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". ' ' ' THE VENING-riMES'llTS'PAarj SEPTEMBER 28, 1895.
Itl Itl
Lansburgh Bro
We Have Been
Telling You Thl3
Right Alone.
A certain ernrnlnent man
and we don't hcsltato tclllns
yon his name If yon want to
know it told us that his wife
nndhenlnavs read our adycr
tU:mcnts and believe them
that hen cither of them come
toonr store for any gooJsad
Tcrtlscd we have them and are
not "jnst out of them." Thot'
the record we hare made that'
the platform we Intend stand
ing on. Anytime e advert!"
anything ani yon buy It and It
doe4 not prove as advertised,
you can claim your money bacV
twle?- We nre surely reliable
else wo could not have been In
yonr midst thirty-four years.
Our Winter Dress Stuff is
here- Snch a variety you never
saw. From the sedate pattern
tothclond one every erode.
One spec'al lot of Children's Cloth
Capes. In navy nnd red, latest
fall styles. Turkish effect, with
full shirred to- which falls to
left side, forming .tassel; two
rows of braid trimming nronnl
edge; nl! sizes.
Special Price OC
Jewelry Specials.
White Metal Garter nucVlcs, dc-i
signed after sterling silver pat
terns, worth 25c
rr !0C
Sterling Silver Tic Holders, beauti
ful designs.
For 38C
Rhinestone Rings, tho finest Imita
tion of diamonds that can be
gotten, warranted for five
'"Z 48c
Chlldrcns 14 Karat solid Gold
Rings. handsomely engrave-.
For 48C
Wc can "serve out-of-town
people just as well as If they
came in person. If they write
to us. Oar -Mail Order De
partment is a feature of its
Prompt and Reliable.
Try It!
420, 422, 424, 426 7th St
Four Whelps Born to the Pair of
Jungle Monarchs.
Tt Im the First Event of tho Kind nt
the I'ark and tbe Toungxtern
Are Dolus Well.
Tbe monotony of part life was interest
ingly interrupted Wednesday evening bv a
noteworthy event that tet the entire Zoo
community to gossiping, each tribe in the
tongue of its kind, and all the particiimnta
clamoring for the recognition of the chair
at one and the came time.
The incident was of domestic consequence
in the royal lionine family, a handsome
queen of tbe forest presenting her royal
spouse with a quartet of active, sprawl
ing, shrill voiced, kittens, whose njnics will
be entered in the book of the next census
taker. The mother lioness is the one donated to
the Zoo by Forepaugh, and has been in the
park since last October. She was herself
born in captivity, but can trace her pene
ology back to tLe dcutest of African Jungles,
and has in her veins the purest of blue blood.
The jKiternal Joint owner of the Interest
ing quadruiJeta is one "Frank," a prince ot
the royal line, whose distinguished ancestry
loses nothing by comparison Willi thenobleat
of his race.
The mother and the "kids" are doing
very well indeed, and there isevery prospect
that the youngsters will live to celebrate
the golden wedding ot their parent. They
occupy a large retiring cage, and care is
taken not to disturb themailame.
Her tendency at this interesting period
Is to extreme nervousness, and when In
an excited frame of mind it is the habit of
a lioness to turn cannlbal-and devour her
The keepers arc therefore very cautious
In their treatment of her, and they have
not yet approached the cage except to
administer tne dally allowance of food.
It will be several weeks before the bruod
will be transferred to other quarters, and
even then the mother will be given the
largest liberty consistent with security
and safety.
This quartette of youngsters Is distin
guished by being the lirst of the leonine
tribe to be born at the park. They will
be named in due season, and will have a
page devoted to their record in the Zoo
Murine Band Concert.
The following Is the programme for the
mnuert of the Marine Band nt the White
House this evening, beginning at 4:30
1. Overture, "Tutti Masrbera"....Pedrottl
2. March, "King Cotton" Bousa
3. Sous, "The Defense of Fort McHenry."
J. Stewart
4. March, "Belle of Washington."
G. J. Becker
5. Song,"SingMea8oncofHome."
.. J. Palver
6. March, "Corsncila" Pickells
7. Bong, "The Picture In My Heart."
E. J. Shone
8. March. "Little Princess".. ..A. T. Harris
(Dedicated to little Miss West.)
9 "Iiauceof theBoogie!Ian"..L. A. Callnn
10. March, "The Fire Brigade." Mrs. Marr
11. a. Serenade Elliot Woods
b. Waltx Snug Elliot Woods
12. March, "Tho Kirieman." D. B. McLeod
13. March. "The Elks" Leo Wheat
14. Descriptive, "A Day With Troop A."
Fun. -hi lit
Synopsis Hustling In tho armory;slgnata.
previous to dCDartnre: march: carnnfirer
taps: repose; from night to dawn;.!
raging; atiacK on a oarnyard; the
boys enjoy a song and dance; comine
home. (By request.)
15. "Hall Columbia" ....Fries
1 If It's news, It's In The Times.
vv. -""VL
Dolce Squandered 20,000 Founds
". 'Before- fie Left London.
Connt Alulasptna, tlie Italian At
tache, SoIIh for America and.
LondnnBeptr 28. The Duke of Marl-
I borough, before fcUirllns for New York,
purcliasea in uegeni sirc-ev jewc-irj cuov
lueiovcr t20ObO.Tlie uniiouiicvnient of
his engagement to Miss Consuelo Vander-.
bilf sufficiently explains this expenditure.
2JM tt.liliil, U
count juaiaspiua, ti mu iinw
bassyi-.wao cnoje this country as the
successor of tbe MarquU Imiicria lie, sailed
for New York Wednesday, and will ar
rive in Washington October 4.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Newton Morrison and
tbeir little son, Donald, who have been
spending the summer at Rlverdale, will
return to this city Monday. Mr. and Mrs.
llofrisnn Have takcu'an apartment at tho
Concord, and wjll lie there for the season.
Fretlcrlck.Alusworth, who spent last
i at the Concord, will take a house
for this winter.
Senator'Walshrof Georgia, to the sincere
regret ot all who have been associated with
him officially and socially, left the city
yesterday to reside in New York.
Senator John W. Daniel and family, who
have madetheirhome for the iiast few years
at their country teat near Lynchburg, Vs.,
will return, tpl their residence. No. 1700
Nineteen thttfeclV for the 'season.
Gen. Ray Stone, of Washington, is regis
tered at the Albemarle, New York.
The wedding ot Mix Clara King, daugh
ter ot Gea.IIoratlo C.Ktng, of Brooklyn, to
Mr. Cleveland Litchfield, will take place
quietly-ln Brooklyn Thursday evening
next nt the home of the bride. Dr. Lymnn
Abbott will officiate on the occasion. Miss
King and her sisters are social favorites
in Washington, and the fact ot the
engagement ot Miss King has been known
here biuce her debut last winter.
By the upsetting of a carriage at New
port lately, Mr. Sandford Eeatty had a
narrow escape' from serious Injun".
The announcement is made of the engage
ment ot Commander K. M. lterry, U. S. N..
to Miss Brady, ot Detroit, Mich. The
marriage, will take place at Detroit October
Haror. A. Ton Schwerin is at the Hotel
Cambridge, New York.
. The British minister will leave Newport
Monday for Ottawa, returning to Washing
ton November 7.
The marriage of Miss Lucille Black
burn to Mr. Edward Lane, of New Jersey,
will take place at St. Mattliew's Church,
at noon Wednesday, Hev. Father Lee
officiating. Miss Corrine Blackburn, ac
companied by 'Senator Blackburn, will
arrive, at the Normandie Sunday. Im
mediately after the tieddlng Mr. and Mrs.
Lane will lenve,for.tIie north for a wedding
trip, calling later for Europe.
Miss Malie Stewart has returned to the
city' after a season of gaiety at Halifax,
N. 8.
Miss Catherine Penelope Carter and Iter.
Harrali M. ltecd will tie married Wednes
day, October 9, at 10 o'clock, at Grace P.
E. Church, comer Ninth and D streets.
The Brazilian minister and Mme. Men
donca have ret urned to the city after a de
lightful season in tbe mountains of New
Surgeon General and Mrs Sternberg, or
No. lOlOSixtcvntli street, entertained at
an elegant reception last evening in com
pliment to Lieut. Col. Billings, U. B. A.,
and Mrs. Billings. The handsome draw
ing rooms were beautified with fall flow
ers nnd palms and the supper table adorned
with ma-ises of golden rod.
On the 1st' of October Lieut Billings vol
untarily retires from active service, to
become professor of hygiene at the Uni
versity of Pennsylvania, and last nigl
riveivcu rcgreuui rareweus oi nis many
friends here.
Tbe marriage of Mr. John F. Ochsenrcller
to Miss Clara M. Bugers. formerly of this
city, but now of Mllford, Mich., was
solemnized at St. Mary's Church, Milford,
Wednesday last, by Bev. Father Classen.
Owing to tbe recent demise of the bride's
grandmother, Mrs. E. Bisscll, there were
no cards issued, only the immediate rela
tives of the. contracting parties being
After the ceremony a breakfast was
served at the reridence of the bride's guar
dian and uncle, Edwin J. Bissell, at the con
clusion of which the newly wedded couple
departed on their bridal tour, which will
include Niagara Falls, Boston, New York,
and other Eastern points. Mr. and Mrs.
Ochsenreiter will be at heme after October
Cat No". 4G1Q street northwest.
The Legion of Loyal Women will bold
their first winter entertainment next Mon
day evening at the hall. No. 419 Tenth
street northwest. It will be an Echo
Prize Contest lit which handsome rewards
will await the gnesser of the number of
seeds in a watermelon, and the person most
successful in picking up potatoes.
In addition the ladies will be given oppor
tunity to sharpen lead pencils and drive
nails and the men will thread needles and
"wait patiently."
Tills win be the first meeting since the
suramrr. vocation- and the gathering ot
the members and friends of tbe legion will
be by no means tbe least pleasant feature
ot the evening.
A "Katre Klatsch" at the residence of
Dr. and Mrs. Wm. Tindall, at California
avenne nnd Columbia road, was largely
attended and, greatly enjoyed. It was in
the Interest ot hygienic diet and the Peo
ple's Church. '
The menu, was wholly vegetarian, and
the tables' as a- whole constituted an ex
cellent health food exhibit. From 2 p. m.
till night the house was filled with visitors
coming nnd. going..
A stairway woundwltb golden rod and a
gerijt mass ot geraniums and cosmos In
the ball greeted the guests as the door
opened. Beyond were the tables, loaded
with dainty triumphs of tbe culinary art
and decorated with roses.
The decoration was the work- of Mini
Emma Elliott, ot Nova Scotia. The la
dies In charge ot tbe tables wereMrs.Blsbee,
Mrs. Auer, Mrs. Frost, and Mrs. Kupp.
Features among luedelicacies ottered
by Mrs. Bisbee and Mrsf. Auer were granola,
a flaky preparation ot nutty flavor; gra
ham mush with dates and cream, of which
Mr. Claneey, tho genial Supremo Court
official, baid after lasting It, no one
cared to go farther. The lemon oatmeal
gruel also attracted much attention, as
aid the gluten butter, a preparation or
whole wWat flour and milk.
Mrs. Frost uttered a novelty in peanut
soup, a preparation from raw peanuts that
looked una tasted much like beau soup.
Her orangu omelet was also given much
Mrs. Kupp had 'charge ot tho desserts.
The corfee which she turned out was pro
nounced unusually fine. It was made
ot malt for one variety and caramel cereal
for another. The fruit mince pie was
much of a curiosity;-Us crust was made of
beau riour, and was intended to show
what vegetarians can do wueu they have a
mind to try.
Among the attendants especially noticed
were several members of the Chinese lega
tion, under the escort of Mrs. and Miss
Morgan. They seemed to be greatly de
liligied with tne aliulr, and are said toiiave
expressed themselves to that etfect. a
number of trained nurses were present ex
amining the exhibits critically
Others present nerens fellows: Mrs. J.
W. Dean, Chicago: Mrs. Dr. Wright, Prof.
ualbarae, jir. ai.u aim. fceni, ur.unu aim.
Parkman. Mr. Devoe, Mrs. Parsons, Mrs.
Shunlr. Mrs. Werner, Mrs. Dr. Brachert,
Visa Backafen and sister, Mr. and Mrs.
Clancy, Mr. Bergman, Miss Elliott and
friends. Mlsslsaliel Leiiman, Mr. Case. Mrs.
Purvis, Mrs. Mnjcr, Dr. Lamb. Mr. A. A.
Blrncy, Mr. Conn ay, Mr. Evans. Mrs.
Blount,. Mr. Perkins, MUs English, Miss
Chapman. Mr. and Mrs. Bennett, Mrs.
Stelle. Mrs. Cooper, Miss McCalmoiit, Mr.
B. P. Mann. Mr. Horace Mann, Mr. Pecbcn,
Mr. nrd Miss Muzzey, Mr. Parsons, Mr. T.
W. llirnvy. Mr. Havens, the Misses Maxon,
Mr.rVncll. Mrs. Dr. Freih, Miss Ma l lock.
Mir. Warren, Mr. Doyle, Mies Metcair, Dr.
and Miss McNaughton.
Miss Kuth Thompson, of Herndon, Va.,
and Miss Winnie It on, of Leesburg, Va.,,
an- vlslllug Mrs. Hunrut.an, or 023 I street
Cards are out for the marriage of Miss
Alice V. Ilmdsbaw.uickeor Mr. nnd Mrs.
KicbardH itemlngtoii, of 1216 Duke street,
Alexandria, to Mr. Thcmas Callls, also of
or that city. Hie ceremony to lake place at
the Kcniiiigton'. residence, on Thursday,
October 3, at 7 p. m.
Cards have been tent out for the wedding
of Miss Nellie U. Schair. dnuglderof Mrs.
Manlia M Schaff. whoioimerly resided in
Alexandria, to Mr. Harry C. Jcbrey, or
Falls Church, Va. The ceremony w ill take
place In Waugh M. E. Church, In this city,
on October tt. at D:30 p. m.
Salvation Army Will Hold Special
Services for Their Commander.-
Ho In In Clmrjjo of This Department
und lMonuSoutlicniTourot
Capt. Eva Dunlop, In command of the
Salvation Army In this city, has received
a letter stating that Capt. II. Masland would
arrive this altcnmon from Philadelphia
to assist In command of this department.
At the same time llrlg. William Evans,
in command of the divisioa ot which Wash
ington forms a part, will also arrive from
Philadelphia. Brig. Evani Is making a
tour of inspection of Ills division, which
H composed of the States of Pennsjlvania,
Southern New Jersey, Maryland, the Vir
ginias, the Carolinas, and the District of
He will be given an informal reception
this aiternoon, and this evening will con'
duct a special mulcal meeting at head
quarters. To-morrow morning at 1 1 o'clock"
a holiness meeting will be held at head
quarters. At 3 and 8 p. m. special wel
come meetings will be held at Masonic
Temple, when addresses will be made
by Salvationists and others.
At these meetings a special feature will
be musl by a brass band formed of salva-'
tionists, and led by Ensign Trumbull,
bandmaster of tbe national headquarters
land, who has considerable reputation as
a cornclist.
Brigadier Evans was born In England
about fifty years ago. He was converted
about fourteen years since and was made
-a captain in the Salvation Army ail -n-dergnlug
a training at London, and was
sent to New York.
A short time after being promoted to cap
tain bo was promoted to the staff. Later
he became a pioneer of salvation work In"
the West, with hcadQuartera at Chicago.
Minneapolis and -other principal dues In
the West.
About two months ago he was promoted
lo brigadier and placed In command of the
Atlantic coast division, with headquar
ters at Philadelphia. He Is considered one
r the Hnest speakers of the army, is pos
sessed of extraordinary executive ability
and in his talks Is pleasing and entertain
ing. He remains in Washington until Mon
day, and then goes to Baltimore.
Warrant In Sljrned nud the Mlnteter
Han Ills Pockets Full.
The Ransom case Is settled. Acting
Comptroller Bower of the Treasury has
signed the warrant for $52B drawn by the
State Delia rtment In favor orM.W.ltarijoDi
United Stales Minister to Mexico, and tbe
warrant has been forwarded to Minister
Auditor Holcomb of the Treasury origi
nally held up the warrant on the ground
that Mr. liansom had not been confirmed
by the Senate, and therefore could not be
paid. Secretary Carlisle overruled the
auditor. Acting Comptroller Bower sus
tained the Secretary.
Under this decision Minister Hansom
will draw bis full ralary from the time of
bis second appointment.
Remarkable Cnt tiering ot Royalty at
Balmoral Castle.
London, Sept. 28. Four generations or
royalty were gathered last night at Bal
moral, where ex-Empress Frederick, or
Germany, Prince and Princess Henry or
Prussia, and their son, Prince Walderiiar,
are visiting the Queen.
The Prince or Wales left Copenhagen
yesterday, and will return by way or Kiel
on board the royal yacht Osborne.
His departure began the breaking up or
the group or thirteen royal personages
staying at the Castle Bernstortf.
If It's news, it's In The Times.
Beneficial Endowment Association De
fendant In a Salt.
Anas, Mary FodiaEky to-day sued tbe
Washington Beneficial Endowment Afiios
ciation for $2,000 for unpaid certificate
of endowment taken out by tbe late
Francis Podiasky. ' -
Two policies were taken. The first,
July 29, 1089, agreed to pay the peti
tioner $1,000, under tbe name of Arma M.
Podiasky, and the second, December 9,
1889, under the name of Mary Anne Podi
asky, was for the same sum. Neither have
been paid, the complainant laid. " '"''
. If It's sen, It's In Tho-Xlrae.
- ingforjllp Campaign.-"
Nlll MlUibU
,.. t 1 ,
Central Relief Committee "Will Meet
TVItliin n Few Days Permanent
Scheme Hn jBeen i'reimred.by Mr.
Lawrence Gardner LeKwrns Learn
ed From Last, Year' Experience.
It Is expected that a meeting of tbe exec
utive relief committee; having In charge
tho making of provision for the .poor of
Washington during the whiter, will occur
within a feWHlays. One of tho committee
said last night that only for the absence
of Judge C. O. Cole, who is clialrman of
the committee, that body-would have been
called together this weik.
Tho newspapers of late are filled with
accounts of the mobilization -of the grand
army ot tramps and their inevitable trend
to the larger cities. The experience of, the
last winter shows that these chevaliers
count largely on the benefactions of tho
people ot this city. "
How to discriminate between the abso
lutely needy, the, deserving' poor, 'and the
wniHlering tribes who. come here, to ,take
advantage of the people's generosity, is
one ot Uie problems to be-met.
Last season the conditions otall classes of
the very poor nvere so bad that the door of
charity was flung wide open, and (luring
the extremely bad weather all the visiting
tramps were fed pt tlie.Boup.kltcheiu. 1
was u case where it would have been un
charitable to discriminate in charity.
3 P
As a consequence there were many plans
suggested tomeetlheemergency which may
be expected to riseevcrjrwlnter. The Times
jfl8t year piade ajdeparture, In Journalism
here, and got up Irom tho best possible
records nnd other sources ot information
the aggregate number that the associa
tions would be called upon to administer to,
sad the calculations ot The Times were very
ueariyi-orrectr' " ' '
It arrived at its conclusions by ascertain
ing thp'number of men 'out of employment,
and also tho number of women who were
dependent upon a very scant livelihood.
The, .people subscribed very liberally,
knowing the extent of the prospective suf
fering. The executive relief committee re
duced its work to a good system, and the
'canvassing' cnmiiiittee established head
quarters at the rooms of the Board of Trade,
as chairman of which Mr. JohnB. Wight did
agreatpub!icservice -
At .the close ot the season the Commis
sioners took n deti -interest in -the subject.
They requested tne executive relief com
mittee to report on a plan or permanent re
lief, nnd In vleWof this requestMr. Law
rence Gardner, 'cllal'rniari; Mr. Ritchie,
of GcorKCVmn.arKXilr. Jo!m.F. Coot, were
appointed a committee to consider this
subject and report early in the season. Mr.
Gardner was seen last night by The Times
and asked when he would be ready to re
port. I '
He said that, notwithstanding the ab
sence of -members bf-ithe"cnmmlttce. and
his own absenue, ie and the committee
bad arrived at a delinite plan, the details
ot which wereyet tq.bc.fjljed In, .He an
ticipates that a meeting of the committee
.will soon be held. When be will dutiht'.ess
be called upon for the rciwrt- ot the cotn
tnlttee. '
Mr. Ganlncr'llecllncd to stale the char
acter of the plarftbecommlttechas'adoptcd
In adranceor its. presentation to tbc-.c-xecu-tlve
relief committee,
r .The, Hoard f,"Trade also disenwed the
wjys and means ofreathlng the poor In
the most practicable manner at a-meeting
List spring. At this meeting there was a
discussion of the well known Indianapolis
plan, the chief feature ot which was the
rurnishing of work for tbe needy and the
support of the beneficiaries until they could
reimburse, the association in part for the
money expended.
A great many of the charitable associa
tion1! orthe city receive a share f the
public moneys collected for charity, sev
eral large amounts having' rWli' (tins dis
posed of last year. It Is not known. whether
the permanent relief contemplated by the
special committee will affect this custom
pr not.
The"report of this committee will be of
great Interest to the. moncy.-giving public,
a great many of whom are In lavorof some
other plan than that which has been in
vogue here for years.
The Arsociated Charities is an organi
zation wbose w-ork is perennial. It also
received a share, of the funds, which it
distributed at it's, .various exchanges in
different jiarts or the city, and relieved
hundreds or cases which were not reported
to the police.
The Central Union Mission also did a
very large share or the Independent work
last winter and received certain sums
from -the general fund.. The sums con
tributed In clothing and money vary from
year to year from $20,000 to $30,000,
in which respect Washington gives in
proportion to Its population an amount
which is raid to be greater than that of
any other city.
TTimlilnirtonlaiiH In Sew Tork.
(Special to The Times.)
New York, 8cpt. 28. Justice Stephen J.
Field, of the United States Supreme Court,
is staying nt the Brunswick: Senator
Stephen B. TClklns has arrived at the Hoff
man House, and is leing treated bv his
New York physician for the injurv to bis
foot. Tbe Waldorf shelters a group of
distinguished men, among them licing
Justice George T. Shims. Jr.,orthe Supreme
Court: Count Mlta, or Japan; Count
Bzcchcnvi. Austrian legation, and Thomas
Nelson Pace; the author.
Other arrivals A. M. Brown, H. Dent,
A. W. Smith, A. W. Wntklns, A. M. New
comb. Broadway Central; Mirs Baxter, W.
Calver. Park Avenue: Mr. and Mrs. H-S.
Dow ley. D. Bradlev, H. E. Bradley. Grand
Union: Mr8-Gulrr. St. 6tephcn: J.X.. Tate,
Miss Tate. Miss Pratt, Sturtevant: II. F.
Blunt. J. W. Cacs, C. Lane. J. J. Clarke,
J. W. Dickinson, J. C. Kinsct, J. M. Klnsct,
8. McDowell. E. L. White, Astor: J. 8. Car
penter. M. Caffery, Albert; Miss Gibos, J.
II. Uampson, Mrs. Neumann.. F. S.BoJart,
Holland: F Jannus, M. M. McCoarthy, W.
A. Turk. Marlborough; Gen. A lberl Ordw ay,
A. Sutherland, Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Johnson,
Hoffman: E. Peters. Imperial: J. Chase,
W. C. Parks, Cosmopolitan: L. H. Hltr,
Grand: Mr. and Mrs, U. W.Lemar. Coleman;
Mr. and Mrs. B."W Warren,' Metropolitan.
Union Club Holds Aloof.
The Union Republican Club held a meet
ing last night, 'and decided that as the
club is largelyTinade up of department
employes' and residents of 'the different
States, no pari would be taken by tbe
club in the election of delegates to the
National Republican Convention.
iFeel S
; Badly . .
:To-dav? S
S We ask this repeatedlr, because serious 5
2 Diseases onen follow triaine ailments, Z
It you are weak anf Z
centrally exhausted. S
nervous, have no 5
appetite., and can't Z
work, begin at once 5
taking the most re- S
liable strengthening S
medicine, which is S
'Brown's' Iron Bitten. Z
Benefit comes front S
the very first dose. S
.- ,. . , itjcubes.,,, m
v niuMLOia, - Taousics.
ConsTiPATioa, luraac Blood.
S Get dy the geaalae it.hsi crossed red
S linet'on the wrapper. J
-f -aamm-CHatKtt. co. -bmtimorc -
at rnx son mxens
The very nswest stiiS awellMt wear
for fall and colder weather. Thee exquis
ite bhouldere'.tra are made Ttry handsome
ly in riuflh, trimmed with., fur. ot which we
ahow Chinchilla, Thibet, Martin, etc The
llnfncs aro of fine Twill bilk la fancy and
taking pattern
Ther will he loand on third floor.
Price rnn from
$9.98 $15.
Bon Marche,
314 and 316 7th St
S. Kann, Sons & Co.
8th and Market Space.
Oar First Anniversary
and Grand, Opening
Sept. 30, Oct. 1 and 2.
We shall be closed all day
to-day in order to give us
ample time to prepare for
Festive Occasion.
One of the main features
of this grand event will be
the opening of our
Under the supervision of
Miss Stasia Toole, formerly
of Madame Palmer's.
S. Kann, Sons & Co,
8th and Market Space.
THE l'KOI'lX'rt CIIUKCH. 423 G 8t
nir. Rev. Alex. Kent, pastor, will speab
at 11:15 on "Wliat we liavo done as a
church to justify our existence." Seats free.
All welcome.
fits., hit.. Rev. E. S.Todd. I). 1):. pastor
Huiulay-Kcliool 9 15 a. m.; 11 a. m..
communion: address by Rev. W. W. Van
Ar.-dale: 7:30 p. m.. preartilnsr by Rer.
L. I). Wilson, presiding elder: Epwortli
Leajrur. 6:15 p. m.; Tuesday, consecra
tion: Thursday, ciiurcu prnjer nieotlne.
7:30 p. ru.: Illustrated lecture by the
the pastor Wednesday evening. n. J.
I' la y t e r. reconllinr, steward.
8tti and I sts. ne.. Rev. A. Keocb.
pastor Annual rally service of the church
at 11 a. ru.. with special music: annual
rally service of the Sunday-school at
!);30. with special programme: Christian
Endeavor at 7 p. m., and prcjchlnc by the
pa-tor nt 8 p. ru. All Invited; teats free.
M street between Firiecnlh and Sixteenth
streets northwest Itcv. William H. Uonter,
D. D.. one of the lirst chaplains of color
in the United Stales Army, for several
years manaccr of the A. SI. E. Church Hook
Concern In Philadelphia, ami now a mem
ber of the Virginia A. II. E. conference,
will preach morning and evening to
Fourteenth and L, streets 11 a: m. and
7:30 p. m.. Kev. Arthur II. Ki'app, of Fall
lUver, Mass. 9:45 8unday-schooL 0:30
r ru.. Young People's meeting. Ail in
and L sts. nw. Service. 11a.m. Sunday
school, 9:45 a. m. Xoung People's Chris
tian Unini7:30 p. m. Kev. A. G. Rogers.
I). D.. pastor. Subject or the morning
sermon, "Spiritual development." Evening
service will be resumed Oc-lolier C.
cor. 9th and D sts. ne. Pastor E. B. Bagby
at 11 a. in. and 8 p. m. Evening subject.
"Distinctive doctrines of the disciples or
Christ the Lord's supper."
Church Pastor F. D. Power, 11 a. in.
and 7:30 p. in. Sunday-school, 9-30 a. m.
Mission. 3:30 p. m. C. E., 6:30 p. m.
Seats free. All welcome.
9th at rw-twt-en G and 11 nw.. Rev. J. T.
Kelly, pastor Preaching at 11 a.m. by
Kev. u. Aivin nmiin. &aDoatu-scnooi,
9:30 a. ra. ST. P. 8. C. E., 7 p. m. Prayer
meeting. Thursday, at 8 p.m.
ST. MASKS, cor. 3d and A. se., one
block from Capitol: A. J. Graham, rec
torHoly communion, 7:30: service and
sermon. W: choral service and lecture,
CENTRAL M. P. CHURCH Twelfth and
M streets northwest. Rev. S. J. Smith,
pastor. 11 a. m., "Speaking because be
lieving:" 7:30 p. m., old-time love feast:
reception of members; short address by
pastor; 9:30, Sunday-school; 6:45, C. E.
Come all.
Fourteenth and Corcoran streets. Opep
ing service in the new church, Snnday,
29th inst.; 7:30, 11a.m. and 7:30 p. m.
Bishop Paret will preach at 11 a. ra.
Strangers cordially lnvlled.
MORIAL CHURCH, comer K and North
Capitol streets. Preaching at 11 a. m.
and 7:30 p. m. by Hie Pastor, Rev. J. E.
Fout; Sunday School at 9:30 n. m.: Y. P.
S. C. E. 6:30 p. m.; general prayer ser
vice Wednesday at 7:30 p. m. Strangers
TESTANT CHURCH. Thirty-first street,
between M and N. Rev. Dr. W. H. Gra
ham, pastor. Sabbath services: Ser
mon 11 a. ra., "Special Prayer for Peter."
8ermon7:30p.m.,"Our Friends inHeaven."
Sabbath School 9:30 -a. m.; Christian En
deavor 6:30 p m. Mid-week service In
lecture room. Tuesday 7:30 p. m.
CHURCH, Ma ryland avenue and Slxtli street
northeast. Rev. Thomas Chalmers Eacton,
D. D., pastor, will preach at 11 a. ni. Re
ception of new members, sacramental ad
dress and the Lord's Supper: and at 7:30 p.
m.. subject. "Bricks Without Straw." Excellent-music
will be rendered. Sabbath
School, 9:30 a. m.; Y. P. S. C. E., 6:30 p.
m. Strangers cordially invited. Pastor's
residence. 308 Seventh street northeast.
Y. M. C. A. Rev. Isaac Clarkvot Howard
University, will address tbe Yooojr. Hen's
Christian Association gospel meeting for
men only, to-morrow, at 4:30 o'clock. In
l?natu4n M X PliHVhk nil . lwn..fc
aiMlQitreett northwest. BUeclaat3:30-1
B.m AU men welcome.
j3m SttL
1 VHr S$$9H(itf(f
Itak sad flolt
HotiM. '
At a nominal price.'
, 'M
SKIKTS-cxm-wklv-l ro4eM '
In back stiffoncd and Uaal
all throuih veiret boiaj (ft QQ
larce variety of attsrni 4I0U
SKIRTS black and navy bin
lined and stltTeood relret ,
bound very wide I godetsin ffQ Q
Eomem berths stroet snd number.
Sewing .Rockers
On Monday morning; we will
sell the balance of these elegant
Reed Sewing- Rockers at 59c
Only about 3 dozen left Come
early if you want one.
-Julius Lansburgh
Furniture and Carpet Co.,
Hew Tork A?e U 13tU ud Mtii Sts.
Fqnsra Marble andGlass Stand,Center Market
CHURCH Rev. William II. ChaiHuan. pae
tor. Ttienew M.E.Cburch. corner Eleventh
and FraukforMtrevta. will bcUi-dicateil to
morrow. September 29. Rev. E. S. Todd.
V. I)., will preach at 11 a. ra.; Kev. I B.
Wdson. D. 1 prenidinjr elder or the Wash
ington district. at 3 p.m.. followed with the
dedication of the church, and Rev.M. V. B.
Rice. I. P.. at 7:30 p. m..
Rev. W. W. Van Arsdale. pastor. Ser
vices in chapel ot Gunton Temple Memorial
Church. Fourteenth street.flpar R. 1'reach
Inc at 11:15 a. ru.by Rev. C. H. Mytiucer.
and at 8 p. m. by Rev. Harry FarmtT.
Sunday 8chool 2:30 p. m. Epworth Leaene
7:30 p. m.
STATEMENT of the condition of the
COMl'ANi'. or New York. N. Y.. .on the
1st day of July. 1803, as required by
actot Concrcssepproved "'1l'l.d1,f,J(c;
Capital stock- SSS'Snli'nn
Capital stock paid up J00.000.00
Cash In bank :
Heal estate .-
Bonds and mortsaKes (first
llenonrealc-state).. ..-,.
-.. . i.mla miTL'nr
value) ..1,033,100.00
Premiums uncollected and c-1ft
InbandsofacciiU 67,6Ci.0J
Interest due and accrued on
July 1st. 18S3 .. 4 J0SJ8
Cash capital.. .. .. - 5 300.000
Reserve premium rund l,110Joio
Reserve for unpaid losses ,,...
and claims V-r'ftnrn
Net surnlus o3.iJO.im
Current expen,es.iF.6R.6 03.83-43
JOHN H.KELL.I. Assistant Secretary.
Subscribed and sworn to before: me this
2Gtb day of SeptembeSM.
Notary rubllcKincs County.
Certificate filed In New Tork County.
Boom 8 nnd IO. Atlantic Mtilldlntt.
OSH sua u;u r mutiiiuiiu"-
PANY. of Hartford, Conn., on the 30th
day of June, 1893. as required by act
of Congress approvedvjuly 20th, 1892.
Capital ktock $500,000 00
Capital stock, paid up 300,000 00
Cash in bank $103,937 72
Real estate 80,394 70
Bonds and mortgages) firstlien
on real estate) 296,910 00
Stocks and bonds (market '
value) v .... .. .,1,258,039 88
Bills receivable and colla tern!
loans 6,00000
Premiums uncollected and in
hands ot agents
Interest due and accrued on
223,410 80
33,131 35
June 30. 1895..
, $2,005,824 45
Cash capital $500,000 00
Reserve ttreminm fund .. .. 1,230,432 33
Reserve for unpaid losses and
claims .. .. 45,003 18
Net surplus .. . 203,488 94
.. ,.. . $2,005,824 45
Statement of dividends and expenses foi
six mouths ending, June. 3Plli, 1893.
Dividends.. . ; $30,000 00
Current expenses 455.521 43
J. M. ALLEN, President.
J. B. PIERCE. Secretary. ,
Subscribed and sworn to before me this
ninth day of September. 1895. ,
WM. J. PIERCE, Notary Public
TJLWEORD, &McKtM- General. AscnU
for Maryland and District of Columbia.
Booms 10 and 21 (second floor). ,
- JJaltlmore, Mtl
611 Uth'it.nw..WaaliiriKton7b.C.
1 Triepbone, 1677.
mm mm
J s
! a fH f 'Or "" ""
I ! ; !
All Ladies
Should read these
prices. You do not
meet with such oppor
tunities every day. No
other firm in Washing-
t 4... j.1 . s
luu can turns near mem. fi
Safar Cared Saonlder, per lb. ..8c
Fresh Pork, perlb lc
Goed Lsrd. 4 lbs. f or -c
Sausaee. 3 lbs. for 33c )
Finest Miced Ham. per lb IS:
Finest Cooked liam, per lb. COc
Beef Li rer. per lb... tc
Stewlog Heat, perlb...,. ....3c )
Boast beef, per lb t, 7, S and 13c
Beefsteak. ter lb...... 10tol5c V)
prlnff Lamb, perlb..........6 to 15c
Fresh Eggs at ctjet, perdoz 17c
Cream Cheese, perlb 10 to ISO
Larce Pickles, per aox. ... 8c
Bread, per lost.... ...4c
Nice Urge Mackerel, per piece
5,8 and 10c
2 Larce Bottles cf Assorted
ti..h, fV.
Punch Pineapple, percsn.. ...... 10c
Bakrd Beans, per can... 4c
5 racism Hotted Oats. 15c V
rsA-ksge MacanoL --6Hc if
1 lb. Jar New Irr Beriee... luc ii
i lb. jar New Jelly 10c U
Oil axdrnes, percan Sc 11
Mustard Sardines, per can. ..So cc
Uackerrl and Break Truut-......10c if
Staimoo, par cao.... ..............Ite UL
Lotster. percan..... ......20c (i
White Wonder Flour, per sack. ..2c
Whits Wonder rioar, per bbl..3.90
Leader Flour, per sack Sic s.
Leader Flour, per barrel....... .tttO
Com btarcb. per package. 6c y
Condensed Milk. 3 cans tor.......Sc )
Sweet OU, per bottle 5c J)
Prepared Mustard, per class'..... .Sc SS
Larce Bottle Catsup ......ICo SS
mrlch's Carlcol Blend Tea, per S)
lb..... Sc.3 1bs.for1.00
51ba. Oyster's Best Hjla Buturr.Sl.SS
JEmricb's 1 lb. roll 13c
Main llarket 130S-13IZ 3M Street K. W.
Telephone 347. Brandt Markets IMS
Ittb st nw: ta lttttst. aw; Sta and X
eta nw; 3057 M st. nw; Slat and K sts. nw;
S3S Ind. Ave. nw; 5th aad I sts, nw; 4ra
Ed I sis. nw; i)tb sl and i'a. Are ac
13U. St. and N. Y. Are. nw.
which we bave been nslng
lately for our window dis
play bavc become sllsbtly
disricured from tbo effects
of the sun shining; on tbe
tarnish. They ore perfect
on the interior and have a
magnificent tone. The reg
ular price of tho instrument
is S3 SO, bnt wc will make a
special "drive" with them
to-day for
each. Remember, they are
fnlly warranted for six
jcars- Both bave the third
Terms The oasicsr.
New Warerooms -'
925 Pa. Ave. 925 Pa. Ave.
Where you can get the
greatest bargains In
In this city.
Wo mean Just what we say.
Come and be convinced.
512 9th St. N. W.
3 3
J. PFLEGING, Tailor.
1437 Fa. are., cor. 15th st
Formerly with Jas. W. Bell, 5tb aro. K. T.
ATTENTION Socialists! There will
be a niasx-rmrrtlrts of socialists at tbe
Tyimcrapblcai Temple, on Saturday night
at 7:30. The sptakers or the evenlnjr will
be Daniel de Leon, or New Tork; C S.
HcimerflnKer. Ernest L'obnj. general sec
retary of the executive board of the United
Central Labor Federation of New Tork.
C. G. HLOA.V & CO.. Auctioneers, 1407
G Btrcet.
Byvirtueof a certain deed of trun. dated
tticHIXTH DAT OF JANUART. 1890, and
duly recorded In Lllier 1452. Folio 205,
et setj.. one of the Land Records of the
District ot Columliia, and at the request ot
the party, secured thereby, wm will sell at
pubiV auction in fnmt of th prenjlj-es.
on WEDNESDAT. OCTOBER 2, 18-J5. at
4 o'clock p. m.. the follotvlue de-cribed
land and premises, being lot lettered
"C." in Rotliwell's subdivision In xqnare
numliered 452. together with all tbe Ur
provcnieut. c.
Ternm One-ttilrd cash;lialanceln one and
two years fmni day ot sale, bearing Inter
est at It per cent, per annum, and secured
by deed of trust on the property sold, or
all cash. A deposit of slbO required at
time ot sale. All conveyaiicinp and re
cording, at cost of purchaser. Terms to
be compiled with 111 ID days from day ot
sale, otherwise trustees reserve the right
to resell at cost ot defaulting purchaser
after due notice- published In some Waslr
uigton newspaper.
C. G. 'SLOAN & CO., Auctioneers. 1407
G street.
By virtue ot a deed ot trust dated Septem
ber 5. 1891, and duly recorded inbber 1616
folio 283 et seq.,of the Land Record of the
District of Columbia, and at the request ot
tbe party secured thereby, we will offer for
sale at public auction In front of tbe prem
keson THURSDAT. OCTOBER3, 1895 at
4:30 p. m., the following described land and
premises, being lot 11, In Susan A. and
Joseph 8. Eovs' subdivision of lot "d. ot
Palmer Briacoo etal subdivision of original
lot 1 inkquareDS8,assaidtirstnamedsnb
divislon la recorded in the office of the sur
veyor of tbe District of Columbia, in Bnofcio,
page 31. Terms cash. A deposit C $300
will be required attlme.of hale. Allconvey
anclng, etc, at cost nt purchaser. Terms
to be complied with In ten daya from day ot
sale or tbe property will be resold at risk
and cost of defaulting rntrchaser afler three
days' notice thereof in home newspaper pub
lished In Washington. 1. C. '
oe2BKlid Trustees..
- f
::&Ms-mssft jsk.-SrSH- 's-4iK:
- ' - . r - - - - -
. f-r; i- . .
-- -.

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