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11 -
& I
Parker, Bridget Ca,
316 7th SL
The way
you men came
for those $12
and $10 Suits
for $5! Don't
know which
lot went the
fastest. One
is anout as
srood as the
other. Lot
8062 consists
Mixed Tweed
Suits. Lot 8059 consists of
Brown Mixed Tweed Suits.
Lot 8086 consists of Brown
Cheviot Suits.
Doubt whethor tior w"! last the bal
ance of tbe L AH of tnem ore on
a separate tAole near tne trout door.
Dou't aak us to wa'ie alterations for
we really can't afford It. You will and
jeur rifbt site, (or there are all siioa
m tbe lot. to tbe suit
Parker, Bridget & Co.,
315 7th St.
It will Ik a strange tiling It the barroom
brawl between Corbett and Fiusinimons
does not put mw adversity In tbe path of
Dan Stewart and the Florida Athletic Club
and make tbe bringing off of tbe
battle between tbe pugilists at Dallas a very
nncertaln thins. Before the disgraceful
performance at Fhlladelphia Corbctt and
Fltzslmmons detested each other. They
would have made a bitter and merciless
fight Now their hatred Is Intensified a
hundred fold A ring raeetlsg between them
would mean a desperate nod almost murder
ous conflict. This promise will no doubt bo
attractive to tbat class of ring followers
who w ant bruising and blcxid, bjl thobe who
want to see an honest test of true science
and jitijbicnl superiority will not relish the
and brutal slugging match, regardless of
consequences, can be looked for. Tbat thla
prospct will furnish now and telling am
munition for those -who are opposing the
fight in Trias ran be plainly seen, and that
It may put an end to the match altogether
is not outside of reason If It should, per
haps the person who would be best pleased
would be tbe Individual who Is now called
the champion prize-fighter. In fact,
among ron experienced in ring matters
there Is what seems to be a well-founded
suspicion that the performance at Phila
delphia was brought on by Corbett and his
hirelings for the purpose of throwing obsta
cles In the way of the proposed meeting at
Martlc McCue, who recently lost a match
to "Turkey Point George Smith," at Bal
timore, was beaten at Providence on
Tuesday night by Joe Million, of Boston.
The Eureka Athletic Club will make an
effort to get a match fur the sturdy col
ored boxer of Boston, George Godfrey.
Billy McMillan and ITlte Peckbam are
making arrangements to give a boding
exhibition in this city. They will be as
sisted by a number of boxers from Balti
more and other towns.
An English sporting paper sajs Peter
Jackson will return to America to see
Corbett and Fltzslmmons fight, and tbat
he will challenge tbe winner. If Cor
bett wins Peter wJH be several years
older than he is how If he gets on a match
with the champion. According to Jim's
programme, be fights once In three je-ars.
lie does bad acting and a vast amount of
windy talking between times. Nothing
Billy Madden, at one time manager of
John L. Sullivan, and more recently of
Peter Mailer, Is always a man Interest
ing to listen to on matters pugilistic
Speaking or Jaek McAullffe, Madden
claims tbat tbe famous light-weight, who
Is about don for as a figbter, lias squan
dered during his ring career as much mon ey
as Sullivan did, and this, according to
some, is not far from a million dollars.
"A few years ago," Madden Is reported
to have said, "I happened to be in Bridge
port, Conn. The authorities would not
permit sparring, so I was engaged to punch
the bag in one of tbe theatres there for $100
a week. -
"One evening while I was hammering
tbo bag on the stage, McAullffe came in
with a party of friends and took a box.
He recognized me, and after I finished
my turn we snook hands and talked a
"McAullffe and another man hod just
pulled oft a good thing on the races, and,
between them, they had nearly $100,000
to divide. Jack had hi share with him
that night, somewhere between $40,000
and $50,000.
"McAulitre sized me up and said: 'Gad,
Billy, I'm sorry to see you working so
hard for a hundred a week;- tough luck,
ain't it? I looked at nini a minute and
" 'Oh, I don't know; I think It's pretty
good luck. You'll see the day yet when
you will be glad to earn a hundred a
week. "
McAullffe Is now at ML. Clemens, Mich.
He was In Washington a few weeks ago,
waking, as a horseman expressed It to a
Times reporter, "dollar bets to raise the
wind." He is now penniless.
flrl'li : K
Jack Daly and Mike Leonard are to meet
at Baltimore oa Saturday night. Leonard,
f who recently has been showing himself
' to be a much-Improved boxer, will try
to stop Daly In tea rounds. It he falls
Daly gets $160.
9 Ea
selce's mm m
The Boston Manager Says They
Cannot Win the Frag.
Prediction Tlmt tlio CIoTeland Team
Cannot Hold Up Much 'linger.
They Will Full Down Hard When
They Bench tbe East Tbe Even
ness of. tlio ilnce. .
Baltimore, Aug. 16. Manager Selce, of
the Boston, has been a firm believer in
llanlou's Orioles ever since the beginning
of last season. He won several bets from
his own players last year on the position
tbe Baltimore Club would hold in the
raee, and the result up to date of tbe series
of this season between his club and the
champions has still further convinced him
that Baltimore has a fast team in all that
tbe name implies
"Our elub," said be at the Eutaw House
last nlgbt, "seems to me to be standing
still when t.'iey are pitted against the Bal
tlmores. There is no use denying the faet
tbat nanlon has called together the best
elub in tbe League. Because they weye
tbe best elub last jear they won the
pennant, and because they are the best
elub this year I believe they will fly
tbe flag again. We seem to be able to
best every other club in the League, but
it has been demonstrated this )rar that
we are no matin for the Orioles.
"The Cleveland's are playing good ball Just
now," Manager Selee continued, "but their
work is not to be compared with that of
Haulon's men. Tbe Spiders will surely fall
down when they come East, and I believe
that Baltimore, In the losg series on the
home grounds, will forge to the front and
finish a comparatively easy winner. I am
willing to back my opinion at even money,
"Baseball clubs come and go," Mid the
T" tittln Ifndpp TMt1ta 1fisi evhArt n nr4aU
I know of was tbe strongest in the
lie. It was in a data by itself. But .
time deals with ball players as with every
one else. A man whe never was fast on
his feet will not become faster as he grows
older. Meanwhile the youngsters are com
ing up.. They develop and Improve, while
older players, though they may be to-day
Justus good as the youth .are g-olug back.
"Tbe club I know of that used to be the
best is no longer so. The Baltimores, with
their )outh and dash and energy, are to-etay
thepremier club of the land They nre now
iu a class by themselves, and the club that
expects to beat the champions out in the
race this year will have to nlav ball be
yond its gait to-day."
Tyler nnd Titus Carry Everythtng.Be
foro Tliem nt Manhattan Bench.
New Yrk, Aug IS The bicycle tourna
ment held atthe Manhattan Beach trackyes
terdaydevelopedsenatlonal record-breaking
performances In the amateur and profes
sional ranks. Fred J. Titus, of New York,
the famous crack of the Spalding team,
lowered the world's amateur competition
record for ten miles. He covered the dis
tance in 30 minutes G8 4-B seconds, beat
ing tbe previous record of 21 minutes
39 3 5 seconds, made by Harry Maddox,
of Asbury Park, by 40 4-0 seconds, and
incidentally lowering all existing records
from three miles up. Including tbe five-mile
raaord of 10 minutes 20 2-B seconds, held
by hlms"lf and J. B. Johnson.
H.C.Tay!or,of Springfield, Mass., lowered
Barden's world professional one mile record
of 1 minute B0 3 6 seconds, covering the
distance In 1 minute 40 2-B seconds. He
went on for the two-rollo record, from which
he clipped 2 B of a second, bis time being
3 minutes 66 seconds.
Minister Terrell Asks for Soldiers to
Help In tbe Searcli.
Minister Terrell, at Constantinople, to
day sent a dispatch to Acting Secretary
Adee regarding tbe mission of Mr. Bocbt
leben whe was sent by "Outing" to ex
amine Into tbe circumstances ot the deat.Ii
of Frank Lenz, Its bicycle correspon
dent, who was killed a year or two ago
while in Turkish territory.
Mr. Sachlleben proposes, said Minister
Terrell, to penetrate tbe territory of tbe
Kurdish brigands, and by a personal In
spection of their houses search for evidence
to" locate tbe murderers of Lenz and to find
where his body lay, it possible.
To enable Mr. Bacbtlebsn to do this, "said
tbe minister, would require the attend
anee of an army, and he had asked the.
Turkish goernment for an expression of
opinion its to the expediency of permitting
a detachment of soldiers to accompany
Sacbtleben .while making his investiga
Alison Signs a New One.
Chicago, Aug. IB. Al G. McBride, lata
manager and captain of tbe Austin team
of tbe Texas Southern League, was yester
day signed bj tbe Chicago Ball Club. He Is
a splendid outfielder and the heaviest
.batter In the South. Be will be used as a
general utility man.
Fourteen Bodies Heeovered.
Kiel, Aug. IB. It is learned that the
number ot deaths resulting from the
crowding yesterday on a landing stage of a
number of workmen emulojed at tbe Ger
mania dock yards, was larger than was
at first supposed. Divers have already
jeeovered fourteen bodies and are seeking
others. The-acddent was caused by the
violent rushing of the men on to the gang
way as they were returning at noon from
their work on a torpedo catcher.
Brightest and best Is the Sunday
nmes, 2U -pages for -8 cents!
G -A S
There Is a report abroad that Buffalo
wants to get Into the National Baseball
League. If other reports-are true, so do
Indianapolis, Detroit, and Milwaukee.
Just bow they, or any of them, are going
to get into the big organization ia not clear.
There is no likelihood that the league will
be enlarged. There is little likelihood tbat
any of tbe clubs npw In it will go out.
There has been talk that Louisville might
be Induced to retire, but tbe owners of that
elub have recently very emphatically de
clared tbat they propose-to stick, whether
the other elubs in the league want them or
whether tl.ey don't. So tbe rich contractor
who has bought the Buffalo franchise will
no doubt have a good thing to keep.
The announcement is made that John M.
Ward will play ball wllb the Ornnjo ath
letic team tbe remainder of the season,
merel) for tbe exercise of tbe thing. There
isi.ot a baseball follower intbe country who
would not like to see Ward back Is tbe big
league, and at the head of tbe New York
club Ward is not only a good player, but
he is one of tbe Lest baseball generals the
game has yet produced.
Tbe out ragcous condu ct of Doyle at Phila
delphia on Tuesday cost that Individual
$300. Burnbam kept clapping fines on
bin until the total reached that amount.
If Mr. Freedman, tbe head ot the Giants,
assumes the payment of bis manager's
assessments, and be does not soon call a halt
on him, be will find bira a rather expensive
luxury .
Boston will have many a hard struggle
when she gets home to land herself any
where near the top of the list if she keeps
up her prt sent gait. Three defeats at this
stage of tbe proceedings at the hands of her
supposed chief opponent for pennant honors
is indeed most discouraging. If tbe Beau
caters get out ot Baltimore with agametbey
will be doing well, Judglig from preseut
The Senators, much to the delight of
their friends at borne, played another good
aud won another deervevl victory. With
the exceptlou of one or two games the
Washington team has put up good ball
since it has been away, and with this ex
ception no complaint against the work done
can fairly be made. N
There are still four teams ot the Western
contingent in the firtt divfcion In the pen
nant race. CIcvelind stands at tbe lop of
tbe list, Pittsburg Is third, Cincinnati
fourth and Chicago fifth Baltimore and
Boston are the only Eastern clubs now In
tbe fi r&t division A month ago such a con
dition of tblngs was not contemplated.
Big Amos Iluslc got a lively toucu'ng up
by the heavy hittersottheFhllndelphla com
bination yesterday. Tbe Quakers got him
for sixteen hits, and all but three bits pro
duced a run. It couldn't have been big
Amos' day.
Jake Boyd has a very funny motion.
In watching him one forgets that itsowner
is pitching a baseball until it has gone by
and the umpire has said "Strike," says
a Boston paper. Boyd holds the boll in
one hand and thruws ball and baud care
lessly round In a circle in front of him;,
then he describes a similar circle in tbe rear
of bis body, aud while one wonders how he
is ever geiug to get tbe knot untied he lets
it go right over the plate. His curves are
bib strong point, for his speed Is inconsider
able aud his head not much In evidence.
The attendance at the game between the
Senators and Beaneaters at Boston on Mon
day was the smallest that has been seen
in that city this Tear. There were only
750 people on the grounds, and yet thegame
was far above the average playing seen in
that city. Perhaps Boston folks, like many
other folks, are getting tired of a losing
team .
Burnbam Is an umpire who doesn't per
mit anything but his own Ideas to go. It
cost big Bill Joyce $25 to mildly remark
the other day, when ltshould not have been.
About tbe only consolation New York's
Giants get out of the doings of yesterday
was that the Brooklyn men also got beaten.
The game between Pittsburg and Cincin
nati yesterday was a rattler. Foreman
and Dwyer both did good work In the box,
and until the last man was out It was a toss
up as to which club would win.
The League games played yesterday re
sulted as follows:
Washington, 9; Brooklyn, 6.
Baltimore, 9; Boston, 2.
Philadelphia, IS; New York, 9.
Cleveland, 13; Bt. Louis, 7.
Cincinnati, 2; Pittsburg, 1.
The standing of the League Clubs to-day is as
follows :
Cleveland. 60
Baltimore. SI
Pittsburg.. S3
Cincinnati. M
Calcago... 64
Boston.... 90
37 .619 Phlla 48 41 .639
a .en Brooklyn.. 48 44 .811
88 .Ml New York. 46 44 Sll
SS .M7 Wash'n.... SO 01 .837
43 .Ml 8t Louis... 29 68 80S
19 .583 Louisville.. M .850
The games scheduled for to-day are a
Washington at Brooklyn.
-New York at Philadelphia. .
Boston at Baltimore.
Cincinnati at Cleveland
Pittsburg at Chicago
Betting on the result of tbe pennant race
is being done at a lively rate. "A number of
bets, ranging from $100 down have been
mdac in this city. Nearly all of tbe money
has been placed that Baltimore win stand
first when the fight is over, and there Is
other money in town that will be placed the
same way. ""g
. The last two games ot the -praent (cries
between Baltimore and Boston will -bo
played to-day. "HemmiEg-cwiBl)it6bj on
m w - " m ar--", aw
game and McMobon.be other. The Orioles
will try bard to tnlje both games to-day
and make tbe rout of the Braneaters com
plete, .Manager Selee, of tbe Boston team,
has concluded that there is no chance for
the pennant for any other club.
You can't believe everything you hear
these days. Three weeks ago it war given
out tbat August Belmont had offered Byron
MeClcUand $40,000 for Heu-y of Navarre,
but that $60,000 was acked for the borse.
Now tbe news comes tbat Mr. Belmont has
bought Navarre and tbat tbe price paid
for him was $30,000. However, this may
be, Mr. Belmont is going into tbe running
borse business on a huge scale. He has also
bought Dorian His purchaies.ir the figures
given are correct, stand: Battings, $37,S00;
Hcrny of Navarre, $45,000; Kccnaii, $18,-.
BOO; Dorian, $15,000 $116,000 for tbe
Willie Slmms, the famous Jockey who
went to England with the Dwyer and
Croker combination. Is expected to arrive
in New York to-day. Ho is to ride Hastings
in the Futurity.
Doc Street bad to sell his horse and buggy
at Saratoga on Tuesday to ratlefy a tote.
Street has been In hard luck since his per
formance with Summertime at the Bt.
Asapb track last spring.
Joe Patcben starts at Milwaukee to-day
to beat the world's pacing record.
.Ulley Grannon made a heavy plunge on a
race at Saratoga on Tuesday. His borse was
beaten. Grannon does not reem to be able
to shove off the ill luck tbat has beset him.
Tbe Twin City Handicap", to be run nt tbe
Coney Island Jockey Club's coming meeting,
is looked forward to 1th great interest by
horsemen everywhere. Among the entries
are Henry of Navarre, Clifford, Sir Walter,
Itcy EI Santa Anita, Llsrak, Hornpipe,
Dorian and many other good ones.
viQneen McGregor paced tbe Ottawa, I1L,
lXy-mllc track, ttejother day in. 2 06 3-4,
setting a new murk,for rucb a performance.
Tbe bnlf-nule track record before this was
2 09, made by Btratbberry at Peoria about
three weeks ago.
Laxupllgbter was bought by Gotfrled Wol
baum at a safe for $"0,C0O. He will shortly
be put up at auction again, and be will
hardly bring ore-fifth of tbat amount
Budd DotSW Is tald to have entered into
a long-time contract to train the stable
of Lucky Baldwin' He will enter upon his
new duties at tno clote of the trotting
Azoic beat Faftoy easily in the match
race at Buffalo yesterday. Tbe race was a
uiauiipuuawcni, nou- ueeuugc azoic wou,
for everybody expected be would, but be
cause tbe psceH great marc made so
wretched ashowing. Only two. heats
were trotted. Azote won them both in
2 09 1-4 and 2 J2 1-2.
The races at Bcrryville, Ta , began yes
terday. This is the fust meeting the Jockey
A half mile heat running race was won by
El Telegraph in 0 Bl and 0 83 A 2.40
class trot was won by Delaware Chief la
2 39 1-4, 2 39 1-4, and 2 411-2. A
mile running race was won by Jolly Boy in
1.B2 A hurdle race, one and one-half
miles, was won by Lady Wooster. Donley
ran first, but was disqualified for fouling.
It is expected that the Valkyrie will ar
rive In New York to morrow or Saturday.
Hor coming is awaited by ynchtsmen gen
orally with a great deal of interest. All
are anxious to see what tbe Britisher looks
Pittsburg Is having bicycle races by
electric light. A number ot cash prizes
have been bung up, and many of the best
professional riders of the country arc en
tered to try for thorn.
Tbe football men of tbo University of
Pennsylvania have selected Lake Grims
by, Canada, as tbe place for their candi
dates for football honors to do their pre
liminary work. About thirty men are
to go to the lake, and they will embrace all
of the men wbo are likely to be chosen for
tbe team. Eight ot the members nf the
team of last year will be re
tained, but men will have to be found to
take the places of Knlpe, Osgood and Ro
sengarten, wbo win do no more playing.
Fred Hawkins, the Saratoga Lake oars
man, says be bos won every known cham
pionship In amateur sculling in America,
Canada Included. Having nothing more to
win, be will leave tbe water for the bicycle
3. Randolph Belster, who wob atone time
champion amateur billiard player of this
country, has beon, ou the complaint of his
wife, committed from the Jefferson Market
police court. New York, to Eellevue Hos
pital for examination into his sanity.
Mrs. Uelser claims tbat her husband baa
gone insane on the subject of billiard play
ing. Helster has played in some important
matches, and crossed cues with Scbater,
Blossoo, Sexton and Ives.
New Stockyards.
Indianapolis, Aug. 15. Arrangements
have been nearly completed for new stock
yards. Kingan & Cd., tho pork packers,
the Emory Bros., ot Louisville, and Cud
any, the Chicago' packer, are at the bead
of the enterprise1: "The new concern has
purchased thirty! acres of land in West
Indianapolis, and will begin work- on the
plant at once. The Investment will be
1,0C0, 000. . i
"- t-i
Pope aud Prelates.
Paris, Aug. IB.-The Flgp.ro says that
In consequence df tBe advice received from
certain French "prelates, the Pope has defi
nitely abandoned fits policy of advising
the Catholics oUFrance to rally to the
support of the-republic.
- 1 .'.. , -
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uva saw str"" '" .a3e
Prominent Merchants Give the Prizes
fo Bo Fought For.
The Cairo Tennis Club, an organization
composed of young men of tbe northwestern
sactiou nf tbo city, yesterday began play in
a tournament that promises to be a signal
Tbe dub's grounds, on Y street, corner
Sixteenth, have been thoroughly prepared
for the event and as tbe members are as a
rule in tip top shape some good tennis may
be expected. Tbeprizeafortbeaffau-have
bsen donated by various firms of the city,
among whom are8aksACo .Porker, Bridget
4 Co., Loeb & Hirsh, a Rich & Bons, and
Tystowski Brothers.
Tlio playing was begun yesterday at 8
o'clock, but did not progress very far. The
gams will commence at that hour every
evening, tl.o weather permitting, until the
elosa of the tournament. The following is
the order of the first round of play:
enuster and Wise will be opponents, also
Federllne aad Ballinger; Snyder and Mussey,
Crist and Chlpman; Young and Korwood,
Wingfild and Mills; Boyer and Perkins,
Tucker and Weed.
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Departure of Troops at Cadiz Seen by
Immi'iwo Crowds.
Madrid, Aug. 15. The men of the Prin
cess Marie Christina de Monteda regimenl
who were drafted for service in Cuba pro
ceeded last ex ening to Cadiz, where 100,040
persons witnetsed their departure for the
Prime Minister Ca novas Del Castillo has
left Madrid to attend a military review at
Victoria by the Quern regent. The con
tingent of all branches of the army destined
for service In Cuba will march past Her
Besides the previous reinforcements that
It was decided to send to Cuba, the govern
ment has decided to send Capt.-Gen.
Campos more artillery.
A dupntch to the Impardal from Ha
vana states that Capt.-Gen. Campos has
confirmed and signed the sentence of the
court-martials imposed upon the sellers
of arms to the rebels and the buyers or
weapons; Coloma, Juan Gualberto, and
Gomez, buyers of arms, and Anltua and
Lasaga, seller, will each serve sentences
of twenty yrarsiiniprisonment.andHarana
ga, a seller, will be confined for twelve
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They Decorate -the Graven of Both
Germans and French.
Berlin, Aug. 15. The battlefields of Co-lombey-Noullly
and NoteseviUe, in France,
the eastward of Metz, the scenes of the
engagements between tbe Germans and
French on August 14, August 31 and Sep
terabcr 1, 1870, were to-day visited by a
great number of German veterans, who de
posited wreaths on the graves of the fallen
soldiers, Freneh and Germans alike.
The services at the graves were very im
pressive. The veterans were accompanied
by bands and deputations of the officers of
the regiments whirh participated in the bat
tles Hymns were sung nnd artillery salutes
were fired over thegraves.
The memorial monument of the Thir
tenth Reirlment was unveiled at Metz to-
35,'ny. Thu clergy, tbe burgomaster and
prominent officrals attended.
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Started tar Hevenge Only by Mid-
night Fete nnd Night Home Ike.
Night Horse Ike Timed ' purty hard,
Pete, when a feller can't git a grub stake.
Every barn in the country watched
Midnight Pete Little tough when a hon
est man can't live
-."Hold on , Petel I've got er "
"Got wot? An Idee?"
"Yas we'vegot one chance to git on
the inside o' things "
"Pete, ye's alius a genus. Let's have er!"
"Ye know old '6601 Skunk,' the
Arapahoe 't lives Jest outside the reserva
tion?" "Yes, Pete"
"We'll Jest go right over thar to-night 'n
murder him"
"What fur?"
"Git up an Injun outbreak sojers come
settlers can't ride all their bosses to the
front we're fugertlve settlers plain busi
nesssee?" And the next day heard the clatter of
troopers, the ring of carbines, and the wails
of the dying savages. Cleveland Plain
Lord Salisbury's Manners.
Tbe change iu the English ministry recalls
an old mot about the Marquis of Salisbury
and Mr. Henry Manner, now tbe Marquis of
Granby. LordSabbury.wboisdietinguished
by bis rudeness and brurquerle, bad Mr.
Manners as bis private recretary at one
time, and as the latter is particularly euave
and gracious, he was nicknamed "Salis
bury's Manners." Tbe English people are
famous for facleneing nicknames on their
public men, but no matter bow hard they
strike home tbe men themselves never wince,
but, on tbe contrary, rather like tho wit.
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A.Modest Bequest.
""Girest You want to keep quiet about
my owing you S40 for drinks.
Barkeeper Why do you want me to keep
Grrfst Becau&o if it gets out that. I
owe that much money for whisky, my
wife will hear of it and she will think I've
got lots of money, and she will want a new
hat. Texas Sifting.
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1CVksiv jyttVSI ws w .-
Carpenters and Joiners Indorse the
Eckington Boycott.
Other Mutters of Interest to the
Trade Dicinued at a Well At-
tended Meeting..
Tlieregular weekly meetlngof Carpenters'
Union, No 1 , was held last evening in their
ball, No. 419 Tenth street northwest.
President A B. Manuel was ia the chair,
and a large attendance ot members was
present- Under the head of initiations
four candidates presented themselves for
initiation Their applications h.irin-
been received at a previous meeting and
approved, they were admitted to full
The committee to lovesllgater the 1m
prOTementsouthuEmrrsonShoeCorapany's new store reported that non-union men
ere doing tk work, but the committee
had been informed by the Washington
agent of the firm that the contract for the
principal portion of the work had been given
out, and the committee were advised to
correspond with the headquarters of the
firm at Brockton, Mass. Theagentfurther
informed the (ommlttce tbat he was un
aware that organized labor had any
grievance against the firm, as the Emerson
Company had always been friendly to that
class of labor. Tbe matter has been re
ferred to tbe Carpenters' Council, and
thef Inn at Brockton has been communicated
During the discussion it was stated" tbat
In the newspapers the name of the Econ
omy Shoe Company tad been substituted
for that of titeEicersous. This was a mis
take, as the organizations have so
grievance whatever against the Economy
The question of music for the Labor Day
parado -n as again bought up and the union
again reiterated its determination not to
mareh b-hind a non union band.
The action of the Federation of Labor
in Indorsing the action of the Protective
Street Railway Union, In placing tbe Eck
ington trrlly road and all ot its branches
on the unruir list was warmly and unani
mously indorsed. ,
Tbe secretary was instructed to notiry
all members to be present at the next
meeting of the Union, Wednesday, August
12, as matters ot vital importance, de
manding the presence of all members, will
be required.
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Times, 20 pages for 3 cents!
Tho New North Carolina Senator
Makes a Hot Speech.
Raleigh, N C, Aug. 13. Senator Marlon
Duller In bis speech at Concord made oneof
the severest attacks on President Cleve
land ever beard in North Carolina He
"Tbo. man who puts party above princi
ple is tbe best tool tLe goldbugs ba e, and
the devil never bad a better servant than the
goldbug. Every bond this government
owes England, or any other country or in
dividual, is payable iu gold or silver at the
option of the government, and it says so
on tbe face of tbe bond
"Yet Cleveland is going to England to
get gold when be could pay bonds in sdrer.
He doesn't pay them in silver because be
is a hireling of the goldbugs.
"I charge it here, aud I'll charge it on
tbe floor of the United States Senate, if
be sends dowu his army after me for saying
it. If you have an honest man for Presi
dent he could make times easier in ten days
by calling Congress together to furnish
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"vVimoilnughsls "Women Discuss Co
operative Work In Many Lines.
was last evening discussed by tbe Wimo
daugbsls Academy of Forty, each lady
advancing whatever argument best suited
Mrs. Sara A. Spencer opposed cifopcra
tion without men; Mrs. M. C. Whelan ex
plained plans for a woman's co-operative
cafe: Miss Huddleson reviewed the move
ment In Utab; Mrs. Havens gave a sketeh
of the "Social Palace" at Guise, France;
Miss Morris supported Mrs. Spencer; Miss
Holmes believed co-operation necessary
to self preservation; Miss Carter consid
ered it necessary to a business education,
and Mrs. Jeannette M. Bradley said men
were made better by co-operution with
"Long Life" will be tbe subject for
discussion at tbe September meeting.
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Times, 20 pages for 3 centsL
What He Applauded.
Friend, at a French play Why did you
applaud so vigorously when tbat come
dian made bis speech before the curtain?
Bprlggins,confidentially So folks would
think I understood. What did he say?
Friend Ho said the remainder ot his
part must be taken by an understudy, as
hs felt very ill. Tld-Blts.
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Times, 20 pages tor 3 cents!
Ghastly Possibilities.
Mr. Cloon, wagging bis bead Theemancl
pation of woman is cad business bad
Mrs. Cloon, tartly Youdon't say?
Mr. CIoou Yes, I have Juat been reading
ot the case of "an Indiana man "who ebu
himself through tbe bead because the first
batch ot bread he attempted to bake
turned out to be a failure. Truth.
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UST Imagine
how tmcom
f ortable a
heavy top coat
would be a day
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greeable to
wear a heavy
suit. You'll
feel cool all
over if you eet
into some of our lightweight
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All the Wlim: DUCK PANTS
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A lot of Striped flannel Vants
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Men's Allwool Cheviot and
Caselmere i'alUi.Uiat were 87 W,
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See that plate
strikingly noticeable
much so in fact
that you can
see it half a
block off. You
observe it
because it's the ;
plate and
are thicker than ever this
year. Everything about the
COLUMBIA is admirable,
even to the name plate.
Two or three half-hour lessons ought
to be enough in wbkh to learn proSok.
ency in r.dlnr. Come In our Big IcJoos
School whenever you like and see the
beginners at work.
District Cycle Co
"Columbia" and 'Hartford' Agents,
452 Penna. Ave.
Unknown Lad Killed On the Traclt
Near Alexandria. '
A local train on the Washington & South
ern Railroad, about 5 40 o'clock last even,
ing, between Alexandria and this city,
struck an unknown young man and al
most instantly killed him. Tbe remains
were taken to Demaine's undertaking
rspnis, Alexandria, where they awala
Coroner Purvis last night held an lnquess
and found the skull crushed, back brokeo
and the body otherwise mangled. A
verdict of accidental death was rendered.
The young man was about IB years old
and wore a blue serge suit and light out
lng shirt. In bis hand was a bootblack's
outfit, tbe box being covered with posters
of tbe Emerson Shoe Store, No. 1103Penn.
sylvaula avenue. He is supposed to have,
been a Washington boy working at tho
race track.
The remains will be held as long as pos
Bible for the purpose ot being Identified,
Outing of nivcr Men.
A Joint excursion nf the Marine En
gineers and Masters and Pilots of Wash
ington Harbor was given to Marshall Hall
yesterday and enjoyed by about 2,000
people. Tbls was the third annual event
of the kind in the history of the partlel
patlng organizations. The steamers Charles
Maealester and RlverQucen bore tbe
crowds to and from tbe scene of pleasure,
and dancing and other amusements were
enjoyed both on the boats and grounds.
"Weather Bnrean Murderer.
Chief Moore, of tbe Weather Bureau, has
beeu advised tbat L. A. Mublacr, the ob
serverat Point He yea Light , California, was
arrested and sent to prieon in San Fran.
Cisco for tbe murder ot a young girl at
Oakland, Ca!., on the day previous. Mr.
Moore immediately telegraphed lnstruo
tlons to drop Muhlner from the rolls.
Preferred Death to Arrest.
Postoffice Inspector Wheeler has beer
notified ot the death by suicide of E. J".
Johnson, a postal clerk on the Denver &
Glen wood Springs Railroad. A warrant
for Johnson's arrest has been iu the hands
of the United Btates marshal! at Denver
for two days.
New Through Vestlbuled Conches Be
tween Washington and Atlanta
via Southern Hallway.
The Southern Railway announces that
Deginnlng August 13, new vestlbuled.
coaches will be operated on Its Wash
lngton A Southwestern Vestlbuled Lunlted(
between Washington, D. C ., and At
lanta, Ga., connecting at Charlotte wit
through coach for Jacksonville.
If ' I v (l
11 J I al y
! It's
4& 0J.,Mte
r 5&H --"
iS---. . A
-o i itr ;
?" v - 3 tj. . -; , .

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