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trail u v pwTiq-fxr rrnrma.-. TMTUs a v. AlTATftVP tn.
THE "arejIKGe,TIlkES.EfiHAY. AffGTTST 16, I8.'
One Cent &
advertisement less than 10a.
One Cent w
Kb ad vertlsement less than 1 0
One Cent &
Kosdrsrtleaateat lass than 10
One Cent S
No advertisement! lass than 1 0
One Cent 'A-
Ko sdvertiseaiaat leea ttut 10a.
One Cent Z
Ko drrartlaa taeut lass than 10.
One Cent A
NoadTartlsamsntlass than tO-
PX-EASANT front rooms, with Rood
board, at rasouablerates. ApplyMRS.
ROSALIE B. SELDEN, Virginia B-acb , Vn.
I E"lden cottages.) au!0eod-7t
JOHNBONHOCBK- Colonial Beaclj,
on water riuut; lemu reasonable; spe
cial rates to iiarties. Address Mrs. 15. E.
JOHNSON. aull-7t
POTOMAC BAT-A new place op
posite WUkerton s; beautifully located
forsumnier boarding; boating, bnlblng, fish
ing, etc.; table abundantly furnUhed; lenus
lor- C. C WILKEBSON, Prop .
JySO-lrno Colonial Beach, To.
WOODLAWIf. nockrllle. ltd; with
all modern conveniences; llebted with
tjM. baths, etc; large monis and shaded
lawns; ternia moderate: $1 80 per day, $7
to $10 per week. MBS M.J.COLLEY.
TKUSTEES' BALE or unimproved real
proiertj In Barry farm. By virtue of a
deiil of trut given to iw and duly rettirded
in Liber 1582, fo'io 122 et sen., one or the
land records of the District or Columbia,
and at the request of the party secured
thereby, we shall offer for sale on Satur
day, the 24th day of August, 1895, at S
o'clock p. ra , the following described
lots, situate and liclng lots numbered 78,
70, 80, 81, 82, and 83 in Bates and Cal
laglian's sulxllvlslon of lots 25 and 26 in
section three (3) or the trustees' sub
division of the Barry Farm estate, as the
same is recorded in liber county book 0,
folio 12 J, In the surveyor's office of the
District of Columbia.
Terms cash. A deposit of $E0 will be
quired at lime or sale. Conveyancing,
etc., at purchaser's cost Terms of sale
to be complied with within fifteen days,
else the trustees rtserve the right to resell
the property at the cost of purchaser after
Ive days" advertisement.
Perc Metzger, Altorney-at-law, 472
Louisiana aveuje, holder of the nole.
aul4. 16, 19,21,23,24.
DOLLARS invested in Granite State
Froiideut Assn. double themselves in
8 years;agent wanted; High Sclioolstudent
preferred. J. T. H. HALL, 721 13th St.
DOLLARS invested in Oranlle Male
Provident Association double them
selves in 8 cars; agent wauled; High School
tudeut preferred... J. T. H. BALL, 721
13th su n. w. aul3 tf
MONEY o loan on bonds, stocks, tiusu,
loan association ceitificates, and old
liuo lire iunuiunce policies; no delay.
40 to 4CMelzeiottBldg.
UOKEY TOJ-OAN-I" large sums,
or as low ns $1,000, at 5 and C per
cent on D. C. real cklute;also J2iQ,$500,
$760, cle , at 6 per cent. Wit A. 8AUN
DEK3 & CO . 1407 r st. tf
MONEY o loan at 5 and 0 per cent.,
on District or Columbia realty; no
delay it security Is satisfactory.
WALTER B. ACKER. 704 lilb mr.
MENTS" Eead this booklet carjfuliy
teforebirrowlnsTorinvestiug: call and get
a copy free, a H. WARNER A CO , 018
F st. hit. m28-3mo
HONEY TO LOAN AH classes of real
cast ale loans made with pronipluesiuit cur
eer luth und U tireets nw. niutx
are. a. w. Established in 1870 Money
scanad on watches, diamonds, jewelry, surer
ware, ela tpeclal barf aloe la watches, jewelry,
aj datlrerr'are. la3u4nio
XOTJNG man with milk route will sup
ply milk for rent ot stall or stable.
Address HELPING HAND, this office.
X business, but few concerns like The Lew
lltporter Lompanr, of CIS Fifth street none
west You'll and II positive relief to trade
there. Dolt JL W. alOORE, Mx
JTJST RECEIVED Fine lot young Cu
ban parrots, guaranteed to tslk; also
monkeys, canaries, mocking birds, gold
llsb, dogs, and fancy pigeons. BCHMID'S,
112 12th st. dw., branch 1221 Pa. are.
LA FETRA'S Hotel and Cafe, 11th
and U sis. nw. Central, convenient.
Bummer rates very low. auS-7t
Washington. S. O.
H. C. BURCH. Manager
Tr rffect Inne 28 I80V
man S!eer4cr Dining, Smokhujr, and Obser
vation Cars Harrltburg to Chicago, Cincin
nati, Indianapolis, bt Louis, CleTehind,
Toleda BufJet Parlor Car to Ilarristmrg.
Ui3A M. FAST LINE Pullman Buffet Parw
lcr Lar to IlarrlshurK. Parlor and Dlnlof
tare, llarrieburg to Pittsburg.
Pullman Buffet Parlor Car to Uarrisburc
Keening and Dining Cars. liarrisburEtost.
Louis, Cincinnati, Louisville, and Chicago.
KC P. M WtslEllN Eil'ltESS Pulunas
Sleeping Car to Chicago, and UarrUborg ts
Ceeland Dining Car to Chieagu
man Sleeping aud Dining Lars to bt. Louis,
and Sleeping Car llarrlsburg to ClncinnaU.
20 40 P. AL PACIFIC EXPRKbb PullmanWoep-
ing Car to Pittsburg.
920 A M for Kane, canandatgua, Rocheater;
and N iagara Falls dally, except Sunday.
CCXO A. L for Elmira and RenoTa, dally, except
Sunday lcr MUiaaeport dally, S-43P M.
fill'. M for llliamsport, RoUiester, BuSalo,
end Niagara lalls dally, except Saturday,
with sleeping car Washington to Suspension
Uridge via Bnfr&ia
ill P. JL for brie, Canandaigus. Ewbesler.
BuUalo, and Mscara Falls dally; sleepinx
tsr S aehington to Klmlra.
Jn 1 luladeipnia. New 1 ork, and the Eiit
Parlor Can, with Dining Car from Balti
more, for ew York dally, for Philadelphia
week-days. Regular at 703 (Dining Car),
WO. 8 00, ia (Dining Car), and 11-ou (Din.
nc Car) a m., 12 13, 3 13, 43), 6 40, 10.-00, ana
3IC5p in. On Sunday, 7-03 (Dining Car),
iSO. s-00. 11-09 (Dining Car) a. m., 12-15, 3 IS,
s.0, 6 40. 10 iJOVand 11.33 p. m. For Fhtla
aelphla only. Fast Express 723 a, m. weak
Cays Express, -01 ends 40 p m. dally.
ta boston, without change, 753 a. m. woex
days, and 3 15 p m. dally
Xct Baltimore, 6sB, 7aJ, MS, TS0, f-03,
U00, 100, 11-03. and 1130 a. ra., 12.15,
till, 3 IS, 3 40, (4-03 Limited), 4-23, 4.30, 9 40,
liSS. 6 40. r.W. 10113, 10-40, 11 13, and 1131
p. m. On Sunday, Ti, 70, 9:00. 9-03,
it. 10. 11A) a. in., li 13, 1.15, (-01, 3.19,3 43 (40)
limited), 420. b 40, COS, S-10, 7.10, 10 00, 13" 13,
end 1135 p. m.
t cr Popes Creek Line. 7iH a. m. and 43J p -n.
daily, except bunday
Icr Annapolis, 730 end 00 a. ra., 12:15 and bD
p. m. dally, except Sunday. Suadaya, JJ
l a. in. and 4-9 p. m.
1 Atlantic Coast Line. Express for Richmond,
Beckscnvllle, and Tampa, 430 a. ra., 3S p. m,
tally. Richmond and Atlanta, 8 40 p. m. dally.
Richmond only, ZfrSl a. ra. week daya
lAccemmodatlon for Ouaatico, :45 a. m. daUx
and 43 p. m. week-da a
Tor Alexandria, 4.30. tSX T:45, 3.-10. Hi. 10JT
:i0 a. ra..JJ0. 1:40, 3iB,4J5, &03, 5JJ7. 6 IS
OS, 10 10, and 11.39 p m. On SuaJay at k,
t 43. 9-45 a. m , 2-45, .15, 8H, and 10JO p. m,
fesre Alexandria for Washington. 81V, 6-4S, TJH,
s w.B-.io. 10-13, urn a. m.. liv, tn. aoo.'aa.
(.CO, 5:30 C.I3, 7110, TsiO, 9J0. 1052, and llxB p.
to. On Sunday at -, t-M, 10J8 a. m.,tli,
USD. TiU. 720, U JO, and lth p. m.
bcnhoro Connections,
ifcr Atlantic City, 930 (Saturdays only), 1033.
31 00 a. m. week days, Vta ana U.J3 p. aa.
Wet Cano May. 1000 a. nv. fatordaTS onlrV.
12-15 p. m. week days, and 11:35 p. m. daily. J
1 acxei omces, norweaas corner or Htnsirsei
and PennsylTsala Avenne, anil at she etatlen
Ike checking of baggage to nsstlnitiea troa
hotels and resulencea,
CeueraUUsafec CaBtxalPaasoacsrkM
"WANTED A good girl or general
house, ork; no warning or ironlrg; ref
erences required. Call between 10 and
12 o'clock this tuornlcg, 03 N it, nw.
WANTED-Reliable. salesladies at the
Bee Hive, 3111 M st ; only those hav
ing experience In selling dry goods, etc,
netd apply. It
WANTED-Oirls to do plain sewing.'
Acnd'niy of Music, stage entrance. It
WANTED-m sewing machine op
erators, to sew on flags. M. O. COPE
LAND & CO., 400 11th st. nw. It
FEMALE help wanted,
30G . st.
WANTED-A good burlier, to help out
on Saturday. Apply 4307thsusw.aLgl6-3t
IV ANTED-Bright youug-man who un
derstands bookkeeping and owns blcy
cle;splcud!dchauce forproraotion. Address
With refB , BUSINESS No 1, this office.
"WANTED Good wages to a man that
can build a good milk route and come
well recommended. Address M. E. O., this
office. anl6-2t
WANTED-First-class draftsman on
Patent Office drawings; salary assured
Room 16, Warder building. It
WANTED A lltcly man with $300
cash can bate- interest in a pajing
buslntia HASTE, this office, au 16-31
WANTED lOchnmbermauls, 15 wait
ers. 8 cooks, D nurses, porters, and fire
men If. O. AGENCY. 1001 G st. nw. It
ALL kinds of help furnished, free of
charge; In or out of the city, by MRS. L.
C.M00RE, 306 G st. uw. aulG-3t
WANTED-Salesmen , lady and gent.
Calll0941-2u.sw It
WANTED- Opening forcompetent ste
nographer and tjpcwrlter. Address
with parlicul.irs W.K. X. .this office. It
"WANTED 929 9th it. nw. K. J.
Bickers has opened a branch bureau at
alxne aildnss for white help; cooks,
laundresses, chambermaids, waiting maids,
etc. au 14-31
"WANTED Smith Premier Type
writer operators and stenographers
dliected to positions. Operators de
siring to familiarize themselves with new
No. 2 Smith Premier Tyjwwriter call
CO . No 1416 F st nw. Jy31-tf
WANTED-A good, handy man wants
position lo care for horses and drive
for private family, or would care for gen
tleman's place during winter; 25 ears
old, married, no children; best ref. Ad
dress J. BOYER, this office. aul6-2l
WANTED-Bj young man, 2G, clerical
or Rimllar position; ref. and bond if
necessary. Address A. W. D., this office.
WANTED By a good house painter
employment by the day or Job. Satis
faction guaranteed. FENTON HORAD,
710 19th st. no. aalG-3t
WANTED-By young colored man
place to make himself generally use
ful In office. Address 139G 171b st. nw. It
WANTED Will some bumanu iierson
assist a worthy, industrious, and edu
cated young man of business experience,
who Is in urgent need of help, to eecuresomc
honorable employment where there Is
au oiiKrtunilyforadvanceiuent.and which
win enable hfri to assist a younger orphan
brother and sister who are partly de
liendent on him; highest testimonials as
to sobriety, character, and ability. Ad
dress FIDELITY, this office. aul4-3t
"WANTED By young lad, wlib sev
eral years' experience in goernment
office as typewriter and clerk, a position
In lawyer's or business office; best, refs
aud indorsements. Address K. F. S,
this office. a)il6-lw-m&e
WANTED-By a young lady, situation
in floral establishment; four years' ex
perience In the business; best refs from
present emplojer. Address R. S. T., this
office. v It
"WANTED By colored girl, place to
do general housework. Address WORE,
this office. It
WANTED-By Aug. 23, '1 or 3 very
neatly fur. rooms, complete for light
housekeeping; convenient to 6th and F su.
nw.; stale terms, which must be low.
Address DAXUS. this office. lt-mAe
WANTED-By widow in office, S 2nd
floor rooms for housekeeping, heat;
gas. Addre'sW.X.,101Hst.nw. aul6-3t
WANTED-I!r widow in government
employ, two uufur., com. 2nd floor rooms;
central location; state price, etc Address
"PLANTS," this office. aul5-3t
WANTED-""1 an(1 board In pmiue
family by lady and girl of 12; extreme
northw est preferred. Terms must be low.
BOX 7-2, this office au!4-3t
GENTLEMAN in Department, left
with (laughter, 4 years of age, mother
having died, wants board wltb private
rauiilj; or bimself, near a good Institution
for children; any Information will be kind
ly received of a good institution or home.
Address I'. O. FIIILA. thlsoffLe aul5-.lt
WANTED-Small house, tuburb, near
street cars, or flat; bcatcd; city; rent
$15 per month. Address PROMPT PAT,
this office. . aulG-3t
"WANTED Property in lit. Pleasant;
part cash part trade. DEACON, this
office. aulC-3t
WANTEB Young man will pay $25
for a situation paying $12 weekly;
conductor on the W. A O. K. R. or Metro
politan cars preferred. Address JOHN,
this office. - It
"WANTED $300 one ear; Interest 8
per cent; security absolute, paid-up
life Insurance. Address ALEXANDER,
tills office. an 16-31
WANTED Instruction of guitar; Cap
itol Bill preference. GUITAR, this
office. au!3-Jt
WANTED-Would ljke dancing pupils
at 25c lesson, private or class. Ad
dress BELL, E Cap. Geul. Deltv. au!4-2t
WANTED-A responsible party ants
txiggy, either for cash or time payments.
Must bs cheap and In good condition. Ad
dress BTJGGT C , this' office. nul4-2t
WantedTry Rubber Roof Paint,
And charge only for painting: work guarantee!
FOH BENT House,$75 per month;
1700 14th St. Inquire at La Fetra's
Hotel, 11th and Q ats. au8-9t
$33.4031 to 320 N. a ave. se ; Br,
a. m. t: new.
O. T. YODEE. 61B E St. nw.
FOR KENT180 at St., a new 12r.
buck; electric bell; healed by hot water;
a. m. L; $70. By J. D. BULLITAN, 13th
and G U- A , aulO-71
KOB. KENT 811 1st el. nw., a sew
3-story r. brick; a. m.l.; $30. By
J. D. BULLITAN.. Cot 13th and G sls.nw.
... aul0-7t
afOB KENT Hoaso 220 1 st.'nw;
7r., gasA -wntei-; l-ey -at O'Callaghan's
gTocery store. No. 2200 I st--nw. an6-14t
00-14 ath st. nw., 8r. b.; m. U
a X. XOOU. U -. W. l
SXOO 122 1) st. nw.; 16-r. brick; a
ni. 1. C. T. TODER.C15 Est. nw
Rooms in flats cor. IStli aud G nw.
308 lillb nw., 22 r. and stable 565 00
1610 Qst. nw..7 r.and stable.. .. 32 50
430 H st 8W., C r A, 1- IB-00
2i;i7 8tb nw., 0 r 10.30
23J8 P nw. 7 r IB 00
1528 26th nw., 4 r 9-&0
14011 28th nw.. large ball 12 00
1207 6th nw.. 11 r 45 50
12J K nw.. 8 r ".. .. 22 50
1613 Marion. 6r -.. 2500
3223 N nw.. 8 r 30X0
J310 P st. nw., 7 r 16 30
1527-20-31 27tb nw., 4 r 0 00
1032 310. uw., 4 r 9 00
aulO-lw Corner 13th and G nw.
1311 14th st. 11. w.. 11 rooms aim bath.
1309 14 th sun w., 1 1 rooms and bath.
lbUZ Vermont in tt, lOj-ooms and bath.
iSUSQBLii.w.t 10 rooms and bath.
1207 Q st. n. w., 10 rooms and balh.
1211 Q st n. w., 10 rooms and batb. -1201
Rhode Isuusd ave., 6 rooms and bath.
1203 Rhode Island ave., C rooms and batb.
Above houses are in elegant repair, near
schools and car lines, A. UE1TMULLEE
4 CO . 1333 14th St. n. w. aull-14t
S42.SO-13 t. nw.; 14 r, a.m. 1.
C. T. YODEE. 615 E at. nw.
FOB BENT Elegant residence. No
1421 R St. uw.,9roomsacdbitb. Ap
ply on premises or (o R W. FENWICK,
trustee. 002 F t, nw. au!6-3t
FOB KENT Seven-room cottaga at
Brooklaud, wltb ball, balh. cellar,
attic, range, latrobe, hot and cold water;
two squares from electric cars. Inquire
ofl.B.nOLLIDGE.Saks&Co. aul4-3t
Secure one of these beautiful building
lots, 23x125 feet.
Washington and Great Falls Electric
Railway being built alongside.
Will increase in value rapidly.
Only a few left.
Terms $23 cash; balance $10 monthly.
Apply at Office, 1420 F St. nw.
FOB SALE-Two valuable building
lota at College Park. Address COL
LEGE, Ibis office aulC-31
FOB BENT 1 large front room, suit
able ror 1 or 2 gentlimen; mod. Imps.
Inquire 626 I St. nw. aul0 3t
FOB BENT Oueortwounfur.rooms,
with bath, cheap, in small private
family. No. 34 8th st. lie. It
FOB BENT Tw o rooms , one f u r. and
one uufur., or will separate. 715
20th st. nw.; private family. auIO 3t
FOB BENT 821 3d St. nw.,one large
second -story front room; newly fur;
only $9. Call after 4 30 p m aul6-3l
FOB BENT To colored gentlemen, 2
or 3 communicating furnished or un
furnished; board if needed; all conveniences.
21 8th st. se,, near tbo cars. It
FOB BENT Furnished rooms for
single gentlemen at $1 per week. 1003
Ost.nw. - aul6-7t
FOB BENT r've unfurnished rooms
with bath, heat and gas, and all modern
conveniences. Rent moderate. 1507
15th St. nw. aul5-3t
FOB KENT Largo room on second
floor; 202 9th st. nw., opp. Center
Market. Suitable for barber shop, pool
room or light manufacturing. Will rent
very cheap. Apply to MR. FRASER.at the
above No. aul5-3t
822 F St. Room and board to gentle
men, $20 per month. augl4-3t
FOB BENT 1809 12th St. sir. Three
rooms and bath on same floor; with gas,
$10; without gas, $9. aul4-3t
FOR BENT Very desirable fur. rooms;
also excellent family table board; con
venient and pleasant locality; reasonable
terms 702 19th st- nw. aull-7t
SPECIAL to Table Boarders Messrs.
Duffy A Leonnarda, proprietors ot
"The American House," corner Pennsyl
vania avenue and Seventh street, beg to
announce to the public generally that they
are now serving the best table board in the
city, from 6 a. m. to 8 p m., at the
following reduced prices: 3 meals per day,
CEO; 2 meals per day, $15 per month.
Particular attention given ladles. ""
TAKE NOTICE I paper rooms for
$2 and upward; you can save 25 per
cent on these prices.- F. G NOLTE, 810
Mil at. nw. Phone., 449. No branch.
- jygg-zat
FOR ALBS-200:. on 7th at. ft
near Pa. ave, and. Eastern Market, 6
mom brick; m. lmpJ; in perfect order. lor
$2,200; $500 cash, balance to suit, look
at this bouse; very chcp7good location,
nlc-home; good renter. JOHN T. DOStV
HOE, 303 B. Capitol-at. nal3t
XSmW Ell1 BBWrH ylyTllSJaSIlIIafcaaaSaUasJ BasSaaaaaal P
4C THE :t
Aial "" "" "aaVa"aTaW
I will guarantee to cure any case of piles
in from 24 to 48 hours without pain.
No cure, no charge; Address DOCTOR,
this office. " ' aulB-Sii
MORPHIA-A4ocal physician ot
standing is curing every case of mor
phine habit undertaken; terms reasonable.
Address MORPHIA, this ofQco.
THE Wonderful Remedy. Cancers
cured without kulfe, pain, or pay
until cured; also carbuncles, ptles, dropsy,
by Prof. MARTIN RILEY, 407 Pa ave.
nw. anS-lmo
EGTPTIAN Gypsy beveulh duugh
ler of the seventh generation;
she can take off spells and cause to marry,
as well as tell you the past and future;
persons calling at the tent next to railroad,
willakforMME. BURNETT.
Take Eckiugtuu and Soldiers' Home
cars. aul2-lw
MME. ESTELLE tells all the
events of lire in German and English:
hours, 9 a. m. to 10pm; 23 and 60
cents; cares all cases of running or dry
sores 913 10th st. nw. Je29-lm
LADIES wediug confidential treat
ment. A safe and sure relief In all
female trouble, coustlpatlon. Irregulari
ties, tumor, cancer, opium habit, llstula,
etc deparate looms for patients bcrors
aud during confinement, and find homes
for infants if required. Strictly confiden
tial. MR8.DR RENNEB.16Fourthat.zia.
near E. Capitol st. Washington, D. O.
.A.yjiIQ jou nil frozen to death? If not
come and get an elegant custom made
suit. but. very little worn, at a figure
that'll do your poor heart good. JUSTUS
OLD STAND. 619 D st. nw. au!J-7t
MME. BROOKE 'dls all the events
ot life; ell buoluess confidential; ladies
and gentlemen. 50 cents each; hours, S
a. in. to 9 p. m. 605 New York avenue
northwest, near Sixtb street. Iy25-14t
DB. TAYLOR, BO6 F nw.. makes
full sets ot teeth for $5; satisfaction guar-
gold filling. SI: amalgam. 50c jelJ 3m
AIMIS. BROOKE tells all the eeuts
of life; all business confidential; laaics
and gentlemen, 50 cents each; hours. 9 a.
m. to 9 p m. 605 New York avenue
northwest, near 8lxth street au7-14t
J. T. WALKER SONS. ZU4 10th st. aw.,
carpet lining, felts, fire brick and day,
asbestos, paints, brushes, lime, cement, two
and three-ply roofing material. aprSl-tf
The Times
COLUMNS Fill More Wants
than all other mediums com
bined Wani fids, Appear '
Morning and Evening Editions.
MASSAGE and ekxtric treatment by
Mrs Lewis. Hours from 9 a. m. to 9
p m. 702 9th st. n. w. aul3-7t
XF yon have rheumatism nr neuralgia
Inquire aboutVUIette's 4 Oils-Drugglsts.
FBOF. CLAY, oldest established ad
vertising clairvoyant, medium and for
tune teller in this city, removes all your
troubles; tells from cradle to grave; ad
vice on buslcess, love affairs, losses or
matrimonial adventures; unites separated
and caused speedy marriage with one yon
love by proper advice. Call and be con
vinced that I can work a case quicker
than any medium you ever met- Fee, 50
cents Hours, 10 to 9; open Sunday.
489 H St.. bet. 4 1-2 and 6th st sw.
"KEEP a steppln." We make "limes'
a great deal belter than they really
are by selling elegant suits, custom made,
the "least bit" worn, at a figure that'll
keep you cool. JUSTH'S OLD STAND,
619 I) st nw.
THE "3 DAYS" CTJRE Formen.
This remedy cures ,1a 3 days or no
charge. Consultation free. DR. McEEE-
HAN. 716 12th st nw.' ' Jyl6-lmo
FOB SALE Onc'bf' the best pa j Ing
lunch rooms in the5 clt y: In excellent Ii
catlon; finely fitted upland earning an ac
tual profit of $3,000 a year. Will sell at a
bargain to a cash purchaser. Apply at
ROSENBERG A CO 'S.604E St. nw.
auie-3t ;;;7
FOB SALE Cigar-and confectionery
store; doing good business. Apply 1507
Benning's road ne. , aul6-lt
FOB SALE Good cigar business for
cash. TOBACCO, this office. anl6-3t
FOB SALE Cheap, a Jumpseat buck
board, as good as new, w Hh or without
top; cost $160. Address, ROOM 10,
FOB SALE-SI.'c-bar buggy; cost
$300; good as new; win sell for $75
and $40 set of harness ror $18 If sold at
once. 710 O nw. Call before 5 p.m.
FOBSALE Good gentle mare, 7 years
old; harness and dayton almost new;
will sell cheap. S. J. BARNARD , Tennnl-
lytown. aulG-3t
FOB SALE Two-seat dayton wagon.
Cailat 1740:Uas.avevnw. aul6-2t
FOBSALE Sound five-year-old horse;
cheap. Rear 204-Pa. ave se. aul4-3t
FOKKENT The elegant- store. No.
1228 7th st. nw.; 22x60 feet, with 2
large French plate show windows: rent
$45. Apply at ROSENBERG A COrS. 504
at. nw. aul6-3l
PBOPDSAL8 forcoustructing a brick
addition to the Brigbtwood School, on
Brlghtwood avenue. District of Columbia
Office of the Commissioners, District of Co
lumbia Washington, D.C., August 13,1895.
Sealed proposals will be received at this
office uutil 12 M. on TUESDAY, AUGUST
20, 1695, for constructing a brick addition
to tbo 1 right wood School Building, on
Brightwood-avcuue, District of Columbia.
Blank forms ot proposals and specifica
tions, together wltb all necessary Infor
mation, can be obtained upon application
therefor at the office of the Inxpector of
Buildings of tLc District of Columbia, and
bids on these forms only will he considered.
The right is reserved to reject any and
all bids.
P roposals mu st be enclosed loan envelope
sealed and endorsed on the outside, "Pro
posal for constructing a brick addition
to the Brlghtwood Khool building."
Commissioners, D. C.
A BARGAIN-Grocery for sale and
store for reut; cause slckners. 234
7th st. re. au!6-3t
A GENTLEMAN '"no has a valu
able patent that will bo placed on the
market in a few days, desires a partner
wltb $500 to $1,000 cash; profits equally
divided. BUSINESS, this office. aulC-3t
FOB SALE-Fine grocery store; well
stocked and doing good business;
reasons for selling, other business. 601
10th st. lie. augl5-t
FABTNEB Wanted with $200 capital;
first-class business; already estab
lished; thorough investigation; no specula
tion. Box Q, this office. augl5-4t
FOB SALE- Stock, fixtures, and good
trill or cigar, tobacco, stationery, book
and. news store; established 10 years
Address ENNEO. this office. au!5-2t
FOB SALE A good store, stock and
fixtures fur sale in the northeast sec
tion, doing a good business. Address
STOCK, this office. au!5-3t
A BIVEB sand merchant wishes to
retire from business; will sell out his
whole plaut for $500, or will exchange
for suburban ground; 4 horses, 2 wagons,
good harness; everything ready to carry
on tils business that lias been succt-sfnl in
the past: sure thing. Address S A NO MAN,
this office. aug!4-3t
HALF interest in dairy aud mfJk route
for sale; parties must tome well
recommended; bargain to the right parties.
Address P. A M., this office. aul5-4t
ONE of the best located coutectionery
and fruit bouses in the city is offered
for sale for a few days only. Situated in
the business part of the city. This is an
unparalleled opportunltv. Apply T. O. AN
DERSON & CO.. 907 G st nw.
Gerge W. Waller, petitioner, vs. Abby K.
Walter, respondent.
On motion ol the petitioner, by James
T. Hunter, bis solicitor. It is ordered this
15th day of August, A. D. 1893, that the
defendant, Abby E. Waller, cause her ap
pearance to be entered herein on or be
fore; the first rule day occurring forty days
after this da; otherwise the cause will
be proceeded wltb as in case of default.
The object of this suit is that the con
tract of marriage between the parties
hereto be dissolved. It is further ordered
that this order shall be published in the
-Washington Law Reporter and The Wash
ington Times for three successive wefts.
By the court. CHAS. C. COLE.
Associate Justice, etc,
A true copy. Test:
J. R. rOUNG, Clerk.
By L. P. Williams, Assistant Clerk.
LOST Knights Tcmplarchamv, name of
owner, lodge, chapter, and command
cry engraved thereon. Liberal reward If
returned to IIENJ. PARKUUBST, 308 U.
st nw. anl6-3t
LOST Thursday afternoon, lady's gold
watch; Elgin works; small broken gold
chain; between 2d and 4th sts on Pa. ave.
se , or on 4th, between C and East CapftoL
Finder will call on or address M. C. 8., 25
9th at. ne., and receive reward. aul6-lt
LOST Child's bracelet, on August 5. Re
ward If left at 1205 4th st fe. It
Polico Kiosks In Porta.
The prefect of police has ordered the
establishment of reventy "portes Yigie in
various parte of Paris. There will consist
ol kloskt. in which there will always be
by day a policeman to give information or,,
help, and at night a second policeman out
side to watch the neighborhood. Each
kiosk win eventuaRy be.conncclcd rjy tele
phone or telegraph- with tbe nearest police
There wilt be rem tare of especial In
teresrt to yon In next Sondarli Time,
"Over there," said my uncle, "you wiU
live In a- pension, Anthony. Beware of
the folding doors between the rooms." -
"Even in a respectable-chouse? Surely
'-there are no thieves?"
"There might be worse than thieves,
boy, unless the world has changed since
my lime."
My uncle was giving me some last words
of advice on the eve of my going to study
In Germany, where, forty years back, he
bad been sl student himself. With the air
of a man entering on a serious business be
lit a cigar and proceeded:
" you shall hear my experience. When I
went to Berlin I was nineteen, ignorant of
life, impulsive, self-confident, in short. Just
what you arc now, a young fooL' At the
pension where I put up there were a good
many women from the Prussian provinces,
who bad come to the capital to shop and
gossip, and also, nine-tenths of them, to
look out for husliands for themselves or
tbelrilaiightcrs. Somehow, not throughme,
a mmor got about the house that I was rich,
and a dozen beauties wen- beginning to
spread tlKir toils of grace, when a certain
Baroness von Schneider, by agreeing, aa I
heard afterward, to pay Frau Pol, the mis
tress of thcpcnslon, two marks a day to bare
me seated between her daughter and herself
at meals, practically secured a monopoly of
the first attempt on me.
"This enterprising person was a sharp
featured, bantam-like widow, with rest
less eyes, a crooked cap, aud a passion for
discussing religious metaphysics; she also
displayed her cleverness by handling her
daughter Louisa, a girl of about eighteen,
as easily as a marionette. The worst
point in the daughter was that she toot so
much handling. It seemed really doubt
ful whether she had any mind or wfll
of her owu. Her mother pulled Just what
Btring and put her through what move
trents she chose, and the girl worked with
mechanical complacency.
Louisa, In spite of her sluggish char
acter, was Tar Trom ugly. She was badly
dressed, but fcbe had wondcrrul hair light
gold and a pcrrect cloud of it large,
dreamy, blue eyes, a healthy complexion,
and a smile on ber lips that made plenty ot
boys, and men, oo, turn to loot after
her In the street.
"At all events, I spent so much time In
the Von Pchneiders' society that before
the end of a week every spinster in the
bouse was declaiming against their art
fulness, and pitying me, as If marriage
had been the height of male misfortune.
I sat between them at all meals, walked
with them In the afternoon, and generally
found myself between them agam atiugnt,
on a sofa In the drawing room, where, gaz
ing up Into my race, tbey would listen
rapturously tomy opinions about the world
and many other subjects, of which, at
nineteen, Anthony, a man is sure to know
everything, that my friend had several
times been gnilty of most disreputable eon
duct, and that her onlyspn, a spendthrift,
duelling oKicer or busbars, was now In a
terrible fix, from which, as everybody
knew, tbe baroness meant todelrverhim by
finding a wealthy husband for Lonisi.
"This revelation gave me such a snocfc
that I at once determined to break of fall In
tercourse with the Von Schneiders The
baroness could not doubt my dehberate
rctreat.and the day but oneaftcr my conver
sation with Frau Pol she determined to
stake everything on a single throw. Ab a
preliminary step she telegraphed to ber
son Frederick, aud tbe same evening Louisa,
appcaredintbedrawlngroom "Howbeau
tiruir said every one. 'Yes,' said the
lawoness. 'Herr Fltzmauricc Is so very kind.
Louisa-, dear, show the lovely bracelet he
has given you.' On a round wrist Louisa
dbplaycda broadish band of gold, orsome
lliing resembling gold. The pension stared.
Had it been mr-uikenl Was the baroness
going to win after all? She has managed
tficn to coax back the poor gull?
"The poor gull, meanwhile, confining
hlmielt ror the evening to his bedroom,
was alisorbed In tbe 'Contcs Drolatliiues"
or Balzac The bedrooms were on tbe
floor above the drawing room. On one
side I had the Von Schneiders for neigh
bors, and their homes communicated with
mine through folding doors, which, for
want of warning, I bad not thought of
bolting or locking.
"About half past nine the Von Schneiders
came upstairs. The 'Conies Drolatlques'
kept me oblivious of the tact. I read
away, lounging in an armchair, conscinusof
nothing but Balzac's mischief, until the
creaking noise roused me with a start
Tbe folding doors bad been opened, and
some one. Indistinguishable at first in tbe
twilight produced by my lamp shade, was
advancing tbrough.them. It was Louisa.
"The doors were at once locked after
her from the outside. Dropping Balzac
I Jumped. What did she mean by coming
in at this hour; and then the locking of
the doors? Too much astonished to ask,
I stared in silence, while the girl faced me
without a blush. Presently, in her usual
gentle voice, she began: "Good evening,
Herr Fiteniaurlce, I have come to ask you
to bo engaged to me.
" 'I shall maka you a good wife,' she
pursued, quietly. 'Mamma says so. And
you need not give me an answer at once.
"The la rgecyes looked straight and kindly
at me, and I swear, Anthony, a pretty
creature was paying me her addreeses. 'I
am sure, Fraulehi,' I said, wishing to re
turn the coiiipument, 'you would make the
most charming of wives, and you flatter
ma infinitely. But will it not be best if I
speak to Frau Von Schneider first about
it to morrow morning?'
" 'No,' she replied, with the same un
natural matter-of-factness; 'mamma wishes
an answer to-nigh"C
" 'I can hardly say we are engaged
when we are not.'
" 'It will do if you answer a little later
on, when the other boarders come up.
Mamma will call out then that I am in here,
and yon must fay we are engaged, or mv
Do You Want Cheaper Gas?
If so, write your name.and address
in this coupon and send it to THE
NAME,... ; : ,
You can help to save Washington a
.half million dollars each year by writing
your name and address in the above
coupon and sending it to THE TIMES,
to" be used in preparing a petition ta
Congress asking for cheaper gas.
brother (she has cent for him) will want to
tight wiUi you. That ia hei-plan.'
"I stared at the girt dumbfounded by the
sheer Impossibility of the predicament, while
on tbe other band Its potslbilltlts, as T be
gan to realize them, moved my liveliest
consternation. Who would survive soch a
discovery, even if no dueling brother wero
at band to prevent survival? But, on re
flection, tbe absurdity of the plot restored
myconfidence.and Ireplied: 'Tourmother
must make come otber plan, Frauline; I
could not promise to marry any one in this
sort ot way.'
Concluded In to-morrow's MornlngTJmes. I
Coarse, dark brown, uneven hair, straight
or crisp, small curls, means innate vulgarity.
Straight black hair, growing coarse and
thick Indicates more order and Industry
than mental power.
Glossy black balr inclined lo -wave or .
curl means keen perceptions and usually
a cautious, tecretive nature. Black balr
in general shows BtolidJty, a wiry consti
tution; and curly, coarse black hair in
dicates irritability and stupidity.
Straight hair indicates more power to
govern than curly hair. It accompanies
people who are straight, erect in walking,
whose bodies exhibit straight lines and
angles rather than curves and who poe
tess a mental character to correspond.
Curly haired people are more sinuous.
A good forehead and partly bald head with
thin, black bair may mark the possession
of Judgment, though lacking ready wit and
Invention. Straight, fair balr Indicates
a general amiable disposition of a dull,
phlegmatic temperament.
Hair and eyebrows differing in color are
said to mean nntrustworthiness. They
indicate race mixture and bespeak a
wavering, unsteady nature.
Red balr means entirety In character
istics no hair-way beslness there. The
owner will be very kind or very cruel, very
true or very false. It usually Indicates
a quick temper, though thereare exceptions
Very coarse red hair testifies to animal
propensities. Auburn balr means a kindly,
sympathetic nature. .
Fine brown hair only accompanies ex
cellent minds, and generally tbe owner
has intellectual tendencies. Beautirul
golden hair is rarely seen on persons or a
gross nature. Its owner loves flue arts aud
possesses exquisite sensibilities.
As a rule imoth, fine, softly waving hair
betokens gentleness, quletncfs, neatness
Unduly sleek, straight hair gives warning
of slyne'S, hypocrisy.
Curls denote a feeble tense of right and
wrong, gayety, vivacity, self-confidence.
Fine, scanty hair means weak develop
ment, bad health, melancholy or childish
ness. Hair growing low on tbe forehead signi
fies a strong constitution aud long-lived
ancestry; a peak coming down on the fore
bead shows excellent powers of observa
tion, honest purposes and a fractious tem
per. Eyebrows gently arched signify the mod
esty ot a maiden; horizontally and in a
straight line they ebow a vigorous char
acter: when horizontal for a part of their
length and short, strength or mind is
united with frankness and goodness.
Thin eyebrows are a sign of apathy and
fiabbishuGSS. The nearer they are to the
eyes the more serious, profound and social
the character.
Thfro 111 bo feature of eiecial In
terest to yon In next Sunday's Times'.
AdctitureM ot u Letter.
A letter written and sent off on January
24, 1891, has just reached Its destination
in Batb street, Glasgow, having been four
years and six mouths on its way. It had
been put in a sealed bottle and committed
to the sea. It drifted about for many
months, and was eventually picked up
on the coast of Norway by a fisherman,
who kept it for two years, and thenshowed
it to his pastor, who look it to the British
consuL The consul forwarded it to a gen
tleman in Edinburg postofnee, and the
letter was then delivered at the address it
There will bo features of especial In
tereHt to yon in next Snndny's Times.
Tbe Lourdes Pilgrim n go.
Tbo grand annual pilgrimage to Notrs
Dame de Lourdcs starts from Paris on
August 19. Ten trains will carry 30,000
Tbero will be f eatnres of especial In
terest to yon In next Sunday's Times.
Just Like Her.
"Blessed ir I ain't a regular Trilby,
muttered the man In the crowd, after
being stepped on half a dozen times:
"everybody gets on totmyfeet" Boston
Tliere vt 111 be features of especial in
terest to you In next Sunday's Times.
A Good Rensou.
"Why did you ask the Boston girl to go
with us?"
"It's, such
a hot day." Life.
Tliere v, ill lie fciitnreH of especlul In
terest to you In next Sunday's Times.
FULLER August 15, at 11:30 a. m.,
Mrs. Phoebe J. Fuller, aged 49 years,
wife of E. E. Fuller.
Funeral will take place Saturday, August
17, at 11 a. m.. from her late residence,
817 Fourth street northeast. Friends
,SiAt;.'r- 5lt
f. "- .
FrZtkS&iTZl n --,; -ti-A
JT jji J.
a-r g
ssa. 1 ""-i

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