token a still deeper sinking into what
is contrary to all the previous history
and policies of tho nation, and what
6eems to us to bode no good to America
or the world. The ideas under whoso
impulsion this naval incubus is being
loaded upon tho country seem to us to
be thoroughly false and un-American.
The pretended dangers which are put
forward to enforce the necessity of a
great navy are baseless and unreal.
The grounds of our safety, respect
from abroad and peace in tho past are
the grounds of our security and honor
still. To become liko one of tho mili
tary powers, on the sea or anywhere
else, is for tho nation to expose itself
to tho weaknosses, the entanglements,
the alarms, tho perils and the degener
ation which always stalk in the wake
of militarism. It is not too late yet
for our boloved country to stop short
in the now course on which it has en
tered, and every consideration of
strength, security, honor and useful
ness demand that it should do eo.
Our Dnmb Animals.
Every one is familiar with the effort
to locato water by the use of the witch
hazel weed, and now wo aro told that
electricity is to be put to a new use by
taking tho place of the witch hazel
wand. Tho otlicials of tho geological
survey aro just now experimenting
with a littlo electrical device which
they hope will develop into a reliablo
water detector. A writer in the Kan
sas City Star, referring to this device,
says: "It is something like the seis
mograph used for determining earth
quake disturbances, and is so delicately
ljjusted that it records tho slightest
vibration. By those yibrations tho
presence of subterranean streams are
not only determined, but the volume
and direction of the flow are also ac
curately recorded. This instrument
will bo of great value to tho irrigator
and farmer, as it will enable him to
drive his wells where he will find
water. In tests made with tho new
eloctrieal device steel rods aro driven
a shoi't distance into the earth and at.
tached to tho machine. The slightest
vibration is recorded on the dial.
Thero is an attachment resembling
the tolephono receiver by which the
vibration's aro converted into sound
waves. In testing for water the vol
ume of these sound waves are com
pared to the total minor vibrations
from other causes in the areas of the
same sizo in which it is known no
water exists. The device will not
work satisfactorily in regions where
there are volcanoes or other seismic
disturbances. The officials of tho geo
logical survey believe the devise can
be used to indicate the presence of oil,
but tho vibrations caused by oil aro
not so great as those of water and con
sequently much more-difficult to detect.
Oil is always found at greater depths
than water, and for that reason a more
delicately adjusted instrument will bo
necessary." The Commoner.
Boare tho m Km m "aw m&sl
Summer Excursions.
Unusually low rates to Colorado,
Yellowstone Park, California and the
great northwest. Descriptive matter
and full particulars Union Pacific K.
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food, duly digested. "Force,"aready-to-serye
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vigorates. Ten pounds best Uoiloe for f 1 at
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