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The President Comments on
Concealed Weapons.
Quarter Million Veterans and
Visitors Capture the City.
-i- f
F and Eleventh Streets.
Storage Warehouses Std at, nearK
lire. Bliss Asserted With Her Latest
Breath She Had Been Poisoned.
'The LIvest Store In Washington."
Her Daughter Charged With the Mur
der, and jtf Sensational Coroner's
lntiuetBegnn Tills Morning.
Special CARPET
GOODS SALi:s from
September 10 to 2a
I want to be tbe Joweler who comos
into your mind first.
Dragon Fly
Yeil Pins
are cxtraordinarilr popular
other designs equally so of
course, I have them all; and
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choice many beautiful
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are especially good value.
It's just this way about buying-
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merous makers of cases and
numerous makers of move
ments some good, some
doubtful, some bad. The
question is how is the layman
to distinguish good from
bad? The Davison watch is
my guaranteed selection 14
karat gold, 14 pennyweight
case full jeweled "ruckle
movement. The Men's size
is $40 with absolute guar
antee. C. H. DAVISON,
1 1 05 F ST. N. W.
s. mi sons & co
8th ana Market Space.
25c Towels,
There's four kinds In the as
sort m cut, largo satin II tick Tow
els regular "Jumbos la style
aud quality, border woven,either
red or blue, 23x36 Inches; .Momle,
all linen, better than the Turk
ish goods, so sift and yet rough,
size of these 1x36 Then there's
two smaller towel), one hem
stitel ed, irith a line border, size
16x37, and the other 1SX31, of
White Satin iiuck, with a white
woren border Jvone of the goods
worth under 23c.
We are going to keep on sell
ing linens till every house In
town has some of our goads Our
prices will do It
8th anil Market Space.
Big ad. In to-nlehfs STAR. .. .
Frank Myers Laid to Rest In nenutl
ful Glenwood Cemetery.
Tbe remains or Benjamin Frank Myers,
tb amateur baseball player, who died
Sunday at the Garfield Hospital from
Injuries received while playing a. game
or ball, as told In to-day's Morning Times,
were placed in a raultat Glenwood Ceme
tery this afternoon ,
The bod, encased In a rosewood casket,
was covered with flowers, the contribu
tion of personal friends, among, which
was a handsome cross, placed at tbe head
f the casket. This emblem was about
'jut feet high, composed of the choicest
f oses, in the center of which was the name,
"Frank," in immortelles.
Rev. Dr. Emmlckbeuse, of tbe Lutheran.
Church, corner of Sixth and P streets north
west, made an impressive address at tbe
bouse and at the vault.
The pall-learers were Edward Haines,
Joseph Mills, Norman McElroy, Jos.
Bernard, Walter Crown, Bent Oberdyke,
Ed Marlow, Jas. Flynn.
Thieves Only Stole the Front TTbeeU,
and tbe Sbafts.
Mrs. T. E. Marsh, of No 64 C street
northeast, reports stolen from her house
tin Friday last a small black clock.
Thieves entered the store ot Mr. D. W.
Ilcacb, No. 71? Eighth street southeast,
on Monday nlgbt by climbing through
the transom or the store door. About $20
worth ot tobacco and cigars and $3 worm
ot baseballs, dice and other small articles
wero lost.
Tho rront wheels and shart ot Q. W.
Tbecker"s wagon were unscrewed and car
ried off by thieves on tbe nlgbt or tbe
Cth Instant while the wagon was stand
ing in tbe rear ot his lot, corner or Fifth,
and Q streets north west.
Lett All to His Wife.
The will of George S. Parker wag Med
for probate Jo-day. Two codicils were
attached to tbe paper. Tho will was dated
January 30, 1888, and names the -widow;
Sophia A. Farko'r, executrix and sole beneficiary'
In rich mahogany
finish or in solid oak.
Saddle seat. It's
another, of the Annual
Furniture Clearance
Sale reductions.
.but side of cm life
Twenty-nine Illustrations of It
Paraded Before His Honor.
He Did Not ITio e a Nickel, so It CMt
v 'illm Two DolInrH Some Eclioes
from the Alloyn Wife lleiiterGUeu
. t a StUf Siuiteneo Drunk, Vns and
Tliere were twenty-nine persons in the
procession before Judge Kimball this
Sarah Carter led tbe parade and was the
first one up before bis honor. She is a
"Boston" belle who has only been out
of tbe workVoucc about three w eeks. but
she went back for ten days for bung drunk
and disorderly.
William Bright, n young white man,
didn't have carfare, but he attempted to
ride Just the same on an Eckington car last
night, and the trip cost btm two dollars.
John Carroll, an old colored man, who
bad never been arrested before, bad a mis
understanding wltb bis wife. lie ex
plained mature in such a loud voice that
Officer Farqubar, who is f oniewbat deaf,
beard him a f rruare and a half off.
The judge, however, tixik John's personal
bonds to keep the peace and ho went away
Two dirty looking Greeks, whose names
are unpronouncablc, were fined $3 each
for obstructing the sidewalk with push
carts. John Butcher got Ella Fay's head under
his arm In an altercation and proceeded
to do her up in true pugilistic style.
"She struck me first," said the man.
' 'Five dollars," said the Judge.
Martha Thompsonhad her husband up for
beating her. Thompson said nU wife beat
hhn, but the Judge thought Uiat Martha was
entirely too small to bo able to do any
injury to bcr'slx foot companion, and it
cost him $10.
Lizzie Lee had a lot of clothes stolen from
her by Minnie Thomas. Lizzie gave them
to Minnie to hold for her last Saturday until
she went around the corner. Lizzie re
turned in a short while to claim the clothes,
but Minnie declared that Lizzie was dream
ing and had never given her any bundle.
Tho Judge was unable to decide whether
Minnie had the bundle or not.
"Turn that girl out," he said, and Min
nie got off.
"Go on, jou walking blackleg," Is an
epithet Mary Chase objects having applied
to her daughter, and she therefore struck
Ella Johnson over the head with a broom
stick. The witnesses made considerable
confusion in the case, ami the Judge took the
matter under consideration.
Arnold Montgomery, a farmer, and his
son were both nnder the Influence of liquor
and were charged with using bad lan
guage on tbe public highway. Five dollars
each was the price they paid.
, John UIggs struck another colored man
with n whisk bottle two whisky bottles,
in fact without any provocation whatever.
John Woodfprl was the complainant, wltk.
black court pwster all over his fjce. James
Green, William Stone and one or two other
witnesses .tcsjtlicd In behalf of Woodfort.
Itiggs abo slapped apd kicked James Green
,nud Julia Ward. The Judge gave him three
months and $10.
(Prepared at tho United States Weather Bureau)
Forecast Till 8 p. m. Wednendayv
' For Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey
and Delaware, fair, preceded by cloudy
and threatening weather on tbe coast to
day; light southerly winds, shifting to
southeasterly; sllgbtlycooler In New Jersey
Wednesday .morning.
For tbe District of Columbia, Uarylas
and Virginia, generally telr, preceded by
cloudy and threatening weather; light
southerly winds; no change in temperature.
W eat her Conditions nnd General For
Tbe barometer bas risen, except In tb
npper Mississippi valley and near Lake
Superior. An area of high pressure covers
the districts east ot the Mississippi, th
center being oft tbe middle Atlantic
coast. A trough of relatively low pressor
extends from Nebraska northeastward
over Minnesota, attended by light local
Local showers an also" reported from
southern New England, to south. Atlantto
Executive Clemency Denied Cliurlea
B. Terry, TVImj""I Sorting a Term
for AuMuilt.-Cliorlt'H llonee Will
Also JJue to Complete His Sen
tence Other CikteM Acted Upon.
The following applications for pardons,
acted upon by tho President, hate 'been
received at the While House.
Charles B. Terry, tcnunced In the Dis
trict of Columbia to three years in the
Albany penitentiary for assault Willi
Intent to kill. In this case the President
"I am by no means certain that any
clemency should be shown in this case, at
any time or in any ccnt." .,
Edward Scott, sentenced in the District
of Columbia to 364. days in the United
States Jail, Washlngtonr V. C, for as
sault and larrylnRconciarcd weapons.
Tho Prraltlont i.ni'r ' '
"Carryinc iiMo!5 Vl'lid' using them on
ctery possilbe pretext, ami us,ault such,
as this conMct committed, growing out
of this pistol- carrying hubit, ought in
my opinion to lie severely and Tlrmly I;
Charles Bowie, Eciilinccd in I lie District
of Columbia to eleten mouths and twenty
nine days in the District Jail. In this case
the President says' "In lew of all the
facts In this case, I am of the opinion that
the fentencc ot the court as modified and
mitigated was merciful and proper, and
ehould represent all of tl.e leniency this
In the following cases the applications
are deiiiedr
llamp Cook and Samuel II, Mlxonrcon
Meted in Alaliama of conspiracy In viola
tion of the United States statutes, and
ccctcnced to imprisonment for erghtinontba
and a fine of $100 each.
There comlcts and eight others, rep
resenting thenibilves as dialers in variqus
kimlB of merchandise, certifying each
other to be financially rceiwnsiblc and or
dering merchandise from various per
sons, witli no intention of pjylng for the
6jme. .
Pardons are also denied in the following
William Scott, sentcned in New York
to three years at hard labor. Kings County
pcntitentlary, for sending obscene pictures
through the malls; William E. Burr, Jr.,
awaiting sentence for embezzling funds
of the the St. Lonls National Bank; James
B. Truly, sentenced in Mlislsxippl to six
months for embezzling p"slofriee"fund3;
William II. Anderson, sentenced in Kansas
to-one year and three months for perjury
In a pension ca-tr, liaacW. Bain, sentenced
in California to eighteen months and $000
fine for using the pttoffice establishment
to effect a scheme to defraud; Levi C.
Whitlaker, sentenced in Indian Territory
to twelvemonths in the Washington, D. C
reform school.
MHry West's Charge 5V Axsnult'Was
Not Proven.
John H. Wynnett, an Englishman cm
ployed about Brookland, who wasnrrested
some time ago for robbing Mary. West
while croslog a field near University Sta
tion, got off very easy this morning. The
prosecuting witness did not appear, and
the case was dismissed.
Mary West had claimed that she received
a check from Mrs.Meems.by whom she was
hired, nnd wenttotowntodosomeshopping.
On tho way home she met Wynnett, who
knocked her do wn and tookaway what was
left of the change.
Mrs. Mecms was called and testified
that she had not given Mary a check or
any money, and that to her knowledge,,
Mary only had 25 cents on her person,
Mary did not show up, however, and the
Judge dismissed the case.
Ashore nt Smith' Island.
Supt. Kimball was to day informed that
the uliooner BenJ A. Van Brunt, from
Pall River, Ma .,io Baltimore, light, went
utliore on tbe southwest end of the Isaahs,
near Smith's Island, Va , yesterday after
noon. The vessel waR gotten off by, llie-
life-savlng crew at 11 o'clock last night.
Vessel and crew arc safe.
Treasury Receipts.
The receipts from Internal revenue to
day were $206.019.. from customs, $425.-
0C4, and miscellaneous, $48,G30. The na-
tlonal bank notes received to-day for re
demption amounted to $1,590,343.
coast, Tennessee and the lake regions;
elsewhere the weather continues fair.
The following heavy rainfalls, in inches,
were reported:
Daring tbe past twenty-four houM
! Nashville, 4.54; St. Johns, 1.28.
It Is cloudy od tbe Atlantic coast from
New England to Florida.
It Is warmer In the central valleys and tbt
.lake regions and cooler In tbe eztremt
The Indications are that the weather
will be generally fair -with continued wans
southerly winds from the. middle AtlanUo
States westward over the' Ohio valley.
Condition ot the Water.
Temperature and condition of tat water
at 8 a. m.: Great Falls TemperAturt", 7B
condition, 3. Receiving reservoir Tem
perature, 79; condition at north connection,
1; condition at south connection, 16, Dls
triDuung reservoir Temperature, 78 1
cuuon at unusat gatehouse, SB; sfl
gateaoose, aa - - - -
New York 8ept.10. Thc'lnQUest into
thedeath of Mrs ETaIlnaM.31lssbeS9nthls
morning before Coroner O'Meagber in, the
coroner's courtroom In tbo new criminal
court bjlIdiugTji) ?
Mrs Bliss dlei at her home, 2B7 Bt. Nlcli
olas avenue, on tbe night of Friday, August
30, from.-ltrte-allegcd, poison sent to her
In chowdqi ,uj her daughter, Mary Alice
Alma FlenOql at present a prisoner In the
Mrs. Fleming-was brought Into the cor
oner's orrlri. n lilfli. niter 10:30 o'clm k.
"She was liftlje Custody ofa policeman fehe
appeared to.be in unsually good spirits
John C. St&w.&ne or her counsel, met her
in tbe coroner's private room and shook
hands with her. They held an lamest con
ference for several minuses
Corouer O'Mengher took his scat In court
short! dfiKir'll o'clock and after swear
ing the Juryj called as the Tirst witness
Dr. W. F. llullman, who attended Mrs.
Bliss. Witness testified tliat lie was sum
moncd to Mrs. Bliss residence the nlrfhtsho
died some time beforo Mr. Teubner
"I found Mrs. 'Bliss Ijlng on the bed,"
said he",
i "Wiiat-did she nay to you?''
"Well, she said she was poisoned."
Xawjer Brooke-was on his feet inanln
slant. ,!'L object Jo, the ndmWsiou ot tills
evidence," said lie. "It Is entirely im
proper." Mr. Mclntlrosahl it vvasa dying declara
tion. CoroncrO'Meagher.liovvevcr.overmledMr.
Brooke, and Uie witness was allowed to go
on. ".Mrs. BUsi," said the witness, "told
me when 1-llrst came Intoithe norn that
she was poisoned. She said tome:
'I am L,olng to die I am poi-ued. A
relative sent me. Fome clam (.LowdLr to
day aud within ten minutes I began to
vumllund purge. I had no one. to scud for
a doctor' Then 7 asked lur why she
suspected a relative, and she replied:
" 'Because at my death the relative
Will Inherit n largo sum of money ' "
Wiluos added that. In his opjufoa, Mrs
Bliss died from acute gastritis, caused by
an Irritant poii,o i, t
The next witness was Henry E. Bliss.
He testified thai he ilveil oil Sit Nichols
avenue, with the deceased ami hU sister,
Florence, twenty-six years old.
"When did jou last see vcrir mother
"On August 2." Witness added he went
away on vacation and returned on August
"When did you next see your mother?"
"I saw her in thecoffln on that date."
The next witns was Policeman Joseph
Sawyer, of the Wist 125th street station.
He testified his attention was called to
tbe case on Saturday, August 31, when
he went to the flat in St. Nicholas avenue
and saw there, among others, Mrs.
Fleming. Then he returned to tl e station
house and met tiVpartner, William Moore.
Witness afterward paid a -visit to tho
house and looked Uie door of the room where
Mrs. Bliss lay. lie and bis partner went to
tbe Colonial Hotel and removed certain
articles. Tbey watched Mrs. Fleming and
went to the funeral in tbe same carriage
with her.
Tlmt Taken In I'rosoii l In the Shite.
Department's Hands.
The deposition ot ex Consul Waller taken
by the repreputattve or Amts-issador Eus
tls at Murstilles prison, where Waller Is
confined, is In the hands of the State De
parliuciit. It arrived in yesterday's mail
and was under examination this morning
by Acting Secretary Adee.
It is said -that tbe deposition makes a
strong representation of the alleged wrong
ful acts of tho French court martial, and
will go far tv clear up the case and put the
State Department In possession ot all the
facts. i
There is some urloslty to know whether
-Mr. Waller, In all his essential facts, win
agree with the rlatemeuts made to the de
partment by Paul Bray, who was with
Waller, audassqclated with him in con
nection with the concessions granted by
the Hova government
It is probable I tat no further steps will
Ik- taken until the arrival ot the record of
the military court martial, which is now
on its way to France, and which the French
government has promised to deliver imme
diately Upon Irs reeeiplTjy its foreign office.
Engineer Klrby Relieved.
A medical board having found Chier
Engineer Klrby, or the battle s"ilp Texas,
physically disabled for further duty, he
,has Is en ordered iiome, and Chief Engineer
J A. B Smith has been ordered In.m tbe
"Montgomery to relieve him.
Colored Girl Arrested for Alleged
Scurrilous Use ot tho Mulls.
Susie Hutchluon, a colored girl employed
at Huyler's, corner of Twelfth and
F streets, -was arrested by Deputy
Marshal P. F. Cusick this morning, on a
warrant sworn out by Mr. William B
amltb, of tbe Postoffice Department,
charging her with sending scurrilous
iuatler through the malls on a postal card.
. Susie is the secretary of Auxiliary No.
43, Garfield Garrison, one of the most
prominent organizations among the col
ored population or 'Washington. The post
al card was addressed to Mrs. Anna Brown,
No. 1400 Seventeenth street, and notified
her that she had been dropped from the or-'
ganizatlon for conduct unbecoming a
The accused was taken before Commis
sioner Mills, who lld herlu $100 bond to
answer to the grand Jury.
Her employers appeared later and went
on the bond.
Gerstenbcrs Going to tbo Law's End
to So. vo His Dog.
Tbe case of Mr. Ernest Gerstenberg's bull
terrier Bismarck, who is now awaiting
death at tbe hands or the first policeman
who sees him beyond the limits of bis mas
ter's premises, has finally round a perma
nent foothold In tbe upper courts.
George W. Albright, Gerstenberg's coun
sel, filed a formal application to-day for
a writ of prohibition against Judge Ivory
Q. Kimball, of the police court, restraining
him from causing to be carried out the
sentence of death already passed by tbe
police court agalist Bismarck.
Judge Cox! promptly denied tbe petl
tloh -When if wis brought to bis notice.
After the formal ruling of the court Mr.
Albright expressed bis Intention of noting
an appeal from ,the Judge's decision. He
Will doubtless dOuIthls in the course of a
few days, In, tbsmeantime Bismarck re
maining la seclusion.
' ' rfo'BnlW ft Charob,.
A permit ivas? obtained to-day by tha
trustees otthsFlfUjehth Street M. E, Church
for tbe consfructipn ot their new house
ft worship, otitis coraar ot Fifteenth and
B streets northwest
Eocul Military and Civic Organiza
tions Murxbal tbe Arriving Hosts
Throughout theTovvn.iind Lead tho
l'lctareaqae Procewnion ot Grizzled
Naval Warfioraand War Prisoners.
Louisville, Ky., Sept, 10. Louisville
seems to bo full to overt lowinglbis morning,
but the cry Is still "they come," and by
dusk her hospitable citizens will have
to the full tbe contract they have under
taken In Inviting the boys In blue to cross
the Imaginary line and bivouac once again
on Southern coll.
Rough estimates last night, from the'
railroad and steamboat offices showed
that full a hundred thousand strangers
bad been brought In since noon on Sunday,
bit thesp ifigures were dwarrea a little
later, when computations of the excur
sionists and veterans enroute from dis
tant points or who had purchased tickets
for early morning trains from poinls all
over Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky
reached a total In the neighborhood of a
ciuarter of a million, to that by evening
something more than three hundred thou
sand acceptances of Kenuickj hospitality
will have been registered in camps and
ECbooIhouse:, hotels? and private houses
All night long belated trains from the east
and the south emptied themselves of loads
of tired travelers, who lost no time la seek
ing their quarters for a few hours' rest.
Thousauds of local eople who were expect
ing relatives and friends waited patiently
for hours and scanned the bulletin boards
onlv to read the word "Lato" In big letters
liefore every train schedule, the delay rang
ing from three to ten hours. The railroad
people say that they are doing the liest they
can, lut the rush has thrown all calculations
w roug.
The leading feature of to-day was the
annual reunion and parade of the ex sailors,
and additional interest attached to the
event from the fact that It is probably
the last time that the Jack tars wilt be
seen at a Grand Army encampment, sen
timent in the organization favoring the
lidding ot future conventions in the East,
at c!ati best suiting the majority or the
Eclat was therefore given to to-day's
turnout by the co-operation of the ex
prlsotiers ot war and of the survivors ot
the celebrated Mississippi River ram
fleet, which was put Intel service at
Pittsburg and Cincinnati and look part
In operations on the Mississippi, Yazoo, and
Ited rivers, as well as In the great naval
iKittle before Memphis.
The line formed at 10 o'clock aud moved
over three miles. Tens of thousands of
spectators hedged the roadway and gave
the marchers an enthusiastic reception.
Chief Marshal J. W. Hammond and his
staff headed the column, with theMlchigan
City. Ind.. band, and the Louisville Legion
drum and bugle corps to announce the ap
proach ot the first division. This was com
posed of two companies of Indiana In
fantry and a battery, followed by six com
panies of the Louisville Legion. "
Next In the line were vcral lodges
of the Uniformed Knights of Pythias of this
city. New Albany, Jeffersonville and other
Indiana cities. The Juvenile Drill Corps
and twocumnanlesoftheUniformed Knights
ol Honor led the ex prisoners or war, and
the Ram Fleet Veterans, while a division
composed of jSons of Veterans who are en
route to their national encampment at
Knoxvllle acted as escort to the Naval
Veterans. The latter turned out in fair
numbers, and in their loose trousers, blue
Jackets, with broad white shoulder collars,
and flat naval caps, presented a picturesque
apnea ranee.
. m
Illds for Three Destroyers Opened at
the Nuvy Department.
Secretary Herbert to-day opened bids
for the construction ot the three sea
going torpedo boats authorized by the last
naval appropriation bill.
The cost ot the vessels, complete, armor,
etc., was hunted to $175,000 each, and the
act provided tor the construction ot one
on the Mississippi river, one ot the Pacific
coast and one on the Gulf.
Four bids were received, three from the
Pacific coast and one from the Atlantic
none trom the Mississippi or Gull States.
Tho Union Iron Wcvks, or San Fran
cisco, offered to build one of the vessels tor
S175.000; two for $173,000 each and
three ror $172,000 each.
Wolf & Zweicker Iron Works, of Portland,
Ore., oKered to construct one vessel for
Moran Bros ' Company, ot Seattle, Wash ,
bid $1C3,350 for one boat.
These offers were to build on plans
furnished by the Navy Department.
The Hcrreshoff Manufacturing Company,
of BrMol, R. I., the yacht-building firm,
offered to construct one or all three or
the vessels at 144,000 each. This bid
was tor plans prepared by the company,
which were submltted-wlth the bids.
Gold Reserve Decreasing.
Tho Treasury gold reserve to-day Is otti
clally'stated at $08,894,666, subject to a
deduction or $1,200,000 withdrawn yes
tcrday ror "export. The loss from natural
causes 'exclusive of amount taken for ex
port, since yesterday Is $16,000.
Its Fifty-nlntli Anniversary-
The Washington Light Infantry will cele
brate its firty-nlnth anniversary on Thurs
day evening ot this week. There will be a
dress parade, review and other exercises,
the whole to conclude with dancing. An
enjoyable programme Is in course ot prep
aration. Nearly a Halt Million Failure.
New York, Sept. 10. A special dis
patch to the Herald from Montreal says
"The tirm ofWE. Frank Mosely A Co.,
leather merchants ot Montreal and St.
Hyacinth, has assigned on the demand of
Sir. James H. 'R'.'rdlow, and an abandon
rtent of the estate will be made this morn
ing. Tbe liabilities are, direct and Indirect,
estimated at about $400,000. The as
sets arc not definitely known, but they will
probably be small.
Advance ot Price and Wages.
Chicago, Sept. 10. A conference of
Eastern and Western window gloss manu
facturers was held at the Auditorium yes
terday, and It was decided (o advance tbe
prices ot window glass 5 and 10 per cent.
to cover the advances In wages and In raw
His Name Discovered.
Paris, Sept. 10. The police have ascer
tained that ths name ot tbe man Jn custody
wbp attempted to explode a bomb In tl
Rothschilds' bank a few days ago is Vic
tor Bolay.
Everybody Come!
"We're not going to lose any time getting
our Hat and Furnishing Department popu
lar." To tiring you all in this week we have
put such low prices on several "every-day-uW-articles
that you can't help seeing the
saving. These prices hold good all week.
I4c for Cotton Boston Garters.
Secularly 25c
28c for Silk Boston Garters.
' Ee6u!srly50c.
39c for French Guyot Suspenders,
Bezularly 30a i
" Only pairs of each ot the aboie ton cuttomor. r
2 pairs for 25c for Men's Sox.
Seamlnes fast colors and doublo heel and toe.
25c for Pure Linen Handkerchiefs.
Eegulaxlr 50a
10c Each Our Own Brand of Collars.
Eiseman Bros.,
Cor. 7th and E Streets N. W.
This Time It is Because ofa Tech
nical Hitch in the Bond.
Mr. Warltelcl Mas Been TJnnlile to
Have It Completed aiict tbe Whole
Matter Is Given a Setback.
The report which It was announced
would be made to-daj.jy the Commission
ers of tbe propositions submitted by the
garbage crematory companies to Mr.
Joshua VTarfield, the contractor, has been
postponed on account of tbe delay in thff
preparation ot the bonds required.
There tjould have been a meeting In
Baltimore yesterday for tbe -delivery of
the bonds, bnt It is alleged that neither
of tbe companies was represented there,
and tbe inrormattoi was eibtamed this
morning that a secoid date has been
fixed for tbe conference.
It Is understood that tbe riling ota bond
of indemnity with Mr. 'NVarlield Is a con
tlmrencyupon which he himself will be able
to otitalu security on his bond under the
garbage contract.
The life of the garbage contract in ques
tion liegins with the 1st of November, and
it Is very much to be desired that the cre
matory plant, or plants, shall be ready
at that time for a practical test.
Vhether this can lie now accomplished
In the time remaining depends altogether
upon the speed with which the wort of
construction can be accomplished.
n ushlnston Stock Excnnnse,
NOTICE The Board tU1 adjourn over
day during teptem&er.
US 4'a. R- 11JM
U.S ft C lli
U.S.4-s 1923 ii:
U. S 5-s -1901 115
5's IS"J9 "20-year Fundlnc" ......lot
6's 19W "30-jear Funding" gold.- IIS
ral9Dl " ater Mock" currency. 115
V'alWl "Waterstock" currency. 117
3.GJ'1W1 "r undinE" currency. 11014
SJ4-s lieg. S-10'a, lbsa-100' 10J
S. a K It Conv. 6 s 1st, 99-'W 150
W i. t! R It Conv. G s M. 190S- 41 .... 150
HetHKConv 6's, 1901 JUli
Belt K K5s 19J1 63
Ecklncton Kl:6'a. 1S9S-19U
Columbia It ItGs, 1914 111?;
WasbC3aslo,Ser A, 6"s, lHfcVZr lis
Wa6hOasCo,SerB.6's.l901-,ia.... Ill
Wash Gas CoConvfts.1901 ,.. 125
U. b Hoc Light Conv S's. 1901
Chesi rotTel5's. 1S9G.19U
Amer bee JB Trust 5-s,1905r 100
n Market Co 1st s'a, isffiMvil.
J7.000 retired annually 110
Wash Mark Co Imp Cs, 191S-"S7 110
Wash Mart Co Eit'n 6's, 19H-W.... 10T
Masonic Hall Ass'n5's,C, 1934 103
Wash Lt Infantry 1st ITS, 1901 1U0
am Lt Infantry id "e, 1833
Bank of Washington SSO
Bank of lioputilic . 245
Metropolitan. -TO
Farmers and Mechanics'..... ....... 130
Second . ..
Citizens......... 137
Colombia 13
Capital 116t4
West nd 1117
Traders. too
Lincoln ................. .... m
Ohio..... .. ........ &1
bafb DErosrr and txcst co-s. ,
Nat. Sals Deposit and Trust
Washington Loan and Trust- 131tf
American Security and 'J rust 140
W ashlngton Safe Deposit ....
Washlnston and Georgetown 270
Metropolitan 94
Columbia.. ........... ........ ....
Georgetown and Tenallytown
Washington Gaa. .". 49M
Georgetown Gaa SO
U. ix JJectric Light 1M
Firemen's. 83
Franklin. 40
Metropolitan 70
Corcoran 53
Potomac. ...... .... ............ 68
Arlington..... .
German America. 160
National Union 10
Columbia 13
Klggs 7M
People's S$
Lincoln.. . 8
Baal Lstate Title u 106
Columbia Title 7
Washiugtcn Title
District Title 10
Pennsylvania ,
Chesapeake and Potomac
Amerlcan-Graphophone ............. 3
Pneumatic Gun Carrlsgeu..... JS
Washington Market It
Great Falls Ice ....- -........ ....
Boll Run Panorama ...
Nor. A Wash. Steamboat. ...... T...
Wash. Brick Co..... ..T. :.
IvyCIty Brlci.
Lincoln Hall -.-- ....
Inter-Ocean Building.
Merganthaler Linotype.
2100 pare linen.
Beporta of Heavy Gold Shipments
on Saturday the Main Cause.
Firmer Prices Follow As-suruncoTliat
tbe Bund Syndicate Would Replen
ish Depleted Gold Itciterve
New York, Sept. 10 Tbe stock market
opened "weak on lower cables and prospecti
of heavy gold shipments on Saturday. Ths
decline In price ranged from 1 8 to 3 4 per
cent, Louisville &. Nashville and the grang
ers leading the downward movement
After the opening the stock market be
came firm on rumors that the bond syndi
cate Intended replenishing the gold reserve
some time to-day. The early decline or l-4a
I per cent was speedily recovered in most
cases and the market presented a firm front
at 1 1 o'clock. In the downward movement
at tbe opening St. Paul sold off 1 2 to
77 1 8; Atchison, 1-2 to 21 1 8; Kock
Island, 1 2 to 80 3-4; Louisville &. Nash
ville, 7-8 to 63 7 8; Reading, 3 4 to 19 38;
Tennessee Coal and Iron, 3 4 to 45 1-4;
Leather, 1 to 16; preferred, 3 4 to 85 1-4,
and Union Pacific, 7 8 to 15. London waa
mainly responsible for the weakness of Lou
isville and Nashville, Reading and St.I'auL
having sold fully. 1Q.O0O shares of thes
stocks, according to conservative esti
mates. Toward 11 o'clock lt was rumored In
the board that Assistant Secretary ot the
Treasury Curtis and tbe bead of the bond
syndicate were In conference. This was
a Rood enough Morgan Tor the bulls to start
a covering movement, and prices rallied all
along the line, and at the time of writing,
II o'clock, the market Is tolerably firm.
Lower figures are recorded after 11
o'clock; but business was light. Opera
tors were more interested In the interna
tional yacht race than in stocks, and tbe
variation in prices excited little comment.
The gold shipments and a belief that the
Government Crop Report, to be issued late
to-day, would he less favorable than ex
pected, has created quito a short interest
In the market. Tbe specially weak stocks
in the past hour were the Grangers, Sugar.
Missouri Pacific and L4S. At noon tbe
market was weak In tone and closed wlOjou
rallying appreciably.
New York Stock Market.
Furnished by Frank Wilson Brown,
broker. 1335 F street.
On mh Low. ais.
American Tooaceo 951$ 96ti mi 95-V
Atctieon. Top.. &S.F.... ilft 21S 51l 2IU
CoL Fuel and Iron 414 4IH c 0tj
C. B. J6 vlutncy 81 8JH 88U 8US
liCClbLL 4S1i 48 4SM 1SH
C 4 O. Sti 20M S)l SCJ4
ctlcatoOas enx (tt; m si
Deta., Lack. West 1U 163M ISJti 1631
DUtlller S Cattle Feed 204 20fe 3) a)U
Delaware Hudson 132 13s 131$, UlU
Erie 9 9 S?J 9
General Electrl 39(4 3-jW 3gc 39t
Jersey Central 113 1132 "2fe UH
Lake Shore 150 150 150 150
LonisvlUs and Nash vllle. 4 M SZ-, WLJ
Lead 35 35 35 35
Leather lSt HW 15 I144
Leather pTd 66 861 85 83
K.T.pTd JOW 40J4 C9H 39)i
MlaMSIt radflc 41 41 39ft 40a
Manhattan 111U 112S U1U 11?)
Nortbweatean 10l 105a 1CUJ-J 101'i
Northern Pacific pfd IsH 1S'4 18s 1SK
New York Central 1031$ 103$ 101; iray
Omaha 14 Vj 444 43 43;,
PaciQcMall 33U S9h X--T4 33Vk
Readme 19 S0V Wn 201
Kock Island SO, bl?J SB 81H
Southern Hallway 13 13H "H 13H
Southern Hallway ptr.... 41lg 411$ 41 41lg
Btratu t7i 771 765$ 7iU
Sugar frost 110H 111;, 110$ llli,
1 enneseee Coal & Iron. .. 45U 46M 4(. 45
TexaePaclflc. 13 13 13 13
Union radnc 15H 1514 13 15$
Vlarjasnpreieired :& S4t -44 -?
Western Union S3, S3J4 t3s S3
Bnildlnc Permits.
Building permits Issued to-day: A. M.
Green, frame dwelling, Anacostla, $1,-00;
Mrs. Charlotte G. Rook, addition to dwell
ing. No. 1752 P street northwest, $1,500;
Edwin Harrison, addition to dwelling. No.
725 Eighth street southwest, $500.
Guardian WIsIich to Borrow.
Arthur W. Taut II. guardian ot the minor
children of the late John A. Smith, to-day
petitioned the court for a confirmation of
a decree or order passed In the Orphans'
Court permitting the guardian to borrow
$2,000 for the support of the wards.
For Sale and Partition.
Helen S. and-William Lee Bailey to-day- "
brought suit against Agnes Bmnthaucr
and seven others for the sale and distri
bution ot tbe proceeds of, parts ot lots 3 ami 1
4, square 321-
,.y,. ,i,ft .. .. .. ,
5 BjSvSWaflt

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