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Iron Countu Register
You can hire bouse builders, but
roust marry borne builders.
Anybody could match up soul mates
if neither side was particular.
If In addition to enacting new laws
we were to enforce those we bare al
ready it might help materially.
' It has been discovered that Pharaoh
bad toothache and the gout No won
der the Israelites fled from him.
It Is proposed in Denmark to send
an expedition to teach the Eskimos to
fish. Are they as hopeless as that?
' As a hazardous occupation, sitting
on a keg of powder while smoking . a
pipe isn't to be compared with raising
tobacco in Kentucky.
The discovery of an angie worm in a
glass of milk might have been a com
forting reminder to that Detroit man
that it will soon be time to go fishing.
Wellesley college's professor or
rhetoric says playing bridge whist Is a
mental chewing gum for girls. This
Involves some siretch of the imagina
tion. By the time China has armed and
drilled a few hundred thousand more
men perhaps it will bs able to talk
the language of. modern diplomacy
Why does the average person put
the stocking on the left foot first?
Probably for the same reason that
most people remove the right boot
first. Habit.
A New York man wandered away
from home nnd forgot where he livetl.
Not every New Yorker, however, say3
the Chicago Daily News, has such a
pleasant experience.
After all the encomiums handed to
"the man behind the gun" it is a shock
to learn that our naval marksmanship
at Santiago was bad. Still, it an
swered every purpose.
The action of the New York man
who asked to be chloroformed, admit
ting that he has outlived his useful
ness, seems an admission that he Is
too lazy to do the job himself.
Persons who do the loudest com
plaining against the length of the win
ter and the cold weather in general
are usually those who had hay fever
tast fall and prayed for an early frost.
Mitzel Morok, the loop-the-loop girl,
heroine of a thousand thrilling whirls,
has been killed while in the domestic
rt of nourlne: a cut) of tea. thus again
proving how dangerous it Is to be
That Is, Archbishop Ireland does not
believe in war, but if there must be
war he thinks it wise and proper to
be prepared to knock the tar out of
the other fellow. Any fallacy in the
Philadelphia is beginning to talk
about celebrating the two hundred and
twenty-fifth anniversary of her found
ing next October, and Mayor Reyburn
recommends that the old home week
Idea be adopted.
The question "Shall army officers
wear corsets?" will not down, and fat
ones are becoming alarmed at the
prospect. Possibly some of them
wouldn't be so corpulent had they
been "straight laced" early in life.
The heiresses who married titles
and went abroad to live in the splen
dor of old world aristocracy are com
ing home. They Beem to have lost all
their desire for the aristocracy, and,
Incidentally, a good many of their dol
lars. In a recent bulletin from the Uni
versity of California is given a sum
mary of the evidence prepared by
Prof. J. D. Whitney to show that the
famous Calaveras skull, found In a
miner's shaft in Bald Hill, near Alta
ville, probably came from a cave used
by the Indians for burial purposes.
The mayor of Cincinnati wants wom
en in that city debarred from operat
ing automobiles. He says that the
only machines women should run are
sewing machines. To this, remarks
the Baltimore American, the women
will retort that it is just like a mean
man to leave them the work, while he
takes all the fun.
It has heen supposed that smoking
makes such slaves of its victims that
they rarely seek to lighten the yoke.
National figures in regard to the to
bacco industry Indicate the contrary.
When the financial panic of last Octo
ber appeared, the production of cigars
decreased 146,000,000 In a Bingle
month, and. In December dropped off
to the extent of another 100,000,000.
The manufacture of cigarettes was
also greatly lessened. There was evi
dently a desire to economize, if not to
break off the habit Or perhaps it was
a turning to the seductive pipe.
The wife of the Indiana editor who
makes a two-column appeal In her bus
band's paper for bis nomination to a
state office has a heart In the right
place, but her editorial "we" has its
embarrassing and confusing sugges
tions, remarks the Indianapolis Star.
"Our husband," "our vow at the mar
riage altar," "we are with him," "we
will work for him," etc., are phrases
carrying a Utah-like flavor that
might mislead the unwary. But
, what does the . literary form
matter? The lady, she's all
,A Pennsylvania man who had to
give: up his warm bed to his mother-in-law
anl change to the spare room
has brought suit for divorce. Any
body who has occupied the spare room
on a winter night would ordinarily
sympathize with this martyr to hos
pitality, but he' happens to be a
wealthy oil producer, and might have
bought an oil stove and got . along.
Usually, too, remarks the Baltimore
American, men blame their mothers-in-law
for making things too warm
for them. The Pennsylvania man Is
Body of African Who Criminally As
saulted White Woman Has
Not Yet Been Found.
Wesson, Miss. John Burr, a young
negro, was lynched near here Sunday
by about 30 men for the murder of a
12-year-old white boy.
Saturday night, according to Burr's
confession and the story of an eye
witness, he was fishing in a mill pond,
when Karl Smith, the 12-year-old son
of J. W. Smith, a planter, approached
and began a conversation. Burr was
an employe of Smith's father and he
said to the boy:
"Look up, look at the bird."
As young Smith gazed skyward.
the negro shot him in the back of the
head with a shotgun. Burr threw the
boy's body into the mill, pond with a
shot gun. Burr threw the boy's body
into the mill pond and fled, but was
captured by officers and was on his
way to jail when Just as tho Sabbath
dawned a party of about 30 men took
the prisoner away from the officers.
The negro was quickly hanged from
a tree and several shots were fired
to hasten his death. .
Convict Assaults Woman.
Mobile, Ala. Walter Clayton, a ne
gro, who was serving time at the
stockade of the Hand Lumber Co., foi
manslaughter, late Saturday after
noon criminally assaulted Mrs. Jo
seph White, aged 20 years, and was
lynched by a mob of 75 men outside
the limits of Bay Minette Saturday
The assault occurred at the wom
an's home, six miles belcw Loxley.
Clayton entered the house, it is said,
and choked Mrs. White into submis
sion. The negro returned to the con
vict camp, where he was arrested late
Saturday night. The negro told the
officers not to take him back to the
scene, as he committed it, and it was
not necessary to have him identified.
Two officers hurried him to Bay Mi
nette, county seat of Baldwin county.
As they approached the jail, 75 men
came from behind a fence and took
charge of the negro, dragging him and
the deputy 75 yards before it was dis
covered the men were handcuffed to
gether. The deputy was then re
leased and the negro carried away.
The negro's body has not yet been
Divorce Epidemic in Family.
Ottumwa, la. Married life has not
gone well with William Carnes and
his sons, Samuel and Charles, of this
city. All three will appear in di
vorce proceedings at the April term
of the district court, and the father
and one son, Samuel, have given up
all hope of marital bliss 'after a sec
ond trial.
Death Due to Shock.
Bellefontaine, O. The remains of
Miss Mary Palmer of Dayton, who
was drowned by a skiff overturning in
the Miami river, were brought to this
city. Dr. H. E. Palmer, the father,
gives it as his opinion that his
daughter died from heart failure
caused by the shock of the cold wa
ter. She was an excellent swimmer.
Youth Beaten to Death.
Dayton, O. Charles Comer Sangle
of Lima, who was beating his way on
a Big Four train, fell from a car to
a street crossing and both legs and
arms were mangled. In a dying state
ment at the hospital, he said he was
knocked from the car by a detective,
who used a blackjack.
Reinstated and Gets $2,386.
Youngstown, O. An alternative
writ of mandamus was issued against
the officials of the city compelling
the payment of $2,380.16 to George B.
Moyer, a city detective, who was sus
pended from the police force for two
years and then reinstated by the su
preme court.
8nuff Thrower Ducked,
Newark, O. Rodney McCullom of
Granville was given a ducking in the
creek by Denison students, because
he had blown snuff in the town hall
while a literary contest was in prog
ress. Every one was set sneezing and
coughing and it nearly broke up the
Match Destroys Forest, .
Woodbury, N. J. By the dropping
of a match by a wood chopper,' 20
acres of woodland, belonging to J.
M. Nelson, J. C. Brooks and the es
tate of Jarvis Pedrlck, on the Center
ton road, were burned over.
Gives $10,000 to Church,
Bridgeport, Conri. The will of
Charles M. Minor was offered for pro
bate. The estate is valued at $10,000
and it Is left entirely to the Congr
gational church.
Negro Sues Congressman.
Washington Representative Thom
as Hefiin of Alabama was made the
defendant In a suit for $20,000 dam
ages filed In the district court by
Louis' Lundy, the negro with whom
the congressman had an altercation
on a street car on March 27 last.
Veteran Found Dead, Rifle In Hand.
Mason City, la. Jacob F. Church,
old soldier and pioneer citizen, was,
found dead in bed with a rifle grasped
In his hands. It is thought that he
committed suicide.
Boom Pound for Mayor.
Chippewa Falls, Wis. Former Gov
ernor Thad C. Pound, one of the most
prominent ' figures In Wisconsin for
half a century, Is being urged to run
for mayor of this city. Despite, his
age, the former executive of. Wiscon
sin may consent to make the run.
Her Love Worth $500,000.
Cincinnati John M, Gorman, for
mer telegraph operator, now a million
aire, was sued for $500,000, on the
ohargo of alienating the affections of
the wife of a clerk, Harry Rensch.
f fl II
m77(vt J i j&72rranott J
HI A jffffrj)
E1 I (fair) LfJ
Sum of $300 Then Is Stolen After His
Residence Is Ransacked
Bloodhounds Are Sent
to the Scene,
Vienna, Mo. A. J. Curtis, one
of the wealthiest farmers of Mar
ies county, was decoyed outside
his home near here Tuesday night and
assassinated. There is no clew to the
identity of the slayer, although it was
believed at first robbery was the mo
tive of the crime.
Bloodhounds were telephoned for to
Jefferson City Wednesday and a mes
sage from Attorney John G. Slate
there says they will be sent at once.
Meanwhile a posse is scouring the
woods and ravines around the farm of
the murdered man, in the hope of cap
turing the assassin, who is believed
to be in hiding. It is said he cannot
Attorney Slate was formerly pros
ecutor of this county.
$300 Stolen From Home.
After Mr. Curtis had been called
outside he was killed by a charge of
His house then was ransacked smd
$300 taken.
Curtis was a nrominynt and well-to-
do citizen, without enemies so far as
It was known that he was in the
habit of keeping considerable sums at
his house.
Vienna is an Inland town, remote
frnm tho railroads It is reached eith
er by he Rock Island on the north or
by the Frisco on the south.
Throws Shells 300 Miles at Rate of
SO Each Minute.
London Oovernmest ordnance ex
perts have reported confirming the
claim bv W. S. Simpson, a well-
known metallurgist, that the lat
ter has Invented an electric cannon
capable of throwing a projectile 300
"The gun will revolutionize naval
construction," says Col. Maule, one of
the foremost of the authorities en
gaged in the still pending tests of the
weapon. "It will force the abandon
ment of armor and make speed the
prime requisite in fighting vessels."
The weapon develops a velocity of
30,000 feet per second, and the experts
also support Simpson's assertion that
it will discharge 50 Bhells of 500
pounds each minute. It will likewise
throw one projectile a long and a sec
ond a short distance.
The basic 'force being electricity,
the discharge is without flash, smoke
or recoil.
Kinsman Declared Insane.
Warren, O. Alfred Kinsman, broth
er of Senator Thomas Kinsman, was
pronounced' insane here by ,a jury in
the common pleas court. He was
charged with the murder of George
Wolves Attack Cattlemen.
Austin, Tex. Packs of lobo wolves
are killing many cattle In the north
western part of this county. Several
of the animals attacked Ben Wiraber-
ley and P. C. Boyce, ranchmen of
that section, while they were , out
rounding up cattle. The men saved
themselves by climbing trees.
8chool Building Completed,
Frederick, Okla. There has just
bea completed a modern three-story
school building here, costing $26,000,
which will be occupied by 700 pupils.
Hunter's Body Found.
Billings, Mont. News of the find
ing of the body of Frank Blank, s
Red Lodge man who disappeared last
summer while In Northern Wyoming,
reached here. The body was found
In an unfrequented spot only a short
distance from where the hunters bed
their camp. :
v Paris Locks Out 150,000.
,. Paris A gigantic lockout affecting
150,000 masons, bricklayers and al
lied workmen In the building trades
went Into effect here. ,
Police Charge Laborers Who Attack
Italians at Hammerstein Building.
Philadelphia, Pa. In a race riot
at the Hammerstein opera house site,
in which more than a thousand men
participated, one man was shot and
scores were injured by flying clubs
and stones.
The factions were composed of
Irish, negroes and Italians. The Ital
ians were looking for work, and the
men of the other nationalities accused
them of offering to work too cheaply.
The police reserves were called out
and a cordon of 40 men was thrown
about the scene of the fracas to keep
order throughout the day.
So serious did the affray become
during the morning hours that it was
necessary for the police to form a fly
ing wedge and charge into the ranks
of the fighters.
The contractors on the opera house
had advertised for men and about
3,000 had gathered, negroes making up
the greater part of the throng. While
the crowd was awaiting the contract
ors' orders a party of about ,100 Ital
ians advanced also In search of work.
One Italian's head was so crushed
that he probably will die.
Dispute in Government Leads to Con
dition and Bloodshel Imminent.
Paris A special dispatch received
here Wednesday from Port Au
Prince, Hayti, says that the situa
tion there is extremely grave and that
complete anarchy prevails.
A dispute is said to have arisen be-
twsen Gen. Jules Coicou, chief of the
military district of Port Au Prince,
and Camilla Gabriel, nephew of Pres
ident Nord, as to their respective pow
ers in coping with the situation.
The dispatch further declares that
American warships are preparing to
land troops.
Inquest Over Stevens' Death.
San Francisco, Cal. An inquest
was held Tuesday afternoon in the
death of Durham White Stevens, the
diplomat, who was shot by the Korean,
In Whan Chang. Coroner Leland
asked Chang If he cared to make any
statement: ' "Certainly not," replied
the assassin's lawyer. The jury re
turned a -verdict formally charging
Chang with murder.
Finds Gold on His Farm.
Watertown, S. D. Four nuggets of
gold about the size of a bean were
brought into town by A. 3: Kidder,
who picked them up on his farm ten
miles northeast of Watertown. That
free gold existed east of here has been
known for a long time, but these were
the largest specimens ever brought
to the notice of local experts.
Tangles With Live Wire. '
Chickashai, Okla. Le Roy Maxiflr,
assistant cashier of the Citizens' Na
tional bank here, had another mixup
with a live wire. While driving
through an alley a wire fell on the
horse, but the wire was insulated and
no damage was done. A few months
ago Mr. Maxey bad a horse killed
and received a severe shock himself
by an electric wire.
Mine May Be Their Grave.
Hanna, Wyo. Preparations are be
ing to open the Union Pacific Coal
Co.'s mines Nos. 2 and 3, and to seal
mine No. 1 with Its scores, of dead
who were killed In the two explosions
a week ago. V -
Fights Fire with Gasoline.
Oskaloosa, la. Mistaking a cup of
gasoline for water and pouring It over
her apron to extinguish flames that
had caught in the garment, Mrs. Geo.
Yannlng of Mlllersburg was burned
to death.
Expels Fifty for April Lark.
Columbia, S. C. Fifty members of
the junior class at Clemson college
were expelled and It is probable 200
sophomores and freshmen will be dis
missed for having left the campus
without leave "on an April-fool lark.'
Lockjaw Kills Child, -
Plainfield, Wis. Debs, the 11 year-
old son of E. T. Bentley of this city,
died of lackjaw. The boy accidental
ly shot himself" in the hand last Sat
urday while playing with a revolver.
Locklaw set in, resulting; fatally. '
Concise Report of Measures Intro
duced and What Action U
Taken on Them.
Liability Act Reported.
Washington The house committee
on the Judiciary Saturday presented
to the house .the majority report of
the committee commending the pass
age of the Sterlin employers' liability
act as finally amended in the commit
tee.. Representatives Littleflcld' (Me.),
Bannon (O.) and Parker (W. Va.)
submitted a minority report, In which
they - declared unconstitutional the
clause Incorporated by the committee
governing the recovery of damages
by injured employes. This clause Is
so drawn that an employe suing an
employer shall have deducted by the
jury the amount of damages sustained
a sum equal in percentages to his own
contributory negligence. That is to
say that the employe sues for $10,-
000, and tho jury finds that his negli
gence was 90 per cent to blame for
the accident the employe can still re
cover from the employer $1,000.
Minister for Each Republic. -
Washington In recognition of tfca
growing Importance of the United
States' relations with South America,
the house csmmittee on foreign af
fairs. In reporting the diplomatic and
consular bill, through Chairman Cous
ins, provided for a separate American
minister to each of the five republics,
thus affording the United States an in
dividual representative In every
American country. The total appro
priation carried by the bill is $3,520,
283, an increase of $306,130 over the
appropriation for the current fiscal
year, which is intended to provide for
rent allowance and office furnishings
for American consulates, in accord
ance, with the reports of Inspectors.
Army to Get $100,000,000.
Washington The army appropria
tion was completed by the senate com
mittee on military affairs and will be
reported to the senate on Monday. It
will carry about $15,000,000 more than
was provided in the bill as it passed
the house, making a total of approx
imately $100,000,000.
One item of about $10,000,CC3 was
included to Increase the pay of the
army revenue cutter service and ma
rine corps,' but excluded enlisted men
of the navy, in accordance with the
provisions of the bill as passed by the
For the joint maneuvers of the reg
ular army and the organized militia,
$1,000,000 is appropriated. About $5,
000,000' has been made in the appro
priation for the transportation of
troops and the purchase and repair
of the ships to be used as army trans
ports. The houte adopted an amend
ment which would bar officers of the
regular army from taking part in the
annual rifle contest, and the senate
committee struck this out.
More Trouble Feared as Sequel to
" Little Rock Street Fight.
Little Rock, Ark. United States
Senator1 Jefferson Davis was fined
$25 in police court Wednesday morn
ing on a charge of disturbing the
peace. The charge of carrying weap
ons was dismissed. Tho senator ap
peared In court with his head ban
daged. At the same time Thomas E.,
Helm, deputy prosecuting attorney,
was in a Justice court to be tried on
the charge of aBsault and battery.
There Is danger of more fighting, as
the situation is strained to the break
Ing point. Many witnesses testified
that Davis ran to his office, after hav
ing been assaulted by Helm, got a
large army and navy revolver and re
turned to the scene looking for Helm,
declaring he desired to get. a shot at
him. Witnesses also testified that the
senator cursed much.
Prince Helle to Return to Paris.
Now York Prince Heyie de Sa-
gan announced Tuesday that he
de Sagan announced Tuesday that he
will sail for France on La Provence
on April 9, and that Mme. Gould and
her . children will return to Europe
just as soon as she recovers from an
attack of bronchitis, with which she
was overcome while visiting Mr. and
Mrs. Tyler Morse at the Hotel St.
Regis on Monday.
Gives $50,000 te Church.
Marlon, O. Mrs. Anna Harkness,
widow of Stephen V. Harkness of
New York, has given the Methodist
church of Caledonia $50,000, to erect
a new building, which is to be a me'
morial for the mother of the donor.
Sleeps with Lamp in Hand.
Chardon,' O. While reading with a
paper in one band and a lamp In the
other, Clinton Goodwin of Clarldon
fell asleep. The lamp, dropping from
his grasp, exploded and, breaking.
scattered oil on his feet, which were
severely burned. ,
Both Legs Cut Off.
Morris, Minn. Joseph Schroeder,
about 40 years old, a Great Northern
section foreman, was knocked down
by an engine and run over, cutting
off both legs just above the knees.
Seize Thief and Load of Iron.
Gloucester City, N. J. Four men
were discovered leaving the old iron
works at Gloucester plant with a
wagon laden with about 4,000 pounds
of Iron. Chief Goan gave chase' and
the wagon and one of the men were
captured In Camden.
Fatal 8klrmish in Arizona.
, Douglas, Ariz. Ranger Jeff Kidder
is reported perhaps fatally Injured
and three Mexican officers killed or
injured -s the result of a battle at
Naco. Aria.
i 'I!!.'. II - - II
Rules In Railroad Cases,
Kansas City Judge Smith McPher
son, In the federal court here decid
ed that he has full jurisdiction over
both the maximum freight rates and
the c passenger fare cases in Mis
souri. In other words, he holds in
favor of the railroads and against the
state or the question of Jurisdiction.
Lower Assessment Asked.
Jefferson City A committee of the
State Bankers' Association, including
A. O. Wilson Of St. Louis, waited oa
the state board of equalization and re
quested a reduction of bank stock as
sessment for taxable purposes. They
think it should be assessed at 50 cents.
The committee pointed out that the
average assessment of real estate In
Missouri is 26 per cent, live stock 3C
per cent and merchandise 40 per cent.
Heir to English Millions.
Kansas City Word has been re
ceived by friends of Miss Joanna Pom
fret, formerly of this city, that she Is
In all probability one of the heirs of
the Pomlfret millions bound up In
English estates. Miss Pomfret is now
In Chicago, and has placed her claim
with other heirs for the money.
State Balance $2,106,262.
Jefferson City State Treasurer
Gmelich reports a balance in the treas
ury at the close of business Tuesday
of $2,106,202.88. Feb. 29 the balance
was $2,203,094.89. Receipts Suring
March were $294,712.60 and disburse
ments $391,544.60. Earnings of the
Missouri penitentiary were $22,562.90
and disbursements for that institu
tion $24,410.54. Receipts from the
sale of automobile licenses make a
good road fund of $14,767.
Nominating Petitions Filed.
Jefferson City Nine nominating pe
titions were filed April 2. Five of
these, coming from St. Louis City,
Ray and Linn counties, were filed by
Nova Winters for railroad and ware
house commissioner. James Ellison,
for the Kansas City court of appeals,
filed three, which came from Adair,
Clay and Clinton counties, and Nat
Shelton filed one from Marlon county
for the supreme court.
Farmer Slain and Robbed,
Vienna A. J. Curtis, a prosperous
farmer residing near Vienna, was de
coyed from his home and slain by an
unknown man armed with a shotgun.
Robbery is thought to have been the
motive, as several hundred dollars
Curtis was known to carry on his per-,
son is missing.
Frost Misses Peaches.
Columbia Prof. J. C. Whitten of
the ttate horticultural department
states that the frost of April 1 had
not damaged the peach crop at all.
The danger period may come later,
be, said, but the crop is, safe so far.
Hon. George B. Ellis, secretary of the
state bbard of agriculture, said: "The
reports we have at hand indicate that
the crop is safe. I do not think the
frost lid material damage."
Two Held for Kidnaping Child.
Jefferson City Gov. Folk honored
a requisition from the governor of
Kansas for the return to Galena, that
state, of Stewart Wheeler and Sophia
Caughenbaugh, who are charged with
kidnaping Vivian Caughenbaugh, 12
years old, from her guardian, J. F.
Powell. They are under arrest at Jop
lin. Pardon of Smiths Asked.
Poplar Bluff Audrey Russell of
Poplar Bluff and other citizens here
have secured more than 600 names to
a petition to Gov. Folk, asking that
the Smiths, found guilty of peonage,
be pardoned. The signers assert that
the presence of the Smiths "here is
necessary to the commercial activity
of Southeast Missouri.
Auditor Wilder's Statement.
Jefferson City Auditor Wilder's re
port for March shows the state's dis
bursements to have beeh $391,544.61,
with the . receipts $294,712.60, an ex
cess of $96,832.01 in disbursements
over receipts.
Fruit Growers Fear Losses.
St. James Peach and pear orchards
were in full bloom up to April 1, when
a crust one-half inch thick froze on
the soft wet ground and fruit growers
fear the crop Is lost.
Morasch Jury Disagrees.
Kansas City The jury in the case
of Mrs. Sarah Morasch, charged with
killing 4-year-old Ruth Miller, who
died from- the effects of eating pois
oned candy, announced that It was
unable to agree upon a verdict and
was discharged. . It is understood that
the jury stood eight for conviction and
four for acquittal. ,
Methodists Favor Prohibition.
Mokane The Mexico district con
ference of the Methodist Episcopal
church, south, In session here, passed
a temperance resolution Indorsing
statewide prohibition, and adjourned
to hold lis annual meeing In Mont
gomery next year. The conference
embraces the counties of Montgom
ery, Audrain, Boon and Calloway,
Howard County Goes Dry.
Fayette At the local option elue
tlon Howard county went dry by a
majority of 210.
Biles Denied a Rehearing.
Jefferson City Division No. 2 of the
supreme court (refused to give a re
hearing in the case of A. C. Biles, alias
Frank Daly. Biles was sentenced two
weeks ago by the court to be hanged
In St. Louis on April 3 for the murder
Of Engineer Harvey. .'
State Treasurer's Statement.
; Jefferson City The statement ' sub
mitted to Gov. Folk by State Treasur
er Umellch shows a balance to the
credit of the state March 31 of $2 -106.2C2.88.
' '
Did Evsr Youngster Welcome Advsnt
of Little Brother or SIsterT
The mothers were talking shop.
"When little Harold came," said the
flrst mother, "his older brother Regi
nald was very curious about him.
" 'Yes, Reggie, dear," I told him, the
little baby is a Washington's birthday
present to us from the angels.'
"He frowned in thoughtful silence.
Then he said:
" 'Well, mamma, if we wrap him up
carefully and put him away and don't
use him, we can give him to some
body else next Washington's birthday,,
can't wer". -
The other mothers smiled anoU
Sighed. The second said:
"On the ep advent of my little
Miriam, Hannah, our five-year-old, was
taken upstairs by the cook to see the
newcomer. "Hannah looked her little sister over
sternly. Then, turning to the cook,,
she said:
" 'Jane, you can keep that In the
kitchen.''" '
Again the mothers smiled and sighed',
and nodded sadly.
"Yes, It Is always so." they said.
First Had Itching Rash Threatened!
Later With Blood-Poison In Leg
Relied on Cutlcura Remedies. ,
"About twelve or fifteen years ago'
I had a breaking-out, and It Itched,,
and stung so badly that I could not.
have any peace because of It Three-'
doctors did not help me. Then I used,
some Cutlcura Soap, Cutlcura Oint
ment, and Cutlcura Resolvent and:
began to get better right away. They
cured me and I have not been bothered!
with the Itching since, to amount to
anything. About two years ago I
had la grippe and pneumonia which',
left me with a pain In my side. Treat
ment ran It Into my leg, which then:
swelled and began to break out. The
doctor was afraid It would turn to
blood-poison. I used his medicine-
but It did no good,- then I used the
Cutlcura Remedies three times and!
cured the breaking-out on my leg. J. F
Hennen, Milan, Mo., May 13, 1907."
A Good Point.
The critic Is often bard put as he
stands between the work he Is asked,
to pass judgment upon and Its com
plaisant creator. ' He cannot always'
get off bo well as did the critic men
tioned In the Baltimore American. ,
"There are some consistent features;
of nature In this rural landscape," he
said, as he scrutinized the picture.
"What are they?" asked the anxious.
"The brow of the hill, which, I see;.
Is placed above the mouth of tba
stream," was the Illuminating answer-
Youth's Companion.
Sheer white goods, In fact, any fine?
wash goods when new, owe much of.'
their attractiveness to the way they
are laundered, this being done in a.
manner to enhance their textile been
ty. Home laundering would be equal
ly satisfactory If proper attention wasi
given to starching, the first essential:
being good Starch, which has sufficient:
strength to stiffen, without thickening;
the goods. Try Defiance Starch and
you will be pleasantly surprised at the-.
Improved appearance of your work.
Gazetteer Humor.
Many specimens of unconscious hu
mor are received by the editors of that
monumental work, the new Imperial
Gazetteer of India. A district - was-,
said to be "an extensive rolling plain,,
consisting of alternate ridges of bare
Btony hills and narrow fertile valleys.""
An interesting Item of natural .history
was afforded by the remark, "the buf
falo differs from the cow in giving a.,
milk which is richer In fat, in voice,,
and in having no hump." London
Globe. .
Statb o Ohio, Citt or Tolido, !'
Lbcab Coutt. f
PfuvK J. Cubnbt makes oath that he ! senlof
Eartaer of the firm of F. J. Cuknkt & Co., dulug.
uslness in the City of Toledo. County sud Stale. .
aforesaid, and that aald firm will pay tha sum ot
ONK HUNOHEU DOLLARS for each and every
ease of Catabbh that cannot be cured by the use of
Hall's Catabbs Cubs.
Sworn to Before me and subscribed tu my preseace,
this 6lh day of December, A. O., 1SH0.
. , A. W.GLEAS0N, '
liiif NotabyPublio.:
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken lntarnslly and mctm.
directly on tho blood and mucous surfaces of then.
ysicin. Scud for testimonially free.
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, 0..
Sold by all DruggUts. T5c.
Take Hall's Family Pllla for constloatlon.
A Stayer.
"Mildred," said the prudent mamma,.
"I wast you to treat Mr. Ketchry, who.
called on you last evening, with some
consideration and respect. He may
not be particularly handsome or at
tractive, but he Is sensible, well con
nected, highly successful In business,
and Is regarded as one of the coming.
men." "I wouldn't mind his being one of"
Ifie coming men," said Miss Mildred,,
"if it didn't take him so long to go."
Starch, like everything else,. Is be
ing constantly Improved, the patent
Starches put on the market 5 years,
ago are very different and inferipr to
those of the present day. In the lat
est discovery Defiance Starch all In
jurious chemicals are omitted, whiles
the addition of another Ingredient, In
vented by us, gives to the Starch a.
strength and smoothness never ap
proached by other brands.
Good Advice. ,
"I haven't any money," said the
seedy wayfarer, "but If you'll row me.
across the river I'll give you an ex
ceedingly valuable piece of advice
when we reach the other side."
1 The ferryman at last consented.
As the traveler sprang up the oppo
site bank he rewarded the ferryman
with the following bit of useful coun
sel: ' ,
"Never take any one across who
can't pay." ,
1 His Idea of One.
The teacher In the Darktown school,
was hearing the class In geography.
"What Is known as the . Great Di
vlde?' she asked.
"Cuttln' a big watermelon!" an
swered little 'Rastus with a grin that
showed, all his Ivories.
"There's a man who buys cham
pagne on a beer Income." "How can.
he do It?" "He's a brewer." Louis
ville Courier-Journal.

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