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K"-" ST
"f- s -.
Iff O All Yftt? V T11T I .1.. nBiaa wn m - lnuti tn. tAA r-Arvii rTitrn
Wash R Williams'
Dally Bargains,
All prices all qualities.
Our Carpet Department
this season is better
equipped than ever. All
the latest effects in All
wool Ingrains new pat
terns in Tapestry 3rus
sels finest qualities in
Axtninsters. We have a
specially fine line of Art
Squares of very beauti
ful design.
The Extensive
Wemadoto our sioro during the sum
mer havo largely ImreasoJ our facilities
for showing poods, oulmvo uov every
oprortunlty to thorough! cx&mluo the
gcoJs before purcscsinc
Wash. B. Williams,
7th and D Sts.
liCI f C By Steam Driller.
J?iT.LLr ior,cc?.Syqu,ste
Drilled wbwitt.
wv 308TenthSt. nw.
Electricians Get Eurther Encourag
- ing Convention Newa
Seorul Unions Indorse the rroacrip-
tlun o Kfriiau'H and Allen-
riii-iiters KigUt-Hour Case.
Workers' Union, No, 2(1. was lielil last ewn
ing at Schwartz's Hall, No. 827 Setcntb
street northwc-St.
Communications from scleral unions
throughout the countrj'were read, etatlns
Ilia 1 1 lici IiadcaetlhcIrotj iufav-irofWabh-ington
ns the place Tor holding the annua!
convention In NocmlHTnext. At the next
regular meeting an election Tor delegates to
ihcnnnii.ile-nnvcut inn will be held.
A letter from Mr. Junliii, Ninth street,
between K and F-'streU--. was retell ill,
stating that In the future he -nnnlil employ
none but union men.
A NiK-ii.il commune -was appointed to
wait on .ill the firms of the cit doing
electrical work .Hid cndi'.ior to induce
them to nnirtoy union hibor exiluslcly.
The n ports from the coiumiltie on roil--eiiiion,--.v
rr -.cry emsH-mging. The com
luiltee ill meet again on Hund.tj nest
at 931 EMreet at U 11. lit.
Mr. Oeo.Me Nllcs was eltcted an honorar
member. .,
Joiirnejmen Ilousc.PafuIers, L. A. 1798,
K. of L , met in regular session last cicn
ing at .Harris' JIjII. corner Sctcntii and
I) streets northwest. --
The comnilUMe pil V'unfalr lit" -nas
Instructed to communicate -.-.Ith all labor
organizaloos Jhnuu-hoiiL the country and
solleit Mhelr aid 'in fiiduring nil Iraiel.
lug troon to obJeU .to showing at Ker
iiau'it theater nut it lis differences Jlh
organized labor were settled.
One new member win. initiated and three
apnliintions for membership wereri-cciied.
A re-sohitfon "Imposing u fine on any
number proin guilty of smoking non
uulou cigars was adopted.
A enccial nuellng of the National Al
liance of Then mi a I Stage Employes w:.s
held last night' in their rr-oiiis at No 1300
K strvet northwest, for the purpose of re
ceihur .ipplleations of Huge employes of
Allen- Grand Opera House, which has for
sonx uuc oecn on ine umuirusi.
The applications were referred to a com
mittee tor investigation and a report 'will
be made on I be proposals at a meeting to
be held the first But-day in October. The
meeting was largely alicnded and besides
the routine husim-ss transacted, a com
mittee of three was appointed to net in
conjunction -ft lib the House Painters' As
sembly about the action of Ihe union in
placing Keruan.'s on the unfair list. A
committee was also appointed to acton the
question of the proposed labor bureau and
workmen's lil.rary
The assembly also passed a resolution
hat an) member i-aught attending either
or the theaters on the unfair list vould be
punished by cxpalsion from the alliance.
A largely attended nnd enthusiastic,
meeting of BriiklajiTH' Union, No. 1. was
held last evening, corner of Kewntli nnd L
streets, President Lei hi the liair.
A mtv spirited discussion of the Gov
eminent Printing Off lev eight hour law cane
occupied n great part of the session, but
no definite ait Ion inn taken. The matter,
it ix understood, will be brought up again
at the next nutting.
The Labor Day committee made Its final
report, and all bills were ordered paid.
Three new members were initiated, and
three applications for membership were
ii:atii of a naval- iieiio.
Judge MffliJr SllrM tfie'Eme'r
' genoy Plea'cf JgcVangh'J
dipt. Wllllnm Iloss llrowne, of tlio
Jfiiy t'nirtniciit.
Capt. William Kos JlroiMie, u veteran
of thcchll nar, died at a laic hour Thurs
iay night at his residence on North Caro
Ina inenuc, between Fifteenth and .Six
teenth streets.
Capt. Urow no was a nalho of New York
5tate, and followed the sea the greater
part of hi.i life. He entered the United
-Stales Navy at the outbreak of the war
and in 18G1 was appointed acting mister.
In this capacil hu serMil until 1801,
when ho was promoted to ajieutin.inlcy.
Hesen esi w 1th Winslow in his engagements
ou the loner Mississippi and siibse-qucntly
comniandcd llio "Re-stless" anil "1'ur
vult" while engaged In actie blockade
In 1805 he was honorabl) discharged,
and shortly after was appointed librarian
of Ihe .State Department. In thl scapacit)
lie serves! falthfally nnd acceptably until a
few months ago, when on necount or de
clining health and aidanclng jenra he
was obliged to resign.
Capt. Browne camo of patriotic ances
try, and was a member of the Sons of the
While Declaring Th$ the Tax w Should
. itfEn9rppWJe,3rMonBHt.;nii
an Eiceptloriul Ciiko.
. - . , l. M--
J I !)
The case against Frank VcVaugh, sub
contractor for the Iron work on the Gov
ernment Printing Office addition, for vio
lation of the eight-hour law, was dismissed-
by Judge Miller In the polite court jes
terda'y afternoon, as to'ld in to-daj's Morn
ing Times.
The testimony of Lieut. Sewcll and
others was continued after The Even lug
Times' report was concluded.
Judge Miller, in summing up the case,
analyzed the-statute under consideration,
and Edld It was made bj Congress, especially
for the good oftbo working class or tropic,
und be thought it a wise and beneficent
law, and one that ought, to be strictly en
forced. ,, , , v
"The main question is," said his honor,
"whither this man is a contractor or not
and I think from the lestimonj lie is so
made out '" '
"The otdy question remains now ns to
whether there was an emergency, nnd I
liaeni viowsou thai question. Th only
real meaning of this law is, where there is
pome real or apparcnt'eatastrophe, and that
brjngs it; down to u crj narrow point, and
so narrow, that there i ouldu't be one case
in a thousand where a man would not be
liable within the limits of this law, If be
worked his. men out eight houraj'
"Now the question is, whether this case
comes under that' Lead. If 1 were trying
ihe Phoenix Iron Company, who seem to
be tlio full cause of all the delaj . they should
lme the full penalty- of Uie law. lint I
huWnnthuig to do witli that. It is a
question ot wliqt conditions the foreman or
that gang of workmen was presented with
on the day in questionr
"The engineer in charge, n lieutenant of .
Utlie army, who had been put there, com
petent to judge, says mere was a great
emergency, and speaking frankly, I lliint
the erand Jury should have investigated
ttlis death trap long ago. And I think he
Is right. It is impossible for me, In the
face or the possibility of these walls fall
ing in upon these 2,71!" poor people penned
up In this trap, to say that this statute
should stand good aboe all this proliable
catastrophe; and I don't Intend to tie this
mans hands.
"But I want to say that you must not
violate this law. The case is uismtscu."
cutrncn notices.
ChiMlng Session of the Episcopal Work
ers Confined to Tlmt Sphere.
The closing session of the workers of
lie Episcopal Church among the colored
people wus held jesterday lu'Ht. Mary's
The afternoon meeting was deolcd to
women's work, and an election of officers
of the Women's Auxiliary resulte'd as
follows: Mrs. George F. Bragg, of Balti
more, president; Mrs. LuerctU Moll Kelly,
of St. Luke's Church, this city, secretary,
ami Mrs. M. E. Brodie, of St. Mao's
Church, treasurer.
A number of interesting addresses by
mission workers marked the inciting at
CHURCH Madlsonjit., Iiet. Uth and 15th.
Rev. 1. D. Bryant," pastorr Sunday-school
at ! .10 u. in.; preaching at 11, by Rev. R.
Johnson; :i p. in.. byhi.v.8hc!Uitr'MilIcr:
8 p in., by Rev. William Johnson. Grand
rally all day. All are welcome.
THE URETHREN-Prfruehlng on Sunday.
11 a. m.. alG Par-ave. te.: subject.
"Robbing God." Bible school at 945
a. m.; pleaching alo at 7:30 p.m. Every
liody cordiall) invited ,tp pit end all of
thee serviccsr seals free, W. M. Lyon,
PASTOR E. IIEZ MVEM tells about
"Over the fe-iu-e talk" Hooday night. 7:40
o'lloek. Preaching at 11 a.m. by the
Sastor. Free pews. -AlLlnvltcil,. JSccond
nptlst Church auditorium, -ith st. and Va.
ave. se. -
Attorney ul-Law. Wct,ter Law Build
ing. 50C 1) st. uw., Washington, 1). C.
Residence, No. 3, Mount Ycruon Flats,
cor. N. V. ave. and !Ub st.nw. sclO-lmo
Echoes of Boston.
The Christian Endeavorers or the First
Presbjtcrian Church gathcre-il lu large
numlicrs in thethurch parlors la.tecuing,
and held a Boston eiho meeting. Prajer
was offered by Rev. Adolos Allen. Mr.
Benjamin T. Webster and Miss Frances
Tulmau, delegates to the convention, read
reports, and Mr. John B Slcman, Jr., and
Jir. Miles hbaud delivered addresses.
Torpedo HoutK Awarded.
Secretary Herbert has awarde-d to the
Herre-hoff Manufacturing Company the
contract for building two of the new tor
IHiln boats nuthorizcil by the act of the hut
Congress. Mr. Herreshoff was the lowe-st
bidder at $144,000 for each boat. The
third boatwlllgo to Morau Bros., of brattle.
Washington has never seen such a shoe carnival as the
disposal of the balance of the great $20,000 stocK of the War
ren Shoe House G. W. Rich has created. You-may not get the
exact kind of shoe, that you want, but that you can be fitted
we are sure. In this great variety there -are shoes for you, shoes
for everybody, men, women and children -Truly, from the great
rush yesterday, we are beginning to be confident" that this is the
store that you depend on for shoe bargains.
There are all sizes, all kinds, all weighiBT'ainsoresrcorJc soles,
and every other kindAll must go, for we must give our regular
Fall stock a chance. These interlopers must get out of the way.
Nevertheless, you'll be wise to be one of those who comes in
time to pick up an interloper and carry him away with you for a
small cash consideration.
Ladies' Shoes
50c Table ""
Ladies' small sizes only. Small
sizes Vici Kid. Shoes that Rich
sold up to $2.50. The sizes remaining-
arc 2, 2 and 3 only,
on A and B last. Probably shoes
like these were never sold in
Washinjrton before, or at least
they have bee'n sold for not less!
than the monej- that Kich has
asked for them. Did j'o'u ever
hear of S2.50 shoes beinjr sold
for 50c a pair any time? Per
haps wc have your size.
$1.23 Table
High and low Shoes, Oxford
and Lace, in black and tan the
very finest French leather. Of
.these we have also a full line
and all sizes, but we won't
guarantee the quantity. These
are magnificent shoes. A great
value at 85.00 a pair.
73c Table
Ladies' small -sizes agairr.
These shoes are worth up -to
$4.00, $1.50, $2.00, $2.50, $3.00
and $3.50, A and B lasts only
If these sizes don't fit j-ou, '0U
won't be fitted.
98c Table
Ladies' Kid Button high and
( 'low shoes Black and Tan. Of
these we have all sizes and lasts,
but the quantity is limited. 'If
you want a snap" in these shoes
jou must come early,.
$1.48 Table
All sizes in Ladies' High and
Low Black and Tan Shoes no
use to describe these we will
simply say they arc Rich's $6. 00
Men's Shoes
Black and Tan, Lace and Con
gress, Yale Toe Rich's $3.00
regular shoe Balmoral and Con
gress we have also the latest toe
in this shoe $1.23.
$1.65 Table
Just a limited lot left of the
best shoes that Rich ever sold
you can take your pick take your
choice ot the sizes at fcl.os.
J Here are some special bargains
if you want Youth's Patent
Leather Shoes:
French Patent Leather the
best in the world sizes 12 to 2
for Youth's and Boys', only $1.67.
Wc have never sold such bargains
before, and could not were it not
for this sale.
$1.48 Table
The are regular $4.00, $5.00
and $6.00 Shoes Calf and Kan
garoo Congress only 5 to 7's
B and C widths.
$2.48 Table
Fine Men's Balmoral and Con
gress Shoes all sizes Rich's
best shoes some have cork soles
light and heavy-weight soles.
You will never equal these shoes
at any price like this these are
the bargains of the sale.
$1.75 Table
Black Balmorals medium and
broad toes Rich's regular $4
shoe now they are going at
$2.23 Table
This is where you eret a Black
or Tan $5 shoe, "Lace or Congress,!
nearly all widths and sizes, at
$2.23. - .
$1.98 Table
This comorises a lot of broken
sizes in all tne snoes we nave, in
Lace or Button, some of them
worth as high as 57, aqd averag
ing $5. You can take your pick
at $1.98.
- -:..
$1.65 Table
This is a lot' of Tan Bluchers,
all sizes some of them worth aa
much as $5.00. Excellent make.
We are selling them at $1.65.
Rich's best Russets all sizes
and styles square and pointed
toes finest quality possible, $2.48
Ifatent Leathers
Balmorals and Buttons small
sizes only, from 4 to 7 narrow
arid wide reerular $5 and $6
shoes your choice for $1.98.
df exquisite Balmorals and Con-gress-T-pointed,
and broad toes
excellently made from finest se
lected leather only $2.48.
STOELf S "810" 7tli St. N. W.
" Si ftt -
r rfif4 m T
- t, j t - y
Washington people have seen Miss Lillian
Russell i lothed in the Inhlliimntsof many
characters In the opera.! c world in days
gone by. and have heard her mice attuned
to the arias or a number of different
heroine's of melodious romance, but they
have never jet seen or heard her to such
an advantage, H all reports are true, as
they will on Monday night, when she steps
upon the virgin stage of Albaugh's new
Lafajette Square Theater in the character
of Vera, the Russian g)py fortune teller,
in "L.i Tzigane."
Nor have they eer. sefn ..Miss. Russet
surrounded bj so excellent a company as
she will be upon that occasion, for Abbey;
Schoerfel & Gran, when they commissioned
Messrs. Reginald De Kocn and Harry I!.
Smith to fit Miss Russell with an opera,
decided that that opera should be more
sumptuously mounted, more )avisfil""ap
polnted and better cast than had ever
comic opera been on the Ami riean stage.
The scene and locale of "La Tzfganc,"
Russia and Poland iu 1812 at lhv time
of Napoleon's invasion, gae ample oppor
tunitj to Mr. II" t', the scenic artist, and
to Messrs. Casllcbcrt and, .Djzlan, tie.
costumers, for a fanciful and decorative
display of all sorts.
As said before, the company is a good
one. It contains over a hundred people,
including ballet and chorus, awl the list
of principal contains many well known
names. Resides Miss Russell, there are
Flora Fiulayson, Marie Celeste, Edwin Wi
Hofr, Joseph Herbert, Freddy bolomen,
Charles Wayne and Ulehle Ling. Mas
Freeman is the stage manager and Paul
Steindorff Is the director of the orchestra.
Mr. Steindonf will not direct oil Monday
night, however, as Mr. De Kov.cn, the com
poser of the opera. Is coming down from
Boston in honor of the opening of the new
theater, and will himself wield the baton
over the twent)-fie soloists who will
compos" the orchestra during the Russell
engagement. The only matinee w'H be
given Saturda afternoon.
A. M. Palmer's company, in "Little
Christopher," which became'such a craze
in New YorkTwhere it was presented -at the
Garden Theater for 282 nights, last sea
son, wilt at last be seen at the New Na
tional Theater next Monday night.
As a siH-ctacular affair, no presentation
eer seen In the metropolis scored such a
complete triumph. Itfsc'enic lv-auty alouc
should commend It to all who love to see a
charming set of stage pictures. But it is
not the cleverly constructed burlesque it
self that constitutes the great entertain
ment furnished by the "Little Christopher"
production. The many sensational novel
ties included iu the three acts make it an
affair of monster proportions.
The cast includes the best-known comedy
players of years. The scenery Is the finest
rc-cn for some time, and all the accessories
are ot esju.il tone. The staging will be en
tirely adequate. Among the principals are
William Collier, Fannie Johnston and about
revcnty-fie others. Mr. Palmer will also
introduce for the first time in Washington
the original Garden Thi'ater living pictures.
The re-gular theater prices will prevail.
"The White Bat,'' which is one of tli
realistic melodramas of life in New York,
is to be gU en at the Academy of Music next
week. It is under the management of
DaUs .. Kcough, which in itself speaks vol
umes as to detail and scenic effects. This
feature is said to be tfstrongone. The de
signer has had a ihrilllngstory from wliich
to pick his effects, and it is said that the
effects att lined are extremely thrilling
and realistic.
The company is a well selected one, cm
bracing among others Miss Nellie Sey
mour, Major Coyle, John C. Leach, Russell
und Pearl and Thomas Evans.
Frank Mayo's dramatization of Mark
Twain's "Pudd'nhead Wilson" will be
Manager Allen's attraction at the. Graud
Opera House next week. It is under the
direction of Charles E. Evans, proprietor
of the Herald Square TIieatcrKJicw York,
and headed by that well known actor,
Frank Mayo. To Sir. Mayo also belongs
the credit for having made possible the
pleasure it will be t meet these charming
iwoplp, he having dramatized Mark Twain's
book and made of it a play that is now new
in its methods, unique in its plot, true and
tender In its pathos, and wltbal most de
lightfully qnaint in its humor.
At least that was the verdict New York
gave the pla , w here it was produced and
enjoyed a long nnd successful run at the
Herald Square Theater.
At the Lj ccum, commencing Monday, and
continuing one wevk, Russell Brothers'
Comedians will disport thcmsiUes.. This
organization contains the pick of the vaude
ville world. Besides the celebrated Irish
character delineators,tlie Russell Brothers
the company this season "contains suth
names as Lew Hockstader, the well known
minstrel; Blocksom and Burns, burlesque
acrobaticcomed la im; JolinnIeCarn.il, author
and vocalist; Falke and Scmon, musical
comedians; Alburtus and Bartram, the
"college boys;" the Morrtllns, comedy
sketch artists. Introducing their acrobatic
dog. Bob; Annie C. Russell, comedienne,
and the whole to concludes! with Russell
Brothers' latest farce, entitled "The Two
Off-Un-;" characters by entire company,
introducing James Ruscirs"rtever imita
tion of Kate Claxton.
Buffalo Rill's Wild West will appear
here on Wednesday nnd Thursday or next
week. Day and evening performances will
be given at North Capitol and M streets,
and each day there will be a street parade.
Public nnildtiifr Bld.
Bids were opened at tho'TreasUr De
partment j-csterday for the e-rcsHion of the
superstructure of the public building at
Allegheny City, Pa. Cfiarles A. Moses, of
Chicago, 111., was the lowest bidder at
$G7.7S0; additional for marble, $36,2C0.
- -. w
The best
effects at tho least cosr Is wlmt
we strive after In houscpapcr
Ing and decorating It Is one of
those bnsincsscs where exper
ience plavs such an Important
part the decorator most bo able
to judge what the effect will be
be i ore bo starts a job.
We employ such kind of men.
HoraceJ.QJQ&Co., J
Carpits, Wall Paper, Window bhadoi,
S2 Thirteenth St. S. W.
Quick and prompt loans mada on food se."
curity Interest only &pr ceot. on sums to
salt; reu less on luge .mounts. W. lead In
Real Estate and Business Exchange.
SOT G se. nut
WE nave the following amrunts to loan
on approved real estate In the Uistrlct:
$3,000, $r,000. $0,000. SIO.OOO. at lowest
rales ot interest; no delay. HE It RON A
N'lXON. 1304 P st. nw.
IT. TO KiTX.TON.'S "lan tirfice. 1218
Pa. ave. nw. Established In 1870.
Money loaned on watches, diamonds. Jew
elry, tllverware. etc. 8peclal bargains In
watches. Jewelry, and silverware au20-6m
MONEY lo loan on bonds. stocks, trusts,
loan association certificates, and old
iine life 8&53!K.
40 to 46MelzernttBldg
HONEY TO LOAN-In Isrge sums,
or as low as l.uln. at u and 6 per
cent on D. C. real estate: also 250. $800,
S7B0. etc . at S per cent WM. IL 8ATJN
DERH & CO . 1407 F St. nw
MONEY TO I.OA.N-AI1 classes or
real estate loans made with tirnmptnes.
at curcut rates THE McLACHLEN REAL
ner llltli awl It streets nw m9 tf
-The loan of $8,000 on first-
ctass inside property: no agents. 708
19th st. sel2tf
MONEY lo loan at & ana 6 per cent.
on District of Columbia realty; no delay
if security Is sHtlsractory. ,
WALTER II ACKER. 70 t 141h nw. -JT31
MONEY to loan on real estate in its
District, at lowest rates of interest.
No delay HERRON & NIXON, 1301 F sfc
x. w. se4-Imo
LOST-Hir.iycd from 11(27 l.ltli st. hit,
fteslnesday afternoon, idd female pug;
had mi collar marked F. H..Word. Cherokee
Inn; lag 85.1 '1S; n turn toabocnumberauet
reo i e Lirge reward. It
LOSTA large black leather fan In 14tb
st. car or on I St.. bet. 14th and the
Cairn. Finder will receive reward if re
turned to MRS. M.. 28 Grant place. It
LOST-Sept. 26, cor. 13th and G sts.nw.,
(liver watch, gold chain and charm.
Finder will leave at this office and recrlv.
reward. It
LOST Diamond setting of gold ring, on
i riday, between 020 and 471 Pa. ave.
nw. Suitable reward if returned to H.
BrRDlNB. B2I' Pa ave. nw. It
ROOMS and board very reasonable for
gentlemen or man and wite 1721
14th st. nw. se28 3t
BOAHDING-BW window from
room; opposite park, with or without
board: $4 each per weelc 602 B sU
nw. ie2S-4t
705 C st. sw.: nice rooms. eel 9-1 Ot
J. D. MERRITT. Photographer, re
moved to 40a and 461 Pa. ae. nw.
all work strictly first class. sc28-lni
-WE hae an extensive map of Washing
ton nnd bulletin:a postal card sent to us
with your name and address will find you
in possession of It. WM.H. SAUNDERS &
CO.. 1407 F St. se28-3t eod
HATS trimme-d in latest style: satis
faction guaranteed, 25 lo CO tents, and
made and trimmed 75. ANNIE CUVIL
LIER. 332 Ind. ave. te28 2t
ALL Persons desiring to Join the new or
derof the "Sehwarzeti latter ' willmect
at the Sevei th street Fchuctzen Park next
Sunday at 2 o'e lock p. m. s-pt27 2t
A. set. 3. Christy krives. onlv 24 centg.
lltb and E sts nw. sc-27 3t
S2.SO for lounges; cook stoves, $5.00;
1 bo Per week for bedroom and par
lor suits; cash or credit. 719 7th st. nw.,
REDMOND'S. s..26 6t
"WILL kiundry your lace curtains fo
J.cts ipair. and guarantee good work.
R. WALLACUV 50J E st. nw.
WE don't care to Co "cheap" "slop-
printing, and most everybody know!
It and they know we don't care who knows
IL Prices right. M. W. MOORE, Gen.
Mac , Law Reporter Company, 518 6 to.
st. nw. en22
J. O. RUSSELL, teacher of Guitar.
7J0ttlit.uw.;jftcrSp.m. se22 7t
FREE consultation. Do yon suffer
xroru any of these: Constipatloo, dys
pepsia. Jaundice, palpitation, sick head
ache, vertigo, hiccough, hacking cough.
swelling of the feet acd ankles, i!renilesy7
Positive relief ind cure DR. T. E. LEE,
1322 14lh St. nw.
9 30 to 5 30.
eel 5-14 1
JTTST RECEIVED Fine lot young Cu
ban parrots, guaranteed to talk; also
monkeys, canaries, moiking birds, gold
fUh. dogs, and fary pigeons SCHMID'8,
712 12th st. uw.. branch 1221 Pa. ave,
j-...riiK&a ruiinian minei i-arior
In Effect Sent. 0.1805. "
1TED Pullman Sleeping. Dining, Smok
Ing. and Oliservalion Cars Harrlsburg to
Chicago. Cincinnati, Indianapolis, St.
Louis. Cleveland, and Toledo Buffet
Parlor Car lo Harrlsburg.
lj)30A. St. FAST LINE Pullman
Bii fret Parlor Car to Uamsburg. Parlor
and Dining Cars. Uorisbarg to Pitts
Car to Harrisbunr. Sleenlne and D inline
Cars. Harisbnrg to St. Louis. Cincinnati.
Louisville, and Chlcaso.
Pullman bleeping Car lo Chicago, and
Harrlsburg lo Cleveland Dining Car to
TRESS Pullman Sleeping and Dining
Cars to St. Louis, and Kiecplng Car,.
Harrlsburg to Cincinnati
Pullman bleeping car to Pittsburg. .
T.SO A.. M for Kane. Carandaigua.
Rochester, and Niagara Falls daily, ex-i
cept 8undav j
1 0,30 A. M. forEinilra nnd Rcni.vo,
dally, except Sunday. For Wllliams
port daily, 3 40 p m.
T.t O P- BT. for Williarujport, Roches
ter. Buffalo, nnd Nlagari Falls dally,
except Saturday, with sleeping car Wash
ington to Bui pension Bridge via Buffalo. ,
1 0.40 P. M. for Erie. Canandalgiia,
Rochester. Bufralo. and Niagara Fallst
dally, sleeping car Washington u Elmlra. "
For l'lilluut-lulilu. New lurk und tba
4,00 P, M, "CONGRESSIONAL Lllf-I'lED'-
AU Parlor Cars, with DlnRnr
Car from Baltimore, for New YorS
daily, for Philadelphia weck-davs Regu
lar at 7 05 (Dining Car). 7 20. 9 00.
10 00. (Dining Can. and 11 lu (Dining
Can a m .12 15.3 15. 4.20. G. 10. 10 00,
and 11 35 p m. On Sunday. 7.05
(Dining Can. 7 20. 9 00. 11 CO (Ilining
Car) a m .2.15.3 15.4.20.G.40, 10 00,
and 11 35 p m For Phi'adeiphia only.
Fast Express 7.B0 a m. week-days. Ex
press 2 01 nnd.c 40 v. m. daily. i
For Boston, without change, 7.50 a. m..
weekdays, and 3.15 v. m. dally. '
For Baltimore. 0 25, 7.05. 7 20. 7.50. 9 00.
10.00, 10 30. 11.00 and 1150 a. m..
12.15. 2 01. 3 15. C.40 (4 00 Limited).
4.20. 4.36. 5 40, 6.05. 6.40, 7.10. 10 00.
10.40. 11.15 and 11.35 p. m. On Sun
day. 7.03, 7.20. 9.00. V 05, 10.30. 11.00
n.m . 12.15. 1.15.2 01.3.15. 3 1014 00
Limited). 4.20, 5 40. 6 05. 6 40. 7.10.
10.00. 10.40 and 11.35 p. m.
For Pope's Creek Line. 7.SO a. m. and 4.38
p. m. dally, except Sunday.
For Annapolis 7.20, 9.00 a. m , 12.15 anet
4.20 p. m. caily. except Sunday. Sun
days. 9.00 a. tq. and 4.20 p. m.
Atlantic Coxst Line. Express for Hich-t
mond. Jacksonville and Tampa, 4.30
a. m.. 3.30 p. m. dally. Richuio'sl, and
Atlanta, tf.10 p. iu. daily. Richmond,
only. 10.57 a. m. week-days.
Accommudatloii for Quauticer. 745 a. ux
dally, and 4 23 p. m. week dajs.
For Alexandria. 4 30. 6.33, 7.45. 8.40.
9.45, 10 57, 1150 a. m; 12.C0. 1.40!
3 20. 4 25. 5 10, 5.37. 0.10. 8 02l
10 10. and 11.39 p. m. On Sunday at
4 30. 7.45. 9 45 a. m.; 2.45. 6.15.
8 02. and 10.10 n m.
Leave Alexandria- for Washington. 6 OS.
G 43. 7.05, 8.1.0, 9.10. 10.15. 10.28..
a. m.; 1 00, 2.15, .1 00. 3.2J. 5.00,
6.30. a 13, 7.00. 7.20. 9.1U, 10.52.-
and 11.08 p.m OnUundayal6.43,9.10.
10-28 a. nt: 2.15, 5.30. -.00. 7.20.
9.10.- and 10 52 p. a.
Tit Vet office northeast cor-cr ot Thir
teenth street and Pennsylvania avenue,
and at the sti.llott. Kixth and B streets,
where orders can lie left r-r4he checklne
ot baggage to destination from hotels ""l
:'ZZ-Jsr2i1&iZ&z!s& i&jp-i3-&-&c f'cl
-J tZJ.TXSf'-y'-.C
.- -.

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