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1 1 It R 'E:
P. P. AKE, Publisher. OUR OOP, OUR COUNTRY AND TRUTH. - TERMS $1.50 -Ycr in Advance.
Your Liberty Bond.
The United States Government bor
rowed money from you to finance the
War. You hold the Government's
promise to pay you back. This
promise is called a Liberty Bond or
' Victory Note. On this Bond is stated
the conditions under which the -Government
borrowed the money from
For instance: If you. hold a Bond
of the Third Liberty Loan, it states
that on April 15th and October 15th
of each year until maturity, you will
receive interest on the amount you
paid for the Bond. Other issues bear
other rates of Interest and other
maturity dates, all of which are clear
ly stated on the Bond.
Now, if you keep your Bond until
the date when the Government pays
you in full for it, you do not need to
worry if, in the meantime, the price
is low one day or high the next. You
and Unole Sam are liviog up to
agreement with each other;
neither will lose by it.
On the other band, if you sell
Liberty Bond now, you will find
the man you sell it to will not
you a dollar for every dollar you paid
for it. The prloe has been brought
down because so many people are
offering to sell their Bonds. If the
market is flooded with tomatoes, you
can buy them cheap, but if everyone
Is clamoring for tomatoes and there
are few to be had, the price goes up.
The same is true of Liberty Bonds,
Short-sighted people are djimplnir
them on the market, and wise ones
are buying them.
The best advice that can be given
. to the owner of a Liberty Bond is
thie: II old the bond you bought dur
ing the war; it is as safe and sound as
thef United State? Government itself,
Boy as many more at the present
low rate as yen can afford. If you.
bold them to maturity, you are bound
to make the difference between what
they sell at now and their face value,
You will also receive good interest on
your investment.
Hold on to your Liberty Bonds
and buy more. . i ,
Farm Census Begin June lt.
-The Iron county farm
1920 will begin on June 1st, conducted
by the local assessors who will ask
the 24 short questions when taking
the assessment. -
Each and every farmer, and all folks
interested in agriculture will bo inter
ested in the 1920 questions of the Mis
souri farm census. Tbe Register Is
able to announce this 1920 list today,
by courtesy cf the Missouri State
Board of Agriculture, which is the
administrator of this new state law,
which is one .of the very helpful
fingers on tbe hands of more profit
able farming methods. The following
questions correspond exactly with
the numbers of the columns on each
township or county assessor's farm
census blank:
Name and address of owner or
renter of farm.
; 1. Corn.
2. Winter and spring wheat,
; 7.
10. 11.
Oats. "
Irish potatoes.
, Tobacco.
Cowpeas. ,;
Sorghum for sirup.
Kafir and other forage sorgh-
Clover and timothy for hay.
Wild or prairie hay.
Other crops cut or to be cut
for hay. ,
17. Orchard and email-fruits in
eluding berries. .
18. All land pastured in 1920.
- -19. All other field, truck, and gar
den crops. .
20. Crop lfrnd lying idle. ,
21. Overflowed and "drowned out."
22. Raw and wholly unimproved
land not included in "pasture."
23. House and barn lots, roads,
arams, and unused patones.
24. Total- acreage of owned or
rented land being farmed by person
whose name appears on this listing.
Increased Pay For Army And Navy.
The President has signed- the bill
providing for Increased pay for the
c Ulcers and enlisted personnel of the
Army, Navy and Marine Corpi. This
bill provides for an increase in pay
for officers of from $240.00 -to $840.00
per annum. - -
The new monthly rates of pay for
enlisted personnel in the Navy has
been fixed as follows: Chief Petty
Officers permanent $126.00; acting
$99.00; Petty Officers first class, $84.
00; second class, $72.00; third class
$60.00; non-rated men first class $54.
00; second class $48.00; third' class
833.00: Fireman first class 860.00. " In
addition to the above base pay enlist
ed men will be entitled to additional
pay for serviceand permanent addi'
Hons. The BUI provides for a flat In
crease of 20 per cent, for tbe Army
and Marine Corps.
The bill provides for the transporta
tion of families of officers and enlist
ed men ordered to make a permanent
change of station and also provides
for the . payment of reenlistment,
money to any man who reenlisls
within one year from date of honor
able discharge and within six months
after the passage of this bill, this
gratuity to be paid at the rate of one
month's pay at date of discharge for
each year that the man reenlists for.
This last provision is a very import
ant one inasmuch as many men who
have boerfout of the eervice.less than
one year, but more than four months,
can now return and receive a bonus
of four months' pay forreenlisting for
a period of four years.
Reservists on inactive duty can
transfer to the regular Navy to com
plete the unexpired portion of their
enrollment and receive four months
pay of their confirmed rating at date
of release for so doing and In addition
will receive the increase of pay for
a man reenlisting and will be granted-)
thirty days leave of absence.
The Navy Recruiting Officer at St.
Louis will furnish transportation
gratis to any ex-service men in this
locality or fn the State of Missouri
who desires to go to St. Louis for the
purpose of returning to the regular
Navy if they will make application
for it. '
i v
New Pension Law.
The new pension law which went in
to effect on May 1st and known as
the Fuller bill makes the following
provisions for men who Berved in the
Federal army: -
To one wno served 90 days or more
in the army,' navy or marines corps
of the United States, honorably die
To one who served less than 90 days
discharged for disability incurred in
service in line of duty, in receipt of
or entitled to pension, or on pension
roll as a civil war veteran, $50. '
To one who served 90 days, honor
ably discharged, or having served Jess
than 99 days, discharged for disability
incurred in service in line of duty,' or
on the roll as a civil war veteran, who
is helpless or blind or so nearly help
less or blind as to require regular per
sonal aid and attendance, $72.
To one who in service iu line of duty
lost i,a) one hand px one foot or to
tally disabled in same. $60: ib) an
arm at or above elbow, or leg at or
above knee, or totally disabled in
same, $65; (c) an" arm at shoulder
joint, leg at hip joint, or if artificial
limb can not be used. $72: (d) one
hand and one foot, or totally disabled
in same, $90; -
To widow married prior to June 27,
1905 (a) of one who served 90 days or
more, and honorably discharged, $30;
(b) of one discharged for or died in
service of a disability incurred in ser
vice in line of duty, regardless of
length of service, $30; (c). married
once or more than once after death of
soldier or sailor husband if subsequent
marriage has been dissolved by death,
or divorce without fault on her part,
$30.-- .
To widow above mentioned for each
child under 16 years of aga of officer
or enlistnd man, additional, $6.
To child or. children under 16 years
of age of such officer or enlisted man
in case of death or remarriage of
widow the whole pension.
To army nurses civil war, $30.
No declaration will be required from
those now on the roll and mentioned
in foregoing clauses.
Declarations will be required in ev
ery case for original pension.
, Where no declaration is required
increase of pension will commence
from date of approval 'of said Act.
Payments at the increased rates
will be made at the date of the quar
terlv payment due July 4. August 4
and September 4, 1920, to those then
entitled, and thereafter regularly
Earlier payment can not be made on
account of necessary labor and
(By George Eyer.)
TATOP. O. Tato, familiarly
known as Spud, was removed from
this earthly menu at his boarding
house yesterday.,,: The attending
pbysIcianDr. Hi Price,' said profit!
Ms was the direct cause of his demise
and as he has Buffered with tuber
culosis for yean he was prepared to
die. Mr. Tato was" of Irish parentage,
prominent among rich and poor
High society carried him on a silver
platter and the lowly waitress loved
to warble his name.' He was so kind
hearted his best friends skinned him
Mr. P. O. tato's chips in the game of
life were ever played on the right
side, for altho he was sometimes hard
boiled, he did his best in the dark of
the moon, At banquets and socials
he was famous for his mashing, and
he usually came home with the gravy.
He was often in a peck of trouble,
sometimes being served m a straight
jacket. ' His daughter, Seed, and wife
Mrsr Sweet Tato, survive. The re
mains will be taken to the oil fields
near El dorado and "spudded in" to
morrow.Topeka Capital.
Teachers' Examination.
The next regular Teachers' Ex
amination will be held at the Public
School building in Iront on, Friday
and Saturday, June 4-5; all teachers
wno desire to mage certincates are
urged to be . present and take the
Geography, 8 to 9:30 A. M.
Language, 9 to 10:30 A. M.
Algebra, 10 to 11:30 A. M."
Orthography, 11 a. M. to 12:30 p. M.
Grammar, 1:30 to 3 p. M.
Arithmetic, 2:30 to 4 P. M.
Literature, 2:30 to 5 p. M.
Reading, 4:30 to 6 p. M.
Civil Government, 9 to 9:30 A. M.
U. S. History, 9 to 10:30 A. M.
Agriculture, 10 to 11:30 A. M.
Adv. Science, 11 A. M. to 12:30 p. M.
Physiology, 1:30 to 3 p. M.
Pedagogy, 2:30 to 4 P. M.
Adv. History, 3:30 to 6 P.M.
At the same time and place will be
Conducted the competitive examina
tion for the boys desirous of repre
senting Iron county at the State Fair
School. '
G. W. HANSON, Sup't Schools
for. Iron County
From Goodland.
Still we have rain.
The ground is too wat to plant corn
or garden truck.
Tbe nuis are putting on tneir sum
mer robes and are a delight to the eye.
Arthur Wilson and family of Enougn
are visiting relatives at Goodland.
Mrs. w. H. Smith is etui under tne
weather the result of "flu."
G- G. Adams is the proud owner of
the largest mule colt in this neck of
the woods.
N. VV. Adams and son are hauling
logs to the saw-mill during tneir lay
off from farm wore.
Still the roads are crowded with
teams lpaded with hubs, ties, logs,
staves and lumber.
E. W. Ray is putting In , some new
ground which he cleared off during
the winter.
J. L. Brooks is just able to be around
after his hurt and the mumps, Other
members of hia family are now hav
ing mumps. .
Aunt itfuzabeth crooks is quite iee-
-ble. -
Craig'e stave mill is running steadily
these days.
Jbred Asers caned on ur. Adams
lately for medical aid.
J. S. Larue writes from uraTvroro
County that he and his wife are en
joying their visit very much. -
Dr. Adams was the guest oi Mr.
and Mrs. Joseph Thompson lately.
The Dr. has been quite feeble all win
tar and spring. -
Aunt Mag. is improving slowly.
F. M. Adams and son are busy at
the saw mill.
Mr. and Mrs. Otia Akers are rejoic
ing over tne Dirtn oi a near mue
daughter. v
Mrs. Stave Bell of Shepard spent a
fortnight with her daughters and son
at Goodland.
Mr. and Mrs. Walsh of Redmond-
vllle spent Sunday with the family of
N. W. Adams.
Carl Pippin will teach the Redmond-
ville school this year.
Eggs 35c, sugar 35c, butter 50c, and
thread not to be bad.
The prospect for an abundant crop
of frul'i is good, but. the fruit will not
be good without sugar. The price of
sugar is one Of the most outrageous
things tne Amencrn people nave ever
bad to put up with.
(Never end a sentence with a pre
position.) '
Suuday School at Redmondville
everv Sunday morning and at Good-
land every Sunday aftetnoon. We
have a fair attendance both at Sun
day School and also at prayermeeting
on Saturday nigh. ;
White Oak Item.
We are having so much rain that
the farmers are getting behind with
their corn planting.
What nas become of onr roaa ove r-
seer for Dent township? The roads
are so rough that it is almost im
possible to travel over them.
Mr. Edgar Dunn and wife, also Mr.
and Mrs. James Shepherd of Courtols,
are visiting at the home or. wm. vol
ner to-night.
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Volner visit
ed at the home of the former's parents
Saturday night.
Feed is scarce in this section of the
country at present. If the freight does
not get to moving taster, mere is go
ing to be a scarcity of work teams
here. ' .'' v ' -
Mr. Henry' Trollinger, Miss Edith
La Rue a&d Miss Lela Thompson at
tended' services at tbe Penticostal
n.linrnh Saturday niehfc.
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Volner of Oates
visited at the home of the latter'e
naranta Sunday.
. Miss Lola Sutterfield visited at the
home of Miss Pearl Sampter Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs, Henry Sumpter visit
ed at the home of the latter's parents
t'rioay nigbt. L'liick.
Car for sale, cheap. V
J. F. Robertson, Arcadia, Mo.
Will Sell at Public Auction
HTVkio QnVvrliTricirvr- rrr riff p rf
i and embraces what is known as the O'BRIEiN
ffi FIF"! rD. between Granitevtlle and the Schneider
jij Quarry. It is an
a? .nrs snmi m se
a location for a
Don't Forget: SATURDAY, MAY 29.
"Weather Report.
Meteorological Report of Coopera
tive Observer at Ironton,Iron County,
Mo., for the week ending Monday,
May 17, 1920:
Days of-Week.
v rmay .
2 68
.1 16
Note. The precipitation includes
rain, hail, sleet and melted snow, and
is recorded in inches and hundredths.
Ten inches of enow equal one inchof
ram. "X" indicates trace ot precip'ta-
tion. Arcadia College Observer.
No Stronger Evidence Can Be Had.
Look well to their record. What
they have done many times in years
gone by is the best guarantee of fu
ture results. - Anyone with a bad back;
any reader suitering from urinary
troubles, from kidney ills, should find
comforting words in the following
statement. ,
P. Zolman, justice of peace, Division
St.,Parmington, Mo., says: "I was an
noyed by my kidneys acting too fre
quently, nothing serious, but very an
noying Doan's Kidney Pills cured
me and the cure has been permanent.
Eight years later Justice Zolman
added: "Doan's Kidney Pills have
been of great service to me for years.
I publicly recommended them many
years ago and it has been very seldom
that l nave been without them in my
house since."
Price, 60o at all dealers. Don't sim
ply aBk for a kidney remedy get
Doan's Kidney Pills the same that
Justice Zolman had. Foster-Milburn
Co., Mfgrs., Buffalo, N. Y, Adv.
I am now ready to receipt you for
your State Income Tax for the year
1020. This tax must be paid before
June 2d, or costs-and penalty will en
sue. So please come forward and
settle without delay.
B. P. Burn ham,
Collector Iron County.
ideal place for a Town Site. These i
ream v. eirner rn rnnse wno nesire m
home, or a profitable investment. i
Catarrhal Deafness Cannot Be Cured
by local applications, as they cannot reach
the diseased portion of the ear. There is
only one way to cure catarrhal deafness,
and that is by a constitutional remedy.
Catarrhal Deafness is caused by an In
flamed condition of the mucous lining of
the Eustachian Tube." When this tube Is
Inflamed you have n rumbling sound or im
perfect hearing, and when it is entirely
closed, Deafness Is the result. Unless the
inflammation can be reduced and this tube
restored to Its normal condition, hearing
will be destroyed forever. Many cases of
deafness are caused by catarrh, which Is
an Inflamed condition of the mucous sur
faces. Hall's Catarrh Medicine acts thru
the blood on the mucous surfaces of the
We will give One Hundred Dollars for
any case of Catarrhal Deafness that cannot
be cured by Hall's Catarrh Medicine. Cir
culars free. All Druggists, 75c.
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O,
To Whom It May Concern:
In accordance with Section 5858 R. S.
Missouri, 1909, notice is hereby given
that the following are the offices for
which candidates are to be nominated at
the Primary Election to be held in Iron
County the first Tuesday in August,
(August 3) 1920:
Senator in Congress for Missouri.
Secretary of State.
State Auditor. ?Vrt
Slate Treasurer. 1 "Tr ' " '
Attorney-General. ""r
Judge Supreme Court, Division, No.
One (Unexpired Term.)
Judge Supreme Court, . Division No.
Two (Unexpired Term.)
Judge Supreme Court, Division .No.
Two (Full Term.) .....
Judge St. Louis Court of Appeals. 5
Representative in Congress for Thir
teenth District. , ,
State. Representative.
Judge County Court, Western District,
Judge County Court, Southern District,
Prosecuting Attorney. '
Assessor. .
One Constable for each Township.
One Committeeman for each Town
Such State and County Ofiices as be
come vacant by expiration of term, by
death, resignation of incumbent, or va
cant for any cause, and which, under the
law, should be. filled at the November
election. 1920.
Witness my hand and tb,e seal of the
County Court Done at of-
(seal) lice in Ironton, Missouri, this
8th dav ot May, 1920.
Clerk County Court.
iVvmi- Q( aovd
TJE are authorized
dealers for the most
progressive concern that
ever built batteries. We
are pledged to carry out
those policies of square
dealing to which Willard
gives widespreadpublicity.
We are authorized to make
repairs, to do recharging
and to sell the Still Bet
ter Willard with Threaded
Rubber Insulation.
Battery and Tire
1. 0.0. F. BUILDING
Phone 134
For sale Bermuda Sweet Potato
Plants, 25 cents per 100.
J. A. Smith, or
. Signer & Signer, Arcadia, Mo. ,
Hours 9 a. m. to 4 p. m.
Office.. 60
Residence.... 32
Estimate (liven on Examination
it 110

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