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Iron County register. [volume] (Ironton, Iron County, Mo.) 1867-1965, March 11, 1920, Image 7

Image and text provided by State Historical Society of Missouri; Columbia, MO

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'Bayer Cross'' on Aspirin like "Sterling" on silver;
Latin America Wants the Monroe Doctrine Defined
tiTASHINGTON.- Latin American countries which participated In the peace
If conference and also those Invited to join the League of Nations are watch
ing the request of Salvador that the United States define the Monroe doctrine
so that they will know Just what they
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Popular Place for Children.
It is estimated that the average
depth of sand In the deserts of Africa
Is from 30 to 40 feet.
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are perfectly happy." "But It isn't tin
same man." The Tatler.
Harmless, purely vegetable, Infants' and Children's Regulator,
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"Runaway" Canary Glad to Be Back
In the Comfort and Safety
of His Home.
Mrs. Robert Tomlinson of Martins
ville has a canary .that answers to
he name of Woody, relates the Indi
anapolis News. Last fall the bird es
caped from the cage and flew away.
Immediately the whole town was
asked to keep its figurative eye on
Woody. He was reported here and
there, feeding with the town sparrows.
Mrs. B. would call up and say that she
had seen him, but by the time his
owner came he was gone.
For a whole month Woody ctlvorted
around with the pests of the neighbor
hood. Then dark, rainy days began
to dawn. Still Woody stayed with the
sparrows. A neighbor called ap from
the other side of the town one day
and said that Woody was sitting
around In her trees, the very picture
of despair. There Is little doubt that
he was thinking of his warm cage
at home. So his owner hied herself
over to the spot and hung his cage
In one of the trees. Then she went
In to gossip. The rain continued to
fall and presently Woody hopped Into
his cage and the tragedy was over,
for that night he had his regular warm
spot In the dining room.
It's much easier' to lay plans than
It Is to hatch them out
Part of the Ritual of Purification That
. Has Survived in Scotland Until
In folk custom, needflre la Are kin
dled by friction of two sticks of wood
or of a rope on a wooden stake to
ward off demons of disease. AmoDg the
many customs and beliefs connected
with fire one of the most important Is
that of ritual purification. The new
fire Is supposed to regenerate, as fire
sacrifice is designed to sustain, the
Invisible beings. Needflre is a prac
tice, usually, of shepherd peoples to
ward off disease from the flocks. In
historic times the sparks for kindling
the needflre were obtained by twirling
a wooden peg around a wooden post
As In the case of new fire, the need
flre was almost always accompanied
with the extinguishing of the fires of
the locality, and the neighbors also
rekindled their fires from It as in the
new fire ceremony. In practice, the
people passed, or the herds were driv
en through or between the flames of
the needflre for purification. The need
fire custom survived In the highlands
of Scotlanl until recent date, and
probably traces of this superstition
still exist In parts of Europe.
Nothing to Prevent
Caudle Did the robbers escape?
Gable Oh, yes; easily I The offi
cers trailed them with bloodhounds.
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are agreeing to If they Join the league.
The state department has acknowl
edged receipt of the request from Juan
Franco Paredes, minister for foreign
affairs of Salvador. His note says,
among other things:
j "The text of the treaty contains
one article which has awakened warm
discussion throughout the whole Amer
ican continent - including the United
States, due no doubt to its brevity and
lack of clearness. I refer to article 21 :
'"Nothing in this covenant shall be deemed to affect the validity of In
ternational engagements, such as treaties of arbitration or regional under
standings like the Monroe doctrine, for securing the maintenance of peace.'
"My government recognizes that the Monroe doctrine consolidates the
independence of the continental states of Latin America and saved them from
the great danger of a European Intervention. It realizes that It is a powerful
factor in the existence of the democratic form of government in this conti
nent and that it raised a barrier to European colonization.
"Since however, the covenant of the League of Nations does not deter
mine the purposes nor fix a definite criterion of international relationship in
America, and since, on the other hand, the doctrine will be forthwith trans
formed in view of the full sanction of the nations of the world into a prin
ciple of universal public law, juris et de jure, I request that your excellency
will be good enough to give the authentic interpretation of the Monroe doc
trine, as it is understood In the present historical moment."
"Stop Throwing Forests Into the Waste Baskets!"
ffQTOP throwing the forests of the country into your waste basket" is the
u message sent to the business houses of the country by the American
Forestry association, which Is enlisting the aid of the schools, business houses,
and women's organizations in a pa-
per conservation campaign.
Charles Lathrop Pack, president
of the association, has given out fig
ures which show the tremendous in
crease in pulp wood consumption. In
congress the subject has come up for
frequent discussion.
Here are the figures submitted by
Mr. Pack, who calls for a national
forest policy and for better fire
protection for the forests, in cords con
sumed and value:
1SS9 1,986,310 S 9,837,516 1917 5,4S0.075
1909 4,001,607 34,477,540 1918 5,250,794
1916 5,228,558 45,785,682
"A look at those figures will cause some deep thinking on the part of
publishers," said Mr. Pack. "We must stop throwing our forests into the
waste basket. Business houses can bring about a great saving if they will
write the carboD of the letter they are answering on the back of the letter
received. This will save paper and cut filing expenses, too."
The situation, Mr. Pack declared, will not Improve until there Is greater
production of raw material. One of the pressing problems before the Amer
ican Paper and Pulp association, which met recently in New Tork city, was
the future raw material supply. It recommended a nation-wide forest sur
vey, better fire protection, and increased planting of trees,
I One of the first organizations to join the American Forestry association
In Its campaign for paper conservation is the National Woman's Association
of Commerce of Chicago. Miss Florence King, the president has issued a
call to all members connected with business houses to start the agitation af
"Boiling" Senators Give Soldier a "Square Deal'
SENATORS got excited the other day over the matter of soldiers and the
loss of their private property. In consequence the senate passed a bill to
amend the act now in force and give the soldier a better chance to recover
from Uncle Sam. Senator Wadsworth
said the present situation was "per
fectly absurd" and read these para
graphs from a letter from the secre
tary of war :
The original act was intended to
provide a simple and expeditions
method of settling the claims of offl-
cers and enlisted men for reimburse
ment for personal property lost, dam
aged, or destroyed in the military
services of the United States through
no fault of their own. However, a
series of decisions by the officials of the treasury department have placed
such restrictions on the law as to preclude favorable consideration of a
majority of the claims which have been filed. These decisions are briefly
summarized as follows:
The auditor has disallowed all claims for property lost by Are unless
claimants can certify that the loss occurred while the claimant was engaged
In saving government property.
The comptroller has ruled that "money" Is not an article of property,
The comptroller has recently decided that property lost In France can
not be considered as having been lost "in the field during campaign," unless
the claimant was actually in the battle line. This decision will affect prac
tically all losses of personal baggage in the field other than that In course
of transportation.
Senator Wadsworth said the committee on military affairs "boiled with
Indignation," and its purpose was to give the soldier a "square deal."
Great War Makes Many Millionaires in America
1 MERICA'S millionaires Increased hv 1.47R In th a 'first venr nf the. u- in
A Europe. During the second year the increase was twice as great for in
1916 there were 2,809 more millionaires than in 1915. And in 1918, while
the net growth was only 81, the true
situation rests in the old saying, "Him
who has gets!" The Increases of
that year were in Increased incomes
of those Included in the totals of years
gone by.
Distribution of these new million
aires throughout the country shows
them thickest where war activities
were greatest, with New Tork state
alone having 2,388. Nevada was the
only state that didn't claim a million
aire resident In 1917, but her million
aires live elsewhere, that's all.
Of American millionaires, capitalists as a group made up 8,883 of ,tho
total; manufacturers who made war material vu, ana the producer,
food, 120. Corporation officials numbered 716 millionaires. .
f 1 largest income In 1917 was $34,936,604. The man claimed to b
unr which makes him appear to be Standard Oil's daddy, J. D. Rocke
feller, a "single woman" received $5,794,559. She may have been Mrs. BL H.
Harrlman. In the great group of excessively rich over the United State-
there were 227 classed as "single women." i
From these latest available figures it is shown that Individuals through
the income tax returns contributed in 1918 on their 1917 Incomes a great total
of. $361,486,177, while corporations In the same period yielded Uncle Sam
Htrong boxes jnst $2442,445,769.
Why are
flavors like the
pyramids of Egypt?
Because they are
find WRIGLEY'S is a beneficial
as well as long-lasting treat.
It helps appetite and digestion,
keeps teeth clean and breath
sweet, allays thirst.
Sealed Tight
Kept Right
mui- ' minimi i i
The Eight
in all cases of
of all horses, brood mares, colt,
and stallions la to
on the tongue or in the feed with
Give the remedy to all of them. It acts
on the blood and glands. It routs the
disease by expelling the germs, it
wards off the trouble, no matter how
they are "exposed." A few drops a day
prevent those exposed from contract
ing disease. Contains nothing Injuri
ous. Sold by druggists, harness deal
ers or by the manufacturers. 60 cents
and H.15 per bottle. AGENTS WANTED.
Way V
flavor you
PI! iiSiRilipp'lil
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quality flavor brought all the
way to your table by bchotten
methods and Schotten care in
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Slnbad, Golden Days,
yueen s laste
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berries selected, tr.nspor
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Schotten stray with Schotten cart.
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town. Try Schotten coffee quality today.
Grocerss Writ foe our Cof-R-Lo It trja
you the Schotten aay to bring, Schotten
mmallty direct from plantation to table.
MM ;:: 4? 4 iw K ! "!
jL.!fUfcZ.r 1

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