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19, - 1895.-
j HHli jlF A V.-"W Tj r
F and Eleventh Streets.
Storage Warehouses Sid St., Dear St
Rocker Values
of these
due to our
such as
seldom oc
cur, and
many more not
just as worthful.
Mahogany Finish Rockers,
doublo roTon seats, not splint,
Taluo $1.21, for
Oak or Mahogany Mulsh,
similar to above, with arms, m s.ft.
Taluo fclSS, for. 2pl.y
Oalc or Imitation Mahogany
Bockers, wood seats, Taluo q fsrr,
f, for i. 2pi.yo
Oalc or Mahogany Hnfsh
Beckers, wood scats, Taluo (pr o r
ll7S,fr Ji.30
Oak or Imitation Mahogany
Rockers, cobbler leather r Q rr
soats, value ll.To, for. ZpOl3
I want to be the Jeweler whh
comes Into your mind first.
The Gems
In My Windows
are well worth stop
ping to look at, but they
are only a few samples
of what I have in my
store. I put them there
because I want you to
get into the habit of al
ways looking into my
window as you pass.
I would like j'ou to
come into the store and
look at my stock, too
I'm sure it will please
you and I may be able
to tell you some interest
ing things about pre
cious stones. Bring your
friends I take delight
in showing my stock. '
1 1 05 F ST. N. W.
For Tlmt lti-non Suit Ik Drought to
TJpnct a Lien.
Millie L. Bush to-day lirotigkt suit
against Walter A. Johnston and four oth
ers for the purpose of enjoining the de
fendants from Interfering with certojn
good b.- :ght liy the complainant.
The petitioner sent forth In her hill of
complaint that Mary A. Ashbum, wlfo or
Addison A. Asliburn. executed to Thomas
M. Fields a deed of trust to fecure'lhe pay
ment of 5600 to Mary I. Kliot In March
last for the fixtures of the millinery store
at No. 1412 G street northwest-
The goods -were purchased by the peti
tioner last July, and an agreement was
entered into by her to pay Harry F.l'almer,
the holder of the three Mites given in pay
ment for Hie fixtures, at the rate of $50
per month The pcUUoi.er now holds that
the deed of l nut mentioned Is void, because
the husband does not appear as one of tho
parties to it, and that It is i.r.t a valid in
cumbrance uon the property.
Solicitor ltcee I'lace an Ironclad
Ccin-t ruction on tlic,Lnw.
Solicitor Hceve. of the Treasury, hoi
decided thai a c-ontrjet made with an alien
aitslde I lie United Mates to do work in
the Untied Stales, eten If the contractor
does imt financially assist the alien to come
to tub. country-, constitutes a violation of
the alien contract labor law. and subjects
iU violator to the penalties attached.
This decision Is diametrically opposed to
the construction put on the law by the
assistant United States district atorncy
at Chicago.
Mr. Reeve's opinion will guide the Treas
ury Iteiiartmcnt in its enforcement of the
Jsiinlellettoiihciiuerlteady to Account
for Her Stewardship.
Annie E. IIcltcnhclrn guardian of the
orphans .if Louis Ncurath. to-day filed an
answer in prolate to the petition of Henry
Buttuer. asking for an accounting of the
Mrs. Ilctlcnlieinier said she had always
kept an amiratt acccunt of the Income of
her wards, and their Individual and general
expenses, and has ever liecn ready to pro
ducethesame whciicallcdupou.
If Mr. Kuttuer had askl-d for an account
ing, he could have had it, the said.
The particular reason for the slight delay
t this time, fcald Mrs. Hetteuheimer, was
the business engagements of her attorney.
.Marriage Licenses.
Licenses to marry have been Issued as
Norvel C Curtln and Charlotte M. Doway.
C.Edgar Campbell andE.FaynettaSelby.
William D. Clark, of Brooklyn, and Hattie
V. Gordon.
Charles T. Gooding, of Fairfax County,
Va., and Clara L. Garner.
George W. Crosby, Jr., and Maud M.
Lilley, of Philadelphia.
Michael Donahue, of Bedford County, Pa.,
andMattleFlshcr.otAIlegheny County, Va.
Johu Robinson and Edna Jackson.
George H. Dean and Florence E. Mont
gomery. Alexander Anderson and Maria Bejl Fee.
Arthur. Smith and Mary Allen, both of
Prince George's County. Md.
Barry "T. Barnard and Emma BeHield,
orStratrord County, Va.
Allen Yates and Annie Rogers.
This fact can never be suppressed:
Prof. Field's worm powders are the beat.
'ii -- . ''if'
Street Railway Employes Have
. ..No Desire to Strike.
President TanvTeneo Authorizes a De
nial or Sensational Statement! Con
cerning Its l'hllcy ami the Present
Troubles Ten-Hour Day DlKcuwied
at To-da7y'" Conference.
The regular monthly meeting of the Street
Railway Protcct'i've'Onion began this after
noon at 2 o'clock In Bcacb'rilnU. A larg
number o, conductors and driters, espe
cially those engaged on tho Metroiiolltan
line, were in attendance.
An earlier hour than usual was fixed for
Jbo. meeting in order that those working
night runs pifsate an opportunity of
participating -ln-ttirproceedings before go
Jug on duty. It ,1s. expected that the ses
sion will continue far Into the night, as
business of unusual Importance will be
under consideration.
Tho matter of iiaramount interest to em
ployes of the Metropolitan line Is the for
mulation of a plan which will secure a re
duction in the 'period of work from ap
proximately twelve hours per tiny to as
Dear ten as can be satisfactorily arranged,
thereby placing the men on the same bases
as those In the cer ice of the Washington
& Georgetown' road.
It will ! remembered that at the last
meetlus held one month ago. the executive
committee of the union were Instructed to
thoroughly investigate the prevailing dis
satisfaction and take such remedial steps
ns might, til their Judgment, best subserve
Iho Interests of all concerned.
Although this committee was given full
authority to order a strike. If found advisa
ble In the discharge of their Instructions,
the statement Is utterly erroneous that the
Cjiraralltcc was unanimous in taking such
As n matter hf fact the members of the
commiltee are not a unit on that point, and
as a whole hae done everything possible
to avert such a contingency, which must
necessarily prove more or less disastrous
both to the company and Its employes.
The meeting of the union this afternoon
is leiitg almost wholly devoted to consid
ering the best method of obtaining a ten
hour day That much sentiment exists in
favor of a Mrlke cannot be denied, and that
it may take place is possible, but it can
be authoritatively stated that such action
will not be taken until every other resource
has proven futile and the last alternative
has been exhausted.
All that the men desire is an amicable
adjudication of what they consider unfair
business methods. They are willing to make
concessions, but expect some to be given
them in return.
rrcshlent Phillips, of the Metropolitan,
lias signified his acceptance of an invita
tion to be present at the meeting now in
session, and will. It is said. Join his em
ployes later in the day.
A rumor has been placed in circulation to
the -effect-that when Mr. Phillips applies
ror admission to the meeting lie will be
refused, because of the hostility mani
fested toward him by a small minority of
the men.
There is not the least semblance of
truth in this report. The Invitation was
given Mr. Phillips in the utmost good
faith, and his acceptance is characterized
by a spirit of frankness, ne will be treated
with consideration at the meeting, and
any members guilty of discourtesy to
Mr. Phillips, as a visitor, will be promptly
dealt with by the officials.
President Lawrence, of the union, author
rized Tho Times reporter to emphatically
deny the assertion printed this morning
In a local paper that the committee, after
determining to order n strike, have been
Quietly ascertaining what recognition and
support they could expect to receive from
the greatlabor organizations.
It was alleged that In pursuance of this
Inquiry nn application for financial assist
ance was made to the Federation of Labor,
of which the union is a component part.
Tills Is without foundation in fact, as
such a proposition has not been taken
Into consideration.
While active in the discharge of their
duties, and carefully considering every pie
slblc plan for peaceably securing a re
duction iu the number of hours which con
stitute a day's work, the committee has not
as yet. believed it advisable to resort, to
extreme measures. "
The meeting now In session mny decide
uppu tome speedy and definite action in
this respect, but at the same time it is
possible that the executive committee
will be re-Invested with full authority to
continue negotiations with President Phil
lips, or inaugurate a strike, in their discretion.
( Prepared at the United States Weather Bureau)
1 "ssNsiGkjT Je?"""25"vJ xtC 27 t iZn&f
Forecast Till 8P. M. Friday.
For the District of .Columbia and Mary
land, very warm and generally fair weather
will continue Friday, but there Is a
prospect nf cooler weather -with showers
Friday night or Saturday; -westerly winds
snirting to southerly. .
For Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey'
arid1" Delaware, fair;" followed by local
showers in Eastern Peonsylvanla;nortberly
winds, shifting to southerly.
For Virginia, fair; west to south winds.
Weather Co ndlt Inns and General Fore-
.. -:CttSt.'
It is warmer nn the Ailnnttf. rs-ia.t- nnA
'in l6e Missouri 'and upper Mississippi
iV alleys. It is cooler at Canadian stations
north of Montana, where freezing tern
'pcrafrfro Is reported':'""
The excessive beat that baa prevailed
throughout the central valleys for several
days past. contlfiued'"on Wednesday, the
.maximum temperatures In those regions
ranging from 90 degrees to 100 decrees,
ant tfseipilj tlw fsuUn 9 !.,.. n In
degrees, any prevkHu'reenrdfor taesecbod
Spain Takes a New Tack to Prevent
Cuban Aid From Here.
Big Batch Becognlred by the Presi
dent and More Appointments
Are Expected.
Notwithstanding tho reticence of the
State Department officials, it Is evident
that the Bpanlsh government has aroused.
Itself to renewed exertions, so far as the sub
jugation of the Cuban revolutionists Is
From this tlrac"forward desperate effort,
will be made to prevent the giving of aid
and comfort to the patriots.
The Spanish minister has requested Sec
retary Olncy to have the commanders of rev
enue cutters now on duty la the waters of
Florida instructed to exercise greater
caution and use additional diligence In
the apprehension of those who are believed
to be fitting out filibustering expeditions
for the conveyance of men and munitions
of war to Cuba.
It Is a significant fact that Spain has
determined to avail herself of the diplo
matic service to efficiently patrol the
Florida coast.
New consulates will be established and
subordinate attaches appointed until the
formation f a coast guard Is virtually
Yesterday the President recognized the
following ncwly-appolntcd Spanish consu
lar officials:
Enrique Marlategut and Pedro Soli y
Arias, as rice consuls at Tampa: .Manuel
Garcia Cruz, Vice consul at Jacksonville,
'la., and Manuel Rodriguez Escudero, con
sul at Key West.
It is a practical certainty that licre
aiter Spain will not select her consular
representatives in the Southern States b
cause of their diplomatic qualifications,
but rather with a view to their fitness
as detectives and by reason of their ex
tensive acquaintance with the Cuban In
surgents and their allies.
Attorney Thomas SayntttelnformnUty
Should Not Cause Rejection.
Attorney Thomas, to whom was referred'
the protest filed against the consideration
by the Commissioners of W. W. Winfree's
bids for the Brookland and Pierce street
sdiool buildings, decides. In an opinion ren
dered to-day, that the "informality" cited
in Mr. Winfree's bids Is too slight to justify
their rejection.
The circumstances, as heretofore noted In
The Times, are that Mr. Winfree In present
ing his bids for the two buildings failed
to inclose a certificate from the collector
of taxes showing that he bad made a de
posit of guarantee money, as required by
the regulations.
Instead of the certificate Mr Winfree
put in a certified check for the amount.
Mr. J. M. Dunn, the next lowest bidder,
protested npon the grounds stnted
This establishes by official function a
precedent Tor future guidance, and confirms
a rule that has been already to some extent
Both Itnllroadn Are Investigating the
Accident of Tuesday. .,,
No conclusion has been readied as yet
by the officials of the Metropolitan and
Belt Line street railway companies, fixing
the responsibility for the collision at the
corner of Ninth and P tlreets last Tuesdas
An official investigation looking into
the cautes which led up to the accident has
been spoken of, and the officers of bo'tii
companies are said to favor such a move,
but up to the precent time the matter has
not been thus probed.
A Times reporter saw Mr. Phillips,
of the Metropolitan road, this morning, and
was informed that Jusc as soon as some
thing definite was decided on, which
will probably 1 within the next few days,
be will be prepared to make public the
result of hlB Investigation.
Late this afternoon the officials of the
Metropolitan Railroad announced that
after thoroughly Investigating the ac
cident they find that the blame should be
placed on the Belt Line driver.
They declare that their moterman used
til due care and was not running at an
excessive speed.
Slxteon Workmen Hurled and Nine of
Them Killed.
Berlin, Sept. 10. A building In course
of construction In Eiostcrstrassc, Guben,
in Brandenburg, collapsed to-day, burying
sixteen workmen in the ruins. Nine of
them were killed and the others seerely
Good I'venlnir!
Mornlnic Times?
Do you read The
tendays of September. Followlngaresome
ottbe highest that occurred, viz.: On Tues
day Sioux City, 104 degrees; Omaha;
Nebr., and Huron, S. D., 102 degrees;
Concordia, Eans., and Valentine and North
Platte, Nebr., 100 degrees. On Wednesday
Concordia, Kans., Omaha and North
Platte, Nebr., and Sioux City, Iowa, 100
The weather continues fair except In
Pennsylvania, New York, the eastern por
tion of the lake regions, and in the extreme
Northwest, where cloudiness and local
showers are reported.
Generally fair and warm weather wJJ,
contlnueln theSnuthernBtates. the southern
portion of the Ohio Valley and the mlddto
Atlantic States.
Condition of the Water.
Temperature and condition of the water
t 8, a. tu.: Great Falls Temperature,
75;. condition, 36. Ecceiving reservoir
Temperature, 75. Condition at. north con
nection. 3G; condition at south connection
ou. vauiuguog reservoir icoiperature,
70; condition at influent gatehouse, .27.;
affluent gatehouse 28.
t ,4 k
svw n
TmT ir mrr v
Judge Kimball Makes 11 $1,000
-and CoijliesliB. Case., .,
Work at'tlteYnnTlrlJC Office HIk Plea
forDelajr Fei redan Accident With
out Ills Presence Mr. Mullowny
InslKted on nn Early Trial and One
Week Wu's Granted.
The case against Contractor McVaugh,
In charge of the iron work at the Govern
ment Printing .Office, for violation of the
eigh,t-hour law, was befnre Judge Kimball
Ibis morning.
Counsel' for the defense, Edward L-Glcs,
asked for a continuance for one week,
which was granted by Judge Kimball, In
order to permit Contractor McVaugh to
finish up some Important work, now re
quiring his.prejence at the Printing Office.
A warrant was issuod for Contractor Mc
Vaugn's arrest yesterday afternoon on an
affidavit of William Ltntlucum. by the
advice of Tho Times' Legal Bureau, charg
ing him with violation of the eight hour
law. The warrant was issued by Justice
Taylor, and set forth that McVaugh was
guilty or a. violation of the law relating
to the hours of labor on public works. ,
Lieut. KeUy served the warrant on Mr.
McVougli shortly after 5 o'clock yesterday
afternoon and they went to the Sixth pre
tinct, where UcVaujrb sent oat for a
Shortly after I o'clock this morning he
succeeded in nbtalulngMr. J. O. Knox,
of the George W. Knox Express Company,
as n bonds man, and they proceeded to Judge
Kimball's residence, who fixed the bond
atr $250,
The affidavit of Mr Lirthicum Is as fol
low s:
"Personally appeared William Limnl
cum, who, on oath, deposes and says that
on the 10th, 11th, ISth. lStb. SLd 141b
days of September, A. D 1E!5, he was
employed as a mechanic, working as an
Ironworker by Frank M. McVaugh, the
said McVaug'h tlien acd there being a tub
contractor, empkiyirg. directing,. and con?
trolling the services of laborers and me
chanics' engaged" U en the construction of
one of be public-si orks of the United Slater",
to wit: An addition to the Government
Printing Of flce 'aj public building cf and
owned by.tbe United States and located in
the District of. Columbia; that said Mc-
Tuugh being a tub contractor, ns aforesaid.
requlrid this affiant, a mechanic and iron
worker, as aforesaid, employed by the
laid McVaugh upon said public work to
lihor urxui.ihe'tanK
hours in one calm
me for more than eight
dar ciay as ronows:
Within the calerdnr day of Ecptrmbcr 10,
18U3, twelye hours; within the cal"ndar
day of September 11, 1S9S, twtlTcliuurs;
v.'ilbin the cahnda'r da) of September 12,
lfiliS, f leven acd a half hours; within the
calendar day of September 14. 1895, ten
hours; that no extraordinary emergency
calledfor more thpu eight hours labor from
this affiant v-itu'lc any one of taid cal
endar days, aLfl .that. a(d sulfCon tractor
became such by virtue of contracts entered
Into subsequent to August 1, lt'J2; that
for such -work this affiant was paid at
the rate of 20 cents per hour for the number
of hours he was to nipIoycd-"
In an nlterview with a Times reporter
Mr. McVaugh eakl he did not care' to an
tieip-itchis defense. He contended that this
case was one of undoubted emergency
and'tha? the working of the meu on the
building extra hours is a-matlcr entirely
optional with them; that he hail not com
pelled anybody to work and those who
did work extra time got extra, pay.
The witnesses for the prosecution were
nil present this morning, Mr. B. McVaugh,
who Is employed at the bullilluc; Mr.
J. II. Avery, a reporter on The Times;
Messrs. McNtilty and Fitzgerald, who are
also employed on the building, and Col
John M. Wilson, superintendent of public
buildings ami grounds.
Mr. Edward L. Gies. the counsel for
Contractor McVaugh, asked for a continu
ance for one week, explaining to his honor
that the presence of Mr. McVaugh was
most necessary at the building at the
present time. They were doing some un
derpinning in the nature of that which
was going on at the .Ford's Theater build
ing at the time of the accident, and the
work was of a very delicate and danger
ous character, which required his con
stant attention.
Prosecuting Attorney Mullowny said he
certainly objected to a. week's delay, and,
furthermore, he would wish counsel to
elect al once whether they wished to be
tried by court or jury, so that there would
be no further delay when the case was
Uo also called the court's attention to
the fact that the maximum penalty in tuch
a case was $1,000 or six months in Jail.
The bond had only been fixed at $250 and
he would ask the court to raise the bond
to $1,000, it the continuance was granted.
Mr. Gles then explained again at length
the absolute necessity of the contractor's
presence at the 'building, and the impos
sibility to take the witnesses from the
In regard to the bond he asked that it be
fixed at not mo're than $500, and he prom
ised to let tire prosecution know within forty-eight
hours whether they would re
quest a Jury trial.1'
Mr. Mullowner was satisfied with this,
but the Judge fixed1 the bail at $1,000 and
ct the case for Friday, September 30.
--t f
Two Hundred Nesvfdnndland Fisher,
men Become Merciless TT reckons.
Haiirax, N. Ef feept. 10,-Cnpt. McLeod
andlheercw 0 thj; Halifax schooner Lady
Aberdeen, lost et Newfoundland a twek
ago, arrived hwe tcday.
Several .hundred, 'fishermen boarded and
stripped his vessel, and in spite of all pro
tests pillaged itha .schooner of everything
movable. j,i.
The crew of five were taken from St.
John's to'St.-Pierre in a tug-and came to
Sydney In the steamer Pronatrie. and thence
to Halifax by train.
Spanish Movements in Cuba..
Madrid, Sept. 19. The Imparciat's na-
vanwdlsp'a'tch Isays that Gen. Itartinex4
.Campos arrived, at -Santiago de Cuba
yesterday. The correspondent also states
'that the steamer Santa Barbara arrived
atHavana, yesterday wj(h, tbattali6n .of
troops from Tetuan. These troops are
ithe last -of- -the- relnforements'thus fax
drafted. .
Fut'nre Army Off icera.
KCajflcUappointmeoM t, the, West-Point
Military Academy bare been -made as fol-
'lows: George B. PiUsbury. Tewksbnry,
(UaFrU L. Cunningbamrairplay, mi4u, J
with c 11. Cameron, of Butler, Mo., as al--tcrnate,
and A-iF-MorrUstitt, of Manches
ter, Va."
We told you last sea
son we wanted a larger
Children's business.
We decided we
weren' t giving the
Children's Department
enough room so we re
modeled the building
gave this department
twice its former space
stocked it with double
the quantity we former
ly carried and now
present it for your fav
orable consideration.
We've got Boys' Hats
and Furnishings, too
and are special agents
for the "Mothers'
Friend" Shirt Waists.
Don't forget money
back or satisfaction.
Eiseman Bros
Cor. 7tb and Sts. I. W.
No Bra neb Store in Washington.
They Have the Usual Besult, and
It Is a Bank Teller This Time.
Embezzle $50,000 nnd Skips to Mex
ico, Where He Will Probably
Become, a Citizen.
Chicago, Sept. 10. Ross C. Van Bokcien,
receiving teller of the Merchants' Loan
.and Trust Company. Is missing with about
S50.000 of the money belonging to the
Institution. Mr. Von Bokelen is supposed
to be in Mexico.
Tiie shortage was discovered late Mon
day night. when examination of the
books was begun. Most of the stealings
were in small sums, last Saturday's be
ing the largest, when It is supposed he
took $ir,000.
When he came down to the bank Satur
day morning, he complained of feeling
ill, and asked for his annual vacation,
which was granted him.
The guaranty company of North America
Is on the fugitive's bond for $5,000 and
a local detective agency Is engaged in
trying to discover his whereabouts. The
loss is nn Insignificant one to the back.
which has a paid-up capital of ,$2,000,000
anil $3,000,000 surplus.
Van Bokelen's father was rector of a
church .-it Bufaalo, N. 1., and be hasa broth
er who is rector of a church near New Vork
clty. He was prominent In South Side
social affairs and. formerly treasurer of
the Kenwood Club.
He played heavily at cards, was a
plunger at the races and also speculated
in stocks and grain.
Urn. Vunderbllt Denies Stories About
Daughter and Duke.
Newport, R. I.. Sept. 19. The Duke of
Marlborough will visit the Atlanta ex
position in company with Mrs- W. K.
YnudcrtNlt and Miss Consuelo Vandcrbllt,
the last of the week.
Certain papers still Insist upon the
engagement of Miss Consuelo Vander
bilt to ttie Duke of Marlborough. Mrs.
Vanderbilt said yesterday:
"Miss Vanderbilt Is not engaged to the
duke. I regret that the papers so often
see fit to conuect her name with different
friends of ours."
Objector May Buy tho Miner School
Dr. Snadd. school trustee: Prof, Mont
gomery, supervising principal, and others
interested were at the District Building
this morning to talk of the oppositur.f
manifested In the matter of occupying
the Miner building for school purposes.
Being assured that there would be no
change In the Commissioners' order, as an
nounced yesterday, they went away sat
isfied with the situation.
Prof. Montgomery said, in response to
an Inquiry, that the building is for sale,
and If the opponents of the project desired
to purchase he doubted not that they
could do so, but that rrom present appear
ances the Stevens School, or a part of It,
Is certain to be quartered there.
Steerage Passenger on the Germanic
Cuts His Throat.
New York, Sept. 19. Capt. McKlnMry,
of the steamer Germanic, which arrived to
day from Queeustnwn, reports as follows:
September 12, at 8 a. m., Charles W.
Illudlcy. 1. tec rage passenger, a native of
England, aged forty years, wus found dead,
In his berth in No. 2 steerage, having cut
his throat during the early hours of the
no ruing.
Uo was buried at sea the snnic af lernoin
Uludley had been on n spree before coming
on board the vessel.
Not Intentionally So'.
She Miss De Puyslcr says some very
funny things.
He And laughs at them, I suppose?
She Oh, no. She's always In earnest.
Chicago Record.
Pointer for Would-be Borrowe ra.
Probably every man who has reached
the .years of discretion has discovered that
it is a good deal easier to borrow $S than It
la to borrow 60 cents. Somervlue Jour
nal. Mr. J. Xarr, toe Jeweler at 949 Pa. are,
baring concluded to retire from active
business,, offers at prime cost of manu
facturers and Import prices bis entire col--tection
of diamonds, watches, sterling
silverware, clocks, and bric-a-brac.
John 0 S toner-.Arrested on a Be
quisition From Gov. Hastings.
He Was a FidelltyjjentNJlut Judge
Hrudley Hefused to Hold Him
r--s2ti .w'
Under the Tapers.
John C Stonerx the manager of the Har
rlshurg dlvlsiono?"the Ftuty 'Loan and
Trust Company, wfcm,e dealings- jlred
in the courts in4iWashuigtimand other
cities some time ago, was arrested to-day
by Detective Boyd - arid 'Constrfbkr G. W.
Charters, from IiariLtlun;. , fS
Constable Charters arrived this morning
wilh the iiet-esTiJrypaTwriC'a'fid-'Betectlve
Bo)d and the former went out to hunt
him up.
The detectives were bVtrrClr tvaf to the
residence or office of Mr. Stocer. where
they expected lo find him, when they met
him on Seventh street. -
Stonrr was indicted In Dauphin County.
Pa., on September 24'. lS'jI.for'oblalnlng
the sum of SCO tsnane JoUn At Frltchry
under false pretenses. It being alleged that
be represented to Frltchry that he was
owner In fee of certain Harrisuurc prop
erty. When taken before Judge Bradley nts'case
was presented by Thomas C .Tayi'ir. attor
ney, who argued that the indlctmrnt was
faulty. In that it failed to properly de
bcrilw the offense ajleged, r
Judge Bradley took "be matter under ad
visement, and this afternoon'decided'to re
fuse to sjrrcnder.tbe prisoner and.ordercd
his dismissal.
Terrific Force of Explimlou of a l'lill-
udelphhi Oil Tank.
Philadelphia. Sept. 19. The plant of the
Sunlight Oil and Gasoline Company, at
Forty-ninth street and Gray's Ferry avenue,
was presumably struck by lightning at 2:30
o'clock this morning, and a loud explosion
followed, which enveloped the place in
flames. r
The night watihman, Michael Murphy,
was blown some distance by the force of
.he explosion, and was found with all of
his clothing bumed off and with his body
terribly charred. He died a few hours
The fire raged fiercely and the efforts of
the fire department to extinguish it were
futile. The plant covered six acres upon
which were a warehouse, cooper shop,
boiler and engine house and fifteen tanks
containing benzine and gasoline.
The force of the explosion was terriffic.
distance through the air the
roof of a house 100 yards away was lifted
clean off the structure and deposited fifty
feet to one side of its original position.
The waichoue fifty yards away was
smashed into kindling-wood before it was
destroyed by the flames.
Final Explanation in Uejiord to the
Great Yachtimr Fiasco.
New Tork. Sent. 19. The wrangle over
.be America's cup matter I practically
closed so far as the making public of
letters which have passed between Lord
Dunraven, Mr. K-etln," and the cup' com
mittee is concerned.
Mr. Kersey said this morning that Lord
Dunraven deIres it made clear that he
never received a letter or proposition
from Mr. Ist-lhi or from the cup committee
looking to the calling off of the last two
races and recalling them.
He received Mr. Ik-IIu's letter offering
it resali Tuesday's race after it bad been
a warded to Defender.. m her protest against
Valkyrie for fouling, but he had declined
that offer.
After the final race he had made no sug
gestloulhaUheprotestedraceanrtthe walk
over should be wiped off the slate and
sailed over again.
Treasury Ilpcelptx.
The receipts from Internal revenue to
day were ?483X09; from customs, $829,
501, and mIscn,cI!ancous, $13,570. The na
tional bank uotes received to-day for re
demption amounted to.S107.990.
Had to Do It That Way.
On n New England farm not long ago it
was necessary to count a flock of geese,
nnd Pompey, a colored boy, was stationed
at a little gate through which, the geese
were to be-driven, acd was told to count
them as they passed. "One, two," began
Pompey. loudly "Tree! Bar goes anud
ilcr!" "What do you mean by that?" de
manded the farmer, hurrying up to the
excited darkey. "Why," said the Inno
cent boy, "I cyant count no furder dan tree
In cumbers, massa, so I hab to do it dat
Gander, where do you ..appose twins
mo from?" asked Marjorie, during her
visit in the country.
"From under cabbages, I guess." an
swered grandpa, carekNSly, as he busdy
et out a long row of young cabbages be
hitle the garden path.
Some time after, at G in the morning,
Marjorie wa found kneeling in her night
dress In the path,, industriously pulling
out the Iat of grandpa's oung cabbages
Bounce ouher ide regarding uneasily hU
tiny mistress and the row of uprooted greens. r
At a try of protest from grandpa Marjorie
an&n ered sweetly:
"Don't uiM!t yourself, gander; I'll plant
em again. Me and-Uounceare huntlug for
twin.-,, and we want 'era allgirls." Judge.
IIt01?OSA.IjS forMipplicsfurtheNavy
Yard. W.Wnngtoii, 1). C, September 6,
18S5. Sealed pro'Hurals eu0bned "Pro
posaltforsuppltes fortheNary Yard. Wash
ington. I). C, to lie opened fceplember 24.
1SH5." will be received at the Bureau of
Supplies and Actnunts. Navy Department,
Washington, D. C, until 12,o'ciotk noon.
lmrfledlatcpy thereafter, to furnish at the
Navy Yn rd, Washington. D. C, a quantity of
steel rails, angle baM.tpikes, ioaitk-r..pack-
uig, pipe anu pipe linings, ana 1001s. 1 nc
ariiiei must conform lotheNavystamuini.
and pass the usual naval Inspection. Blank
proposals will be furnished upon application
10 me nvy xaru, nasningion, u. c;. ine
attention of mauuractnrers and dealers is
Invited. The bids, all other things lieing
equal, decided by lot The Dciiartmciit
reserves the right to'walvc derevts.'or to
to the Oovenuuenl. EDWIN STEWART.
PdyniastcrGeiieral.CT. 8.N.
sel2. 10,19.23 - '
PROPOSALS for Constructing a
Jrraine School at Ivy City. Office .
the Commissioners. D. C, Washington,
D. C, Sept. ICth, 1895. Sealed proposals
will be received at this 01 rice until 12 in.
on Monday, Sept. 2Jd, 189S, ror con
ttructlng a Irarne-setroiil liouse- Locati-d
on lots 41, 42, block 0, Ivy Clly. I, C.
Blank forms of proposals and specifications,
together with ail necessary Information,
can bo obtained, npon -application .therefor
at the 01 rice of the Inspector of Buildings
of the District trf-Oilumbki, and bids on
these forms only will be considered. The
right is reserved to reject any and all bids.
Proposals must be inclosed In an envelope
sealed nrxl valorsed jhi the mitslde or the
envelope "Proposal, for constructing a
frame school lufus.' at Ivy CltyD, C.,"
and ndtlressnl to the Commissioner, Dis
trict or Columbia
sel0-6t Commissiouers. D. C.
Its Boom Carried Other Stocks and
'Change Had a Good Day.
Projcrem In Ad Jost raent of Company's
Legal A (faint Said to Ba .Cause
for tho Advance.
Now York, Sept. 19. Stocks onened
steady and soon developed strength. As on
yesterday, Chicago Gas was the feature,
and rose to 6S on animated dealings The
general market Improved 18 to 3 8 per
cent, except .for Louisville & Nashville,
which ran off 1-2 to 63 3 8.
Chicago Gas was the most active stock on
the list this morning, and the price waa
advanced from G? 1-2 to G9 1-2
The firms who have been buying the
stock ever since It crossed GO added to
their lines during the first hour
In accounting: for the rise it was said that
important progress had tecn made toward
adjusting the company's legal affairs, and
that the authorities of Illinois had with
drawn all opposition.
The strength or the stik had a good
effect on the general market, which ad
vanced 1 4 lo 2 per cent Atchison, all as
sessments paid, advanced 1-2 to 22 5-8;
St Paul, 1-2 to 70 1-4; Oencral Electric,
3-4 to 3 1-2; La Clede Oas. 2 to 30;
Minnesota & St Louis. 3-4 to 20; Missouri
Pacific, 1 1-8 (o 37 1-8, and Wabash pre
ferred, 3-4 to 23
London was a seller of 8t Paul and Loa
lsvllkr A Nashville, and the last named re
ceded 1-2 per cent. Toward 11 o'clock
Chicago Gas receded lo 68 1-2 on realiza
tions, but the general market continued
New Tork Stock Market.
On Him Inw. 113.
Am.ruao Tobacco ...... if? 99C$ 94 gsif
Atchison. Top., a i P.... m i zsji 2TJ4
Col Fuel and iron. 38 SJ 28 Si
C . B. a UtalBCT fl tSK 8 85
C. C. C. iSt-L. trie. 41 cu. -,
Chesacenka s Ohio ... ICj, 19 lyr 19
CEicaxoOas es 6SJi cji oKs
Dels., Luck. & West...... 107 iCTi ku IGftti
Distiller Cattlo Faod 19(4 19- U l4 IWJ
DelAiraro and Hudson ISiUt 13TU ,122k 133W
&ie Rr OS (H
Usneral Electric. s:ii 35V4 v 33
Jarsvr Caatral . J12 I134 112 1UFK
Lake Shore ri 119H U9U 119J
LocU-rtl'.: una Nashvnie 63a s$ cz 63K
National Lead ...... Jy S6a 3314 341$
Leather.- ..... 10M 1614 Ji lGiJ
Leather prf .... 84 84 S4 84
K.T.pTd S5S ST lea ST
Mhsonri t'acinc 3Sj 374 36l S
Manhattan Iterated I10!4 HOW not 113k
Northwest 103H KSJs K854 lBs
Northern Pacific pffl 19 19 19 19
Omaha 434 4Syi 42U 42U
Paciflclad -.. J3il SiU. Zh 33t
Readlog 10 804 SO S)"4
l'ock Island 7TJ 7A TTVj "H
Southern Railway........ 13t 13 23 13
Southern Railway pfr.. &9J 33M CSS ISt4
St.i'aal 74'i 73 7114 T5y
Bnur Trcsi :t-T?i US 10TH "-7H
Tcnesse Coat lroa... 43 K 31 tH-i
Texas 1'acinc li 1214 12 1SJ4
Ualoa i'aOflc. mi VHi 15V4 i!itt
Wacasa prernrxt rfi 3H :IH
Western Union 13 U ?A U&
Washington Stock Exchange.
NOTICE The Board will adjourn over Satar
day during September.
Columbia RRfE riSO at 1124i Americas
Sc Trust: 10 at 140,1 at 1W 10 at 140. Wash.
ess: t at 4-Jij, 1 at vi, r.'at 4X4.
ns s. u tut inw
U.S. 4- C lllr, ......
U.K. 4s -..193 litvj
U. SlS's rl......!13,4
rismicror coirvxii ecda
S's lb) -ao-year Funding- ......M1
S'a 130; -33-rear Fundinr" rolil lli'.i
7"s 19111 "Water Mocic currency. 115
. a ih "v. ater siocx currency. .....117
S.turl9i4 -l-undlac" currency.. .111
SH's Ri S-ld'n. 1SU-18JI. 13J .....
xisceluxeous Etrvns.
W s G R IS Conv. Cs 1st. sWD 369 . ..
trtl.liliCuir.ealU, 29UZ-41 lul
lie: KIC Con r C, 1901 1125
Celt R K S's ISM e5 87
Ectinton K Roe, M9G-1911
cxJumUaRRi;s,19K llti IU
Aa5htslo,Ser A. S's. 1KJ."27.. 113
-U ash Gas Co. berrl.S a. 2904--9.. lit ..
Wash Iras UoOraT Vs. run IT.
U. a. Jul.-Lifht Coar 5 . 13Ji 1X7 . ....
Amtr.Vci iroitij, 19cr 1(0 .....
Amtr bc a fruit S's, I'JOi WJ ......
U3 market Co 1st . lSK-lsu.
S7.0O3 retired aanuahr.
Aash32ark CoimpCs. 1S1.MS ....
Wash Jiark Co Exfn 6's, 19I4-'S7...
Masonlo Ball Ass n 3"s, C, 1X8 ,
H ash Lt lniostry 1st a. 2MJI
. 2UJ
, 103
. 109
&ah LX. Inlantry ta rs, 1393
Bank of Aaatn$ton ....
Bank of Republic 2ti
JUeUopohLau. ...... ....... .... 27D
Central .. . STO
Farmers and Mechanics'. 280
beevnd. 2X7
Citizens .. 23
Columbia. 1st
IX if
Capital 128
West tnd 197J4
IraderiL.. ................ ...... 200
Lincoln 93
Ohio . 8J
SAra nErosrr xd tkcst co-a.
Nat. tale Depoalt and Trust 2J0
UashtuctoniAan and Trust....... ltltj
American secunty and Trust 239
W&ahuicloa&aTe Peposit... ........ C
Washington and lieorgetown 4fC0
lletropoUlau 95
Georgetown and Tenaltytowa ....
Washington Cos... . ........... 49
UeorKvtuKutfas 50
L. i. rJectric Light 233)4
firemen's- ....
llttroioliUn 70
vorc-oran ............................ .... .....
l'otoiuac.... ............ ........... GS
Arlluuuin -........... ... 153
Gerxuau America.................... .. ..
National Tniou .... .....
Lincoln...... ..............
Real hsate Title
Columbia Title...
Uashmgt nlulo
Bistnct Title.
Pennsylvania,. .......... ..
Chesaieako anJ Potomac...
American Grnphojihoce ......
Pneumatic Gun Carrtare......
Washlnston Market ,
Great rolls ice ......... ......
hull Run Panorama.
Nor & Wash, bicam boat
Mash. litickCo
Iry City hrick
Lluccln Ball
Intei-OceanButl21ng.... .... ..
Verranthaler Liaotype-
i-x, Pividend.
7h 8
4s iU
207 220
7 8tf
"io" ""
3 m
.3 ja
2so in
A Matter of Boom.
"Shall we," answered the young wife,
"always he two souls with but a siugla
With an effort he repressed n shudder.
"No, darling" he answered bravely.
"In summer time the coal bin will be
empty and my overcoat will be in pawn,
and that will give us qcito a bit more
Then ho gathered her In his arms and
told her about the tints which were still
smaller than theirs, and which could be
occupied only by thoughtless people.
Detroit Free Press.
American "vrcurity
& 1 rust Comnanr.
V.. ...M..H.1. s..,, ...
f..w muvuur in nuiaiains nu me
money you want ot this company IX the
t-securitr is sufficient. Louest rates ot
iadlTidosls ownlar unlnenmband
real estau -can obtain money is baild
a home. Sea n about ll!
J. C BELL. President
tSeakvKOoO.St.X. W.
Etorage, 2IJ lit Sl N. W.
l& s .,-.
..-A?" .
Av j, 1

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