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Democrats Contrition
Mosat, July 4, 1859.
mm notice a Gotten dob
r u a,.,, rj s
-n ld 1 the Untxtot in the crtv of
noetia, W4g ailed ts lite Chair for th par-
! PwluaArr orzmiaattoo, ami oa mo -
B, 1 TJ1 i
tTS rerjjied to a a
ile ro11 of Unties having hn calteeT the
Dvmg cuanies answered to tin .
.Atnt Cti.-Wm. P. Malk'D. K. ti.
woy. J. At u.Mur
"fc-OollFiMklift Low, . JL Davis,
f m - S. Bmiot Sam'i B. We,
r AtLJn.-Ua7b. Paluior, & X. Wells is.
I?11". J. A Jarksran W 1 Rm,,h J L.
ftompsoo, Wbl A. UniiJ. A. P. Campbell,
oS.c M Vaiden, 0 L Kkabroush, J F
-'allsoHi. S W r ..j i? wu.
nstm .S B iikwthoae, B L Terrell,
f fllis BarfieM J Vwtin J W
JaS llBih,n VT T M-
r, Jo
Hendrick, D S Pattaon.
B Owen. T N
T S mmi
iialev S n u , r
T ,
OaeU. , S Star, T.il
. G W aiHZliookat.J X
'dims. K
lliman, E X
oberts A L
if SO, S M
Iwards, Ja's A Ounp-
; Worthingtoa, T I Sharp.
at naeeived.
Kyle, E F Drnne, John
BjkL John M Elder, C Y
tichai, James B Dais, Thos
J So J M Waver, SAD
D M liemmingway, J T Butt,
Reid, W M iiemmingway, James
J F Xonnan, P K Sulherian-l Wm
Goodtoe, John W Patton, W if
W Priwdey. W Bennett, B B Bar-
fthUii. j KKUey, u c JoUn-
tsoddie, Uavia fcrordon, -Jr., il
Holmes, Skinner Boone,
W Fant, WAP Jonee. Wfl.
W G Gatewood. A T Hurler.
Uob t McGowan. Tbt s J Uai
ItmoteUod. '
M Bradford, Stephen Cock, L
3 Syke, itKb'd U.un wn.
C Frankhn.
M Keith, Jas A Ware, W
E R Burt, M M
W A McClure,
K Jordan, U i-ihuct.n.
ay, Proxy.
, Geo Xicholsou, Jme '
v ouuia, i. uaoott.
A Flounwr. A J Jonea.'J
Jayne, A H Lanr, Dr'
f hos Knight, lienjaurin'i
on. Ellis Bunnes, Dr Xbr-
Dr Quid, D A Catouball.
Ehode, J H Whit&ai lr
Hon W H Clark, M M
, GB Wright. FXa-
' Graham.
ir, (Proxy).
HC aaffoid.
era, A v Kow w A
aa, D W 1
S Betters, J L Sid-
L Xoel.
, Tison.
ffX O.e
Sfense, Jas S Prestidge.
i B BtsAuer, J J Pearson, Jas S
-H F Smith, John Berry, t "
I Owens C. Banks, M A uanas.
ip Jo iJeturna.
A G Murphy. J if tr-
M Bodajsra.
-A B Ditworto, K is utayw-
G hlisey- Tr
Jeff Davis, O90 name,--"
.Manaa, G M Fowler,
Mr HoBey, weara
A Wf
W D Ksy, d r-
T Percy, T M Hill,- " C ge,
Xa retmrns. rr q
j V aiawf-., . - rf rr-
,W Sin? ". '
r G Hudson. ' i""
HSBaanetA K Blythe, C
j J Gaga, Bay burn. i
Thomas, uw o vt uaawon,
. r, n . . . n . t
j-'.-n nwi-n oarasuaie; nm ;
"I'nBersoa, B D S Dixkd. H 1
ii p iitetnam, A B Hanoi tig, D H I
-r a HnTtaman. Alex McLeod. Or Bur-
p.ndfU Job ilcFarkad, Chas Vaughan,
Griffin, j? f "m n s"111'
; Sanders, orn?MS vrauoma.
On motie" of oa Q. C. Dtasc, of Jasper,
r iuiniig nwBtuuon was adopted:
j pfrr' That them are any democrats in :
,nd-mce onJhto Cjnvaniion from countws not .
bmriy iiHimfti, awn daoocrats bs in-
t to take seaU as delegates.
at Jar. SaBotd, of Harriaon, a 1
of two am each Congressional -
appointed to report permanent j
I tae umreatMB.
rjjipOMttea the following gentle-
sldof Harrison. Batsksof Sanp-
of Hinds, Bowman of Yazoo,
rde. Lidieli of Carroll, Blvthe
Orr of Chickasaw, Jones of
of Itawamba: who after de-
! the following, viz :
Geo, H. Gordon, of Wil-
W. Mf. W. A. P
tt, R. HarrmoB, CL M. Vai- 1
P. Cat
G. B. Wilkinson,
a. W.
Roberts, Franklin
S. Epp.rson,
of Yazoo,
R. E.
Clayton, of
WmnS w. Marf
i Wortiiinitosi. of Low t
winaton: Dooztss -e
iL. TerreU. of uvn
imteaof the Howsa
far as applicable for I
.of the Convention, oc
tats SsaMvAWtiaA.
i the Convention adjourned
I aTCLOVK, t. M. -
aset according to
f Monroe, apon
lv on the c
sl toe conveui"
by the fbilowina
one vote
votes foiled
in tho re
That every
its legi-d' t
uuikT an
il I
.tut I
was reft.
whttii j
iws : are '
on tn&tlle
ii" in am
iuai Mnon,
e votelhr
a vote. 1
ML Col. J.
rAJmrnqn-ct the Densecatic party of Mis-
nr r-- -wumy is enmied to as vombj
o.esin tbfnvemn, m it has Bewwssd-
u, PuTr brew h of the Stat Ug
lMre last HortionmeBt
Uwrenee, offered the ftfiow
ing resoiulKT , which was adopted, sad tf
r TI 011 the committee, 9
W Kov
' . . , L, " 'uuuuiue. oi tnrae uo my
Jiiifiri,ri tat a committee .. thre ha ao-
.;,; -,r . vT "
I , "W. T - svw- a uju IATB
I riimfitirr ifciml i iwi .ii j unp
-,t their ,-onienee.
1 v-Wwli. s , ... .
FJ r,ir niid M.. . .. .v mj-j
- j lKJafBaw, of Hiids said commit-
s,. 1
; pointed bribe oW t0 it on Hon. A.
Blthifi iuest him to address this
conventioj -in M instance of the acquiai
tioo of th Isiai.o of Cuha, and the mode and
meant bf T ajp tfia twe can be acquired.
The jEBtowtjrtg ri-soiution ottered by Mr.
Baitsiafe, of Hntiis, was, on motion, adopt
ed, iunt the fclk. m; committee appoint-
ed : Ac Lmwon
i-.A retPTnn A K Ittvthe.
A IJ BradforiT I -Shan, 1).- yJa K IVrks-
j dale, H S Va -lat- a, Phillip Catchings, Jos
ft, That a mmittee of ten, oonsiat
f two from afch . r.-n-ssioi.al District, be
appointed tQ8pori :at,olutious for the consid-
tratKj. of the Cwiyenlon, ami that all resolu
tions fc retewaUi thi creed or platform of the
Detn-raae nartj, fh-ii be referred on nre-
n without 'teU te.
foBowag retolution. otTercd br
J B McUae, w, on motion! adoDted. and
thefollowjfta; eomaitt annointed: if S
Vai btton. J Avrr, i
Sharp, U S Mc.MU-
lso, und K Lebauvt.
(W-S rctt, i ami a q
dentuda be aafoiated,:
kittee of five on cre-
Iht countv of Har-
On mofienof B. W.'
rn y, of Pontotoc,
toUitlot for a can-
the tonvfirtion prc.
didate far Governor,
dscJaaA'a owler, the
oatkins being
Cushman, nominated at Claiborne,
Join J. Pet t us, nominated by CI
; County.
A.'K. Blvthe, nonunajad by J
son of Yazoo county. 1
i w Hkin-
Bdhre proceeding to fauUot the
K. Hytbe wa withtlraw front
of A.
The Convention then proteeded to
lot by
counties tor Governor, with the to
suit :
Firal Ballot Cushman 9ft: H
; re-
Pettus 36; FallS.
Second Ballot Cusnman 86; Hudson 84 ;
Pettus 40; Fall 3; Blythe 1.
On motion, the Convention adjourned til
; o'clock.
8 O'tLOCK, t. It
The Convention met.
i fhe Hon. A. K. Blythe, of TaUobosha, ad
Ldresae4 the Coarention at length m an able
. manner upon the racticabihtv of the acquis: -
FL - 1 .1 i . c i..i
i on yi me luauui uirw.
At the close ot the remarks of Mr. Blythe.
the lion. A. G. Brown addressed the Conven
tion in a brief hat pertinent manner.
On motion the Convention adjourned until
Tuesday morning at 9 o'clock.
TnaBaT JtoHsiso, 9 Cctoca.
Convention met pursuant to adjournment
Mr. il. S. Van Eaton made the following
report, which was, on motion, received and
adopted :
The committee to whom was referred the
credentials of Messrs. Saffold ami Mcllae. con
testing delegates from the countv of Harrison,
a ask listve to report the following resolution:
AWfA i nat is. L. ssanoia ii entitled to
Vis seat as a delegate, and that J. B. McBae
has not uch an appointment as entitles him
w he a delegate under Democratic usage.
I concur in the above for the loliowing rea-
1 1Mb: It appears that Mr. Mclvae was not ap-
! painted by the county Convention as a dele-
0g but lle came here as a proxy ot other
dele-jTates they not having authority from the
county Convention to transfer their appoint
ments, g. s. McMillan.
Before proceeding to balloting, the name of
Taos. J. Hudson was withdrawn for Gover
nor. . B. Walton, of Carroll, and C. A. Ptmes,
of Tallahatchie county, appeared and took
their seats in the Convention.
Col. G. R. FalL with an appropriate address
to the Convention, withdrew his name as a
candidate for Governor.
Hon. J. B. Chrisman and S. Gwin, dele
gates from the county of Lawrence, appeared
and took their seats.
Covington County pot in nominatioa for
Hon. Jiadison JL icAnee, aai the
so nomination Uoa. A.
eittis-J: Cushman ' Rime 11
McAffee HUson 1. 1 otal 96 necessary
to a choice 43. Xo election.
Fot rth haHot Pettus 14 ; Cushman 27;
Blythe Iff; MeAffee 15 no election.
John Lshr, Willis Hall and Robert Fisher,
de: -gauNftom Yazoo, appeared and took their
sua yLQl
I'ifth toBot--Pettiis 45; Cushman 30;
Bl ii,e 8 ; MeAfe 18. Xo election.
Vr joeajat withdrew the name of A K.
Blythe, 2
The Coaamtion proceeded with the call of
the sixft Wm and alter the call of several
counties the same of Madison McAffee was
withilrawaJHE. Barksdale, at his request.
Ater tldjKof counties, and before the
result was amounced, an motion of W. U. U.
fison, the Bis. J. J. Pettus was unanimously
nominated by acclamation as a candidate for
Xtstin rte was the nomination of acan-
didafce for lM.r.-
of State, when the fol-
, u.-:7V
lowiagnoiamsfioijs were made :
Hon. B. PTebb, of Pontotoc, by Mr. Tt
son, of Itaaasiba; T. S. Anderson, by the
county af Warren ; H. U. Smvth, by Hinds
county; Jacfcasn Milsaps, by i rank! in coun
ty. V- -
After tae ta'l had proceeded to njar the
close of aanmia. on motion,
Hon. Bi R. WeWj, of Pontotoc, was unani
mously nasainate'l by acclamation as the can-fWtoPaScretar-of
X the Convention proceed to
oomuane aimndidaxe for Auditor of Public
i Acooaata
Hon. P. ft Liddell, of Cairoll, put in no
min.ition befcre the Convention the name of
E. R. Burt, at Xosubee.
Dr. McEfeitb. of Hinds, nominated Rich'd
Griffith, of Hinds.
J. A. Gadf Chickasaw, put in nomination
W. A. Rayhura of Yalalm-ha.
1st baljot Burt 45 ; Griffith, 42 ; Ray-NfcflO-
- - 'mm h9vt before the result was announc
ed, on motion of H. H. Smyth, of Hinds, E.
R. Bart was unanimously nominated by ac
clamation as candidate for Auditor.
Joseph Bennett, of Rankin, was put in no
minatioa for Ti-easurer.
-M. D..Havnes, of Yazoo, also pot in nomi
nahonbyC Jl Jordan, of Oktibbeha.
nooart Josselyn, of Marshall, put in nomi-
a by D.Soto county,
1st ballot liavnes. GO: Bennett. 23: Josse
lyn, 12.
Haynee was declared the nomine unani
mously by acc'a nation.
HnMnn of C. B. Jordan,
Seiolvti, That a committee of three be ap-
jrntorm tae nominees ol their nonu
. R. Jordan, of Oktibbeha, J. T. Simms,
and H. J. Ihomas, of Yazoo,
ninted said committee.
i mi tree on Resolutions, through their
E. Barksdale, made their report.
i was road, as follows :
Ive J, That we re -announce aa the basis
v action the platform of nrinciniea laid
bv the Democratic party at the National
vention of 1856 ; and hold that tite doc-
t oi u nou-mtervention" with tne institu
of Slavery in States, Territories, or Dis
of Columbia, does not, nor was it intend .d
eoiuiict with the assertioa of the power of
ws to Drotect the property of the ok
as of the several States, who may choose to
ttie in the territories whieh are tha com-
on property of ail tie Statea
JletoletU, tnai in ti a"ai oi mm ou-
Cotirt of the Lnitea saves, that "the
of property in slaves is aistinctly and
expressly afttraied in the CfonafJbtaou'' and
.. th. imlv Dower over it conferral noon Con-
snns, te the power coupled with the duty of
guarding and protecting the owners in then
rents,'' as thus declared.
IfeMfwri, That Mississippi wffl stand by
her sister slave-holding States in insisting
upon the enforcement by all toe departments
cfthe federal government of their eons titu
tkwal rights as thus expounded by the Su-
a I preme court oi tun umvcu
y Resdvt l, That in the event of the election
A of a Black Republican candklate for the Pre
sidency, by the suffrages oi t pnrtion
the Union only, to rule over the whole United
States, upon tne avowee, purposes tnai
Miiatwn. Mississippi will regard
deelarSVUm sr mmaunj, wu "
. 1 I r, 1! It a1.
in readiness, separately or u """rtVl co
operate with her sister States of the Sandi,
bTwhatever measures they may deem nece-
gary tor to8
& , ' . . rj Hui.
i r.n-u memuers Ol He conwueiaa;
Ya:l,L That we feel it incumbea
3 the lawaracy of Mississippi again to
i .u.. ti aniuisition at Cuba by too
saw , , ..3i
Statea J a coinmaretai ana pounca
and that wo wtu nau witn measure
or nwadure twawaa to it
and farther, we can ncrtr consent to its ap-
Xopnatxm by any foreign powery
Kadvtd, That we endorse, mute main, the
policy of the present Administration.
And which, on motion of Hon. A. B. Dil
worth, was unanimously received and adopted.
On motion of Mr. Galloway, of Monroe, it
Besdved, That the President of this Con
tflatkm appoint a committee of three from
each Congressional District, to act as a central
democratic executive committee of the De
mocratic Party, to fill any vacancies that may
occur in the ' Democratic State Ticket, and
attend to all business legitimately pertaining
to the duties of said committee.
Mr. Jackson, of Attala, offered the follow-
Uemvtd, mat tne next iemocratx otate
Convention to nominate State officers, be held
at Jackson, on 3rd Monday in June, 1861.
On motion of Mr. Labauve, laid on the
. The following resolution by Mr. Sharp was
Kescwed, mat tne tnanss ot mis conven
tion be tendered to the President and Secre
taries of the Convention, for the faithful and
impartial discharge of their duties as officers
of this Convention.
Mr. Barnes, of Warren, offered the follow
resolution, which was adopted:
he&itveJ, That this Convention, as the rep
resentative of the Democracy of Mississippi,
continue to endorse the course of our Repre
sentatives in the Federal councils of the na
tion. Mr. Mims offered the following resolution
which was adopted:
Resolved, That the thanks of the Conven
tion be tendered to the Jackson Brass Band
for their complimentary performance on the
morning of the glorious Fourth of J uly.
The following resolution by Mr. Labouve
was also adopted:
Raalved, That the Democratic papers of
this S.ate, be requested to publish the pro
ceedings of this Convention.
'At 11 !3 o'clock, on motion, the Convention
took a recess till 12 o"clocx.
-TOO Ubnvenfion was'agarn called' oorder,'
when the committee to wait on distinguished
speakers, reported Senator Jeff. Davis in the
rotunda, who appeared amid great applause,
and addressed the members in an able man
ner on the political topics of the day.
The Convention then adjourned till 3 o'clock
P. M.
3 O'CLOCK, P. 9L
The Convention met pursuant to adjourn
ment, when,
The chairman announced the following
standing Central Democratic Committee, viz:
1st District B. B. Boone, of Tishomingo,
T. J. Hudson, of Marshall, Simeon Oliver, of
2d District L. T. Gallowav, of Monroe,
A. K. Blythe, of Yallobusha, T. X. Martin, of
i 3d District Thos. L Sharn. of Iiirrrfra
lino. B. Hemphill, of Attala, P. F. Liddell, of
ith District E. Barksdale, 'of Hinds.
Cipirman; H. J. Thomas, of Yazoo, J. J.
Shannon, of Jasper.
tan District J. 15. Chrisman. ol Lawrence,
R. d Sitfold, of Harrison, C. Posey, of Wil
kinsda. Tbi Committee appointed to wait on tho
nominees of this Convention and inform them
of their nomination and request them to ac
cept, !e5; reported as follows, viz:
Mb. ftutstDEST: The committee appointed
to infonaihe nominees of the Convention of
eir nomination, tx'g leave to report tliat they
have performed that duty, and ihat they are
now in attendance to respond in person to the
Col. Pettua the nominee for Governor, and
the other nominees, came forward and ad
dressed the Convention, expressing their
tbands for the honor conferred, and accepted
the nominations.
Col. C. E. Hoofer, of Hinds, offered the fol
lowing resolution, which was adopted :
Rtajlved, That this Convention do recom
mend to the various counties of the State to
hold primary meeting and select delegates to
assemble at the Cib of Jackson, on the 2nd
Monday of December, 1859, to constitute a
Convention of the Democratic party to select
delegates to represent the State 'of Missis
sippi in the Xationaf Democratic Convention
to assemble in the Citj of Charleston, So. Ca.,
in 1860.
Hon. Wm. Barksdal; of the 3d District,
being called for addressed the Convention in
an able manner on political topics.
Mr. Barksdale haringelosed his remarks,
Hon. 0. R. Singleton was sailed for, and spoke
also to the Convention in is usual foreeahle
At the conclusion of Mr. Singleton's ad
dress, the Hen. J. J. McRae, who had been
previomrt waited on, was Hudlv called tor
the Convention adjourned, after a patriotic and
eloquent address from the President to the
Convention, sine die.
GEO. H. G0RD0K, Pres't.
W. S. Epraasos-, i
D. X. Barrow-, )
Democratic Convention.
At a Democratic Convention of Itawamba
county, Mississippi, held in accordance to
previous notice, on the 3rd Monday in June,
1859, and composed of delegates appointed by
primary meetings held in the several justices
'districts of said county, the following proceed
ings were had.
On motion, C. H. Robinson was called to
the chair, (temporarily.)
Upon motion a committee of three were
appointed to report suitable persons as per
manent officers for said Convention.
Whereupon the following persons were re
ported, to-wit :
A. B. Billiard, chairman, and M. M. Shelly
and V. H. Keys, Secretaries, whieh report
was received and adopted.
Whereupon A. B. BuHard took the chair,
and called the House to order.
On motion, the several districts were called
by their numbers, and the delegates request
ed to register their names.
And it appearing from the call that every
district was fully represented, the Convention
proceeded to business.
On motion, a committee composed of one
from each district, was appointed to report re
solutions expressive of the sense of the Con
vention. Which committee after a short retirement,
reported the following, which was received
and adopted :
ResoleeJ. That the Democracy of Ita
wamba county in Convention assembled, deem
it right and legitimate to re-adopt the time
honored principles of the Democratic party as
set forth in the Democratic Platform adopted
at Cincinnati in 185G, as understood and con
strued by our Southern representatives in
Resolved further, That Democracy being
progressive in its nature and objects, we deem
it unnecessary to introduce or adopt any new
"issues" or insert any new plank in the De
mocratic Platform.
Resolved, That we cordially endorse the
nomination of the Hon. Reuben Davis by the
District Convention, for re-election, to repre
sent this district in Congress.
On motion of M. M. Shelly, ,
Resolved, That our delegates to the State
Convention be instructed to support the Hon.
E. R. Burt, of Noxubee county, for auditor
of public accounts,
yffsfrtB" nnanimonslv adopted
Un motion ot Hon. w.ti. HTTBon,
Justice's district was allowed five votes in
making nominations in this Convention.
On motion, the two-third rule was adopted.
in making nominations.
On motion, Col. J. J. Lindsey was unani
mously nominated for the Senate.
On motion, the Convention proceeded to
ballot far representatives, which resulted in
. the selection of the following gentlemen, to-
wit :
Geo. W. Stars! I, Wm. Downs, Jacob Bar
den, John Walker.
After which Hon. W. R. H. Tison being
loudly called came forward and ascended the
stand amid the cheers of the audience, and
addressed the Convention in one of his most
effective, forcible and eloquent speeches.
Which was received with enthusiastic
At the call of the Convention, the nominees
came forward and accepted the nominations
conferred upon them..
On motion, the following gentlemen were
appointed as an executive committee to fill
all vacancies which may occur, &c, to-wit:
F. a Bates, District 1 ; W. H. H. Tison,
2 ; W. B. MoShonn, 3 ; James Bogon, t ;
G. B. Garther, Chairman S ; John Walker, 6;
John Ray, 7 ; Thos. J. Gibson, 8 ; J. A. Har
mon, 9; A. F. Carson, 10 ;J. W. Mitch,
ener, 11 ; Thos. Whitesides, 12.
On motion, the following resolution was
adopted :
Resolved, That the Democratic papers in
the State be requested to publish tho proceed
ings of this Convention, and the Memphis
Weekly Avalanche and Weekly Appeal be
requested to copy the same.
On motion, ttie Convention adjourned, sine
A. B. BULLA RD, Chairman.
M. M. Shelly & W. ii. Kites, Secretaries.
CC5 The "remarkable prediction'' of Hum
boldt that he would die in the year 1859, was
simply his coriclasion from a close observa
tion of the decay of his physical powers. It
wa remarkable only in showing the superior
ity of the mind over the body, and the scien
tific accuracy with which the mind could de
termine the point of time whan the physical
From tht Ann Ortnnt Pap.
Arrival of the Steamship Arabia.
Halifax, June IS. The steamship Arabia
arrived at this port this noon.
She left Liverpool on Saturday, the 18th
inst., and beings three days later advices from
Liverpool Cotton Market.
Liverpool, Juno 18. The sales of cotton
during the week ending on Friday evening,
amount to 65,01)0 bales, of which speculators
took 0000, and exporters 6UUO bales. Tho
market opened in the early part of the week
with Utile enquiry and easier prices. The
market closed firm at an advance of H on Fair
and Middling qualities. Lower qualities are
more saleable, but no quotable advance has
been obtained. The sales of Cotton on Friday
were.8000 bales, of which 1000 were taken
by speculators and exporters.
The market closed firm at tho following
quotations of the Brokers' Circular :
Fair Orleans 8i-
Middling Orleans 6 15-lCd.
Fair Moljde 7,lvd.
Middling Mobile 6 7 8d.
Fair L'plands 7gd.
Middling Uplands 6d.
The stock of cotton at Liverpool amounts
to 631,000 bales, of whieh 557,000 bales are
of American production.
London, June 11. The funds have exper
ienced a decline of one per cent, during the
Manchester Trade.
Livebpool, June 18. The Manchester ad
vices continue to be of a favorable character.
Havre Cotton Market.
Havbk, June 17. The sales of Cotton dur
during the week amount to 65.UW bales.
f Hrarse'rcs OTuiuane w quoted at 1U5 n ancs;
Orleans Bas 1U2 francs an advance of 1 franc
during the week.
Breauslulfs and Provision!1.
Liverpool, June 18. The Liverpool
breadstuff's market generally closed dull.
Provisions closed generally with a declining
London Money Market.
Loxpox, June 18. The London money
market is generally unciiauged. Money is
abundant, aud good bills are easily negotiated.
tienerul.iind Political Intelligence
London, J une 8. Intelligence from tho seat
of war was not of an important character, at
latest advices. The Ausiriana were still con
tinuing their retreat from the river Oglis, and
the allied armies were advancing.
The French troops were beins concentrated
for a decisive attack, and an important ittle
was anticipated within a week.
A naval demonstrated in the Adriatic was
expected. -
The English Ministiy.
Lord Palmerston had formed a strong cabi
net, including in its members Lord John
Russell, Gladstone, Lord Elgin. Richard Cob
den, M. Gibsou and Lord Granville.
Foreign Passports.
Washisgtos, June 28. The Attorney
General luis decided that no State officer can
lawfully issue any certificate in the form of a
Mexican Affair.
Washington, June 2S. Distinguished
Mexicans and prominent American citizens
are anxious that our government shall con
clude a treaty with Mexico.for the protection
of the inliabitauts on the frontiers of both coun
tries. Such a proposition will soon be under the
consideration of the cabinet
The treaties to be made by our Minii-ter,
McLane, will grant to the Unite I States the
right of way over the Isthmus of Tehuante
pec and from other points in the Mexican ter
ritory to the Pacific or Gulf of California, tho
rou'e to be constructed under the protection
ef fioth Governments.
It is not believed here that any cession of
Mexican territory will be made, or asked for.
A postal treaty is now being arranged.
The Government has made a contract with
Mr. Butterfield, the California Overland mail
contractor, for carrying the mails between
Xew Orleans. Mobile and all the Mi xican
ports on the G ulf of Mexico, including that of
A private letter from Gen. Vidatirri, rf the
2d instant says that on the 25th of May, Gen.
Zuazua was at Ieon, near Guanahuui, with
over 6WO men.
A skirmish had taken place al Silvia, in
which the Reactionists, under Messia, were
f,t Ziutis V?- Bffi;'t,n!r n-mhiiwinenu
k yjy'HMamSttalV wliu was
mrw'StTrmg force some ten rail 's distant.
The Linejktifdrrnntident of routins him.
and in that case would march diiectly un the
city of Mexico.
The report that President J uarez ha! con
sented to receive 8000 American volunteers
is unfounded, but probably tha services of
some thirtv American officers will be scoured.
By J. Z. Get rye, Stporier to the High Court
Thos. M. & Thos. lynes,
The State.
1. Arse trial Rule when illegil evilrnne
has bem admitted. A new trial in a criminal
case, will be granted when illegal evidence has
been admitted against the prisoners, wherever
it appears that such evidence miijht have ope
rated prejudicially to him in procuring the ver
dict ; but when it is manifest, that the illegal
evidence could not have influenced the verdict,
it will not be disturbed.
2. Same. A new trial will not be granted
for the admission of illegal evidence to prove
a fact which is fully established by other and
legal evidence in the cause, itrbeing clear that
the verdict was not induenced thereby.
3. Evidence Admissions of conspirator
when evidence against his associates. It is a
well settled rule, that, even after a conspiracy
has been established, the admissions o one or
more of the conspirators, are admissible to
affect their associates, only when made dur
ing the progress, or in the prosecution of the
unlawful design, about which they have con
spired ; and hence, if made after its comple
tion or abandonment, they are inadmissible.
4. Same On trial of accessarie's confession
of principal admission to prove his own guilt.
On the trial of accessaries, it being necessary
to establish the principal's guilt, his confessions
are admissible for that purpose, but such con
fessions, when made after the commission of
the crime, are only to be received to show the
principal's guilt, and they are not evidence
against the parties on trial.
5. Same Confessions Undue influence
Case in judgment. The prisoners were in
custody as witnesses before a jury of inquest
held over the body of the deceased; they
were informed by several of the jury that
their statements were contradictory and that
if they were guilty of the homicide they had
better tell the truth and confess ; on the next
day they made a confession to a person with
out authority, and who was not present when
the above statement was made to them by the
lifFi i i Lllilll, h" the confessions were not
ootameu by improper tntrufenee and -r.so
competent evidence .against them.
Simon, a slave, J
The State. )
Eridencs Confessions Undue influence.
The prisoner, who was a slave, soon after his
arrest confessed that he killed the deceased,
but the confession was obtained by undue in
fluence; he was then committed to jail and
soon after made the same confession in the
presence of the jailor, and repeated it on sev
eral occasions the last time about three
months after bis commitment Held, that
this last confession was competent evidence
against him, although he was not warned of
the consequences before making it.
Wm. W. Cook, ot al.,
Baokner H. Toombs.
1. Chancery Jurisdiction-CanctUation
of in f une a deed. A Court of Equity lias ju
risdiction of a bill to cancel a deed made by
the complainant during his infancy, and to re
cover possession of the land thereby con
veyed. 2. Infants Deed Estopped. An infant
is not bound by his deed, nor estopped by any
recital contained in it; and hence it is unne
cessary in a bill to cancel the deed on the
ground of the infancy of the grantor, lor the
complainant to offer to refund the purchase
money stated in the deed to have been paid,
jt he aver that the deed was procured with
out consideration.
t 8. Chancery Jurisdiction Sale of dece
dent's land without revivor. -A Court of
Equity has jurisdiction to entertain a bill
fifed by the heir to vacate a sale of bis ances
tor's land made under an execution issued
and tested after the ancestor's death, where
hare has been revivor of the judgment
i Same Practice and Pleading Right of
purchaser of decedent's land sold without re
vivor of judgment A bona fide purchaser of
land at a sale made under an execution issued
and tested after the death of the defendant,
and then there baa been no revivor of the
judgment, a entitled, upon the sate being au
Bulied st the uutance of the heir, to have tho
amount of his bid refunded, if lb j.lgment
were a lWn on the land; but it is unnecessary
in a bill by the heir to vacate the sale to make
the offer to refund.
j)y Resolutions passed the Iowa Black
Republican Sate Convention", denouncing the
proposition to repeal the federal la waprohib
iting the African Slave Trade. V .
100 UtHI.K.r.S,
BOCKAWaY.S auu Burci) in a
Mlw W iebiaiE a obaoae it; baine, I
Msr oat. above cod, tor aooeptanoes, lt.
tiiy t'ea viii and exuiDineHt uwr
JuIvS o9-tf HE.NKV E
4 GKAN0 MA.'KKD sad F-iuey DrJ
im. Hall will begiveu at tbeabiveipu8rr
watering plaea, under the tuanaKeuieut X
Prof. Vms as, of Sew Orleaas, uu f hur.-fa
July Stat., at whieh the ladies of ifi.-: .-i, f i.
aid adjoining S;ate are rssjjtctlu iy inritad to at
tend. The Ball will be succeeded by a plenii!l ta pr.
Mad. Linux of New Or.eana will b at the upring?
with h tine aasurtment of fsuey J;c ami
maeki, ire(red to furnish tbe viitor wfeh any
(..nAtutnu ihi- v mjv desire.
Priee of admission for each gentlemen $5,00
dies have tree admission.
July a'59-tf. WM. ft. LCI'KET. f'r.i-t or.
l)l I'AL U i. . .
B KNAPi will be absent .iom tha 20ib nil
until 1st Sep.embsr. Parson.- denrioc hi
viees before he leaves will please call aao e
diiy ami ui.'k.. nin. inim-nts. .luly 5
1 AH MAS S 1 RUM Ti4 fur oahuif Cotton
-1- the caeapjat Jtie made. Pur aale by
July 1 ag f. ELLIS & LKBafTER.
RiV ill Itk PEEV t'n Kaf-pine Lfub.-r i-r
Oll,UIUto;eby ELLIS A LEBiifTlER.
July 1 i3f.
FIS1I1WGP01.es. si
ANOTHER nice lot of chose UnmuooMfe "
City Tiuuk Stor" where may ly be
luund aehuieeusaorlme itof Saddles. BirSjles, Mar
tingalKi and Plantation Harness, aU of ray ow .
uiKKUlaeture, together wi(h a tin tac'i -ispWhiu--,
Trunks, yjiliaes, Saddle aud C .rp?t Bui aud a
coujplete aasortuient of Saddiery mawajU i-, aud
tuoU, some first rate So I, iron axletf(Boi.t an
Call and examine my stock before pnrchasing
el-ewhere. CJuHNSOS.
July I '49 tf. W. H A lei. OH tand.
AfDlT.IK s OKI ill.-. I
Jaeksun Mi.-f., lu.y ibe U, l f
'HE following deferibed lauds in me oouuty ol
X Claiborne, delinquent f r aon-paymeni. ol
Taxes of 1856, vi i lbe subject to entry or tu.;ta.'e
at this office, alter sixiy uuy - frum the date hereof
by any eituen ot tais t ate, apou paymtnt of the
am .uut for which said lands are deliuqueat and al.
aaatet fie State, with darniges and suow-qii-ut
Taxes adorned. ee Kevi-ed code of Wi w pp..
chap. I, see. . art'. 44 and ii, p. 2.
Division i t Section. .-ee. i i Bnip. nmjt.
Par (, 200 acres , I
L.ot 1 and 2, in sq 10. in
Lowr D vi.-.O id Gulf
.11 fraeiioi.al 84awaa. ) 40
N rih part t 270 aSTwil 6
t.ufs 4 and B, q. S'.. 8,
Moidie Divis. G.andUulf.
July I '5V SOd. Au.lu ..rm t'ub' c .Ismuntn.
Virginia Roach TrHii-.
Fyunwantt i free your house ol Koaohes and
vt-rinin ox t n" class gi:s one oi losw upr
rihtaway. They are cheap, and work wil fur
hI by f j- 2S S B. A. S 'ilTfl.
Vick-b'ir- and MVmplu .Mail Pacaeis.
Steamer liAN E L J$lA)N h . . Capt A. S. anoock.
1 tAVtn .Memi-bi.- tor vicK our;
m A very Unas days Evening at 7 oVluok.'
leaves V'iekburir f..r Mem. diu every
Friday, at 12 il.
ftteamer WM. GARVIN Capt. i. F. Hicks,
LeaveK Vicksbur for Memphis every Monday,
at 12 M.
heaven Memphis for Vieksburg every Friday, at
12 if.
These superior Packets connect at Memphis with
the Meiaphisand St. Ixiuii Mail Packets lor L m
isvttle and Cincinnati: !r . milk the Momphi,
and Charleston Cars. Connect at Napoleon with
the Arkansas and White River Mail Boats.
Through Tickets from Vieksburg to S'. Lonis,
and to Louisville and Cinoir.nati.
B. J. BUTLER a CO., Aents.
St'r Daniel Hoone. I St'r Win. Garvin.
Capt. A. S Hanejck. Captain J. F. Hicks.
James Pettey, Clerk. Will. Wood, Clerk.
aug!3 '4S tf.
Sew Orleans, Jackson and Great North
eru Krf.lruod.
f.TiOM and a ter ihis data, n..fUve will he ear
ned in any train of this Company, as a paeteu
ger, unless he deliver to the Cmduciur a pa. SUB
ed by Lai- owner, and ouunterfigned by the Station
Anent, at the station where he tats t be tram,
which pass shall be retained by the Conductor.
Any rlave found in a train without such pe.-s. shall
bo arrested by the Conduct. .r.and placed in custo
dy of the Station Agent, t the place where he eo
lered the train.
No Station Agent shall coantersign any pass un
til after the owoer shall have signed the same in
his presence, nor shall he countersign any Dai's
until entirely satisfied that the person signing the
same is the true owner.
The passes oil be on printed blank', provided
hy the Company, and Conductor are forbidden to
receive any other.
The Ti ket Seller, at Xew Orleans, shall act as
Station Agent in currying oak three regulations.
No tree p. r-. n of eoior will br curricu n any
train of this Company, In the State .if Mi-.ei.-s j. i,
under any circumetai.oes w bats-ever ; nor lit tt
i sum of L
i jiSw'iHu'
I. . ,
'Onian, si iw t -- fasy' - fry
haaei'iM aaf wn'rfrtf 1""
Xew Oil. ana, or the .-utinn Aitent at the station
where he enters the train.
Master of Transportation.
New Orleans. Dee 1 H5S. d c21 58
ABSTUAVI .)' the .We.f..l the MKR
liAR i EOKD, Vun., mdi- t Oi- S crSn of
fee i'.i.V oy j,, ji -in'. nt to the Sutttte
of that AtnU, mkotoimg it nmt ese and Liabitdtn.
oa the lsi.j dagut .'ton, Isitf.
The amount of its Capital S i . a is (2tO,0KI 00
Cash on band at their place o business.. 319 74
0.-h in the hands of aodduetr in Agents, o..?7 51
Csn in Uai k 2f,eja.d
floods now owned by iliul' m .i, via:
P.r V,.l. Mnrk't Vai
Missouri StateA perc'nt It n,j- Slu.nOO no $.; oil
,vtion:gau ij,i uu.iio ta.aeii.oo
Ohio u a u b.OOn.UO s U i 0
Kentucky " " " S.IMni 00 5 2im Hi)
Hirtiord Guy " a a L lS.uiMI 00 S,4i.i .SO
linrtt'ord City " park o.Ooo.utt io.uo
Total Bonds : $ 8,i,00.tV 57.710 00
Debts due the Co aecur'd uy .dort. 14.SUu.00
DebU otherwise aau'd loans un ettoe, via:
A't loaned.
Par Vai. Ma. k't Vai. Tn
105 (bares Bank of
U i.tiordCo. Uartf'd i :2b- 00 j,250 OB $1,300 00
i shares Merc-.n-
700.00 700.00
1,75 14
8,325 00
110 shares Merchant
A Muuu. Bn'fc Han't.
122 shares imckviil
Bank, Rockviile. . . .
15 she res Irviug Bn'k
. York
10 sbar's .E oh Bank
5 chares Farmers' A
Mechanics' Bisk, H.
0 shares P.oeaix
Bank, Hartford....
3,000.00 3,150.09
12,200 00 12 200.00
750 00 750.00
1,000 .00 1,0 'DO 00 450.00
500.00 570.00 4i000
600.00 606 00 477.06
$24,000.00 24 306.00 16 7u7.2M
Total amount loaned on tae above Stock. 10.7 7 20
Debts for pr mium- 7V8,48
All other securities, are
1st. Bank .stock owned by the Company, vis !
Par Vai .Mara t Vai.
50 share American Exohaogc 0
Sana, a. l. r... sjo.000.00 S5.700 00
MetroK,litan Bank
Now York 5,000.00 5,200 00
Charter Oak Bank
liaritord 5,000.00 5.300. 00
Etchaoge Bank
H.rtiord 2,500.00 1 350.00
.E.na Bank iiartt'd 10,000.00 10,800.00
Farmers A M chau-
ics' Bank. Hartlord 5 .mm on i5,7o0 00
Pboruix, Hartford.. 6,000.00 6,060.00
5. 000. 00
Merchants and Man
ulacturer-' Bank.
City Bank, HinfM
Hide and Leather
Bank, Boston....
National Band Bos
ton Safety Fund Bank,
JLfM no
M 40.00
$4o,5o0 00 11,950.00
Agrgte market value of the
a love .-stooir.
2d. Stock Notes, on interest,
tor billauce due on stock..
3rd. 1 n teres, acc.ued, bntoot
Total Assets of tha Company.
Tbe amount of Liabilities now dao to 'a
or other creditor of the Company
The amount of Liabilities hereafter lo be
come due, by the company to Bank or
other creditors,
The amount of Loases by the Company, row
aaju.-tea ana now aae none.
The amount ot Losses adjusted but not yd,
du I none.
Theamnnutof Losses ot the Company unad
justed at the present time does not exceed
the sumof $1,200
Tbe amount of Losses in suspense, waiting
forpniiif J bob..
Toe amount of atl other Claim against la
Company do not amount to more than , $500.
E.THOS. LO i ELL. Beoatery.
Compt-. tier's OB:, May 25tb, 1859. f
I here bey " rlify, that I have personalty exam
ined tb book and leenrltia of tha Mercnauts' In
surance Company of Hartford, ad fiudtbat the
assets of said Company ar truly stater ia the
s&ave .-so leaule. Aud I believe that its eatira Cap
1 ul is salely and eurely mvaared.
WM H. UUEI.L. CsmpnUer.
Al'UITi.K CFF1CX, J ACXsifl. f
I MADISON McAFEE. Auditor of Publics-count,
j of the Stat of Mississippi do berebjf certify -that
Th Meiehanls' Insurance Company lajated at
Hartford, has complied with tlx Act en kled an
Act 'To regulate Ageaeie of Foreign Iisuranc
Companie, appovad January 31st. 1857 1 and ia
v ir.ue of the power invested in me, by saj lao, 1
hereby authon je 0. N. BaBhuwk. Agwtfor said
Company, at Jackson,' in tbe ouunty of ispd, to
transact business of Iaauranos In tbi Stal until
tbe Srst day of March IS60
Given under my band aad Beat of oiBei St th
tity 01 jacason, tots 13th day nf Maroi A. U
'850. MADISON Mi
Auditor of i'notie
0. -V. BARROWS, Agent
1. . la u
Jmielt '5H3w.
Jf I BBS Did Burnon Wbiky at
May 3-d
oooas to 1 aa raoeived.
t A
.lfr, al tO
tTt) Inderal
ZER. !isc
m l mm
H. MVMEv. i XaV WlBguWMtns
Residence lor Sale
FOB aata In tha city of Jackson, Mis., slot
eigh.y feet fr . ot by two hundred feet hack
oppsoite tbe Christian cbaptl. Tttere is ea said lot a
dwelling with six r 'oms. a cittern, outhouses, Ac.
The lot is in a good neigbborhoodsnd convenient t j
the churches and business part of the town. The
terms and conditions will be made easy and rea.
ooabl. Enquire of K. A. Clark, or J. B. Clark, of
Jackson, or the undersigned by letter direct, d
Bentou, M. M. PICKETT.
May 2, 'S8 tf.
1v HE subcriber offers for sale a very superior
. tract of bottom laud in Tallahatchie couniy.
The tract contains fifteen hundred acres, about
hundred acres deadened, and eighty in a nign
of enlti ration . The whole nearlv. or nearly
the wnc, is above the present extraordinary high
water unit. H lies about on mil and a ball from
the mouth M Black bayou on Tallahatebie Biver.
A Bargain can be had. For particulars apply to
JAJIES MINTr-B. McNutt, Miss.
Or to a. W. EVASS, Oxford, Miss.
May oil oa w.
i i e n .
Cupiab County
LanaWfur SalexHi,OOtj
; I'llfci above number of
acrertf land will be
old at private sale to suit Mrehasers. It
lies on and within seven mica of KalHwid track,
and convenient In llaxleburat and Uahau
ft varies in uuaiitr from the best creek
to the common pine hill. Purchasers may on
sonable terms obtain tracts ot any size aud i
ity. For information apply to me at Gallatin,
Copiah county, Miss. 3AM'L BEDL'S,
J n. 5, '53. tf. Agent.
A PPiiOV'ED by the Now York Academy of
iV Medicine : containing eighty-five per Cent of
pure officinal Cod Liver Oil, and is a very pleas
ant Jelly. It U retained, digested and asai uilated
like any food, improving the digestive organs, and
arresting the progress ol ail Pulmonary aud Broa
ohital atleotioua.
Ouneral Agents, New York.
For sale by J. S. SlZEft, Jackson, and Druggists
generally. ja"- 2m
VLL persons having claihia or demands against
the late Planters Bauk of the Slate ot M s
sissi pi. a-u hereby notified to present the same to
the uudersined trustees, and make proof thereo
nn orbeture the first dsy of Novtmber next, in or-
Lfi ma VC
Xatchei. Juu 24 '4H-:in fin Jyl.
4 CASKS FltFSif B'JOKrJ, this day oitened.
June 21 itf-tf. J. B. MOKEY.
ON the lotn m-t. fr. m the Hauging Moss place,
4 miles north of Jackson, a Urge dark bay
mare, wuh heavy Mack main and tail, is gentle
and w rk- kindly any where, and is very awkward
in her gaits. Any infrintioii of her, either tn
.Mr. (ienr.e Bill on the premises or to mo at this
plaoe will be thankfully received, aud liberally ro
waroed. IT sUlew, I will fay $50 to the per .n appreheo
dig the ihi' t u aw his conviction.
.! i . 17 '5 -I WM. It. TAYLOR.
l oOi'S. U tkTO.V . KE1NACI1.
INDIAN 1.OCT0K-! hue p. tiuauently settled in
M. Jaeksnn
We operate on cancers by treatment
on the sv-teui eoasutatiooaiiy, wimout eau v e.
tlmuinaii. without i be use of ih Unite, vie
I ai
extract thecal e-r by the r oil, without a possibili
yof its returning; and it is m w admitted by all
that we are the most successful cancer operators in
the world. We will enumerate a tew of Ibe so
called incurable d seases th.it e are prepared tin
cure and treat: Consumption, anchyiosis or tiff
joints, every variety of lemurs or ulcers, rheuma
liain, g ur, neuralgia, sctoiula. syphilis, chronic
dysentery, pile.-, fistul i, in u , wittmut the use of
the knife or caustic j white swelling, diseases of
the eye, ear, and ail fetuule complaint.
We challenge the world to perionu the cures we
are now making. Office a lew doors above the Post
Office. May l! '5 tf.
Rt El I il hh S !
es. Peri d p c. Cons- aodCaoeav Ulaase.
80 Pair Ft oestUold frame spectacles 7.50 lo $20 00
75 " Coin Silver frame - - - 1."5 t.. ti 00
72 " Finest 8teel Frame - - - $l,n0 lo i.",50
50 " O dd aud S.iver PUted - - 50 in .i,50
Persons can have spectacle- sent by mail by in
form" g a their age, the length f tm they hive
u ed spec i nc es. and the distance th. ycan see to
read most p'ainiv, without the use of speetael-s.
June 21 50-tf. J. B. MOiiEY.
'PHIS d .y reeeive.1 f.mr ot Chickering A Sins
j)L world-renowned Piano Fortes, whicb 1 will
sell at the Manufactory price, for sash, or short ac
ceptance. J.B.MOUEY.
Old and Popnln. Restaurant Removed!
.1. liRAlvL giatetul for the liberal patronage
Hi. conferred upon his establishment for years
past, by his numerou. friends of Warren, Hinds,
Kankin, Madison aid th turroun iiug counties oi
Mississippi, as well as by the gnod pe. pie of the
Parishes of Carroll and Madison, Louisiana, and
tknse adjacent, and the pub ic generally, beg leave
to inform them that be has removed his Restaurant
to tho opp.ii:e corner, between the Bar-room of
B tto and tieuella, where he better prepared
than ever to aoc mmodate his patrons with the
finest Oysters, Fisb, Fowl and Game, a- 1 all the
delicacies which ihe season affords, carefully ob
tained from the most reliable aud experienced de
alers in the New Orleans market.
He has secured thi services of cook of the very
first class and trusts by striot atteotioo to the
wants of his customers, a constant and eaoiee
supply of the very bast in bis line, and fair and
reasonablacharges, to sail the times, to merit a con
tinuance of the liberal patronage so generously ex
tended to him at his . 1 i stand.
tif- Remember, the corner opposite Washing-
pers, at short notice.
E. J.
Oet. 10,I85e-tf
DRAKE, Restaurateur,
' I1E unoarsigned having aawthsp. d a lot and es
a tabli b-d a permanent Dr.PO t U r the sais of
lavi in the eity of Jackson, desires to say to his
"en i.- and t he ub ic, that he will be found at
home l y t ie I2t i list. , with a choice lot of slave,
consisting of uieti, women, buys and gnls. to be had
at the lowest figures for cash or satisfaet iry accep
tances Planters and others are invited to exam
ice bis lot if ihey wish to buy number one slave.
His depot is on State street, one square below
the old Mansion House.
dec7 571 W. A. .-HK WALTER.
To all Stable Keepers and dealers ia horses and
OARMaX'S STABLE is offered for tala on
good terms, and Jackson is getting to be 'be
b. st Horse and Mule market in this section , f the
Slate. Any man of basiuHsv qualifications can o.
pen this well known e-tanli-rljnent and do a fin
business. For further information apply to Har
rison T.tvinr near the Stable.
Mrch'l8. IS5-ly. F. M. RGaRMAN.
T ItECElVEDa iresh supply Imm New York.
mav m iv. U. A. NUliKC.
SiiW OixirtS.
StanOHid and 1' is'i Drama; w a -
aYa. erly N
elsffsiyles biffdsujci Lifeand Speach-
ssot A.U. fj- wn : Ciiiskeys foii iea: tear book :
Washington frvtBgs Works aud Lw of VV'alhiug
ton, complete ; and all ihes andard and ai'T'lorioUs
pullicationsol tb day. J. B. HOini'.Y.
N. B. More Book are coming in at this moxeut.
June Js '59
1UAVE two aged hoars mr .-ala, "Ui b Logic,"
my Lincoln aad Suffolk boar, which took th
first premium at twenty months old November 1857,
weighing then 4 to pounds.
A Cbejter county boar, bought by me in III., now
ab ut thirty months old; when seven teen months old
weuhed over 2s0 pounds. Price $30 each.
Edwafd', June !0'5l 4w. M. W. I'HILH'S.
IOK SALE 400 acres g.Hid laud oa the Bailroad,
a- one miie East of Jackson, wail improved tor
marketing and stock raising with good builiugs,
ail new tnOO peach, many pear, apple,, and all sorts
of iruit trees, coming into bearing. 1O0 acres in
cultivation. 50 acres in pasture.
June 10 59 tf. DtN'L MAYES.
h OFFLK for sale the plantation on which 1 now
I reside, located six miles S u b nf Sbengalo, Car
roll 0 tunty, on the Mississippi Cent al Railroad,
containing about 2200 acre about 800 acre in a
high state of cultivation tbe balance is finely tim
bered. The place is a desirable one in every re
spect; being well improved, a great part of it in
seoond bos-loin, fiig Black, located in on of tbe
heailitiieet and most desirable neighborhoods in the
country, Ac . Ac.
For particulars rater to Gen. Jo. BeU, Jackson,
Miss., and Ur. C M. Vaiden, Shongalo. As I shall
be absent after the 10th of June, in y overseer, Mr.
Cone, will show the place to any on wishing to ex
amine. Terms easy.
June 3, 4w. C. S. HCDS0V.
l ATTlaN UAfcl IUi-l,
No. 7, CanrsiDi, bag
leave to call tbe attention
of their customers and tb
public generally, to tbeir
new and attractive assort
ment of Watches, Jewelry,
A, V I tiSB 4c- eonisting in part as
ftrJjjjjjQftm loilows:
Locket and Gold Mrtgic Case Watches,
For Ladies and jentlemen.
SiLrxa Wstchss, of every daseripiion and price,
Ea Kings, BsaOKLKTb, A FlNOEa Ri.voa;
CiUTiXAiss. Guard and Nik Chains;
Gold, Fob, Guard and Vest Chains;
O dd and Silver 8aacTcu8;
G -'d aud Silver Pkkoiui A TnmaLKS;
mm ElL . KEV A Tiil.NKK'f ,
aum BREAST I'l'-, FISK P A K c nOBs
WjW ailTf. ,iE : Also tux
Waitebs, SrooNs, Forks, Sofp Ladles;
Fi-h Knives. Salt Stands, Oak Baskets;
Canule Sticks, Goblets, Cm;
M.ii.AssKs, Pitcbgbh, i kavs A Sni ffers;
.-It VER UAi. 1 A8K, 1 VER A lBaTUER
Our stock of Jeaelry in lull aud half setts, com
prising a variety of a'yles. Coral, Garnet, Cameo,
Lava Painted and Jetw-will be wild at very low
prices; call and examine before porehaiing else
where if you want a bargain.
Atlantic t nUe Working I
You will receive signals by purchasing a Cabl
Cbarm Can or piece from Pattou A BarBeld.
1 oar particular attention is called to our
. F.ne French Marble Clock, together with
every new variety ot 1 auke olooKs which
are manafaetured, all of which will bo
To the l uU.c.
Bear in mind that the genuine Pebble Spectacle
Glass, in Gold Frame, can be obtained at P. A
B s, t w en ty - five V cent, cheaper than they hava
been aold iu th market. Also, tb French G.ass
in Gold, Silrar, Steel and Ptatd foam to suit
every ag. Colored Glass and Eye Protector al
ways on hand.
A saw and fine variety of O Id and Silver Head,
Fancy, Swoid, Julian and Crook-nook Hickory,
bold aod Si Ivor head mad to order, and wood
finished with Frenoh polish.
f3T Watctss Ciocks and Jewelry, of all kind,
tap 1 red in a workmanlike manner.
Engraving neatly exeaated.
18, '58-tf. PaTTO.N A BARFIELO.
rtm at 0: tb latest aad best
, just opening, at very I w flg-
, mail I A ttaaa as
Yalnnblc Rankin Cosnty Land For Sale.
ravUK undersigned will mil on aosocimoda -X
ting isrms, bis valuable plantation in tbi
ciunty, lying 10 miles east of Brauden, and near
ar the
boutbem Bui ttoad.
Ha bas is all fifteen hundred acres which may be
divided into two taettof eleven hundred and twenty
and three hundred and eighty acres;
On tne first named tract is two hundred acre
cleared, a (tin House, Cot urn Pros, Corn Cribs; te.,
ho, ana nine bundled and twenty acre of it is
excellent oreak bottom land. Of lb two honored
cleared, one hundred and thirty ia button bud, and
there are two hundred acres mure ef bottom deaden
ed and ready to be pat in cultivation.
Ou tha small traet there is seventy-five sere of
bill and branch land in cultivation, negro cabins.
Ac., Aa . Tne fences and other improvements ar ail
new. Bith places have aa abundance of water.
For terms apply to undersigned on the ) remises,
or ad trersunn through the post-oBoe t arena n.
My 24 i0-tf. A. SPAXN.
o laoi AtaO-4
Leaver Meapbis Tuesday, Thaisttay aad
Leaves) Vieksburg every .Monday, Tuesday
and Saturday.
SE.NUER LINE, between
BVUG. alternate days, with the Memphis and New Or-
fuckeu, composed of the following elegant
mnlii every TL'ESDAY. at 4 r. u.
Returing, Vkttp, vieksbarg every SATURDAY at
12 M. iSiL
J. O. CLISE...bw- B. M. Mason.
Leaves Memphi vWTHL'KSIiaY. at 4 r. M.
Betariiing. leave VioliTherg MONDAY, at 12 a.
VICTORIA "-....L. A. Wilton.
L ives Memphis every SATbtLlAY, at 4 r. m.
Returning, leaves Vieksbarg xN;.DAY, at 12 a.
The above three eletau t passengBhisa-aers have
bean placed permanently in the trWc between
Memphis and lekshurg ana win run imj.jgn, u-.
the entire season, agreeaoiy to tne
schedule, taking freight aud passenger ITS.!
mint on the river between Memphis and
burg. Also receipting through for Ireight and pas
senders for all points on tb Arkansas and vt nitt
Rivers, within the bounds of tha trip of tie mail
packet on thou river. Prompt and reliable
connections are lo made by ii is line with the fol
lowing Steambuut and Railroad route :
Bound South, connect promptly and without deten
tion at Sapoieon, with packet lor Arkansas and
White Rivers. At Gaiues' Landing with Stage lines
tor Monticello Warren, Canden and Washington,
being the C'.anty eats respectively of Drew, Brad
ley and Ouachita counties, Aikanaas.
At Vieksbarg with the Railroad tor Jackson and
New Orleans. Throagh Irom Vieksburg to New
Orleans in twlve hour.
Also, with steamboat liaesfor New Orleans, Red
rtiver Yamo and Sunflower.
Also, with tb Vieksburg, Shreveport and Texas
By this line, bound North, connect at Gaines' Lan
ding and Nap .leou as before described; at Mem
phis withreliable packet Hues for Cairo. St. L u s
nd Louisville,, with the Memphis aud Carlestoa
Rtiiioad and its connections, with the Mobile and
Ohio Baiiraad. the Mississippi Canttal and the
Meuipuisaud Lin e R ek Bailriad.
Are sold by this true over the various steamboat
and railroad lme above spnkeu of aud at price
onion are a material saving to the traveler, thus off
ering the double inducement oil a saving of Time
and Money.
Between Memphis and Napoleon, and Viek-burg
and Napole.'n twenty-lour boars ; between Mem
phis and Vieksburg, torty-eigbt hours.
Fortunher information apply nn board oftbe pac
gets or to J NO. T. SHIBLY.
X. B Particular attention wiU be paid by all the
b .ats in this line to the want of my old friends
Planters and M-erehaiits on the mule, and tbeii
iiatroiiage is re-peetively solicited by
Amil H '59- 3m THOS T. SHIRLEY
Ihe Old Oiug and Book Store Establish
ed in 1835,
CONTINUES to impart article of guaranteed
purity and qualiiy. Our arrangments are saeh
with the most reliable and old established bouses
in America fat wo can offer as great inducements
as any House in th South and beg our friends and
the public to call and examine stuck and price.
J. 6. S1ZEB.
febll 5S Successor liJ.il. Green.
4 N excellent country office ia for sale, Consisting
. m in part of tb loliowing materials for the pa
per besides a large variety of Job Type, chase Ac:
Xew Long Primer 300 pe tods.
About 250 pounds Brcusr.
One full case of Long I rimer which ha been
Washington band press bout double medium
siie. .
One large imposing stone, and everything neces
sary to Gnuiiuouoe basiness.
Terms $S00 o.i-h. Address Box 108, Jackson Mia.
April 26 'ill tL
FROM various misrepresentation
made by some of our profession
al Bretnren in regard to the "Alien
continuous Gum Teeth,'' .That the Gum will wale
off, and will not answer as well as the old style of
work,"; we feel called upon in justice to ourselves
and patient, to say that w will, after a trial of
our "Allen" manufacture of Teeth, either in full
or partial seis, if they do not think theui superior
to the old style of teeth in regard to beauty, natu
ral ap eara ce, cleanlinass aud dorabiliry, we will
insert with pleasure a ease on tb old plan, fro of
charge. We feel guaranteed in stating tbi, as we
have beau manufacturing tbc "Allen coutiustou
um" fur iear two years, and not a tingle case
has bean returned either for repair or from diaaa
nsfaeii .n. In tue lanffuag of an old i.ractitinrer
and protesor ol "Ooeralive xreaueisy, is Ua
Baltimore College of Deiiial Surgery, "to draw a
comparison between single teem and "Allen's con
tinuous Gum," is indeed a loss tit time, and is in
fact behind the age."
We will continue to attend all Calls In the ad
joining towns and country, appertaining to the
practice ot Ueutistry.
D. B. A D. S. LEMAXr
Jackson. Feb. 11. 1855 tf.
oesiIcablFresioence FOR SALE.
' I VtiE undersigned offers for sale his late residence
X in tne city ot Jackson, situated on State street
opposite tb residanoe of Col. C S. Tarpley.
Apply to U.O. Dixon or E. P. Ruuell.
act ly ag
raiHE House, Lot aud suroncr, now occupied
a by il hi. J . xfrowu.
gi ven.
A groat Bargain will be
an I I 5W If
' $ vltE undersiaiied offers for sal the place on
X which he resides, situated on th Clinton
road, l; laiias irom tha State House, comprising
11 acres of land in u high state of cultivation, and
a splendid orchard aad Garden. The dwelling con
tains six rooms, well finished, full length gallery in
front, with all necessary ouit.uvs, tw cisterns,
and taken altogether ia on of the most pleasant
and desirable residences near the city.
Trm liberal tn suit th time. Apply tots
uadeisigned on th place. J. STRAUSS.
April 27, '58 tf.
1 OFFER my pUoUtiou on liouey Island for sale,
My land is too well known to require a long des
cription suffice it say, it was above the high water
of 1M50- 58. Any on wishing to buy, can gat a
dsurii tinu of th land from Messrs Block, McAfee
A Co., New Orleans. U n. Madison McAfee, Jack
son Miss., or the undersigned, at Lexington Mis.
fcST Th Msisppian, Vieksburg Vt big and
N".' O. rayu nc please copy in Weekly, aud send
bill to tow office.
April 8 'i - 6 n.
A DESIRABLE residence tor sal, whish can be
bad on reasonable Unas, by applying at thi
Also, a tract of land containing 330 acres in Co
piah couniy. near Hue Ridge.
June II '58 tf.
OF FIRE arxs,
(Whig Builaing.)
V i e k b u r g, Mis
sissippi, take pleas
ure in informing
Sportsmen oftbe sur
rounding country.
that be keeps on
startffy on hand a full assortment of every deserip
tion of Sportsmen' Furnishing Good, and A m
munition .of every kind, and the very best quality.
Also a Uih aad superb assortment or
Gnus. Bides mid Pistol.
He will make Hushing and Target Rifles to order,
which be guarantees tv prove equal it ant super
ior to these of the best ksaker in th Union. Hi'
Double-barrel Shotgun ace from th first London
makers, arc sold low, and ar warranted to do first
rate s-hooutii.
Gsf All kinds of repairing done wiib neatness
and dispauh, and warranted. Order from tbe
iii'f nuliidted ssd promptly attended so.
jan 25 5k- of
PER EMPIRE CITY, m large iavoio of
Chemicals, just to hand. J. 8. SlZI
June 14 '59.
AFBESH SUPPLY of fr. sh Book', at
May 17 '59. J. B. MOREV'S,
JARPEK'S MONTHLY lor June, received at
MM. in.yl 59 J. B. MO BEY'S.
t ile have biMu reoeiYcil tt
May 24, '59 if. BLACK MAR'S Must Store
(iOlil) PLN.
PRON'OCN'CED tne best ever brought to Jackson
from $1,50 to $5.00 each. Sent by mail on
reoeipt of priee. (j -2''691 J. B. MOBEY.
The re tiesl Mud aret Drugs and Medi
ARE constantly arrriring. Prescriptions dispen
se by W. S. Bright M. D. J. B. MOBEY.
Jane 28 '59-
W.tlcn, Cluck aod Jewelry ltepuir.ug uud
I ) Y Mr. Hrland, tb boat of workmen.
June 28 '59.
Mow ia the Tiaae.
'fM preserve your Fruit and Vegetables for winter
M ue I have un hand a large stock of all th
beat kinds of Fruit Cans and Jar wieta I am telling
at moderate rates, j 28 '591 B.A.SMITH.
PER EMPIRE CITY 011 larg invoice of Trieste
f pong just to band. J. S. SIZER.
June 14 '59,
-. $ i,00 matted at kS.SO.
Cash or P.O.StamD.
May 13 '59-tf. J,
B. MORE Y, Jackson Mis.
rpHE dosing exereis of this Institution will 00
JL ear out he 4 h. 5tn, and 6th 01 July proximo.
Monday niuht July 4th. Concert by th young
lad is.
TrstSAT aoaNiNO Kssays by a pontes of the
gradaatiog class, and a Luerary Addrets, by Geo.
R Clayton, E-q.,
TfESBAV moht. Concert by th Senior Class.
WsoMESDAV MOKNtNO-hemainder of tbe grauua
ting Eays conferring of Diploma by th Presi
dentand Anniversary Address by Rev. Dr. Teas
dale. Tn gradaatiog Clata namber mure than ikt'rfy
aad the . ocasion will be one of uncommon interest.
Th friend or petite learning and ound edaca
Moo in tbe South, are re. peetf all invited to be is
Catalogue of
biOAP, Candies, Staron, Saimratus,
a? Soda, Pickles, Sardines, Popper,
AUpios, Ginger, Clovms, Coperaa, Salt Par, Also
Crushed, Brows and Pulverised Sugar,
Coffee, Flour, Whisky, Vinogar,
Champaign, Claret, Port aad Malaga Win.
Brandy and Brandy Cbwrte.
8 agar cured, can vastad Ham.
Bib and clear Sides, n boulders, Ms Pork, Lard.
Linseed and Bperm Oils.
Mustard, Snuff, Vast Powuen, Rate, Tobacco, salt
Schiedam Schnapps. t
Mason's Blacking, B acking Brash, Coffee Mill,
Nails, U How W are, Tiu Ware, Wood Ware,
Stone War, Iron, Steel, Lead, Axes, Hues.
Trace, Lug, Ox. .-stretcher, Breast, Slay
and Filth Cnams.
Cow. shep and Hog Bale.
Gists Blade, Soy toes aud Cradle,
Long and abort handled Spades and 8hols.
Blacksmiih' Viaea, Anvil-. Bellows, Sledg
Hammers and Tonga.
Sad Iron, Waffle 1 ons, Fire Dogs.
Cora Shelters, Fan Mills, Straw Cutter.
Preserve Eettles, Slaw Pan, Long and Short
Bandied Frying Pans, Tin Kettles.
Window Sash, Gin lianus, Mule Collars, Bi idles aud
Haim. Market Baskets, Bagging and Hope,
Saw Hand e, Cross-cat, Mill and Hand Saw.
Ox Yokes. Powder, Shut aud Lead. Cocoa Dippers.
Saddlas, Bridies, Martingale, Sadal-bags.
Buggy, Biding aud Overseers Whips, Hid Whip.
Auger Handles. Cotton and Wool Cards.
Wood aud Iron Bench Screw. Wash Board.
Ax handle. Painted buckets. Brooms.
Cotton, Graf and Peeking Bop.
Plow Lin.
Cigar. Bread Trays, Tin Tray. Curry Comb.
Sausag Cutter. G.ass and Qumo' Wan.
llaues, Hammers, Chi sels, Drawiug-kavvea. Augers.
Mitl, Cross-cm, Hand-saw and Sal-tail Fdea.
Mouse Trap. Shoe Thread.
Wood Screws. Blind and Butt Hinge.
Kitchen Fork and Spoons. S,,irit Level.
Spring Balls noes. St ck and Die.
Perouseioa Caps, Gun Wad.
Candle Slicks. Stirrup
Dons, Ac., As.
To all of which we respecitully call attention.
till be served at the Coffee House of
Saaau msrv A.w At 1 1 n'jO.adr If.
Ap'i mm-. '
aOE,runirJwSjte naite ir.
AAV Hasleuur.i tomt Gibson
win connect who vne Lrir
instead of tb day trains. Sjy. D. TERRY.
GHEEN's A4.ua- ail x a 1A" TUBE
Warranted to cure the Ague and Fever or Chills aud
Fever, in every cate where the direction are fol
lowed without the aid of any other Medicine.
A Speedy, Safe and Effoct uai Remedy for Diarrban
Dy-ei.ury. Cholera, Infantum, or Summer Cm
plaiuis of Cnildren, Cholera Morbus, or soy
and all Irregularities of the Bowels.
THOUSANDS of eeiiifteate might be obtained
attest ing the value of th above remedies, but
in this vicinity they are too well known, to need
recommendation. Determined to keey up lbs re
putation of medicines so deserved y popular, we
peepare them frum pure ingredients, only, and with
tha utmost care, aad ski 1.
Learning that many persons in the habit of using
these remedie, had been unable to obtain new sup
pin a. we would state, they may at all times be ob
tained at tb Drugstore of Dr. J. S. SIZES, who is
oar agent tor them in this eity.
For sale by drugg -is throughout th s' ate.
Dr. J. S. t-MEK, Agwit, Jackson Mil.
Latter from the trade should bo address te tb
proprietors. Casaell k Baagun, Canton, Mia.
May 13 '59 ly.
leCWikaao tu a. a. atssaoo, -
RESPECTFULLY announce to tbacititeas of
Jack son, and the public generally, that he ha
parehr th entire stock of goods and tools of th
late A. S. Russell, and is now prepared to eon tin
ue th business in all it branches, ut tb old
stand, on State Street, near tb Vieksburg and
Jackson Bailroad Depot, where he will he pleated
to see his friends and old customers.
AH work in hi line will be don with neatness
and despatch, and he hope te receive a abare of
patrnna '
He hat on hand and for sale, a large and excel len
assortment of articles, among whieh may be named
45 Double Barrel shot guns, from 12, te 5.
20 Rifles, all sites: from wis to f Ml.
X, . of ftalkin-r Cai
B wie knives, of different sites and quality.
Powder Flasks, all aim and patterns.
Pistol and Gun cases aavortod a large lot.
Gun wadding, Dog collar, Whips, and Dog Leal
des, and in fact everything Appertaining to (por
ting apparatus.
A largo - rtment of pocket knives.
He is t lo prepared to attend order for hanging
bells, and Ut putting up of lightning rod.
N. B. ot" H fitted and look repaired.
Feh. 17. w 1 y.
est wholesale price.
May 20 '59
OF American and European scenery, by em
inent Painter', at Boyd's Cillery of Art,
Jackson, Mississippi. The public are invited to
call and examine these Landscapes before ail are
sold. Tbey are suitable for parlors, offioes, halls,
Ac In handsome eilt frames
YELLOW rose of Texas 25
Kiss but never tell Buckley 25
Bonny Jean Osborne 25
R ck beside the sea Converse 25
Kiss me quick and go Kn ek ley 15
Empire QnadrilU Eichle 59
Continental Qua'dritls J Vegas. 75
And all the Music to Ibe dances taught by Pro'.
V egas, arranged for tb Piano.
JiiTe 7 '59-tf A. E. A H. C. BLACK MAR.
rflVHE undersigned ornnrietors of the above named
A Factory located on Pearl Biver ia Jackson,
Miss., are now urenired with various sites of Steel
Plow to supply tbe wanu of their planting triand
at in lolloaiog prices :
No. suiting 7 inches, 7 dollars.
No. IJ, 8 " 8 "
No. i r " 9
Nu. S 9 H if
No. 1 Sod Flow, with Draft Bod, Weed Book
and Coal ter, $14 00.
No. I Shi vol Plow, 5 dollars.
No. S " - "
Doub e Sh. vel 7 "
Expansion Cultivator, with $ hoe, 8 dollar.
Ir n plow of tb sums modal of differeu t Bitot 1$
per cent I.
Plow wiib Draft Rods, Weed Hooks, or Coaltere,
on dollar extra oharge for each.
We will be prepared in a short time to su pply
th irad with Plow handles, beams, felloes, hubs,
spokes, nd by tb close of th year with wagons,
carts and agricultural implement generally.
W need only to say to tb Piautert of tba whole
South, that Mr. T. E. Brinley, the well-known
Pluw Maker of Kentucky, who has taken over 100
Premiums on bis Patent Steel Plow, is now super
intending our tehlUh..t.
Bo i. kb r Ki n.s,
srebl55-tr t A, PHILIPS.
Arrival aad Departure ol Ike Mails at
JF A C KSON, mas.
New Oblsams Arrives i r. u. Departs 8
A. at.
Mail Mom at thi offlee. at $ A. At.
Xew Yoss and intermediate Bail Arrive at
6 A. a Departs at i r. at.
Mail closes at this office at 4 r. u.
VicxsEfRO Arrives semi-daily at t A. at. ssd
b r. u. Departs semi-uaiiy wt 8 A. Bl. and 5)f
r. at.
Mail clota st thit office 6 a. m. and 4 P. at.
MnNTaosSSr, Ala , and intermediate Arrive
at iH tf. U.- D arts S a. a).
Closes at this office A a. u.
YaKiio Citt, via. Vernon and Livingston Ar
rives Mondays and Tbaraday at 5 r. u.-Dc-i
arts same day at 4 p. ST.
taFOl9a hour, from 9 a. at. to I r. a, opts
st 2 r. a., sod close at 7 r u.
Jan 1, 1859.
WHE undcraignad would ratpectfuUv inform th
JL oiliiaot of Jackson and vicinity, that he has
recommenced tbe Daguerrean business in all its
branches al the gallery of Mr. S. Doanell (Teli
ga's ok! stand.) Thos desiring well-finished and
truthful likenesses are invited to call and they
will be perfectly satisfied or nn charge will be made
Pleas do not daisy, as my stay tn Jackson will be
limited. E. F. BOYD
' iHE subscriber are now rcaoiring a very large
a stock of lea's, Yoaih's ami f h.idr .,
etliiug ahd FumishiaK Gaud.. Alse
Hats, Caps, Boots, shoes, Caoe,Umbrellas. Trunk
Valises, Carpet-bags, 1'erfumerv. Brushas'cmi..
Ac , As. All of which ar Irom the best manufac
turers of Now Vork, and of th latest and most
approved atylas, which w are disposed to tell at
mall profits.
April 1st, as am. mtJMAS A DANIEL.
AT MRS. VIBuE.N S.St.tw Strrt, Jsckton -Sh
begs to inform bar ladv fri..r,a. .... S
puU.o gcn.rUy, that lb hat just returned from
Nw lork With an slerant aa,ri., ..
establi-hment. of Vaaliou. Her buuBt,T?
embroni,, clo,kt, Ac., are gotten ap tea lute
of beauty and elrg,,e never Icw is,bJji.
thii Markat. Dresses mad tester a?d ,L
1 h. molt retnsdtstts. 1.1 lu .a" f?"
1 v
r turned thair mrunsi. . "
IT - wii wtual Art Vt3f ia xnpMn,
DhMsass and tho irJtid.. T ;."
n 1 a as... , . Tr aw wi
ays. OS or
" Yam-swrsTfc
- aWnTlBWJ
" BwawawatawawawM Hfc' --sjll
BbwB Jawawl
fWK undesigned swp Soet.aatiy on hand B
JL gwsefwl atsortment of V estern Prodww. and
Family Gravities, wh.ch tby flatter lh.m.ei
th.y can s 1 a low a thI"w Orleans prtee., witi
tU addition of freteht. T invii the Bull,,
call and utmiite tV bamrn. Th loliowing
a . . . iu . tka artiij 1 . ..
Clar Bid Meat Casdtetts, U
Bib Bid do 1
Sh. aldM, do Caso aiiwfSl
Hams, boat fam ly oVap, taaawwac
u rMw " Layeravwa.
ird, NV. 1, t-f ia .fa S"-' cUaMenl
., a bags Tettet
Oil. IB
bbtt and by iw 1- pasts
thsealua si
Plaoy faaailr. .firs sio Ug, 4
- fancy, sup-r flue Ciawo-, . aas'l
(uperln aad fin Fi b B'. 1 Ms'u)
In bids " IdavM, "
Hay. hWA Oat. " Tack I.
iw.tlV.twi Motea-te-a:.
Craekws, Soda Win. Sugar, brejro oWrfu.
Leatoo ASuSA " r"1'
Boston A Ginger " tsf wd tmt
CrMkaei BiKBit gwaots,. laviatai
Mackiel, m bbls A kite Jualp.r, I w beau
llerrii g, dried in box " '. '2.5l
Codt isa, la box Tsss, oustatoB pBintas
DrtedBewf " Oedar
ltop- Sand A Maablu But. "r
Balleg grCwV
Bagging, K.ntueky A In- Boak.u. " M
dm Taws, gren A buck, WSfi
Rope for H inch to is. aarted
both til 1 n A Maoana CbeWolat
Twine, b'th Cotton A hemp Cm
Pickles, L'ndarwood A Alspic
Davis's C.ov
" in gal. X gal. AX Nutmg
Lemon Syrup, Coder- tttagst)
wood' Pefspor,
Blaek aad Cay
Walnut Ketchup, " eon
M ushroom Ketchup Yoast Powder
Peppar Saue,Cnderwood soda A Salara at
Capar do 8oodrepbwa
Woreesterahii. 8a uo Lead, ia bar
Gtliiin Citrus
Mustard ludigo
Backing, "Myon ' bestWhiw Beans
" Bru-bs Apple, dnd
Nail, aworted site Paehe, drted
Powder, Oapont'a F.F.Eq Sait, court, fin, A for
Uun Capt, riyu wie uaw
U D. Coffaa, Bio A Java,
Sardines, in his A qr artklos'
N. B We would call panicular attention to
Id call pariioular attention toefm
dies, Whuikie aad Wines. Oaf
1 tieJes is complete, aa
andy, worlh frum 1 50 to $12 W
took ef Brand
sV.sk In these
of Cognac Brandy,
Champayn Win, butt Beidsiek, Ac.
Claret Wins, St Ju lian Modos
" - Leovill
Port O.d
Cherry " do
wn.skey but Old Bourbon y
; O d By
Dexter A Dean.
Also, we nt, fr R)b.t a. Rusk' Fare
Copper Distir; Old Bourbon WatSKET, which
w will tall low, BfAflbs tall .B.
Jackson, Ap'l Za.jSsV h p riAI.FY "n.
Frederick A. P. Barnard, LL. " 1 liii I
William F. 5leo.ro, Professor of t9,w
Science and Law. ahktri
George W. Carter, D. D., ProfuBior ef talSjhbt-
tual and Moral Philosophy.
Henry Whitchorne, M. A., Ptsfsaior of Greek and
Ancient Literature.
Wilson U. Richardson, M. A., Profaosor of
and Modern Languages.
Fredorick A. P. Barnard, LL. D., Protestor of Phys
ics, Astronomy and Civil Engineering.
Jordan M. Paippt, M. A., Proloaawr ut Mathemat
ics. Edward C. Boyntea, M. A., Professor of Chetn-
ittrv, Mineralogy, and alaolowj.
William D. Moore, M. A., frofeasor ef English
Language aad Literature.
, Assistant ia Natural Fhitet-
Th eleventh annual session of thit institution
will commence en th first Monday is October next,
at whieh tint it it desired that candidates far
sdmiMion will promptly apply.
Th University bas revwmly vary largely In
creased its facilities for furnishing an education of
lb most superior order, having provided ooUy ap
paratus for th illustration ut subjects of science,
and having materially enlarged it aeaontiaodaiiou
for th comfort as wall as for th improvement of
its students.
The institution is located ia on of th
healthtul regions ia the entire South, and is sur
roundad by a population noted for intelligence,
morality, and B religion spirit.
Being on tb I in at te Mississippi Cratral Rail
road, it is easily accessible from tb south sad
th North, and by tb connection of tba road,
with s vary wide district of aosslry.
Iu charge are moderate, being lower than thos
of most collage offering similar advantages for ed
ucation. Teum Tuition $40. Students lodging in th
college boildiog pay $35 lor fuel and servant
hire. Those who lodge out pay $14. Tb chargo
for ful aod servants hire heretofore proved to oa
inadequate, las fee for law (SsdSBU is $50 per
Board at th Hall and is private families about
$11 per month.
Sac'y of th Board.
Oxford. July 77, 1858. tf
H. B. EVANS. Agent.
(Ski two Doer,
AFTER long practical experience, and filth
fully tasting a largo variety of tewing Ma
chines now before tb public, my eoaviettens Hare
rorced me to adopt th WHEELER A WILSON
Machine as the belt for Family, Plantation, aad
general use, ever inverted. Among the advantage
it possesses over every other Machine, are :
1st. Elegance and simplicity of construction,
and consequent freedom from deraag-maot and
need of repair.
2d. Durability, ease, rapidity of sparetioa, and
noiseless movement.
3d. Beauty of stitch, firmness of I
amy of thread.
4th. Applicability lo a variety of 1
5th. Tb "Hammer," an attachment which no
othei Machine ha.
4th. It willsew from on thriasaad to fifteen hun
dred stitch ia a minute, aod is equal, la dispatch
of work to at lean
Twelve Seanastretsea.
Th machines, in variety of pattern sad ityls
of finish, from the plainest te ibe finest parlor
melodeon attachment, may be seen at my office.
I girt every purchaser fall instructions guarenlea
th machine, aad kp it iu order for one year,
free nf charge, except in eat of unfair usage.
Th public are respectfully invited to call and
sow for thomsolv.
3T Machine Needles, thread sad aUk, kept
corsttntly on hand and for sale.
Sewing Machines ef vry description neatly r
paired at short notio.
jnly 2. '58 tf HENRY B. KVANS.
m OULI' ca t the attention of th Ladies and
v Tt tBa ,,ublio nanerally, thai ab is bow open
ing an elegant as-ortinent French millene-y con
sisting in part of Bunnell, Ribbons, R nches, F nw
r and Mantilla. Also, a good supply of Hoop,
skirts, all of which sh b determined to tall at
very reasonable p-ie.
March H.'tW-ly m,
II . us. , Sign aud Frraro Paialing. G,hi
ine, Grnining. Muiltlnig,
flHE subscriber would respea.tiuly intor
m- eitlMBS of Jackcoa, aod th public gen
rai lbs
public mierallr.
that he bo th richest assortment of Vt all Papor
that has ever b-eu In Jacks, ,n ; be bo alto on hand
r ranch, SngliaB and American Aim, Paints, Pure
Whiie Lead, Lineaed Oil, Turpaauoa, Co al Var
nish; Ac. Also, Paiat of every description, and
of the beat quality ; dry aad ia oil ; Paint B u-hei
of arory desariptioa aad or a vary saprior quality.
French and American Window Olass. ifogi aua
double thickneas is foot his bouse is just t b plaa
lor Psiotora, Plantar, wad others to have their
bills filled for Paints, Olasa, Wail Papr, Window
Cornice. Ad., all of which h selected himself trvm
th ma niaoturers or importers, aad cave sell at
reduced prices. raiBtiag, Uiatiag, sad I'aper
Hinging dooe, usual, al low ravea, with dia-
lan.h and u. the .;" 1 M",'"ff'
ee wvsvww jemte rve.uenot, seie ana tne Ifcrap.
amount of work dona by him read- r it, be thk.
aoneoessary to say more. JAMBS W I LSOK
Jackson. 5 .v. 18, '51.
'Xklkll WRITING BOOKS of bot p.p.r.
siwtrwy lass Compoaitaou Bonk of best panor
this day received. J. B. MOBEY
at i.k
uvaySI 59
4 CHOICE atsotlBtant of Gold Pew jait r.
F.iZ C- - HOUSE.
Feb. 23, .
Jatkeem, Mieeieeimti.
'pHE above stebli-hmoat is now prepared to
a turaisb Steam K ,.,.. ,,.! a. u7. a
Engines for Plantation nurnoaaa. at lasZi
aud on tanas a reasonable, a tbey can be forniah
d elsewhere. AIM, a Pi tiable Hors P..w.r, that
running Saw., Ginj, M. to , which do..
with the expense of larg gin housaa ...,i,i.l
1 necessary in starting them botn nksb
Oin aud M,ll Ge.ring, HotohkJ wVeyWh!
Door and Window Silla. "i" wmw
fcTlS Fn, 'oh" ta
Engines, Saw Millsat.d i hind of Msohinervre.
rjred ,t short notice. All wors .arvIntd.
I- Tormi cxclunvely cash, or tu aulatent.
i'ertoni during InforaBaKoa, wiirplll.
drott theiuhscriber. J AS. O STE V?KS
Jsckton. April lit 18SSly. aTav I KB.
JTH Vol. 10.tpubll.had.
Vols.1, 2, 3 and 4. lor s.l. by
H. CROFT, Holly Spring, Mtek
Pric. $5 at th. .tor ; $5 40 mauled.
fbl5 a9 If
Piae Grove Water Care aad UriicaM
laatitate. f"
A LARGE and om,alous Water Cure Inflnasry
tn. m4mmmmfmmTZT
ohrestedistaM. Tb. looaUos, ma'oteifhttei ot,
ins buullgva.h,gh,i,, and hoslthv, as
mite from th Coari Bouie, wk.r. it i. .1 aBtiia
qui.i and fre from dt. Espweial atua,!.,. glv.B
n IAS laaBBgamOBt of ovary yarity ot faatate af-
GOOD TltlrtOI t WOOD 11
wot Hvenoier, Cbrwsr. Stale
BcwaBa. eoc wmwvmn
or addreat
ssBdy ci water,
j. s. wis, a. i
jus ti idsiy .

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